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Archpriest Andrei Tkachev on Ukraine, Maidan and the Revolution

What is Europe and where does Euromaidan come from, what does the Church want in this situation and how to treat priests walking on barricades, can a Christian protest and are there any ideas that can unite Ukrainians - the well-known preacher and missionary Kyiv answers these and other questions of the temple in the name of St. Agapit of Pechersk, Archpriest Andrei Tkachev.

- What is the position of the Church regarding Euromaidan?

- It would be nice if we learned to speak differentially.

You can not look at Europe one-sidedly. People need to clarify what is good and bad in Europe. Personally, as a Christian in Europe, I like the Dresden Gallery, the Cologne Cathedral, the relics of the saints ... Its culture, its история. That practical philanthropy, which is expressed in social assistance and the protection of society, the structure of life and work, but not everywhere, not in the whole of Europe. And I do not like the rejection of Christianity in Europe, the Christian history that shaped it. Revolutionary change of family code, family values.

If we asked the people standing on the Maidan who among them read the Association Agreement, I’m sure that we would hear lonely voices. That's the whole problem. Ask them what you like about this document and what you don’t like. We see "ball" Bolshevism: "I did not read, but I condemn," "I did not read, but I approve." People are captured by a wave of patriotism, hope for happiness, about which they have no idea. And for this "happiness" they selflessly fight.

The church must do otherwise. She should read the documents and talk about them. What is written in these documents should be the subject of a national, church-wide discussion. If this does not happen, then dark corners are formed in the public consciousness. And something starts there. And then crawls out ...

What is the position of the church? I think that the Church today has a clear and main position - to prevent a revolution.

- What, in your opinion, the reasons of the Maidan?

- It seems to me that Maidan has several reasons. This is the resentment of ordinary people. Their sincere protest against the form of government that exists in our country. After all, many without ideological background go to the Maidan - out of a sense of resentment, a feeling of fair indignation. They do not know what will happen next. And poorly analyze what it was before. No analyzes, no predictions. There is a certain emotion: “We got it!”, “Donetsk ones got it!” They do not understand that give power, let's say, “Lviv”, “Kharkov” - they can be no better than “Donetsk”. And it could be worse.

Some comrades have long wanted to come to Maidan - and now, finally, their finest hour has come. For example, trained militants, heads of smokers. They have long been prepared, trained and waited. But this is particular. In general, there is no understanding and a clear position in society. Ukraine as it was under the question mark in Europe, so it remains under the question mark. Is it a country or territory? Is it one country or several countries united by one state border? If you share these countries, then they need to share by blood or the world? Like the Czech Republic and Slovakia or like Serbia and Croatia? After all, the section can be very painful - through a lot of blood. Everyone will begin to claim the "fat piece." And there will be no losers, no winners - it will be very bad for everyone. Do people who are present at Maidan in Kiev give themselves an account of this? I do not think.

- Do you find something positive in today's Maidan?

- Absolutely nothing.

- Do you have a feeling that the battle for Kiev is underway?

- The leaders of the revolution have always voiced that the revolution is winning in the center. If he does not win in the center, he does not win anywhere. And they understand that they need to conquer the capital, mail, telegraph, telephone ... These are “Leninist principles” in essence. All radical people are Leninists in spirit, godless in their roots. And terrible anti-Christians in practice.

- How to treat the clergy, who publicly puts himself on one side of the barricades? Does the church bless Orthodox priests to go to Maidan?

- Nobody blessed the priests to go to the Maidan. Maybe I'm wrong and I do not own all the information. In my opinion, the same priests who went to the Maidan then, in 2004, went now. As a rule, the same replicated characters walk. New do not appear. They then said: “We were outraged by the apparent brutal intervention of the authorities in the church life and the brutal participation of the Church in the affairs of the authorities. We are against this ... "Well, but now what? The church today does not interfere in the affairs of government. The church in the temples is praying. Trying to keep a certain neutrality and distance from the hotbeds of conflict. And they are still there ... The rotten apple spoils the whole basket.

Two priests, pop Gapon and John of Kronstadt, lived at the same time. One lit the crowd with slogans and met in revolutionary committees. The other did not leave the altar. The first lived ignominiously, ingloriously and died. The second is “the ilk in the saints” ...

