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Giorgadze Group, or the History of the Smashing of the Georgian Alpha

Giorgadze Group, or the History of the Smashing of the Georgian Alpha[/ Center
At the beginning of the 90s, special units called Alpha appeared in some republics of the former USSR. This was evidence of the highest reputation that officers of the Allied Group "A" earned. A group of elite special forces appeared in Georgia as well. However, if you look at open sources, it seemed that it did not exist - for example, separate mentions and pieces of information. It is possible that the reason for this is the tragic fate of the Georgian "Alpha", which was broken up under Eduard Shevardnadze. We have tried to fill, if possible, this gap.


Under the sign of owl

In the beginning was the word. But in this case, the word is false. And, of course, not with God. 9 September 2006, the head of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili, held a briefing at which he said: Alexander Chumburidze, a member of the opposition opposition party, was detained the day before an explosion of the central office of the ruling United National Movement party. When it was discovered 400 grams of TNT and homemade explosive solution in the bottle.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized journalists' attention to the fact that Chumburidze had previously worked at the Ministry of State Security of Georgia when the head of this department was Igor Giorgadze, who said that the arrested was a fighter of the Alpha special forces unit.

A little later, a replica appeared on the modest (unfortunately) website of veterans of the Georgian Alpha, labeled with the nickname “Abdullah”: “Chumburidze could not distinguish trotyl from plasticite, not to mention detonators. What can be said about a person who tried to organize a “destructive” explosion using dry ice in a plastic bottle? Besides a loud bang, I wouldn't get anything! One thing is clear: the guy who has a heavy concussion, unfortunately, is mentally ill. It's a pity. Once was a good shooter ... "

And one more remark: “Alpha Veteran officially declares that Alexander Chumburidze never belonged to the special division of the Ministry of State Security of Georgia“ ALPHA ”. In August, 1992, Chumburidze was accepted as a shooter in the BUKYOTI unit, but in December, 1992, after a heavy concussion, was released from service.

And who is the Georgian "Abdullah"? And what is this special unit "Bukioti"? And how is it, for example, different from the local Alpha? Unfortunately, only a few know the answers.

“At the end of December, 1991 of the year,” says the historical extract of the unit, “during the so-called Tbilisi war, the leadership of the Georgian Ministry of State Security required a small but comprehensively prepared special forces detachment to carry out non-standard operations.”

The initiative came from the counterintelligence chief Igor Giorgadze (alias “Commander”), and Valery Chkheidze, head of the “Z” department. Both of them went through Afghanistan, ambushed, participated in operations against gangs and field commanders, and therefore clearly represented what kind of group should be created in the structure of the MGB. As a result, the then head of state security gave "good", and in the depths of his department began to form a group, initially consisting of five people. Its composition was determined on the basis of professional qualities, dedication, feelings of elbow, ability to work offline. Naturally, Giorgadze and Chkheidze’s personal recommendations were also taken into account.

Colleagues in Moscow on the former Committee were not surprised either by the role of Giorgadze or the fact of the appearance of the Georgian Alpha.

“As for Giorgadze,” explains Major General G. N., Hero of the Soviet Union. Zaitsev, - I remember him well on our business trip to Tbilisi. A good operative worker who was part of one of the “Cascades” Afghanistan. Very sensible organizer. A graduate of the KGB Higher School, speaks, by the way, several languages ​​- Azerbaijani, Turkish, French and Serbo-Croatian.

When in the 1983 year we released the passenger plane Tu-134, which was captured by a gang of especially dangerous terrorists who killed people, Igor Panteleimonovich was in the Operational Headquarters. Before him, the chairman of the KGB of the Georgian SSR, Colonel-General A.N. Inauri set a personal task: to make sure that not a single stranger was in the headquarters. And the entire leadership of Georgia, including the candidate member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Eduard Shevardnadze, was outside of it. The same applied to the commanders of the Transcaucasian military and border districts. When at the final stage it was decided to launch an assault on the liner, I invited Shevardnadze. Explained the situation - and asked for his "blessings." He said so.

So, Giorgadze personally observed how Group A works. And therefore I was not surprised at all that he called Alpha, a special unit, ”concluded Gennady Nikolayevich.

The first composition is always a special honor, a notch, as they say, for centuries. These are the names. Dmitry Vardiashvili (Narcis), a man of incredible strength, had connections among athletes and was able to communicate in the same language with all sorts of “dark personalities.”

Yuri Guliyev (“Hamai”), owned several foreign languages, had solid operational experience, in the past - an employee of the Soviet diplomatic mission in Kabul.

Alik Komoshvili (“Gregory”), an intellectual, comrades note his analytical mind.

Konstantin Shavishvili ("Abdullah") - the first commander of the Georgian "Alpha". By the time A unit was created, he had a rich combat experience and was notable for a non-standard approach to solving various kinds of tasks. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star and medals, including "For Military Valor" (July 1993 of the year). And in the "addition" - seven serious wounds.

Temur Papuashvili ("Elbrus"). Excellent shot from a carbine, had a mountain training.

The team was transferred to the team kung based on ZIL-130, with driver Robert Movsesov ("Batya"), who, according to the veterans of the unit, had the unique ability to eliminate any damage under any conditions.

Officially, the head of the group was Kote Shavishvili, but the actual leadership was provided by the “Commander”, who personally participated in almost all operations. So in the structure of the Georgian MGB appeared combat unit with the working title "Giorgadze Group".

How did the personnel officers of the special services relate to what was happening in the republic? Kote Shavishvili answers this question as follows:

- I, and many in the old KGB, believed that Gamsakhurdia was a patriot of his country. But being a patriot does not mean being able to be a president. Ubiquitous mistakes, labeling, a sharp rejection of one and suicidal decisions about many issues, the appointment to leadership positions ignorant and frank rogues, ultimately embittered the people. And if we also recall many of the closest associates of the president who were building the “country of crooked mirrors,” then the split among the people would be quite obvious, leading to horrific consequences. But this, apparently, is the lot of all the first persons - to live in isolation from reality.

One should not overlook the fact that many in Georgia, who had some power and financial capabilities, took an active part in the incident, continues Kote Shavishvili. - Whatever Gamsakhurdia would consider, he remains the first president in post-Soviet Georgia and is an integral part of her stories. I believe that the current leadership of the country should make every effort so that the ashes of Zviad Gamsakhurdia rest in the land of his ancestors. This is a legal human right.

