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Shadow sides of electronic warfare

Shadow sides of electronic warfareThe realization of the achievements of the next (fifth) technological order in the life of the modern world community led to the enormous scale of the introduction of information and telecommunication technologies in almost all spheres of human activity. The massive introduction of IT-technology products is an obvious fact of technical progress that deserves the highest marks. The success of their use in non-military areas due to large-scale mass production of IT tools, a high level of competitive environment, unification and standardization, and a gradual reduction in price was an unconditional factor in their attractiveness for use in the military sphere.

Military control and communications systems over the last generation of their development are based on technologies developed by the telecommunications market, taking into account the requirements for protection class, technical specifications for the combat use of these weapons at an armored base, in combat aviationOn navy, with an element base that can withstand the conditions of combat operation. Volumes of production of IT products for public and commercial purposes significantly (by orders of magnitude) exceed the volume of IT products for military purposes.

Considering that of the ten largest transnational corporations in the world in the IT field, eight TNCs belong to the United States (the ninth and tenth TNCs - Sony, Samsung), while creating a super-profitable and high-tech industry, the US IT industry was able to influence the economic development of the world.

Maintaining this influence is imposed through a variety of tools in the form of theories and concepts such as "post-industrial information community", various kinds of "information wars", "information operations", "the struggle for information superiority" and the like.


In this, with historical point of view, there is nothing fundamentally new, humanity has used such tools as methods of misinformation, misrepresentation, direct deception and distortion of information, in its development more than once. The novelty is that the US IT industry has created and owns giant global services for the reproduction and dissemination of information, data and large-scale operational actions with them. The task of the rest of the world, according to the United States, is to participate in this, buy continuously updated IT products, follow the technological logic of the US IT industry, ensure its super-profitability, invest in its development with its own resources and its “brains” of offshore programming, supporting the illusions of the information community, Consuming US IT industry products. The unfairness of the situation lies in the fact that the US leadership, the US IT industry, in fact, single-handedly saddled the modern, “fifth” technological structure, removed the main profits from it, leaving the rest of the world, including the rest of the world applied science, to understand and master the innovations of IT- US industry.

Against this background, the development of tactics of actions of forces and means of electronic warfare (EW), forces and means of electronic suppression (REB) as an integral part of EW.

REB systems are functionally divided into suppression systems:

- radio electronic means (RES) of control systems weapons;
- control systems, communication systems;
- navigation systems, identification "friend or foe".

The problem of the suppression of weapons control systems is the participation of special means of REP in solving dueling tasks, such as, for example, “aircraft — anti-aircraft missile of the air defense system”, “aircraft — ground radar”, “ship — anti-ship missile”, “troop column on the march - radio-controlled mine of the enemy ". This is an independent branch of the development of REB assets as an integral part of onboard weapon systems. The main focus in the “information confrontation” plan is to solve the tasks of suppressing the radio communication system with the forces and means of the radio-electronic circuit as a system-forming component of troop control.

With the expansion of ideas about the role and importance of electronic warfare, the solution of the problems of radio electronic communication systems was aimed at achieving the following goals (in order of evolutionary development):

- REB in order to delay the passage of individual control signals, signals for the introduction of alert levels, combat signals on the battlefield, individual messages in the form of orders, instructions, reports, etc .;
- REP for the purpose of delaying certain volumes of information flows of messages, aimed at increasing the duration of the enemy command and control cycles so that they exceed the corresponding control cycles of our troops in duration;
- REB for the purpose of violation, disruption of control of the enemy's forces due to the massive use of REB means while ensuring comparable quantitative ratios — repressed RES / REB assets.

The issue of achieving these goals was not always commensurate with the technological capabilities of REB facilities, with ensuring an acceptable quantitative ratio of oppressed enemy's RESs and REB facilities, with the lack of real combat experience in using REB facilities and systems in military operations (accordingly, there are no real conclusions and recommendations in future conflicts and wars). And also, despite the declarativeness of statements about the desire to conduct an “information war”, this problematic is aggravated by the practical lack of methods and metrics for assessing the reduction in command awareness, enemy headquarters as a result of the suppression of its communication systems.