Who can bless these rebellious priests? No one! In addition to their pride and their own political preferences.

- When is the protest appropriate? Or do you think that there is no need to protest?

- You can protest. But not now, in my opinion. Now is not the time to protest. When the time has come - legal - then it will be possible to discuss and think about how best to express your point of view in the correct and effective form. Everything has its time.

- Today, before our eyes, all systems are crumbling: the state, the Constitution, the government, and the people. What happens to the Church?

- The church looks at all this with caution and pain. The question is whether to be this country or not to be - within the same framework and borders, with the same Constitution. After all, the most important things that are fundamentally stated in the Constitution are trampled upon. In Ukraine, representative democracy, not direct. Meeting as much as you want, but only through the Parliament and the elections you can achieve the solution of all issues. We are not a dictator, but a legitimately elected president. He did not take power by coup. This is not a junta, it is legitimately elected power. Need to wait for 2015 of the year. We need to solve problems in Parliament. The problem, of course, is that the Parliament does not solve our problems, the problems of the people. And never really did it. So now have to do.

One way or another, we are faced with the question: to be or not to be this country in the forms and framework in which it exists. If it does not exist in these forms and frameworks, then the world receives a seat of completely incomprehensible things in the center of Europe. This is not Nicaragua, not Monaco and not Switzerland. This is a very serious piece of territory - half of Europe in geography.

Our Church objectively does not have the experience of living in a liberal society. Our Church does not have the experience of living in a society where there is no royal will, where there is the will of equal parties, strata and groups. Our church has no real experience in this situation. She never led the masses. She consecrated the military impulse, she healed people's wounds, but she never went ahead of the political process.

It is better for the priest not to go there, to distance himself from these questions. It is better to knock down the degree and cool the head than to heat up the head with some poorly understood actions. It is better to look at sv. John of Kronstadt than the priest Gapon. It is better not to go ahead of the demonstration, but to remain in the temple and perform the service.

- And what will happen next?

- Most likely, we will face a number of different important questions that need to be answered. The church will have to learn to communicate not only with power, but also with a simple person. We will need to “simplify” a little in terms of external pomp and make it clear that we are not for luxury, but for simplicity. To please this simple, democratically average person who expects from us this simplicity in which he himself lives. We need to get rid of pain points in advance - in advance, and not during the illness.

It is necessary that the Church have speakers articulating a social church program, a political church program. So that we have platforms for talking about what is good, what is bad, what is better, what is worse. And how to treat this. All this will need to learn.

We are what we are. And deserve the power that we have. We must understand that revolution does not lead to good. Revolutions lead to relative good after many, many years, subject to the presence of today's victims - people who will be sacrificed to the revolution. These are the laws of revolution. The revolution will launch a man into space through 50 years after his victory. But before that, she would devour a lot of different people.

The Christian approach is the priority of the value of today's living person in front of me over the prospect of what we want to build tomorrow. And revolutionaries want it the other way around. So at the expense of you today, to build future happiness on your blood. I'll kill you, and build happiness for millions. Theology of Raskolnikov. The church says unequivocally: no, you cannot kill a person and build future happiness on his blood.
It is necessary to find the opportunity to convey these things to people. Getting into the crowd, an intelligent person risks becoming insane - sleeping passions, unrealized complexes, overwhelmed intuitions - everything starts to seethe. And when everything calms down and a person begins to see his eyes, it may be too late.

People, we all die. True, to whom to die, to whom to die, and to whom it is fair to stop. And much earlier than it seems. It is necessary to cool the heads of revolutionaries in time. Priests have to do this. Sometimes it seems that the priests who hold the meeting believe more in the EU and the Declaration of Human Rights than in the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ.

- If the Rev. Pechersk now stood up and saw everything that was happening, what would they say?

- They would get up and leave. Their radical protest would have been in Lot’s spirit. You do not need anyone to heaven kingdom, none of you believe in Christ in reality. No one! You live in other senses, different feelings, another reality. If they could and wanted, they would stand up, and leave here. It hurts to watch people destroy themselves with their own hands.

- What idea can unite the people now, unite them?

