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B.H. Obama as a failed president

In 2009, when Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated and later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it seemed to Americans and the world community that the black president would say a new word in economics and politics, end the financial, mortgage and industrial crisis, the United States would regain the position of the "hegemon", and the predictions of the cabinet idealist Fukuyama about democracy on the planet will finally come true. Nothing like this happened. B.H. Obama has shown himself to be a political loser for the entire period of his reign.

B.H. Obama as a failed president

His campaign promises, either 2008 of the year or 2012, either failed to fulfill or resulted in total failure. Obama's activities in the public arena, accompanied by statements about the early closure of Guantanamo, then about the control of trade weapons, then the exclusivity of the American nation, the great and free American society, led to the fact that the theory was at variance with practice. The United States under Obama has become a real police state, Guantanamo continues to operate, congressmen oppose the ban on "assault" weapons, and the citizens of the country, crushed by non-freedoms and exorbitant taxes, in recent years in droves leave their homeland and refuse American passports. In 2013, the Obama rating fell below the baseboard. The only thing that the president has succeeded in is the legalization of marriages for the "blue". Still, B.H. has something in common with Francois Hollande ...

Let's look at the main political failures of the man whom many Americans call the country's worst president in all of its history.

Goodbye America!

The question of the modern mass exodus of Americans from the United States was seriously raised in the world press back in 2011 year. Since then, the number of people wishing not only to leave their homeland forever, but also to refuse an American passport has increased markedly. The reasons for departure and change of citizenship are banal: the government stifles its citizens with taxes that are spent on various kinds of “reforms” and programs, including the military, that are largely not approved by the population. The so-called patriotism in Americans is getting smaller every day.

Over the border from the United States in our time moving not necessarily rich businessmen who want to save on taxes. Educated and qualified specialists and even pensioners are leaving the “free” country. These people are trying not only on draconian taxes. Americans - people who are mobile by nature - are used to looking for a better life. And lately, she, this is the best part, for some reason, is found not at home, but abroad. Well, and pensioners leave on the most ordinary occasion: it often turns out that life beyond the ocean is cheaper ...

The media can not find the exact number of those who leave the United States. Washington does not keep accurate statistics (this is too expensive, and the US census is entirely voluntary). Other resources report about four million Americans (citizens) who live outside the United States, others about three. Someone writes about five, and even about six million “vagrants” for many years, or even decades, living abroad and not intending to return to their homeland. The maximum number of Americans permanently living abroad is found in the State Department data for 2011 a year - 6,4 million.

However, for example, in 2009, the United States Revenue Service received only about three hundred thousand declarations from Americans residing in other countries. It turns out that if six million Americans live permanently abroad, the taxes in their homeland are paid only by 5%! It is obvious that many simply don’t want to pay them. Double taxation, which in the United States has already become the talk of the town, forces Americans looking for a better life behind the “hill” to give up citizenship. And the number of such “refusers” is constantly growing. In 2013, a record was even set.

The number of Americans who renounced their US citizenship, according to the results of the third quarter of 2013 amounted to 2369 people. According to the State Treasury, this is 33% more than in all of last year!

Americans are fleeing from the tax and banking vice. According to the laws of the United States, regardless of where the American lives and works, he is obliged to transfer a tribute to the state’s national treasury: taxes on all his income. And the appetites of the American tax authorities in the crisis only grew: the hands of the hunters reached abroad and began to fumble through foreign accounts and wallets of Americans who prefer to live far from the blessed homeland.

In 2014, notes, the new US Treasury rules will come into force: FATCA (Foreign Bank Account Tax Act) and Ex-Patriot Act. The acts require foreign banks to monitor the accounts of American citizens living abroad, and the annual retention of 30% of all their income. This money should be sent straight to the US Internal Revenue Service.

This order of things does not appeal not only to Americans, but also to foreign bankers who serve them. In different media, they note that foreign banks get rid of the accounts of US citizens. German, for example, have already frankly got rid of many such accounts. Other migrants, in order to feel comfortable in Europe, had to quickly change their American citizenship to German.

For immigrants who do not obey the laws, their homeland is threatened with serious financial sanctions. Realizing that citizenship can be changed, last year, cruel Washington came up with another way to enter paradise on the humps of workers: for giving up citizenship, any American will have to pay a large part of their income in the form of various contributions (the lion's share of payments to the Pension Fund and income tax). In addition to ordinary robbery, this means that the native tax office will take the soul out of an American, through pro-checking its activities abroad up and down - so that European banks will find this Mr. an extremely suspicious type and, quite possibly, have banking gesheft with him no longer will wish.

Bottom line: for 2010-2012 years, that is, under Obama, the number of denials of US citizenship has grown seven times.

Big business also prefers not the United States today, but, say, Switzerland. Since US citizens have to pay taxes to their relatives in the United States, and give “cesarean” to their country of residence, the rich choose their citizenship where double taxation is excluded.

Young people run, including specialists. At the end of 2011, the results of the corresponding Gallup poll became known. It turned out that the number of Americans aged from 25 to 34 years living abroad increased from two years to 1 5,1 in two years!

In 2009, work abroad wanted to 15% of Americans are between 18 and 24 years old, while in 2011 their number increased to 40%. Such a terrible leap overseas residents - citizens of the United States - Gallup calls not a long-term trend, but a phenomenon of recent years. More precisely, the phenomenon of the last 24 months of the considered period (2009-2011).

