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Russia and India: a portrait of a future partner in a multipolar world

Russia and India: a portrait of a future partner in a multipolar world... I make my way through the crowd of Indians and remember the advertisement that has flooded almost all the television screens of the world. You, for sure, also saw this video in which the guy breaks off in full in India, and at the end, smiling wistfully, writes “Incredible India!” On a postcard - and puts the message in the mailbox.

Incredible means incredible. All of India - endless contrasts: not only the vibrant nature and stench on city streets, amazing monuments of architecture and shanty of slums of the city, but impressive economic growth and poverty of the majority of the population coexist here. A good salary is the sum of thousands of rupees in 3: this is about one and a half thousand rubles. However, experts paint India a great future. Below - about what place in the Indian future can be with us.

Country of contrasts

Modern India is a combination of two completely different worlds. New Delhi - a modern metropolis with government buildings, universities, luxury hotels, boutiques of famous brands. And old Delhi is noisy, dirty, messy. It is he who is the symbol of that backward India, in which a large part of the population still lives: without electricity, sewage.

This old India even in the 21 century lives according to ancient laws. For example, the division of society into castes, with which the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi so fiercely fought, still exists here. It is said that in the case of unequal inter-caste marriages, newlyweds are killed, as well as tens and hundreds of years ago. After all, if, say, a young man married a girl from a lower caste, all of his relatives automatically end up in the estate of the bride.

However, as Arun Mohanti, a professor at a university in the capital, explains to me, caste is slowly but becoming obsolete. In recent years, however, some analysts began to say that caste is necessary for India, since it is only because of this tradition that the country does not experience dissatisfaction with a beggarly life (according to some data, about 800 million Indians live, that is, almost 70%, according to some data. the state subsistence minimum is 12 dollars per month - less than 400 rubles). For the time being, lower-class people are still afraid of spoiling karma, hoping in the next life to be reborn as representatives of a higher caste. However, the process launched by Mahatma Gandhi, it seems, is already unstoppable. “The caste problem gradually becomes a class problem,” says Arun, “The lower the caste, the poorer the person. This has been the way of centuries. Indians have such a psychology: if I am from the lower class, I must obey. On the other hand, they are already beginning to realize what democracy is. In deaf villages a person still suffers humiliation, and in cities no longer. For example, in our university the most active part of students is representatives of the lower castes. ” AT stories modern India was even one president from the untouchable caste - Kocheril Raman Narayanan, who held this post from 1997 to 2002 year.

The state is still listed among the world leaders in the number of illiterate people (half of the Indian peasants cannot read and write). And at the same time is considered one of the largest software developers. India is already not only a nuclear, but also a space power. The volume of gold reserves of the country, according to the latest data, has exceeded the mark of 308 billion dollars, and gross domestic product is 1 trillion dollars, making India the twelfth largest economy in the world. (If measured by purchasing power parity, the country has the fourth largest GDP in the world - 4,7 trillion dollars). India has the largest army of workers on the planet - 516 million people. By this criterion, and indeed by many others, India is in second place, immediately after China. However, it is possible that this is only for now.

The Indians themselves chuckle, claiming that the whole world is afraid of the expansion of the Chinese and does not notice that in the shadow of China a much stronger power is growing - India. A country with an ancient history, its philosophy. Indians do not limit fertility and may soon overtake China in the number of inhabitants. They claim, however, that they never start a war first. Therefore, the Indians sympathize much more than the Chinese, from whom all the time waiting for some kind of trick.

India does not hide its goal - to become a world power. But when in Beijing, I asked politicians about how they see the future of their country, I was told that the PRC does not seek to pursue a sovereign policy, because sovereignty means expansion and violence, and they are peaceful people and dream only of being on the planet harmony reigned. But how will the promotion of Chinese harmony differ from the promotion of American democracy, which the US implants with fire and sword all over the world, nobody explained to me.