- No! Ukraine in this situation, with this historical load, can not accept any idea that could be creative, unifying, reassuring. There are no such ideas, first. Secondly, no one works on the birth of these ideas. It seems to everyone that ready-made ideas should be perceived. Politicum, analysts are working to implement ready-made ideas into our reality. There is the EU - and we are trying to try on European values ​​for ourselves. Calm down in this ready-made union. We do not give birth to ours, but we want to “cling” to someone else’s. Others say no, only with Russia. And no one thought: maybe your idea to give birth?

Here are four presidents met. Who do you like more? Yes, nobody. Sit down fifth - some boxer or someone else. Who will you like? No one. And if you continue this series in the future? You will not like anyone. So what is the question? Democracy is built in such a way that colorless people rule a colorless society. This is indicated by the European politicians themselves. Modern political life washes up colorless people. Bright annoying, they are noticeable against the background of colorlessness and cause aggression. Here, Putin, for example, causes aggression, because he is quite a bright person.

That is why ideas in the near future, we are not expected, unfortunately. We will be more territory than a country. Or two, three, four countries within one. We run the risk of “sprinkling red snow”. The "leaders" who so bravely call people to war should understand: they will bear full responsibility for the blood - not from the nose or a broken tooth, but for the real blood and life of a real person.

People recruited aggression. Today, every cold head is worth its weight in gold, which will say: Do not go there! Do not meddle there! Come back home. Student - go learn, worker - go to work. Seller - let's sell. In addition to problems, we will not get anything here. The people do not understand this.

In my opinion, we have no authorities who can stop the bloodshed. Therefore, any activity multiplies the problems that will be harder and harder to solve.

- Let's hope that the approaching Christmas will unite believers.

- It would be good. But it will be a pity if the Nativity of Christ does not unite.

If we work within the framework of the European worldview - respect for the written law (and not for the folk tradition), for the bailiff, for the official - this can, if not, unite, then at least put us in place. They showed you a document: so, after the 22 watch, do not make noise. Be kind to be European. How is it - to bar the main street of the country with barricades? This is not European. And more like the Bolsheviks and anarchists who do not obey the law, do not know how to think.

Calm down and understand that Europe is different. Respect for the law, parliamentary procedures, honest work in its place - this is, in fact, Europe. Who will be the multimillion mass of the population, prone to violence, to take in their Union? Are they crazy?
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  1. Very old
    Very old 30 December 2013 08: 16
    YOU are right, Elena!

    Do not cut live
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 30 December 2013 09: 17
      We see the "ball" Bolshevism: "I did not read, but I condemn", "I did not read, but I approve." People are captivated by a wave of patriotism, hopes for happiness, about which they have no idea. And for this "happiness" they are fighting selflessly.

      Surely the clergyman does not know that for the "ball" Bolshevism they have long come up with an update in the form of a color revolution ??
      After all, there are the same cliches and methods, they do not even bother to change characters.
  2. ATATA
    ATATA 30 December 2013 08: 31
    Are they crazy?

    The phenomenon of Kiev “euromaidan", when a mass of people is seeking to reduce social spending, increase gas prices and fulfill the demands of Brussels that are killer for the economy, may be purely medical in nature.
    It is clear when people in Greece or Spain protest against cuts in social spending and rising unemployment. But in order to achieve this, as the Euromaidans do ...
    This may seem strange only without taking into account the medical specificity. The driving force of the Euromaidan is the natives of Western Ukraine. But this region has been brutally suffering from iodine deficiency for centuries. The terrible results of this process are best assessed by looking, for example, recordings of speeches of the people's deputy from the Lviv region Irina Farion. This heavy sight allows us to comprehend the whole tragedy of the situation in Lviv region.

