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Iranian Armed Forces Modernize Soviet C-200 Air Defense Systems

Iranian Armed Forces Modernize Soviet C-200 Air Defense Systems

Brigadier General Farzad Izmaeli said that Iran is still continuing to work on the optimization and improvement of Soviet-made air defense systems with the 200 and are developing new tactical techniques for the use of these complexes.

Brigadier General Izmaeli indicated at a meeting with the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Khamenei, that the military had made some progress in improving the efficiency of these systems, which are currently the basis of the country's long-range air shield.

The general noted that measures had been taken to increase the mobility of the C-200 missile systems, which had not previously been distinguished by flexibility and mobility. Significantly were improved characteristics of firepower and range of target destruction. In this case, it is indicated that work is underway to expand the nomenclature of the targets hit and their number.

Taking into account new optional achievements, a new tactic is being developed for the use of C-200 complexes, which will make it possible to realize the achievements of the Iranian industry to the maximum.

In the coming 9 months, the first battery of the upgraded C-200 complex is expected to be declassified and demonstrated to the public.
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  1. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 9 January 2014 12: 12
    Well, good news ...
    Hopefully the upgraded S-200s will be better than this Iranian "wunderwaffe":
    100-mm SAM "Sair", created on the basis of the Soviet post-war 100-mm anti-aircraft gun KS-19. At the moment, the Sair is perhaps the largest-caliber land-based automatic anti-aircraft artillery system in the world, and it is clearly created to partially compensate for the lack of modern anti-aircraft missile systems in Iran. The KS-19 anti-aircraft guns themselves have long been outdated, but they have a very decent height of defeat - up to 15,4 km, which they decided to use in Iran. In the course of the ongoing deep modernization, the guns are equipped with an automatic loading system and electric power tracking drives, which are connected to an optoelectronic fire control system, which provides automatic gun guidance and firing on command from the control point.

    or these monsters based on 3 and 4 memory-23

    or this ZPU from 8 DShK on the carriage ZPU-4
    1. Basileus
      Basileus 9 January 2014 12: 21
      It seems to me that in order to effectively counter jet aircraft, the gun must at least have an auto-drive with a powerful calculator and radar guidance. What these tools are intended against, I do not quite understand.
    2. makarov
      makarov 9 January 2014 13: 25
      Although it is believed that KS-19 is outdated, it is quite suitable in my opinion. in the 82nd partisan with her, the heresy on the fly hit pretty well.
      1. Roman 1977
        Roman 1977 9 January 2014 13: 35
        Dear Pavel, according to some reports, during the "Desert Storm" on January 22, 8 British Tornado aircraft over the Al-Ratbah area at an altitude of 6700 meters were fired upon from KS-19 guns. The leader's plane was shot down by the first salvo, and the rest, having got rid of the bombs, dived to a low altitude and headed for the home base.

        COP-19 and her victim

        English Tornado GR.Mk.1
        1. makarov
          makarov 9 January 2014 20: 29
          we shot at the SLR and low-flying modern fighters and hit. the lesion rate was quite high.
    3. AVV
      AVV 9 January 2014 16: 43
      Well, this is also an option, I think modernization will lead to a new quality of the system, and its capabilities will increase !!!
    4. ICT
      ICT 9 January 2014 20: 18
      Quote: Novel 1977
      better than this Iranian "wunderwaffe":
      100-mm charger "Sair"

      the main thing is to choose the right tactics of application and goals
    5. apollo
      apollo 10 January 2014 03: 17
      And here is a child prodigy :), it simply replaces the tube components with more modern ones, thereby increasing reliability, mainly for radars.
  2. Hikar
    Hikar 9 January 2014 12: 23
    And the multi-barrels are harsh))) ... * Black Hawk Down .. *
  3. Algor73
    Algor73 9 January 2014 12: 25
    At one time, they were good air defense systems. I think that now, after modernization, some countries will be asked problems. The main thing is to skillfully use them.
  4. makarov
    makarov 9 January 2014 12: 29
    Something that Iranians certainly know how to do. When, in my opinion, quite good 100mm anti-aircraft guns were withdrawn from service due to the collapse of the USSR, the Iranians on the contrary upgraded them, made them 5 chargers, added something else, and still use it with pleasure. And why not, if it swells 26 km across the horizon, and probably 50 with modern active-reactive ones, and howitzers are not needed.
  5. kelevra
    kelevra 9 January 2014 12: 36
    A worthy opponent of the West and ours needs to be supported militarily, and not to cancel existing contracts for the supply of S-400.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 9 January 2014 14: 52
      Quote: kelevra
      and not cancel existing contracts for the supply of S-400

      I did not drive a little. You didn’t get anything into the account of the S-400 contract to Iran?
      1. alone
        alone 9 January 2014 20: 51
        Quote: kelevra
        A worthy opponent of the West and ours needs to be supported militarily, and not to cancel existing contracts for the supply of S-400.