Employees of the Institute "Gallup" came to the conclusion: America, which earlier attracted qualified personnel, began to lose its citizens. Gallup, who polled the residents of 135 countries, learned that the United States had lost its attractiveness and no longer beckoning foreigners.

Volunteers of the Stringer Bureau of International Investigations, citing various open sources, explainwhy Americans are constantly living abroad are forced to change citizenship. Journalists call Obama's redistributive policy a reason for massive refusal of citizenship: American taxpayers have to pay for the costly adventures of their own president — a medical program nicknamed Obamacare, immigration reform, and others, not to mention servicing the huge national debt and military presence in all regions of the world. Well, and new tax laws (mentioned above) in general will reduce the Americans living abroad to the position of second-class people.

The Obama government intimidates its subjects. “American taxpayers, including those who permanently reside abroad, are required to comply with our laws,” said Robert Stack, deputy assistant secretary of state for international tax affairs. - Americans who try to avoid tax liabilities should fear that FATCA will determine their activities as illegal. Including the refusal of citizenship will not remove from these people tax obligations to the United States. "

Such an impression, let us add from ourselves, that a little more - and the American tax administration will pay tribute to the whole world. The hand of King Barak I will reach the farthest and secluded corner of the globe.

Running Americans, whose number is growing from year to year (with further tightening of laws, it will grow even faster), by their choice make it clear to the state arbitrariness: freedom is preferable to patriotism.

A note from the Stringer Bureau of International Investigations indicates that today more than 6 million Americans live outside the United States, and these people, according to the Ministry of Finance, annually withhold the 100 billion dollars from the treasury.

It is clear that they are hiding, let us add on our own: after all, the tax authority reports some three hundred thousand declarations from Americans abroad. The rest of the citizens are not “patriots”. They do not want to pay for the US intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, do not want to "throw off" the "non-lethal funds" for the militants in Syria - and are not going to pay tribute to the president, who did not vote for and leads the country directly to an economic disaster.

"Weapon lobbyist"

A little more than a year ago, “Black Friday” in the US (November 23 2012) set a record for the sale of weapons. Moreover, the demand for firearms has increased while reducing the demand for juicers and televisions. American analysts - all as one - noted that a huge number of consumer applications for pistols and rifles was associated not only with lower prices in the sales season, but also with the fact that Obama had previously advocated tough restrictions in the arms trade.

The FBI Public Information Office has reported to the press the following data on the verification of applications for the purchase of firearms. On Black Friday 2012 of the Year (November 23) an 154.873 application was made. On Black Friday 2011 of the Year (November 25) - 129.166 Applications. Growth by more than 20%.

The arms dealers said that people buy pistols and other weapons because they are afraid of legislative changes. Like, Obama may try to impose restrictions on trade, and even a ban. American journalists also explained the sharp jumps in the demand for weapons by some election promises from Obama, who during the presidential debate said about a possible ban on the sale of military weapons. In fact, B.H. Obama, for all his attempts to push through restrictive measures in the field of trade in rifles and pistols through Congress, is the real inspiration for the demand for firearms.

The demand for guns in the United States jumps and in every case of an “epidemic” of murders. In 2012, firing in the most democratic country in the world did not stop at all, as if reminding Barak Hussein of his long-standing promises to put the flow of weapons under control.

The worst tragedy occurred at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. 26 people died there (27 became the killer), among them 20 children. Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza first shot his mother at home, then in her car, taking with him two pistols, a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun, he went to the city primary school. Arriving there, he opened fire on adults and children. Then he shot himself.

After the tragedy, the President of the United States at the mourning interfaith prayer gave the floor to take measures at the national level to ensure the safety of children. He stressed that in memory of the victims of Adam Lanza, the nation should take legislative measures.

Another attempt was made to push through a restrictive bill prepared by a group of activists led by Democratic Senator Dian Feinstein. But this project is not something that did not pass the vote, and was not even put to a vote on preliminary results.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook and Obama's speech in the United States, the demand for weapons increased. The media wrote about the increase in demand over the course of several days almost by 50 percent. While Obama turned to the people, wiping away tears, the gun shops lined up for pistols and rifles ...

Earlier in the same year 2012, the massacre was perpetrated by the so-called Colorado shooter - mentally unstable James Holmes, who believed that he was the Joker (the enemy of Batman). This psychiatric patient killed twelve people in the cinema of Aurora and wounded about sixty. The mass execution served as the cause of both the speech of Barack Obama and the surge in sales of pistols and rifles in gun stores.

People in the United States were drawn not only to the cinemas (look at Batman), but also to gun shops. Sales of firearms in the state of Colorado in just three days showed an increase of 43% compared to the same period a week before the shooting in the cinema. In Seattle, Washington, within a few days, the number of applications for licenses for concealed carrying of weapons has doubled. In Florida, in just two weekends, sales increased by 14% over the same period a week earlier. In Oregon, media say, such sales showed an increase in 11%, in California - by 10%. As you can see, this has nothing to do with sales like “Black Friday”, at which the prices for weapons and other goods are significantly reduced, or the buyer gets two “for the price of one” revolver.

It turns out that the American president, who has often advocated severe restrictions in the field of arms trading since 2008, actually plays into the hands of arms lobbyists. Any tragedy that killed civilians in the United States and any speech by Barack Obama on this issue, accompanied by statements about the need for control and regulation, cause massive demand for pistols and rifles. Greater failure in the field of "control" of weapons and can not be imagined.

