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With passports of the dead. Schiff, revolutionaries and war with Japan

With passports of the dead. Schiff, revolutionaries and war with Japan

110 years ago formed a grand conspiracy against our country. However, the Russian Empire was too powerful a rival of the Western world, and it is no secret that all the revolutionary and destructive movements were fed from the outside. The British financed the Caucasian mountaineers, sent them ships laden weapons. France organized the Polish uprisings time after time. Herzen, who emigrated to London, settled on the maintenance of Rothschild. Allocated funds were enough for the publication of "The Bell", on its transmission channels. In 1863, when another rebellion was inflated in Poland and thousands were slaughtered by Russians, Herzen choked on hysterical articles: “All of Russia has seized syphilis of patriotism!”. He called the West to a crusade against his homeland. Well, money is supposed to work out ...

There were sponsors and Plekhanov. And in 1895, for the first time young Ulyanov burst out abroad, he also found money to publish a newspaper. But these centers of opposition did not pose a serious danger to the state. The uprisings of foreigners were suppressed. Underground groups remained weak. For example, in 1898, the Petrograd Social Democratic Organization counted ... 4 people. In the same year, the First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (9 delegates) gathered in Minsk (half from Bund). They took a "manifesto", and then they arrested everyone. True, the punishments were mild, the revolutionaries were soon released. But the Security Department kept them under supervision, easily returned to jail.

However, the rapid economic development of Russia, the increase in its international prestige worried Western countries too much. The catalyst for tension was the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Russian mastered Siberia, the Far East! The British, who considered themselves masters of China and shipping between East Asia and Europe, became overwhelmed. The Trans-Siberian Railway crossed out their monopoly, along which the carriage of goods would have gone three times faster and cheaper. Extremely worried about the USA, for them Russia became a direct rival. In the Russian began to incite Japan.

In general, it was very doubtful for her to fight. Too different “weight categories”. But ... some strange things began in the Russian government. Our army and the fleet loans were chronically cut for lack of funds. And at the same time, Minister of Finance (and Mason) S.Yu. Witte provided large loans to China. So that China can pay indemnity to the Japanese! And it was with this money that Japan took up arms. Enormous help was given to her by Western friends. In 1901 - 1902, Tokyo diplomats held talks with the Rockefellers, Morgan and Stillman on the placement in the US of their government bonds for $ 25 million. True, there were problems. Bankers may have personal likes and dislikes, but they are practical people. And investments in Japanese securities looked very dangerous. In the case of the Russian victory, you can easily burn out.

Head of the second largest US financial company, Kun and Loeb, Jacob Schiff, turned the tide. He was a very influential personality, family and business weaves associated him with the banking and industrial clans of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Zeligmans, Goulds, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Vikkers, Oppenheimers, Goldenberg, Magnus, Canov. In addition, Schiff was one of the leading hierarchs of the Benite Brit. His biographer Priscilla Roberts reports: “His aversion to the policies of the tsarist government was so great” that he “did his best to convince American and European bankers to impose an embargo on providing loans to Russians,” and created special syndicates for the sale of Japanese securities. City Bank, National Bank of Commerce, British bankers were able to connect to operations. As a result, Japan was able to get 5 loans totaling $ 535 million. (At that time. At the current rate, more than 20 billion dollars) P. Roberts admits that these funds “covered more than half of the Japanese military expenses and, probably, became an important factor that ensured the victory of Japan”.

Politicians did not lag behind business circles. In 1902, England entered into a treaty of alliance with Japan. I was so eager to push Tokyo into war, that for the first time in stories the tradition of British diplomacy was violated - not to assume specific obligations, in all previous agreements the British preferred to maintain “free hand”. In the anti-Russian alliance London was dragging France, Turkey. Germany and Austria-Hungary came to life, saw an excellent opportunity to fish in troubled waters.

But once again let us return to the question - were the bankers not risking too much, relying on Japan in the upcoming fight with a huge, and still invincible Russia? Did England risk too much when it assumed allied obligations? She had just defeated African Boers with colossal work and losses, where could she get involved with the Russians? No, the organizers of the conspiracy were sure - they are certain. Russian obviously will not be able to win. For this, not only Japanese divisions and squadrons were trained. A stab in the back was designed in advance.

