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Children's disease of aggression and the cure for it

Large states, and even small ones, are often like small children, for whom there is always a reason to attack with fists on children from another yard or from another sandbox. Nachto I was a meek child, but I was no-no, something inspired me to be sure that I must crack!

Why America attacked Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia? Georgia to Abkhazia? Pakistan to India? Tursun on Khachatura? Ahmed on Ivan? Only for this immutable for a child whose fists cut through, the reason - how many do not look, everyone will be too small to exterminate other countries and people.

In Russia, which is losing its cultural basics, this children's disease of aggression has been heavily mixed in on nationalism - that the authorities are trying in every way to oblige: crime has no nationality! But what's the point? We suffered a real national hostility - and, like a secret pregnancy, in the end will certainly break out with something. No abortion is possible here, not the case; it means that we must somehow think based on this reality.

And I remember about this история one of my international friendship, which was sparked not by a commonality of views, but their complete opposite.

My friend, a Jew, Sergey is now living in America, where civilian oversight is much stricter than ours, so I will not give his last name, so as not to harm him by chance. At one time, he became the only living author of the Maly Theater, writing a fashionable play about our last king, who then went all over the world. I was sick of her, and I left already after the first act. But we were brought together: one — a terry Zionist and a Russophobe, the other — on the contrary — that we could not spend weeks with him without the pleasure of nibbling each other's glasses without feeling embarrassed in expressions. And when he flew here from the States, he called me first.

We met back in our distant youth, which he later recalled in such words: “You are a tall Russian beauty, played the piano, the girls stuck on you like flies. And I, a wicked one, swallowed beside a drool ... ”After graduating from the biological faculty, he began working at the institute, secretly dreaming of somehow getting even with me for his inferiority. But since we no longer met with him and he couldn’t bend me in any way, he would take his revenge by the painful work on himself - which had yielded its fruitful results.

When we got the royal surname in fashion and articles about her last days showered, the details of which were still locked in the archive, he decided to play on this mass wave. I came up with a scientific work on genetics, which required someone's generic data over 200 years - best preserved in the Romanov family. Issued an application through the Academy of Sciences and received access to that closed archive. I copied there documents on the royal execution, diaries, broke it into remarks, put them into the mouths of the characters - and a fried superdram came out, the main role in which was played by Yuri Solomin himself.

This made him our first playwright for a time, about which he bawled cynically and gloatingly: “I walked about twenty of these classics, everybody sent me in the ass with my play. And when she went to Maly, they cut off the phone: “Sergey, you, as a master of the genre, could not tell ...” What a master I am, I am a cunning Jew! .. Pathetic, insignificant classics! ”

On this play, he earned "one small pile of money" - and most importantly, from the old, painfully clutched in himself, baby snit finally happened in a self-confident villain. When, just at that time, we met again by chance, he asked a few words later: “Do you have a notebook with you? Will you give your girls phones? ”

As it turned out, he brought out the 50 call rule, which is firm as a “gimlet rule”: “I take phones from all my acquaintances and call in alphabetical order:“ This is Sergey such and such, a playwright. I’ll say right away: it’s not painful to you and handsome, but I can call on my performance and support a decent conversation. ” 49 - by, 50-I bite! "

He lived alone with his mother, who adored him so much that she was afraid most of all in the world that he would marry and move away from her. When he brought a new girl to him, mother, serving ryumash and snacks in his room, delicately closed up in her morning, so as not to interfere with his cupids. But it was worth some kind of change, completely changed: “But isn't it time for a girl to go home?” - “Mom, have a conscience!” - “A girl doesn't want to have a conscience fuck?”

And when he got along with a very nice girl Lariska, she tortured him with such a lotion: “Serozha, I marvel at you! She has an indecent even a Jewish schnobel! ”Already he tortured me:“ Well, tell me honestly, as a specialist, she has a big nose? ”-“ I don’t sleep with her! If you like, why the hell is my opinion? ”-“ But mother stuck to her nose! ”-“ What kind of mother, you're a classic, go on the same stage with Ostrovsky and Shakespeare! ”-“ Shakespeare is on the shelf and silent, and mom repeats this 18 once a day! .. ”

In the middle of 90's, he decided to emigrate from our country, which he had not loved since childhood, to America, for which he came up with another rule - 500. Using reference books and the international mail of his institute, he sent letters to the world, on a three-day basis: “As a half-starved Jew, I suffer cruel moral and physical pressure from anti-Semites. I’m not allowed to do scientific work, they don’t pay my salary for three months, and my life itself is under threat ... Do not leave this cry for help ignored! .. ”

- 500 send such letters, the five hundredth work!