In the spring of 1992, a split occurred in the MGB due to the appointment of the head of this security agency as a civilian who was ignorant of the activities of the special services. As a result of this cataclysm, the MGB was transformed into the Information Intelligence Service. More than half of the personnel went to the Ministry of Defense, where, by order of Tengiz Kitovani, the Main Directorate of Special Purpose was established, consisting of two “administrations”: intelligence and counterintelligence. The head of the latter was Igor Giorgadze.

In May, 92-th was signed the order to create a squad "VVV" (from the Latin "I came, I saw, I won") special forces of the Counterintelligence Directorate of GUSN Defense Ministry of Georgia. Its emblem was “bukioti”, which means “eagle owl” in Russian. Over time, this wise bird replaced the official name of the unit.

From March to August 1992, the “Giorgadze Group” visited detached Abkhazia several times and, on returning home, insistently reported to the country's leadership about the inexpediency of introducing military units into the autonomy territory. However, the country's top officials did not take into account the report and 14 on August 1992 began fighting. Further, happening in the republic - is known.

Actually a special unit with the letter "A" was created 2 August 1992.

“After the split of the structure, Igor Giorgadze became my immediate superior,” recalls Kote Shavishvili, “who commissioned me to create division A, and I know very well the whole route of this division, which began with eleven machines and a great desire to learn and protect. Unfortunately, I can’t name all the special and combat operations that this unit conducted, but be sure that the guys did their work well. We had an order from Giorgadze to try as hard as possible to work without blood, noise and agiotage. For a long time we managed it ...

The backbone of the squad were former KGB officers of the USSR who had experience in countering terrorism and freeing hostages under the Nabat plan. The selection criterion is a natural dropout at the preparatory training camps, since time and events unfolding in the republic left no other choice.

The first part was recruited from former "Afghans" and reservists of the Airborne Forces. Of course, the physical data of the candidates and achievements in various sports disciplines were taken into account. Based on the experience of the Soviet Group "A", special attention was paid to moral and business qualities and psychological endurance. Formation was carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis.

By order of the Minister of Defense, an exception was made for six future fighters of the detachment who did not have compulsory urgent service — cadets of the military-patriotic club “Edelweiss”, which was led by the future first commander of the Georgian Alpha.

Initially, the staff consisted of fifty people. The main base was located in one of the buildings of the former Tbilisi Higher Artillery Command School. The number of units gradually increased with the expansion of operational missions. Affected by the lack of support structures and experience, which made its own adjustments.

The group was armed with unique “gizmos” well known to the employees of Group “A”. For example, silent automatic pistols: PSS "Vul" caliber 7,62 mm, SMP "Thunderstorm" caliber 7,62 mm, developed by the Central Research Institute Tochmash, 6П9 caliber 9-mm, modification of the Stechkin AOX44 pistol (also 6P13) of the Nex design of the NechAX designer

Or, say, rifle sniper special "Vintorez", Kalashnikov assault rifles with a silencer PBS, a special grenade launcher. Employees used body armor made of titanium and Kevlar - BZhSN, as well as bullet-proof spheres - protective helmets with a visor of the type “Mask-1”.

So, after appropriate special training, “Filin” became a division of “Alpha”. More than a dozen operational combat operations fell to his share, which, by the way, is also shown by irretrievable losses.

Kote Shavishvili says:

- The guys and I (and Giorgadze and his team) took many measures to free the hostages and steal prisoners from under the nose of the enemy, to neutralize various mafia and semi-mafia structures. Worked on communications, "piece of iron", airfields. They took high-rise buildings, held positions, went into deep reconnaissance, and so on. One armored personnel carrier with a crew of five was able to take the regional center and surrounding territories. One a tank The T-72 managed to hold on to a large regional center in western Georgia during the afternoon, when troops and "lovers of war" fled without looking back. Hold until the enemy detonated the equipment and three of our guys died.
Tank Special Forces MGB. In 93, after taking a photo, the tank was blown up in Samtredia in battles with supporters of President Zviad Gamsakhurdia. The crew killed one of them Alpha fighter. Photo from

Before the fall of Sukhum, the main forces were not passed through Zugdidi. We had to move heavy equipment through the high mountain passes of Svaneti. Unit A fighters did not have time to get to Lata when the main stream of refugees arrived. In the mountains of Svaneti, during a clash with gangsters robbing people, an employee of the detachment was killed. In total, the Georgian “Alpha” rubbed seven people during the battles, and this is a lot, considering the specifics of the unit.

“Or maybe it’s worth remembering all the operations,” Kote Shavishvili continues the story bitterly, “remember how our families spent sleepless nights, waiting either for us, or reporting death when many Georgians flew to Beijing and Dubai, but we did not have enough aircraft to transport people and food to Sukhumi. Or maybe recall the incompetence of the highest military leadership, which lost Gagra because of the criminal negligence of the commanders. Or recall how you had to make your way out of the encirclement only because the “right wing” suddenly decided that it was time to “drink tea” and you could return to the location, “forgetting” us to the delight of the enemy. Or maybe recall how just before the war one of the current leaders of the special services (it was said several years ago - P.E.), as if by chance “lit up” our group, headed by Igor Giorgadze, in front of Ardzinba’s right hand ...

Well, in Russia special forces very often had to be held hostage by the criminal incompetence of politicians and leadership. Such, unfortunately, is the inexorable logic of any Time of Troubles.

Third toast

Gocha Aduashvili ("Dushman"), was born on November 2 on November 1967 in Tbilisi. He fought in Afghanistan. In 1990, he graduated from the Tbilisi engineering college. 13 of September 1993 of the year died from a sniper's bullet during a military clash in Western Georgia. He was awarded the medal "For Courage" (September 14 1993) and the Order of Vakhtang Gorgasali (posthumously).

Soso Sichinava ("Sich"), Major. Born in 1960 in Sukhumi. He graduated from the Suvorov and Baku Higher Combined-Arms School. He performed international duty in Afghanistan, where he was awarded the Order of the Red Star. Chief of Staff in the special divisions "Bukioti" and "Alpha". Killed in 1993 year during an anti-gang operation in western Georgia.

Georgiy Iordanishvili, Colonel. Born 24 May 1947 year in Tbilisi. In 1969, he graduated from the Alma-Ata Higher Frontier School, and in 1979, he received a diploma from the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. He was a division coach, trained many excellent and thinking fighters. Did not come out of a clash 8 June 1994 of the year with gang members (later survivors were eliminated by gangsters). He was awarded eight medals.