Of the loans received by Japan, at least 10 million dollars (about 400 million current) was sent to sabotage work. To fuel the revolution. But the funds were allocated not only by the Japanese. Direct organizational support has begun. Just at this time, in 1900-1903, the very nature of the revolutionary movement in Russia changes dramatically. Instead of the former grouping and the helpless fuss of amateurs, it goes to a completely different level. Professionals from foreign special services obviously had a hand in establishing work.

For example, in these years, a system of escapes from Siberia is being created. The shoots are very simple. After all, the majority of revolutionaries were not kept in prisons or in penal servitude, but in exile. They lived in their designated place, and law enforcement agencies only looked after them. To escape, money and documents were required. It was necessary to quickly, until the local authorities were enough, to get to the railway, get on the train, and try to catch it! The fugitive in advance received a route, turnout, which city to go to, whom to contact. Create a system themselves revolutionaries could not. They were divided - the Social Democrats, the Social Revolutionaries, anarchists, the Bundists, the Polish and Baltic separatists, etc. But this system served everyone. Obviously, debugged it from the outside. The special services of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and possibly other states were clearly involved - they never detained Russian illegal immigrants when crossing the border, and later began to let in loads of illegal literature and weapons.

At the same time, a system for providing fugitives with documents was organized. Revolutionaries sometimes wrote in their memoirs as if they were getting clean blank passports. It's a lie. Forms were kept by the police under strict accounting. Even if they were able to steal them, they would have scattered warnings, prompting increased attention during the checks of documents. Pure forms were required to still properly issue, and indeed a brand new passport immediately noticeable. No, the truth was different. Documents were obtained through doctors and the administration of zemstvo hospitals. Kidnapped the passports of the dead. Nobody misses them. I lost the document, yes and good. There were no photos on passports, all the stamps and signatures were available. This system operated centrally throughout Russia, the documents were selected in such a way that the passport data of the old and the new owners coincided as much as possible, the rest was corrected by erasures. Thus, illegal immigrants turned into “the living dead”.

The revolutionary movement in Russia was essentially created anew. Victor Adler was one of the key figures in these operations. A prominent figure in the Austrian and international Social Democracy. At the same time - the “Rothschild man”. At the same time he was very closely associated with the intelligence and political police of Austria-Hungary. He became “unofficially” in charge of the processes in Russia, played the role of a kind of “personnel department”. He studied various Russian socialists, evaluated where and how they could be used, and gave appropriate recommendations.

Another important figure was Alexander Parvus (Israel Gelfand). The son of a major merchant from Odessa, he joined the Social Democracy, emigrated and settled in Munich. He worked for both English and German intelligence, belonged to the Masonic Order of the Illuminati. However, both revolutionary and intelligence activities at Parvus were intertwined with business, he made a profit from all the affairs in which he was engaged.

The former leading center of the Russian Social Democrats, Plekhanov's Union for the Liberation of Labor in Switzerland, was not suitable for new tasks. He was watched by the security department for a long time. And Plekhanov himself turned away from lively activity, from Russia, was buried in abstruse theories. But ambition was extraordinary. If someone tried to disagree with him, he was offended: “Your fathers and mothers walked under the table on foot, when I ...” Now Plekhanov was left the “banner” role, but Parvus began to create another center in Germany. Carefully concealed. Dozens of “mailboxes” were used in Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and England. Transfers with Russia were carried out through several points. For example, the correspondence comes in the name of a German doctor, he sends it to the owner of a Czech beer house, he sends it on. Krupskaya describes what confusion arose because of a similar conspiracy among inexperienced Russian revolutionaries — like Shlyapnikov, Babushkin, herself, guided by the addresses of correspondence, drove into the wrong cities and the wrong states. In general, apparently, highly qualified intelligence specialists also participated in the organization of this network.