Arms Market

In February, in the water area of ​​Severodvinsk, the farewell horn of the Vikramaditya aircraft carrier sounded, heading for Mumbai. This beep is the final chord in the long history of the transformation of the Soviet aircraft carrier into the beauty and pride of the Indian military fleet. The degeneration of Admiral Gorshkov into Vikramaditya, that is, in the Almighty, was accompanied by a series of scandals: the deadlines were repeatedly postponed, as a result, the ship was rebuilt for nine years instead of four, and the initial amount of the contract increased almost 4 times - from $ 600 million to 2 billion three hundred! They even said that because of the aircraft carrier, the Indians could part with us, like ships in the sea. However, the Russian ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, claims that rumors of New Delhi's discontent have been greatly exaggerated. “The Indians, of course, wanted to get the ship earlier,” he said in an interview with “However.” “But they showed more understanding than our press.” When the Gorshkov-Vikramaditya tests took place, it was the Russian, not Indian, media that made a fuss, claiming that this was a failure. The Indians did not freak out and did not seek to find flaws in our aircraft carrier. "

True, many experts associate precisely with the scandal around “Admiral Gorshkov” the failures of our defense industry in tenders for the supply of equipment for the Indian Air Force. For the first time in many years, Indians chose to buy fighter jets in France, and helicopters and cargo planes in the United States, rather than in Russia. They saw a change in the foreign policy of New Delhi, the decision of the Indian authorities to move closer to the West to the detriment of Russia. However, according to Kadakin, this interpretation is fundamentally wrong. “It’s early to bury our cooperation in the military-technical field,” he assures. - In the media they write that Russia is losing its position in the Indian market. But if the French won some kind of tender, which, by the way, is still hanging in the air, it absolutely means nothing. ” In any case, the Indian fleet on 80% is equipped with our weapons, and the Air Force - on 70%.

Although it must be admitted that the Indians still show dissatisfaction with the cost of spare parts, the timing of their delivery and the general maintenance of military equipment purchased from the USSR. “There are, for example, problems with MIG-21,” explains “However,” the head of BrahMos Aerospace Sivatkhana Pallai. - Rosoboronexport, which sells equipment to us, is also responsible for servicing and supplying spare parts. And it cannot be denied that there are delays, there are serious problems with the service and availability of some parts. Russia should not ignore these problems, and we hope that then most of the questions will disappear. The attitude of India to the Russian Federation has not changed. Just demands have increased. And no wonder. After all, in the next five years, our country is ready to spend about 150 billion dollars on re-equipment and purchase of new weapons. ”

The concept of "superconnection"

The current head of the government of India, Manmohan Singh, is known for his pragmatism. He seems to be in favor of cooperation with Russia, but at the same time he is a supporter of rapprochement with the United States. At the beginning of the XXI century, as is known, the United States reconsidered its attitude towards New Delhi. In many ways, this happened under the influence of the American neocons, which they saw as a natural ally of the United States in democratic India. In addition, the main goals of the Bush administration — the democratization of the Greater Middle East, the fight against international Islamic extremism, and the support of moderate Muslim states — were consonant with the interests of the Indian elite. The idea of ​​a strategic alliance with New Delhi was attributed to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Philip Zelikov. The basis for such an alliance was a nuclear deal that allowed Indians to receive from the US fuel and components of nuclear reactors. Thus, the de facto Bush administration recognized India’s nuclear status. Not surprisingly, in the middle of the 2000s, the Singh government was fixated on America. “Only the United States can make India feel a great power,” the Indian prime minister said at the time. A significant role in the rapprochement with Washington was played by large IT-related businesses, which increasingly focused on the United States.