At first glance, the suppression of troop control systems by affecting radio communications at command and control facilities or at controlled sites is a very attractive and promising task for achieving radio electronic warfare objectives and, as a result, warfare. Is it really, try to understand and evaluate.

The solution of the seemingly simple task of suppressing the enemy’s radio communication systems in the modern era has created a number of technological, organizational and ethical “details”, seriously distorting the seemingly obvious success in dealing with a likely adversary by suppressing the RES of its command and control systems. This confidence, confidence in the apparent success of the suppression of the electronic systems of the enemy’s command and control systems, is the basis for believing in the idea of ​​EWR as a kind of “miracle weapon” capable of causing serious damage to the enemy, economically and inexpensively, commensurate with the damage caused by fire weapons. To do this, it is necessary to create such a density of REB assets, such a ratio of forces by means of REBs to radio communications equipment, so that the enemy would have to suppress most of the radio communications equipment and would inevitably refuse to engage in hostilities or admit defeat. This idea so firmly captured the minds of military theorists that in the era of mass armies in 70 – 80-ies of the last century, the idea arose of creating EW divisions, which, fortunately, was not brought to practical implementation. But the creation of EW brigades, and behind them, EW troops in our time was crowned with success. Apparently, now this ridiculous phenomenon must be considered a breakthrough for military science, for operational art and strategy. Moreover, an idea emerged about the possibility of intimidating a real enemy or formations in rebel territories by the use of REP forces. This idea was reflected in the proposal of such a method as “demonstrative actions” of the REP forces.

Indeed, demonstrative actions of combat forces, fleet forces, and aviation are carried out with the aim of misleading the enemy with the implementation of measures to conceal, imitate, and disinformation. However, demonstrative actions of the forces and means of REB, taking into account their “negative” vitality, according to the classics of psychiatry, have all the signs of a suicidal behavior model. The use of REB facilities directly in hostilities causes an appropriate operational response of the opposing side to detect powerful emitting means of REB and their fire suppression. The risks of using REP funds are very high. The lifetime of these means is limited to almost instantaneous response time of electronic intelligence systems and means of defeating the enemy. And this means that the losses in the REP stations and in their service personnel will be maximum. Active agents of REP become disposable by the possibilities of their use.

For comparison, we note that the functional purpose of the US Armed Forces REP is to administer (regulate) the electromagnetic spectrum in hostilities - Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, which, by analyzing the experience of real use of EW in US conflicts in local conflicts, consists in conducting administrative measures throughout electromagnetic frequency spectrum. These include the ability to carry out electronic impact (Electronic Attack), electronic protection (Electronic Protection) and the provision of electronic warfare (Electronic Warfare Support).


The US EW activities in modern conditions, unlike what they write in their own guiding documents, are in fact not focused on the duel confrontation of radio-electronic means and systems (the so-called informational confrontation), but on preventive measures for stripping the entire radio frequency spectrum from all radiation of artificial origin, accounting for natural radiation and preventing the enemy's radio station from broadcasting with the start of hostilities. The resource of EW forces and facilities in the US military is huge. In reality, before the outbreak of hostilities, the entire electromagnetic frequency spectrum is “burned out” for several days, and later on it is distributed between its RES. Thus, the problem of choosing free frequencies, electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic devices, suppressing “unnecessary” emitters directly during combat operations is largely solved. This is evidenced by the experience of events in the Middle East with the participation of US troops. In 1982, two days before the landing of the US Marine Corps in Lebanon, an operation was carried out to completely suppress the radio frequency spectrum in the region. Before the ground phase of the Desert Storm operation, massive suppression was carried out throughout the frequency spectrum for two days too, at the same time the control and communication systems of the then Transcaucasian Military District were suppressed, and the electromagnetic field itself created by means of the USA REP was noted at the latitude of Voronezh. That is, informally, the main purpose of the US EW is to create favorable conditions for the operation of its own radio-electronic means in the combat zone.


