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VPK LLC: production of military products. The answers

Answers of the questions of the specialists of the military industrial complex LLC to your questions asked during the online conference (answers given as of September 2013):

1. What new weapons are being developed by your specialists now?

Currently, the Company's specialists are carrying out several works on promising developments.
One of them is the creation of a unified wheeled armored platform. The topic is closed, so for now we can’t give any details.

Another work is the development of a family of multipurpose military vehicles with a carrying capacity of 1,5 and 2,5 t, known as “Wolf”.

In the interests of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, our specialists are developing the Medved protected armored vehicle or the BTR-VV.

In addition, work continues on the improvement of mass-produced products, such as the BTR-80, BTR-82A, and the Tiger.

2. Does LLC "VPK" cooperate with Ukrainian enterprises? If so, in what areas, and if not, is such cooperation planned?

Now we have no cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises. At times, consultations and negotiations were held with representatives of Ukrainian enterprises, but so far, unfortunately, nothing has taken place in the practical field.

3. Do you work on the creation of ceramic armor in your company?

In 2011, the company, in agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Russia and with the help of Russian enterprises, manufactured and tested armored personnel carriers with ceramic armor. The basis was taken BRDM-3, the allocated Ministry of Defense.
The tests were more successful than expected. With a design resistance from 14,5-mm B-32 bullets from a range of 200 m, on board projections, resistance to 10 m was obtained.

VPK LLC: production of military products. The answers

Initially, the Ministry of Defense expressed interest in such a machine. However, after the tests, the Ministry of Defense had complaints about low mine protection and the lack of an ACS unit at the tactical level on the base sample.
The order of the armored personnel carrier promised by the Ministry of Defense with enhanced booking did not take place.

4. What directions of development of wheeled vehicles do you consider the most promising in Russian conditions?

Due to the fact that the wheeled vehicles developed for the needs of the Ministry of Defense are used on all types of roads and terrain, one of the most important areas of its development is the supporting maneuverability. In addition, undoubtedly, the most important task is to preserve the life of the personnel, and, consequently, to ensure and resolve questions of the livelihood and security of people. Also, in our opinion, important areas are the mobility and the introduction of the CICS.

5. What is the approximate ratio of damaging factors taken now as the norm for armored personnel carriers and other light armored vehicles? I mean, what threats (as they descend) are priorities for parrying for LBT developers?

Considering the mass character of the BTR-70 and BTR-80 vehicles in the troops, the absence of more modern BTR-90-type vehicles, we can only talk about the priorities in the protection of the former. Priority given to protection from bullets caliber 7,62 mm. Frontal projection is somewhat better protected. Mine protection is provided at anti-personnel mines.
For prospective samples, other requirements are specified. This is a protection against explosions of mines with a mass of explosives in the TNT equivalent of 6 and 8 kg, from projectiles of small-caliber automatic guns, from bullets of large-caliber machine guns. The greatest attention is paid to mine protection.

6. What countries have export contracts with, what is delivered to them?

At present, the company, through the state intermediary, Rosoboronexport, conducts military-technical cooperation (MTC) with a number of countries around the world. For the most part, when concluding contracts with foreign customers, we sign a confidentiality agreement, and we cannot disclose neither the name of the country, nor the products supplied there, nor, especially, the volumes of contracts. We supply armored personnel carriers of the BTR-80 family, Tiger armored cars and their modifications.

7. Are there plans in the release of a civilian version of the SUV-type Hummer, in connection with the removal of the production of UAZ? And in general, is it planned to enter civil proceedings?

Our Company is not engaged in the development and production of machines of such a class as the Hummer or UAZ. We have more serious cars and terrain and capacity. We have the "Military Industrial Company", and our main production is military products. Although there are such developments. Perhaps in the future we will implement them.

8. What kind of car from the range of vehicles you produce do you position as a direct competitor to the Lynx armored vehicle?

Again, the “Military Industrial Company” does not produce vehicles like the “Lynx” armored vehicle, which, compared to our machines, has significantly lower performance in terms of load carrying capacity, passenger capacity and internal reserved capacity. It should also be noted that the Italian machine is very different in purpose from the machines that our company produces. Lynx is a purely transport vehicle. Our "Tigers" are positioned as multi-purpose armored vehicles - they can be used both for transporting personnel with the necessary level of protection and for transporting cargo, installing weapon systems or systems, various combat support systems, such as, for example, reconnaissance, command and control communications, EW and others. This is possible due to the significant reserved volume of the "Tiger" and its carrying capacity.

9. On the Internet, there was a photograph of the BTR-82А with a gun in a perforated casing. What is this - some one prototype or serial machine? The photo and video from the troops of such modifications are not met. What is the reason for its appearance?

Indeed, such a machine in a single copy is. A group of enthusiastic designers has been working on installing the so-called third support for the 2А72 cannon to ensure its operating conditions close to the BMP-3. The work proceeded in parallel with the increase in the characteristics of the weapon stabilizers, the decrease in the backlash in the pointing drives. As a result of these works, the technical requirements for the BTR-82А for accuracy and accuracy of firing from the 2А72 cannon were fulfilled without a third support.