        Actually, the contract was on the S-300, and not on the S-400. And the contract was not fulfilled.
        do you think such systems can resist the west? to upgrade the S-200 by increasing its tactical and technical parameters, and at the same time leave its radars unchanged, they won’t give anything good. We did not forget how the Libyan S-200 stared blankly at the sky
        1. apollo
          apollo 10 January 2014 03: 22
          Libyans didn’t fight normally, radars are being modernized.
  6. JonnyT
    JonnyT 9 January 2014 12: 38
    but what to do if the possibilities for modernizing air defense are very scarce ...... it remains only to modernize the old means and come up with "wunderwafli"
    REDBLUE 9 January 2014 12: 54
    When the Americans bombed Serbia, the Serbs shot down their stealth air defense system C-125. So, the 200s, if well-coached, will be a terrible weapon against NATO.
  8. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 9 January 2014 13: 16
    This is unlikely: the S-200 did not help Libya, and the air defense system of Serbia, with all due respect to the courage and courage of the Serbian anti-aircraft gunners, was crushed by superior NATO forces and for the whole company the Serbs were able to present the remains of only two American aircraft: the famous "invisible" F -117 and F-16. The Iranian air defense system is not much better and is a mixture of our, Chinese and American air defense systems, only a little shamanized by the Iranians, which is Iran’s air defense today:
    12-15 divisions - 150 PU SAM "Hawk" / "Improved Hawk" - purchased during the Shah, the production of missiles and spare parts was established in Iran, the modernized version is called "Mersad";
    8-10 divisions - 45 PU air defense systems HQ-2J (Chinese version of the Soviet S-75 air defense system - SA-2 Gudeline) - purchased in China in the middle of the 1980x-early 1990x years, modernized by the Iranians;
    7 S-200 air defense divisions (SA-5 Gammon);
    5 batteries - 30 PU SAM "Rapira" -purchased during the check;
    Several Kvadrat air defense systems were either captured from the Iranians or acquired in Romania at the beginning of the 90's;
    Several SAMs FM-80 (Chinese version of the French "Crotal") - modernized by the Iranians;

    29 launchers "Tor-M1" (17 "Tor-M1" on the tracked base and 12 in the towed version "Tor-M1T"; also delivered 1 missiles 200M9 to them);

    new air defense systems of the type of our "Buk" on a car chassis - the number and condition is unknown.

    Man-portable air defense systems-up to 1000 MANPADS - as part of the ground forces, including:
    200 Arrow-3 (SA-14 Gremlin);
    250 "Arrow-2М" (SA-7В Grail);
    190 HN-5A (Chinese version of "Arrow-2");
    100 “Needle-1” (SA-16 Gimlet);
    50 "Stinger" (from the IRGC) - purchase in the 80 of the Afghan dushmans;
    50 RBS-70.
    Also in Iran, copies are made of modern Chinese MANPADS of the QW-1 \ 1M family, called Misagh-1 and 2.
    Anti-aircraft artillery - more than 1000 anti-aircraft artillery guns - as part of both the Air Force and the ground forces, including:
    145 ZPU-2 / 4;
    75 23-mm ZSU-23-4 "Shilka";
    258 23-mm memory-23-2-are made in Iran;
    24 35-mm Skyguard-made in Iran;

    250 37-mm M1939 (as well as Chinese Type-55) - are withdrawn from service;
    50 40-mm "Bofors" L-70- possibly withdrawn from service and stored;
    20 40-mm М1- possibly withdrawn from storage and stored;
    80 57-mm ZSU-57-2;
    190 57 mm C-60.
    1. tchoni
      tchoni 9 January 2014 13: 49
      You know, to argue that the Syrian S-200 did not help - I would not. At the time, as I believe, it was the S-200 that kept the Shtatovs from serious aggression against this country and forced them to come to an agreement in one way or another.
      And what you listed, with proper use, is enough to deliver a lot of problems to aviation.
      1. Roman 1977
        Roman 1977 9 January 2014 14: 03
        First, I wrote about Libya. How did the S-200 help Gaddafi when the Americans and their allies began to bombard the "rebels"? How many planes were shot down by them?

