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Karambit on military service

Karambit on military service

Due to its unique properties, Karambit is used by some police officers as an addition to firearms. arms. In the United States, after the increasing incidence of attacks on policemen in order to seize their personal weapons, many officers prefer to carry folding kerambit.

Folding karambits are also in service with employees of the Federal Service aviation marshals (Federal Air Marshal Service - FAMS), who escort planes under the guise of ordinary passengers to prevent them from being captured by terrorists. Although they carry firearms with them, the specifics of the aircraft do not always allow them to be used in flight.

In 1990, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) asked Spyderco to develop a special knife for undercover management agents. The need for this was due to the fact that, due to the specifics of the tasks being performed, they could not have a firearm with them. The main requirements for the knife were compactness, efficiency, ease of use.

The knife was designed by Steve Gatin under the guidance of ceramite-based founder Sail Glaser. However, a new type of blade with an S-shaped blade was created for the knife. This blade shape was chosen based on numerous experiments to ensure the most efficient cut. A new knife called "Civilian" (Citizen). Later a smaller version of the Matriach Lighwegth women's self-defense knife was developed, including a model with a hook of Emerson for automatic opening of the knife. Subsequently, hand-to-hand experts American James Keating and South African Bruce Venzol developed self-defense systems using these Spyderco knives.

The company is currently producing 5 models of karabitbit-like knives with a blade length from 7,6 cm (model “LIL 'Matriarch Lightweght”) to 10,4 cm (“Civilian”).

One of the latest developments in the field of kerambit-like knives is the original folding knife “SNAG” by an American, Louis Crudo. It is believed that he has great prospects for use in law enforcement. For the first time, the prototype of this knife was shown at 2010 at the knife exhibition show in Atlanta at 2010, and in the 2011 year, according to the famous American magazine Blade, it was recognized as the best knife of the year.

Knife "SNAG", having the shape of the letter "S", is karambit, on the contrary. When it is held in the usual way for kerambits, the convex side of the blade is directed forward. This compact folding knife (full 17,3 cm, blade - cm 6,3, weight 125 grams) is interesting for a number of new original solutions that increase the efficiency and usability of the knife. In addition to the shape of the blade - it is a special system of its opening and folding shock element.

The opening of the knife is provided by a special protrusion integrated into the blade shank. This design allows you to quickly bring the blade into position in several ways. For example, you can open a blade with a sharp blow of your hand on the pin. The second way is to use your opponent’s hand or your opponent’s hand to open the knife. With a certain skill pin allows you to automatically open the blade when removing the knife from his pocket.

Next to the ring of the knife is mounted folding shock element with a latch. It is used in percussion technique for pain points. For the same purpose can be used and the pin opening.

The knife ring and the pin have small ribs in the form of small sharp teeth, which allows them to be used for painful, furrowing wiring along the skin of the enemy.

SNAG has a metal clip - clip for easy carrying a knife in your pockets. Depending on the preference of the owner, it can be set to one of four positions on the handle.

The advantage of the blade "SNAG" compared with the traditional is that it can be used for purely utilitarian purposes.

Another interesting feature is the existence of a percussion self-defense tool - “SNAG Folder Controller”, which differs from the main model only in the fact that instead of a sharpened blade it has a blunt blade installed. The technique of using this device is the same, but instead of cutting blows, it is used for hooks during painful holds and holdings, as well as blows to pain points.

The knife was successfully tested in field conditions in police and military units of several European countries.

In Russia, this knife is available in a simplified version (without folding shock pin), produced by the Chinese company "NavyKnives".

The image of the kerambit can be seen on the emblem of the “VAT-69” unit (or “69 Team”) which is part of the special police units of Malaysia “Pasukan Gerakan Khas” (PGK).

However, despite its combat past, Karambit was not in demand in the armed forces. This is due to two reasons.

The first is that mastering the work of kerambit requires much more time compared to traditional combat knives. The second is related to the fact that it does not allow performing the entire set of utilitarian operations that a soldier is facing.