However, it is not in vain that Singh is called a supporter of the concept of "superconnection", meaning the development of close ties with all world and regional powers. “By the end of the 2000s,” says Professor Arun Mohangi, “in New Delhi, they concluded that if friendship with the United States is detrimental to relations with Russia, it is not in the interests of India. And it’s not just the price of military equipment and nuclear reactors. Although it should be recognized that Russian products are much cheaper. And not even in the fact that over the past 10-15 years, Americans have not built a single reactor. Most Indians are attracted by the fact that Russia, unlike the United States, does not put political conditions for them. The American president, when he came last, made it clear that contracts for military-industrial complex products would depend on India’s position on Iranian and Burmese issues. ”

From brotherhood to privileged partnership

At the household level, Americans in India, too, do not favor. Suffice it to recall how we met the Nimitz aircraft carrier a couple of years ago - a huge crowd of protesters gathered in the port, which burned the US flag. Indians are traditionally very disposed towards Russia. Moreover, according to Alexander Kadakin, relations between Moscow and New Delhi have changed for the better. “In the Soviet era,” he says, “there was too much romance: Hindi - Rusi: bhai bhai. Now the relationship has matured. ” Bhai-bhai, that is, the brothers, became business partners, and privileged ones.

Indeed, perhaps, we have no such confidential relations with anyone. Russia is ready to provide the Indians with access to the GLONASS satellite navigation system, and a joint development of the Brahmos cruise missile is underway. General Marketing Manager Pravin Patak shows me the rocket system, demonstrating not only the technical excellence of the brainchild of the Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace, but also an excellent command of Russian. It turns out that he studied at the Kursk Technical University, first arrived in Russia in the winter. Then Pravin was not amused, but now he remembers with pleasure and, one can even say with nostalgia. “I was in 25 countries,” he says, “but only Russia was close to my heart.”

By the way, the Russian language in India is among the three most popular foreign languages. Only on courses at Russian cultural centers 700 is currently engaged in people - almost 2 times more than in the Soviet era. The students answer the question “Why?”: There are prospects! A girl named Firdaus says that she once studied Russian at the university and did not even think that he could be useful. “When I got a job at a Russian company,” she says, she decided to brush up on her knowledge. I asked the name of the company, it turned out - "Tajik Airlines". Another girl named Vashan began to study Russian just a year ago, but she already speaks practically without an accent ...

The head of BrahMos Aerospace, Sivathanu Pallai, calls the relationship between Russia and India “special”. “With Russia, we are friends, partners, do not“ buy and sell, ”he notes. - What other country can give another nuclear submarine? Only Russia of India! A striking example of the "special relationship" is our joint project Brahmos. This is the only enterprise to develop and promote one of the most powerful and advanced rocket systems in the world. ”

Another example of successful cooperation with the Russian Federation is generally from a different area. Dreaming to enter the club of leaders of a multipolar world, India is diligently learning to look neat and well-mannered. In Delhi on this issue solve the road problem. On the streets of 16-million capital is going on hell. It seems that the main principle of local drivers is “anarchy is the mother of order”. Many cars have no rear-view mirrors at all: it’s not customary to follow the maneuvers of others. If you need to turn or change the lane, the driver signals, and then - "who did not have time to give me up, I am not guilty." One of the solutions to the road problem is the construction of the metro. And Russian experts help build the subway. Our technology, multiplied by the industriousness of the Indians, gives excellent results. The first metro line earned in 2002 year, and now there are already 6 branches, 142 stations, and the total length exceeded 190 km - as in Moscow.

... Many are surprised that the volume of trade between countries is at the same time total 11 billion dollars (for comparison, India and China - 70 billion, and Russia and China - 80 billion dollars).

But we have something to offer each other. The only question is to engage in the development of relations systematically.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 23 December 2013 08: 48
    "The current head of the Indian government, Manmohan Singh, is known for his pragmatism. He seems to be in favor of cooperation with Russia, but at the same time he is a supporter of rapprochement with the United States ..."

    Not even when, and no one could sit on two chairs !!!

    Having decided to serve - do not slam the door,
    scolding booze - tony in the works;
    impossible with the same ass
    sit on oncoming trains.
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 23 December 2013 09: 18
      When you are a SLAVE, then the choice is small
      Wear a collar or tear off.
      Do not enjoy the eternal drama.
      Do not want to endure - kill.
    2. Airman
      Airman 23 December 2013 10: 47
      700 people learn Russian, and more than 15 million people are fluent in English. Why touch?
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 23 December 2013 11: 19
        The other day there was a very interesting case with an Indian diplomat in the United States!
        For unknown reasons, a diplomat was detained by a police woman with a diplomatic immunity and sent to the prostitutes in the prison! As the diplomat herself wrote, she was even subjected to a humiliating search in the most intimate places! US diplomacy fails time after time!