The breakthrough achievements of scientific and technical ideas of the past two decades have allowed for the creation of a whole range of information and communication systems that fundamentally changed the face of the information space, management systems for complex technical and infrastructure facilities, including those containing potentially dangerous threats (nuclear power plants, hydrotechnical facilities, chemical industry enterprises). , air and sea ports). The same list of objects also contains potentially vulnerable global air and sea traffic management systems, public life support agencies, such as fire and ambulance services, rescue services, law and order, electricity, food supplies and fresh water.

Violations, obstacles in their functioning can lead to catastrophic consequences and unpredictable disasters of a humanitarian order. And the reason for the occurrence of such violations can be the massive use of EW tools, especially in local focal conflicts unfolding in highly urbanized areas, urban guerrilla warfare, when hostilities and everyday civil life can take place on neighboring streets in neighboring neighborhoods. In this case, the civilian population and its life support system may suffer damage from the suppression of personal multimedia facilities, networks that are practically the same as those of military radio communication systems (results of dual-use technologies). Under these conditions, the use of REPs literally turns into a weapon of mass destruction. Understanding this forces the US command to pay more attention to the information impact on the population of the territories under its control as a more effective and less detrimental to the general-purpose telecommunications space.

In modern reality, the emergence and distribution of EW systems and tools initiates a number of difficult problems, each of which has not yet been completely resolved. From a military point of view, low survivability, “one-time use” of the use of REB funds raises the question of the cost of their use, REB funds are expensive products, and they cannot be attributed to expendables in case of hostilities. The next problem is the lack of clear ideas about the projection of the suppression of the communication space systems to reduce the potential and capabilities of the information space. There are no relevant information metrics capable of assessing the after-effects of using REB on the content side of the information space, so far, if we do not take into account various statistical estimates for time delays. Since the telecommunications space, due to the unity of the technological basis, provides its resources both for military control systems, communications and navigation, as well as for global, regional and municipal systems of air and sea transport management, life support systems, indiscriminateness, erroneous actions of forces and means lead to disastrous consequences. If we add to this the lack of control over the proliferation of REB funds, the question arises of the possibility of using REB tools for terrorist purposes, and the consequences of uncontrolled use of REB may be comparable to the consequences of the use of weapons of mass destruction.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 22 December 2013 07: 53
    I would like to think that after the suppression of systems in the Russian Federation during Operation Desert Storm, appropriate conclusions were drawn, and countermeasures were used, otherwise right, as always, ... "we were not ready"
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 22 December 2013 08: 25
      After "Storm in the Desert" the Russian Federation had no time to develop anything. We lagged behind until 1991, and even more so now. Or you need to catch up at any cost or EAT !!!
      1. komel
        komel 22 December 2013 14: 50
        In addition to explosive magnetic devices, there are EMR emitters of directional and omnidirectional action, using various antenna devices as the radiating part. These are no longer disposable devices. They can be used at a considerable distance. They are divided into stationary, mobile and compact portable. Powerful stationary emitters of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, require the construction of special structures, high-voltage generator sets, large-sized antenna devices. But their capabilities are very significant. Mobile emitters of ultrashort EMP with a maximum repetition rate of up to 1 kHz can be placed in vans or caravans. They also have a significant range and sufficient power for their tasks. Portable devices are most often used for various tasks of ensuring security, disabling communications, reconnaissance and explosive devices at short distances.

        At the LIMA-2001 exhibition in Malaysia (2001), Russia demonstrated a working model of the Ranets-E combat EMR generator. According to Rosoboronexport, they allow hitting guidance systems and electronic equipment of high-precision munitions and guided missiles at a distance of up to 10 km in a 60-degree sector .

        A little more should be said about the means of electronic countermeasures.
        All-Russian Research Institute “Gradient” serially produces a jamming station for SPR-2 “Mercury-B” projectiles and missiles, made on the basis of the armored personnel carrier and nominally armed. Similar devices are produced by Minsk "KB RADAR". And since up to 80% of western field artillery shells, mines, and unguided rockets and almost all high-precision munitions are now equipped with radio fuses, these fairly simple means make it possible to protect troops from defeat, including directly in the zone of contact with the enemy.

