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Lies about Libya - the rot of the official media. There was no uprising. Testimonies of Russian eyewitnesses ...

Lies about Libya - the rot of the official media. There was no uprising. Testimonies of Russian eyewitnesses ...There are not so many real personalities in world politics - perhaps only three: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Muammar Gaddafi. At the same time, Muammar Gaddafi once again proves his courage, charisma and devotion to the Motherland. Viva! Jamahiriya, we have a soul with you! For the gray little people who got into power, living exclusively thanks to the telepiar, have gotten extremely ...

“Our events are fundamentally different from what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. In those countries, the people are against the government, and our people demand that the revolutionary leadership remain in power, ”Gaddafi said.

According to the agency, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi seems to have finally seized the initiative in the fight against the rebels. Loyal troops supported by him aviation already ready to begin the capture of the main stronghold and the so-called capital of the rebels - the city of Benghazi.

On the screens of Libyan state television channels, appeals are heard to those living in the rebel-controlled eastern territories of the country. They are promised that the army will soon come "to support and clear the cities of armed groups." In the meantime, civilians are advised to stay away from the opposition and armory warehouses.

The heads of influential tribes who previously “mistakenly” declared themselves supporters of the rebels declared their complete devotion to the current regime. Many elders swore their readiness to withstand arms against a possible foreign intervention.

The journalists of the most popular newspaper in Arkhangelsk, Pravda Severo-Zapada newspaper, found people who worked in Libya. Their story sheds light on the circumstances of all this heinous sabbath, which the official media of the West and Russian journalists have added to the Western media is called an uprising. There was no uprising, as it turns out. And where will the rebels come from, if ...

GDP per capita - 14 192 $.
For each member of the family, the state pays 1 000 $ a year in subsidies.
Unemployment benefit - 730 $.
Nurse salary - 1 000 $.
For each newborn, 7 000 $ is paid.
The newlyweds are given 64 000 $ for the purchase of an apartment.
At the opening of a personal business one-time financial assistance - 20 000 $.
Large taxes and fees are prohibited.
Education and medicine are free.
Education and training abroad - at the expense of the state.
A network of shops for large families with symbolic prices for staple foods.
For the sale of products with an expired date - heavy fines and detention by special police units.
Part of the pharmacies - with the free release of drugs.
For counterfeit drugs - the death penalty.
The rent is absent.
There is no payment for electricity for the population.
Sale and use of alcohol is prohibited - "dry law".
Credits to buy a car and an apartment are interest free.
Realtor services are prohibited.
Buying a car up to 50% is paid for by the state, for the militia fighters - 65%.
Gasoline is cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline - 0,14 $.

And here certain conclusions suggest themselves. Perhaps it's not just oil and the distribution of revenues from its sale. If the Libyan Jamahiriya becomes an open country, then anyone will be able to see for themselves how to live with a fair distribution of income, and this is an alarming sign for corrupt regimes in very many countries.

After all, the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and the “counter-revolution” in Libya have different roots, no matter how uniting them as clever anti-dictatorships. It is not by chance that the desire to suppress the threat of the spread of the Libyan (Venezuelan, Iranian) example of alternative development on the part of the NATO countries, Egypt and other Arab emirs uniting in a new “crusade”.

And now the story of the inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk province, whom fate has abandoned in Libya ...

Our countrymen who had worked in Libya under a contract in a Western European construction company returned to their homeland. For obvious reasons, young people convincingly asked for personal data not to be named, since this may affect their safety and career.

Lyudmila and Andrew - a married couple. Andrew - an engineer, went to Europe. Lyudmila is a teacher, and she agreed to tell about the latest events that shook Libya and the world.

Says Lyudmila, an eyewitness to the events in Libya:

- February 18 was on vacation, and we flew to Benghazi. Nothing gave cause for concern. The city was quite the usual situation. Already in the morning, 19, when it was necessary to go to work ... Suddenly (very unexpectedly), unrest began - groups of youth (now their official propaganda calls insurgents and almost the legitimate government of Libya - Ed.) Wandering around the city and smashed everything in its path. So, before our eyes was destroyed city park, created recently by foreigners on the order of the government of the country for these same Libyans.

