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As the American "Grand Slam" covered with a copper basin

As the American "Grand Slam" covered with a copper basin

1 May 1960, a Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft in 05: Moscow time Moscow time invaded the airspace of the USSR from Afghanistan. It was the first link in the chain of events, where everything was: the pursuit of a spy plane and its destruction, diplomatic demarches, a loud international scandal and the famous Khrushchev promise to show the Americans "fucking mother."

Sworn friends

9 September 1945 the Second World War ended with the signing of the Unconditional Surrender Act by the representatives of Japan. Yesterday’s allies once again became, if not enemies, then rivals in the struggle for influence in the world. Gunsmiths competed in the creation of new types of weapons, scientists - in the development of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction, intelligence officers - in revealing each other's secrets. From the beginning of the 50-ies began repeated attempts to invade Soviet airspace reconnaissance aircraft. 1950 to 1960 Soviet air defenses shot down more than 20 intruders. But, despite the risk, reconnaissance flights continued.

U-2 reconnaissance aircraft

In 1955, Lockheed’s U-2 reconnaissance aircraft took off. Flying at an altitude of more than 20.000 m at a speed of 780 km / h, it was out of reach for fighters and anti-aircraft artillery. Eight cameras installed on U-2 allowed to scan the territory of 4300x800 km in one flight. The pictures taken from a height of 15.000 m, read the headlines of newspapers.

The “10-10” air squadron was created, the purpose of which, according to legend, was to conduct meteorological observations; in fact, flights were reconnaissance in nature. The planes flew over the Warsaw bloc countries and along the borders of the USSR, and on July 4 1956, the U-2 for the first time invaded the USSR airspace. Soviet air defenses recorded flights, the government sent formidable notes to the United States, but the American leadership could not resist the temptation of new flights. During 2-4 hours, U-2 collected unique reconnaissance information about the Soviet air defense system, the location of military airfields, antiaircraft artillery positions, and the location of naval and radar ships.

Ubiquitous Spy

With each U-2 flight, deeper and deeper invaded the territory of the USSR. By the beginning of 1960, U-2 had already made 24 flights over the territory of the USSR.
9 April 1960, the spy plane flew safely over the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, photographed the atomic bomb installed on the tower and ready to explode and safely flew abroad. The military got on the first number, in the corridors of the Ministry of Defense clearly pulled the grave cold of 37 of the year.

Operation “Grand Slam”

In the meantime, in Peshawar (Pakistan), the new U-2 was preparing to fly under the tail number 56-6693. As part of Operation Grand Slam, the aircraft was supposed to cross the USSR for the first time from south to north along the Kirovabad-Magnitogorsk-Chelyabinsk-Sverdlovsk-Kirov-Plesetsk-Arkhangelsk-Murmansk route and land at a military base in Norway. The flight duration is 9 hours, the distance is 6000 km, of which 4700 is over the territory of the USSR. It was assumed that, flying over the largest industrial centers and military bases, U-2 will bring the most valuable intelligence information that a dozen of the most knowledgeable agents will not be able to gather over the months.

Pilot Francis Gary Powers was to fly the plane. Powers was considered the most experienced pilot of the 10-10 squadron. He has already had 27 flights to U-2 over the territories of Poland, East Germany, China and the USSR.

1 May 1960 city

The flight, scheduled for the end of April, was postponed twice: they were waiting for permission from Washington, or for the suitable flying weather. Finally, 1 May stars, as they say, "come together." Powers received from the unit commander, Colonel Shelton, the last farewell and thousandth reminder that, no matter what the circumstances, the plane should in no way fall into the hands of Russians: before leaving the U-2, the pilot must press the self-destruction button cars.

An intelligence officer presented Francis with a “souvenir” - a silver dollar keychain with an ear, inside which was a pin smeared with curare venom. “If the Soviets take you prisoner and the torture becomes unbearable, this is the last chance to die worthily,” the officer showed touching concern for the pilot.