The Arab Spring fiasco

In January, 2013, the then US Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton - had to explain to the senators about the tragedy in Benghazi (Libya), where four Americans were killed in 2012, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Clinton had a hard time after she faced some pretty tough questions from Republican senators. The questions posed "head on" led Mrs. Clinton to first disheartened, and then brought to hysterics. One of the central questions, for example, was about why those diplomats who were evacuated after the attack in Benghazi were not immediately interviewed. At the same time, Clinton recalled that the ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, “purposefully misled” the American public with her erroneous statements about the “spontaneity” of the bloody event. In hysterics, Clinton reached the point that pounded on the table.

The incident in Benghazi has become an unwashable stain on both Clinton and Obama’s reputation. At the congressional hearing, Clinton confirmed that she did not even read the diplomatic mail sent to the State Department by Ambassador Stevens — right up to the incident in which he, by the way, expressed clear concern about the security of the US outpost in Libya. This gave the senator from Kentucky Rand Paul Paul the reason that Clinton actually admitted her guilt in the death of the ambassador. Comrade Paul said that if he were the head of the White House, the high person who sits in the Oval Office, he would dismiss Clinton immediately after the drama in Benghazi: “I would release you from your post. I think it cannot be forgiven. ”

And Republican Sen. Bob Corker reminded Clinton that the State Department was not ready for the development of events in North Africa. And in the end: "The consequences of Benghazi became the personification of the worst that exists in Washington."

Clinton had to answer that the revolution in the Arab countries was difficult to foresee, and on a par with the opening possibilities of democratization there is a serious danger of the jihadist threat.

Is that so?

After all, Hillary exclaimed “Wow!” When she received news of the capture of Muammar Gaddafi on her mobile phone. And when she learned that Gaddafi was dead, she said: “They came, they saw that he was dead.”

After all, it was Hillary who, during her fruitful activities at the State Department, became famous for the fact that 20 sang the party in the choir “Assad Must Leave” for months. Agree, this is not for everyone. Voice can derail.

After all, it was Hillary who throughout the “Arab spring” intelligibly explained to the world that, where there is oil, the United States usually finds a lack of democracy. Speaking in May 2012 at the University of Syracuse (New York), H. Clinton put it quite frankly: “Diplomacy in the energy sector is a critical factor in our national security, and not only in terms of meeting the energy needs of the United States at an affordable price. but also from the point of view of the role that energy plays in our relations with other regions of the world. ”

Other analysts (serious) wrote that Hillary Clinton achieved what no one in the White House before her (except for Monica): the chief in the Oval Office is she, not the president.

After all this, the loser Obama had no choice but to go on CBS television with Clinton. But before he did not give a joint interview with anyone except his wife. Barak Hussein did not stint on honey: he called Hillary his friend and “one of the best secretaries of state” in the entire history of the country ...

How the Russians buried the ax of the American war

In September, 2013, the whole world celebrated Russia's diplomatic success related to the proposal for international control of chemical weapons in Syria. Analysts, including the US, expressed a unanimous opinion in chorus: V. V. Putin rescued the unlucky Obama from the “Syrian trap.”

Official Damascus immediately approved the initiative to transfer its chemical weapons under international control. Approved the Russian proposal and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

There is nothing left for Barack Obama how to mumble that such a measure could be a breakthrough in a protracted conflict. At the same time, the US president tried to put the blame on the 21 Himataka of August on Assad's troops: “No one disputes that the chemical weapons in Syria were used. The world has seen thousands of videos and photos testifying to the attack. And humanitarian organizations have reported hospitals overflowing with people with symptoms of gas poisoning. ” To this he added: “Moreover, we know that the Assad regime is responsible. In the days before August 21, as we know, Assad’s supporters prepared for an attack in the area where they sprayed sarin gas. They distributed masks to their servicemen. They fired rockets from territories that were controlled by the regime in 11 suburbs, from where the regime tried to drive out opposition forces. ”

He further said that the United States would study Russia's proposal to transfer chemical weapons under international control in Syria and continue to consult with Moscow.

It became clear to the world community that B.H. Obama went back down. “Consultation with Moscow” meant that the Russians were now leading Syria. Moreover, in the early autumn of 2013, the voice of the nation erupted in the USA: it turned out that neither the majority of the people nor the majority of the Congress support the invasion of Syria. Such proteges of the military-industrial complex, like McCain, remained in the minority.

In fact, Obama let the Russians beat him up. But the Tomahawks were already ready, the carrier group was already ready in the Mediterranean, Assad already “tyrant” crossed the red line, which was held by Obama himself ... And suddenly, the initiative of the Kremlin, the UN, the OPCW, chemical disarmament, the OPCW are given the Nobel Peace, and even Qatar signed up for a queue at the diplomatic reception in Damascus, wanting to restore relations with Syria! Obama had to justify himself: they said that I didn’t see any red lines, the journalists didn’t understand me that way. Well, well ... One of two things: either Obama is a political loser, or he is an agent of the Kremlin. The latter is incorrect.

America, come on, bye

Another geopolitical failure of Obama - discord with Riyadh.

If Qatar continues to follow the United States and is even going to move from war to friendship with Syria, against which the White House decided not to use Tomahawk, Saudi Arabia does not share the American enthusiasm of its neighbor and competitor. Frustrated, Riyadh decided to disperse from the United States altogether.

