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A game of association. Serbia under the rule of Europe


Serbia is a candidate member of the European Union. The economy and especially the energy sector of Serbia is on the mend. In recent years, tax deductions and net income of the country's largest oil company, NIS, have increased, refining capacities have been modernized, and the distribution network has not only been reconstructed, but also has begun expansion into other Balkan countries. But the EU has nothing to do with these successes.

Shard of yugoslavia

Old Belgrade is a typically southern city with characteristic low houses. It features an incredible number of bakeries. Literally every three hundred meters is a small shop where you can buy baked bread right there. According to local residents, this is the influence of centuries of Turkish yoke. Not the worst possible. Historical the center subtly resembles the Old Arbat in Moscow, and many buildings evoke the memory of St. Petersburg and the Crimean palaces - the current building of the Government of Serbia was designed by architect Nikolai Krasnov, the very one who designed the palace in Livadia.

In addition to traces of the distant past, Belgrade has an imprint of quite recent events by historical standards. So, still the silent reminder of the NATO bombardment has frozen the old building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the verge of destruction. It is impossible to restore it because of the damage caused, and it is too expensive to demolish it.

There is also a “living” monument to that war in Belgrade: a building that blindly looks at the street with neatly brick windows, some of which are also protected by bars. Its facade is always freshly painted. And above the entrance is flying a star-striped flag. This is the US embassy, ​​where the Serbs, grateful for the liberation from the “bloody regime” of Milosevic, come to express their appreciation - with heavy objects and paint.


At the end of 1990, Serbia 78 days were driven into the stone age, destroying industrial enterprises and other strategically important objects such as hospitals and schools. There were no forces and means for a full-scale restoration of a defeated and effectively occupied country after the end of the war. And the victim, perhaps, more than other industries, oil refining was held hostage to sanctions. In the post-Hitachi period, local refineries supplied Yugoslavia with fuel by 85%, and their total oil refining capacity was about 9 million tons. After the war, the total capacity of the plants decreased to 7,3 million tons of oil per year. Fell and product quality.

In 2000, Slobodan Milosevic was overthrown. The people hoped for a rise, because they thought that it was only the head of state. And now it's all over, life will go back to normal. But no. The economic crisis, the further disintegration of the state, which ended in 2008, was the rejection of Kosovo. In addition, investment in geological exploration, repair and development of deposits was reduced in 2000-x. By 2009, oil production in Serbia dropped to 600 – 700 thousand tons per year, and about 300 thousand tons per year under the terms of concession and joint development were extracted in Angola. At the same time, the real annual needs of the republic were from 3,8 to 4,3 million tons. The national oil and gas company Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) ended the crisis year with a loss of 2009 million euros.

The position of the Serbian gas industry was also unenviable. With the needs of the state 3 billion cubic meters (in the year 2009) production barely reached 500 – 600 million cubic meters per year. Accordingly, it was necessary to import 80% blue fuel. The only way to deliver natural gas to the republic was from Russia via Ukraine via the main gas pipeline leading to Western Europe. From it, through Hungary, blue fuel is transported by an outlet, the capacity of which in the Serbian section is 3,6 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

In 2009, the country became a candidate for membership in the European Union. The then President of the country, Boris Tadic, said that this is the result of 10-year work to integrate the country into the European community and to carry out democratic reforms. And the Americans gave Serbia 17 cars "Hummer". But the economy was not helped either by loans or by loyal change of its legislation under the norms of the EU. Even the fact that the design of the dinar began to resemble the euro did not work. In 2012, Serbia was supposed to return 1 billion euros to foreign creditors, and in 2013, 1,5 billion euros. Serbia’s foreign debt is one third of GDP, unemployment exceeds 25%. Since March 2012, Serbia has become the official candidate for EU membership. But the real help did not come from the West.


Russia still in the 1990-x tried to establish business connections cracking at the seams after the collapse of the USSR and the CMEA. But with respect to Yugoslavia (and later - Serbia), things went without much success. A breakthrough in relations came in 2006, when Gazprom export signed a memorandum of understanding with the Serbian government and state-owned enterprise Srbijagas on the construction of a new gas pipeline to supply Russian gas through the republic, the final point of which was to be Northern Italy. And the most important step was taken in January 2008, when Russia concluded with Serbia a comprehensive Intergovernmental Agreement on the South Stream projects and the Banatsky Dvor underground gas storage (UGS) project. And Gazprom Neft signed a purchase and sale agreement for 51% of Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) shares for 400 million euros.

In November, 2011, the solemn commissioning of the Banatsky Dvor UGS took place. And at the end of November, 2013 began the construction of the South Stream. South Stream for Serbia is approximately 2200 new jobs and up to 1,5 billion euros in direct investment.