10. BTR-82A - are there hanging mine seats on it or not? How is his mine protection implemented? I heard that these same seats + mine mats on 20% increase protection, but from what charge?

Dimensions BTR-82A

There are no suspended seats. Hanging the seat is not an end in itself. For successful functioning - removal from the human body of the loads arising from mine explosions, these seats must be ensured to move in the vertical plane up to 200 mm. In the cases of cars based on the BTR-80, such a move is impossible to ensure: there is not enough distance from the floor to the roof, and the landing seat is generally located above the transfer case.
On the BTR-82A, on the floor in the area of ​​the legs of the combat crew, anti-mine floor mats are fixed, they allow to increase the level of protection in 1,2-1,5 times. However, this is still a defense against anti-personnel mines.

A problem has emerged related to a change in the anthropometric data of military personnel over the past 30 years - with an equal increase, sitting growth has increased. This forces promising machines to increase the height of the body. Plus 200 mm stroke seat. Together, this leads to problems with the placement of weapons on the hull roof, since the height of the cars is limited by the railway gauge, the height of the opening of the cargo hatch of the BTA aircraft and the Mi-26 helicopter.
In modern foreign cars such as Boxer, VBCI, the roof of the body is at the level of the height of the tower of modern Russian tanks, i.e. more than 2 meters, and towers with weapon systems are also installed on the hull.

11. What is the difference between the BTR-82AM and the BTR-82?

BTR-82A is a serial production. BTR-82AM - modernization of the BTR-80 during the overhaul, with minor modifications of the body of the machine, which is produced at the repair company, and not at our manufacturing plant.

12. Will there be an infrared camera and optical system on the BTR-82 like on the Stryker BTR?

While there is no need in the optical system, periscopic observation devices are installed on the machine, providing a total circular view of the combat crew.
Under the infrared camera, apparently, is understood as a thermal imager. There was an attempt to apply imported. Efficiency was not up to par with price. Night vision goggles, which are based on an electron-optical converter, are still used for the driver.
The need for such systems will arise with increasing requirements for ballistic protection. The periscopic device is not able to stop the armor-piercing piercing projectile, even if it is fired from a small-caliber, and not from a tank gun.
In general, any change in the design of the machine is made on the basis of the approved requirements of the customer, it is he who determines the composition of equipment and weapons that must be installed in a particular sample of equipment.

13. Tell us about the Tiger family as a whole: list all the modifications, what options are still planned?

To date, the company's specialists have developed, produced and transferred to various customers about 20 modifications of Tiger vehicles:
- GAZ-233001 - civilian five-door unarmored version;
- STS GAZ-233014 is a special vehicle, an army armored multi-purpose vehicle that has repeatedly participated in the Victory Parade on Red Square;
- GAZ-233034 SPM-1 - special police car with 3-m booking class;
- GAZ-233036 SPM-2 - special police car with 5-m booking class;
- GAZ-233036 SPM-2E - special police car with on-board information and control system;
- assault vehicle "Abaim-Abanat" based on the SPM-1 armored car;
- P-145BMA - command and staff vehicles (CSV) on the basis of armored SPM-2;
- SP-46 - a ceremonial car with a "convertible" type body; on machines of this type, starting from 2009, military parades are taking place in St. Petersburg on Palace Square;
- armored car "Tiger" Antisnayper - a complex of means detect enemy snipers and combat;
- "Tiger" APE-MB - KSHM with automated controls of units of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation;
- Special and space communications vehicle based on the SPM-2 armored car;
- "Tiger" project 420 - 420-car with a strong diesel engine and automatic transmission for foreign customers;
- "Tiger" with a five-door armored body;
- "Tiger" MK BLAH-01 - a mobile complex of unmanned aerial vehicles;
- Tigr combat vehicle of the multi-purpose Kornet-EM anti-tank missile system;
- AMN 233114 "Tigr-M" - army multipurpose armored car with a diesel engine YMZ-5347-10;
- "Tiger" SBRM - a special combat reconnaissance vehicle;
- "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP - machine EW with "Leer-2" complex;
- "Tiger XNUMHA" - armored car with a high level of protection;
- "Tiger" SPM-2 in the special version for the foreign customer - a special police car equipped with an armored hood, window grilles, video surveillance and air conditioning systems, additional booking of the engine compartment;
- "Tiger" SPM-1 with right-hand drive and single door aft door;
- "Tiger" SPM-2 with a remotely controlled combat module ADUNOK.
In 2013, it is planned to complete the work on the development of design documentation and produce a prototype of the Tigr-M SpN ​​ASN 233115 and the completion of the acceptance tests of the VPK-233136 Tigr SBM machine. A whole series of works are being carried out jointly with our foreign and Russian partners. In September of this year, at the international exhibition RAE-2013 in Nizhny Tagil, we presented our joint development with French colleagues - an armored car "Tiger-Nexter" with a number of development systems from Nexter Systems, including the remote-controlled ARX20 combat module with 20- mm automatic cannon.

14. How did the "Tigers" solve the problem of protecting the machine gunner on the roof? It seems like there was an Indian version with a shield ... How now it is planned to be solved, only at the expense of remotely controlled weapons modules?