        Studying the effect of powerful microwave radiation from the ground on airborne objects (targets), specialists of the Almaz-Antey air defense group unexpectedly received local plasma formations that were obtained at the intersection of radiation fluxes from several sources. Upon contact with these formations, air targets underwent enormous dynamic overloads and collapsed. The coordinated work of microwave sources made it possible to quickly change the focus point, that is, to retarget at great speed or to accompany objects of almost any aerodynamic characteristics. Experiments have shown that the impact is effective even on ICBM combat units. In fact, this is no longer even a microwave weapon, but military plasmoids.

        1. komel
          komel 22 December 2013 15: 00
          It is assumed that the EMP weapon will become part of the North Korean “cyber war,” which will mainly be aimed at collecting intelligence by hacking South Korean computer systems and devices.

          The National Intelligence Service of South Korea has information that North Korea acquired this weapon in Russia, and is currently developing its own version. Speaking about the supply of arms from Russia to the territory of North Korea, as well as about our own project, a general nature is implied.
        2. saber1357
          saber1357 23 December 2013 00: 00
          Look for the word "one time .." in the article. The author of the article, most likely, had something else in mind: an overly active emitting device (like the one in the picture above) will be "disposable" in the sense that it is easily direction finding (just by the radiation power and by the spectrum, it is not entirely random) and is covered, for example, by a missile strike. In this sense, portable "jammers" are very interesting - try notching 100 of these backpacks in the area of ​​100 km
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 22 December 2013 14: 43
      Quote: makarov
      In reality, before the outbreak of hostilities, the entire electromagnetic frequency spectrum is “burned out” for several days, and then it is distributed between its RES.

      Well, yes ... a burner is inserted in one place and burned out.

      It seems that they are discussing serious topics, and the author poses such nonsense. The maximum that this American burner can do is to suppress signals at a certain frequency in some local area. The fact that here we are told about total burning out is idiocy of a higher order.
      1. makarov
        makarov 22 December 2013 18: 19
        Demetrios !!
        Have you tackled your tricks again?
        Again, ascribe to me the comments of others,
        Do you have paranoia ??
        1. Geisenberg
          Geisenberg 23 December 2013 04: 20
          Quote: makarov
          Demetrios !!
          Have you tackled your tricks again?
          Again, ascribe to me the comments of others,
          Do you have paranoia ??

          I’m not a shy cat for you. Pick up the words.

          I comment on the tablet is very inconvenient to do the editing.
    3. Airman
      Airman 22 December 2013 16: 17
      Quote: makarov
      I would like to think that after the suppression of systems in the Russian Federation during Operation Desert Storm, appropriate conclusions were drawn, and countermeasures were used, otherwise right, as always, ... "we were not ready"

      The author has read translated articles from American sources. He forgot the most important thing, not only the enemy's RTS are choking, but also his own, which are even closer. So suppression in a wide spectrum of frequencies, rather than narrowly targeted, is fraught. The only thing true is that they will be destroyed in the first place.
    4. Army1
      Army1 22 December 2013 20: 52
      Quote: makarov
      I would like to think that after the suppression of systems in the Russian Federation during Operation Desert Storm,

      For more details please.
  2. the polar
    the polar 22 December 2013 08: 49
    over the course of several days, the entire electromagnetic frequency spectrum is “burned out”, and in the future it is distributed between its RES.
    Don't understand what it means "burned out"? That the radiation power in a wide spectrum of frequencies is so great that it burns out the element base in the enemy's equipment? A thousand kilometers away? And what, your personnel are packed in foil at this time?
    Cho, I did not understand the author.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 22 December 2013 09: 40
      This can only happen if a nuclear weapon strikes.
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 22 December 2013 11: 44
      No, this is the identification and destruction of the "element base" with the help of the good old fire raid. Zasek - killed.
  3. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 22 December 2013 09: 21
    Quote: ... the consequences of the uncontrolled use of REP can be comparable to the consequences of using weapons of mass destruction.

