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In 2014, the ships of the Baltic Fleet will take part in a number of major international naval exercises

In 2014, the ships of the Baltic Fleet will take part in a number of major international naval exercises

In accordance with the plan of international military cooperation for 2014, the crews of the warships of the Baltic fleet will take part in a number of international exercises and representative naval events in the ports of foreign states.

It is planned that the fleet forces will be involved in the international naval exercises "BALTOPS", "BALTIK SAREKS", "DINIMIX MERCY", "DANEX", "FRUKUS" "OUPEN SPIRIT", as well as in a number of exercises like "PASSEX".

In addition, ships and ships of the fleet will continue to perform tasks in various areas of the oceans, both independently and as part of the inter-fleet grouping of the Navy. So, next year, the Baltic seamen will make 6 visits and business visits to the ports of Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway.
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 6 January 2014 09: 22
    and to conduct year-round "exercises" in the territories of the Baltic formations
    1. alone
      alone 6 January 2014 11: 32
      Why? In order to confirm with your actions what Russia is accused of?
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 6 January 2014 11: 51
        RUSSIA is accused of all sins without it, there is no reason to THINK IT THAT (after all, from their point of view, the BLOODY PUTIN MODE reigns in RUSSIA)
  2. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 6 January 2014 09: 26
    It would be better if they conducted exercises near Senegal, more benefit would be
  3. makarov
    makarov 6 January 2014 10: 41
    The fleet should not stand at berths, the fleet should go and develop !!!
  4. kelevra
    kelevra 6 January 2014 11: 31
    Great news, let our sailors learn how to paint the berths.
  5. il grand casino
    il grand casino 6 January 2014 12: 38
    It's interesting who the first to say that the exercises should be carried out off the coast of Syria)))
  6. Zomanus
    Zomanus 6 January 2014 13: 46
    Good news. Interestingly, they will work out interspecific interactions? And Senegalese Abyzian women definitely have time to hit the palm trees.