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DKVP class "Bison" gives the PLA quick access to the disputed islands

DKVP class "Bison" gives the PLA quick access to the disputed islandsAirborne assault ships of the Bison class will allow China to deploy troops in a short period of time in disputed areas of the Diaoyutai or Diaoyu Islands (administered by Japan, Senkaku Islands, but they are claimed by China and Taiwan) in the East China Sea and the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, wrote today with reference to the message of the TV channel Shenzhen TV.

The report said that China placed an order for four Zubr ships under a contract worth 315 million dollars. Of these, two ships will be built in Ukraine at the Feodosia Shipyard, the other two will be built under license in China. The first Zubr was delivered to China in May 2013. Under the contract, China also received a license to create and build its own Zubr class ships.

With a cargo compartment of 400 square meters and a fuel reserve of 56 tons, according to Shenzhen TV, the Zubr class landing ship is capable of carrying three main combat tank or 10 armored vehicles with 140 soldiers. Without military equipment, a ship can take on board 500 soldiers. Its maximum speed is about 63 knots or 111 kilometers per hour.

If China enters into a territorial conflict with Japan in the East China Sea or with Vietnam in the South China Sea, the Bison-class ship will play a decisive role, thanks to its speed and carrying capacity. The Zubr class landing ship is three times larger than the Japanese coast guard patrol ships and most of the countries of Southeast Asia, and it is almost impossible to stop it even when it is detected.

From the nearest base in eastern China, the Zubr can arrive on Diaoyutai Islands in just three hours. As long as Japan decides to send or not to send its military forces, China will be able to occupy the disputed islands, according to Shenzhen TV, and thus China will win the conflict before the outbreak of hostilities. The landing ship of the Bison class will pose an even greater threat if it is equipped with anti-ship missiles and artillery systems, the report says.

The Spratly Islands are a group of disputed islands in the South China Sea. They are fully or partially claimed by China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan.
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  1. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 6 January 2014 09: 37
    It's bad that there are no orders for Zubrs in Russia yet ...
    1. Arhj
      Arhj 6 January 2014 10: 15
      From China, they will also be gone. After receiving the batch, brilliant Chinese designers will develop an analogue similar to ours to the places where the nuts are fastened, and will build them on their own.
      1. svp67
        svp67 6 January 2014 10: 42
        Quote: Arhj
        After receiving the batch, brilliant Chinese designers will develop an analogue similar to ours to the places where the nuts are fastened, and will build them yourself.

        Not so simple:
        - they got into the hands of the KVP "purely Ukrainian" development, which, unlike the Soviet ones, was already "bursting at the seams" ... so that it is not the best role model.
        "China does not produce the types of metals that are necessary for such ships, if only ours are smart enough not to sell the technology for their production ... and so let them create, do something similar, this does not mean that it will be happily ever after." froth the seas "
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 6 January 2014 12: 38
          Quote: svp67
          Not everything is so simple: - they got into their hands the KVP "purely Ukrainian" development, which, unlike the Soviet ones, was already "bursting at the seams" ... so that it is not the best role model. - China does not produce those grades of metals , which are necessary for such ships, if only ours were smart enough not to sell the technology for their production.

          You didn’t seem to notice that all Chinese copies of our weapons have much worse performance characteristics, but China is happy with that because it’s a technological breakthrough for them !! And the fact that they don’t produce armored aluminum is a matter of time, they will be produced in 5 -10 years such ships in packs and at such a price that they will be bought even in Africa. You should not think that they are sheep!
        2. Kars
          Kars 6 January 2014 15: 23
          Quote: svp67
          - they got into the hands of the KVP "purely Ukrainian" design,

          It's cool. And before, you said that it was an exact copy of the Soviet one.
          Quote: svp67
          from, even from the Soviet already "burst at the seams."

          Really? And how many cracking joints were produced? Just interesting.
          Quote: svp67
          - China does not produce those types of metals that are necessary for such ships,

          It is a snag in metals? I wonder what kind of metals there are so special.
          But the fact that machine installations will be bought in Ukraine is unambiguous. As India and Vietnam do. Yes, and the Russian Federation itself.
          1. svp67
            svp67 7 January 2014 12: 36
            The sailors have a sign that if people die during the construction of a ship, then the ship will be unhappy, if so, then the "Chinese" "Bison" will not have happiness
      2. StolzSS
        StolzSS 6 January 2014 16: 00
        Well you their gloomy genius will make the nuts star-shaped for a better design hehe laughing
    2. svp67
      svp67 6 January 2014 10: 20
      It's bad that there are no orders for Zubrs in Russia yet ...