- Are you not ashamed of lying?

“Where am I lying?” The salary for three months is not paid, science is not allowed to do, it is scary to go outside!

- But this is for all of us!

- Let everyone write for themselves, I write for myself!

- And anti-Semitism? You, a parkhaty Jew, were placed alongside Shakespeare and Ostrovsky!

- This is only an exception, which proves the rule! My best friend is anti-Semitic!

“And after that, you want them not to hate you?”

- This is you, dense Russian, hatred of the Jews! Do you know how cultural countries respond? I receive in bursts answers from France, Germany, America: “Alas, we cannot accept you to work with the provision of housing. But your letter touched us so much that we sent it back to there and there and there. ”

- Well, just a crook on trust! .. And by the way, why do not you throw in Israel? There you will definitely be accepted!

- From there, I received 12 invitations. But after my mother, for whom I have sons of love after all, to live among Jews, for whom I have no such feelings, I am not ready for any money.

Finally, he did receive an invitation from the USA - and, having thrown his Lariska in the most uncertain position, he went there to search for other, more hollywood Larisok.

A year later he arrives, happily talks about his new apartment, car, opportunity to fly to interesting places for the weekend ... Shows his, like Dembelsky, American photo album - where some fat woman with an unpleasant face flashes every now and then. "And what is this creature?"

And then he lays out the sad part of the case. In America, as easy as in Russia, a woman does not glue. Only an attempt to meet on the street is a sex offense and a prison. There are prostitutes, but there are two risks with them too. A real slut can make a corner where her pimp will strip you of your wallet and watch; but worse, with a policeman in disguise: just touch her hand - a prison. And due to the absence of the other, I had to mate with this cuttlefish from his institute - although her soul is very kind ...

Here I sincerely, with all my gloating, let us laugh: here, where there is a lot of selfless women, where Lariska cost something, it was bad for you! So much for the punishment, this is the real anti-Semitism: to make a proud Jew make such a thing!

He was not offended - we are already accustomed to rinse each other; told about another attack. On his remaining habit of the former homeland, he told a couple of jokes at work, and the next day a pipe burst in their closet. And the director of the institute calls him: did you, Sergey, participate in this? He was stunned: where am I? Well, you told jokes to such and such colleagues! “Bitch! They knock everything on everyone there! ”-“ So come back! ”

But he vaguely replied that he already had other plans.

As a result, he brought back the delicious Lariska, who had generously forgiven his betrayal to him, married her - but in the fourth month of her pregnancy she was kicked out of there with her back. She gave birth here, and his mother, with repentant tears, dragged Lariska and her grandson under her love-loving wing. And Sergei began to fly to them once every six months - on a rotational basis, as he laughed, a method: I earn there, here is a motley child and wife. But after some more years he was able to register them there, gave birth to two more children, and when his mother died, he completely stopped flying here.

Why did he throw his homeland, which he treated badly, but which gave him undeserved fame, and the right, beautiful 20 years younger than him?

- The just anger of the Russian people against my, alas, relatives of the oligarchs does not guarantee my family and I confidence in the future. What if you, Russians, once wiser and strangle all of us - this has happened already!

- What if Americans wiser?

- It is excluded.

Of our table disputes with him, I brought, and then with bills, only the most decent places. For others, beginning with the words: “You, Russians ... And you, Jews ...” - now we should put both of us “for kindling”. But we were really close friends, we were friends of families, affectionately watching how our children worked together, while we were eating each other for what it was worth.

I think the basis of this strange friendship is in complete mutual sincerity when discussing positions that went against each other. It is bliss to be yourself in front of each other, to dare heartily about everything that is in your heart. Therefore, our brain-rings never left on their own no disgusting, subculture sensations. As in honest boxing: opponents fight to the death - but to a certain point; the gong sounds, they put their fists down and embrace fraternally. The result is a sport, a craving for physical and moral improvement.