In addition, by 2012, the Russian side had reconstructed and modernized the processing industries. It took about 547 million euros. It was the largest investment project in the modern history of the Serbian economy. Thanks to the work done, the refinery capacity increased by approximately 979 thousand tons per year, and the refining depth increased to 84%.

The total volume of Russian investments in the Serbian economy in 2012 alone amounted to more than 1 billion dollars. And for the 9 months of 2013, one NIS paid about 759 million euros to the state treasury. At the same time, the company is now making a profit - approximately 278 million euros for 9 months 2013 of the year (corresponds to the same indicator of last year), develops a sales network not only in Serbia, but also in other countries (Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania), builds new generating power (for the first time in the new history of Serbia), etc.

As the Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic noted, “over the past year and the first nine months of the current NIS replenished the Serbian budget by 182 billion dinars (1,6 billion euros), which is 10% of income to the republican treasury.” Today, NIS is the second largest exporter of the country. The main article of Serbian exports is agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Moment of the truth

This text is not exactly about Serbia. And not that Russia is good, but Russian business is a disinterested benefactor. Russia pursues its economic and political interests. And the Balkans is a strategically important region, plus a fairly open to Russian business (there is a free trade agreement). It is not even about the fact that Russia in Serbia love. Many in Serbia are not even aware of all the facts presented in the material, for these people the EU is an attractive prospect, and Russia came to their country to grab all the best for themselves, and even did it on conditions that were completely unfavorable for the Serbs. Seriously, they say that on TV. And the authorities insist that "Serbia has no other future than the European Union."

Maybe the author wrote it all to show how bad the organization is the European Union? Not. The European Union is experiencing a crisis, it does not have the means to raise its own production, and even more so to develop competitors for its oil refineries. They better deliver raspberries, beer and sunflower oil from Serbia - thus supporting the local economy. Yes, and Russian business is not against the entry of Serbia into the EU. As practice shows, our gas and oil workers manage to organize growing business in Europe even in times of crisis and successfully compete with local producers.

It's all about the association game. Serbia is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about Ukraine flirting with the EU. Of course, no one demonized the Ukrainians like the Serbs. Nobody drove their industry into the stone age. The Ukrainian authorities are coping with this task, albeit less successfully. But otherwise there are no fundamental differences. Here is a living example of association with the European Union - see and analyze. But at the same time, Ukrainians need to keep one simple thought in mind: they are no better than Serbs, and their geographical position is worse.
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  1. AVV
    AVV 14 December 2013 12: 36 New
    If in Ukraine there would have been leaders who took care of people, and not of their own, then selfish interests, then such questions would not have arisen !!! Some of them have children, they live in the west, someone has accounts in banks of the West, or real estate in the same place !!! What are the interests of the common people there, the fear of losing everything that has been earned and gained by such labor, they cover everything before the eyes of Westerners !!! So the salvation of drowning people remains only a matter for themselves drowning !!! And nothing personal !!!
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 14 December 2013 16: 01 New
      Quote: AVV
      there would be leaders who cared about people, and not about their own selfish interests

      Well, you bent it. in modern times there are none. and probably in the coming years 50 will not be
      1. Cherdak
        Cherdak 14 December 2013 16: 36 New
        Forget some story ...
        1. not main
          not main 16 December 2013 01: 42 New
          Yes no do not forget! They don’t know her (history) at all! And how sad it is, they don’t even want to know! And this is very stupid!
      2. GreatRussia
        GreatRussia 14 December 2013 19: 51 New
        Many in Serbia do not even suspect all the facts cited in the material, for these people the EU is an attractive prospect, and Russia came to their country to grab the very best for themselves, and even did it on completely unfavorable conditions for the Serbs. Seriously, that's what they say on TV. And the authorities insist that "Serbia has no future other than the European Union."


        We read the inscription on stretch marks at 23 seconds:

        1. 123dv
          123dv 15 December 2013 13: 26 New
          Thank you.
    2. wow
      wow 14 December 2013 22: 18 New
      There have never been, never will be (if Ukraine ever will be) leaders-patriots of their country in Ukraine. Always, when the "nezalezhnisti" "Ukrainian elite" fell into their hands like an apple from a tree, they began to fill their pocket with great excitement! The head principle of the so-called. "Ukrainian elite" - steal that vtekti !!! This is the mentality. The diagnosis is incurable in principle!
  2. Normman
    Normman 14 December 2013 15: 55 New
    The ruling elite of Serbia is just as corrupt as the Ukrainian one. Effective managers ...!
    1. alone
      alone 14 December 2013 16: 03 New
      replace the word Serbia with any other name of the state, and you will get the same thing. Do you think Russia is governed by ineffective .. D. effective managers?
      1. 123dv
        123dv 15 December 2013 13: 21 New
        Alas, human nature is such.
        As soon as someone manages to break out of the general mass, rise above it, enrich at the expense of it, he immediately identifies himself with those from where he came from, begins to despise those who are downstairs and hate them.
        Naturally, the lower classes respond with such completely natural and mutual hatred.
  3. mountain
    mountain 14 December 2013 16: 01 New
    Yes, strange, some kind of picture, we are helping everyone, and in some cases for free, but we, as they were blamed and so are blamed.
    Sometimes I get the impression that they are hiding something from me, not negotiating? Maybe it’s time already not to help, but to dump into the ideology, to organize a special team and to drive loot into it and that would only be engaged in propaganda.
    1. Ihrek
      Ihrek 14 December 2013 17: 17 New
      That's it. They remembered what brothers we were when we were in trouble. And remember how after the Second World War they were closely friends with the amers against the USSR. One Joseph Broz Tito is worth it.
      1. Walking
        Walking 14 December 2013 20: 13 New
        It may be enough to be friends with anybody, all the same, Serbia will not be an ally.
        1. Alex Danilov
          Alex Danilov 14 December 2013 23: 31 New
          Allies are needed. And Serbia should be taken to the CSTO and not allowed to join NATO!
  4. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 14 December 2013 16: 15 New
    Quote: In 2012, Serbia was supposed to repay 1 billion euros to foreign creditors, and in 2013, 1,5 billion euros. Serbia's external debt is one third of GDP, unemployment exceeds 25%.

    The EU, represented by NATO, destroyed the Serbian industrial infrastructure, destroyed energy facilities (specially designed for this purpose with bombs), bridges, expensive, etc. Russia, as it could (mainly morally), tried to help and minimize Serbia’s losses. And after such abuse of the country, Serbia aspires to the European Union, and maintains cool relations with Russia. A strange paradox ...
    1. Cherdak
      Cherdak 14 December 2013 16: 37 New
      Quote: Ivanovich47
      Serbia seeks EU membership
    2. Walking
      Walking 14 December 2013 20: 16 New
      Quote: Ivanovich47
      Quote: In 2012, Serbia was supposed to repay 1 billion euros to foreign creditors, and in 2013, 1,5 billion euros. Serbia's external debt is one third of GDP, unemployment exceeds 25%.

      The EU, represented by NATO, destroyed the Serbian industrial infrastructure, destroyed energy facilities (specially designed for this purpose with bombs), bridges, expensive, etc. Russia, as it could (mainly morally), tried to help and minimize Serbia’s losses. And after such abuse of the country, Serbia aspires to the European Union, and maintains cool relations with Russia. A strange paradox ...

      I don’t see anything strange, they’ll get into trouble so they ask the Russians to help, as the threat passed and all the love passed.
  5. kare
    kare 14 December 2013 16: 47 New
    The only people in Europe who would go to fight without thinking are the Serbs. We threw them in due time. And then put them C300, you look and the script would be different.
    1. Walking
      Walking 14 December 2013 20: 19 New
      Do you think they would go for you?
      1. kare
        kare 14 December 2013 21: 12 New
        ordinary people of Serbia, they are the closest people to us in spirit, even their speech is closer to us than even Ukrainian. In the story itself, from Milos Obilic and further, Serbs and Montenegrins have repeatedly proved their courage. I think we’ve gone
        1. Walking
          Walking 15 December 2013 13: 58 New
          Quote: kare
          ordinary people of Serbia, these are the closest people to us in spirit

          This did not stop the Serbian Chetniks from killing officers and soldiers of the Red Army during the liberation of Yugoslavia.

          Quote: kare
          Serbs and Montenegrins have repeatedly proved their courage. I think we went

          You think you would go? They could not defend their homeland and you say that they would go to defend ours?
    2. tnship2
      tnship2 15 December 2013 14: 12 New
      Serbs managed to pour NATO supernova planes without new complexes. The quantity is also impressive. Information about this comes across the network
  6. Ihrek
    Ihrek 14 December 2013 17: 04 New
    In the 2000s, Serbia betrayed many of its citizens for the sake of European integration. What is the betrayal of Milosevic surrendered to the West. And she made many other concessions. This does not cause any respect for this country. More precisely, this causes complete disrespect for her, i.e. to his leaders.
    1. kare
      kare 14 December 2013 21: 17 New
      The leaders of Serbia are by no means a people. What could be said about Russia by looking at Gorba Yelets?
  7. Saburo
    Saburo 14 December 2013 17: 17 New
    Belgrade needs to be friends carefully. Great Serb sentiments there will always be strong, no matter who bombed them. It is impossible for them to feel a strong Russia behind their backs, as some dream, otherwise at best we will get a new war in the Balkans. Relationships are friendly, not passing into family ones. As they once said, the Balkans is the powder keg of Europe, as it was centuries ago, and it is now. We don’t need to climb there.
  8. 020205
    020205 14 December 2013 17: 37 New
    Quote: kare
    The only people in Europe who would go to fight without thinking are the Serbs. We threw them in due time. And then put them C300, you look and the script would be different.