The teenagers (the so-called fighters against the dictatorship of Gaddafi) cut down and burned the trees in the park, turned out the benches, disfigured everything they could. Then the pogroms spread to the houses where foreign workers live. Apartments were robbed and set on fire. Foreign workers (from Asia and Africa) in yellow helmets, which they wear as distinctive signs, have been targeted by young men armed with clubs.

It became clear that something was going wrong. On TV news Western television stations reported a popular uprising and attacks by government forces that bombarded Benghazi with artillery and bombed it from the air, although there was nothing of the kind.

We decided that we should leave. We arrived at the working village. The houses where the Turkish workers lived were already burned, the Turks fled. Half of the officials of our company consisted of Libyans and about half of Austrians. The Austrians themselves received orders for organized evacuation, the Germans, the French and others remained on their own and were not going anywhere.

The Libyan from the company advised us to leave for Tripoli, since the local airport was captured. It was necessary to pick up a passport and documents left in the office. The city was engulfed in chaos, pogroms and self-destruction, but no one touched the Europeans. Having risen to the office building, which was already noticeably damaged (the windows were broken), they found a marauder, crowbar revealing someone's office. They looked at each other, but did not interfere with each other - they just opened their office with a key, took the documents and left.

In our car, taking a minimum of things and three Libyans - employees of the company, we drove towards Tripoli, which is more than a thousand kilometers.

“Is there a good highway between Tripoli and Benghazi?”

- At some point, the road ends and the desert begins, you just have to go through the desert, where turns and directions are marked only with a dug wheel. We would simply get lost if it were not for one of the Libyans, who knew the road, more precisely, the direction.

- And what about the railway along the coast, which our Russian Railways has recently begun to build?

- We heard that the railway was already blown up and dismantled.

- It seems that if Gaddafi stands, you will have no less work to restore everything again?

“A few months before the riots, Gaddafi made a beautiful embankment in Benghazi, besides a lot of housing was built, a modern park with lawns, trees, palm trees and fountains - live people, rejoice. No, you need to destroy everything like savages! So, the embankment was recently simply destroyed. Now they are trashing their homes.

- And the famous artificial freshwater river from the depths of the Sahara - is it completed?

- My husband built this water line. Pipes with a diameter of 4 meters stretched from the desert to the coast. The construction is recently completed, the pipes are filled with the purest water. Now there are no problems with water supply. That's just the population has a rather careless attitude towards water. If before water was literally worth its weight in gold, now it just flows from open taps. Because the use of water for free, as well as electricity in Libya and the symbolic "penny" utility. Almost everything is paid by the state. Experts say that the reserves of freshwater underground lakes in the desert will be enough for 20 years, so it would probably be more profitable to finish the desalination station on the coast, which was built by the Americans. The desalination station is the same Libyans and blew up.

- And how did you evacuate?

- Having reached the city of Sirte, and this is the birthplace of Gaddafi and his faithful stronghold, a normal road appeared. But the city was overrun by the military and the people's militia, posts every 50 meters. And we would definitely be stuck in Sirte, but a high-ranking military officer (in charge of construction) who gave us the green light to Tripoli would help. There we stayed with friends, but since the events were protracted, we decided to return to our homeland.

- Is everything calm in Tripoli?

- Everything is as usual - there are shops, cafes, offices, businesses, gas stations, schools are open, the movement is normal. The airport operates as usual, the planes land and take off. The military is not particularly visible. There are only some interruptions to the Internet and mobile communications. There were some unrest at the beginning, but now everything is calm.

- What are the TV channels?

- Mostly local television, but if you have a satellite dish, you can “catch” and Western. We calmly watched the RTR.

- Is it true that in Libya harsh laws? For counterfeiting and selling counterfeit drugs - the death penalty, for drinking and driving - the death penalty, for bribes and theft - cutting off the hand.