Temur Papuashvili ("Elbrus"), colonel. One of the founders of the division "A". 27 was born on January 1956 in Tbilisi. In 1981, he graduated from the coaching faculty of the Georgian State Institute of Physical Culture. He was a member of the Georgian team of rock climbers. A graduate of the Minsk KGB Graduate School (1983 year). The following year, he underwent special training for work as part of the DRG, from 1992 in senior positions in subdivision “A”, and from October 1993 in September to September 1993 headed the Operational and Technical Department (GR) of the Georgian MGB.

20 May 1999 of the Year “Elbrus” was arrested on a false charge of an unfulfilled terrorist act against Eduard Shevardnadze. He was killed in unclear circumstances on January 5 of the year 2000 in the 5 th Penitentiary Prison Enforcer - after he announced to human rights activist E. Tevdoradze of his intention to speak in court. The official diagnosis is a severe swelling of the lungs ...

Nor did Alexander Dzhinchvelidze (“Sashka”), Andrei Mironov (“Miron”), Zaur Talahadze (“Scorpion”), Zviad Sichinava (“Pele”), Badri Shanidze (“Associate Professor”), Dato Elerdashvili (“Kaspir ”), Vyacheslav Lashakov (“ The Wrestler ”) and Robert Samkanashvili (“ The Kid ”). If anyone is forgotten through ignorance, we will definitely add.

Submission Report

Look at the Alpha Bukioti website again. About the dramatic pages of the Georgian Alpha, which was dispersed in the autumn of 1995, sparingly writes Plastun for Abdullah: “After official investigations and work with the personnel of the MGB, it was decided to dismiss part of the unit’s employees. But here it should be noted that the dismissals affected not only the special forces, but in fact this was followed by the dismissal of the 90% leadership of the MGB. ”

And another unhappy replica of “Plastun”: “The Alpha unit was resumed after the layoffs and transfers to other units of the“ old employees ”and existed under this abbreviation up to the year 2001.

Since 2001, the unit has been abolished, from a small staff left over from ALPHA and OMEGI, an antiterrorist center was created by merging with a group of special forces SSO (State Guard Service).

So what happened?

29 August 1995 was an unsuccessful assassination attempt on President Shevardnadze. That day a Niva bomb exploded. Shevardnadze was wounded by broken glass; his driver and several guards received contusions. Organizing the crime Giorgadze was accused. The “spy from the North” himself, fearing retribution, allegedly found it good to quickly disappear from the republic. Naturally, to "their Moscow masters."

And then there was a trial, which, however, was prepared for more than two years. Those who attended it "from the side" indicated the absence of real evidence. However, there were testimonies of three security officials: Teimuraz Khachishvili (former Interior Minister and Deputy Minister of Security) and Chairman of the Georgian Rescue Corps Georgy Gelashvili. Allegedly, they were summoned by the “Commander” and charged to prepare everything thoroughly, but - the misfire came out, the notorious human factor worked.

This is what the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, Yury Latynina, wrote “incendiary” about this in the spirit of “investigations” by US citizen Anna Politkovskaya: “The conspirators were members of Mkhedrioni, dissatisfied with Ioseliani, but acted on Giorgadze’s order. The idea was to blow up the president, write everything off to Ioseliani, liquidate him and take power. Their extreme intrigue confusion ruined: the killer was told that he was blowing up Ioseliani. What a surprise the performer was when he saw Shevardnadze's car leaving the palace. “But this is the president!” He cried. “PUSH!” - Giga Gelashvili, the commander of the Georgian “Alpha”, who was subsequently arrested and testified, shouted beside him, and himself, bending over, pressed a button. But late - Shevardnadze survived. Giorgadze fled to the Russian military base in Vaziani and was such. "

There is a famous expression: lying as an eyewitness. This is exactly the case. That is how our “free”, our liberal press operates with facts.

The defendants were also charged with organizing the assassination of 3 in December 1994, the leader of the National Democratic Party, George Chanturia. According to the then words of Shevardnadze, “if it were not for this accusation, then Giga Gilashvili, who fought for the territorial integrity of Georgia, should have been presented for a state award.”

In total in the case of the attempted assassination of the head of state, fifteen people passed The defendants belonged to the leadership of the Ministry of State Security of Georgia and the special forces units Alpha and Omega, which had previously undergone special training, respectively, in Russia and the United States. By the end of the summer of 1995, three of them had died under unclear circumstances, while others were taken from the state, and then arrested or put on the wanted list. All those who were represented at the trial received long prison sentences, and only the abolition of the “tower” saved some from the death penalty — Georgia was about to join the Council of Europe.

Among the "conspirators" were also the former commander of Omega, Nikoloz Kvezereli, the head of Alpha, Lieutenant Colonel Gela Papuashvili, and the commander of the sixth group of Alpha, Captain Guram Papukashvili. In connection with the investigation of this case in 1996, Alfa Major Grigory Basilashvili was also convicted, accused of forging documents, but later released from custody.

“By this time I was working in another division of the special service and was on vacation,” says Kote Shavishvili. - At the time of the explosion, I rested with friends on Leselidze Street and was able to arrive at the explosion site in 15-17 minutes. A visual inspection of the scene of the incident led to the conclusion that either super-precise high-class professionals or amateurs who could not distinguish TNT from plasticite worked. With a more thorough analysis of the incident, I leaned toward the second version. After this, strange events take place - accusations are being made against Igor Giorgadze and subunit "A", Avtandil Ioseliani admits that he knew about the impending assassination attempt on the head of state, but did not know whom to give the information to. Begin arrests, false accusations, persecution, "witch hunt."

After the arrest of Gela Papuashvili (the unit commander at that time), Kote Shavishvili continues the story, it seems that A. Ioseliani is trying to arrest, hysteria around the Alpha and Omega divisions by completely arresting move aside the incident with the “recognition”. It is impossible to deny the fact that A. Ioseliani never had friendly and collegial feelings for the special forces, and they paid him the same coin.

Then in 1999, there was another attempt on Shevardnadze; however, it did not take place. Twelve people were detained in connection with him, including Gujar Kurashvili, the former commander of the Ground Forces, and Temur, the brother of the ex-commander of Alpha, Gela Papuashvili, who had died in the preliminary detention cell. Members of this detachment Kakha Kantaria, Irakli Panjikidze and Mamuka Georgadze were also detained. The prosecution was built on the results of the allegedly tapped phone conversations of the accused with the same Igor Giorgadze.

