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2013 year results: rearmament, cooperation and development

The year ends and it's time to sum it up. Over the year 2013 in strengthening the country's defense was made many steps of various kinds. The development and construction of new weapons and military equipment is continuing, defense enterprises are being updated, and soldiers and officers are participating in maneuvers. The state began to pay more attention to defense, which is expressed in various forms. For example, the total volume of contracts in the framework of the State Defense Order-2013 reached 1,45 trillion rubles, which is two-thirds more than last year.


The increase in allocations for upgrading weapons and equipment led to a corresponding change in the number of supplied equipment and systems. In 2013, great attention was paid to air defense. For this year alone, the aerospace defense forces received six divisions of the Triumph C-400 air defense system. To protect the troops on the march or in positions, the army received six Pantsir-S1 and 24 missile systems, the Tor-M1-2U complex, and the Tunguska combat vehicles, capable of attacking targets with cannons and missiles. .

2013 year results: rearmament, cooperation and development

In the summer of the outgoing year, deliveries of new equipment to the 107 th rocket brigade of the Eastern Military District were completed. This compound received several Iskander-M operational tactical missile systems. In the fall, the equipment of the same type was delivered to the 1 th rocket brigade of the Southern Military District. In early December, it became known about the delivery of Iskander-M complexes to units located in the Kaliningrad region, which was the reason for claims from several Eastern European states. Russia responded to these claims firmly and unequivocally, recalling that it has every right to place missiles and other military equipment anywhere on its territory.

For 2013, the ground forces received over 5200 vehicles of various models, as well as more 300 combat and auxiliary vehicles. Among them are 40 SAU Msta-S, 20 SAU Khost, more 90 MLRS Tornado and Grad, 54 BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, 12 combat vehicles of flamethrower BMO-T, etc. The ground forces will be able to use 16 Zoopark-1, 16 radio electronic warfare systems Leer-2, as well as 10 communication machines with Redut-2US equipment to support the combat work of other ground forces. It should be noted that most of the new combat vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation systems of the GLONASS system.

In 2013, the United Aircraft Corporation received several orders for 60 aircraft with a total value of 62 billion rubles. For comparison, 2012 aircraft were delivered as part of the State Defense Order 35, and next year the number of equipment ordered will reach one hundred. To date, all purchase orders aviation technicians are made.

In mid-December, the contract from 2008 was completed for the supply of X-NUMX Su-36 front-line bombers. Just a few days after that, the first aircraft built under last year’s contract were handed over to 34 on December. At the end of May, the 24 of the year the Ministry of Defense ordered the 2012 of the Su-92 aircraft. The first two bombers of this type have already been transferred to the customer. Ahead of the schedule, an order for the supply of 34 Su-12C fighters was completed. In addition, the Air Force received or should in the very near future get 35 fighters Su-8CM, 30 combat training aircraft Yak-12 and one transport An-130-140. Several dozen different types of aircraft this year have been repaired.

As part of the state defense order-2013 went the construction and supply of helicopters. The Air Force received X-NUMX Ka-19 Alligator combat helicopters, eight Mi-52H, three Mi-28М, as well as three heavy transport Mi-35, five transport assault Mi-26AMTSH and seven Mi-8 with jamming equipment .

The outgoing year was the most productive in recent decades for the naval fleet. In 2013, 12 large and 43 small vessels were launched. The composition of the Navy was replenished with three and a half dozen warships, boats and vessels for various purposes.

Perhaps the main news of the outgoing year in the context of the military fleet is the adoption of two submarines of the 955 "Borey" project. The lead underwater bomber of this type began service in January, and in December the transfer of the first production submarine “Alexander Nevsky” to the fleet took place. Unfortunately, while these submarines can not perform their main function, since the mass production of missiles for them has not yet gained the necessary pace. Moreover, the 6 of September during the testing of the Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine, the test launch of the P-30 Bulava rocket ended in an accident. As it turned out later, the incident was not the fault of any submarine equipment. However, the tests of the “Alexander Nevsky” and the new submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” were suspended, and next year additional tests of the new rocket will be conducted.

In mid-May, the Baltic Fleet received the 20380 project Corvette “Boiky”. Two such ships are already being operated by Baltic seamen, and another one will be commissioned next year. Within a few years, the Russian Navy will receive eight 20380 corvettes. In the near future, two small rocket ships of the 21631 project will be transferred to the Caspian Flotilla. The ships "Grad Sviyazhsk" and "Uglich" complete the tests and will soon join the flotilla.