        Secondly, all these means have been sufficiently studied by the Americans, and they have long developed means of countering them. Moreover, both the S-75 and S-200, which make up about half of the Iranian air defense systems, are stationary air defense systems, and the first blow will be inflicted on them with "axes" from ships and nuclear submarines in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, i.e. directly at the borders of Iran, which sharply reduces the time for folding complexes.

        Chinese-made HQ-2 anti-aircraft missile launcher
        Thirdly, as I wrote above, the Iranian air defense system is a mixture of Soviet, Chinese (copies of Soviet and French) and western air defense systems, I can hardly imagine how it is possible to organize a single air defense system from them. Moreover, most of the complexes, except for 29 "Tor M1", were either purchased under the Shah, or in the 80s-90s, so what is their technical condition at the moment is unknown. These figures are ideally those declared by the Iranians, who are extremely fond of boasting ...
        For example, in the story with the air defense system they are developing, which the Persians position as an analogue and even superior to C-300 and regularly show in parades ...
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 9 January 2014 18: 49
          Quote: Novel 1977
          First, I wrote about Libya. How did the S-200 help Gaddafi when the Americans and their allies began to bombard the "rebels"?

          In Libya, in principle, the army did not fight against rebels. there were separate units supporting Gaddafi and all. It is not at all correct to compare with Syria or Libya.

          And about the number of errors you have there, I took information not only from LJ Imp-navigatora, but also from other sources in Israel, Turkey, Iran, Russia, and the USA.

          Anti-aircraft Missile Systems (SAM)
          SAM Rapier 30 launchers (altitude 3 km, range 7 km)
          SAM Crotale 30 launchers (altitude 5 km, range 12 km)
          SAM Ya Zahra-3 10 PU (altitude 5 km, range 12 km Crotale mod)
          SAM Hawk 200 launcher (altitude 11 km, range 25 km)
          SAM Mersad 200 launchers (altitude 18 km, range 40 km mod Hawk)
          SAM Qader 10 launchers (altitude 18 km, range 40 km self-propelled version of Mersad)
          SAM Sayyad 42 launchers (altitude 25 km, range 34 km mod S-75)
          SAM Sayyad-1 20 PU (range increased to 60 km modern S-75)
          SAM Sayyad-2 60 launchers (range increased to 110 km modern S-75)
          SAM S-200 200 launchers (altitude 29 km, range 240 km)
          SAM Fajr-8 35 PU (altitude 29 km, range 240 km mod S-200)
          SAM Bauer-373 25 PU (altitude 27 km, range 150 km, whale copy S-300)
          SAM 2K12 Cube 20 launchers (altitude 22 km, range 42 km)
          SAM Tor-M1 116 launchers (altitude 10 km, range 12 km)
          SAM Pantsir-C1 10 PU (altitude 15 km, range 20 km)
          Total 904 PU SAM

          Anti-aircraft machine-gun, self-propelled and artillery mounts
          ZPU-2 12,7 mm n / a ZPU (height 1 km, range 2 km machine gun)
          ZPU-4 12,7 mm n / a ZPU (height 1 km, range 2 km machine gun)
          Mesbah 23 mm 500 ZAU (altitude 1,5 km, range 2,5 km based on the ZU-23-2 with radar)
          Shilka 23-4 23 mm 80 ZSU (height 1,5 km, range 2,5 km)
          Skyguard 35 mm 24 ZAU (altitude 4 km, range 6 km)
          Samavat 37-2 37 mm 250 ZAU (altitude 4 km, range 6 km)
          Bofors 40 mm 70 ZAU (altitude 5 km, range 9 km)
          S-60 57-mm 190 ZAU (altitude 4 km, range 6 km)
          S-68 57-2 57 mm 80 ZSU (altitude 4 km, range 5,5 km)
          Saeer 100 mm 150 ZAU (15,4 km altitude gun based on KS-19 with radar)
          Total 1500 ZPU, ZSU, ZAU

          Man-portable air defense systems
          HN-5A 190 MANPADS (altitude 1,5 km, range 3,6 km whale mod Strela-2)
          Strela-2M 250 MANPADS (altitude 2,3 km, range 4,2 km)
          Strela-3 200 MANPADS (altitude 3 km, range 4,5 km)
          RBS-70 50 MANPADS (altitude 3 km, range 5 km)
          Stinger 50 MANPADS (altitude 3,8 km, range 4,5 km)
          Igla-1 100 MANPADS (altitude 3,5 km, range 5,2 km)
          Misagh-1 300 MANPADS (altitude 5 km, range 4 km mod Igla-1)
          Misagh-2 600 MANPADS (altitude 5 km, range 4 km mod Igla-1)
          A total of 1740 MANPADS
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Roman 1977
            Roman 1977 9 January 2014 20: 54
            Well, now let me object:
            Quote: Sith Lord
            SAM Tor-M1 116 PU (altitude 10 km, range 12 km)

            Forgive me where there is such a quantity of PU "TOP M1".
            Under a contract signed on December 5, 2006, Russia was to supply Iran with 29 Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems.