In October, Prince Bandar bin Sultan announced the withdrawal of Saudi Arabia from Washington’s orbit. According to Reuters, while talking to a certain European diplomat, the prince, who works as the chief of the intelligence service, hinted at the disappointment of his homeland with the policy of the United States.

It was about Syria. It turned out that the United States is not a state that could cope with the crisis in Syria.

The prince scout does not like the fact that the White House indulges Tehran.

Finally, Mr. Scout remembered the old: in 2011, the United States did not support the suppression of the anti-government uprising in Bahrain — they did not act in the same team as the Saudis.

What step did Obama take? Quite predictable. Received the State Department to give another vaguely vague answer. As a result, the world community learned that the US foreign affairs agency "did not receive such a message" from Riyadh.

But in 2013, exactly forty years have passed since the strategic partnership of Americans with the Saudis. Partnership is bonded with petrodollars. In 1973, the United States, in order to support global demand for its currency, actually created petrodollars (petrodollars) - through a special agreement with Saudi Arabia, according to which every barrel of oil purchased from Saudi Arabia was nominated in US dollars. C since then, any country that wished to buy oil from Saudi Arabia had to first exchange the national currency for US dollars. In exchange, the United States offered Riyadh weapons and protection. The agreement with the Saudis marked the beginning of the global petrodollar system. The United States could print its green money simply as candy wrappers. Petrodollars have become something of a substitute for gold.

Speaking with an unnamed diplomat, Saudi Prince Bin Sultan, according to Reuters, stated that his state very soon "will significantly change the foreign policy course" and will review relations with the United States. The prince’s message was that from now on Riyadh did not want to spin like a weather vane under the American wind.

From such News saddened by the American hawk senators. Lindsay Graham and John McCain duet spoke about Obama's foreign policy. According to them, the administration of B. Kh. Is losing ground in strategically important regions: “The worst thing is that the failure of the Obama administration in Syria is part of a broader crisis of US authority in the Middle East.” The deterioration of US relations with Saudi Arabia generally threatens America’s national interests.

In short, Obama lost here.

Boston terrorist attack

In April, in Boston, during the international marathon, two explosions thundered at intervals of 12 seconds. The Tsarnaev brothers were subsequently blamed for the large-scale terrorist attack.

Back in 2011, the FBI received a request from Russia about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, where it was stated, among other things, that this person is a follower of radical Islam and has connections with foreign underground groups. In the same 2011, the FBI talked with T. Tsarnaev and his relatives, and the preventive measures were over.

Tamerlana, however, included in the database units to combat terrorism - already at the request of the CIA, and not the FBI. But there was no sense from this department. In the US, Tamerlane was considered safe.

The fact that next to Tsarnaev Sr. brother is growing up, the FBI and the CIA did not think at all. In 2012, the brother became a US citizen and even received a scholarship to study at the university. Instead of an excellent study, he, however, chose to blow up the Americans (compatriots on the passport) and shoot at their police officers.

Later, Comrade Snowden, who worked for several special services in the United States and collected a whole dossier on them, ran through Hong Kong to Russia, giving the newspaper Guardian and some other publications a secret compromising material on Big Brother, that is, to work primarily for the NSA. supervised by Mr Obama. Gradually, publication after publication, it became clear that this agency was monitoring everyone and everything — in the vain hope of saving the United States from terrorism. The world community has learned that Obama bugs Merkel, Rousseff, the Chinese, Russians - and, in general, everyone, including his own citizens. Wherever there is a cellular connection and the Internet, there is also surveillance. Everything is illustrated: from emails to notes on social networks. But this did not help the United States to protect themselves from the Boston tragedy. True, other supporters of the “world conspiracy theory” believe that the special services themselves staged a terrorist attack in Boston in order to expand their modest budgets, but we question this version.

Due to the exposure of the NSA's total surveillance, the United States received a lot of unpleasant statements from foreign powers. Even the creation of the Transatlantic Free Trade Zone was in question. Washington’s relations with the EU and Latin American countries have noticeably cooled. Brazil, Germany and other states are now carrying ideas of the Internet independent of the USA. Snowden became the face of freedom, Obama - the totalitarian physiognomy of "Big Brother".

Nowadays B.H. publicly justifies himself and even threatens to reconsider something there in the activities of the NSA. The world community, of course, does not believe him. He promises too much - and he does too little ...


The “turning off” of the American government for sixteen days became a symptom of a deep economic and political crisis in which the country plunged under Obama.

By October 1 2013, the Republicans and Democrats in the United States failed to agree on a budget for the new fiscal year in time.

Only October 17 Obama signed a bill providing for the resumption of financing of public institutions and raising the limit of public debt. The project was developed not by the Obama administration, but by senators.

For sixteen days, America was in a “suspended” state, and economists warned of the inevitable collapse and collapse of the stock exchanges: after all, the government has to pay on government debt.

Probably Democrat Obama will have to confront conservative Republicans until January 2017, when the next president will be inaugurated. Only with such a policy, by that time, the yuan can be replaced by the dollar ...

Exceptional nation?