- Yes, the laws regarding order are really harsh. In relation to alcohol there is a “dry law”. But one of our friends suffered from alcoholism. Theft and crime, as we have here, in Libya do not exist at all (until recent events). But in Benghazi quite a lot of one-handed, without the left hand.

“How about the gunners in the mercenaries?”

- The black fighter who was caught by the rebels and shown on all world channels was simply a Nigerian worker. It was necessary to make a sensation - they did it, albeit on lies. There is a witch hunt. Therefore, foreigners are now fleeing Libya.

- What is the attitude of the local population towards Muammar Gaddafi, who in the West is called the “bloody dictator” who allegedly has been tormenting 40 for years for the unfortunate Libyan people?

- In Libya, everyone lives on subsidies from oil. From the extraction and sale of oil and gas, income is distributed among all Libyans from child to old man. You can not work and live well, having a car and an apartment, while practically they do not pay for anything.

Libyans either work in prestigious places or trade, or do not work at all, especially young people. All non-prestigious and dirty work performed by foreigners.

- In our guest-workers!

- Yes, janitors, builders, drivers, and therefore there are a lot of foreigners in Libya - Egyptians, Tunisians, Africans, Pakistanis, a lot of Chinese, everyone goes to work and everyone has enough work.

- Because of what, then, consider all this fuss?

- Well, there are a lot of clan clans, tribes that are not related to the division of oil and gas revenues. Gaddafi distributes the entire population and spends on construction. And all these heads of tribes really want to get their hands on oil and cash flows, to become emirs. Medieval level of thinking. Therefore, there are periodically unrest in the east of the country. And now it was so coincidental that unrest began in neighboring countries, so they took advantage of the situation.

That is why it was necessary to burn down their own houses and new buildings, imitating bombardments - to excite an impressionable Western public and to provoke a NATO invasion in order to dislodge Gaddafi, as was the case with Milosevic and Saddam Hussein.

They can really regret the well-fed times when the colonel ruled. Therefore, those who support Muammar Gaddafi understand that they have something to lose.

- Is that why Gaddafi is ready to arm his supporters?

- Yes, there are many weapons without it. Cult warrior. A man who has served in the army has the right to take his personal weapon with him.

- In addition to Tripoli, was it possible to see the sights of the country?

- We were in the ancient Roman cities of Leptis Magna, Sabrata and Cyrene on the coast. Antique palaces, temples, amphitheaters, no less beautiful than in Greece and Turkey. Ancient ruins can be visited freely - 2 euros for the entrance and five for video. Tourists are not visible - after all, the country, closed from prying eyes, although a lot of unique monuments remained.

- It is a pity that it is so easy not to get into Libya.

- Last year, the Libyan leadership decided to simplify the visa regime in order to develop tourism. It is said that Libya will be open to tourists (only the Americans seem to have problems). Cruise liners have already begun to call at ports, and tourists can visit Tripoli, Benghazi and Tobruk. Since the housing program is completed, the population and foreign workers are provided with housing, all these super-profits from oil are directed to the construction of hotels and hotels, including very prestigious ones. Began building tourist boom. Gaddafi said that by 2012, Libya would be the Mediterranean tourist mecca.

Over the past few years, Gaddafi has dispersed a number of ministries as “gratuitous devourers” of popular money, the released funds purposefully went to the aid of Libyan families.
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    Their democracy already openly "smells"
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    I thought so youth not from the Muammar clan decided to take shelter
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    Dzmitry 21 March 2011 14: 14
    Something wherever these figures are quoted they forget to write that unemployment is 30%, in a word copy-paste does not reflect the real situation. And how long do they pay unemployment benefits? And are there other professions besides a nurse, apparently of Ukrainian origin and unemployed?
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    I would never have thought that such a cool life in Libya ... was ...
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    it is already clear to everyone who financed the "revolution",
    It is known to anyone who is extremely unprofitable for Muamarak’s intention to get out of dollar security, given the weight and role of Libya with all its riches, and even the desire to open the country, - that's what he got from Sam ...
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