For the new center required new frames. One of those whom Parvus paid attention to was Ulyanov. In 1900, he was freed from exile in Shushenskoye. In the capitals he was forbidden to live, he settled in Pskov. But he stayed here only for a couple of months. All the data show that it was not he who found the necessary contacts, but it came from outside. Vladimir Ilyich somehow dramatically winged and gathered abroad. Before leaving almost got stuck. I looked into Petersburg to meet Martov, and the police detained them. Krupskaya writes that Ulyanov “had 2 thousands of rubles in a vest ... and records of connections with foreign countries written by chemistry on a piece of note paper on which something indifferent was written with ink”. As you can see, foreign "friends" supplied him with a very large sum, turnouts. But the gendarmes did not pay attention to the money and the "indifferent" paper. Money is not a crime. They scolded only because they violated the mode of residence. Warned not to do it anymore, and released.

Ulyanov left Russia legally. But then conspiratorial life was assumed, and he was provided with the passport of the deceased nobleman of the Vologda province, Nikolai Lenin. Hence the pseudonym, eclipsed the real name. The pseudonym, which was later captured in the names of cities, regions, squares, streets, on pedestals of monuments and marble of the mausoleum ... And the work for which Vladimir Ilyich was attracted was the publication of the newspaper Iskra. Plekhanov built projects that she would have to go out in Switzerland, under his authority. But Parvus was not going to adapt to this spent figure. Newspaper needed new, new leaders. Under the pretext of conspiracy Parvus placed the editorial office in Munich. And to argue with him was not necessary. Money shadow sponsors pumped through it.

He implemented exactly the project that was voiced by Lenin: the newspaper should become not only an agitator, but also a “collective organizer”. A network of Iskra agents was established in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. On their basis, a renewed emigre organization emerged - the Foreign League of the Russian Revolutionary Social Democracy. Channels of transportation of the newspaper to Russia were organized. And within Russia, a network of headquarters and correspondent points was formed. They became the "blanks" of future party structures.

In addition to Ulyanov, Parvus attracted to Munich Martov, Potresov, Zasulich, Innu Smidovich (Lehmann). All of them received very good salaries. For example, Lenin and Krupskaya rented a separate apartment in Schwabing, an elite suburb of Munich, where the mansion of Parvus itself was located. We went to visit him, were friends of families. True, in April 1902 was argued, and Lenin left for London. Perhaps due to Parvus's financial uncleanliness, part of the funds received “stuck” to his hands. But personal relationships in no way affected the revolutionary work! Where there! Sponsors demanded results, and orders were faithfully handled, regardless of personal friendship or enmity. The third center of the Russian Social Democrats, London, could argue with the Swiss and Munich in some way, but did not oppose them, but complemented them. He even received the benefits - after all, England at that time became an ally of Japan.

The search for new activists continued. By the revolutionary activities began to actively involve criminals (soon they will lead the militia groups). And in the Siberian exile in Verkhnelensk, the under-studied student Lev Bronstein was acquired. He worked as a clerk at a local merchant, worked as a journalist, published in the Irkutsk newspaper "Eastern Review". His articles were noticed and rated somewhere at a high level. In 1902, for him, as an unknown amateur journalist, they staged an escape. The organization was very clear, clearly focused. He quickly sped on a sleigh to Irkutsk. Someone (who is unknown) was waiting for him. Leo got the money, a decent suit, documents, a ticket. He got on the train - and remember the name. In his memoirs, he pointed out that he entered the name of a prison guard, Trotsky, in a blank passport form for a joke. But this is a lie. Writing with your own hand could be costly for any verification of documents. After all, an experienced eye will immediately notice the difference between the “professional” handwriting of a police clerk and an amateur. But, as already mentioned, a centralized system operated. Lev Davidovich got the passport of a retired colonel Nikolai Trotsky, who died in Yekaterinoslav.

The path for the next “living dead” was laid in advance. He drove to Samara, where the Russian headquarters of Iskra was located. Received from the local resident Krzhizhanovsky next batch of cash, further route and turnout. Went to Ukraine. In the Kamenetz-Podolsk area, they were waiting for him again. Transferred by chain across the border to the territory of Austria-Hungary. As it turned out, Trotsky-Bronstein met here. Some owners turnout provided all necessary, put on a train. A young runaway rolled into Vienna.