    The thoughtless and widespread use of electronic warfare equipment also paralyzes our own communication systems. This is the same as chopping the branch on which you sit. EW tactics dictate the precise and time-limited use of electronic countermeasures. For example, when an air group raids on objects that have powerful air defense. Establishment of large-scale interference before the start of the operation, inefficient, costly and harmful to own distribution networks, event
    1. Genur
      Genur 22 December 2013 14: 47
      There is a concept of EMC = ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (of radio electronic means). A difficult task ... It is not for nothing that this abbreviation was deciphered by some "REByatami" as "Eh, My Suffering"
  4. 22 December 2013 09: 33
    It is a pity that the author did not cover the August 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia. There, it seems, did the Georgian cellular operators identify areas of concentration of Russian troops by emitting "mobile" phones with the subsequent transfer of coordinates to their gunners?
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 22 December 2013 10: 25
      It is a pity that the author did not cover the August 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia. There, it seems, did the Georgian cellular operators identify areas of concentration of Russian troops by emitting "mobile" phones with the subsequent transfer of coordinates to their gunners?

      I already wrote. Georgians had a noble American contraption called the initiator. This contraption has remarkable abilities to turn off phones and turn artillery on the telephone signal. It only helped the lack of a battery in the phone. I think we still have not mastered such equipment for the aircraft.
  5. Stinger
    Stinger 22 December 2013 09: 46
    The article is not very clear.
    1. The frequencies have long been divided between the types and types of troops, and radio equipment has been created for them both in our country and in the enemy.
    2. The effect of the VHF range - within the line of sight (without relaying)
    3. The concentrated interference of sufficient power in the ranges from SDV to KV crushes everyone at any distance.
    The question arises of how to clean up "the entire electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies, and in the future it is distributed between its RES". This is the first. And the second one. If a VHF range section is choked, then, firstly, if the used area coincides with its troops and the enemy’s troops, its own communication system will be paralyzed, and, secondly, it’s all possible within the limits of the VHF communications in a certain area, and not “ to Voronezh. "
    1. Rus2012
      Rus2012 22 December 2013 10: 40
      Quote: Stinger
      The question arises of how to clean up "the entire electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies, and in the future it is distributed between its RES".

      ... probably what is meant here is the following - if the enemy has the same radio communication equipment made by the main players-manufacturers (US companies, Sony, Samsung), the ideology of building which is known and, accordingly, the method of fatal shutdown is known (up to the embedded "bookmarks") ...

      Therefore, db your developer is otherwise building and preferably your manufacturer. And this is in our time oh how difficult ...
      1. Airman
        Airman 22 December 2013 19: 00
        Quote: Rus2012

        ... probably what is meant here is the following - if the enemy has the same radio communication equipment made by the main players-manufacturers (US companies, Sony, Samsung), the ideology of building which is known and, accordingly, the method of fatal shutdown is known (up to the embedded "bookmarks") ...

        Therefore, db your developer is otherwise building and preferably your manufacturer. And this is in our time oh how difficult ...

        Who cares who the manufacturer is, the frequencies are choking both their own and those of others.
      2. ty60
        ty60 22 December 2013 20: 14
        Here, they returned home. But the Jews do not participate in the defense industry. Cut off completely. Their main thing is gesheft, and not the defense of their country of residence. We know their motherland where
  6. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 22 December 2013 10: 04
    I do not agree with the author!

    EW funds (REP) are needed!

    Even as "disposable". After all, if there is a war with a high-tech adversary (USA, NATO, China), it is extremely important that the strategic nuclear forces survive a disarming strike.

    Then the Poplars will fly! And the enemy - zvizdets! We, by the way, too, but it does not matter!

    It is important that now a probable adversary cannot guarantee his safety or acceptable losses.

    Therefore - the war does not start.

    Therefore, nuclear weapons are the best guarantor of the world on the planet.

    And therefore, any means that increase the survivability of nuclear forces are strategically important.
  7. alone
    alone 22 December 2013 10: 32
    EW is an important factor in the modern army. It is enough to look at what was happening in the skies of Iraq and Libya, as Israeli planes bombed Syria with impunity. To leave behind in this area is tantamount to death.
  8. Takashi
    Takashi 22 December 2013 10: 44
    I remembered that in childhood this was often the case.
    I was sitting there doing my homework, music was playing in the Soviet receiver, and the TV was on in the next room. And then there is a feeling of a slight breath of breeze and ... the receiver and the TV "kicked out". That one, that the second - interference without sound and image. After 5 minutes, everything turned on again.
    It’s still interesting what it was ???