"Blood from the nose!"

Spy plane spotted immediately when crossing the border. The first of the hierarchs of the USSR found out about this the chairman of the KGB Shelepin. At the air defense headquarters, where he urgently called, they were “not yet in the know.” Despite the early morning, Shelepin dialed Khrushchev's number (of course, not at all to congratulate him on the holiday). The reaction of Nikita Sergeevich, distinguished by his immediacy, was: “Shoot down! Blood from the nose! ”Everyone was running: the marshals and generals, the commanders of all the armed forces and districts. It was literally in the air that if the intruder left this time, it would not be the head, then the shoulder straps from the shoulders of many would fly.

Ordered to ram

At the beginning of 1960, the Su-9 fighter-interceptor, capable of rising to a height of over 20.000 meters, was adopted by the USSR. The first cars appeared in separate aircraft regiments at the end of the 1959 of the year. But there were few machines, and the pilots who mastered it were even smaller. One of them, Captain Mentyukov, on May 1 was in Sverdlovsk at Koltsovo Airport - it overtook a new Su-9 from Novosibirsk to Belarus. It was Igor Mentyukov who was the first to raise U-2 for destruction.

The fighter was unarmed. The car overtook, naturally without ammunition. Su-9 had no guns. Already in the sky, Mentiukov received the coordinates of the intruder and the order to "destroy the target with a ram."

Captain Ayvazyan says: “Having heard the order to“ ram ”, I realized that the pilot was doomed. Overtaking the aircraft pilots fly without a sealed suit. A ram is always a risk. In this case, even if the plane survives, it is useless to eject - at the height of 20.000 meters the pilot who left the plane will simply burst like a balloon. The pilot who accepted the order calmly replied: “I understood everything, to ram,” he added a little hesitant, “please, don't forget your family and mother.”

It was not destined for Captain Mentyukov to die that day. Flying at a speed of about 2.000 km / h, the Su-9, in order to bring down the “low-speed” U-2 (780 km / h), needed a tip from the ground. The lead fell: the target periodically disappeared on the radar screens. Having spent fuel, Su-9 went to "Koltsovo".

In the case of rocket men

By May 1960, the Soviet air defenses began to move to the air defense system. The C-75 missile systems were set up around major cities.

Quick reference. C-75 "Dvina": hits targets flying at speeds above 1000 km / h at distances 29-34 km and altitudes 25-27 km; Mass of warhead - 200 kg.

In the zone of one of them, namely the 2 th division of the 57 brigade, U-2, led by Powers, turned out to be. Combat crew was commanded by Major Mikhail Voronov. The spy plane was at the very edge of the division's coverage area. Voronov hoped that the plane would change course and hesitated with the launch team to shoot for sure. When it became clear that the violator would not change the course and was about to go beyond the reach of the missiles, the major gave the order to fire a volley with three missiles. Of the three flew one.

The only rocket that took off exploded behind the plane, destroying the tail and damaging the wing. The car began to fall. Powers' blast pressed to the dashboard, he realized that if he tried to eject, he would cut off his legs. Therefore, I decided to get out of the cab. Contrary to the instructions, the U-2 self-destruct button was not pressed. (According to Powers himself, when he threw back the flashlight, he was half pulled out, and he simply could not reach it. According to another version, there was a rumor among U-2 pilots that the plane was undermined immediately, and not with a delay assured, Powers decided not to risk and violated the instructions.)

This happened in 8: 53 in 32 km from Sverdlovsk, 3,5 hours after U-2 broke the USSR state border.

The first combat launch in the USSR

The launch of 1 May was not the premiere of the C-75. Back in October 1959 of the year, “Chinese comrades” (such as Li Xi Qing and Wang Yu Shin) shot down a Taiwanese reconnaissance aircraft RB-57D. But it was first combat start in the USSR. Nobody from the personnel of the shooting experience division had any.