This year the first full life cycle contracts were concluded. Quite a long time ago, the Ministry of Defense proposed a new system of contracts with manufacturers of armaments and military equipment, and now this proposal has reached implementation in practice. The full life cycle contract implies that the enterprise-manufacturer of the equipment will not simply transfer the products to the customer and forget about it, but will maintain, repair and, at the end of its service life, will utilize it. Among the first organizations to sign such contracts are the Aviastar-SP aircraft factory in Ulyanovsk, the KamAZ automobile plant and the Zelenodolsk shipbuilding plant.

The pace of construction and supply of new weapons and military equipment, as well as defense spending, is constantly increasing. Before 2020, it is planned to spend on rearming the army and developing the defense industry over 20 trillion rubles. This is expected to help significantly increase the combat capability of the armed forces. By the end of the current state armament program, the share of the new weapons and technology must exceed 75%. In some combat arms, this goal will be achieved already in the middle of the decade.

Military technical cooperation

The main news of the year in the field of military-technical cooperation related to the navy. On October 15, French shipbuilders launched the first landing craft of the Mistral type, intended for the Russian Navy. Construction of the ship "Vladivostok" began in February last year, and the transfer to the customer is scheduled for the autumn of 2014. In the summer of this year, a second ship, the Sevastopol, was laid at the French shipyard. Until next fall, he will be on the stocks. Acceptance of the second ship in the Russian Navy is scheduled for 2015 year. Both ships of the Mistral type will serve in the Pacific Fleet. Despite numerous disputes, which began even before the laying of the first ship and are still ongoing, the construction of the Mistral assault landing force is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and important projects in modern stories domestic navy.

In the case of landing ships "Vladivostok" and "Sevastopol" Russia acts as a customer. On November 16, the signing of the acceptance certificate ended the execution of another contract, under which our country was a performer. The tests of the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, ordered by India, were completed in the autumn. Almost ten years ago, India bought the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Gorshkov from Russia and ordered its modernization. It should be noted that it was originally planned to finish all the work back in 2008, however, a number of technical and production problems led to a shift in the ship's transfer dates. For example, in 2012, the brickwork of several boilers collapsed during sea trials, which caused them to fail. Repair and subsequent tests took several months, because of which the ship was handed over to the customer only in the autumn of this year. By the end of January, the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya should arrive at the duty station.

Over the course of 2013, news reports repeatedly appeared about the possible signing of an export contract with China. Official Beijing expressed a desire to acquire a number of Su-35C fighters and initiated the start of negotiations on this issue. During this year there were several reports about the possible timing of the signing of the contract and the start of the supply of equipment. However, the agreement has not yet been concluded, and in early November it became known that the Russian side is not yet ready to sell new aircraft because of some temporary technical problems. It will take two to three years to eliminate them. The nature of the problems was not reported. Probably, in the foreseeable future, China will not be able to acquire Su-35С fighters, but the possibility of such a deal in the second half of this decade cannot be ruled out.

Another controversial topic of the outgoing year was the possible purchase by Russia of United 40 unmanned aerial vehicles developed by ADCOM Systems (United Arab Emirates). The Russian military first became acquainted with this technique at the beginning of the year, during the IDEX-2013 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, and showed some interest in them. In the summer there were rumors about the upcoming purchase of a United 40 model UAV for testing at Russian test sites. In early December, new information appeared, according to which, in addition to the United 40, Russia can acquire several UAVs of the Global Yabhon model. Official information on such transactions is not yet available. The topic of a possible purchase of UAVs from a company from the UAE attracted attention for several reasons. First of all, for the reason that ADCOM Systems cannot be called a world leader in the creation and construction of unmanned vehicles. She still has not signed a single contract for the supply of its products to foreign countries. The interest on the part of the Russian military (if it really was) in this case looks ambiguous.

The development of the armed forces

In 2013, the restructuring and development of the armed forces continued. One of the most notable decisions related to the structure of the army was the return of the divisions. The new leadership of the Ministry of Defense, headed by S. Shoigu, decided to abandon the recently introduced brigades. Some units are again reorganized from brigades to divisions. In addition, Kantemirovskaya was recreated in parts of the Moscow Region tank and the 2nd Guards Motorized Rifle Taman Division, several years former brigades. In the future, the military department intends to continue the reformation of the brigades and the reconstruction of the divisions.