    and what they deserve, that you are so selfless, you’ve already gathered to fight, for me it’s just another small people, a bargaining chip in geopolitics
    1. kare
      kare 14 December 2013 21: 32 New
      The history of this people is much closer to me than the history of some other.
    2. 15 December 2013 06: 42 New
      Quote: 020205
      for me it’s just another small people, a bargaining chip in geopolitics

      What a Talleyrand you are, however! For me, it’s better to be friends with the Serbs and help them than possible, rather than hugging the Czechs, who twice betrayed Russia, or with the pseks who love her so much. A Serb has no knife in his bosom against Russia!
  9. Lelek
    Lelek 14 December 2013 17: 47 New
    Burnt in milk - blow vodka. Something often recently we began to burn. It’s time to keep the so-called little brothers outstretched, and to help our provinces (and not only Sochi). hi
    1. awg75
      awg75 14 December 2013 18: 03 New
      said everything that I thought - the sorcerer is not different .... but if you are seriously good at helping pedoEurope, and the bros are no longer bros for us - they will betray you at any opportunity. ARMY AND NAVY - THERE IS OUR BRATHAS
  10. Arh
    Arh 14 December 2013 18: 23 New
    Serbs vserovno with Russia!
    1. Black
      Black 15 December 2013 14: 16 New
      Quote: Arh
      Serbs vserovno with Russia!

      "It does not matter"?? what How is that?
  11. Irokez
    Irokez 14 December 2013 18: 29 New
    There is not quite a simple situation as it seems to many about small nations and the powder keg. The problem is largely in the mentality and outlook on life, which includes the faith of people with religion. Everyone knows that the Serbs and Bulgarians, like Ukraine and Belarus and some other European nations, are mostly Orthodox, and by this faith they are our allies, although they are scattered in different places. And this is one of the reasons to support them both in spirit and by the way, and in the blood and kinship of the Slayan peoples.
    If you just take it and throw it, it will be interpreted purely as a betrayal, and who is even closer to us as non-Orthodox? Well, let's get from the same Slavs - Poles? Yeah, the very first Russophobe, and also tidied up. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia - yeah, they are already pro-European to the ears.
    Therefore, although there are small but spirit and blood allies, they must always be fought for, although these allies do not always understand what they want and what they are doing, but it’s necessary to prompt and nevertheless bring closer as equal brothers on equal terms. If you abandon them, then there will be an analogue of Poland run-in and arrogant.
    You look at what is happening - most of all, the pressure is on Orthodoxy because it greatly hinders the building of a generally spiritual and tolerant society by European standards, Sad and Gamorra are being built in a pan-European house with the subsequent replacement of truly spiritual values ​​with spiritual, greedy, eloistic and selfish principles that do not unite people in the general idea, and under the guise of everything in the name of a man, he is exalted above the society in which he lives and thereby give the person the right to spit on society, considering himself the most exclusive and proud of the opinions and principles of society as a whole. These values ​​create the cults of personalities of each pan-European individual, right now and in the future, putting himself above all others.
    Imagine that in an anthill or a bee hive, each subject of such a natural society will become an individual with his rights and requiring attention primarily to himself, and only then to society.
    Therefore, the struggle for kindred and near-spiritual countries is ongoing and it cannot be lost, but only build up and create all kinds of alliances as opposed to opponents.
  12. dropout
    dropout 14 December 2013 18: 50 New
  13. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 14 December 2013 19: 18 New
    "...A game of association. Serbia under the rule of Europe... »

    1. Serbs are our brothers. In History, we fought TOGETHER.
    2. We ourselves in ... ahem ... in the "ebn-ovskoy" period were scolded.
    And it is true.

    The Serbs themselves need to choose - with WHOM they LIVE and with WHOM ... WORK.