11 September 2013 of the New York Times heading "Opinion" appeals to the American people ... no, not Barack Obama, not John Kerry, not James Clapper, and not even Mikhail Gorbachev. The President of Russia addressed the Americans in the pages of one of their most popular newspapers. Vladimir Putin believes that Russian and American society do not communicate well enough, and so he set out to clarify the position of Russia through an influential newspaper. Among other things, Putin said that he “carefully studied” the appeal of the American president to the nation and expressed disagreement with some accents placed by Obama:

“It is very dangerous to encourage people to consider themselves exceptional, regardless of motivation. There are big countries and small, rich and poor, with long-standing democratic traditions and only looking for their own way to democracy. Their policies are different. We are all different, but when we ask the Lord for blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal. ”

But Putin’s address did not help. Behind Obama the exclusivity of the Americans was undertaken by the US Secretary of State Mr. Kerry to preach.

“I have always said that America is exceptional, not because we kick ourselves in the chest and say that we are exceptional <...>, but because we do exceptional things,” said Kerry on October 24, speaking at the Center for American Progress in Washington. “We help others without demanding anything in return, and this is exclusive,” the secretary of state said.

According to Kerry, the United States should be “irreplaceable” in the world. He argued this indispensability by the success of American foreign policy - for example, in Afghanistan. Over the decade, child mortality has decreased by 60% over the decade and life expectancy has increased by 20 years - true, expected. And in Africa, Americans have achieved success in the fight against HIV / AIDS, Kerry said.

To this we must add that Afghanistan, with the Americans turned into a world-wide opium garden. As for life expectancy, with this absurd statement the state secretary turned the future into the past ...

Apparently, America, intoxicated by its own exclusiveness, which reminded both Kerry and Obama of the world, still considers itself the bearer of a healing liberal ideology and sees itself in the front ranks of freedom fighters for individuals around the world. However, not America, but Russia gains ever greater prestige on the planet.

If we return to the publication of Putin’s article in the New York Times, then under it you can read a few characteristic comments.

Dan, Toronto:

“I think Putin has found the right argument. And I agree with his condemnation of the concept of "American exclusivity."

And now let's see what answer Obama will print and post on the Internet in the national Russian media. That's when the world can truly see the "civilized political and diplomatic settlement" in action. "

Alvin J. Martinez, San Juan:

“By continuing his confrontational policy, Mr. Obama recalls his belligerent predecessor and loses a high moral foundation in international relations compared to other leaders of the world community. Putin has become the voice of reason on the world stage, and he is supported by many influential people. If Mr. Obama continues to rely on military power, thereby imposing American decisions on others, I am afraid he will lose even more prestige and destroy the reputation of the United States that they once had in the world. He passes the baton of world leadership to Mr. Putin. Think America. ”

On this note, perhaps, it would be possible to complete the review. But in the end, the article is dedicated not to Putin, but to Obama. And very much it begs for a quote B. H. speech from 4 July 2013 of the year - a weekly appeal in which the president congratulated his compatriots on Independence Day.

"Ray of hope"

The US President reminded citizens that the first Americans fought for the revolution, but few believed in their victory. And then he said: “But this was only the first of many cases when America disgraced skeptics. And today, 237 years later, the USA, this incredible country, is the greatest in the world. The land of freedom and opportunity. Global protector of peace and freedom. A ray of hope for all people who cherish these ideals. ”

If so what ray and stretches from your United States, Mr. Obama, then sizzling. Atomic bombs, napalm, Agent Orange, cluster bombs, depleted uranium ... Roads, these ideals cherished by the military-industrial complex, your taxpayers, they are the electorate. The story will remember this, the Nobel laureate Obama!

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        After all, in order to do great things, you need to DO IT all your life! Doing something at the limit of strength, each time the maximum possible value for you. But serious matters have an inalienable property - when you make them, you make mistakes, you make compromises and you must, certainly, do some dark things along with bright things. Because nothing completely light (as well as completely dark) does not exist in the world, it simply cannot exist. He raised the industry like no one else in history - shot people, and not always guilty ...
        But can such a person rise to power in a democracy? This is absolutely out of the question! You understand, he will be smeared by his own good deeds! Therefore, the coming to power of truly large-scale leaders under democracy is unreal, impossible. Well, how will Obama write Putin an answer in the newspaper? It is one sixteenth of the scale of Putin’s personality, and the part that is responsible for going to the toilet ... And the cooking of political strategists would be a ride ... until you put the articles next to it. And you can immediately see who wrote what, who can be trusted and who spit disgust.
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          wasilyek 21 December 2013 13: 53
          Who did he appoint to work? Ppukin or what?
          And what about his work for Russia? The complete collapse of what still survived after Boriski and the sale of resources over the hill.
          Pupkin now reminds me of Grbach, he also had "successes" in foreign policy, but fucked up his Country.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 21 December 2013 17: 21
            And it didn’t occur to you that throwing insults to which you won’t receive answers in principle (in the form of a legitimate and well-deserved scuffle) you are throwing mud on yourself? Moreover, the rinse aid does not wash away the dirt from the soul. Each abomination that you thoughtlessly throw into the world burns a little soul. So you don’t have a soul anymore, but ... a piece. Small and soiled ...
            1. ilea123456
              ilea123456 22 December 2013 20: 03
              let's go comrades and together we will write on the wall of the white house Abama sucker, really, why here to crucify
              1. Tambov we ...
                Tambov we ... 22 December 2013 21: 51
                Better - About the eastern god, whom they stammered ...
          2. Lelek
            Lelek 21 December 2013 22: 51
            Gentlemen, you feel - it is stupid, and so is Cornflower ... No.
      2. Elm
        Elm 22 December 2013 16: 06
        What kind of democracy is there in semolina ?! The electoral system does not at all reflect the will of the people ...
    3. Canep
      Canep 21 December 2013 09: 53
      And today, 237 years later, the USA, this incredible country, is the greatest in the world. The land of freedom and opportunity. Global advocate for peace and freedom. A ray of hope for all people who cherish these ideals
      Something these words remind me of speeches at rallies and congresses of the party in the DPRK. Even the Chinese do not so often spawn such pathos caviar.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 21 December 2013 11: 21
        Here are the proud European farmers are opposed to the signing of a new agreement with the United States! I think that you need to hold Euromaidanovtsev in Brussels!