            In January 2007, Iran Confirmed Delivery of SAM

            And according to your data, Iran has practically as many Tor M1 -116 air defense systems as Russia has-120
            The Military Balance 2012. - P. 193.

            Then explain when and by whom the delivery was made?
            Quote: Sith Lord
            SAM Hawk 200 launcher (altitude 11 km, range 25 km)

            Back in the 1972 year, the Iranian Air Force command signed a contract with the United States to supply the country with 24 batteries of advanced Hawk air defense systems. The amount of the contract amounted to about 280 million dollars, it was the largest contract ever concluded with the United States Missile Command at that time.


            A standard battery consists of a TSW-12 battery command point, an MSQ-110 clearinghouse, an AN / MPQ-50 impulse targeting radar, operating in the continuous emission mode of an AN / MPQ-55 radar, an AN / MPQ radar range finder; 51 and two fire platoons, each of which consists of an AN / MPQ-57 backlight radar and three Ml92 launchers.


            6 PU x 24 batteries = 144 PU, supplies stopped in 1979 after this 8 years of Iran-Iraq war with inevitable losses, "cannibalization" due to lack of spare parts. Where 200 comes from, maybe 200 together with Mersad, but again, according to your words, no.
            Quote: Sith Lord
            SAM Mersad- 200 launcher (altitude 18 km, far 40 km mod Hawk)

            Even the Israelis are more modest with the Americans, all 150 PU.
            12-15 (16 according to IISS) divisions - 150 PU air defense systems “Hawk” / “Advanced Hawk”;


            As I understand it, the data from the Russian-speaking Wiki
            1. Lord of the Sith
              Lord of the Sith 10 January 2014 02: 49
              There really is an error, apparently I wrote an extra unit. 16 PU

              As for Khavk, everything that they modernize, so they actually make copies of the predetermined and improved ones, not without the help of China.
        2. tchoni
          tchoni 10 January 2014 09: 05
          I almost agree, but I want to remind you that the effectiveness of the funds depends not only on how cool they are by themselves, but also on how effectively they are used. (remember the Wehrmacht and the beginning of the First World War). In addition, I want to note that the main trump card of the S-200 is its range. He is able to cover the area with a radius of about 150 km, and this is not small in tactical terms.
          I think that if there is political will to use these funds, and given the nature of the terrain and the size of Iran, Iran has chances to save the country from direct aggression by the United States. And the S-200 is the same one of the deterrent factors.
          As for the axes, it’s possible to equip a bunch of false positions by prohibiting effective aerial and undercover reconnaissance on its territory .... And no one canceled the means of camouflage and electronic warfare.
    2. Russian sniper
      Russian sniper 10 January 2014 00: 19
      Why didn't you mention 10 Pantsir-S1 launchers? hi Or, in your opinion, their number is currently insignificant and these complexes will not be able to affect the protection of an important state. Iran facilities? soldier
  9. anarky
    anarky 9 January 2014 13: 42
    Tired of hearing about Sreb anti-aircraft gunners. They fought from an ambush, but as far as I know, they were guided through an optical channel. The task of normal air defense is to protect your troops and infrastructure. How much they shot down at the same time is not so important, in the USA they will not end all alone. There Georgians in 888 also shot down ours, and why? Protected your airbases?

    On the topic of 200 matches. Apparently quite their cock pecks. The complex for modern warfare is not particularly suitable IMHO. They cannot be maneuvered and difficult to disguise. Although if Iran has a sufficient number of air defense systems of a rank below to create an echeloned air defense system, then the complex can probably say its word. I wonder what version of the 200s they got.

    And it's also interesting how they increased the mobility of such a fool. Have they installed on the railway? :) And what does "increase the number of targets hit" mean? Have you added a channel by target? For this, they need the ROC with the PAR. Have they gotten so good at radio engineering?
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 9 January 2014 19: 55
      Here is a comment from the list of Iranian air defense above aviation without taking aviation into account.
      1. anarky
        anarky 9 January 2014 20: 29
        And is there data on intelligence and ACS? There are simply a lot of missiles (especially the 200s, I didn’t think that they were so dofig), but only tori and shells are modern of all this. And it is not known what they and their sayad have modernized. And I remind you that this is a single-channel for the purpose of air defense systems with radio command guidance, that is, it is very old and vulnerable to electronic warfare.