With regard to the installation of weapons complex, not only on cars "Tiger", but literally all samples developed and produced equipment, everything is determined by the requirements of the customer. Including options for protection arrow. At the same time, the requirements of different customers differ. We are ready to deliver remote-controlled modules, and we are ready to fulfill other options - this would be an approved customer requirement.
Variants of installing various remote-controlled combat modules, including imported ones, were also studied by us. But so far we have not received any specific customer requirements for installing one or another version of the remote-controlled module on the Tiger.

15. In the media, there was material on the development of the landing version of the Tigra-M for the airborne troops. Perhaps the Wolf would have been better suited, given its adjustable suspension similar to that of the BMD?

Here we must immediately make a reservation. We are not talking about the development of a special version of the car "Tiger" for the Airborne Forces. We are talking about the finalization of the landing platform to ensure the landing of this car by parachute method. When the “Wolf” armored car is put into service, then the issue of the possibility of landing this vehicle will be considered.

16. How is the side projection of the engine compartment implemented on the Tiger family of vehicles?

The engine compartments of AMN 233114 “Tigr-M”, ASN 233115 “Tigr-M SpN” and SBM 233136 “Tigr-M” are protected in accordance with 3 class of protection GOST, including the hood.

17. SPM-3. Protection machine specified 6 class GOST and 7kg BB. Can the machine withstand STANAG Level 3 and 3a / 3b, that is, according to 6 class and explosion 8 kg BB (at least under the wheel)? Considering that the car's armor is removable, what is its modernization potential, will it be able to withstand an explosion of 10kg BB or 12.7mm bullets in the future?

In the basic version, the level of protection SPM-3 "Bear" corresponds to 6 class according to GOST R 50963-96, which somewhat exceeds the requirements of the standard STANAG Level 3. At the request of the customer, the level of protection of this machine can be reduced to 5 or 3 class according to GOST. The tests for shooting, including B-32 bullets of caliber 12,7 mm, showed that in the long term, when carrying out a number of activities, it is possible to bring the level of SPM-3 ballistic protection to the level that can withstand the X-NUMX-mm B-12,7 armor-piercing.
For mine protection. It should be noted that the STANAG methodologies and methods operating in Russia (NIITs BT 3 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Russia) differ radically among themselves. If, according to STANAG, the explosive is laid in bulk soil, in Russia it is rocky soil, but in reality it is an armor plate with a thickness of 400 mm, in which a cylindrical recess is made, where the explosive charge is laid. Naturally, the impact on the machine according to the Russian methodology exceeds the same as in the NATO countries on 50 - 70%. But in general, will show the tests for which it is planned to test and more explosives.

18. When will the tests (with fire and undermining) Tiger-6A?
19. The development of "Tiger-XNUMHA" was the initiative or on request for the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry of Defense? The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation finances these works or is everything done at your own expense?

It will be more logical if you answer both questions here, because they are interconnected.
The development of "Tiger-XNUMHA" was an initiative at its own expense. The purpose of this development was to show the capabilities of the company and the Tiger machine in providing a higher class of protection for the vehicle. The work was done, the car was presented, but it did not represent any interest to customers, since Tiger-manufactured armored cars with 6 and 3-th class of protection according to GOST are quite comfortable with them.
As for the tests of an armored car "Tiger 6A" with shelling and undermining, such tests are planned to be conducted, but not in the first place.

20. What is the intended level of protection of the “Tiger-6A” - how much can it still withstand explosives under the wheel, 5kg BB or still 6? (or higher?).

Estimated level of protection - 6А class according to GOST, the estimated mine security 3 kg BB.

21. In general, as I understand it, the Tigr-6A is altered from the usual SPM-2. In that case, why not make the Tigr-6А version based on the new GMS, with the YaMZ-534, armored hood and new chassis, with the full weight 8200kg?

This is not entirely true, or rather, not at all. Yes, the car has a standard chassis car "Tiger", as well as on all other machine samples family "Tiger". But the body of the "Tiger 6" even looks very different from the body of the SPM-2. If you just look at the cars, you can see that the SPM-2 is a one-volume three-door case, on the “Tigre 6” a two-volume four-door case. Well, booking a car is completely different, so there is no way to say that the “Tiger 6” was created on the basis of SPM-2.

22. If the SMM (SPM-2M) in the anti-mine version withstands an 3kg explosive explosion, how much can it withstand when it explodes under the wheel?

The concept of "endure" is very extensible. In fact, a prototype AMN-233114 was tested. It was confirmed “ensuring that the crew’s combat effectiveness is not lost” when 600 g explosives are exploded under the wheel and bottom, which corresponds to the customer’s TZ. At the same time, it should be noted that after the tests (and this 2 explosion - under the wheel and under the bottom) of the machine left the landfill under its own power.

23. Does the work on the ergonomics of reviews of the Interior Ministry and Defense operating various modifications of armored cars "Tiger"? In particular, do all sorts of handles finalize preventing the door is closed and the folding-decomposed in the troop compartment?