After the explosion, a whole cloud of pulses appeared on the screen of the locator, among which is the responder signal of the fired missile leaving the target. The impression was that the intruder used passive interference, throwing out the foil, the rocket did not explode and passed the target. In fact, the missile warhead successfully worked, destroying the U-2, but the engines and the rear hardware continued to work. If not heads, shoulder straps were at stake - for sure, that is why no one rushed to report “the target was destroyed!” In order to guarantee the defeat of the target, the commander of the neighboring division, Captain Sheludko, performed another volley. Three missiles have fallen on the wreckage of the aircraft.

A week later, the newspapers published the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding for the destruction of the intruder aircraft the orders of the Red Banner Major Voronov, Captain Sheludko and the fighter pilot Senior Lieutenant Sergei Safronov. The note did not indicate that the latter was awarded posthumously.

Tragedy in the sky

As soon as the U-2 was in the area of ​​responsibility of the 57 anti-aircraft missile brigade, the “Carpet!” Command sounded. According to it, all aircraft, regardless of their departmental affiliation, sit down at the nearest airfields. The rocket operators on the screens of their locators should only see the intruder. But, contrary to the team, our planes were in the sky.

In addition to the already mentioned Su-9 Igor Mentyukov, two MiG-19 - captain Boris Ayvazian and senior lieutenant Sergey Safronov were lifted into the air. Someone from the highest ranks of the Air Force gave the order to lift airplanes into the air, without notifying the rocket men about this.

Powers' plane was already shot down, but the rocket men were not in a hurry with triumphant reports. In case of an error, no excuse would save them from the wrath of the celestials from the Central Committee. Only when the wreckage of the U-2 began to fall to the ground, the report went upstairs: "The target is hit." But until that moment, the operators of the neighboring divisions saw air targets on their locators, which should not be in the sky!

Therefore, the neighboring divisions carried out another 4 launch, one fell on the Su-9 and three - on the MiG-19 pair. Captain Mentyukov on the Su-9 gone from the rocket. Captain Ayvazyan, seeing the danger, also dived sharply. Senior Lieutenant Safronov slowed down with a maneuver for hundredths of a second.

At the end of the 50s, a major reduction of the armed forces took place in the USSR. The army was reduced by 1.200 thousand. Warships were cut into scrap metal, Tanks. The Air Force command understood that if fighter planes beat the spy, it’s not only stars on epaulettes and orders on the chest, it’s also a powerful argument in the struggle for priority with the air defense forces. The victim of this fight was the Soviet pilot. Two months before his death, March 25, 1960, Sergei Safronov turned 30 years old.

Missing plane

For two days, the US government was silent, hoping that the missing plane would be announced somewhere. The Soviet side was silent too. When hopes for a safe return of U-2 disappeared, the Americans reported the loss of a NASA aircraft that conducted meteorological observations. 5 May was followed by a response message from the USSR about the destruction of the violating aircraft. The text was drafted in such a way that it followed: the plane was completely destroyed, the pilot was killed. The US State Department acknowledged the fact of the violation of the border by an aircraft, stated that the pilot of the USSR airspace was inadvertently violated and that the plane was completely peaceful.

International scandal

After a pause, 7 in May Khrushchev loudly presented the whole bundle of "trump aces" to the world: the testimony of the surviving pilot of the reconnaissance mission, the remnants of the photographic equipment installed on the U-2, the equipment of the pilot with the marking of the US Department of Defense. In TsPKO them. Gorky had an exhibition where everyone (and especially foreigners) was shown the remains of an airplane and spy equipment, Powers suit, his business ID, money taken from him (7500 rubles), gold coins (48 pieces), USSR map with applied flight path and silent pistol. Over 320 of thousands of Soviet citizens and 20 of thousands of foreigners managed to admire the trophies of Soviet air defense.

