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About the US-Saudi worldview: why we are incompatible


Sad news come from the Middle East. Some people will be killed there for free-thinking.

... Since June, 2012 has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, a blogger and social activist Raif Badawi, behind bars on charges of insulting Islam. He created the Free Saudi Liberals website in 2008 and already got into trouble with some preachers and police, but he managed to avoid imprisonment for another four and a half years. In July of this year, Badawi was convicted and sentenced to 600 whips and seven years in prison. The already unenviable fate, but now his wife, who escaped from the sword of punishment of Saudi justice, together with her children in Lebanon, is concerned about the new turn of the matter. At the initiative of Judge, Raif will now appear before a higher court on a more serious charge of apostasy, and the death penalty is his punishment for this crime. As before, his public statements on television, as well as Internet activities in the form of comments and articles on the CCF website - Badaui wondered what place religion is in the state, and tried to provoke a discussion about this in society. He also posted on the network materials criticizing senior religious figures of Saudi Arabia.

How do we summarize this unfortunate fact? Perhaps this is Saudi Arabia so dense and repressive? Not at all. Not later, as this summer, popular local preacher Faihan al-Ghamdi was released from prison, who raped and tortured his five-year-old daughter Lamu to death, who was suspected of dissolute behavior. The prosecutor demanded years of imprisonment for the accused 12, but he swore that he used only the posture of the rider and the camel. The God-fearing Saudi court satisfied the oath because he was only interested in the possible violation of the fatwa, which said that a woman should be able to bear the weight of a man. Thus, the accused was obliged only to pay his second wife, Lama's mother, money for blood — a little more than thirty thousand pounds, a trifle by Arabian standards.

As you can see, local justice is in fact extremely liberal, even in relation to offenses, seemingly obsolete in our time. Therefore, is the blogger himself to blame for the harsh attitude?

Difficult to judge. Of course, the liberal activist in itself without a reinforced concrete roof is an endangered species, primarily due to its enduring naivety. For example, in a completely respectable America, one David Gorchinski, in splendid isolation, struggled with the dictatorship of banks. I entered a bank a year and a half ago with two posters, “You are being robbed” and “Give a man a gun, he will rob someone, but give him a bank, and he will rob the whole country”. He was stranded by the police in fifteen minutes and is still reaping the fruits of his struggle. At first he did not admit his guilt in anything, so his lawyer had to spend half a year on the removal of the first accusation of “an attempted robbery with threats of self-mutilation.” The other two, “the terrorist threat that caused serious social inconvenience” and “dangerous behavior with the possibility of physical threat”, have not yet been removed - after a year of investigation, the defendant surrendered and took part in a program to accelerate the rehabilitation of criminals who committed their first crime without violence.

Or take a pair of Englishmen, Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan. They did not like the dictatorship of the British government. During the London riots that were memorable to everyone, both were created on the Facebook community, where they positively responded to riots in their cities with a call to join. As the judge later noted, "they took advantage of the mass insanity and behaved brazenly." Each was given a real term of four years.

However, maybe this is such a worldwide wave of repression against liberal-minded active citizens? Again, not similar. You can not even be an activist to thunder in prison - another American, 19-year-old Justin Carter, has been imprisoned in Texas for ten months waiting for a trial after writing the following on his social media page: a garden, let the blood of innocent people rain on me, and I will tear out and eat the heart of one of them. ” True, the inconsolable mother claims that it was a sarcastic response to someone's insulting remark in the spirit of "yes you are a complete psycho." Carter did not find anything better than to develop the idea to what seemed to him then ridiculous absurdity, and the prosecutor - the reason to keep the teenager for up to eight years.

Maybe Badaui was just misunderstood? This happens sometimes, but is not an excuse. The young rapper, who was arrested for provocative lines after the terrorist attack in Boston, was still allowed to go home, but he served his time in the SIZO, but there he spent two days in a real prison.

Or maybe this is all they have there blacks lynched, but we have this does not happen? How to say. Against the background of the general trend in Russia, blacks are also trying to lynch, but somehow not very convincing, more for show. Instead of Gorchinski, we have “political” ones who blocked Tverskaya Street with a banner “Death to the Kremlin invaders!”. Got fifteen days. Instead of Blackshaw with Facebook, we have Babchenko with LiveJournal. True, I have not received anything yet. But this is also an excuse - if we were arrested or even fined with the same ardor for messages in social networks, then the police would have no other cases. And Badawi of all stripes, we all exist on the salary, including from the budget.