    :) :) :)
    1. Michael_59
      Michael_59 22 December 2013 14: 46
      Quote: Takashi
      what was that ???

      Angel flew)))
    2. HAM
      HAM 22 December 2013 17: 10
      This is a fan of "free air" 6p3s launched!
      1. ty60
        ty60 22 December 2013 20: 17
        very likely, but rather-GI15P
  9. SRC P-15
    SRC P-15 22 December 2013 10: 49
    I don’t understand something: there was just an article praising our electronic warfare. And here they write that everything is gone, everything is bad with us. Whom to believe? But what about "Rubella-4", etc.?
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 22 December 2013 14: 06
      Quote: СРЦ П-15
      But what about "Rubella-4"

      Just not Rubella, but Rubella.
      station 1RL257 "Krasukha-4" - wide-range station of powerful noise interference / ground-based multifunctional jamming module - the station is designed to cover stationary objects from airborne radar reconnaissance radars of the E-8C Dzhistars aircraft, multi-functional radar of strike aircraft, reconnaissance and reconnaissance-strike UAVs Global Haw and Predator, radar satellite of the Lacrosse satellite ".

      The technical and technical characteristics of the station are classified. It goes into service with the Strategic Missile Forces to cover objects.
      At the moment, the development of the newest Moscow station, which will allow to conduct detailed reconnaissance and electronic warfare in full. The first modification of the station is already in service.
      On December 10, 2013, the media reported on the delivery of the first complex "Moscow-1" to the Russian Armed Forces. It is reported that a contract has been signed in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles for the supply over 3 years (by 2016) of more than 10 RER complexes "Moscow-1".

      TTX complex:
      Battle crew - 4 people
      The number of subscribers of information about goals - 9
      Target detection range - up to 400 km
      Sector of review - 360 degrees
      deployment time of complex facilities - 45 min
      Operating temperature - from -40 to + 50 degrees C
      With the use of groundwork for "Moscow" there are already R&D projects under the name "Divnomorye" Completion of the development and presentation of the complex to the Ministry of Defense of Russia is expected by 2016. Well, and do not forget about the Auto Base.
      One of the machines of the RER and EW complex "Moscow-1",

      1. Army1
        Army1 22 December 2013 21: 12
        Quote: Ascetic
        at the Novgorod "Quant" is the development of the newest station "Moscow", to

        Well, at least there are no foreign components in the element base? When it appears with us, production will begin, even military for a start.
  10. saag
    saag 22 December 2013 10: 55
    Up to the latitude of Voronezh, did they interfere in the GHz range?
  11. Vadim-61
    Vadim-61 22 December 2013 11: 01
    But what about people with pacemakers?
  12. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 22 December 2013 11: 11
    Efficiency of EW Assimilation by Russia
    "The source also told the Lebanese daily that" the US Army launched these two missiles from a NATO base in Spain, they were instantly spotted by Russian radars and collided with Russia's defense systems - so one of them exploded in mid-air, and the other was diverted in side of the sea ".

    In this context, the source notes that “the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense that two launches of ballistic missiles towards the Middle East were detected have the purpose to obscure two points: the first - the place from which the missiles were launched, and the second is that the missiles were shot down. Why? Because at that moment, when a full-scale operation was launched, the head of Russia's intelligence service contacted American intelligence and said that “a strike on Damascus means a strike on Moscow, and we removed the term“ shot down two missiles ”from the statement in order to maintain bilateral relations and avoid escalation. Therefore, you should immediately review your policy, approach and intentions regarding the Syrian crisis, and also make sure that you will not be able to eliminate our presence in the Mediterranean Sea. ”

    “This unannounced direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington increased the confusion in the Obama administration, and definitely showed that in the case of Syria, the Russian side is ready to go all the way. And also the fact that the USA had no other way out of the deadlock, except through the initiative proposed by Russia, which allowed America to save face, ”he added.