A wave of rallies and meetings swept across the USSR at which the working people condemned the aggressive actions of the American imperialists (and at the same time assumed obligations to respond to vile provocations by issuing over-the-board products). It was then that a legend so dear to our heart was born (alas, only a legend!) That N. S. Khrushchev promised the Americans from the United Nations rostrum: “We will show you whore!”


While the Soviet people were proud that the American hawk was clipped by its wings (and some citizens demanded that its head be torn off), a special commission scrupulously studied literally by minutes the actions of the military. It turned out that for the first time in the defeat zone of the U-2 air defense missile system was still under Chelyabinsk, but the SNR was not capable due to the blown fuse. Instead of controlling the work of the equipment entrusted to him, the responsible operator admired the coherence of the work of the starting calculations. When the trivial malfunction was eliminated, the U-2 was already out of range.

Especially interested in the commission история with two missiles that did not come off the launchers. The official conclusion was that at the moment when the “Start!” Command was given back, the SNR cockpit was on the plane-rocket line, in which case the launch of the rocket was automatically blocked.

I. Tsisar, who served as a guidance officer in a famous division, asserts that the author of this version, according to which “no one is to blame for anything,” and therefore he suited everyone, he is.

The commission understood for a long time, decided for a long time what to do: to plant or reward? We decided to reward. In addition to the already mentioned Voronov, Sheludko and Safronov, another 21 man received orders and medals.

Powers Trial

17 August in the Column Hall of the House of Unions began an open trial of Powers. The political leaders of the USSR decided to use the current situation to the maximum and turned the Powers trial into a trial over the United States. The show was delivered in a big way. The Prosecutor General of the USSR, Rudenko, acted as the prosecutor. The lawyer competed with the prosecutor in an effort to “put” the spy behind bars for as long as possible.

On the other side of the ocean, the Americans took retaliatory steps, presented caught Soviet spies, showed the world from the UN tribune Soviet bug (“Chrysostom”) from the American embassy in Moscow (we are not the only ones to spy!), But the bowl on which the U-2 was shot down, far outweighed. In addition, Rudolf Abel was stubbornly silent about his belonging to the USSR, and the presentation of "Chrysostom" caused the opposite effect. The promulgation of the fact that the intelligence services of the USSR managed to establish a wiretap in the office of the American ambassador in Moscow and the Americans for 8 years (!) Could not find it, caused homeic laughter among diplomats.

Meanwhile, Powers repented, pleaded guilty and gave detailed testimony. "The most humane court in the whole world" measured the pilot 10 years.
Of the 10 Soviet years measured by him, Powers served less than 2's. 10 February 1962, he was exchanged for the Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel arrested by the Americans.


The pilot who returned after his release to America was not greeted like a hero. Powers appeared before the investigative, and then before the Senate commission, was subjected to a lie detector test. And although both commissions found him innocent, many newspapers openly called him a traitor, asking many uncomfortable questions. Why was not the plane destroyed? Why surrendered? Why collaborated with the investigation? Why took part in the play "The trial of an American spy"? Destroyed the family of the pilot. As it turned out, the wife was not going to be loyal to her husband, who was sentenced to 10 years; returning home, Francis could only make a divorce.

Justified Powers subsequently worked as a pilot at Lockheed. For his services he received the “Silver Star” and (hold on tight!) “US POW Medal” (there is one). He wrote a memoir about his flight “Operation Flight,” in which he spoke not very flattering about the CIA, which caused him to be fired from Lockheed. Subsequently worked in news KNBC Broadcasting Company Helicopter Pilot.

Death of powers

Powers died a death worthy of a military pilot. 1 August 1977, a KNBC television helicopter flew to shoot a report about extinguishing a fire near Santa Barbara. Suddenly, the engine began to stall. Powers took the helicopter to land, but the children were playing at the nearest landing site. The pilot decided to fly to the airfield. True, it was far away from him, and fuel was tight, but Powers decided to take a chance. The helicopter did not reach the aerodrome. KNBC operator George Spears was killed along with Powers. The pilot fell asleep, as befits a military man, at Arlington Cemetery.