And at the beginning of July 2003, those involved in the 95 year, Gelashvili, Papukashvili and Khachishvili, were unexpectedly pardoned by the president. “I understand well those people who painfully perceived the decision to release these prisoners, but state thinking should be beyond personal feelings,” Shevardnadze said. How to order it to understand? One of two things: either the head of state released dangerous criminals, or retroactively recognized their innocence.

Shevardnadze’s decision provoked criticism from his opponents. Perhaps the most tough position was taken by former Justice Minister Mikhail Saakashvili. He called the act of pardon "the destabilization of the country and the return to the beginning of the nineties". According to his then statement, the goal of the Gray-faced Fox is to use “recognized gangsters and murderers to eliminate political rivals for the sake of maintaining power”. As we can see, before the "revolution of roses" is within reach - but what is the syllable, what is the pathos of the future subverter of the Shevardnadze regime? And Zurab Zhvania was still alive ...

“The release of these political killers threatens not only opposition politicians and ordinary citizens of Georgia,” Saakashvili’s frightened, “but also businessmen who may be subjected to racketeering, whose goal is to meet the financial needs of these bandits.”

In this regard, remember the anecdote. Giorgadze decided to surrender. Morning. Insulator. The investigator asks the first question: “For what purpose, when and where were you born?” Funny? Not really.

Actually, Igor Giorgadze from 15 July to 30 in August 1995 was not physically observed within Georgia. He was on a business trip in Turkey, from there he flew to Moscow to bring equipment and technical equipment for the Alpha and Omega special forces.

All the false accusations are revealed by Makvala Beryanidze in his book The Secret Formula for a Strange Act of Terrorism is a work based on the collected documents. Together with the book, this courageous woman submitted a statement by the chairman of the intelligence department Avtandil Ioseliani, in which he refused to report the 2 of September, which became the basis for initiating a criminal case against Giorgadze and putting him on the wanted list. If Ioseliani had never seen this report in the eye, then what could we talk about at all? ..

In a false report it is written that in the afternoon of July 20 Giorgadze met at his home the people who came to him. Was in home clothes. As Berianidze rightly points out, this is not a Papuashvili terminology.

Berianidze also presented the materials that she sent from the prison "Alfovets". In them he calls the persons who were with him in the room, when he ... was forced to write this "fake" report. He categorically refused to participate in the adventure, but it cost him dearly ...

Perplexed gray fox

At the end of January, 2006, a friend of ours, Maka Beryanidze, published an interview with Eduard Shevardnadze on the pages of the Asaval-Desavali newspaper. In Georgian. This is a terrific, fantastic text. After reading it can only shrug.

Here are the most characteristic excerpts related to the topic of our story.

“Journalist: Amazing things are happening in the political arena of Georgia. I could not hide my surprise when Irina Sarishvili, “spoiled” by you, acceptable for you and “spoiled” by you, saw Igor Giorgadze as president of the foundation.

During your presidency, she was an opponent of Giorgadze and the “lion's share” of the merit in turning him (Igor Giorgadze - PE) into the wanted one belongs to her. And now I see how she holds a press conference, and behind her, on the wall, hangs a portrait of Igor.

Shevardnadze: What-oh?

Journalist: Nothing “special”, she changed the portrait of Eduard Shevardnadze to the portrait of Igor Giorgadze.

Moreover, she spoke at the congress of his party (you probably know that Giorgadze has her own Justice party?) And publicly apologized to Mr. Igor, said that she had been wrong about him for so many years.

Shevardnadze: Apologized?

Journalist: Yes! And now I once again want to take you back to the past. When you were president, at the traditional briefings you held on Mondays, I repeatedly asked questions about Igor Giorgadze. I proceeded from the presumption of innocence, and most importantly, from the materials of my journalistic investigation, it was clear that he was absolutely not guilty, and I demanded justice. Once about this, I prepared a document on 60 pages and, on your instructions, transferred it to your service. "They filed a case." Later I addressed this to you and you, a little annoyed, said: “Leave me alone.

If he is not guilty, he will return and give the floor to the "Union of Citizens" (the former Shevardnadze party, which with its departure ceased to exist - PE) will not enter. "

Shevardnadze: Was I wrong? There is no longer a "Union of Citizens", let it return (?!).

Journalist: Will she come back?

Shevardnadze: I can not say. Maybe he will come back, and maybe he will not.

Journalist: Have you found out that he is not guilty?

Shevardnadze: And you?

Journalist: I was convinced, and the whole country knows about it. His foreign attorneys were also convinced. They met with me and were convinced more than it was required. They were amazed that I did not personally know Igor Giorgadze, never met him, and took on such a burden. For me, the main thing was the documents. For a fair approach, this is important!

Shevardnadze: He was charged with the fact that he knew about the impending assassination attempt on the president and threw a completely useless version.

Journalist: No, no. He was charged with planning and carrying out the attack. Allegedly, he called to the apartment, located on Paliashvili Street Temur Khachishvili, Gigu Gelashvili, the commander of Alpha, and ordered them to carry out the attack. These documents were so crudely concocted that dirty hands and white threads of those who “sewed” this business were visible. At the time when, according to the prosecution, Giorgadze "held a meeting" on Paliashvili Street, he really was in Turkey visiting his Turkish colleague. After all, you, through Giorgadze, sent chess as a gift to Demirel (at that time Turkish President - P.E.)? I dragged all these frauds into the light of God, for which I paid, but for me the truth is more important. Punishing an innocent big sin.

Shevardnadze: And who confirmed that this was so? Say, cooked up?

Journalist: Avtandil Ioseliani. He wrote that the report that formed the basis of the accusation of Igor Giorgadze is a fake. He testified to the Supreme Court; no one could ignore the materials I obtained.

Shevardnadze: (after a long pause). Ioseliani refused?

Journalist: Big things are going on, Ioseliani refused, Irina Sarishvili apologized to Giorgadze and is now the president of his foundation. If you are convinced of his innocence, do you have the courage to admit that you were wrong?

Shevardnadze: I did not bring any charges, I did not mention the facts! It all came from the investigation. It was more connected with the terrorist attack, with the second terrorist attack.

Journalist: I'm talking about the first terrorist attack that took place on 29 August 1995, before the election.