      Yes, the most interesting thing is that without Russia Ukraine will not be able to build these ships, since only Russia produces metal, a special aluminum alloy for them ...
      1. Cristall
        Cristall 6 January 2014 10: 38
        Yaroslavl skirt too
        But the details are not the main thing .... the main production. And anyone can sell.
    3. Wedmak
      Wedmak 6 January 2014 10: 28
      Yes, it seems that work is underway on the second generation of ekranoplanes. Net DKVP are a thing of the past.
    4. AVV
      AVV 6 January 2014 11: 21
      China bought a license for 4 ships, and then it will drive copies for free at dumping prices to sell abroad, brainless sellers who sold Russian intellectual property !!!
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 6 January 2014 11: 31
        brainless sellers who sold Russian intellectual property !!!

        Unfortunately, this is the property of Ukraine.
        1. AVV
          AVV 7 January 2014 23: 42
          Intellectual property of Russia. Developed by "Zubr" in St. Petersburg PCSB Almaz. And what was produced in Feodosia, including, does not mean anything !!! Intellectual property remains to Russia and Ukraine, no one has transferred it !!! http: //www.rusouz .org / n4_110702_0.html Russia is the legal successor of the USSR!
      2. hrych
        hrych 6 January 2014 12: 21
        All this is feces and a waste of money, such a device has too limited a radius of use and can land only on a flat sandy beach (which in reality is always absent), it is very vulnerable to enemy weapons. Not for nothing all these devices do not go further than experimental samples. There are no supernatural technologies there. The USSR often sinned in gigantomania, contrary to common sense, this apparatus from this series.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 6 January 2014 14: 58
          Quote: hrych
          All this feces and waste of money,

          In vain you are so! This car is ideal in the conditions of Southeast Asia, there are many islands and the distances are quite small.
          Quote: hrych
          such a device has a too limited range of application and can land only on a flat sandy beach (which in reality is always absent

          We probably have a different understanding of the procedure for landing a sea landing? So, they don’t land troops from the sea on the rocks and BMD aircraft don’t land in the taiga. All the same, they are looking for a suitable site.
          Quote: hrych
          very vulnerable to enemy weapons.

          Actually, this is a landing craft, not a battleship.
          Quote: hrych
          . There are no supernatural technologies there. the USSR

          There’s nothing to even comment on! RPG-7 also has one pipe ............
          1. hrych
            hrych 6 January 2014 17: 06
            A colleague, so the Anglo-Saxons, who, unlike us, just live by these amphibious assault forces, and had similar experimental machines, but apparently they did not like them. What, what, and in the amphibious assault they have something to learn. This class of cars still has horseradish handling, problems with sea waves, huge fuel consumption, etc.
            1. APASUS
              APASUS 6 January 2014 20: 09
              Quote: hrych
              A colleague, so the Anglo-Saxons, who, unlike us, just live by these amphibious assault forces, and had similar experimental machines, but apparently they did not like them.

              You will not please!
              You don’t mind that before the construction of the tunnel, there were hundreds of routes per day through the English Channel using this type of transport, and they were not confused by fuel consumption, unrest at sea and horseradish handling.
              For example, the US Navy is now using a similar type of machine LCAC already in the region of 70 pieces and nothing.
              1. hrych
                hrych 6 January 2014 21: 54
                For the world hegemon with a marine corps of 200 thousand, 70 pcs. the indicator is not very large, like 8 for the USSR, which indicates their experimental use. As in the United States, we do not see further development or a large order for such machines, and I'm afraid it can be called a technical dead end. What successfully brought in most of the Greeks, I think this is a very successful deal with the Papuans. The path of China - the path of the monkey, forty to fifty years after, they try to repeat our achievements with the states, including nonsense. For God's sake, let them try for their yuan. The most interesting such technical deadlock - of course, our ekranoplanes were, but alas. Unfortunately, all these air cushions, hydrofoils and ekranoplanes, all these attempts to cross the ship and the plane did not lead to anything worthless, it turns out to be non-viable offspring, but it was worth trying.
    5. komel
      komel 7 January 2014 00: 44
      JSC Feodosia shipbuilding company "MORE" is in Ukraine.

      In Russia, the shipbuilding firm ALMAZ in St. Petersburg is currently carrying out serial construction of Project 12322 Zubr landing craft on air cushion.
      Project 12322 ship "Zubr" was developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz", which has been designing hovercraft since 1955 and is a continuation of the work on the creation of such ships, carried out in Russia since 1934. Almaz Central Design Bureau designed hovercrafts serially built and operated as part of the Navy of the Skat and Kalmar projects "," Omar "and" Jeyran ".
      The supply of two ships of this project to the Greek Navy appeared in the international arms market in 2000-2001.