Nevertheless, the Philippines Marine Corps is armed with a kerambit hacksaw “tumbuk lada”, which has a blade with a small degree of curvature and guard.

In addition, the American company "Ka Bar", which specializes in the production of combat and tactical knives, produces a series of knives "TDI", intended for use by law enforcement officers and military personnel.

The design of the TDI knife was developed by John Benner (John Benner) on the basis of one of the variants of the Malay kerabit of L-shaped (Lenkong Payyak). Benner, a Vietnam war veteran, has 37 years of experience in the police force and heads the TDI training center (Tactical Defense Institute), after which this knife was named. When creating the knife, Benner took full advantage of his 25 years of experience with SWAT and the senior instructor of the center. The TDI line of knives includes knives of various sizes - from the kid “LDK” (Last Ditch Knife - the knife of the last frontier) with the blade length of the entire 4 cm to the knives with the 9-cm blade. They are available with both a simple and serrated blade.

Recently, knives have been developed specifically for use in army and police special forces, which allow combining the excellent cutting properties of kerabit with the piercing properties of combat knives of the classical form.

An example of this type of knife is the Specwog Warrior Tactical Combat Knife tactical knife of the division of the Italian company Fox cutlery, which specializes in the development of tactical knives FKMD.

The knife was designed by Croatian Dean Rostokhar, who has 35 years experience in martial arts (currently senior instructor of the Bujinkan Ninjutsu branch in Croatia), participating in police and army special operations during the Yugoslav crisis 1991 – 1995. Work as an instructor of military training and hand-to-hand combat in special police and army units.

Rostokhar is the founder and senior instructor of the Croatian Special Training Center for Police and Military Special Forces Units - “SPECWOG” (SPECial Warrior Operation Group is a special military training group). The knife was created after the name of this center. It was created specifically for Dina Rostokhara's hand-to-hand combat system - “TTCS” (Tactical Technic Combat System - tactical-technical combat system). This synthetic system includes elements of many martial arts. As part of training in this system, servicemen and police officers acquire the skills of conducting hand-to-hand combat with their bare hands and using improvised means, knife fighting, possession of firearms, and also undergo tactical and special training and survival in extreme conditions.

This is a knife with a powerful blade (thickness of the butt 6 mm) length 25,5 cm, made of cobalt-vanadium stainless steel N690 Co and hardened to 58 – 60 units. Rockwell. The blade has a diamond-like coating according to DLC technology, which increases the mechanical hardness of the blade and protects it from corrosion.

The shape of the blade SPECWOG allows you to use almost the entire arsenal of technical actions of kerambit, supplemented by the possibility of delivering powerful piercing strikes.

Technique work kerambit

First of all, it should be noted that Karambit is a personal weapon - therefore, the dimensions of the handle and the diameter of the ring must correspond to the anatomical features of the owner's brush.

Karambit can be used as a primary or secondary weapon. As the main weapon, it can be used in doubles or single version. In the latter case, the fighter is actively working with his free hand, performing various strikes, blocks and grabs.

Since karabite is used at close range, the movement of a fighter during combat is important.

There are two main combat grabs of kerambit - direct and reverse, as well as their varieties.

Classic reverse grip - the main grip for working with kerambit - the knife handle is covered by all fingers, the index finger is threaded into the ring, the blade is on the side of the fist base. The thumb may lie on the ring.

Straight grip is different from the opposite in that the blade comes out of the hand from the side of the thumb, and in this case the little finger is inserted into the ring.

In ancient times it was the main grip of a large combat ceramite. The fighters of the Malaysian martial arts and now use this grip when working with two knives - while one knife (usually in the leading hand) hold back grip, and the other - straight.

Straight grip - this is the main grip of small karambits and karambit-like knives, designed for the personal self-defense of individuals who do not have sufficient training in using the knife.

Much less common types of direct grip, in which the handle is held only by two, three or four fingers (the index, middle or ring finger is inserted into the ring, respectively).