    The simplicity of the solution lies in plain sight - talk with ordinary Serbs and understand everything. Communicated a little.
    The difficulty is that the politicians of Serbia and Russia are also persecuting ... ahem (tired of not cursing anymore) ... political interests...
    But the European Union, if it takes it into its own arms ... it just lives on and spits it out - that’s the policy.
    On the example of the Baltic states, Greece and Italy, this can be seen.
    And to the Sebsky People from ... a simple Russian Tankman:

    Congratulating you three prst !!!

    Constantly THIS call on this site. Who will understand - he will "understand" ...
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 14 December 2013 19: 40 New
      Quote: Aleks tv
      Congratulating you three prst !!!

      Why do we forget about our FAITH ???

      Yes, I live in a multinational family in the Urals and we all TOGETHER celebrate ALL holidays and enjoy life, because our life is CHILDREN.

      PEACE and PEACE in the education of CHILDREN - these are the true VALUES. And these Values ​​are preached by My Russia, and I, the Orthodox Christian, agree to PROTECT THIS.
      - Why do Serbs still Believe us?
      - Why do I still smile on Mount Athos in Greece?
      - Why am I comfortable in Belarus?
      - Why in Ukraine ... Maidan ????????

      Rhetorical questions ...

      There is only one SPECIFIC question:
      - If RUSSIA dies, you will be well ?????????????????????????????

      And the Serbs - for now ... BELIEVE.

  14. Leshka
    Leshka 14 December 2013 19: 49 New
    sorry for the Serbs
  15. Irokez
    Irokez 14 December 2013 20: 27 New
    No need to regret, you need to help as much as possible and not impose the will of your big brother. It is necessary that through their brains and hardships they themselves understand with whom and where. As the saying goes, "Without knowing evil, you will not know good." That is, in order to define and feel good, you need to experience evil on yourself and then the switch in your head will work in the right direction.
    Russia has already experienced evil on itself, and many countries too, and some even though they have experienced it, they continue to believe evil, which flattered and promises future European freedom and paradise.
    If Russia had not survived and if the liberals had torn it apart or divided into small principalities, then there would have been no hope for the rest of their paths to become different from the European one.
    Indeed, without Russia there would have long been a new, global, unipolar world.
    The leadership of Serbia has a short memory and, after the bombing, they probably erased their memory with bombs and the sweet promises of the Europeans do not allow to restore the memory.
    After all, we have flags as a reflection in the mirror, and if you look in the mirror, then we see exactly each other. Tobish tied up.
  16. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 14 December 2013 20: 28 New
    The peoples of Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine are always with us, but their policies ... Treason on treason. Bulgaria was an ally of Germany in the first and second world wars (although in the latter it was the only ally of Germany who did not take part in hostilities against the USSR).
    As for the Serbs:
    The accession of Yugoslavia to the Tripartite Union caused a surge of popular indignation and ended with a coup d'état. The government that came to power immediately signed a treaty of friendship and non-aggression with the USSR, which caused the invasion of Wehrmacht troops in Yugoslavia.
    And in the future, in no Western country was there such a large-scale partisan movement as in Yugoslavia.
    Only Serbs and Poles (what happened was, let's be honest) resisted the Nazis with all their might. The rest were waiting for the Russians or Americans to free them. Romanians, Hungarians stacked their soldiers on the Eastern Front. About the Czechs, the "rebels" on May 9, 1945, I generally keep quiet.
    1. Retx
      Retx 15 December 2013 22: 37 New
      We never fought against the Bulgarians. In WWI, soldiers shot over their heads, but they did not send soldiers to WWII.
  17. darksoul
    darksoul 14 December 2013 20: 42 New
    Syria helped diplomatically, Abkhazia helped to the fullest, Ukraine is always heard, but they forgot about the Serb brothers, we should not hesitate to start defending our interests like Western rot, brazenly and unceremoniously, without looking back
  18. Irokez
    Irokez 14 December 2013 20: 57 New
    Yes, like 5 billion in Serbia we will invest right now on the South Stream project, and there, by the way, Bulgaria is on the way and it turns out that we support both with one movement. But these injections are not only raising the economies of these countries, but also jobs and taxes and the weight of these countries internationally.
    By the way, given that the dollar may collapse, you need to invest as quickly and unceremoniously as possible all dollar receipts in any projects, even insignificant for us, that can somehow pay off in the future. While the paper is worth something, it should be used to the maximum today, because tomorrow, as the GDP said somewhere, "There will be neither time nor money."
    And Syria is not only diplomatically helping, but also the main thing is the supply of food and ammunition, and probably military advisers. Syria is, after all, as a mini-USSR, it is multi-confessional, and somehow it makes us feel like a majority of Muslim Arabs.
    1. Alex Danilov
      Alex Danilov 14 December 2013 23: 35 New
      Well? Everything, as I said, the United States is trying to threaten us with our own hands, quarrel among ourselves and shoot ourselves alone with one another. Ukraine-take NATO, take the Black Sea Fleet, throw Russia out of there, build your military bases and put your own warships. People to use as cannon fodder against Russia. And the territory of Ukraine to be used as a bridgehead of military operations between the United States and Russia, or to deploy training camps for mercenaries, and people as cannon fodder. Surround Russia, furnish bases and finish off.
      Tell me, Russians, will you sleep for a long time and chew your snot? In Russia, immediately impose martial law and plow on the defense of Russia, simultaneously raising and developing the country economically and scientifically. In the Collective Security Treaty Organization, KSOR, reinforce borders, borders, armies. From the Afghan direction, also strengthen all armies, borders, borders. And trying smuggle drugs — right at the border and shoot so that not a single gram gets to us. the US has tried to destabilize everything around Russia — Afghanistan — the country of drug trafficking, Ukraine — if there will be no dreams — there will be a bridgehead, the territory of training camps for mercenaries with NATO bases, The Baltic is all in NATO. Re-equip, retrain, retool immediately and immediately, n
      1. washi
        washi 15 December 2013 09: 20 New
        Quote: Alex Danilov
        Tell me, Russians, will you sleep for a long time and chew your snot? In Russia, immediately impose martial law and plow on the defense of Russia, simultaneously raising and developing the country economically and scientifically