        PS: Those who were minus. And instead of the minuses, to comment on what do not agree in any way?
    2. DEfindER
      DEfindER 9 January 2014 20: 24
      Quote: anarky
      Tired of hearing about Sreb anti-aircraft gunners. They fought from an ambush, but as far as I know, they were guided through an optical channel. The task of normal air defense is to protect your troops and infrastructure. How much they shot down at the same time is not so important, in the USA they will not end all alone.

      As far as I know, Serbs shot down many tomahawks, and when the planes went, everything was already destroyed there and the air defense was no longer so effective .. They correctly said that when the enemy’s troops do not end, it’s hard to fight with him ..
      1. anarky
        anarky 9 January 2014 20: 56
        Well, yes, I saw fluctuations up to 182 Tomahawks and almost 60 Pepelians in the statements of the Serbs. Of course, you shouldn’t trust the Americans either, but the main thing is that the air defense failed (and could not) protect the country.

        SAM Bauer-373 25 PU (altitude 27 km, range 150 km, whale copy S-300)

        That's really unlikely. The Chinese S-300 is HQ-9 and, as far as I know, they did not sell it to Iran, and the Bauer-373 air defense system is an Iranian wishlist and promise, but not a deployed analogue system of the S-300. Until now, all the successes of Iran in the air defense - the modernization of the 75s, cubes (by the way, it is strange, "Kvadrat" was exported) and possibly 200. And considering how they have a point right now, it is quite possible that the political instructor is lying.
  10. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 9 January 2014 13: 59
    The weapon is multifaceted, it proved to be quite good on ground targets at the time (KS-19). Modernization (computer, radar, new projectile), it’s easier to upgrade the S-200, it’s better to buy something newer, more promising.
  11. igor67
    igor67 9 January 2014 16: 28
    . Iran Air Defense Roller in 2013
    1. DEfindER
      DEfindER 9 January 2014 17: 39
      I look from the air defense systems at them mainly the American Hawks armed with the 59th year of production .. it would be better if the S-200 is modernized in the 67th year, still newer .. But with the contract for the S-300 something is not clear, sort of there is a request from Iran, there is no refusal on our part, but for some reason there are no shifts .. otherwise democracy will not wait until Iran itself invents something ..
      1. Russian sniper
        Russian sniper 10 January 2014 00: 23
        This is a political decision, not an economic one. It will be adopted in due time and will be a kind of Russian trump card in foreign policy. yes
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 9 January 2014 20: 51
    They would have been given the S-300 a long time ago and that’s all! And we have money and they protect the sky!
    1. Air Force
      Air Force 9 January 2014 21: 17
      They are afraid to deliver S-300s due to the threat of an Israeli raid.
      1. DEfindER
        DEfindER 10 January 2014 09: 24
        Quote: UPU
        They are afraid to deliver S-300s due to the threat of an Israeli raid.

        In my opinion, the opposite is true, the threat of an Israeli raid on Iran is more than real, as long as it does not have decent protection or retaliation weapons, so Iran needs one of two modern air defense systems or nuclear weapons ..
  13. Vikmay16
    Vikmay16 9 January 2014 22: 33
    Israel is doing everything in its power to prevent an increase in Iranian air defense! How much was howling over the supply of S-300 Syria! And Iran is Israel’s number one enemy!
  14. voliador
    voliador 9 January 2014 23: 36
    Yes, they agree with the duckling on the S-300. This teddy bear chewed snot, looked into the mouth of the mattress.
  15. apollo
    apollo 10 January 2014 03: 08
    Iran needs help, the only power in the region that can withstand external threats from the West, has a well-armed army, from the time of the Iran-Iraq war and the embargo, it learned how to produce everything that is consumed in the country, thereby securing independence from imports (which by the way is relevant and For Russia).
    If Syria falls, Iran will continue, a big ball tied up here, here the sphere of interests of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey.
    The Saudis are the main sponsor of radical Islamism, sponsored militants in Chechnya, sponsors in Syria, do not overestimate the importance of Iran in the region and do everything possible to weaken it. Turkey, in turn, is for the weakening of its neighbor, and it seems to me that it’s not in vain that militants and mercenaries climb into Syria through Turkey, the main allies of Syria are Iran and Russia.
    It’s a pity the bear cub rescued under pressure from the outside, there wasn’t enough courage ... I hope now he made the right conclusion from a series of events in the Middle East, he lost his main allies ... by the way, recent steps of Russian diplomacy leave an impression, I hope that this will be permanent a trend.