Shevardnadze: I do not remember (?!), I can not say. Before that, we had normal relations, although several times I asked him to come to Abkhazia, but he could not. He said that there is no one to replace him in Poti and Senaki, they say, this is also an important area.

Journalist: He was not a minister then, what right did he have without an order to leave the port?

Shevardnadze: Yes, that was important too. Therefore, I did not insist. I had no other relationship with him. He really has one big merit. I appointed him Minister after the fall of Sukhumi. At that time, Kitovani (former Minister of Defense - P.E.) conceived a new attack on Abkhazia. This could turn into a huge misfortune. Then I asked him (Igor Giorgadze - P.E.) to stop this adventure, otherwise a big trouble could happen in Georgia. He not only stopped, but fulfilled the task to the top five, returned them all.

Journalist: Convinced that you can not do such things without preparation?

Shevardnadze: I don’t know how and what, but I returned everyone peacefully, including Tengiz Kitovani. The adventure has failed. I did not give him any other instructions. As for the terrorist attack, in his time several guys were arrested. He called me and said that the attack was revealed.

Journalist: It happened after the attack. Did he 30 August come back? The fact that Igor Giorgadze is not guilty. There are many documents confirming this.

Shevardnadze: Maybe he really has nothing to do with it! But if you have nothing to do with it, why are you flying away from a Russian military base?

Journalist: You flew together that day on 4 September 1995 of the year.

Shevardnadze: What are you saying. No. What are you saying?

Journalist: I tell the truth. I don’t know about him from where and where he flew, but you flew to Central Asia.

Shevardnadze: Maybe I flew to Turkey. Yes, but ...

Journalist: No, not to Turkey, but to Central Asia, if I'm not mistaken, to Karimov. If Giorgadze stayed then, today he would not be alive. What were they waiting for? He did not run away. On the contrary, I flew in (in Tbilisi - P.E.). He was here on 30, August, 31, 1, 2, 3, September. September 4 arrested Khachishvili and Gelashvili? Why they did not say anything about Giorgadze? What, before the elections, the "script" was not fully prepared?

Shevardnadze: They did not arrest because there were no grounds for arrest.

Journalist: And then where did the foundation come from?

Shevardnadze: I don't know.

Journalist: I will tell you, he is absolutely not guilty in connection with this terrorist act. I rely on documents.

Shevardnadze: Maybe, maybe ...

Journalist: If you were convinced of his innocence, could you come forward and publicly state that these ten years have subjected him to torture?

Shevardnadze: Is there somewhere in my statement that the attack was organized by Igor Giorgadze? Now I remember something. I was told that there was alleged evidence. Ostensibly from his office carried weapon, something else. They said that he gave some instructions to Khachishvili.

Journalist: Who convinced you of this, loot Edward?

Shevardnadze: Those who were. The prosecutor's office is investigating, is not it? I had no other special representative.

Journalist: When Igor Giorgadze arrived on the thirtieth of August, you didn’t even accept him. You did not know anything, i.e. because there were no investigation materials yet? And on the second of September they said to him: “Go away.” To this day, he, like you, has not written a letter of resignation from his post as minister.


Journalist: An eyewitness told me: “On September 2, when, eventually, Shevardnadze invited Igor Giorgadze and had already decided to release him, the minister had a short time in Shevardnadze’s office. Coming out of the office, he said: "It will take time and he will understand that I have done nothing wrong to him, those traitors who surround him today, he will recognize tomorrow." If you follow the processes, then after ten years, he is more clearly visible. What do you say to that?

Shevardnadze: Maybe! Didn't I investigate the case? I never said that the attack was organized by Igor Giorgadze.

Journalist: Never talked?

Shevardnadze: No, no. There were reports that he helped people who were somehow connected with the terrorist act, but that Giorgadze himself had a hand in this, I did not say that, although if you were a security minister you should know ten times more, you shouldn’t overlook what is happening in the country. Does the Minister paint when a terrorist act is carried out against his president?

Journalist: I have documents and not one. Minister Giorgadze formally warned about this (about a possible terrorist act and the need to strengthen surveillance of specific places) by the leadership of the Government Security Service (the structure created to protect Shevardnadze - PE), indicating the place where it later happened. What else should he have done? That territory, the courtyard of the former parliament, where the explosion occurred, was controlled by the Government Security Service.

Shevardnadze: So what?

Journalist: Four letters available.

Shevardnadze: So what?

Journalist: And the fact that they (the Government Security Service - P.E.) should have taken action. You, just after that, sent Giorgadze on a business trip to Turkey and until the August 29 attack was not a terrorist act, did not allow him to return "on the basis of state interests."

Shevardnadze: In that case, we need to call these people to the strictest responsibility. I have not seen these letters. It turns out that I personally had to investigate. I have always bypassed the investigation since the time when I was Minister of the Interior. Through the documents, I personally saw so much trouble. People were shot, famous scientists, activists, but in fact there was not even two sheets. Then I promised myself that I would never do anything like that. By the way, I was the Minister of the Interior for seven years, and there was not a single case of illegal arrest.

Journalist: Now a lot of lawlessness is happening. Will there be a time when everything will be given a proper grade?

Shevardnadze: Every lawless person will be assessed, if not today, in two, five years. It is impossible! All iniquity will be exposed. Maybe they will not be punished, maybe they will be forgiven, maybe a person was mistaken - and this is acknowledged, but lawlessness will not remain without revealing! ”

Wolf ticket

18 December 2003, the police, arrested the first commander of the Georgian "Alpha", Vice-Colonel of Special Services Kote Shavishvili, who in recent years provided personal security to the head of the Tbilaviastry association Pantiko (Vazhi) Tordia. Several OO.O. employees were also detained. Security Agency GGK ("GJKay"). For political reasons, since in the past they worked under the direction of Igor Giorgadze. And the day before, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Grigory Baramidze, told journalists that an armed insurrection was being prepared in the republic, for which persons from among the Commander's supporters might be involved.

"Revolt", in fact, was as follows. In November 2003, Tordia took part in the parliamentary elections in one of the majoritarian constituencies of the capital. When counting ballots there was a need for a second round of voting. The advantage is in favor of Tordia.

On November 27, a “rose revolution” took place in Georgia. And soon on Tordia, when he was near the garage near his house, an attack was made: his head was broken. Characteristically, the car Mercedes, documents and money the criminals did not touch. Fearing for her life, Tordia turns to Kote Shavishvili with a request to provide him with a “personal account” and organize reliable security for the enterprise, known in Tbilisi as the 31st aviation plant. Without hesitation, the parties entered into a corresponding agreement for a period of ten years.