As for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such work is carried out constantly both on the Bear and on the GMS during the tests. For this many thanks to their experts, a lot of practical recommendations implemented on these machines.
We also work with the specialists of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but we must understand that we have no right to carry out any modifications on the machine if they are not approved by the customer and are not included in the additional list of customer requirements. This process is not fast, as a whole series of approvals, tests and documentation take place. But the work is on. Now, for example, we, with the specialists of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, at the request of those who directly operate our equipment in combat conditions, have agreed on a large list of improvements on the AMN 233114 Tiger-M machine. We plan to show the modified car at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil in September of this year.

24. It will replaced coloring ballistic fabric used in armored cars "Tiger", a camouflage on a monotone?

The color scheme of the paint, both of the car itself and the color of the ballistic fabric used inside the Tiger armored vehicles, is determined by the Customer. In this regard, this question should be asked to those who determine the TK for the equipment we produce.

25. When will we see the "Tiger" with a remote-controlled weapons module?

The Tiger with a remote-controlled weapon module (DUMV) could already be seen 2 a year ago, with at least two variants of such modules. One of the samples of the "Tiger" with DUMV we demonstrated at the exhibition of arms MILEX-2011 in Minsk. It was the car "Tiger" SPM-2 with DUMM "ADUNOK", the development of Belarusian designers from KB "Display".

SPM-2 with ADUNK module with NSV 12,7 mm

SPM-2 with ADUNK module with PCT 7,62 mm

DUBM ADUNK control panel in SPM-2

Another version of the "Tiger" with the DUMV was demonstrated at the TVM-2012 exhibition in Zhukovsky. It was a modification of the machine - "Tigr" SBRM, developed in conjunction with the designers of the Tula NPO "Strela".

SBRM in the traveling position

In September of this year, in the Nizhny Tagil “Tigers” were demonstrated with new SAMPs. This is Tiger-M with a BMDU-U module developed by LLC "Weapons workshops "and OJSC" KEMZ ", which can be equipped with a 12,7-mm machine gun" KORD ", a 7,62-mm machine gun PKTM or a 40-mm grenade launcher AG-40" Balkan ".

AMS 233114 Tiger-M weapon station BMDU-U PKTM production of LLC "gunsmith" and JSC "KEMZ"

AMS 233114 Tiger-M weapon station BMDU-U KORD production of LLC "gunsmith" and JSC "KEMZ"

As it has been demonstrated by the car "Tiger-Nexter" French module ARX20 with 20-mm automatic cannon development company Nexter Systems.

Tiger Nexter with a combat module ARX20 production Nexter Systems

Another version of the "Tiger" with the OCDM of the Italian company Oto Melara was presented.

AMN 233114 Tigr-M with a combat module Hitrole-L production Oto Melara

The foreign-made combat modules on Tiger armored vehicles are more intended to increase the export potential of this vehicle, since they do not fully meet the requirements of the Russian army, in particular for security and survivability.

SPM-2 with Bright Arrow Battle Module

SPM-2 with the combat module c NSV 12,7 mm company IMI (Israel)

SPM-2 with the combat module c M2HB company IMI (Israel)

26. Is a three-axis modification of the Tiger machine planned?

No, such a modification is not planned for one simple reason. At present, prototypes of armored vehicles of modular design of the "Wolf" family are being tested. Among them there is a modification of the machine "Wolf 3" with the wheel formula 6х6. In this regard, the development of the "Tiger" in the three-axis modification has disappeared by itself.

27. I considered whether or not an option for easy towing trailers-trailers on the basis of "Tiger" (eg light trailers with a field workshop, an electric generator or something else)?

One of the customer’s TZ items for the development of the Tigr-M armored car is to provide for towing a trailer with a mass up to 2,5 tons by machine. During the state tests, this requirement was fully confirmed. The Tigr-M car provides towing of a 2,5 t trailer both on covered roads and off-road.
What to load into such a trailer is completely dependent on the wishes of the customer. Thus, it may well be a trailer with a field workshop, an electric generator, there may be a towed artillery system weighing up to 2,5 t, the calculation of which can easily be placed in the cabin of the vehicle's armored hull.

28. In October, 2011 of the year A.Filatov announced that at the moment the capacities of the plant in Arzamas make it possible to produce 100 Tiger armored vehicles per year, but by the second half of 2013 there are plans to expand production to 500 machines. This is implemented?

Today, AMZ production facilities can provide production of up to 100-120 Tiger-type machines per year. Since the portfolio of orders for such machines we began to increase not so long ago, and the dynamics of such growth is quite high, the decision to expand the production of "Tigers" was made finally and in the near future we can ensure the production of the specified number of machines.

29. BTR-VV "Bear" - in what state the program, what work is currently underway?

In general, public acceptance testing is almost complete. For September, tests for anti-mine resistance were planned at NIITs BT, but they were postponed for the next year.

Komi trials with -45 hail

Tests in the Caucasus, height 3500 m

Testing a second prototype near Astrakhan

Subsequently, it is planned to complete the manufacture of a new sample, on which certification tests will be carried out to obtain an OTTS. These tests will be conducted in the framework of verification requirements TTZ.