        Here is an excerpt from the article.

        India does not intend to "under any circumstances" tolerate actions similar to the US behavior in the scandal over the detention in New York of an Indian female diplomat, Washington should apologize to Delhi, Indian Minister for Parliament Affairs Kamal Nath said on Friday.

        “They should openly apologize. We will not tolerate such behavior towards India under any circumstances. The United States must understand that the world has changed, times have changed and India has changed. The behavior and attitude of the United States towards us in the case of Deviyaani Khobragade should concern not only India, but all countries, and no one should remain indifferent, ”the Indian media quoted Nath, who also holds the post of Minister of Urban Development.

        Police detained 39-year-old Deviyani Khogragade 12 December, deputy head of the Consulate General of India in New York, for allegedly lying to the US authorities when applying for her housekeeper Sanjita Richard. According to media reports, the woman is accused of receiving a visa, informing the authorities that she will pay her Indian maid 4,5 thousands of dollars a month, but in reality she paid less and forced her to work more than 40 hours a week.

        Khobragade was searched in the area and at the same time he was stripped, they took DNA and were kept in a regular cell for some time. Subsequently, she was released on bail of 250 thousand dollars. Indian authorities called the treatment of the diplomat “barbaric” and, in protest, withdrew a number of privileges from American diplomats. In the US diplomatic missions in India were protests.

        India has already removed the protective concrete blocks from the American embassy! It has taken away the immunity from some diplomats and the privileges of stocking up the submissive and watching the new psychological Indian comedy thriller!
        1. K9_SWAT
          K9_SWAT 24 December 2013 03: 46
          I would have detained 10 American diplomats in the place of the Indians: 5 women and 5 men. Both from the State Department, and from the FBI and the CIA. I would also search everyone and everything, right up to the ass.
          1. Evgenij.
            Evgenij. 24 December 2013 18: 46
            they will like
      2. Shur
        Shur 24 December 2013 00: 18
        The colonial heritage is just not surprising ..
  2. Ivan Petrovich
    Ivan Petrovich 23 December 2013 09: 17
    at any opportunity, they will throw us. So for example Egypt did in due time
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 23 December 2013 09: 20
      More often and harder than the brothers in the USSR no one has thrown us yet. India especially
    2. Apollo
      Apollo 23 December 2013 09: 22
      quote-You probably also saw this video in which the guy comes off to the full in India, and in the end, smiling dreamily, writes on the postcard “Incredible India!” - and puts the message in the mailbox.

      Thanks to the article I saw. good
      1. And Us Rat
        And Us Rat 23 December 2013 10: 33
        Each coin has a flip side ... and there are almost a billion people on this one ... sad
        1. cherkas.oe
          cherkas.oe 24 December 2013 01: 15
          Quote: And Us Rat
          . and on this almost a billion people ...

          Praise the Lord that they do not have winters, but on the other hand, probably, if there had been winter, there would not have been so many.
  3. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 23 December 2013 10: 38
    Just as opposed to China, just in case you can be friends, but you shouldn’t really hope for anyone, nobody will help us.
    1. ansons
      ansons 23 December 2013 22: 46
      Indians and Russians have similar views on friendship (partnership): - say what we think. Europe and China: - they say one thing, they think different. So it is precisely with them that we need to be friends (to develop relations and goods-turnover). Well, you always need to hope only for yourself, but if a good friend puts his shoulder in difficult times; Well, it definitely doesn’t wake up. Hindi-Rus: bhai-bhai.
    DOMINO 23 December 2013 11: 20
    And yet, on a sensory level, there is something healthy about the idea of ​​a possible strategic alliance between Russia and India. The article correctly noted that there is no "double bottom" in our relations with India - we do not put polit. conditions, and they are patient with our mentality in business and are inclined to cooperate in a friendly and ingenuous way. At least so far. And I agree that in relations with the Indians there really is no "back thought", the feeling of a possible catch, as it happens with China, Iran, etc. (again, however, so far) The Indians have a well-developed technical / engineering thinking. Those who worked with them were often noted how quickly they grasp new information. Linguistic and cultural affinity is also noted by many. And to the heap you can add a few "fried fact", but still: the astrologer P. Globa, who had never before been involved in drawing up long-term forecasts (especially geopolitical character), for no reason at all, somehow a couple of years ago suddenly predicts a unification alliance with India just somewhere in 2014. winked
    1. Shur
      Shur 24 December 2013 00: 21
      I don’t know how the globe is there, but by a third in blood they are Slavs. Probably calling for blood ..
  5. andrey682006
    andrey682006 23 December 2013 11: 33
    Quote: Povshnik
    700 people learn Russian, and more than 15 million people are fluent in English. Why touch?