    Here, a diplomatic source explained that “in order to prevent America from even more embarrassment, Washington demanded that Tel Aviv take on this launch so that the United States could save face before the world public — especially considering that these missiles were the beginning of the US aggression against Syria and the announcement about the beginning of a military operation. After that, the US president was supposed to go to Russia for the G-20 summit, and negotiate the fate of Syrian President Bashar Assad. And only in this way he was able to find a way out of the impasse in which he found himself. ”
    1. edeligor
      edeligor 22 December 2013 12: 30
      It sounds somewhat fantastic, which means, for example -
      Quote: Sadykoff
      they were instantly spotted by Russian radars and collided with the defense systems of Russia - so one of them exploded in the air, and the second course was diverted towards the sea. "
      , Spain, Russian radars are something unimaginable. Ships in the Mediterranean agree, but otherwise ....
    2. postman
      postman 22 December 2013 23: 35
      Quote: Sadykoff

      what BADYAHA !!!!
      Quote: Sadykoff
      from a NATO base in Spain, they were instantly spotted by Russian radars and

      which ones? where is Spain (with its bases) and where is the radar of Russia? (see globe)

      Quote: Sadykoff
      and collided with the defense systems of Russia - so one of them exploded in the air,

      which ones? and otkedova?

      Quote: Sadykoff
      that two ballistic missile launches in the direction of the Middle East were spotted aim to obscure

      Neither bases in Spain, nor in Spain itself have a BR
      Quote: Sadykoff
      “A strike on Damascus means a strike on Moscow,

      Between the Russian Federation and Syria there is not any agreement on this topic.
      Question: why the blow to Libya (x2), Iraq (x2), Afghanistan did not lead to a retaliatory?

      Quote: Sadykoff
      Washington demanded that Tel Aviv take over this launch

      USU .. Tel Aviv (that is, Israel) launched a BR from Spain, where it has bases with a BR.
      here is a fool ....
    3. mirag2
      mirag2 23 December 2013 03: 42
      Yes, I remember this article in the Lebanese press; later they themselves said that it was a duck.
  13. Tourist Breakfast
    Tourist Breakfast 22 December 2013 11: 59
    Pictured is an ancient container of EW self-defense of the US Air Force AN / ALQ-184. A device of the late 80s, which was still used against the S-75.
  14. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 22 December 2013 12: 10
    Well, finally! After all this slag inundating information sources. After the blatant ideas of a "single information battlefield" (overkill suicide, so to speak), and other wild and ridiculous fabrications in the style of "let a mad IT guy get to the defense budget," a sensible, smart, competent article. I really hope that the author will somehow manage to influence the adoption of at least some decisions in this area.
    What is this fifth way? Information exchange? Yes this ... this ... in general, without a mat, almost nothing. This statement is a lie and an effective smoke screen. Firstly, the speed of information exchange depends (suddenly) on ... the speed of information generation! That is, imagine let’s say Zhukov. We will distribute mobile phones to everyone, up to the lieutenant. So what? Shift the burden of making lieutenant decisions on Zhukov? No, Zhukov is good at stepping up house plots, better than Lieutenant Beldyev, definitely. But just at what minute does the commander surrender? I will not develop an obvious topic ....
    Secondly, more than 90% of the information collected from the battlefield now, even "outdated" means of already ten-year development are ... redundant. Etc., etc ... you can chat for a very long time. In short, what is this fifth order? In fact, this is a microcontroller and all questions related to its application. A device that, by processing signals from sensors built into weapons and other equipment, and using a program embedded in it, drives technology. Or parts of technology. Or it provides data, but not to Zhukov (who doesn’t need them) but to Beldyev. For whom it is just fundamentally important to know how much zinc he has at his disposal right now, and how much he must urgently order. As well as what and where to deliver ...
    What is actually the main task of the United States now? Convincing the world that it is necessary to "develop information technology." That is, ordering more and more sophisticated data collection systems and, most importantly, transferring the largest amounts of this data as far as possible, it is highly desirable - directly to the Headquarters of the Civil Code. And also everywhere to introduce as much as possible complex and "modern" data processing and decision-making systems based on this very processing. That is, the United States is solving a problem similar to the introduction of democracy. Introduced democracy - paralyzed a competitor, in the future, completely destroyed. Introduced "new information technologies" - the enemy's army is completely safe. You can destroy it at any time, but for now you have absolutely all the data about it. At the same time, Bond, James Bond is quietly drinking in the archive (the old dream of the Americans, who, despite all their budgets, have not learned to intelligence. All overhead wigs are used. And compasses ...)
  15. Bort radist
    Bort radist 22 December 2013 13: 36
    I remember the instruction on setting interference at the communication frequency. (1975)
    1 tune the transmitter to the frequency of the jammed radio station.
    2 enter into phone mode.
    3 press the laryngophones to the side of the plane (or to the cockpit glazing?)
    4 exit to transfer mode. lol
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 22 December 2013 13: 47
      And the Finns turned on the music, and the collective farmers asked them not to swear on the air, otherwise their mate from the TV sounded.
      1. Bort radist
        Bort radist 22 December 2013 13: 57
        Quote: Volkhov
        And the Finns included music,