30. What options modifications "Bear" are being worked out?

In fact, the car "Bear" is multi-purpose. It can be used as a secure vehicle for the transportation of personnel and the implementation of service and combat tasks of law enforcement focus and the basis for the installation of special tools (communication, engineering, weapons assembly). These directions are worked out.

31. Does the company plan to enter the market of collector transport with “Medved”?

This car is primarily regarded as a well-protected mobile vehicle with very good traffic, including wetlands, virgin snow with a depth of snow cover up to 1 m, difficult-to-reach areas of loose sand and with good dynamic properties. I do not think that these qualities are mandatory for machines for the transportation of valuable material and cash. For this type of activity it is not necessary to invest in the car.

32. "Wolf" - a state program to date? Which areas of "Wolf" family there at the moment?

For the company, this is a fundamentally new project. How do you understand the tradition of armored design school to affect the appearance of established protected vehicles ( "Tiger", "The Bear"). The “Wolf” family, in contrast to them, is created taking into account the laws of the automotive design school. Moreover, the project combines the best design direction of the automobile and armored schools and, in particular, applied technical solutions of world level for the protection of personnel from the damaging factors of small arms and landmines. On automobiles, technical solutions (suspension, for example) are implemented, which make it possible to fully reveal the capabilities of mounted weapons, to create original conditions for its use.
The unusual and complex design of the family requires an increased amount of testing.

B-32 bullets fired from SVD

The second series of prototypes in 2013 year will be subjected to extensive testing with one purpose - to make the most of the requirements of the TTZ, and provide the customer a promising family of protected vehicles for mounting weapons.
When meeting with the samples of the Wolf car in Bronnitsy in May of this year, Russian Defense Minister, Army General S.К. Shoigu set the task, both for us and the chief of the Main Armored Directorate of Defense of the Russian Federation as soon as possible to complete the test and take the car for service.

33. Will there be a modification of the "Wolf" with a one-volume passenger body - the type of Iveco?

The family provides a modification of the car with a one-volume body, the same body in the family "Tiger" and "Bear." Such a configuration of the hull has undeniable advantages, confirmed in real combat conditions. By the way, Iveco has a body of two functional parts protected and unprotected (cargo). We consider this solution not optimal - the volume of protected space decreases, the loss of cargo as a result of the enemy’s impact is often equivalent to the non-fulfillment of a combat mission.

34. Tell us about the project "The Wolf-Convoy"? Exclusive "Tigr-M" for Dmitry Rogozin has to do with it? Has the “Wolf-Convoy” been offered as part of the “Tuple” project?

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the “Convoy Wolf” project, in any case, our company is not engaged in such a project.

35. What cars are provided in the line "Boomeranga"? Are running 4x4, 6x6, 10x10 running? Will there be separate armored personnel carriers (for example, with a machine gun) and a BMP (cannon and anti-tank), or will there be a single combat vehicle? By analogy with Kurgants-25, will there be different options based on the main chassis: light, medium, heavy, respectively, with a different level of booking?
36. What level of ballistic protection of the Russian Defense Ministry presents to the base Boomerang: the forehead, the side (at least in general terms, at the level of the existing analogs (including foreign ones) or above)? Whose ceramic protection is used in the development - foreign or Russian, is it not inferior in performance to Russian samples in comparison with foreign ones?
37. Is the Boomerang protected against portable anti-tank weapons or does it depend on the modification? Is the installation of KAZ being worked out?
38. Have the military abandoned the loopholes on the Boomerang?
39. How many basic weapons are planned on the Boomerang: a remote control with a machine gun, a tower with an 30-mm cannon and an ATGM, a new uninhabited unified tower with a new 45-mm cannon or something else?
40. Will they put on the "Boomerang" adjustable suspension, as in the "Wolf"?
41. In an interview with the “General Plan” program, Albert Bakov said that the military put the requirement, if necessary, to fire from an uninhabited combat module: “With regard to making what is beautifully called an“ uninhabited combat module, ”the topic really exists, and the problem of remote control we're deciding. Thus there is an unexpected question we asked the military: "And if we can out of this desert combat module, if necessary, to fire" - a requirement the military still relevant?
42. Whose engine will be installed on the "Boomerang"? Are there any developments / are there any works on a hybrid scheme?
43. Will we see the first prototypes of the Boomerang BTR this fall in Nizhny Tagil? When the scheduled state. tests and the beginning of serial deliveries?

35-43. To date, this development is a taboo subject. And as always, every closed topic, due to lack of information, gives rise to a lot of rumors and conjectures. So far one can say one thing - it will be a modern, high-tech combat vehicle that meets all modern requirements with a reserve for the long term.
The prototype machine at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil was not shown, again because of the closeness of the topic.

44. BTR-80 - how many years is it planned to produce this "pure" BTR with the usual turret?

We will continue the production of this machine until it is in demand. And he in recent years does not fall. This does not mean that we will supply such BTR for our Ministry of Defense. We have a lot of export orders for the "classic" BTR-80.

45. BTR-80, BTR-80С, BTR-82С - what is the reason for the production of BTR as part of weapons that have a 14,5 mm KPVT machine gun, if there is a variant with an 30-mm gun?