In mid-February, the troops of the Central Military District were alerted. After a break of two decades, a sudden test of readiness took place. In July, the troops of the Eastern Military District were attracted to similar training events, and in October, an inspection of the combat readiness of the nuclear forces, aerospace defense forces and long-range aviation was conducted. Sudden checks are arranged to assess the real combat readiness of the troops. During the inspections of this year, it was possible to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of these or other units. From the results of past checks have already made the necessary conclusions. It is alleged that in the future the Ministry of Defense will continue to organize such events.

An interesting innovation of this year was the scientific company. Already formed four such units, the purpose of which is to conduct various research projects. Talented students and graduates of higher educational institutions are credited to scientific companies. Like other soldiers, the military personnel of these units undergo the course of a young fighter and learn to handle weapons or equipment, but their main task is to conduct various scientific works. Now there are about 180 people in scientific companies, and in the future it is possible to create new units of this kind. It is expected that the creation of scientific companies will allow students and young specialists to spend a year in the army without loss of study or professional scientific activity, as well as help the defense sector of science and industry with new ideas and developments.

Near term

At the request of the military, the defense industry has several projects that aim to create new weapons and equipment. These projects are at different stages, but they are already attracting the attention of the interested public and specialists.

One of the most famous promising projects is the PAK FA (“Advanced Aviation Complex of Frontal Aviation”) developed by Sukhoi, whose goal is to create a fifth-generation fighter. For 2013 year Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant. Yu.A. Gagarin built the fifth flight prototype of the T-50. In the foreseeable future, state tests of the new fighter should begin. Its adoption, according to the latest data, will take place in 2016 year. Simultaneously with the testing and fine-tuning of the T-50, work is underway to create its export version, called FGFA. The development of this fighter is being conducted jointly with India. According to some reports, FGFA will be a combat training double version of the basic T-50.

Another project of the aircraft of the future is currently being created for long-range aviation and is called the PAK DA (“Advanced Aviation Complex of Long-Range Aviation”). The PAK DA program is still in preparation for the design. According to the latest information, the development of a technical project will begin next year, and the first flight of a new long-range bomber will take place at the end of the current decade.

In September, 2013, Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government, O. Bochkarev, promised that on May 9, in the Victory Parade, new Armata tanks would take part. A new combat vehicle is being created by Uralvagonzavod since 2015, and is one of the most mysterious developments of the domestic defense industry. Even three years after the start of work, there is no official information about the appearance or characteristics of this tank. However, at the end of August, photos from the closed part of the exposition of the Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense exhibition were published. These photos captured several combat vehicles based on a single platform. It is unknown how much the mockups look like a real tank and other equipment based on the Armata platform.

In 2015, the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern plans to complete the development of the new C-500 anti-aircraft missile system. Deliveries of serial equipment will begin a little later. As in the case of "Armata", information about the C-500 air defense system is extremely scarce and fragmentary. From the available information, it follows that the C-500 complex will be able to shoot down not only aerodynamic, but also ballistic targets, including warheads of medium and short-range missiles. There is reason to believe that the C-500 anti-aircraft system will be unified with the existing C-400 and will be able to use some of the existing types of missiles.

At the end of the decade, strategic rocket forces will begin using a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The product being developed in the framework of the Sarmat project is intended to replace the physically and morally obsolete R-36М2 Voyevoda missiles. The latter will be used until the beginning of the next decade, but a further extension of the service life is impossible. For this reason, the State Rocket Center. V.P. Makeeva is developing a new heavy-duty ICBM with liquid engines. Next year, the construction of a full-scale mockup of the Sarmat rocket will begin, after which preparation for the production of prototypes will begin. According to current plans, the new intercontinental missile will be put into service in the 2018-20 years.


It should be noted that not all supplies, activities and projects whose purpose is to upgrade and develop the Russian armed forces were mentioned above. Nevertheless, such an abbreviated listing of recent events and new projects allows us to come to positive conclusions. The history of our armed forces has ended a period of insufficient funding and, as a result, decline. Of course, there are still a lot of problems and there is something to strive for, but several important steps have already been taken towards a radical change in the situation.

Taking this opportunity, we should congratulate the military and defense industry workers on the success of this year and wish them to improve their achievements in the next 2014 year!

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  1. Predator-74
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    I hope in 2014 we will rejoice even more in success in improving the defense capability of our army !!!
    Happy New Year !!!
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      On a positive article, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Good luck to us and the country as a whole in the New Year!
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        Quote: Nikolai S.
        On a positive article, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Good luck to us and the country as a whole in the New Year!

        I am joining! This article once again proved that in our country everything is far from being as bad as some would like pseudopatriotam , and in the common people - to all-crawler ...