        For boys, on medium waves, the exact time signal is 10 minutes. previously tapped with a key. And all Pts could end badly. Footcloths read about punishments for unacceptable actions on the air. It looks like all the bands listened. There were no scanners then !?
        1. Volkhov
          Volkhov 22 December 2013 14: 32
          The cattle didn’t find fault with the mat - how else to communicate with the management, and the Finns did not obey the Chekists - we have exercises, they have music at high power (half the communication range is not). And they listened to everything their own - the number of radio operators and controllers was about the same - of those and those companies.
          1. Bort radist
            Bort radist 22 December 2013 16: 04
            Quote: Volkhov
            And they listened to everything their own - the number of radio operators and controllers was about the same - of those and those companies.

            I'm not talking about "local" where there were separate rumors
            1. Volkhov
              Volkhov 22 December 2013 16: 29
              So all communication levels were duplicated by control, besides the departments are different - that’s why the army is large and there are not enough walkie-talkies to be in time to control.
  16. HAM
    HAM 22 December 2013 16: 48
    QUOTATION: 3. Concentrated interference of sufficient power in the ranges from SDV to HF crushes everyone at any distance

    Radio amateurs faced such obstacles when the Americans attacked Yugoslavia, from Belgrade, the Yugoslav radio amateur broadcast what was happening on the street, and they constantly tried to suppress it, but, a little ingenuity, and concentrated interference did not help.
  17. Mercenary
    Mercenary 22 December 2013 17: 04
    the adversaries do not sleep every day they come up with some kind of dirty trick. need to do something tired of catching up and overtaking. can collect all nuclear weapons wherever in the Urals and undermine when they climb and the ball khan. cheap and cheerful.
  18. xomaNN
    xomaNN 22 December 2013 18: 34
    I had not heard before that in 82, the Americans had suppressed all of our ties to ZakVO at the same time. To the author or commenting colleagues, is it possible in more detail from this place?
  19. Black Raven
    Black Raven 22 December 2013 19: 05
    the fact that the world, its progressive part, has gone far in the development of various far ahead undoubtedly, only doubts arise that real secrets can be made for wide discussion ... for that they are secrets ...
  20. scientist
    scientist 22 December 2013 20: 22
    It is clear that without effective REP and RTR means, there is nothing to do in a modern war. And there are a lot of problems. In my opinion, the main one is the self-isolation of scientific schools dealing with electronic warfare problems. It would seem that it’s simpler, create a coordinating body that combines the control of radio intelligence, electronic warfare and communications, develop a single concept and create an automated system for monitoring and controlling the electromagnetic sector. Obviously, in modern warfare it is foolish to start a month-long correspondence in order to agree on electromagnetic compatibility, and to negotiate with an adversary in general is useless. However, the ambitions of the military commanders lead to residual financing, poor coordination, and, as a consequence, the global backlog of EW technologies.
  21. washi
    washi 23 December 2013 05: 08
    Only one problem.
    MORE BEFORE SERDYUKOV reduced the parts of intelligence and electronic warfare. Reduced air defense and aviation.
    Everything can be returned, but the SPECIALISTS quit.
    Luring them back is a big problem.
  22. gazebo
    gazebo 19 February 2015 22: 49
    the author is burning, it is interesting to hear about electronic warfare from experts