He came straight to the apartment ... already mentioned Adler. "Kadrovik" international socialists. For some reason, a prominent Austrian politician was not at all surprised at the stranger’s visit on Sunday. He cordially accepted, fed, talked. Apparently, I was satisfied. Trotsky considered a figure worthy of attention and usable. A prominent Austrian politician, as an ordinary spy organization chef, gave the guest a new set of documents! Stocked it with currency - and sent on. From Adler, Trotsky, already comfortably sent to London, to Lenin. Early in the morning, he rushes into the apartment rented by Vladimir Ilyich and Krupskaya, lifting them out of bed - playful, joyful. They become friends ...

In 1903, the atmosphere began to heat up, and various links of anti-Russian forces were tied together. On Easter, a provocation was arranged in Chisinau. Incomprehensible groups of people of Jewish descent suddenly made the roughest of antics, throwing mud and stones at the procession of the cross, into icons. This angered the believers, a clash occurred. As it turned out, the media for the incident were prepared in advance. Telegraph agencies instantly smashed around the world news of a pogrom, a massacre, hundreds of victims - which was not even mentioned. The Russian government has made explanations and denials. But the Western press did not seem to notice them, continuing to inflate the empty talk.

By the way, it was this hysteria that helped Schiff and his partners to complete operations on the sale of Japanese loans. The scandal helped the British to draw the French into the anti-Russian bloc. And for revolutionaries, the injection of anti-Russian “public opinion” helped recruit supporters. The steps to mobilize them for the upcoming tasks were also outlined.

In July, the II Congress of the RSDLP gathered in 1903, Brussels, where it was intended to merge the various social-democracy groups into a single combat party. Profit 44 delegate from different organizations. After all, for all and the documents needed, and substantial sums for travel, accommodation. True, there was a pad. Little neutral Belgium did not participate in international intrigues. Her police were extremely alarmed by the suspicious gathering. Well, never mind! The organizers had enough money for a general move to London. And here the territory was already “union”, anti-Russian, no one interfered with sitting.

However, ideas with the union failed. Disagreements arose on different occasions, but the true reason was one - the leaders did not want to obey each other. Martov accused Lenin of planting a "dictatorship", and the newly created party split into "Bolsheviks" and "Mensheviks." Although these names were more than conditional. The 20 of the 44 delegates did not join either one or the other. Plekhanov first joined the Bolsheviks. But Martov left the editorial board of Iskra in protest against the decisions of the congress, and Plekhanov changed his position, went over to his side - he considered Martov a more valuable employee than Lenin. But Trotsky suddenly from Lenin rushed to the Mensheviks. Both Vladimir Ilyich and Lev Davidovich during the polemics firmly turned to the individual, and in terminology both were not shy. From friends turned into enemies. But soon Trotsky and the Mensheviks gnawed. In general, instead of unity, they quarreled.

No ... this did not stop the plans for the preparation of the revolution! Trotsky took Parvus under his personal protection. And all the divided factions could quarrel, butt, call names. Nevertheless, they took up the work together! How else if customers demanded it? Do you want money - if you please put up and negotiate. Mobilized not only the Social Democrats. The liberal bourgeoisie, the freemasons of public figures, at the end of 1903 suddenly drew to Paris. It’s as if to hang out, take a walk on Christmas in local restaurants and cabarets. Along the way, there were meetings, conferences, and two illegal organizations were created — the future Octo-party and Cadet parties. Revolutionaries and anarchists became more active.

It will take a decade and a half, and they will violently exterminate each other. But while foreign forces rallied them into a united front. Soon the “Union of Liberation” was created in Geneva, which coordinated the activities of various revolutionary parties and distributed finances. In short, the game was a win-win. Now the Japanese could confidently strike.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 11 January 2014 09: 32
    I did not find anything unknown from the material, however, I think some of the readers will not like the thought of the above.
    1. Starfish
      Starfish 11 January 2014 10: 47
      "Some readers will not like the above."