We did not have time to dry the ink on the document, as the interested circle of people appealed to law enforcement agencies with a “request” to check Shavishvili and his security company. The goal is to find out how real the GGK agency’s capabilities are, and to place the factory’s security guards.

The Georgian MGB provides information that Shavishvili is the first commander of the Georgian Alpha and the right hand of Igor Giorgadze. Although the intelligence services could not detect the real facts of their contacts. Gia Baramidze, an active member of the National Party, is involved in the case, and since December 6, surveillance has been established for Shavishvili and his organization.

At the same time, presidential candidate Mikhail Saakashvili and the chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs intimidate the Georgian public with a horror story about an armed gang of as many as a thousand people who support Igor Giorgadze - all of them, however, “will soon be caught or eliminated.” The Interior Ministry is planning an operation to neutralize "especially dangerous" persons for the state. The direct leaders of this action are David Kekua and David Endeladze from the Tbilisi Main Department of Internal Affairs.

On the night from 17 to December 18, Tordia returns from a foreign trip. Bodyguards take him home first and then to the factory. Employees of "outdoor advertising" is fixed cluster of young people near the office of the Security Agency GGK. The decision is made to launch two employees into the office so that those disguised as those who want to get a job conduct a reconnaissance on the subject of firearms and the general situation. However, they were denied work.

In the evening of 18-th Tordia, Shavishvili and three security leave from the plant. The operation to capture or liquidate in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is planned to be held near the house of Tordiya On the way, the security car does not allow employees of the Tbilisi Main Directorate of Internal Affairs to consider sitting in the head vehicles and to verify the presence of “objects of interest”. The situation is heating up.

Then the escort changes the route and unexpectedly heads to Vake district. Then David Endeladze, who directly controls the course of the operation, gives the command to establish those sitting in the head car at any cost. One of the prosecution cars in violation of the rules stops at a traffic light and finds out that those who are needed are in the cabin.

The escort turns off Paliashvili and, breaking the traffic rules, drives Tordia to his son-in-law's house. Kote Shavishvili unimpededly leads his client into the house. The guards unfolding sharply than interfere with the operation. Endeladze reports to David Kekua about the incident and is waiting for instructions.

Assessing the change in the situation, the head of the Interior Ministry ordered to work only on Shavishvili and his people. Endeladze called for the help of police officers "from the ground" and detained. Base? "Illegal carrying of weapons." The absurdity of this accusation was evident. Then the “Alpha” veterans were accused of “resisting police officers during detention”.

The authors of this misinformation did not take into account the fact that in January-February 2003, Kote Shavishvili underwent a difficult operation to remove the cervical vertebra and replace it with an artificial body. The corresponding certificate to the official request of the lawyer was provided by the Head Doctor of the City Clinical Hospital No. 7 V.A. Afanasyev. Therefore, with all the desire he could not realize active physical resistance.

The detention was carried out by people in civilian clothes, but, having recognized Endeladze in one of them, Kote Shavishvili ordered his children: “Do not move - this is the police!”. The fact that no one offered resistance was confirmed by people who happened to be nearby at that moment. One of the policemen later let out that if Tordia had been taken home where the ambush was, everyone would have been put there.

Former leader of the National Democratic Party, Irina Sarishvili-Chanturia, immediately called the incident a fact of political repression. In the coming days, Kote Shavishvili was to provide personal protection in accordance with the official contract. According to her, Shavishvili is a high-level professional who could help those who shot 8 December fired at her apartment, but "this does not suit the new authorities."

In this regard, I recall the famous dictum of Jaba Ioseliani: “Democracy is not for you to eat.” This is really ...

His relatives and friends spoke in support of Abdullah, calling on all people “who care about the fate of this honest and courageous person, to support ... an appeal to the leadership of Georgia with a request to understand this matter honestly, fairly and without bias.”

10 March 2004 was proclaimed by the prosecutor's office of the Vake-Saburtalo district of Tbilisi to stop the criminal prosecution of Kote Shavishvili and his staff, in terms of deliberate resistance, for lack of corpus delicti.

- What should a security officer who knows his business, but was left without work? - Kote Shavishvili wonders - He has two ways: either to go to criminal structures (which, unlike the state, well know the price of their professionalism), or go to any work, but not to be sold. The former employees of the Georgian special services had no choice at all, since A “wolf ticket” with the label “people of Igor Giorgadze” scares away even the most courageous officials and businessmen. To open a "business" you need finance, which they do not have. When Georgia conducted active hostilities, they collected fragments and bullets with their bodies, and many of our home-grown nouveau riches caught the “green fish” of currency in the muddy water of our history.

Came next August, the second number. On the site - "Abdullah": "Congratulations to the division" A "with his birthday! I hope that the time will come - and it will again be in the ranks and on the guard of the people! We all remember. ”

And the addition: “If owls do not hunt, it does not mean that there are no mice. It’s just not the time of the hunt. ”
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  1. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 18 December 2013 10: 00
    Georgians! Such Georgians ...
    Thank you for the article. Still, in a magazine format, you should build the presentation of the material more logically and consistently (in my opinion ...).
    As far as the story itself is concerned, the presentation of factual information through the eyes of the Georgian side is something new for the format of this resource. Of course, you need to know what our neighbor from the south is. Alas, despite the certain pretentiousness of the presentation of the material, I unequivocally define in myself the absolute "non-closeness" of the author's feelings for the heroes of the story.
    Our "common" story with Georgia ended in 1991. After that, the two countries became further and further from each other. The result is "888".
    With regard to the situation that developed in Georgia in the 90-2000s, one can say "a very turbulent Transcaucasian-Menshevik political cauldron." And even now the neighbors are not far from this. For Russia, alas, all the political leaders of this country are equally unpleasant: Gamsakhurdia is a nationalist, Shevardnadze is a traitor, and Saakashvili is struck by liberalism ... a banashka.
    And good men, as always, die first, wherever it is, because they are real ...
    1. amigo1969
      amigo1969 18 December 2013 10: 32
      Yes, the general story with Georgia unfortunately ended in 1991 .. Sorry. Igor Giorgadze is a hereditary security officer. My father served with his father, and I ran with him as a little kid in the same yard ..... Life scattered very hard ((((... I visit Georgia from time to time, many Georgians have nostalgia for the past, an excellent attitude towards Russians in in mass order. Despite 08.08.08, I have not seen such a wonderful relationship in any country of Transcaucasia. Maybe someday everything will return ??? Ehh.
      1. 225chay
        225chay 18 December 2013 12: 41
        Quote: amigo1969
        many Georgians have nostalgia for the past, an excellent attitude to Russians in droves. Despite 08.08.08, I have not seen such an excellent relationship in any country of Transcaucasia. Maybe someday everything will be back ??? Ehh.

