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The military operation in Libya began with an airstrike of the French fighter

France struck the first blow at Libya in 19: 45 Moscow time. The French fighter attacked a column of military equipment of the army of Gaddafi.

A total of about 20 French aircraft are participating in the air operation, the French Ministry of Defense reported. The military operation in Libya of coalition forces covers the territory from 100 to 150 km around the city of Benghazi, ITAR-TASS reports.

Meanwhile, an airstrike was fired from a French Air Force fighter on Saturday afternoon. "An airplane of the French Air Force, circling over Libyan territory, struck a car of the Libyan armed forces," said the French Ministry of Defense.

The decision to intervene by force in the conflict was taken on Saturday in Paris. This was stated by the French President at the end of the summit.

The emergency meeting on the Libyan problem, in addition to Sarkozy, was attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and leaders of other European and Arab countries.

Sarkozy said the French combat aviation ready to strike at planes and tank Gaddafi’s units. Aircraft have already completed a reconnaissance flight over Libya.
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  1. Michael
    Michael 19 March 2011 22: 49
    Well, if such dances began, then you can put a couple of cruise liners with paddles on the bottom, the troops transported, however! I am more and more inclined to think that the point here is in Muslim interest-free banks.
    And Gaddafi hold on !!!
  2. Max
    Max 19 March 2011 23: 57
    The winners are not judged ... NATO is a bunch of rotting senility. Sarkozy is a miserable slug, we already know the truth about your money !!! Airstrikes do not wash away the dirt.
    Gaddafi tell all about him to the world, tell all about them. As for oil, they took you in any form.
    APASUS 20 March 2011 00: 23
    Normal situation! When the pants on your ass caught fire, you don’t need to put out, you need to burn the neighbor’s ass!
  4. Alkesander
    Alkesander 20 March 2011 01: 51
    Europe and the USA are a gang of bandits, robbers and killers. The vaunted bullshit started another war for resources. And they don’t even hide behind beautiful slogans, freedom and democracy. Jackals ...
  5. SCF
    SCF 20 March 2011 09: 04
    Gaddafi’s dirty business has already been written off. Our leaders didn’t know what to do. An American uncle can give crumbs from the master’s table, and get nothing at all. Remember Iraq, the pretext was far-fetched. Time will pass and in Libya it will be the same. But the deed was done under the slogans of democracy. France wants to show that it is cool, and itself in Vietnam and Algeria crap. Strange China said nothing1
  6. East
    East 20 March 2011 10: 59
    What do we cry for? The price of oil is rising, the concept of an energy superpower is working. After gas scandals, our reputation in the carbohydrate market in the world is being restored. Yes, there is money for RosPilov and kickbacks, but social obligations to the people are being fulfilled at the very least, something is going to the army, the PAK FA is starting to fly slowly, and you can see the mace.
    If helping someone who did not help you in difficult times means being a sucker himself, and Gaddafi never helped us, but could simply fulfill his obligations.
    Good comparison of Iraq and Libya. Saddam lost and did not find any allies, and Gaddafi decided that he alone could live in this world, in his Bedouin tent, the result is on the face.
  7. slan
    slan 20 March 2011 11: 27
    It is very likely that a group of comrades, led by Sarkozy, borrowed money from Gaddafi, and now they decided to seize the moment and remove the lender. Everything that we had in the 90s was at the highest level in their markets. UN-ordinary gangway)) Of course, Gaddafi has nothing to regret, the sidekick leaked, he is to blame.

    Well, ordinary Libyans will die .. But who cares?
  8. mirror
    mirror 20 March 2011 11: 37
    Now, under the pretext of protecting the indigenous population, these nits will be able to enter ANY country and launch air strikes on it. Pinch a finger to Americans in Russia - heap so that it will be bad. And everyone is sitting and putting up with it! The more everyone suffers, the bolder they become ... \
    Let's sell Gaddafi a couple of air defense systems and a couple of poplars, let them scare the Europeans - they won’t reach the states ...
    Would our Escanders get from Libya to Italian air bases?
  9. turnip
    turnip 20 March 2011 13: 40
    and get to Minsk or Moscow angry
  10. Alexander
    Alexander 20 March 2011 13: 59
    And our MO is going to buy weapons from the same, France, Italy, the USA, etc. NATO is white and fluffy. Kadaffi refused to buy weapons. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ... Who is next?
  11. Khrul
    Khrul 20 March 2011 17: 03
    Che howled-whined truth-seekers. Libya, both during the councils and after, was not a great friend of either the USSR or Russia, with Ukraine. Strongly regret it is not necessary. He himself would have thrown everyone at the right moment. He needed us only because the Westerners didn’t really want to work with him after the support of the IRA fighters, and the financing of terrorist acts. He himself admitted.
  12. bean
    bean 21 March 2011 10: 57
    In fact, the conversation is about the international law of a separate country to independence from "good" neighbors. Kadaffi is a typical Arab sheikh with all his shortcomings. In this case, it does not matter. One might think that Sarkozy is an angel. There is a country, by the way, a member of the UN, the population of which, as they say, was bombarded with bombs and missiles to save this population. There is only one conclusion, Russia has two associates, the Army and the Navy. They will be destroyed to the end, the end of Russia.