        Excerpt from the article.
        The workers condemn the planned cuts in social spending. Worker activist Philip thinks such a policy will not lead to a rise in the Belgian economy: “In countries where the belts are tightened, such as Greece, Portugal and Spain, the debt is only increasing, and unemployment and suicide rates increase with the budget deficit. Such measures are an economic poison. ”

        Agricultural workers complain about the negotiations between the EU and the United States on the creation of a free trade zone. Farmer Luke fears that cheap American products will flood the European market: “The problem of the transatlantic treaty is that after signing it we will be fed with genetically modified meat with hormones and antibiotics”
        1. Charley
          Charley 21 December 2013 17: 19
          Shit had to be watered
      2. Tersky
        Tersky 21 December 2013 11: 58
        Quote: Canep
        Something these words remind me of speeches at rallies and congresses of the party in the DPRK.

        He reminds me of another character, with a spot on his bald head. In the late 80s and early 90s, he promised to build "socialism with a human face." The results of his "construction with restructuring" are still regurgitated. Obama promises to build "capitalism with a human face." A little nuance - Obama's favorite word is change, doesn't it remind you of anything? An obvious parallel with the "outlandish" Russian words perestroika ..
        And one more coincidence (?), Both winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. request The conclusion itself suggests itself: these two puppets have one puppeteer - the London oligarchy ...

        1. alone
          alone 21 December 2013 12: 13
          B.H. Obama as a failed president

          wassat The author is mocking chtoli? Obama president !!

          He is not the president, he is a shame !! and the best way out for him is a 45-magnum magnum at the temple.
  2. kaktus
    kaktus 21 December 2013 08: 33
    Good last paragraph! good
    1. Ustian
      Ustian 21 December 2013 13: 54
      Quote: kaktus
      Good last paragraph! good

      The paragraph is really the last to them !!! fellow
  3. ZU-23
    ZU-23 21 December 2013 08: 35
    Obama really can’t be called a president either, this is the press secretary of America, he himself doesn’t know what they will say to him, he will pass it on to the people and the whole world.
  4. Kiliny
    Kiliny 21 December 2013 08: 56
    Like that...
  5. psyholirik
    psyholirik 21 December 2013 09: 04
    America's sunset is very close, interesting times are coming
    1. AVV
      AVV 21 December 2013 20: 33
      Debts are stifling America, a decline in production !!! People are fleeing America, even the Fed will not help anyone !!! And at this point, talking about exceptionalism, this is nonsense !!! Let yourself still be amused, but America’s fate is doomed FOREVER, as it says America’s best friend Vladimir Volfovich !!!
  6. rpek32
    rpek32 21 December 2013 09: 27
    The morning begins with Oleg. As always - a gorgeous review. hi
  7. kimanas
    kimanas 21 December 2013 09: 28
    The name of the next US president is Pedro ...

    ...- Maria-Jerome-Karl-von Offenbach
    1. Sargord A.
      Sargord A. 21 December 2013 09: 32
      ... Castro Rus.
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 21 December 2013 11: 20
        The son of a Turkish citizen.
    2. Charley
      Charley 21 December 2013 17: 22
      And the floor is average
      1. Elm
        Elm 22 December 2013 16: 26
        No, the next president of America is a black lesbian, single mother, an AIDS patient ...
        1. Ustian
          Ustian 25 December 2013 21: 29
          Quote: Elm
          No, the next president of America is a black lesbian, single mother, an AIDS patient ...

          44 President is the last president! sad
  8. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 21 December 2013 09: 42
    Quote: ZU-23
    Obama really can’t be called a president either, this is the press secretary of America, he himself doesn’t know what they will say to him, he will pass it on to the people and the whole world.