        Well, separately in sports, I would single out these wonderful girls at the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow. Who looked, he will understand me
        1. cdrt
          cdrt 31 December 2013 13: 59
          Quote: sledgehammer102
          Quote: Nikolai S.
          On a positive article, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Good luck to us and the country as a whole in the New Year!

          I am joining! This article once again proved that in our country everything is far from being as bad as some would like pseudopatriotam , and in the common people - to all-crawler ...

          Well, separately in sports, I would single out these wonderful girls at the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow. Who looked, he will understand me

          This is how the amount of hormones that are fed to athletes decreased, so surprisingly many beautiful athletes became laughing
          And ours - well done, and beautiful laughing
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      Only now I would put a minus to the author, but I do not want to do this. Mr. Ryabov, couldn’t it be possible to post another photo of Msta-s?
      The photo on the article has nothing to do with the Russian army and the equipment that it received (photo No. 2). In this photo, self-propelled guns MSTA-S acquired by Azerbaijan. In the photo, the military of Azerbaijan. hi
    4. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 31 December 2013 12: 41
      Official Beijing expressed a desire to acquire some amount Su-35С fighters ... the Russian side is not yet ready to sell new aircraft due to some temporary technical problems ... The nature of the problems has not been reported. Probably, in the foreseeable future, China will not be able to acquire Su-35С fighters ...

      ... because "a certain amount" means 3 - 5 pieces (for learning and copying).
      That's when they order about 300-500 pieces, that's when "some temporary technical problems" will end!
      For every tricky ... cork - its own corkscrew!
      1. sledgehammer102
        sledgehammer102 31 December 2013 13: 15
        Quote: Sacmagon
        For every tricky ... cork - its own corkscrew!

        Exactly, there is nothing to fuss with them on this issue, they want an advanced army, let them frankly roll away a couple of hundred lard for us for technology (with letter E) coupled with the acquisition of 200-300 machines, then we will talk.
    5. URAL72
      URAL72 31 December 2013 15: 51
      There were statements that the most massive deliveries of equipment to the troops are planned for 2015-2016. I hope that then the decline will not be significant, and Russia will remain at least the second military power in the world. All with the coming!
      1. CALL.
        CALL. 1 January 2014 06: 02
        Quote: URAL72
        Russia will remain at least the second military power in the world. All with the coming!

        Let's hope that it becomes the first. To succeed, the most important thing is to believe.
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    Good news, we hope that in 2014 we will increase our rearmament. Happy New Year RUSSIA !!!!!
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      Happy New Guys! Good luck to everyone in the New Year!

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    Definitely, this is a very interesting moment in time. Russia and its Army are at the moment of rethinking both their activities and their weapons. Not everything is working out, but there are already some successes. Now the main thing is not to lose the pace, but to increase it.
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    Leshka 31 December 2013 12: 15
    successful years of all with the upcoming good
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    Russ69 31 December 2013 12: 29
    It is worth mentioning the first show of the S-350 "Vityaz". Which in the 14th year will start testing and it seems like from 15-16 years it should go into the series.
    1. cdrt
      cdrt 31 December 2013 14: 01
      In my opinion, one mistake - it is written that 6 S-400 divisions have been delivered.
      It seems everywhere they wrote that 2 regiment sets were delivered.
      In previous years, it seems like the regiments with the S-400 had two divisions, not three.
      So it’s more likely that four divisions have been delivered
      1. just exp
        just exp 4 January 2014 11: 16
        The first regiment, armed with S-400 complexes, took up combat duty in 2007. It is located near the city of Elektrostal near Moscow. To date, five regiments of S-400 complexes have been formed in the Armed Forces of Russia: two in the Moscow Region, one each in the Baltic and Pacific Fleets, and one in the Southern Military District. Each regiment includes two S-400 divisions with eight launchers each.

        The delivery of anti-aircraft missile systems is carried out as part of the state arms program for 2011-2020. This document provides for the purchase of 28 regimental sets of S-400. Earlier it was reported that it is planned to deploy new anti-aircraft systems primarily in the coastal and border regions of Russia.