Another grip, which can often be seen in commercials, is the so-called "extended" (extended) grip. This grip is obtained from the reverse, if you loosen the grip of the handle and rotate the knife on the index finger so that the blade is oriented forward from the body. The blows inflicted by this grip look very impressive, but are not effective, and in the presence of sufficiently dense clothing they are useless. This is one of the weakest and most dangerous holds of kerambit. Basically, this knife grip is used for hooking the groin or neck of the opponent.

At home, Karambit is not only a fighting knife, but also a household knife, which is used in daily life for cutting animal and fish carcasses, picking and cleaning vegetables and fruits, processing wood and leather, etc. To perform these operations in In addition to the combat grip knife added additional specific grip.

The main arsenal of kerambit techniques includes cutting blows (concave and convex parts of the blade), direct tips with hooks, hooks, holdings, strikes with a ring (or protrusion on the ring), as well as painful and injuring effects on the fingers using a ring.

Cutting blows are applied from bottom to top and from top to bottom along four arc paths: horizontal, vertical and two diagonal.

If the kerambit has a dagger double-edged blade along any of these trajectories, it is possible to cause both ripping (the concave part of the blade) and cutting (convex part) impacts. With these trajectories, with the main orientation of the knife in the hand, a ripping blow is made when moving from the bottom up, and cutting from top to bottom. When you turn the brush character strikes is reversed.

Combining the trajectory of strikes, the fighter continuously attacks the enemy from different directions and from different angles. Usually, in the first phase of combat, a series of quick strikes is applied to the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the opponent's limbs. The result of these blows is the immobilization of the enemy. Further, the fight may be terminated, or the transition to a hold. In a real destruction battle, vital organs are attacked.

The widespread opinion that it is impossible to apply deep cutting wounds with kerambit mainly refers to kerambit-like self-defense knives, which are usually held in direct grip.

With the correct performance of a strike with classic kerambit, which is held by reverse grip, the depth of the wound can be equal to the blade length. In the knife literature for such a blow, there is even a special term - pulling cut (drawing cut or draw cut).

Another misconception is allegedly the impossibility of stabbing the kerambit. Of course, piercing strikes with kerambit are less effective than strikes with a straight blade and are auxiliary. They are aimed at the defeat of pain and vulnerable points at the top, middle and low level. As a rule, the injection immediately turns into a bump.

One of the most brutal blows in the arsenal of Malay fighters was a thrust shot into the subclavian cavity, after which the knife pushed under the collarbone, which then broke with a sharp reversal of the hand.

As in the case of the Philippine kerambit, lately, flipping has become increasingly popular - the rotation of kerambit on a ring. From the practical point of view, such a rotation has no practical significance. It is more entertainment or a kind of sport. But flipping is an excellent means of increasing coordination and feeling of the blade.

The ways of wearing kerambit are no different from the ways of wearing ordinary knives. In this case, the knife should be as close as possible to the hand, its position should be convenient for quickly bringing it to the working position. Once the position chosen and most convenient for the owner of the knife should not change - in a critical situation there is no time to remember where the knife is.

Modern kerabits with a fixed blade have a different design of the sheath, made of leather, synthetic fabrics or plastic.

The most comfortable are plastic sheaths, equipped with a special fastening system “Tec Lock”, which provides a variety of wearing options depending on the preference of the owner.

Small karambit-like knives are often worn openly or covertly around the neck.

Folding kerabits, like most modern folding knives, have a special metal clip (clip) to secure the knife on a trouser belt or in clothing pockets. Sometimes special plastic holders are used to carry them.

In conclusion, it should be noted that karambit is not a toy, but a very dangerous weapon, having a centuries-old history. This should always be remembered by its owner. Effective use of all the unique capabilities of kerambit requires lengthy training sessions under the guidance of an experienced instructor (work with kerambit is practiced, for example, in the Russian Interregional Federation of Combat Arnis - IFAS).

At the same time, small kerabits and kerambit-like knives are an excellent means of personal self-defense and are absolutely legal. For a person who has experience in martial arts, mastering them is not a big deal, and for a beginner just a few lessons with an instructor.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 14 December 2013 08: 51
    good, I would even say good-quality informative material, only in the title "Karambit in the army service" it would be necessary to clearly indicate whose service.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 14 December 2013 09: 10
      Quote: makarov
      should clearly indicate whose service.

      do you think we don’t have them on sale and they don’t use them in our army?