        Yes, the majority of Georgians are very good people! Especially rural.
        In the film "Father of a Soldier" the soul of real Georgians is revealed ...
        In the capital, and probably, like in all capitals, there are many tricky .... opyh, and so the people are wonderful, sincere.
        There are of course (as elsewhere and with us too) but this is the exception ...
        I also hope for the revival of friendship between our peoples ...
        1. amigo1969
          amigo1969 18 December 2013 13: 13
          The experience of communication with the peoples of the Caucasus / Transcaucasia is very extensive. Georgians are the most open, hospitable and helpful people. Perhaps friendship will revive when the Americans leave the Caucasus! YES, a certain part went for Saakashvili and Co., but that hatred for Russians as in Central Asia never happened .. IMHO
  2. washi
    washi 18 December 2013 10: 50
    What to do to a security officer who knows his job, but is left without work? - Kote Shavishvili asks a question. - He has two ways: either go to criminal structures (which, unlike state ones, know the value of their professionalism well), or go to any job, but not sell.
    And what to do when the state itself was sold?
    1. 225chay
      225chay 18 December 2013 12: 44
      Quote: Vasya
      What to do to a security officer who knows his job, but is left without work? - Kote Shavishvili asks a question. - He has two ways: either to go to criminal structures (which, unlike state ones, know the value of their professionalism well), or

      Go to crime, lead it and direct it in the right direction ...
      And "blame" the villains and traitors.
      1. Free Island
        Free Island 4 February 2014 12: 13
        White Arrow :)))
  3. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 18 December 2013 11: 14
    Thank you for the article. Very informative.
  4. Russ69
    Russ69 18 December 2013 12: 09
    Maybe now and on opposite sides of the barricades. But how many normal men brought up the Union ...
  5. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 18 December 2013 12: 37
    The best war is when the enemy fights with himself.
  6. Vova Vartanov
    Vova Vartanov 18 December 2013 15: 59
    The material is interesting, a little stretched, but nevertheless read with great interest. Thank .
  7. Geokingxnumx
    18 December 2013 17: 52
    There was also Omega Group!
    The Alpha Group trained in Russia and the Omega Group in America!

    Omega special forces!
  8. tooth46
    tooth46 18 December 2013 19: 02
    I think that Vitaly Barabadze should be mentioned in the series of the mentioned warriors.
    1. Geokingxnumx
      18 December 2013 20: 59
      Quote: zub46
      Vitaly Barabadze.

      who is he?
  9. Ivan Denikin
    Ivan Denikin 18 December 2013 23: 51
    Guys! Georgian "A", or as it is now called - "omega", has nothing to do with that "Alpha", which was in the 80s, early 90s! Now this is a group of commandos, trained in the United States according to American rules and patterns, far from the "A" principles and the concepts of officer honor and duty. In fact, these are dollar mercenaries who will not give their lives for their homeland if they do not have a couple of thousand US dollars in their pockets. And the principles of education are absolutely different from those that we had in the Union, and now in the CIS. I respect Georgia, but what the American instructors are doing there is out of the ordinary! They train young Georgians on Russians, and everyone who did not come from the Caucasus, i.e. on Ukrainians, Belarusians, etc. According to the moral convention, these are degradants who have sat down on a nationalist needle, they have nothing professional, although they call themselves "omega". Fuck will understand what it is. They are black and black in Africa, even more so under pindo ... s!
    Glory to the Union!
    1. Geokingxnumx
      19 December 2013 00: 27
      Quote: Ivan Denikin
      Guys! Georgian "A", or as it is now called - "omega",

      No! Georgian And this is another and Omega Another! both were "Destroyed"
      Quote: Ivan Denikin
      Now this is a group of commandos, trained in the United States according to American rules and patterns, far from the "A" principles and the concepts of officer honor and duty.

      Commandos is an Armeiski battalion and not special forces! and the commando was disbanded 2006 year!
      Quote: Ivan Denikin
      In fact, these are dollar mercenaries who will not give their lives for their Motherland if a couple of thousand US dollars are not in their pockets.

      no) you're wrong) 2004 year proved) this is a human factor. now only one armieski special forces vashlisjvari. Well, there is still anti-terrorist special forces
  10. Ivan Denikin
    Ivan Denikin 19 December 2013 00: 35
    Quote: GEOKING95
    Quote: Ivan Denikin
    Guys! Georgian "A", or as it is now called - "omega",

    No! Georgian And this is another and Omega Another! both were "Destroyed"
    Quote: Ivan Denikin
    Now this is a group of commandos, trained in the United States according to American rules and patterns, far from the "A" principles and the concepts of officer honor and duty.

    Commandos is an Armeiski battalion and not special forces! and the commando was disbanded 2006 year!
    Quote: Ivan Denikin
    In fact, these are dollar mercenaries who will not give their lives for their Motherland if a couple of thousand US dollars are not in their pockets.

    no) you're wrong) 2004 proved)

    What did you prove in 2004? Prosrali everything that is possible and lost the war! What warriors are you, an appendage of the USA and nothing else! Be even beta or omega, you will not have the spirit of a special forces soldier. You sold it to the Americans for dollars! Lackeys.
    1. Geokingxnumx
      19 December 2013 00: 49
      You yourself sold technology to the Americans for money, and the territories, too. All of us and your politicians pissed off. 2004 year there were military actions. 2008 year Georgia lost the war well? America won and Russia lost. We pissed off but you also pissed off a lot
      1. Sandov
        Sandov 19 December 2013 19: 25
        Quote: GEOKING95
        You yourself sold technology to the Americans for money, and the territories, too. All of us and your politicians pissed off. 2004 year there were military actions. 2008 year Georgia lost the war well? America won and Russia lost. We pissed off but you also pissed off a lot