Here is the same thing I would bring to the ethnic conflicts that overtook us. No need to hide them and pus under the cover of all lies; it is better to fight frankly, without lies, without hiding a pocket in a pocket under false smiles. Falsely stretched smile is the first step to that brush; and on the contrary, a frank, to a certain extent, battle is the best means of reconciliation. I would accept such golden rules in our national battle. Beat only the intellect, not in the face; not to be offended that others are not like you - and in general to consider any conflict as a reason not for mutual destruction, but for plot communication.

And then at the most fervent now and gurgling, like a volcano, national soil could be used to argue until blue in the face, not ruining at the same time, but even enriching something with each other - as in my case with my friend — the antipode. The most important thing is not to lie to oneself and to others, for a lie is such a toxin, which is no longer excreted from the body, decomposing it worse than any other blight.
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  1. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 30 December 2013 08: 03
    Most of the article on the "Jewish friend" is good. But there are neither analogies, nor allusions (I mean children), nor a story about a friend, nor a conclusion ... They are not connected with each other. IMHO
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 30 December 2013 09: 12
      Quote: Alex_Popovson
      But it’s neither an analogy, nor an allusion (I’m talking about children), neither the story itself about the friend, nor the conclusion is somewhat ... Not connected. IMHO

      The same opinion. Perhaps these stories have a sacred meaning and the correct message, but I did not catch it.
      And crime does not have a nationality, but the nationality is attributed to it by the media, since the news "A young man of 22 years old was killed in Moscow" will not cause any emotions. Unlike the title "In Moscow, a Russian guy Andrei was killed by a native of the North Caucasus / Central Asia / China (Underline whatever applicable)".

      And then Natsik and a bunch of political prostitutes or political scavengers come running, who start to circulate the news earning black PR, playing on the feelings of the indigenous population and their well-founded concern for their own security because of the very short-sighted migration policy of the last ten years.

      Now we have to forcefully solve urgent issues that have already grown to the regional level, both socially and economically.
  2. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 30 December 2013 08: 04
    And why is Israel fueling the situation in the Middle East ... and by no means they are crushing with intelligence ... yeah.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 30 December 2013 08: 27
      Quote: Valery Neon
      And why is Israel fueling the situation in the Middle East ... and by no means they are crushing with intelligence ... yeah.

      This Middle East was given to you, you touched on the "holy", now the holy trinity with blue stars will fly in and "intelligently" will fill you with shit and minuses, while calling you an anti-Semite and pointing out to you a million problems in Russia and you personally laughing
      1. Valery Neonov
        Valery Neonov 30 December 2013 08: 31
        And that’s really your ++, oh they’ll fly wink I’ll come up with a private. hi
        1. bomg.77
          bomg.77 30 December 2013 08: 45
          Quote: Valery Neonov
          I’ll come up with a private.
          They say holy water helps)) wipe the monitor with it and it is ready. laughing
        2. And Us Rat
          And Us Rat 3 January 2014 23: 59
          Quote: Valery Neon
          And that’s really your ++, oh they’ll fly wink I’ll come up with a private. hi