What is the "bottom line"?

After 1 on May 1960, U-2 flights over the USSR stopped. Only with the advent of the SR-1964 in 71, the Americans again decided to test the strength of Soviet air defenses. The Soviet designers, having received the wreckage of the aircraft, tried to copy it, but then abandoned these attempts, although some design solutions were used to create the M-17 (interceptor plane).

The international consequences were very serious. In 1960, a summit was to be held in Paris, at which the leaders of the USSR, the USA, Great Britain and France were going to discuss arms control issues. Incident with U-2 put a fat cross on the idea of ​​the summit. The hopes that arose for the coming detente in international relations had to be buried. The story went the other way.

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  1. UVB
    UVB 10 January 2014 10: 02
    A spy plane was spotted immediately when crossing the border. The first of the hierarchs of the USSR to learn about this, the chairman of the KGB Shelepin.
    During the service in the classroom, we were told that Powers' crossing of the air defense border was overslept, he was discovered by a border patrol on a contrail, which was reported to the outpost, and then on command. Subsequently, both soldiers from that patrol were awarded the medal "For excellence in guarding the state. Border". I am not claiming that this was actually the case, but I have reason to believe that the air defense could really oversleep. In the town, wherever our frontier detachment would also have deployed a RTV air defense battalion, and not far from us there was a radar station, such a whopper, it was called "Dubrava". There were usually 5-6 soldiers under the command of ml. sergeant, conscript. Sometimes we went to visit them and very often it was possible to observe how the operator was just sleeping on the screen, while the rest were doing what, but clearly not in the service. And the booze was normal, the Turkmen "Chemen" drank almost more than water. I repeat, I am not saying that the air defense really slept through, I just shared what I personally saw and heard.
    1. Klim podkova
      10 January 2014 11: 20
      Exactly. That is why the KGB Chairman, and not the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Defense, was the first to know about the spy plane.
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 10 January 2014 16: 59
        Klim, a well-written article, easy language, with humor, write more, we are waiting.
        1. Polovec
          Polovec 10 January 2014 21: 08
          The border should be locked. Do not hell with spools to play. Shoot everything and always! And never apologize! True, with the departure of the CPSU, men who were able to take responsibility and give orders, and then not blame everything on their subordinates, left the government. Where are you my native USSR?
          1. konvalval
            konvalval 10 January 2014 23: 18
            Quote: Polovec
            The border should be locked. Do not hell with spools to play. Shoot everything and always! And never apologize! True, with the departure of the CPSU, men who were able to take responsibility and give orders, and then not blame everything on their subordinates, left the government. Where are you my native USSR?

            Yes, not with the departure of the CPSU, but with the advent of Gorbachev, there was no one to take responsibility.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 10 January 2014 10: 20
    Well then, the Americans were given ears! They do not understand otherwise. U-2 is still used under the brand name TR-1.
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 10 January 2014 13: 07
      Quote: Kovrovsky
      Well then, the Americans were given ears! They do not understand otherwise. U-2 is still used under the brand name TR-1.

      Only insanely sorry for Senior Lieutenant Safronov. Everlasting memory. In 1986 I heard from a participant in the events (class 76 Sverdlovsk, meeting with a veteran) that the "friend or foe" system had failed in the plane, and he was shot down, believing it to be an enemy. The interviewer's story about this sad episode occupied the main part of the meeting, apparently he was very upset even after 25 years.
    2. smprofi
      smprofi 10 January 2014 16: 44
      Quote: Kovrovsky
      U-2 is still used under the brand name TR-1.

      marking is subject to modification
      U-2A: Initial production version equipped with a Pratt & Whitney J57-P-7 or J57-P-57A turbojet engine with a thrust of 4763 kg or 5080 kg, respectively. (August 1955)

      Wu-2a: designation of U-2A aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force for atmospheric research.