        But you will sleep in Belarus for a long time and chew snot? In Belarus, immediately impose martial law and plow the defense of the Union State, simultaneously raising and developing the country economically and scientifically.
        And why have you, as the heirs of the Lithuanian-Russian principality, still not included the outskirts and the Baltic states?
        1. Current 72
          Current 72 16 December 2013 02: 02 New
          Belarus is not an AGGRESSOR !!! If asked, we will accept on our terms! So the decision is on the Outskirts and the Baltic states.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Alex Danilov
      Alex Danilov 14 December 2013 23: 36 New
      build up the army of Russia, the CSTO, KSOR-also strengthen. Serbia-take in the CSTO and the Russian base there. In Belarus, right now make the Russian-Belarusian military base. Defend Syria, help rebuild-and also in the CSTO, Iran as well. And that’s all this is fixed on the camera, paper. so that the whole world sees usa parasha as she does.
      It is Russia that is able to collect and rebuild the USSR 2: 0 many times stronger than the old one. And then no one even dares to bark something at Russia. Russia-Ipreia Good-doctrine-purely defensive-no one else, but we won’t give up .Russia and its allies don’t fall for anyone, but they will kill anyone who attacks them. Those who attack Russia will be killed, those who attack Russia’s ally will be dead. Moreover, neither Russia nor its allies will attack either whom. Russia is good, peace, reliability. Give everything to Russia.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  19. Alex Danilov
    Alex Danilov 14 December 2013 23: 42 New
    Serbia is ours! And we must not surrender it like Yugoslavia! We need allies, otherwise Russia will remain alone, surrounded on all sides, it will be finished off by our own people-Serbs, Belarusians, Ukrainians, etc. And then they will finish us all out, for there will be no Russia and no one will protect us. Everything. And well, quickly everything is to Russia!
  20. grandfather
    grandfather 15 December 2013 00: 25 New
    Alex Danilov smiled))) but it's all true!
  21. kelevra
    kelevra 15 December 2013 00: 40 New
    I read somewhere that one wise guy from the government offered to take all the Serbs to Russia, there is enough territory. On the one hand, the Slavs, the fraternal people, would be accepted as relatives! But how to leave their land, especially Albanians, who do not value anything else !
    1. Alex Danilov
      Alex Danilov 15 December 2013 00: 49 New
      Serbian land will remain with the Serbs. It’s easy to make a Russian base there, take the Serbs to the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Customs Union, a nuclear umbrella named after I. And the Serbs, and save their territory, give too good a gift to give a piece of land. Alaska has already been given (. And let each trash knows who will jerk on the Serbs, will be smeared.
      And how does the United States support Israel, completely surrounded by an Arab arc?
  22. pvv113
    pvv113 15 December 2013 02: 28 New
    Americans gave Serbia 17 Hammer cars.
  23. Irokez
    Irokez 15 December 2013 11: 19 New
    Well, I would say that we were not always brotherly and there were times when they acted not quite friendly like some other brothers. But nevertheless, this does not mean that they are enemies. They always remain explicitly or potentially our brothers in spirit and blood. At one time, we also did not show due attention and harshness when Serbia was bombed. We also did not begin to show toughness as in Syria, when Gaddafi, completely loyal to us, was simply destroyed in front of the whole world and it was the peak of NATO glory and closing the eyes to our leadership (Medvedev) and when the rebels took Gaddafi, I remember his speech with the words "Finally he was caught. " At that time, I finally understood that Medvedev and I didn’t get along because he simply surrendered Gaddafi and did not duplicate the tracking of aircraft in the no-fly zone as the UN had planned, but NATO took advantage of this and not only did not control this zone, but also created and violated it themselves, which and was the defeat of Gaddafi. In Syria, it did not work out that way (the mistakes have been studied), and after all, there was so much talk that Assad was using heavy equipment and aviation, and the poor rebels were using only small arms and the use of heavy equipment should be prohibited.
    Sometimes, listening to the speeches of Western politicians, the feeling arises that you are not talking with a European, but with a cunning Jew (normal Jews have nothing to do with it) who does not say "yes" or "no" and talks about high values ​​and says and teaches what you should do for the freedom of people and leads to the idea that everyone is to blame, but they are doing the right thing and, as it were, shame you and on your conscience (imagine it on our conscience) press and, in short, that you are a bastard you get. But even if someone is bombed with humanitarian aid, this is normal and correct, and such soft power is painless, and everything is OK.
    This is such a policy of double standards, duplicity and the promises and deceitfulness of politicians when one said and did, and then he was re-elected and no one was to blame and the new president is not responsible for the old and only shrugs his shoulders, but the work is done and there is no way back. I would not be surprised if soon the presidents will be elected for 2-3 years.
  24. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 15 December 2013 12: 54 New
    Serb brothers? Oh well. The same as the Bulgarians. We must not forget that the Russian Empire collapsed largely thanks to Serbia (I hope Gavril Principle was not forgotten). I will not describe the ups and downs of those events. Everyone who knows at least a little history must have read about how the Serbs tried to play the "Russian card" and what it led to. "Friends", "brothers" Bulgarians successfully played the "Russian card" at the end of the 19th century and successfully opposed Russia in two world wars. Deliver God from such "brothers" and "friends". How rightly clever forum participants note that "postriotism" does not obscure their eyes, they remember Russia when they want to profit from it, get intercession, get preferences from it, etc. so quickly send her nah. and seek to seek intercession from "barbaric" Russia in "enlightened" Europe. Correctly they write here, there is nothing to help them, there is nothing to lend to them, etc. With these "friends" there should be only one conversation - "in the morning, money, and in the evening, chairs, and vice versa, but money - forward." And, of course, our special services have long had to buy all sorts of mass media and mass media in the West through shell companies - this is the most effective means of investing money - a tremendous payback at a minimum cost. As one smart man said: ".... not a single power plant built in terms of its efficiency can be compared with a newspaper bribed in time ... with just incomparable investments ...."
    1. Guterjunge
      Guterjunge 15 December 2013 14: 28 New
      And, yes, ALL are Slavs brothers. AND TOGETHER must win ...
  25. Irokez
    Irokez 15 December 2013 14: 24 New
    This is the point that it is impossible to blindly believe and yield to persuasion, not those times. Everything must be consciously and understood and mutually beneficial, and not like "today we are here and tomorrow there." And then, as in the West, there are neither friends nor brothers, but only partners in profit and sex. And this does not oblige to anything today you like your partner, and tomorrow you liked the other more and parted. No commitment, nothing like free love without commitment and strong bonds.
    Now it’s a different time and everyone needs to grow up and understand who you’re leading from, and you’ll get typed up and then yelling “I was deceived” or “Shozh you didn’t say before” will not ride and they will be to blame for they said, prompted, poked their nose and yelled in the ear, but if they do not see, do not hear and allow themselves to be deceived, it means that youngsters still in their consciousness and experience live only for today without seeing tomorrow.
    And it is necessary to prompt, but not so offended by the prompts, but quietly, unobtrusively and reasonably in no way hurt the brother’s national pride in blood.
  26. Guterjunge
    Guterjunge 15 December 2013 14: 26 New
    I still think it’s necessary to help, but in our time it’s special ... but not only financially, information is also needed, however, the information war has long been going on, often not in our favor, look at least at Ukraine, how they are being dragged into the European Union ...
  27. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 15 December 2013 14: 38 New
    Obviously, this is the national tradition of Russians to look for "friends", "brothers" and other parasites, selflessly feed them, arm them, lend (at their own expense as taxpayers) and ....... be a fool all the time .. .Oh. At a time when smart people in other countries strive only to pursue benefits for their state. As Lord Palmerston said: "
    England has no eternal allies and constant enemies - her interests are eternal and constant. "As you can see, Russian fools ... history teaches nothing.
    1. Alex Danilov
      Alex Danilov 23 December 2013 00: 35 New
      Russia has a chance to regain its empire, revive the USSR 2: 0. And Russia acts in its own interests. It is better to let these territories work with Russia and Russia, than to be in NATO and breathe in Russia’s battle and promote and furnish Russia with bases NATO and crush, sowing in society a split and the idea of ​​division of Russia. Clear?
      Because of people like you-prosrali USSR.
  28. Irokez
    Irokez 15 December 2013 16: 06 New
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    At a time when smart people in other countries seek only to pursue benefits for their state.

