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12200 Project: Sobol Patrol Boat

Features and Purpose

Coast guard, search and rescue operations, protection of fish resources, patrols and customs operations. To improve ride quality and speed, the boat has bow and stern automatically controlled spoilers.

12200 Project: Sobol Patrol Boat

Base TTX

Displacement, tons - 57,
Maximum length, m - 27,96,
Width is greatest, m - 4,4,
Board height to upper deck, m - 3,27,
Maximum speed, knots - 47-50,
Navigation range at speed 40 knots., Miles - 500,
Fuel tank capacity, tons - 6,8,
Crew, pers. - 6,
The body and superstructure material is aluminum alloy.

Power plant:

The main engines are 2 diesel-gear units of Deutz TBD616V16 (1250-1360 kW). Two drives Arneson ASD14.

Auxiliary power plant - 2 AC Deutz (220 V / 50 Hz, 2 x 30 kW). Battery 12 / 24 B. Air conditioning system in residential premises and wheelhouse.

Navigation equipment:

Integrated navigation system ST60,
Location system VNTsU-UV450,
Communication system and transmission of commands.


The Vikhr-K missile and artillery complex, designed to destroy surface targets (patrol ships, boats), fixed and moving ground armored and unarmored targets (Tanks, BMP, BTR), as well as engineering structures (pillbox, buildings, bridges, ferries, etc.) and air targets (helicopters and planes), includes:
- 4 guided missiles "Whirlwind" (range of destruction to 10 km);
- One 30 mm AK-306 artillery launcher with 500 projectiles (strike range to 4 km);
- heat-television system and an artillery fire control system with an automatic tracking system.

14,5 mm naval thumb machinegun designed to destroy air, coastal and surface targets. PU provides destruction of surface and coastal targets at ranges up to 2000 m at altitudes up to 1500 m. Cartridges with B-32 armor-piercing and incendiary bullet, BZT armor-piercing tracer and instant-action incendiary bullet of MDZ are used for shooting at surface, coastal and air targets.

The lead patrol boat of the 12200 project was built in 2006 (No. 200) in the city and put into trial operation for a year by the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. According to the results of his tests, it was decided to launch the Sobol in a series of 30 units. In 2008, the first factory boat of this project was built - serial number 201. In 2009, 6 units were built - factory numbers 202-207. In 2010, the 2 boats of the 12200 project — 208 and 209 No. were launched, and the 3 boats, No. 210-212, were also laid. This is at the St. Petersburg "Almaz", in 2010, two more boats were supposed to be laid in the Vladivostok "Eastern Shipyard". The Black Sea Fleet received 5 units, the Baltic Fleet - one, for the Pacific Fleet build two boats.

Two boats were sold to Turkmenistan on the Caspian Sea.

In order to unify the "Sobol" in the future will replace boats of all projects of a similar class, which are in service with the border guards of the Russian Federation. For the Russian frontier guards, the Sobol is supplied in a version that has only a machine gun in service.

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  1. Max
    Max 23 March 2011 14: 53
    krasavec ...
  2. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 23 March 2011 16: 01
    For Russian border guards "Sobol" is supplied in a version armed only with a machine gun.
  3. Stavr
    Stavr 12 May 2011 10: 05
    Boat for the protection of Putin's dachas and palaces on the Black Sea. He can shoot fishing boats well. But the real missile and artillery boat Scorpio (project 12300) was ruined without releasing a single one!
    1. hwrts1133
      hwrts1133 27 August 2012 09: 17
      12300 and 12200 projects of different types of ships ... have you read the purpose of the Sobol in general? Try to stop a Japanese fast schooner with a Scorpion with a maximum speed of 38 knots.
    CARTRIDGE 30 August 2011 01: 18
    The main engines are 2 diesel-gear units of Deutz TBD616V16 (1250-1360 kW). Two drives Arneson ASD14.

    Auxiliary power plant - 2 AC Deutz (220 V / 50 Hz, 2 x 30 kW)
    Integrated navigation system ST60,
    Location system VNTsU-UV450,
    Communication system and command transmission-This is what turns out to be foreign accessories-not serious!
  5. UAZ Patriot
    UAZ Patriot 5 November 2011 19: 53
    I personally like the background of the last photo more)
  6. stakes
    stakes 29 June 2013 23: 34
    Quote: CARTRIDGE
    This is what turns out to be foreign accessories, not serious!

    I support! However, judging by the political situation, there will be no interruptions in import purchases for the next 5-6 years.
  7. stakes
    stakes 29 June 2013 23: 41

    I'm somewhat confused by the outboard steering system. It may require regular qualified prevention, which is quite difficult to carry out in teams with a tense moral and psychological climate. koly
  8. Basarev
    Basarev 7 October 2014 18: 02
    Not happy with one thing - a whole bunch of foreign components.
    Is there a consistent serial boat, but purely Russian?