By the way, we note that Greenpeace employees spent only incomplete two months in the detention center of Murmansk and St. Petersburg for a completely tangible attempt to climb another platform and do their own business there, and how much noise was there.

... Actually, between the sad history Raifa Badaui and we have only one connection. Her name is the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar, who is increasingly flying to Moscow and returning with nothing every time. Now it is more or less clear why: Russia now hardly needs fleeting novels, and stable alliances, like the long friendship of the United States and Saudi Arabia, arise only on a common basis. Not the one in Riyadh, but ideological. Which they, no matter how quarrel, is, but we do not. That's all.
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  1. A.YARY
    A.YARY 10 January 2014 09: 10
    Fecal waters, and in them two callloids without oars-SyShyA and SA.
    Some geeks are "nice" to others, but the fact that these khovnyuk should be shined on the whole world at every convenient and inconvenient occasion is the task of our Foreign Ministry.
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 10 January 2014 13: 23
      Quote: A.YARY
      Fecal waters, and in them two callloids without oars-SyShyA and SA.

      A good turn))) Yes, and now they will have a lot of graters among themselves. And because of Iran, and because of Akella’s slip with Syria + Ukraine and other sluggishness of the United States, or rather its current weakness, which they do not want to recognize.
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 12 January 2014 18: 54
      Quote: A.YARY
      Fecal waters, and in them two callloids without oars-SyShyA and SA.
      Some geeks are "nice" to others, but the fact that these khovnyuk should be shined on the whole world at every convenient and inconvenient occasion is the task of our Foreign Ministry.

      It’s bumming with them, so much so that it’s scary to imagine that it will fall asleep from these same states ... I won’t be surprised if there are some people in the rebellious states who are whining with minutiahs and tridents.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 10 January 2014 09: 11
    The Saudis have the smallest terrible despotism, but this does not prevent the United States from conducting its criminal affairs with them.

    FRIENDSHIP With the Saudis, it’s like a booty sitting on a Viper.
    1. GDP
      GDP 10 January 2014 09: 55
      Western civilization is two-faced in essence - what they can and it is good and right, the rest cannot and it is bad and wrong if it is beneficial to someone in the west :)
      The Saudis take advantage of this for mutual benefit ...
      Using some generally good liberal values, the Anglo-Saxons often distort or hypertrophy so that they begin to undermine the very foundations of society in those countries that they consider their competitors.
      Naturally, weapons must act purposefully - a kind of controlled chaos ...
    2. aksakal
      aksakal 10 January 2014 10: 36
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      FRIENDSHIP With the Saudis is like sitting on a Viper booty

      wow, uhhh and comparisons! laughing and what, this has some kind of charm laughing But it will be better appreciated by the Gayrops, I would "appreciate" the viper, standing to her, as a man should face danger, with his face laughing
      According to Sabzh - in principle, the obvious things that are stubbornly not seen except atalefs with professors. Democracy is most in Russia! And there are many of her even in Kazakhstan! We do not have articles “a terrorist threat that caused serious social inconvenience” and “dangerous behavior with the possibility of physical threat”, we don’t even have articles for “took advantage of mass insanity and behaved shamelessly.” There is looting during a panic of the population, but this is a specific article for concrete actions. But it’s precisely this, frankly, smelling idiocy “they took advantage of mass insanity and behaved shamelessly” articles - NO in the Criminal Code of Russia, nor in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Yes, under it you can blame anyone for any length of time! What the hell is democracy? laughing It seems only to atalefs and professors. laughing And in Israel, let the physicist Maynuna stop persecuting first, then you can talk about democracy in Israel laughing
  3. S-200
    S-200 10 January 2014 09: 13
    What horrors the creator of the world! belay
    and with THEM we are not on the way ... wassat
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 10 January 2014 09: 40
      We will go to others!
      But there was news from RT from the category come on laughing
      And if you tolerate these with .... liberals! am
      Starting this year, the Federal Security Service (FSO) will begin to conduct daily monitoring of publications by Russian bloggers. Security forces will create a special database of negatively-minded citizens to prevent illegal actions, according to "Izvestia"
      In December, 2013, the Special Communication and Information Service of the FSO announced a tender for the provision of services to provide the results of automatic selection of media information. The maximum project budget will be 31,8 million rubles. Professionals, using specialized systems, will have to provide security officials with a personalized selection of messages from bloggers, which will allow them to keep track of significant events daily on specific topics and regions. In addition, it is planned to record the negative or positive color of certain events. Information materials are grouped by specific topics, they write, "Izvestia".