          We fly laughing You said absurdity, I consider that out of ignorance. You at least give one adequate example wink Or the shooting of bearded climbers through a border fence with a bomb in his teeth - this is an escalation of the situation? Note that from Gaza we are undermined with explosives, and not from us to them - this, incidentally, is a violation of the border, and from Lebanon all sorts of frost missiles in our cities are fired, and not ours in theirs. Caravans of hezbalons with missiles were bombed in Syria - there were no shelling, but when they stopped, they immediately started, since now no one is stopping them from bringing rockets to our border. Or do you naively believe that they will leave us alone if anti-terrorist operations are stopped against them? After all, bearded people don’t need the world - they just give someone else’s blood and drink a bite with a liver lol In the east, inaction is regarded as weakness and only incites them to spoil more. request Let's come up laughing
  3. bomg.77
    bomg.77 30 December 2013 08: 13
    Good story! Soon the whole world will grow wiser, not just Russia. The degree of anti-Semitism is growing all over the world, including the United States. Yes, everyone who deserves it will receive.
  4. makarov
    makarov 30 December 2013 08: 17
    Oh Alexander, Alexander!
    Earlier there were different times and different relationships. And now there is a norm: - Simplicity is worse than theft !!! And we unfortunately do not fit into this "norm".
  5. bairat
    bairat 30 December 2013 08: 18
    I have a similar relationship with another Tajik, he dumps me everything he thinks about locals, I offer him back in return to my churkestan, all through laughter.
  6. My address
    My address 30 December 2013 08: 20
    Until the age of eleven, in the 50's, he lived in a hooligan region. Although then almost all the off-center areas of medium-sized cities were like that. This is due to the fact that there were minor fights of the boys from house to house, boys from street to street, youth district to district. For older guys over 20 years, no one has climbed and they themselves acted seriously. It’s me that there was a Jew in my friends at home and nothing! Normal kid! I didn’t hide behind someone else’s backs!
    Not talking about the percentage of bad among Jews and Russians. Who are the masses in the oligarchs. But I know that adults make enemies one another - first of all, upbringing in hostility, talking about exclusivity. Adults are not just parents.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 30 December 2013 08: 39
      Quote: My address
      This is to say that there was a Jew in my friends at home and nothing! Normal kid! I didn’t hide behind someone else’s backs!
      Not talking about the percentage of bad among Jews and Russians. Who are the masses in the oligarchs.

      With a different behavior in such an area, your friend simply would not have survived, but I’m sure that he got out of this area and now, having met you, he will not invite you and will not offer help. Maybe I am mistaken regarding him, but about the percentage just worth a talk
  7. demotivator
    demotivator 30 December 2013 08: 28
    Aggression is not a childhood disease at all. Many adults are amazed by it. Especially people from the south. As a rule, do not expect anything from them but unmotivated aggression, and at any moment be ready for the fact that they will attack you, moreover, not one, but several at once. Costs of "friendship of peoples". What can you do ?!
    You watch demonstrations by guarantors, deputies, and heads of law enforcement agencies and you understand that today the state does not have an effective system of measures to counter terrorism and corruption. There is no Constitution and legal authority in Russia. There remains one criminal vertical, which creates all this horror and chaos in the country. Today, in fact, it unleashed and spread terror and corruption throughout the state and the whole country got used to terrorist acts, killings and corruption. It will be much harder to wean.
  8. marxlight
    marxlight 30 December 2013 08: 44
    Correctly, the author noticed - all the power is in the truth! And do not lie to others.
    But of course, we must stop in time, realizing that the main goal is peace.
    As Comrade Stalin said - "Our strength is in the friendship of peoples!" And friendship means honesty, openness, and sincerity.
    Until we embark on this path, we will not get rid of nationalism, racism, and other chauvinisms that prevent us from living like that.
  9. old rats
    old rats 30 December 2013 08: 56
    article plus set. for sincerity and good intentions.
    sorry the advice contained in it is not applicable in most cases.
  10. Normal
    Normal 30 December 2013 09: 57
    I also had a similar story. An Armenian from Tbilisi with the surname characteristic of Transcaucasian Jews (as I was later explained) turned out to be my partner on duty. We were familiar for a long time, but before that we did not communicate. And here we are only two and the whole night is ahead. Well, we are called, grappled. Somewhere at half past one it was already absolutely clear to me that trying to prove something or at least explain this instance was completely pointless. It is necessary to get the trunk and put in a dispute a bullet in the form of his brains on the wall. The only thing that kept me from this deserved and fair action was the inability to explain it when transferring duty on the morning. When, over time, I told him how close he was to the transition to another world, my opponent burst into laughter. Since then, he is one of not many of my friends and hugs me at a meeting in the Caucasus.

    Beat only with intellect, not in the face

    Alas, this time is lost. No one will listen to us, they beat us right away. So hosh, not hosh, but first you have to face it, and only then - intellect
  11. Semurg
    Semurg 30 December 2013 11: 34
    Thanks to the author. Each person needs such a friend to begin to be able to understand and hear people who are not like themselves. Aggression is the flip side of a feeling of fear, most often a person who is not afraid of anything does not show aggression.