      DKVP "Zubr" project 12322 - the brainchild of the Russian Central Design Bureau "Almaz".
      1. AVV
        AVV 7 January 2014 23: 46
        So I about the same that Russia did not authorize Ukraine to trade intellectual property !!! Trade Salom !!! http: //
        1. LINX
          LINX 8 January 2014 03: 24
          How many times have I already written - no one has intellectual property for the products of the USSR, even without getting into the "jungle" of inheritance according to the laws of even Ukraine, even the Russian Federation - copyright for a maximum of 10 years + extension by 10. After the collapse of the USSR, 22 years have passed, any product of the USSR that the Soviet Academy of Sciences, that Kalashnikov, that the Bison can officially make and sell any Honduras (if it can).
    6. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 9 January 2014 11: 23
      And for what, Just tell yourself why, Our country cannot afford to be scattered with scarce resources, Last year only a lot of problems were accumulated that accumulated in the shipbuilding industry, And that wasn’t all, The main thing was to determine what remained, Our shipbuilding base and ship repair has narrowed significantly, At a meeting in Vladik it was definitely where to invest finance for the development of this industry because we want it or not, it is very difficult to cope with current orders, Too many bottlenecks in shipbuilding, And most importantly, the requirements for the fleet have changed; the very development of technology required other approaches, Now there is a unification of all ship systems although our leaders like another word for modular designs, And it is important that these requirements are tightened, Russia is not the UNION and cannot keep such a fleet, The only thing that they caught is that they need very well balanced Operational Groups of ships that will give a rebuff to any AUG and its accompaniment, why do we have it’s a big but inefficient fleet, Experience has not disappeared, it begins to be embodied in new systems and ships, wait a bit and you will see them now, solutions are being developed, And China has many ships of different designs and solutions, now it is more important for him to have more pennants, He will come to to the same decisions, but it will take him more time and effort, And one more point that everyone misses, both the Yankees and China are in a favorable climate zone and this is also important, but it is much more difficult for us to have a Black Sea Fleet in this zone and the main main fleets of our country are in in completely different zones and it’s much harder and harder for us. Just now these regions began to develop before there were no funds or opportunities, I’m talking about RUSSIA,
  2. makarov
    makarov 6 January 2014 10: 51
    Curiously, what will Japan oppose to this? Surely, just to observe the strengthening of a potential enemy will not be inactive.
    1. Saburo
      Saburo 6 January 2014 16: 10
      If it speaks of the landing capabilities of the Naval Self-Defense Forces, then they have American LCAC air cushion landing boats based on the Udumi class UDC.

      But this is so, by the way. I am most interested in how the Chinese will use the "Bison" on Senkaku, if the coastline is solid stones and rocks. Where will he stick to there?
  3. kelevra
    kelevra 6 January 2014 11: 38
    And where are our developments, were there even experimental and serial prototypes ?! This is a super mobile form of troop deployment and support!
  4. alone
    alone 6 January 2014 11: 53
    laughing who needs something, but some just need to stab Ukraine)) Do you think China is difficult to parse and copy all this?
  5. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 6 January 2014 13: 32
    and it’s almost impossible to stop even when it is detected