      UC Honshu Black
      Price: 1990 rubles
      1. Corsair
        Corsair 14 December 2013 11: 46
        Quote: PSih2097
        do you think we don’t have them on sale and they don’t use them in our army?

        Very similar to a dinosaur claw ...
        1. Orang
          Orang 14 December 2013 12: 13
          Quote: Corsair
          Very similar to a dinosaur claw ...

          The same purpose, tear and rip.
      2. uhjpysq1
        uhjpysq1 14 December 2013 19: 03
        kerambit garden price 50rub))))))))))
        1. Kir
          Kir 14 December 2013 19: 34
          Well, of course, and we, before the Yankees, did not even know this form of a garden knife, thanks to them to the enlighteners of the Earth, by the way, and the mushroom picker’s knife I seem to remember from the Spanish AITOR has a similar sharpening.
      3. Candy wrapper
        Candy wrapper 14 December 2013 22: 05
        You again analyze the article carefully. A combat karambit, unlike the sofa karambits you brought in the videos of a cunning ... bearded comrade, has sharpening on the outer edge of the curved blade, and not on the inside. The difference is fundamental.
  2. Apollo
    Apollo 14 December 2013 09: 06
    quote-The new knife was called "Civilian" (Citizen).

    quote -In conclusion, it should be noted that kerambit is not a toy, but a very dangerous weapon that has a long history. This should always be remembered by its owner. The effective use of all the unique capabilities of kerambit requires lengthy training under the guidance of an experienced instructor (working with kerambit is practiced, for example, in the Russian Interregional Combat Federation of Arnis - IFAC).

    At the same time, small kerabits and kerambit-like knives are an excellent means of personal self-defense and are absolutely legal. For a person who has experience in martial arts, mastering them is not a big deal, and for a beginner just a few lessons with an instructor.

  3. clidon
    clidon 14 December 2013 10: 40
    Somehow, I immediately recall an article from the magazine (if memory serves) "Brother", where the author interviewed the special forces who fought in Chechnya and demonstrated their knives, how many enemies they actually killed with these knives. It turned out that not a single unit in the entire history of the unit, and why when there is a silent weapon, and combat contacts take place at decent distances.
    But cut the sausage, strip the wire, yes ... However, the bourgeois troops quickly switched to Leatherman s (multitools), which allow you to perform more operations.
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 14 December 2013 15: 43
      Well, on an infantry shoulder you can fry eggs. The knife is the weapon of last chance.
      1. clidon
        clidon 14 December 2013 16: 42
        Shovel is power! ) And about the last chance:
        How there: In order to use a knife, a soldier must lose his unit, tanks and armored personnel carriers, squander the machine gun, grenades, a sapper shovel and meet the same fool (preferably who lost his body armor) from the other side. ")) In principle, the same applies to special forces soldier with specifics.
        I understand when it comes to self-defense with a knife (which is prohibited in our country, by the way), poking and cutting with a knife in soft fellow citizens can be more effective than in a tank.
    2. m262
      m262 14 December 2013 16: 57
      I absolutely agree with you, especially since a knife for a policeman armed with a pistol is an extra load on a belt, then they would have given out knuckle dusters, even gopniks don't even go with "vykidukh".
    3. sub307
      sub307 15 December 2013 13: 50
      Well yes. The article is rather for “connoisseurs” and “savors” of knives.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. solvent
      solvent 16 December 2013 20: 22
      Maybe it's true, but maybe not: I read the memoirs of one soldier, so he sent a couple of bearded men to the hurias in the first campaign as a "pig-breaker" in the form of a sharpened armature with a looped handle wrapped in a loop.
    6. The comment was deleted.
  4. mountain
    mountain 14 December 2013 10: 43
    Thank you for the material provided, since childhood I am not indifferent to knives and possession of military equipment. I will look forward to continuing. Thanks again.
  5. avt
    avt 14 December 2013 10: 47
    The continuation of advertising the product in the form of a beautiful knife, for a collection of good, again, girls to breed with the appearance of a cool ninja, very convenient, but useless in the household and on the hike. paid for a textbook, discard, then those who want to possess the "technique of invincible Indonesian wars" I can advise you to go to work at a meat-packing plant as a baker. Not as romantic as those special sensugiti that are written in the article and again "invincible Indonesian wars", but very practical. An example of this is a very real Ryazan farmer, whose family was attacked by three bandits in his house, so he tied up reached for a simple but sharp knife and butchered all three without any "East Indonesian" art and "special forces" techniques from the Croatian ninjas. I don’t remember from memory, but it seems that one of the raiders survived with cut tendons, the rest bled out. Fortunately, the man was acquitted.
    1. Mister X
      Mister X 18 December 2013 14: 17
      Quote: avt
      girls breed with the look of a cool ninja