        but then there was more supply data and it was already a question of 7 regiment kompleks, but this could be an announcement, I can’t find the links.
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    The 20-year-old collapse of the army requires a higher rate of rearmament and training.
    But the fact that a positive trend has been outlined in resolving this issue inspires some optimism.
    Happy New Year!
    1. Current 72
      Current 72 2 January 2014 00: 45
      Well, what do you want, so much has been torn down over the years, and everything can be restored instantly, it doesn’t happen. And since there are positive changes, you need to be happy about it and restore, not only the military industry and the army, but the whole industry as a whole. happy new year 2014!
  15. CALL.
    CALL. 1 January 2014 05: 39
    The article is definitely a big plus.
    It seems that some have already been cured, and released from the madhouse.
    The leadership of the European Union needs to think about whether its actions with regard to Moscow are always correct. The Finnish President Sauli Niiniste made such an appeal. And his colleague from Switzerland, Weli Maurer, called the "pitiful" decision of a number of politicians to ignore the Sochi Olympics. Earlier, the president of Latvia, the Italian prime minister and the king of Sweden promised to visit Sochi.
  16. Zomanus
    Zomanus 1 January 2014 08: 44
    There is nothing about DV. Primorye, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands ... And yes, the news is good. Because there is no current percentage of new weapons in this news. There is no number of weapons that will be written off due to extreme obsolescence. You understand, if you push back the vigorous loaf, the current level of armament will allow us to die heroically in the event of war. And then only partisan war. Nothing is said about the radar coverage of the Russian Federation, there is nothing about the construction of bases under the same Mistral. What will you cover for borea on combat duty? Are airfields with bears and swans normally covered?
    1. Sergey Sitnikov
      Sergey Sitnikov 7 January 2014 03: 48
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    . They will start from the Baltic republics. The main thing is not oil and gas. Glane - the stability of the production of this gas and oil. Therefore, they will start from the northwestern military district. Do not be afraid - everyone has one life.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 1 January 2014 20: 42
      [[/ Center]
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 1 January 2014 20: 51
  18. Theophanes
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    Glory to Stalin !!!!!! Glory to those who go his way !!! Down with Yelshin, hunchbacked to the grave, Gaidrovites for a stake, Chubais for eggs and much further to the American owners
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    Good positive article !! Happy New Year to everyone !!!
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    But really a lot has been done in the military construction of the RF Armed Forces! And it is growing. Glad for Russia!
  21. Engineer
    Engineer 3 January 2014 15: 23
    Big breakthroughs in the field of armaments and military equipment will be in 2014-2015. Firstly, at the end of 2014, a number of fundamental OCDs are completed (for example, Typhoon-U and Typhoon-K, electronic warfare and aerospace defense).
    Secondly, in May 2015, unique models of weapons and military equipment will be shown to the general public, about which the media do not yet know or write. Not single weapons and military equipment will be shown .... with excellent performance characteristics and new combat capabilities ..... So in 2014-2015 there will be something to discuss not only on Internet forums, but also military academies and military schools. For 2015-2016, the development engineers of the military-industrial complex of Russia will have to develop and create new training complexes for the development of a new type of military equipment, put simulators in academies and schools, train cadets to work, and military specialists work out the tactics and strategy of combat employment of new types of military equipment .. ...
    Happy New Year 2014 !
    1. aleksandrs95
      aleksandrs95 4 January 2014 01: 52
      I hope we get not the first or second, but the most toothy army in the world from most hypothetical threats. In the current economic conditions, we must not reduce the number, but with the possibility of projecting to remote areas of the world.
  22. ilya_oz
    ilya_oz 3 January 2014 23: 47
    For this reason, other figures for the delivered planes are indicated in this article.
    Happy New Year to all!
  23. ilya_oz
    ilya_oz 3 January 2014 23: 48
    For this reason, other figures for the delivered planes are indicated in this article.
    Happy New Year to all!
  24. just exp
    just exp 4 January 2014 11: 18
    and this is just the beginning. keep it up.
  25. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 7 January 2014 03: 53
    Quote: ilya_oz
    For this reason, other figures for the delivered planes are indicated in this article.
    Happy New Year to all!

    We read not only we stand and confuse the adversary
  26. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 7 January 2014 03: 57
    but I liked it more about Sarmat - the name is also evil, like the voivode, and the mace))), and they all have a breakthrough (as in the song) "the best friends of all Russians are ICBMs!
    Although if I were allowed to name an elusive rocket))))) I would call a Sledgehammer - did anyone see a sledgehammer flying on a long wooden handle?
  27. Kasupogatr
    Kasupogatr 16 January 2014 14: 05
    Well, the West has already recognized that we again became the leaders of the military submarine fleet. Soon we will complete another couple of modern underwater cruisers and several frigates and corvettes - this will be a serious application for power on the seas and oceans. Little by little, we restore our former power!
    In aviation, there are also shifts. New SU-34, SU-35, MIGs slowly but steadily fill the Air Force.
    There are good news in the radar and electronic warfare, let's hope that in 10 years we will again have no equal.