      that's for sure, always is. many still believe that the revolution of the beginning of the century turned out for good purposes. but this is not so, at least the leadership of all these revolutionaries did not set such goals for themselves.
      and if something good happened in practice later, it was thanks to the strength of our people, and in spite of all these revolutionaries
      1. cenych
        cenych 12 January 2014 11: 58
        Strange thinking: the people did everything in spite of. Used by the liberals: the people created the USSR against the revolutionaries in spite of the fact that the people won the Great Patriotic War in Stalin despite the etc.
        Revolutions never happen from scratch, there are always reasons and prerequisites for them.
        1. vladkavkaz
          vladkavkaz 12 January 2014 19: 19
          The famous English intelligence officer George Hill in his autobiographical book “My Spying Life” tells who made fake documents about the financing of the Bolsheviks by the Germans. Hill spent almost two years in revolutionary Russia, beginning in the summer of 1917. He was an ardent anti-communist and participated in several conspiracies against Soviet power. So there is no reason to suspect Hill of sympathizing with the Bolsheviks.

          The initiator of the legend that the Bolsheviks, in particular Lenin, were agents of Germany, became Minister of Arms of France Albert Thome, and the developer and performer - the captain of French intelligence, Pierre Laurent. It was he who advocated in the summer of 1917 the idea of ​​the use by the Germans of the Bolsheviks and Lenin personally as "paid German agents." Boris Nikitin, the counterintelligence chief of the Provisional Government, helped him in disseminating this information.
          As one of the leaders of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, E. K. Breshko-Breshkovskaya, admitted in December 1917, financial injections from the United States into the Socialist Revolutionary Party amounted to about $ 2 million. This assistance was provided in the expectation that the Socialist-Revolutionaries launched large-scale anti-Bolshevik agitation. The Georgian Mensheviks lived on German money in 1917-1918 and on English in 1919-1921. In the Civil War, White armies were openly funded by the Entente.
      2. vladkavkaz
        vladkavkaz 12 January 2014 19: 11
        Judging by your comment, you don’t really understand history at all, and even if in the article everything is tied to Parvus, and even with a constant mention of alleged connection with Ulyanov, then it’s so easy for you to believe the product of stupidity, lies and simply lies of modernity into this murmur on the basis of long-dispelled myths.
        Where is the author of the opus of Trotsky’s affairs and his DIRECT, DIRECT connection with the same PARVUS?
        Or the author of the article and you, about Trotsky TABU
        , how about a provocateur in the RSDLP (b)? Taboo on what he was doing, how, and how he was done away with?
        Revolutions are being made from the outside? Wow ... and therefore the stealing royal power with all the princes and other aristocracy had nothing to do with it? One uncle Nicholas 2, the Fleet’s manager, Ksenia’s ballerina, how many pennies from the Fleet he stole, drank, ate, and ate about. ... al?
        And how many unfortunate industrialists have welded up on supplies of rotten boots, caps of small-sized ones? And on grain?
        And February happened before OCT?
        Yes, you have some kind of direct altkalendar, where everything is turned upside down and months are messed up.
      3. vladkavkaz
        vladkavkaz 12 January 2014 22: 29
        VI Lenin especially for you, the talker Starfish, wrote: "How to find the truth? Every rational person understands that ... in order to establish the truth, it is necessary ... to verify the facts and documents, to figure out for yourself whether there are testimonies of witnesses and whether these testimonies are true ... In order for this to be a true foundation, it is necessary to take not separate facts, but the whole set of facts related to the issue under consideration, without a single exception, because otherwise there will inevitably be a suspicion, and a well-founded suspicion that the facts are chosen or chosen arbitrarily, that instead of the objective connection and interdependence of historical phenomena in their entirety is presented “subjective cooking for justification, maybe dirty business. "
  2. avt
    avt 11 January 2014 10: 31
    Quote: makarov
    I didn’t find anything unknown from the material,