      Bujinkan Croatia - a school of white ninja, samurai and cool special forces in one bottle.

  6. tlauicol
    tlauicol 14 December 2013 12: 03
    nafig such a knife in the army needed? for show-offs?
  7. Orang
    Orang 14 December 2013 12: 22
    It’s a good means of self-defense; it’s not possible to pierce it on the spot, and it’s easy to paint a pair of faces on the face or cut your hands.
    1. sub307
      sub307 15 December 2013 13: 53
      Nail scissors can also work out well, in the sense, if you paint and not only.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 15 December 2013 15: 09
      The same can be arranged with an ordinary Chinese warehouse for 500 rubles, bought in the nearest stall.
  8. sasska
    sasska 14 December 2013 12: 30

    each region has its own knife traditions.

    PS: I have enough of my own NVU.
  9. Ram chandra
    Ram chandra 14 December 2013 12: 44
    It looks like an advertisement, but the article is done with a soul. An ordinary person does not need such a knife in 99,9999% of cases.
  10. Slotxnumx
    Slotxnumx 14 December 2013 12: 46
    Here I am fond of knives ... knife fighting? But how to inject them, it will not work out fully, the geometry is not the same! And the cut ... the pk is twisted into the inside and the cut occurs only with the tip, which means that the cut will not be as effective as the entire length of pk .Self-defense in Russia with a knife? Be ready for an article and landing, according to our laws and judicial practice, 99% will blame you. For daily wearing you need something more "correct", you can cut them a sausage with a loaf of bread, and they will help you when fishing and in mushrooms. In life, no one, even in NB competitions, works ala Steven Seagal in cinema.imho.
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 14 December 2013 15: 31
      One American office, a specialist for cold steel lovers, made a replica of the MPL-50, only in its own American private traditions, i.e. better than the original.

      By the way, the original is somewhere until the 80 of the last century, after which they began to drive trash. I'm on 350p. I bought one for myself and a friend in the car last year, and was amazed at how well then simple things could be made. Only a screw instead of a nail screwed so that the bayonet does not play and you can chop nails.
  11. Walking
    Walking 14 December 2013 14: 12
    Advertising article. What is this grip with threading a finger into the ring?
    And if you need to quickly throw a knife and a finger in the ring?
    How do they prick?
    How to cut sausage, bread?
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 14 December 2013 15: 36
      They do not seem to be pricked, but hidden and used, it can be well ooooooooo small. In addition, many of these knives are kind of certified as a "box opener"
      1. avt
        avt 14 December 2013 17: 46
        Quote: zvereok
        In addition, many of these knives are kind of certified as a "box opener"

        I believe that they did not encounter the law enforcement and judicial systems in these matters. I would like to point out that no certificate will help with the application, only a forensic examination will give the court grounds to interpret the use of cold steel. In Soviet practice, a cigarette case went like brass knuckles.
        Quote: Chen
        I am a complete sucker in NB. Now I understand that the sausage factor is the main thing in choosing a knife!