    Well these are not smart people. These are greedy and selfish people striving to snatch everything that is possible and if it turns out to snatch it all, then they would then exploit everyone. That is, the policy of the slave owners and the master and of any democracy about which they are baked does not smell. Here and that deception is shown when, for highly spiritual goals, they advance their lofty and base benefits.
    To lend or to forgive and to be merciful is not a weakness to others - this is the morality and strength of the mind and soul, and those who cannot do this because of the baseness of the mind, ambitiousness and self-interest are simply weak.
  29. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 15 December 2013 19: 17 New
    "Highly spirituality", "mercy" and so on. The cowardly shloeb..n-justification of the cowardice of character and laziness of mind, more than one nation and empire have led to a catastrophe. As soon as this preaching of "highly spiritual" values ​​begins, then it’s gone. Only passionate nations are capable of development and prosperity. All this, the so-called "highly spiritual", "highly artistic" shit ... it works only in well-fed, mono-national, mono-religious societies and in the presence of a strong "whip" in the face of a strong state. In nature, one law, the law of survival, reigns, in human communities, it is only necessary to remove the regulators in the person of state and police structures, then the same law, the law of survival, unchanged for millennia, immediately works and he says only one thing - the strongest survives. This law has worked, is in effect and will always be in effect, despite any inclinations of a religious and other persuasion. Man is unchanging. That is why they do not like to recall the lessons of the hurricane Katrina, which very well showed how "welded" the so-called. The "civilized" community showed which way the society would go, which instead of national values ​​and traditions were imposed on "universal", "tolerant" "values", in case of getting rid of the "stick" in the person of state and police regulators.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  30. Irokez
    Irokez 15 December 2013 21: 16 New
    The point is not quite that you have to back down and endure all the time. It’s clear that after losing the second and third times they’ll sit on your head. The point is to endure as long as possible and if others do not comprehend this and do not understand that they are making concessions and must do so too, then a critical moment comes when they are simply destroyed and it is as if deserved, but so that you can see it the first time and kill is not our method.
    Weapons are used when there are already no arguments and ways to convince the opponent.