      U-2B: Enhanced production version with a reinforced glider, a Pratt & Whitney J57-P-13 or J57-P-13B turbojet engine with a thrust of 7167 kg or 7711 kg, respectively, and an increased fuel reserve.

      U-2C: serial version with an increased fuel supply and an elongated bow, additional equipment for electronic intelligence (Elint).

      U-2CT: double training aircraft; built two devices with a step arrangement of two separate cockpits.

      U-2D: U-2B twin-seat aircraft for high-altitude research.

      U-2EPX: Proposed version of a marine observing aircraft for the US Navy; two aircraft were redone from the U-2R.

      U-2R: improved version; much bigger, heavier and with increased fuel capacity (1967).

      U-2S: modification based on U-2R. The aircraft has a more powerful General Electric F118-GE-100 engine with a capacity of 8600 kgf. Cruising speed - 760 km / h. The aircraft reaches an altitude of 18 km in 35-45 minutes. The aircraft was adopted in October 1994.

      TR-1A: A single upgraded version of the U-2R aircraft with J75-P-13 engines and more advanced aviation equipment.

      TR-1B: Double training aircraft with cockpits on the same level.

      ER-2: designation of two U-2R aircraft after modification for use by NASA.

      although the US Air Force website is still referred to simply as the U-2 Dragon Lady

      landing board No. 066 of the 99th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron at Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE
      August 12 2013
  3. Klim podkova
    10 January 2014 11: 12
    Here is a video of the topic.
  4. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 10 January 2014 11: 45
    My father served in that part of the air defense, which brought down this U-2 (though in the 80s). And about the self-destruction of the aircraft - I heard that explosives were laid in the catapult seat and when the Powers departed, the mechanic said this ... hi
  5. samoletil18
    samoletil18 10 January 2014 12: 55
    And U-2 over Cuba shot down. And my dad participated in the downing of the probe in the suburbs. He served urgent in Pushkino. Marshal Savitsky shook his hand and photos at the Battle Banner of the unit.
  6. La-5
    La-5 10 January 2014 14: 42
    U-2 then flew over China for a long time, the Chinese could not do anything, but only each time they expressed a note of protest to the United States. Then came the joke - "I am giving you the last Chinese warning."
    1. smprofi
      smprofi 10 January 2014 16: 34
      Quote: La-5
      U-2 then flew over China for a long time, the Chinese could not do anything

      The first U-2 was shot down over Chinese territory in September 1962. In total, according to Chinese data, over the PRC was shot down nine U-2.

      here is the exhibition of the achievements of the people households Defense

    2. smprofi
      smprofi 10 January 2014 17: 11
      and this
      Quote: La-5
      "I am giving you the last Chinese warning"