        Well, here any practitioner, but not in the virtual one, will confirm that the most combat knife is the one that conveniently lies in the owner’s hand and it’s convenient to handle it in the farm and this is for everyone. Up to the blue, you can argue. Here, practice is needed, but it is real for deboners at the meat processing plant. laughing
        1. zvereok
          zvereok 14 December 2013 18: 09
          I believe that they did not encounter the law enforcement and judicial systems in these matters. I would like to point out that no certificate will help with the application, only a forensic examination will give the court grounds to interpret the use of cold steel. In Soviet practice, a cigarette case went like brass knuckles.

          Here the issue of wearing, and self-righteousness in case you are dragged to the ward. And the application here depends on the events - to choose whether to sit or lie down.

          And so, you are right - did not come across.
  12. Black
    Black 14 December 2013 14: 29
    Quote: Hiking
    How to cut sausage, bread?

    Quote: Slot46
    , you’ll cut them a sausage with bread, and will help you fishing and mushrooms

    Quote: avt
    useless in household and camping

    Quote: clidon
    But cut the sausage, strip the wire, yes.

    I am a complete sucker in NB. Now I understand that the sausage factor is the main thing in choosing a knife!
    1. Walking
      Walking 14 December 2013 14: 44
      It is still unknown whether it comes to a knife in battle, but you always want to eat.
    2. Bosk
      Bosk 14 December 2013 19: 19
      The "sausage factor" in a knife fight always wakes up to matter, because I think (and I'm not the only one) a smooth cut with a classic knife is easier and again, the defeat is not weak, but at the expense of the "claw" ... for example, try this rezhik open a sack of flour in one fell swoop ..., I don't know how anyone has it, but it's not for my "physics" of hands.
      1. Kir
        Kir 14 December 2013 19: 31
        Yes, on the mind to argue with the fact that the advertised karambit has a very specific application, and also requires knowledge of a certain technique of ownership, says a lot. I'm not sure that we have once again decided to open an office - a school of "masters" of something there ....., which there no longer gives those profits, and if you are right, which is actually sure, then the article is clearly ordered.
      2. zvereok
        zvereok 15 December 2013 00: 36
        "Sausage factor"
        It’s better not to eat the current sausage ... Let the bourgeoisie eat it, which will take the chicken legs of Bush to this market for us.
  13. zvereok
    zvereok 14 December 2013 15: 25
    My "Box Opener" came with a blunt and thick point, which, because of the high-carbon steel, can be sharpened at home, plus the blade itself is a saw, which also has its own sharpening characteristics. So it is lying somewhere in the closet, if it has not lost it during the move. It is necessary to adapt for a "quiet hunt", but I always forget the knife, but this one is small, with a comfortable sheath.

    By the way, who wants to cut a sausage at home, according to the price / quality characteristics, I recommend the Brazilian Centermite tramontina - the chief of the order 300r. worth, excellent steel, good design, hold sharpening for a long time, 3D forging (in fact, also stamping, but better already). There is also a series with a white handle, a little cheaper master is called in my opinion, but for sure, I don’t remember, I also recommend it for kitchen affairs.

    By the way, from tramontina, the knife I used most for vegetables is similar in shape to kerambit, sooo convenient and cost 110 p.
  14. roninas
    roninas 14 December 2013 15: 32
    Yes, bullshit, solid advertising. I myself am a great lover and collector of knives. I’m also familiar with knife fighting, and so, a person can be cut with an ordinary pocket knife, with a blade length of not more than 9 cm, which is definitely not a sign of cold steel. a folding knife, not for self-defense. For me, kerambit is not practical in principle for daily wear, for example
  15. Igarr
    Igarr 14 December 2013 17: 52
    Hi, brothers ...
    such interesting material ....
    with such attention I read it ....
    then read the comments ...
    Anyone who was interested in "coldness" - really did not see ... the scimitar? chris? in this fucking kuramzite?
    Anyone who ... yur-right ... at least knows a little - really didn’t realize that for this crooked garbage, which you need to BE ABLE to own, a very full term shines.
    And this - God forbid you who "pee".
    Well .... go ahead ... enthusiasts ... "we sing a song to the madness of the brave" ..
    But a purely Russian traditional hand weapon - a brush - somehow attracts no one.
    Although more practical than all .. these cutting-stitching .. an order of magnitude.
    And the term is the same.
    So prove again ... that you just had a barn lock on a string - and you used it ...
    ................. or you had .super-duper ... expanded clay with double-sharpened sharpening, with blood flow and automatic jumping into the arm ..
    Believe someone, what do you think?
    Good luck to you, boyars ...
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 14 December 2013 18: 15
      "But a purely Russian traditional hand weapon - a brush - somehow attracts no one.
      Although the most practical of all .. these cutting-stabbing .. by an order of magnitude. "