    Priorities for managing the world and processes:
    1. Worldview (Worldview, methodology, philosophy)
    2. Chronological (Chronology of knowledge)
    3. Factual (media, technology, ideology, religion,)
    4. Economics (crisis, loans).
    5. The weapons of genocide (Alcohol, drug addiction and so on).
    6. Weapons of destruction (War and extermination).

    In this case, you immediately go to extreme measures on the 6th method, skipping all the others. We are being crushed by Russia in all the first five because the sixth is not acceptable because of the nuclear weapons we have. And then we are just trying to tell the first and the first to tell everyone, then we open our eyes to knowledge and education in the second and stomp on the 3rd media and ideology, although not everything is so gloomy here. We’re not going to strangle the economy, but honestly we can’t invest what can be said about our opponents introducing a credit noose to all countries (the USA is already hanging). On the 5th, we don’t use it at all, and they introduce it to us, and not only to us.
    The clever will not go for a break, but will back off and go around, but the foolishness will trample through and get it by all means. To overdo it oh how dangerous it can be and a boomerang will fly back.
    Your methods are very reminiscent of the methods of colonialists and fascists striving for domination over all because of their exclusivity.
  31. Vladimir 23rus
    Vladimir 23rus 16 December 2013 01: 51 New
    I repeat once again. Ordinary people DOES NOT SOLVE ANYTHING ANYWHERE!
  32. barbiturate
    barbiturate 17 December 2013 19: 18 New
    Monster_Fat, read your comments and agree 120%. Many simply do not read history, and contemporaries of events and wars wrote about the Bulgarians and the Serbs, and everywhere there was a sincere surprise, on the banks of the Neva there is such a desire to help the "little brothers", but they don't care about it and just stupidly use Russia as a contempt and throw it away if needed. There are good analytical articles and books, where it has long been told how the Russian people were hammered into their heads that they should die for someone who lives richer than them out of the stupid idea that someone there dreams of "merging" with Russia. Ugh bea