    Iodine deficiency dramatically reduces mental activity, up to dementia. In women, mentally inferior children are more often born - and so on from generation to generation. Lack of iodine often leads to cretinism, at best, to a decrease in intelligence by 13-15%, as well as poor child performance at school, fatigue, etc.
    - In Ukraine there are regions that require a more careful attitude to the issue of salt iodization. This is Western Ukraine, Polesie, where iodine is lacking in the soil itself, ”said Valentina Kulchitskaya, candidate of medical sciences, chief nutritionist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine a few years ago. - In these regions, it is necessary to consume foods containing a sufficient amount of iodine ...
    Before the collapse of the USSR, the solution to the medical problem of Western Ukraine was given special attention. Iodized salt and sea cabbage, which is essential for Galicians, were imported there.
    But since the end of 1991, medicinal ingredients have ceased to come in their proper amounts in their bodies. The results are obvious. And you shouldn’t laugh at the participants in the ritual dances “Whoever doesn’t ride, that is.” The defendants of this peculiar test to identify the medical consequences of the lack of trace elements are not to blame for the fact that their mental apparatus functions in such a peculiar way. If in the nineties and zero years they were provided with iodized salt and sea kale, then they could well not have jumped ...
    In order to take care of the health of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine, it would be necessary to stipulate when allocating a Russian loan that a certain percentage of it be spent, as in previous times, on the supply of everything necessary to the western regions that are dangerous for mental development.
    If it works, then over time the inhabitants of the Euromaidan will go home themselves.
  3. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 30 December 2013 08: 36
    Archpriest is right. It is impossible to formulate two geopolitical ideas in one geopolitical territory.
  4. makarov
    makarov 30 December 2013 08: 44
    “Let's hope that the coming Christmas will unite believers.
    - It would be nice. But it will be a pity if the Nativity of Christ does not unite. "

    Again, all the same as it was centuries ago. The main message: - All power is from God.
    How can one unite according to interests and come to a single ideology of a factory worker, a rural farmer, and an oligarch who robbed them ????
    Correctly noted at the beginning of the article, most of the people did not protest "for Euroassiation", they came out against the bandit government with its arbitrariness and lawlessness, and the protest feelings of the people "politicians" began to process in the direction they needed.
    Why was the Church silent at that arbitrariness, lawlessness, and open robbery by the oligarchy of ordinary people and parishioners ???? Really too afraid OPGshnikov ???
    1. nokki
      nokki 30 December 2013 09: 53
      God permits us to have such power over us as we deserve. You fall into the everlasting human delusion about God and the Church as a POLITICAL tool.

      The church is not a doctrine, not a system, and not an institution. The church is a living organism of truth and love, or rather truth and love as an organism. The church on earth performs only one, only one task: the Church saves people, unites them with Christ. The Church is nothing more.

      At every service, they try to convey to us that the root of evil is not outside, but inside the human soul, in the absence or distortion of moral values, in a sinful will, in the darkening of consciousness. Every line of scripture just screams about it!

      How can you condemn a mirror if it does not show what you want? The church should not yell at every corner "about lawlessness and arbitrariness." She teaches only Good with her entire existence. And it is in the will of each individual person to choose which side to take ...

      I don't think I convinced you. And this is not the main thing. The main thing is to remain a Human yourself always and everywhere, and not to hope that some "uncle" will come and make you and society beautiful and pure.
  5. drop
    drop 30 December 2013 08: 50
    There is no national idea of ​​uniting states with a Slavic basis. The author is right in this. The "Regions" and "Communists" parties cannot oppose anything to other parties in the ideological struggle. Look at the Gini index in Russia and Ukraine. It's just a crime. Certain persons admitted to power rob our countries, the national wealth, created by many generations (our fathers, grandfathers). The people see it and protest. Why are there no trials over criminals who steal the national wealth, why the wives and sons of high-ranking officials have fabulous incomes without having created anything. Why do inventors and creators of new things get nothing for their work? It's all on the surface. If we eliminate these flaws and direct the activities of Governments to the prosperity of the working society, there will be peace. In my life I had to create new equipment, both civilian and military equipment, to ensure the work of units in hostilities, working in the ministry, to create enterprises in different parts of the country. There was a program of action. Take the plant on Lake Baikal, where there is a program to ensure the employment of the liberated population. She's gone. And we created programs in advance when we saw the possibility of closing mines (Partizansk, for example) and much more. As long as there are grabber in the Governments, not professionals, there will be global difficulties and intrigues of foreign guests.
  6. washi
    washi 30 December 2013 08: 51
    Our Church objectively does not have the experience of living in a liberal society. Our Church does not have the experience of living in a society where there is no royal will, where there is the will of equal parties, strata and groups. Our church has no real experience in this situation. She never led the masses. She consecrated the military impulse, she healed people's wounds, but she never went ahead of the political process.
    The church has no experience whatsoever.
    I do not need intermediaries.
    Although there come across worthy PEOPLE.
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 30 December 2013 09: 38
      It is not the Church's task at all to participate in political processes. Orthodoxy is not Catholicism. It is said, "To God of God to Caesar of Caesar." The Church can intervene only if there is a clear spiritual threat to the people (gay pride parades, the introduction of juvenile justice), or a direct threat to the Earthly Fatherland (1612th, 1812th, 1941), when the people are threatened with the disappearance of the people and the seizure of the country.
      Experience is not needed in the same affairs of the Church
      Quote: Vasya
      I do not need intermediaries.