    request The ideological revolutionaries always had their own morality - everything that goes into the work of the revolution was useful and morally justified. And Parvus-Gelfand got Ulyanov-Lenin so hard that after he transferred him from Switzerland to St. Petersburg and the Bolsheviks took power, he sent Parvus a message asking him to participate in the government, that the revolution should be done with clean hands.
    1. makarov
      makarov 11 January 2014 11: 09
      Yeah, I’m right at the point ... in pain ... in my own lol .
  3. Gorinich
    Gorinich 11 January 2014 12: 07
    If, instead of the socialists, we insert "Muslim Brothers", then the scenario will not change. The only question is who people support ..
  4. stranik72
    stranik72 11 January 2014 13: 01
    In July 1903, the Second Congress of the RSDLP convened in Brussels (London) (they were divided into those who are ready for constitutional changes (Mensheviks) and those who are ready to shed a lot of blood (Bolsheviks), and even at the same time, Bronstein arrived Trotsky (with the task of organizing a revolution in the USA in the USA for sloth) and the same year the Russo-Japanese War began, all these are links of the same chain and the task of all kinds of Rockefellers and the like of the Anglo-Saxons was one destruction of Russia, which, in general, only bad luck happened in 1917, Stalin, and it was he who saved Russia through great blood at that time, but didn’t let us trample all this scum, only in 1991 there wasn’t any such thing, now what’s next?
    1. Khrushchev
      Khrushchev 11 January 2014 15: 16
      Quote: stranik72
      Stalin and it was he who during that period saved Russia and through great blood,

      Well, you are armored. And what was asked, Dzhugashvili was engaged in 1905. If I lost my memory, then I remind you - I mastered Schiff's money.
      1. 11 January 2014 16: 09
        Quote: Khrushchev
        And what is asked, Dzhugashvili did in 1905.

        Well, and enlighten, about I.V.Dzhugashvili - 1905? Do you have archives of the Baku and Tiflis police departments in your desk?
        Quote: Khrushchev
        If the memory is gone, then I remind you - I mastered Schiff's money.

        Zhovto-blakytny, let me remind you that Schiff's money you mentioned was "mastered" by completely different "Social Democrats" + "Socialist Revolutionaries". IV Dzhugashvili and Ter-Petrosyan Simon Arshakovich were engaged in self-supply "milking" other tycoons and periodically expropriated currency during "exs".
        1. tank 34
          tank 34 12 January 2014 19: 52
          Tell someone Khrushchev are you a fan of bald maize ????
    2. cenych
      cenych 12 January 2014 11: 42
      Quote: stranik72
      which in general happened in 1917, it’s just bad luck, Stalin, and it was he who saved Russia through great blood at that time, but didn’t let us trample all this scum, only in 1991 this wasn’t found, now we’ll see what farther?

      It's funny, that's just the founder of the USSR - Lenin, promoted Stalin - Lenin, who was Stalin in the 17th year?
  5. crest
    crest 11 January 2014 13: 03
    Money, organizational assistance, documents, it certainly helped a lot, but the author did not indicate the main thing. The revolutionaries had the greatest social base that tsarism itself created. Poverty of the main part of the population, the wildest exploitation of workers, the unresolved land issue, the lack of social elevators, ministers and special services are always gnawing between the slab and inside themselves, etc. etc. So, please, welcome to the basement of the Ipatiev House.
    By the way, the above factors of troubles do not resemble anything.
  6. berimor
    berimor 11 January 2014 14: 43
    Pay attention to what is happening in Ukraine today according to the same scenario. And the Western "democracies" are not satisfied with all this bacchanalia in Ukraine by any concern for the people of Ukraine, but, first of all, having the ultimate goal to bring discord into our Slavic brotherhood and thereby destroy our spirituality, unity and strength. The West sleeps and sees us as their slaves. Their age-old method - DIVIDE AND RULE - has worked more than once (the collapse of the USSR, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, etc.), and now it is especially targeted at Russia (and in this "noble" cause of theirs, Ukraine should play one of the main roles)
    People, be vigilant! Do not succumb to zombie broadcasts in the media, populist speeches of today's political dwarfs, do not believe their tales of instant rich life in the EU, no one is waiting for us there (for example, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece, etc.). We need them there as slaves !!!
    1. laurbalaur
      laurbalaur 17 January 2014 21: 40
      cuckoo dad!
  7. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 11 January 2014 14: 52
    The article is interesting.

    A lesson for any power: "A spark will kindle a flame!"