      A gun, it’s kind of a crushing weapon in accordance with the Criminal Code and it seems even described in it, and kerambit does not officially fall under the definition of melee weapons - there is no stop, the blade length is less than that defined in the Criminal Code. In general, I’m not an expert, but I live in this country, and I understand that if you infect a deputy with flu, and he gets hoaxed, then you may well be brought under an article.

      PS: The plumbing lamb on the tap is good as a brass knuckles, but I have not seen them for a hundred years.
      1. taseka
        taseka 15 December 2013 07: 19
        Interested in "Lamb" - I will definitely look! After all, the thing is household - "And I am a comrade policeman bringing home to repair the tap in the bathroom!" And compact! hi
      2. taseka
        taseka 15 December 2013 07: 19
        Interested in "Lamb" - I will definitely look! After all, the thing is household - "And I am a comrade policeman bringing home to repair the tap in the bathroom!" And compact! hi
    2. zvereok
      zvereok 14 December 2013 18: 30
      Karambit is designed for hidden wear. The man with the karambit in his hand, looks like an unarmed man. This time, secondly, Chris and Scimitar, it was better to cut wounds (they seem to heal worse) than a sword, being (at least a yagan) easier, this is why they drove the sword from the battlefield. But the analogue of the kerambit in my opinion is rather the Egyptian crescent swords, and the weapons of some tribes of ancient Italy.
    3. Kir
      Kir 14 December 2013 19: 14
      Well, a weapon of varying lengths, and it’s possible to refer to it, and the brush, let’s say frankly not only We had, and then in what situations it will save you, Ah ?, remember what extreme situations people often get into, and then say. And it turns out that the Knife is much more functional, another thing is with the Mind to choose it.
      With regards to the article, the advertisement masked by the review article has already correctly noticed somewhat.
      1. roninas
        roninas 14 December 2013 21: 26
        In addition, for a brush, most likely, the term will be given, for me, faster than for a knife in my pocket. Actually, as far as I know, on all kinds of "knife" forums. And manufacturers (the same Kizlyar) declare that you can wear any knife, now almost all knives are presented as tourist knives, although in life, of course, it's easier not to carry than to explain and unsubscribe later.
        1. Kir
          Kir 14 December 2013 21: 46
          Now there’s nothing, there’s no that bacchanalia, but relatively recently one could buy the same Master Bowie without a hunter, walked like a survival knife!, But they could also pack here, as he has a developed guard. But by the way it’s interesting, but what about the knives for divers? After all, they are very, very, and given that some of them are also titanium, so here in general ...... Misunderstandings!
        2. realist
          realist 14 December 2013 22: 19
          explaining and unsubscribing is not the worst thing, I personally prefer to be accused rather than patient in the murder case)))
          1. Kir
            Kir 14 December 2013 22: 24
            Actually what are you talking about, here, in fact, it is mainly a question of legal wearing, and not of application.
    4. Ptah
      Ptah 15 December 2013 04: 26
      Quote: Igarr
      Although more practical than all .. these cutting-stitching .. an order of magnitude.