    Read carefully -
    Only 700 people are currently taking courses at Russian cultural centers, which is almost 2 times more than in the Soviet era.

    Reread the article, you missed a lot.
    1. ansons
      ansons 23 December 2013 22: 51
      He saw what he wanted to see. Religion probably does not allow thinking.
    2. Shur
      Shur 24 December 2013 00: 22
      Rather, I saw what I wanted ...
  6. Ross
    Ross 23 December 2013 11: 41
    Quote: Apollon
    quote-You probably also saw this video in which the guy comes off to the full in India, and in the end, smiling dreamily, writes on the postcard “Incredible India!” - and puts the message in the mailbox.

    Thanks to the article I saw. good

    Only having visited India twice and especially having lived in it for some time, having traveled both North and South, as in the video, I can confirm - “Incredible India!”.
    But this video is too Europeanized, India is much more unpredictable and gorgeous. Yes, everything is there - both poverty and grace. In general, you can say Hindus, like children. Naive at times but very benevolent. And the caste system helped them a lot in their upbringing. There, unlike Turkey and Egypt, it is safe for our women to travel alone, without men. Understanding karma greatly reduces tension.
  7. ko88
    ko88 23 December 2013 16: 59
    We have long-standing partnerships with India, we hope that all this will continue in the future.
  8. kelevra
    kelevra 23 December 2013 19: 32
    India has always been a strategic partner of Russia. Our country is much more attractive to it than the United States and other countries. We, while unknown good or bad, are more liberal towards India, and the West and Europe do not hesitate to tell Asian countries what they need and when, and what will be with them in case of failure!
  9. alone
    alone 23 December 2013 19: 54
    relations between India and the USSR were so good. it is not surprising that India has good relations with Russia. It is a pity that society is so stratified in India. The enchanting wealth of some and simply miserable crowds are one of the real pictures of India. And a high degree of crime, especially in relation to personality.
  10. samoletil18
    samoletil18 23 December 2013 22: 21

    Although it must be admitted that the Indians still show dissatisfaction with the cost of spare parts, the timing of their delivery and the general maintenance of military equipment purchased from the USSR. “There are, for example, problems with the MIG-21,” explains Sivathanu Pallai, head of BrahMos Aerospace, however. - The Rosoboronexport company, which sells equipment to us, is also responsible for the maintenance and supply of spare parts.

    Somewhere in the warehouses gathering dust. But "effective managers" wanted to sell it more expensively. The place of Khodorkovsky has been vacated - there are candidates.
  11. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 23 December 2013 22: 40
    Hindus - traders to the bone. Once, one South African said that in Africa, in the thickest jungle in the most remote village, if there is a store, its owner is an Indian. This suggests that deals with Russia are, in the first place, economically very beneficial for India, and this should be taken into account. Of course, in the foreseeable future, Russia will be India’s most important ally.
    Caste was the first to abolish the Mughals, bringing Islam to India. By the way, one should not forget that there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. The most beautiful architectural monuments of India were created by the Mughals, or rather, their builders and architects from Bukhara and Samarkand.
  12. voliador
    voliador 23 December 2013 23: 40
    If we do not mess up, the Indians will continue to buy our weapons.