        All pissed off. Tbilisi is a beautiful city. Village in the mountains, mountain stream, lake. Georgian dishes. All in the past. They betrayed their homeland to politics, and Sahak is a lawless person. He must be judged by good Georgians.
  11. 20 December 2013 01: 12
    What were the bandit formations in western Georgia during the described period? As far as I understand, western Georgia is Abkhazia, and the bandit formations are Abkhazians, who launched an offensive against Tbilisi (the stronghold of peace and democracy) in the post-Soviet space. What does "despite 8.8.8" mean? They killed 79 Russian boys, but do you regret that you have tried Satsivi for a long time? They despise us Russians. And, judging by your comments, they are doing the right thing. To understand this, ask any Georgian living in the Russian Federation: is it necessary to return Abkhazia and Ossetia to Georgia? The answer is - it is necessary, take a napkin and wipe the spit from your face. They all consider Saakashvili a national hero, a collector of the Zmel-Georgian people, no one condemns him, and they don't care about the death of our peacekeepers and thousands of Tskhinvali residents. It will be necessary, the Georgian, who shared bread and salt with you, will merge - as it will roll down the hill. The Caucasus, however.
    1. Geokingxnumx
      20 December 2013 10: 42
      What were the gangs in western Georgia during the described period? As I understand it, western Georgia is Abkhazia, and gangs are Abkhazians who launched an offensive on Tbilisi (the bastion of peace and democracy) in the post-Soviet space.

      Yes, Abkhazia is in Western Georgia, but still there is Adjara Guria Samegrelo Svaneti Racha-Lechkhumi Imereti! Not only Against Abkhazian separatists, but also against Georgian Banditrofanii! as they were in Svaneti When the Bandits attacked the Refugee From Abkhazia! Well, even with the Zviadists Fought, Of course, the Russian Army helped Shevardnadze
      They killed 79 Russian boys, but you feel sorry that Satsivi have been trying for a long time?

      it is yours and our politicians killed them! Yours and our politicians killed 7 000 Civilians in Abkhazia! I don’t say later what happened!
      They despise us Russians.

      it was told to you on TV) well, there are people who despise those who are but despised! and that in Russia there are no such poots who despise Georgians? At least once you beat in Georgia
      To understand this, ask any Georgian living in the Russian Federation: is it necessary to return Abkhazia and Ossetia to Georgia? He will answer - it is necessary, take a napkin and wipe the spit from the face.

      of course any Georgian will say it! Real Ossetia is North Ossetia and we don't need a foreign land! but "South Ossetia" will bring Georgia to Us! well of course the Ossetians who live there
      They all consider Saakashvili a national hero,

      Well, there are such, but there are Not many of them. Even the Mishists do not consider him a Hero! But how many people do you think that Gorbachev and Yeltsin are a Hero?
      thousand inhabitants of Tskhinvali to them on a drum.

      are you in an information blockade huh?
      how many of them were in arms? so forget about disinfirmation about the thousand Killed and the Genocide! you don’t even know that Georgians also lived in the villages

      you read Why Medvedev awarded the 10th Special Forces Brigade with the Order of Zhukov?
  12. 20 December 2013 12: 05
    As it is written in the article, Giorgadze went to intelligence in Abkhazia, and not to Adjara, Guria Samagrelo, Svaneti Racha-lechkhumi Imereti ... He did not recommend sending troops to Abkhazia, and not to (according to the list). It is not politicians who kill, but real people with five fingers on their hand, one of which is the index one and, as LP Beria said: "every mistake has a surname, name and patronymic." If South Ossetia belongs to you, why are you killing its inhabitants? If you beat your wife with a bat and she files for divorce, will you say in court that she belongs to you and you did the right thing? And finally, why did the Georgian servicemen kill Russian peacekeepers? Would they dare to shoot at US citizens? I do not want to say that the Georgian people (I studied in the Soviet school) are to blame for everything that Georgia has done during its "sovereignty", but every country has a leader it deserves. I believe that we have been lucky since 2000. If you do not politicize the discussion, but be guided by common sense, then you - Georgians, in my opinion, to put it mildly, have lost both Abkhazia and Ossetia. Lost Russia forever. You have acquired reliable, and, most importantly, decent friends in the face of Europe, the United States, and all sorts of limotrophs.
    Baltic. I forgot Poland. What can I say - lucky! Regarding the events of 8.8.8, I would advise God not to be angry, trying to justify himself, but to sprinkle ashes on his head.
    1. Geokingxnumx
      20 December 2013 14: 15
      As it is written in the article, Giorgadze went to intelligence precisely to Abkhazia, and not to Adjara, Guria Samagrelo, Svaneti Racha-lechkhumi Imereti

      yes) and it says later When Sukhumi fell refugees in Svaneti they wrote down as best they could against the bandits
      He did not recommend to send troops to Abkhazia, and not to (according to the list).

      it was Kitovani and Ioseliani who went to war in Abkhazia so that they would be Razrabyt as they did in Samargalo! and someone does not justify the actions of these people! why is Gamsakhurdia confused in this) they do not even know that he put Ardzinba as the "Governor" of Abkhazia
      If South Ossetia belongs to you, then why are you killing its inhabitants?

      The warrior is always killed by inexpressible people! and the Goals did not kill the Residents! if they wanted to destroy the inhabitants, then their village was first burned, as Osseti and the mercenaries did after 12 August! Who would justify the killing of the Residents? There are Many Georgian Ossetian Families!
      And finally, why did Georgian servicemen kill Russian peacekeepers?

      I actually gave a link from the top read? Georgian servicemen had an order not to shoot Peacekeepers! Why was the shooter? for Russia to enter and kick ass?
      what Georgia has done during its "sovereignty", but each country has the leader it deserves.

      yes of course you are right!
      then you - Georgians, in my opinion, to put it mildly, have lost both Abkhazia and Ossetia. Forever lost Russia.

      not when do not say forever! Do not know what will happen in the future! and for yours and for our politicians we lost Georgia, could 100% control the Caucasus!
      You have made reliable, and, most importantly, decent friends in the person of Europe, the USA, all kinds of limotrophs

      they would not have gained if the separatists had not been supported since the 90's! Now there would be fewer VICTIMS, not any Disagreements With Russia And Georgia! And the Caucasus would be calm!
      8.8.8 I would advise you to God not to be angry trying to justify yourself, but to sprinkle ashes on your head.

      God himself will judge) but you do not know that the Warrior is someone wrong and both sides are to blame!
      then why are you killing its inhabitants?

      how many civilians died in Chechnya all the Warrior?