      And tada drum roll ..... fellow
      However, many in the blogosphere perceived this intention of the security forces negatively. Journalist and famous blogger Maxim Kononenko believes that representatives of the FSB should not be involved in such monitoring. “Officially, in our country, the material can be closed only by court decision, and such a monitoring system, if it not only systematizes, but also closes texts that have not been checked, automatically, will violate this law,” said Kononenko in an interview with Izvestia.
      In turn, lawyer and blogger Pavel Duksin supports the desire of security officials to tighten control over the Internet sphere. “It would help to identify extremists, maniacs,” he believes. According to Duksin, the closure of blatantly criminal materials is an acceptable measure.

      Note that the monitoring system existed in the FSO always. However, this time the department decided not to waste time, but to entrust this part of the work to professional programmers.
  4. tchoni
    tchoni 10 January 2014 09: 15
    Satyke plus. Recalls that the rightness of a person (country, act) depends on the point of view of the judge.
  5. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 10 January 2014 09: 20
    Oh, more and more convinced that RUSSIA IS THE LORD THE CREATED PEOPLE BY ITS IMAGE AND LIKE, the rest is according to Darwin and its evolution.
  6. Sid.74
    Sid.74 10 January 2014 09: 21
    Strange conclusions and what are all the liberals to the wall now? So they are waiting for that, though they don't agree on the sacred sacrifice yet! Most of the current "human rights activists" are at such an age that they should think about "adult" diapers! It is better to fight with them invisibly! It also works that they are simply allowed to speak out, and since they have brains they were not born, they are such nonsense that they just discredit themselves!
  7. SRC P-15
    SRC P-15 10 January 2014 09: 21
    In Saudi Arabia, laws were probably passed by stoned fanatics. For the rape and murder of his daughter - a fine, it defies any explanation. Just a cave age.
    1. Arhj
      Arhj 10 January 2014 18: 10
      Saudi Arabia is a country in which Wahhabism is a state doctrine. Moreover, as far as I remember, the Saudi dynasty came to power two hundred or three hundred years ago precisely thanks to the Wahhabis. Considering that Wahhabism and terrorism are closely related concepts in Russia, Saudi Arabia is a state in some way, and terrorism is supported at the state level. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. It leads to certain thoughts.
      1. alone
        alone 10 January 2014 20: 38
        Quote: Arhj
        Saudi Arabia is a country in which Wahhabism is a state doctrine. Moreover, as far as I remember, the Saudi dynasty came to power two hundred or three hundred years ago precisely thanks to the Wahhabis.