      applied to SR-71 Blackbird flights, but not to Dragon Lady U-2
    3. 73petia
      73petia 10 January 2014 20: 22
      In my opinion, all these "recent Chinese warnings" related to the violation by the Americans of the sea borders of the PRC, not the air ones. When I was still young, I myself heard several times on the radio in Russian. "some three hundred decisive warning. "The word" last "was not used.
  7. Sirocco
    Sirocco 10 January 2014 15: 03
    The article is interesting, even informative, the fact of detection of the aircraft by border guards surprised. UVB, thanks for your version of how the KGB was the first to know. Mentyukov I have earned respect for his behavior.
    “I understood everything, ram,” and after a little hesitation, he added, “please: do not forget your family and mother.”
    I would like to believe that now there are such HEROES as Mentiukov.
  8. PValery53
    PValery53 10 January 2014 18: 54
    And beautifully and deservedly in 1960, the Soviet Union morally smeared America on glass! - And let them not boast that they are the best and most important in the world! - "Enough simplicity for every wise man" - So the States themselves have fallen on the hook!
  9. clidon
    clidon 10 January 2014 20: 42
    The Americans have something to be proud of - 24 flights (and this is only U-2), moreover, they flew both over Moscow and over strategic installations. Actually, Powers was shot down when he photographed nuclear reactors and other objects of the Ministry of Environment. Americans can be understood - information about the USSR, which lived in a military camp (from some regime cities generally did not let people out for several years) was lacking in the most severe way. Agent castings under such conditions failed in almost 9 cases out of 10, or even more. So they embarked on a frank adventure, which before the flight in May 1960 gave simply golden data.
    Well, they were also lucky that the flow of information with the cessation of flights was practically uninterrupted. The baton was picked up by satellites.
  10. Alerii
    Alerii 10 January 2014 20: 55
    M-17 is not an interceptor, but a high-altitude reconnaissance in something like the U-2.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 10 January 2014 21: 14
      .................................................. ..
  11. corn
    corn 10 January 2014 21: 09
    My father served in the air defense forces at that time in Nizhny Tagil, he knew the officers who shot down Powers personally, he told the following:
    The division took up combat duty shortly before the events.
    Throughout the Powers route, there were no other means capable of destroying this target.
    On the downed (Soviet) plane there was no responder "I am mine" (I remember this well, because I asked him the question "friend or foe").
    The division commander was commanded by the division’s political officer, because the commander was on vacation and enlightened me, how did the political officer of his time differ from the political officer of my time.
    Ksati, according to my father, the battalion commander received the same award as the political commander, and I was told about an interesting detail of the combat training of those times: during the exercises, immediately after their beginning, an introductory message was received: "The commander is killed, take command ... ( and the surname of one of the deputies followed and, to my question: How can the political officer of the division be put in command if he did not command the platoon, did not command the company (battery) ?, I received a counter question: How can this officer become the political officer of the division?) "and that's it the exercise commander did not take part in the command.
  12. propolsky
    propolsky 10 January 2014 21: 27
    It is a pity for people who were used as consumables ... And they always said that the main value is a person!
  13. ViewFromUSA
    ViewFromUSA 10 January 2014 21: 28
    Amazing discrepancy between the title of the article and the content! After all, a copper basin refers to everything Soviet - an idiotic order to ram (SU-9, although it flew faster, but could not reach the ceiling of U-2 - why?),
    “By the beginning of 1960, U-2 had already completed 24 flights over the territory of the USSR.” - why so many times with impunity ?,
    “... launch a volley of three missiles. Of the three, one took off. ” - why only one?
    “But, contrary to the command, our planes were in the sky.” - and why?
    “Someone from the top ranks of the Air Force gave the order to take airplanes into the air without notifying the rocketers about it.” - why did this happen?
    “Until that moment, the operators of neighboring divisions saw air targets on their locators, which should not have been in the sky! " - and why?
    “Lieutenant Safronov slowed down with a maneuver for hundredths of a second and died” - why did the Soviet pilot die, and the American is alive? Why rejoice? Loss of life or downed piece of iron?
    Speaking of hardware. Something good the USSR took from the wreckage? No!
    So WHO or WHAT was covered with a copper basin?
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 10 January 2014 23: 55
      No, well, you saw ?! - The American pantriot, despite ... and in spite of ..., criticizes the Soviet "unpredictability"! - In general, a complete revelry of democracy ...
    2. Eugeniy_369k
      Eugeniy_369k 11 January 2014 00: 32
      Quote: ViewFromUSA
      So WHO or WHAT was covered with a copper basin?