To begin with, the BTR-82C has no modifications and never has been.
With regard to the need for the production of armored personnel carriers as part of weapons, which has a 14,5 mm machine gun KPVT, it is determined by the customer. For a number of power structures, the decisive factor in ordering is the presence of a KPVT, and not an automatic gun. This is due to the tasks that such structures have to solve. After all, no one questions the need for production and supply of pistols to power structures, if there are armed with large-caliber machine guns. Similarly, in the case of the KPVT machine gun and 30-mm automatic cannon.

46. UNSh1 - why is it not developed or, if developed, why not a unified chassis with a motor in the middle or fore part of the car (like MTLB) not launched into a series, so that there would be a way back? This is the preferred option for various CMR and medical machines, etc.

UNSH1 is a vehicle of the BTR-80 family. In the development of which, like all other armored vehicles, the designers acted in strict accordance with the TTZ, approved by the Customer. If you make a unified chassis with a different location of the power plant, it will be a completely new car. This was not allowed by the Customer either for financial reasons or for reasons of family ununification.

47. Tell us about the development of the BTR-90: whose initiative was it, the TTX machines, the company's plans for this car as a whole?

The development of the BTR-90 was carried out in the framework of the TTZ approved by the Ministry of Defense. In connection with the refusal of the Ministry of Defense to purchase this vehicle after it was put into service, the armored personnel carriers BTR-90 are no longer produced. Some of the most original technical solutions that are used in the design of the BTR-90, our designers used in the development of promising samples, for example, in the design of the SPM-3 "Bear".

48. "Vodnik" - the prospects of the machine and the very concept of replaceable modules?

Armored car "Vodnik" currently no longer produced. It so happened that with the adoption of the supply of the Tiger multi-purpose vehicle, the need for a Vodnik disappeared. "Tiger" was in all respects better and more technological, more versatile.
The concept of replaceable modules, applied in the design of "Vodnik" remained. Now it is carried out when creating a family of multi-purpose cars "Wolf".

49. BRDM-2 - is it planned to replace this vehicle (not in the “Boomerang” framework) or will the new BRDM be unified with the new BTR?

So far, no such task has been set. On the other hand, the new unified wheeled armored platform may well be used as a BRM, with its corresponding equipment.

50. Was the idea of ​​a BRDM based on a shortened BTR-80 (like the Romanian TABC-79) worked out or not?

No, this idea was not worked out, and we didn’t have any tasks to work out such a machine.
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      Quote: PSih2097
      We are ready to supply and remotely controlled modules, we are ready to execute other options - it would be an approved customer requirement for this.

      Every whim for your money...
      And yes, the article is interesting, only the language is mean, it seems that the correspondent pulls out information with ticks. wassat

      But is it really bad? For example, I have an allergy to talkers .. There are so many around them ... And so the guy is clearly in the subject and obviously weighs each answer. In my opinion, a clear sign of professionalism.
    2. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 14 December 2013 10: 02 New
      Beautiful and formidable car ... I want this!
    3. Stinger
      Stinger 14 December 2013 10: 07 New
      This LLC is a typical gasket - intermediary. Share capital as of July 1, 2012. 8349 RUB Controlled by Deripaska. They crushed the Russian Machines corporation and parasitize on it. There are some effective managers, and therefore the language is advertising in the answers.
      1. AVV
        AVV 14 December 2013 15: 24 New
        Why do we need gaskets? We do not need gaskets !!! This is a purely feminine attribute!
    4. Corsair
      Corsair 14 December 2013 10: 19 New
      Quote: PSih2097
      Every whim for your money...

      Yes, but here are just the combat modules, mostly represented by Western models ...
      Why shouldn't our defense industry look at the developments of the Belarusian company Display and its wonderful combat modules?
  2. makarov
    makarov 14 December 2013 08: 35 New
    the material often shows incompetence, and even outright stupidity of the questions posed. the specialist's answers are quite understandable and differ in clarity with the indication of knowledge of the topic. it is not pleasant that the author of the material is hiding his own "pronons" under the veil "Answers of the specialists of VPK LLC to your questionsset during the online conference "
    1. Basileus
      Basileus 14 December 2013 12: 39 New
      Do not follow the link @ find fault. If you had mastered going to the blog of TVOVER or the author of this material on this site first indicated that the questions were collected in the comments in a special post, and then were asked to specialists from the military industrial complex, then you would understand that your nit-picking is completely inappropriate here.
      1. makarov
        makarov 14 December 2013 14: 26 New
        but I don’t have to walk, because I can read, think and think
        1. Basileus
          Basileus 14 December 2013 20: 57 New
          Well, read, think and think. But as soon as you think up something, try to check your guess before unreasonably driving the author.
    2. PLO
      PLO 15 December 2013 01: 51 New
      frank stupidity in this thread has so far been demonstrated only by you.
  3. mountain
    mountain 14 December 2013 09: 09 New
    Thanks to the author for the provided photo, modified technique. In my opinion, the article does not feel optimistic, but a pity.
  4. faraon
    faraon 14 December 2013 09: 19 New
    We have a "Military Industrial Company", and our main production is military products. Although there are such developments. Perhaps in the future we will implement them as well.