        laughing Where did you get this information? The current dynasty rules the country since 1926.
        1. Arhj
          Arhj 11 January 2014 15: 09
          That's right, they have ruled the country since 1926, from the actual foundation of modern Saudi Arabia. But on the peninsula, with some interruptions, dominate from the end of the eighteenth century. They managed to correct them with two Saudi states, lose them, flee the country and return again.
          According to sources: main A. Vasiliev "History of Saudi Arabia 1745-1973". The book is Soviet, but it comes across in electronic libraries. The rest are excerpts from several sources, but usually without reference to the source or with reference to the same Vasiliev. Actually, from such a link, I learned about the existence of the book.
  8. leks
    leks 10 January 2014 09: 39
    Here it is! We’re starting to tighten our screws here, the whole liberal Western and pro-Western press hangs on us all sins, that we are barbarians, and as far as the Muslim countries are concerned, only a few people keep their tongue in silence and allow them to shut up quickly. such are double standards. am
  9. FormerMariman
    FormerMariman 10 January 2014 09: 44
    Short-lived novels are certainly not needed, but a carefully calibrated game ahead of two or three moves with this evil is simply not necessary. For open statements about the involvement of the Saudis in the terrorist attacks, we need a prepared public opinion of the world community, otherwise it will be just an accusation without taking appropriate measures (demonstration of impotence). And it is unlikely that the training camps are located on the territory of the SA.
    1. An honest struggle to achieve no direct evidence will be the result of intelligence, but even then it will take a long time. We need a provocation on behalf of the Saudis against the allies of the United States, and to foment an information war.
    2. Convincing the United States through the UN Security Council to restore order in Iraq (there’s nothing to catch there anyway), among the mess there, our provocation against amers will be most likely there.
    3. There is Israel, their orthodoxy in the fight against terrorism (unlike the United States, which supports al-Qaeda in Syria and fights with it in Iraq) can also be used.
    4. After crushing the larva, you need to crush the queen as well, which means a good fighting group in the bay will not hurt.
    I think Putin still has time, and we with all our hearts and souls for Russia and Putin!
  10. makarov
    makarov 10 January 2014 09: 48
    I'm sorry this blue sky
    sorry for the earth and life splinters;
    I'm scared that well-fed pigs
    worse than hungry wolves.

  11. ochakow703
    ochakow703 10 January 2014 09: 48
    Quote: СРЦ П-15
    In Saudi Arabia, laws were probably passed by stoned fanatics. For the rape and murder of his daughter - a fine, it defies any explanation. Just a cave age.
    So they are savages by nature, and they hang the civility on themselves for oil refineries.
    1. FormerMariman
      FormerMariman 10 January 2014 10: 02
      The fact of the matter is that they are not dark. It’s just beneficial to keep the people under the control of Sharia, and the top itself is using advanced technologies with might and main. Needless to say, the monarchy is a people in the dark, and they themselves are in a chocolode.
    2. Galich Kos
      Galich Kos 10 January 2014 10: 35
      East is a delicate matter. What we consider to be wildness is the norm for them, not for us to judge. The way of life there, like ours, has evolved over the centuries.
  12. pensioner
    pensioner 10 January 2014 10: 12
    Not later than this summer, the popular local preacher Faykhan al-Hamdi was released from prison, who raped and tortured his five-year-old daughter Lama to death, who was suspected of promiscuous behavior. The prosecutor demanded 12 years of imprisonment for the accused, but he swore that he used only the poses of a horsewoman and a camel.
    Nonsense! Parallel universe...
  13. Mviktor
    Mviktor 10 January 2014 10: 33
    .Since June 2012, a Saudi resident, blogger and social activist Raif Badawi has been imprisoned on charges of insulting Islam.

    Liberals where are you that you can’t hear your screech about the violation of human rights. London is silent and all kinds of human rights defenders are silent. Explicitly conspired or eat from one trough
  14. Song Hu Chan
    Song Hu Chan 10 January 2014 12: 00
    Islam-wildness of the Middle Ages, when the crazy prophet M., dreamed that he was a initiate. During his life, he brutally killed everyone around him who doubted that he was a prophet, raped minors, etc.
    His nonsense is captured in the writings of Muslims. For example, circumcision is not only for men, but also for women. Moreover, it is allowed to remove not only the clitoris, but also the shameless lips. That is, the woman turned into an idol.
    This practice also occurs in some modern Muslim peoples.
    But manhood and other perversions are generally inherent in Muslims.
  15. Uhe
    Uhe 10 January 2014 12: 12
    Arakcheev and Telman also have nothing to do, but who cares - the Arab and the American are more important than the references.
  16. FormerMariman
    FormerMariman 10 January 2014 15: 01
    Sun Hu-chan bye! Till!
  17. Arhj
    Arhj 10 January 2014 17: 59
    Here he is an example of democracy !!! And then two years for dancing in a church, three years for burning a church - a reactionary Russian court. Here is the death penalty for criticizing religious leaders - these are progressive trends. The guarantor of democracy has nothing to say. Well, the evidence base in the style of "I swear by my mother" is definitely liberalism. And the legalization of pedophilia is what the entire civilized West is striving for. Before that we still have to democratize and democratize.
  18. Bosk
    Bosk 11 January 2014 01: 30
    This is what liberalism, which has Puritan roots, leads to, is it still waking up ...