    And who was their president? Maybe Bush? As far as I remember, he was not particularly distinguished by his intelligence and quick wit, he also danced to the tune of money bags!
    1. ZU-23
      ZU-23 21 December 2013 10: 04
      Yes, Bush is the same, he is a brake, but he was a more influential brake. And rummaging around, I think that at least after Kennedy there all the presidents were already on the hook and they themselves worked on orders.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. evgenm55
      evgenm55 21 December 2013 11: 18
      I think that after Washington and Lincoln there were still Roosevelt and Kennedy, well, others are even mediocre, even actor Reagan was very different (although he was our ardent enemy), but the last clowns are certainly out of competition ...
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 21 December 2013 16: 09
        Reagan at least truly cared for the space security of his country - though so zealously that even the Americans themselves called the SDI program a hoax
    4. wasilyek
      wasilyek 21 December 2013 13: 54
      Did Reagan know a lot?
      Well, he played a role, but he was not president.
      It is not the president who rules America, but those who paid for his campaign and put him in office.
      1. densh
        densh 21 December 2013 18: 49
        Comrades! If you want to have fun, compare the environment of Reagan and the environment of Bush-ml.Ba, all familiar faces! hi
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 21 December 2013 22: 42
        In any country, the supreme leader is not free to make decisions. In some - this is the so-called. elite, in others - money, in the third - debt dependence or state weakness. And, perhaps, the main thing is whether the leader is smart or so-so and whether he can fulfill these promises. And what was his specialty before the presidency (the electrician Vasya or the dentist Vanya ...) does not have a special role. stop
  9. mountain
    mountain 21 December 2013 10: 14
    And I like Obama, there was no better president in the US than this dark-skinned guy. He’s so cool at ruining his country and he does everything so confidently and purposefully that he doesn’t even need help from outside. Keep it up.
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 21 December 2013 11: 22
      Well, comrade, you can't be so cynical, he drags us into "democracy" in spite of our persistence, and you .... OSTRO.PLYUS.
    2. Ustian
      Ustian 25 December 2013 21: 32
      Quote: mountain
      ё does that he doesn’t even need help from outside. Keep it up.

      Our answer to the "marked humpback" sad
  10. marat-ufa
    marat-ufa 21 December 2013 10: 37
    Babamchik is just lazy, it ruined him)))
  11. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 21 December 2013 11: 04
    Quote: J. Kerry: “I have always said that America is exceptional, not because we beat ourselves in the chest and say that we are exceptional <...>, but because, that we do exceptional things, "

    What exceptional things were done by the USAthat Mr. Kerry is so proud of. You don't have to go far for examples. The first are the two wars that the United States unleashed against Korea and Vietnam. the "exceptional" Yankees killed millions of people and returned home in disgrace. Well, then, the exceptional actions of the Americans fell like a cornucopia. Asia, Africa, Latin America. It is hard to find a place that the American boot did not tread. ABOUTthe exceptionalism of Americans in the bombing of Yugoslavia and Iraq manifested itself. Afghanistan, Libya. True, Russia did not let the American manifest exclusivity in Syria. Americans are indignant. That's it, Mr. Kerry. In a famous comedy, Lelik said: if a person goes ... from - then this is for a long time. Very correct words.
    1. avdkrd
      avdkrd 21 December 2013 13: 20
      exceptional ubl.dki. Among murderers and thugs, there are also exceptional ones.
    2. Basarev
      Basarev 21 December 2013 16: 10
      Lyolik didn’t say that; he said that his boss said so
  12. VADEL
    VADEL 21 December 2013 12: 00
    Barack Obama how BAM. Standing aside, does not solve anything, does not interfere with traffic on the highway. Steers capital.
  13. 31231
    31231 21 December 2013 12: 10
    Most likely it’s not Baran Khasidovich’s matter; all the USA are already snickering and arrogant.
    So empires lose.
  14. Ustian
    Ustian 21 December 2013 13: 50
    in 2011, their number increased to 40% ...
    They feel the descendants of the colonialists, it’s time to bring down the land of someone else. am
  15. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... 21 December 2013 14: 33
    Obama, a representative of the black race. Brought to power and then discretized for the sake of behind the scenes, in order to be able to directly intervene on the African continent, to which there is evidence - Mali, South Sudan.
  16. individual
    individual 21 December 2013 14: 46
    Well, the Americans are not lucky for presidents.
    They will shoot their legally chosen one, but they will not find which of their citizens is so well-aimed, then they will choose an actor who has seen enough of the "Star Wars", then they will choose "Bush" for the presidency from the clan of Bushes, who decided to bomb their friendly Iraq, but does not know where lives.
    Now they have popularly chosen, with the advance appointment, the Nobel Barack with the roots of Kenya’s production as the head of the United States and don’t know who to replace him with and who decided not to make a mistake for a second term.
    Now in modern history, Victoria Nuland and the flawed McCain are sent to be great to hand out "cookies" to the starving Maidan rebels.
    Have fun. am
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 21 December 2013 16: 20
      I can’t remember - is this the same McCain who burned the whole nose? Or his father, who smeared him?
  17. pensioner
    pensioner 21 December 2013 14: 51
    Thanks Oleg !!
    And this:
    this incredible country is the greatest in the world. The land of freedom and opportunity. Global advocate for peace and freedom. A ray of hope for all people who cherish these ideals
    strongly reminds me: "I am the most charming and attractive!". By the way, the heroine, who practiced this auto-training, got better when she lost all this garbage ...
  18. pensioner
    pensioner 21 December 2013 14: 54
    B.H. Obama as a failed president
    Yes, more ... And what kind of bolt should he have been held as president? Talking doll, nothing more.
  19. Grbear
    Grbear 21 December 2013 15: 55
    And why were they clueless - failed, obama, etc.?

    Is it unaware that a person in the post of the Leader of the country already has the right to respect? and that he is simply a reflection of the processes that can and do influence his actions. He plays by his own rules, but his opponents also have rules and powers. And there are more than enough "helpers", even among friends. So what?

    But does P do everything that can and should or wants? Who is bothering him? Or is he against the people? Then, who are you yourself?

    You should not be like a biased media and "pick and lick" other people's difficulties. It is much more important to draw conclusions from other people's mistakes.