    This is the whole problem, "we produce only military products," that is, it will again be from the pocket of the taxpayer, that is, the military dimensionless budget, and this is a new cut of funds and villas for officials from the military industrial complex somewhere in the Bahamas. At the same time, a line of machines for civilian consumption was launched, as is done in the west, then perhaps it would be necessary to avoid these cuts, since the money earned by one's labor does not lend itself to cutting and is more accurately taken into account.

    and on this topic, it’s inappropriately modernizing old developments, new ones must be created, the future prospects of military operations must be looked at. The concept of conducting military operations of the Second World War must be abandoned, but it is necessary to prepare for the third.

    Friendship is friendship, the world is peace, but gunpowder must be dry.
    1. Forget
      Forget 14 December 2013 10: 11 New
      Think logically
      1. faraon
        faraon 14 December 2013 11: 27 New
        Think logically.

        And what’s new here, the concept of World War III will be based on computerized robotics. And this is no longer from the field of fondustics, but reality.
        Even if we take today the main military operations are carried out in urban areas, where it is inefficient to use armored vehicles, it follows that it is necessary to focus on high-tech equipment, like UAVs (of all modifications) without crew firing points capable of fighting offline.
        Otherwise, it will be like with the concept of the Second World War, the main emphasis was placed on the cavalry and carts. And before it is too late, it is necessary to revise and equip the army with those weapons that can compete with the weapons of a potential enemy.
        1. stranik72
          stranik72 14 December 2013 11: 45 New
          Otherwise it will be like with the concept of the Second World War, the main emphasis was on the cavalry
          There was no such concept in the USSR at the beginning of the Second World War; even the composition of the army, look, cavalry seemed less than 2..7% of the total. And in everything else, YOU are absolutely right. I’ll also add a direction such as psychological impact on the enemy and the information war where we are almost at level 0.
        2. Fin
          Fin 14 December 2013 12: 20 New
          Quote: faraon
          Even if we take today the main military operations are carried out in urban areas, where it is inefficient to use armored vehicles, it follows that it is necessary to focus on high-tech equipment, like UAVs (of all modifications) without crew firing points capable of fighting offline.

          Computer games are interesting, but if the electricity is turned off? Everything will be turned off in the database zone, electronic warfare for what? Imagine a Yankee whose radio does not work? It's like the end of the world, save your asses. And then the fighter on the T-34 tank, in which there is no electronics, will win.
          1. faraon
            faraon 14 December 2013 13: 29 New
            Computer games are interesting, but if the electricity is turned off?

            And if, for example, the concept of a radio-controlled car in autonomous mode appears. And the crew will be somewhere in the rear and move the joystick? That's the whole answer to your question about electricity.

            But today there is already a concept of UAVs with control and firing from the ground, so why this can not be with combat vehicles.
            Lunokhods on the moon crawl on a radio signal and your tanks will not be able to fight.
            1. Fin
              Fin 14 December 2013 18: 23 New
              Quote: faraon
              And if, for example, the concept of a radio-controlled car in autonomous mode appears. And the crew will be somewhere in the rear and move the joystick?

              I wrote about electronic warfare. This is when no radio signal passes or is distorted.
    MIKHAN 14 December 2013 09: 23 New
    I’m a little off topic .. Infa slipped in Primorye Mig-31 crashed (pilots thank God are alive) .. Fighter sorry few of us have left .. Someone in the know what happened ..?
  6. alex56
    alex56 14 December 2013 10: 08 New
    I apologize in advance for the Nubian question)
    But I still do not understand what is the fundamental difference between the "Wolf", "Tiger" and "Bear"?
    It is clear that there are different projects, but what is the specific difference in practice?
    And is such a variety necessary? Maybe it was easier to make one single product? Or is it another "drank" again?
    Thanks in advance for clarification)))
    1. ivshubarin
      ivshubarin 14 December 2013 10: 46 New
      The tiger was created with the money of the Arabs, an armored car. Wolf is a modular armored car, like Vodnik. Bear replacement BTR-80 in BB
      1. alex56
        alex56 14 December 2013 11: 11 New
        Quote: ivshubarin
        The tiger was created with the money of the Arabs, an armored car. Wolf is a modular armored car, like Vodnik. Bear replacement BTR-80 in BB

        This is clear)
        But I asked a little about something else. I am interested in technical differences and differences in scope.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Basileus
      Basileus 14 December 2013 12: 46 New
      Bear - MRAP from MIC. The wolf is a modular version of the Tiger, its further development. Developer - GAZ.

      As for the scope and drank. Now there is a lot of development of armored cars for every taste - here you have snacks, and just armored cars, and even buggies. All of them are developed for different orders from different customers. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not really coordinate orders with each other, for example, so that different orders are developed for their orders. Now it’s just such a boom, over time everything will settle down and more or less unify.
  7. alone
    alone 14 December 2013 10: 22 New
    The military industrial complex requires a special approach. The approach of professionals, not gorlopans.