    Ento why it. Silently the reservation corresponds to that of the royal armadillos, al is armed and protected by air defense systems of all zones and other means of self-defense wassat ? Undoubtedly an excellent car, it is bad that there are practically none and are not foreseen in our armed forces, but there is no need to write nonsense like "impossible to stop, elusive, invincible, absolutely invisible, passes through space-time, etc." Japs are by no means children from the sandbox, with weapons and combat discipline they are all right and they will surely find something to answer.
  6. Zomanus
    Zomanus 6 January 2014 13: 55
    Well, China is developing the naval component of military force. Well done. Together with ballistic warheads, all local monkeys will be in control. By the way, in the photo I was more struck by the ship that transports the ship. Such ships would definitely not hurt us.
  7. vomag
    vomag 6 January 2014 14: 18
    You know, gentlemen, comrades, I’m just tired of listening to this nonsense! CHINA THIS CHINA THAT CHINA HERE CHINA THERE CHINA GIVE THEM 10 years old I heard the same thing about their cars and prom yelled let them 10 years will do better Mercedes and 10 years have passed where the Chinese auto industry has passed? ? In the opera, where it was always the same, and by technology they will not be saved either 10 or 100 years
  8. moremansf
    moremansf 8 January 2014 12: 31
    The repair of the world's largest hovercraft, project 12322 Zubr, is nearing completion in Kaliningrad. There are two such ships in service with the Baltic Fleet - "Evgeny Kocheshkov" and "Mordovia". The latter took part in the recent international exercises Zapad-2013 in the Kaliningrad region (Belarusian guards disembarked from it on the unfitted coast of the Baltic). "Evgeny Kocheshkov" is at the Baltic shipyard "Yantar", where specialists are repairing equipment for propellers, fuel tanks and bottoms, the information support department of the ZVO press service for the Baltic Fleet said. It is planned that the factory workers will complete the repairs by the end of 2013, after which the ship will return to its permanent base - in Baltiysk, and after the delivery of a number of coursework tasks, it will begin to perform combat training activities.
    The Russian Ministry of Defense became interested in air cushion landing craft (DKVP) of the Zubr and Murena projects of the Almaz shipbuilding company. According to RIA Novosti, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov said at IMDS-2013. According to him, “in the conditions of fleeting conflicts that are predicted for the next 10-20 years, such DKVP will allow to quickly deliver equipment and troops to the desired point. Very interesting ship, with a good displacement "
  9. moremansf
    moremansf 8 January 2014 12: 42
    The first Bison was delivered to China in May 2013. Under the contract, China also received a license to create and build its own Zubr class ships.
    Rosoboronexport considers the sale by Ukraine to China of technical documentation for the Zubr air-cushion landing craft illegal. This was announced on July 1 at the 5th International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2011 by the head of the Rosoboronekesport company delegation Oleg Azizov, ARMS-TASS agency reports.
    Answering the question about the situation with the transfer of the technical documentation by the Ukrainian side to China for the small DKVP "Zubr", created in the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz", the head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" noted that the company had been negotiating with China for the sale of "Bison" for a long time, but did not come out to sign the contract. In turn, Ukraine signed an agreement with China, within the framework of which it handed over to the Chinese side the technical documentation it had for the construction of the Zubrov, which is a violation of the agreement on intellectual property.
    “We informed the federal authorities about the illegal actions of the Ukrainian side that violate certain provisions of the intergovernmental agreement. But this issue will not be Rosoboronexport, but the government of Russia,” Azizov noted.
    As previously reported, the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) intends to build four small amphibious assault ships on an air cushion of project 1232.2 "Zubr" within the framework of an agreement signed with Ukraine, the cost of which is estimated at $ 315 million.
    Two ships should be built by the “Theodosia Shipbuilding Company“ More. ”Two more ships will be built with the participation of Ukrainian specialists in China.

    According to ARMS-TASS, in 2007 China was negotiating the supply of up to 10 Zubr DKVP with Russia, but the parties could not come to an agreement. Nevertheless, the PLA did not lose interest in the acquisition of landing ships and in 2008 began negotiations on their acquisition with Ukraine. The organization, with Ukrainian assistance, of the production of two ships at Chinese enterprises will also allow China to continue building them in the required quantities, since the presence of a fleet of four ships cannot significantly change the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait.
    The Zubr ships were developed by the St. Petersburg Almaz Central Securities and Design Bureau in the 1970-1980s. and are designed for the rapid transfer of troops and ensure its landing on the coast. Production of ships was carried out at the Russian and Ukrainian enterprises. In particular, power plants for the "Bison" were made in Ukraine.
  10. moremansf
    moremansf 8 January 2014 12: 53
    The fears of the Russians, on the one hand, are quite justified - a thorough study of the activities of the Chinese military-industrial complex shows that the main goal of China is not to acquire weapons, but to master the technology of their production, which causes a certain threat. After all, China is investing heavily in exploration and technology development. With this in mind, the following may occur. Having at its disposal a certain limited and insignificant volume of products, having carefully studied the technology, China may well begin mass production of these products at home, under its own brand. And later to export these products, as their own, to world markets, thereby ahead of both Russia and Ukraine.
    Here, one cannot help but recall that the contract for the construction of the Zubr-type BKVP for the PLA Navy is counterfeit. It was concluded in violation of the Russian-Ukrainian intergovernmental agreement 2006 on mutual protection of intellectual property rights obtained in the process of bilateral military-technical cooperation. The fact is that the St. Petersburg TsMKB Almaz developed the 12322 Zubr project. It belongs to him all the copyrights to the ship. Meanwhile, in the framework of the Ukrainian-Chinese contract, the customer receives all the technical documentation on the DKVP. And as Ukrainian media report, it is already in the hands of China's shipbuilders.
    In order to get dry out of the water, they went to the FSK "More" for forgery. The project was "renamed" by changing the number from 12322 to 958. Like, now this is a Ukrainian project! But the essence has not changed.
    Yes, the Chinese are the world record holders of counterfeit products. And they defiantly ignore the agreements between Moscow and Beijing on inadmissibility without the appropriate permissions to copy and reproduce Russian military equipment. Obviously, the time has come to limit or even curtail military-technical cooperation between Russia and China.