Tank "Mouse" - Hitler's favorite brainchild


Hitler's favorite offspring, the largest mass tank ever, was embodied in metal (188 tons is the battle mass), Maus (also known as Porsche 205 or Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus) was designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche.

Tank "Mouse" - Hitler's favorite brainchild

History tank You can start with the meeting that Hitler held on July 8.07.1942, 150. The meeting was attended by Professor F. Porsche and A. Speer, and the Führer instructed them to begin work on the “breakthrough tank” with the maximum possible armor protection and which would be armed with a 128 mm caliber gun. or XNUMXmm.

Several companies took part in the creation of the tank: the Krupp company produced the turret and the hull, Daimler-Benz was in charge of the propulsion system, and Siemens produced transmission elements. The tank assembly itself was carried out at the Alkett plant.

The tank was executed at a high, for its time, technological level. So, in it was used multi-coil chassis and caterpillars 1,1 meter wide. This chassis design provided the machine with a specific ground pressure, which did not greatly exceed the performance of serial heavy tanks. One of the main features of the tank was two-gun armament, powerful circular armor and an electromechanical independent transmission for the right and left tracks.

The tank crew consisted of 5 people: three in the turret, and two in the front, in the control compartment.

14 May 1943, Hitler was presented with a full-sized wooden mock "Mouse".
In December, the first prototype of the tank, which was equipped with a Daimler-Benz CF 1943 aircraft engine and a wooden turret, entered the sea trials. After quite satisfactory results of sea trials, a set of internal equipment and a real turret were installed for the vehicle. Another prototype was equipped with a Daimler-Benz CF 509 diesel engine. However, it turned out that he was capricious and unreliable in operation.

The Maus project, which was developed by Ferdinand Porsche, was only partially implemented in August 1944 of the year. Two prototypes of the Maus tank (205 / 2 and 205 / 1) were built.
All work on the production of 10 serial machines was discontinued at the end of 1944, on the personal instructions of Hitler. Germany had an acute shortage of production capacity and raw materials for the production of main types of weapons.

Combat use tanks "Maus" not found. Prototypes were blown up by the Germans at the approach of the Red Army. 21 April 1945, in the area of ​​the railway station in Kumersdorf, our troops captured a half-destroyed 205 / 2 tank.

In 1945, parts of the tanks were transported to Stetin, then they were taken by ferry to Leningrad and further to Kubinka, to the tank test site. In Kubinka from parts that have been preserved, one tank was assembled. In 1951-52, this tank was tested by firing on an artillery range.

Currently, the tank "Maus" is an exhibit in Kubinka, in the Museum of Armored Forces, and consists of the 205 / 2 turret and the 205 / 1 hull.


Tank maus
Classification super heavy tank
Combat weight t 188
Layout diagram front control compartment, engine in the middle, combat rear
Crew 5 people.

Years of production 1942 — 1945
Number of issued, pcs. 2 (fully built) + 9 (at the factory in various stages of completion)
Basic Operators

Length with a gun forward, mm 10200
Case width mm 3630
Height, mm 3710
Clearance, mm 500

Armor type steel cast and rolled surface hardened
Forehead of the body (top), mm / city. 200 / 52 °
The forehead of the body (bottom), mm / city. 200 / 35 °
Board of the case (top), mm / city. 185 / 0 °
Board of the case (bottom), mm / city. 105 + 80 / 0 °
Housing feed (top), mm / city. 160 / 38 °
Housing feed (bottom), mm / city. 160 / 30 °
Bottom, mm 55 — 105
The roof of the body, mm 50-105
Front of the tower, mm / deg. Xnumx
The mask of the gun, mm / city. 100-220
Board towers, mm / city. 210 / 30 °
The feed of the tower, mm / city. 210 / 15 °
The roof of the tower, mm 65

Caliber and brand of gun 128 mm KwK.44 L/55,
75-mm KwK40 L / 36
Type of gun rifled
Barrel length, calibers 55 for 128 mm,
36,6 for 75-mm
Gun ammunition 61 × 128 mm,
200 × 75-mm
Angles VN, deg. —7 ... + 23
Periscopic sights TWZF
Machine guns 1 × 7,92-mm

Engine Type V-Shaped
12-cylinder turbocharged liquid-cooled turbocharger
Engine power, l with. 1080 (first instance) or 1250 (second instance)
Highway speed, km / h 20
Cruising on highway, km 186
Specific Power, l s / t 5,7 (first instance) or 6,6 (second instance)
Suspension type interlocked in pairs, on vertical springs
Ground pressure, kg / cm² 1,6
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  1. turnip
    24 March 2011 13: 42
    Leopard 3-Postnikov's dream fellow lol
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    24 March 2011 15: 03
    Postnikov - bizarre, lazy shaker and populis
  3. 0
    24 March 2011 16: 26
    Highway speed, km / h 20
    Cruising on highway, km 186
    Combat weight t 188

    even 3 of these parameters makes the tank unpromising
    1. aironfirst
      10 February 2012 18: 16
      I agree to all 100%, the tank is nothing, and nirazu is not a "breakthrough tank"
      perhaps it could be used as a moving firing point in some fortified area
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      April 21 2020 10: 10
      the tank needs to be used as a wall))))
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    25 December 2011 20: 41
    while this fool reaches her, any monster will burn a hammer cocktail for example bully
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      April 21 2020 10: 13
      the fire simply cannot burn the mouse. firstly armor, and in 2 if the crew is not stupid then put out the fire
  5. -1
    30 December 2011 23: 08
    Mouse means little mouse, with a weight of almost 200 tons, the name is quite humorous. The creation of such "stillborn monsters" proves the adventurous nature of Hitler's regime, as, for example, the attack on the USSR was also a gamble. Although, for the sake of justice, we must admit that there was a similar "creation" in the Soviet Union, for example, a land battleship based on the KV-tank 1, about three of its lengths, which was even made in triplicate, but none could even reach the front line, one overturned on a slope, the second broke in two when crossing the ravine, the third was considered more prudent to return back, and its designer shoot as an enemy of the people. And rightly so!
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      April 21 2020 10: 09
      mouse-mouse, there is another tank called mouse
  6. ADGH122
    12 September 2012 10: 47
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      25 October 2013 09: 54
      A very revealing story - the Fuhrer gigantomania deplorably affected the army
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      give me 5 too