      Priests are not mediators. They are spiritual mentors. Just as the presence of coaches does not surprise anyone in sports, one should not be surprised at the presence of spiritual trainers, if you suddenly decided to live not according to passions, but according to Faith.
      1. Alexey K.
        Alexey K. 30 December 2013 11: 24
        Priests are not mediators. They are spiritual mentors. True said. And they are soldiers for the souls of the people entrusted to them by God.

    2. not good
      not good 30 December 2013 13: 35
      Those who go to the Maidan, for the most part, also do not need mediators, and even less so spiritual mentors. For the most part, the ball is ruled by money, thirty pieces of silver.
  7. Vladimir 70
    Vladimir 70 30 December 2013 09: 06
    Only Yanukovych bears responsibility for the "Maidan" because of his lice. If he had begun to fulfill his election promises back in 2010 (and after the Orange government, it was not difficult) there would have been no "Maidan" now. And Lousy took up the business of Sasha the dentist, flirting with Svidomo and saving his capital stored in the West. So we got it. Although the "Maidan" is a screen, Ukraine will be blown up from completely different directions - Transcarpathia (Prince Baloga, an agent of the State Department, is sitting there) and Crimea. The goal of the "Maidan" is training to gather crowds, and to anger the country's population both in the West and in the East.
  8. mr_Doom
    mr_Doom 30 December 2013 09: 25
    The church must take care of the souls, as it begins to think about politics, we get the radicals, and then the Inquisition. Example: the Middle Ages, and now the Arab world.
  9. mr_Doom
    mr_Doom 30 December 2013 09: 28
    “The Church will have to learn to communicate not only with the authorities, but also with the common man.” - And these are already comrades {censorship}
  10. zloi_dekabr
    zloi_dekabr 30 December 2013 09: 57
    Quote: mr_Doom
    The church must take care of the souls, as it begins to think about politics, we get the radicals, and then the Inquisition. Example: the Middle Ages, and now the Arab world.
    This is in geyropov and among the Arabs. And here, in Russia, there are such Saints as Sergei Radonezhsky, Alexy, etc. Learn history, since you consider it possible to write on such topics.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. sincman
    sincman 30 December 2013 10: 52
    Now the ancient Soviet cartoon about Boas and Hares is very much in topic! How many years have passed, but nothing is changing in the world ...
  12. Mergenchi
    Mergenchi 30 December 2013 11: 06
    May God grant health to the priest.

    If politicians and officials had so much love for their land, so much pain for their people, then Ukraine would long ago have become an exemplary state.

    Unfortunately, such as father Andrew units.
  13. RoTTor
    RoTTor 30 December 2013 11: 22
    Once again, Ukraine did not take place as a state and will not take place.
    Nothing has grown together.
    None of the five classic signs of a nation are present:
    1. current territory - a set of flaps conquered by the Russian Empire and the USSR and given to the Ukrainian SSR.
    2. There is no common language.
    3. a common culture - no and never was.
    4. common religion / dominant ideology - no.
    5. The general economy that was created under the USSR is no longer there.

    The experience of history proved that with a purposeful state policy, such as was conducted in the USSR, Ukraine could grow together in 200-250 years. Within its current borders, it lasted 45 years.

    In the world, the richer the nature, the worse the country lives. A classic example is not only Ukraine, Ceylon!
    It is not in vain that the richest and most calm countries are northern, with poor nature, WHERE PEOPLE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER, where you can’t do anything and you won’t survive alone.

    The question is why in the information war the Orthodox Church loses to the impostor Denisenko (Filaret) and his self-proclaimed "church".