    Change the name of the BTR-80 to the BTR-82A. Making some changes does not mean anything.
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion 14 December 2013 14: 44 New
      Just replace the motor, sheathe everything with anti-shatter lining, completely replace the weapons. But you there on melons, apparently, know better.
  8. And Us Rat
    And Us Rat 14 December 2013 10: 48 New
    in the area of ​​the feet of the combat crew, mine mats are fixed; they allow to increase the level of protection by 1,2-1,5 times. However, this is still protection against anti-personnel mines.

    belay All over the world, steel wedge-shaped bottoms, and these have "mine mats"? From anti-personnel mines ... for armored personnel carriers belay ??
    What is this? "Done on the fuck ... but the soldier doesn .."? Are they bullying?

    1. TS3sta3
      TS3sta3 14 December 2013 11: 42 New
      in BTR-80 it is impossible to make normal protection against mines (we are talking about it): the case sits low and the height is small (as it was designed). in order to make a normal defense, one would have to cut and redo the armored personnel carrier, and this would be a different machine, and not at all an upgrade of the old one. it’s easier to design a new one. what they do.
    2. Basileus
      Basileus 14 December 2013 12: 49 New
      If you can upgrade the BTR-80 for reasonable money by installing a wedge-shaped bottom, then please. I think you are rich.

      And for those who are at least somehow interested in military equipment, it has long been known that we are developing new promising armored personnel carriers and MRAPs, which will continue to be the main aircraft technology in the future.
    3. EvilLion
      EvilLion 14 December 2013 14: 48 New
      No, no, for ... idiots who do not understand that in a big war, mines account for an insignificant part of the losses and MRAP does not protect against detonations on the sidelines. Interestingly, the Americans would prefer their "sruker" blind, like a mole with a pitiful machine gun, and without any anti-fragmentation protection (so who is ? To cover the vehicle with ballistic fabric, it does not need to be remade splashed.) Or BTR-82A with a stabilized 30 mm cannon.
      1. Basileus
        Basileus 14 December 2013 20: 59 New
        There is a striker with a 105mm kagbe gun.
  9. me
    me 14 December 2013 11: 13 New
    This is not, it is not necessary, but there are backlashes in the guidance drives!
  10. Leshka
    Leshka 14 December 2013 19: 51 New
    Cool devices to us more such
  11. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 14 December 2013 21: 48 New
    I liked the article, the author +.
    Everyone is waiting for new products, as I understand it, but before their release, it seems we don’t have a shine here.
    What was confirmed by his answers uncle who answered questions.
    I am glad from all that was said at the press conference that finally in our country they began to design equipment taking into account the specifics of where it will be used and there are opportunities for this, but there is also a misunderstanding and misery like "we would have something cheaper" and simpler, but It is this attitude that slows down the whole process unfortunately. And to pay for this "God forbid, of course," will be primarily the guys who use this technique to do business. Secondly, ordinary citizens who honestly pay taxes and think that for such wah, our fighters deserve the best.
  12. Clueless
    Clueless 15 December 2013 09: 19 New
    Here I read the answers from the defense industry, and I immediately understand that they have no management, to drive such managers from companies to hell.

    They don’t want to produce civilian options, cars for collectors too - yes, you can earn significant funds in these areas.
  13. Narrator.tales
    Narrator.tales 15 December 2013 12: 32 New
    It is true that "it was done to leave behind", and the Tiger is already morally obsolete at the stage of the project with its flat bottom, any mine will multiply it by 0. just like the "BTR-80AVGD" and other wheeled vehicles of ours. "Until the thunder breaks out, the man will not cross himself," as they say. We will do this until the war shows that in vain.
    1. bask
      bask 15 December 2013 19: 36 New
      Quote: Narrator.tales
      and the Tiger is already morally obsolete at the project stage with its flat bottom, any mine will multiply it by 0, just like the BTR-80AVGD and other wheeled vehicles of ours. "Until the thunder breaks out, the man will not cross himself," as they say.

      The tiger (SMP 1.2.Special police car) created for the VV and the Ministry of Internal Affairs was almost out of date.
      Quote: Bad
      machines for collectors, too - yes, current in these areas can earn significant funds.

      And here is their niche. Collector cars for 90% should be equipped with ,, Tigers ,,.
      But this is not a machine for the armed forces (the army of the Russian Federation). By all means, they want to attach it for at least something.
      But this does not allow the performance characteristics laid down in this police armored car ...
      Strange as it may seem, SMP 3, the Bear, with the declared mine protection, is more suitable for combat missions as a multi-purpose bronneauto ..
      The armored car ,, Wolf ,, should become a real army, multi-purpose armored ...
      But I repeat, it is so RAW and incomplete that in the near future it will definitely not be in the troops.
      About BTR 80A / 82, the VP company’s representatives themselves say that it’s impossible to move around under the cover of armor in the BTR’s corps, so that before the mythical Boomerang’s release, the soldiers will ride BTR 82.
      Conclusions: there will not be a modern armored personnel carrier in the army for another 10 years. An armored personnel carrier developed in the 70s will be operational, and it is practically impossible to modernize and increase its protection.
      One hope for Typhoons, but the price of more than 1000000 $$$, will not allow them en masse to enter the troops.
      Therefore, for now, the armored cars on the chassis of the Urals and KamAZ will remain active.