    But look: from a small group of revolutionaries (several tens) the revolutionary movement quickly grew. And in total - for 5 years (I think from 1900 to 1905).

    And this is with the then technologies of transmitting and posting information (newspapers, leaflets, letters).

    And now - after all, there is the Internet, TV, YouTube, Skype, social networks ...

    Maybe that’s why Islamic terrorism is so quickly emerging in our country that our special services have not taught history well?
  8. 11 January 2014 16: 24
    I apologize, gentlemen, comrades, that I am interrupting the thread of discussion, but vague doubts about the viability of our state agencies are evoking me while the State Bank of the Russian Federation is subordinate to the US Federal Reserve.
    Do you remember August 1991 in Moscow, when? took a truck (? several trucks?) loaded with money to support the so-called. "defenders of the white house" "? What "businessmen-defenders of democracy" suddenly decided to repeat the act of Kosma Minich (prasol from Nizhny Novgorod == 400 years ago)? Why, after 22 years have passed, we know nothing about these mysterious patrons? The people should know their "heroes"!
  9. dmb
    dmb 11 January 2014 18: 14
    There’s nothing to even comment on; Julius Streicher is resting. Mr. Shambarov’s delirium is so primitive that it seems as if stupid Zionists are at the head of the publication tomorrow.
    1. dmb
      dmb 12 January 2014 18: 06
      The absence of objections with the minuses indicates only that the opponents agree with me, but they just like my point of view.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 12 January 2014 20: 30
      Quote: dmb
      as if stupid Zionists are at the head of the publication tomorrow

      Have you met smart Zionists? Strange ?! Turn on the TV (zomboy) for a couple of hours. If you don’t understand, then for a couple of hours, but if you don’t understand at all, then don’t, don’t twitch, lie down, rest, take a sip from the “source of inspiration” gram-um-well, as much as you like, in one word and continue watching, and if it does not, then, contrary to the opinion of Professor Preobrazhensky from the story "A Dog's Heart" by MA Bulgakov, read an editorial from some central newspaper.
      1. dmb
        dmb 12 January 2014 22: 13
        Smart Zionists meet me regularly. Even on this site. Example, Mr. Satanovsky. But I was writing about the stupid. In the case of Mr. Shambarov, his clinical "masterpiece" was published by the stupid ones. True, I fully admit the thought that they were not Zionists, but neo-monarchists, which does not at all speak of their high intellectual abilities. Try to find at least one primary source to illustrate the "facts" to which Shambarov refers. At best, it will be a book by some Svanidze, in which you will naturally not find a single reference. Svanidze himself, for obvious reasons, was not present during Schiff's conversations with the revolutionaries.
  10. stranik72
    stranik72 11 January 2014 18: 16
    Quote: Khrushchev
    Quote: stranik72
    Stalin and it was he who during that period saved Russia and through great blood,

    Well, you are armored. And what was asked, Dzhugashvili was engaged in 1905. If I lost my memory, then I remind you - I mastered Schiff's money.

    I feel sorry for you, however, as always, the whole liberal bastard at all times and on all sites, under the name Stalin, falls into a trance and can not even read what is written about the analysis, I am silent. So, once again, if there hadn’t been Stalin, then Russia, even in the form in which it exists now, didn’t think you would have been like Khrushche too — Hitler would have definitely solved your problem (and not only with the head) once and for all.
    1. invisibility
      invisibility 12 January 2014 11: 30
      This is called - not grateful descendants ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Danash I
    Danash I 11 January 2014 18: 39
    special services know. they know who pays them. at the highest level. at the lowest honestly plow. There are two truths, for the elite and the people. and they never get together.
  12. Tron
    Tron 11 January 2014 21: 13
    The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Zeligmanes, Goulds, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Vickers, Oppenheimers, Goldenbergs, Magnuses, Kans.

    "It would be necessary to collect them all,
    In one big herd
    And wipe it off the face of the earth with bombs! "(C)
  13. invisibility
    invisibility 12 January 2014 11: 28
    Strange and one-sided article. But was there an oppressed and impoverished peasantry? Internal contradictions, etc.? The leaf and pubic Russia, which was attacked by evil revolutionaries.