    About Maidan - a worthy series of articles on
  14. santush
    santush 30 December 2013 12: 17
    Indeed, everyone needs to start and decide for themselves in the 2015 elections.
  15. Egoza
    30 December 2013 12: 48
    I believe that Father Andrei gave a clear picture and the most honest analysis of the whole situation.
    Quote: RoTTor
    The question is why in the information war the Orthodox Church loses to the impostor Denisenko (Filaret) and his self-proclaimed "church".

    Because the Orthodox Church has up to now honestly fulfilled the agreement "The Church is Separated from the State" But the Kiev Patriarchate is supported by you, you know, by the oligarchs, who organized the Maidan together with the Washington Regional Committee. And all this was also done at the suggestion of Yushchenko, when both Greek Catholics and Roman Catholics poured into Kiev, free universities began to open, where they accept without exams, provide material assistance to families ...
    Well, our church was not ready for such a turn. But God willing will now begin to intervene - life will force!
  16. michajlo
    michajlo 30 December 2013 13: 51
    Good day to all!

    Fidget SU Today, 12:48 PM New
    I believe that Father Andrei gave a clear picture and the most honest analysis of the whole situation.

    I agree with you Elena.
    I’ll add from myself that such sober voices from the priests, alas, are few, but we should have more of them.

    The war for the MINDS and SOULS of Soviet people goes from 1985, only we patriots in it are for the time being constantly losing!

    Alas, this is true and hatred and swearing here will not help us.

    And the government itself cares only for those who would be more expensive to "sell their time sitting in a chair," the concept patriot for the authorities and officials - abusive.

    So whether you like it or not, I don’t see any other way as a popular movement with a popular patriotic leader ready to SWAP the current plutocrats.

    Because the power "our rich servants" of foreign and their own capital WILL NOT give it up, I hope this is clear to all sane people for a long time.

    Our "empty talking shop" or our squabbles, here on the VO site or on another PATRIOTIC site (and THERE are also VERY SMALL in Russia and in other states, do not confuse with nationalistic ones) - it gives little!

    Sometimes it seems to me that my favorite VO site is just a place for "letting off steam" and even "spying on the relevant authorities" for thoughts and moods PATRIOTS, otherwise they would not pass from words to deeds.!
    Since many real offers from Participants in specific steps, Site Admins are simply SILENT ...

    I mean not to say but really TRY TO REVIVAL UNION-2, since ALL of our politicians (except Lukashenka) - None of them need this !!!

    And Putin himself, with all his foreign policy successes and the REAL rise of Russia's prestige abroad, in fact inside Russia, is simply a "servant of capital" and an ENEMY of ordinary citizens of Russia.
    How does this "dualism" of his get along in him - I don't know?
    "The second Stalin" in his words, and most importantly in HIS EMPTY RESULTS inside Russia - I do not see, although maybe he is still playing a multi-move chess KGB game, incomprehensible to us mortals ???

    True, in this case it may happen that when he wins his entire "long-term chess game", he will find out that the chessboard itself has been stolen from him or that he has been "thrown out" from this board.

    And the time is EXTREMELY vague and glimmers of hope for a bloodless solution - I still do not see ...

    Do not blame me for directly and openly expressing your thoughts and concerns, but just shout "GLORY to the Kremlin and Kiev helmsmen!" (or cursing opponents here who disagree with me), I personally cannot and will not, since I can’t find an answer to what will happen tomorrow and in 5-10 years in the talking shop and repeated Decrees of the TOP PERSONS of our republics - alas, I don’t find ...

    And if you evaluate all my thoughts and words with pluses or minuses, it’s on you, I don’t torture the keyboard for “virtual stripes”.
  17. NIKOLAEV196
    NIKOLAEV196 30 December 2013 14: 18
  18. Boris63
    Boris63 30 December 2013 14: 28
    Any church is looking for new adherents, but the methods are different: some aggressively, others only in words. The Russian Orthodox Church finished its aggressive "veronation" a long time ago (the annexation of Siberia and the DV), small exceptions are not counted, and after that it considered: only weak "churches" act aggressively. And after 17g. separated from the state. management. The priest's words are correct. Maybe all the same it is worth the ROC again to take the path, albeit not aggressive, but rather preaching. Gapon was "convicted" long ago, now the KP and "hedgehog with it" are next.