      "The Soviets have their own pride:" .......
      1. PValery53
        PValery53 14 January 2014 18: 59
        Undoubtedly, in the Soviet Union there was absolutely no such multi-numbered parasitic "class" !! (They use their language, and they don't produce anything useful!) Why is Russian civilization so irrationally organized ?! - Parasites - A lot !!!. (Pensioners - earned !!) In America - workaholics, in our country - complete rogues: bastard criminality, officials, - in general, - parasites - the greatest percentage?! ..
    3. PValery53
      PValery53 14 January 2014 17: 57
      "Copper Basin" refers to everything American, but not to the Soviet - do not touch the sacred !!.
      1. PValery53
        PValery53 14 January 2014 21: 33
        The copper basin belongs to everything American, but not to the Soviet ...
    4. anarky
      anarky 18 January 2014 22: 06
      why so many times with impunity ?,

      Because then the S-75 system was not deployed. The anti-aircraft guns that existed before that did not give such a reach in height, and the S-25 was not mobile.
      why only one?
      Who would know. Maybe because the complex is raw, maybe the story is true about the coincidence of the direction to the target and the provisions of the CHP, maybe the calculation of the hand.
      and why?

      Uncoordinated action. Eka is unseen in the army.
      why did this happen?

      See above. Yes, and the MiG-19 in the Air Force, and not in the air defense.
      “Until that moment, the operators of neighboring divisions saw air targets on their locators, which should not have been in the sky! " - and why?

      Well, obviously because they were there. Th for the 3rd time to ask again.
      why did the Soviet pilot die, and the American is alive? Why rejoice? Loss of life or downed piece of iron?

      Well now, shoot Powers? To be glad that the air defense was finally able, with the help of a fresh air defense system, to take out this pretty pepelats. And rejoice that there is a trump card in foreign policy. There is an opportunity to demonstrate the deceit and aggressiveness of US foreign policy. And the pilot was a military man. There is such a profession in our country, to defend our homeland. Often you have to die.
      Speaking of hardware. Something good the USSR took from the wreckage? No!

      Well then! Evidence of illegal US activity. Why do we need something else? With the advent of air defense systems, slow-moving scouts lost their strategic importance.
      So WHO or WHAT was covered with a copper basin?

      The ability of the United States to conduct air reconnaissance over the territory of the USSR. Yes, and authority thoroughly soaked.

      PS: and in Vietnam the C-75 proved to be effective and handed out a lot of tasteless piz.dules. These are the copper basins from NPO Almaz and academician Raspletin personally;)
  14. 0255
    0255 10 January 2014 22: 02
    My grandfather served in the late 1950s as a guard in the Air Force. He said that then American reconnaissance planes often invaded the territory of the USSR, and Soviet fighters could not shoot them down, because they could not rise above 15 km, and U-2 flew at an altitude of 20 km. The pilot is given the order to shoot down the American, and he replied: "******* what will I knock him down with, chtoli finger? !!!"
  15. konvalval
    konvalval 10 January 2014 23: 25
    Quote: samoletil18
    And U-2 over Cuba shot down. And my dad participated in the downing of the probe in the suburbs. He served urgent in Pushkino. Marshal Savitsky shook his hand and photos at the Battle Banner of the unit.

    The probe in the suburbs was shot down by a fighter. There were no combat launches of air defense missiles in the suburbs of Moscow.
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 12 January 2014 23: 56
      My father served on the radar. By the way, what he shot down did not tell. But I was sure that a rocket.
      It is cheaper with a fighter if it is brought from the ground correctly. And in those years, air defense had its own aviation.
  16. konvalval
    konvalval 10 January 2014 23: 47
    I still remember that day. He was on combat duty at the 4th platoon, 1st battery, 1st air defense missile launcher, 714th Special Purpose Regiment, 17th Special Purpose Air Defense Corps, 1st Special Purpose Army. Duty forces were alerted # 1. On my platoon, 4 207A missiles were put into "Combat Position". But the start, for the reasons stated in the article, did not take place.
  17. bistrov.
    bistrov. 11 January 2014 01: 20
    I remember this case very well. I was 8 years old then. All the newspapers probably shouted about it for a whole year. The propagandists were able to work in the USSR.