    Analytics (Dr. Greek άναλυτικά - literally: “the art of analysis”)
    , and the conclusions will be drawn by History. Hanging up "labels" is not an occupation for Homo sapiens.
  20. andrei332809
    andrei332809 21 December 2013 16: 03
    Oh well, him in the bathhouse, this coal. With him, even boring, everything is predictable.
    what if it’s a game like that, we relaxed, but we’re for an ass .... I don’t want Europe and Amers to trust their fifth point of support
  21. VAS 84
    VAS 84 21 December 2013 16: 39
    Obama had to make excuses: they say, I did not draw any red lines, the journalists misunderstood me. He was right in a recent conversation with Putin that there were no politicians left in Europe and even in the United States of the caliber of Churchill and De Gaulle. I immediately remembered the diaogue between Stalin and Mehles from the wonderful film "War in the West."
    Stalin tells Shcherbakov (head of the Sovinformburo): "You must portray events, especially at the front, calmly, restrained, without excessive drama. The whole world must know that the country is ruled by the party's firm hand."
    Mekhlis: "But we must not forget that over-operational information can help the enemy to orientate"
    Stalin: "Comrade Mekhlis, Comrade Mekhlis, can hand over your super revolutionary vigilance to the enemy."
    Mehlis: "Comrade Stalin, excuse me for the unsuccessfully escaped words."
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 21 December 2013 17: 55

      I applaud! good
      1. densh
        densh 22 December 2013 00: 41
        Why doesn’t it happen? And Mikhal Sergeyevich? Well, who was the master at dumping random words? He gave them to the mountain with carriage rates. wink
  22. Keeper
    Keeper 21 December 2013 16: 46
    Hmm. Now America, in order not to drop itself under the skirting board of self-esteem, will have to pretend that Obama is one of the most prominent presidents ...
    Well, they like to write against the wind ....
  23. shinobi
    shinobi 21 December 2013 17: 59
    Since Reagan, it looks like every next prez Yankee is elected on the principle of "dumb and dumber".
    1. The comment was deleted.
  24. Altona
    Altona 21 December 2013 18: 28
    Quote: wasilyek
    Did Reagan know a lot?
    Well, he played a role, but he was not president.
    It is not the president who rules America, but those who paid for his campaign and put him in office.

    By the example of Obama, the world clearly saw that the US president was just a screen that covers the unscrupulous fuss of those who are behind him ... The slightest attempts to take real control run up against obvious sabotage and misunderstanding, the president plays the role assigned to him, they do not allow him more. ..Therefore, the man in office got bored, at a funeral event with interesting blondes flirts in the presence of his wife ... And George Bush by the end of the term became so stupid that he became the same "naive Texas girl" ...)))
  25. Selendis
    Selendis 21 December 2013 18: 50
    Ancient Rome was once exceptional too. His legions trampled the whole world, and where is this great nation now?
  26. Lelek
    Lelek 21 December 2013 22: 23
    The Americans raped what they voted for. Presidents come and go. The main thing is that this lesson is beneficial. But appetites and ambitions must be radically tempered, otherwise it’s a disaster. request
  27. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 21 December 2013 22: 45
    Come on you guys, you all understand perfectly well that Obama does not solve anything. They will at least choose a monkey for president and what? wassat And with regard to the Nobel Prize, this is an order for our humpbacked, well, both are "worthy" negative
  28. sounddoc
    sounddoc 21 December 2013 23: 11
    But if you think carefully, Obama, in spite of its apparent significance, is actually a small frightened black woman (African American) who is diligently cleaning her boots with gentlemen from super corporations!
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. Sterlya
    Sterlya 21 December 2013 23: 27
    Obama was chosen as a victim. They woke him up. So the real owners of the United States chose (not the people, the people quickly zombie them) the Negro, to hang on him
  31. alexmixev
    alexmixev 21 December 2013 23: 39
    His campaign promises, both of 2008 and 2012, were either not fulfilled or led to complete failure. Obama's activity in the public arena, accompanied either by statements about the speedy closure of Guantanamo, now about control over the arms trade, or about the exclusivity of the American nation, or about a great and free American society, led to the theory diverging from practice. The United States under Obama turned into a real police state, Guantanamo continues to act, congressmen are opposed to the ban on "assault" weapons, and citizens of the country, crushed by lack of freedom and exorbitant taxes, in recent years en masse leave their homeland and refuse American passports.
    Change Obama's last name to Putin, the United States to Russia and the geographical names of the places. Remove ov and Syria - you get an article about Russia. We see a mote in the eyes of others, but in our ...
  32. sounddoc
    sounddoc 22 December 2013 16: 37
    Quote: shinobi
    Since Reagan, it looks like every next prez Yankee is elected on the principle of "dumb and dumber".

    You won’t say more precisely! The following will be the principle: blue is even bluer. Do not go to a fortuneteller ....
  33. I think so
    I think so 23 December 2013 14: 36
    Nothing has ever depended on the presidents in Pin.dosii, and will not depend ... And therefore, whatever macaque is at the helm there, it will not be able to do anything significant. Well, an example of an obamka - a macaque macaque - prowled around, crowed something, spoke on TV, went on visits ... that's all ... This macaque had "its own" idea about medicine for the poor, and he didn't even have such a little allowed to do ... and as a result, in the "superpower" 40 million (!) people cannot see a doctor (!) ... comments are unnecessary ...