      You can successfully resist with a meter stick against any rezhik. I know, because I was actively interested and carried away recently. In the meantime, a small review -
      Traditional Brush -

      The brutal "real" brush -

      "Babi" brush -

      Brush "3D" -

      Glamorous Brush -

      Universal brush -

      Home Brush -

      "Legal" brush -

      Builder's Brush -

      Electrician's Brush -

      Fashionable, "hidden" wearing brush -
      1. Insectid
        Insectid 15 December 2013 06: 06
        Quote: Ptah
        small review -

        good Extension
        Plumbing Brush


        Brush "School. Art.267491"

        Brush size "XXXL"

        Mini brush

        Micro brush

        Sale - "Brush Center on <Sparrow Hills>"

        "conditionally edible" brush

        Lego brush

        Chan-bristle (anime)

        We do not need "expanded clay". More BRUSHES - good and different !!!
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 15 December 2013 19: 27
          Brothers ... glad ...
          Ptah и Insectid/// generally shocked ..... with variety.
          I appreciate it.
          What does Russian ingenuity mean? First, the sausage left the enemies to the fullest ...
          and how they went to the world - you can eat the same sausage.
          Global Russia!
  16. uzer 13
    uzer 13 14 December 2013 18: 21
    Where in winter and summer they wear the same underpants, this idiotic product can and will be useful. And, say, in winter in Russia what to do with it? A ring worn on a finger means that after the fight you will most likely be left without a finger.
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 14 December 2013 18: 35
      Quote: uzer 13
      Where in winter and summer they wear the same underpants, this idiotic product can and will be useful. And, say, in winter in Russia what to do with it? A ring worn on a finger means that after the fight you will most likely be left without a finger.

      It cuts through Jeans wonderfully, and Antique swords that are similar in principle to action perfectly chopped off limbs. A ring is not a mandatory attribute, and sticking your finger in there is also not necessary. In addition, the grip can be either direct or reverse. So you can insert your index finger or little finger into the ring
      1. uzer 13
        uzer 13 14 December 2013 23: 15
        In skillful hands, of course, everything will be useful, even a fountain pen. Only such hands are not very many. And those who are at risk usually wear leather jackets made of thick coarse material, just in case. metal bracelet, close the joint.
        1. Kir
          Kir 15 December 2013 01: 23
          Why waste time on trifles, then order buffalo leather bracers from tanners, and if you are good acquaintances, then from shagreen, also called galyusha - skin of a stingray or shark /, its plus horny plates, often with spines, it is not for nothing that a shark can do harm simply "rubbing" against a diver without overalls.
          1. uzer 13
            uzer 13 15 December 2013 03: 50
            Being determines consciousness. And the probability of events occurring is unpredictable. As long as there is health, you can do without any weapons. Only every year this health becomes less, which cannot be said about the number of the criminal element. Therefore, the equipment should correspond to real circumstances and your physical capabilities. On television, you can see that many of our common friends wear body armor disguised as a cloak, jacket, or coat.
            1. Kir
              Kir 15 December 2013 12: 13
              So I’m telling you in full, as a confirmation of a few facts
              1 Chinese patent leather armor
              2 It happened in Africa, bullets from English guns could not penetrate leather shields
              3 look how quickly the blade sits down when working with the skin, more than that I will say for obsidian surgical scalpels the lapping circle produced by some American company is made of buffalo skin
              About the well-disguised ones, these are only of the light class, and I have long seen the truth in the form of an addition, the so-called sub-jacket, and pararamide does not breathe, in contrast to the same properly dressed skin.
              1. uzer 13
                uzer 13 15 December 2013 18: 51
                Local newspapers once wrote about a local policeman who participated in a shootout. He got a PM bullet and got stuck in a sheepskin coat. It was in winter, in severe frost. The powder burns badly and the sheepskin coat is not afraid of cold. That's what it means to dress for the season and favorable combination of circumstances.
  17. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 15 December 2013 01: 23
    Honestly, I thought that kerambit was some kind of material, so thanks to the author for the info. I have been carrying a knife myself since childhood, now I’m very keen on the Kizlyar Siberian Crane, I like it very much, it sharpens like a razor, cuts everything. I don’t carry the truth at hand, they say, in which case, I carry it in my bag, but without it, as it’s already unusual. I liked this carambit, compact and no matter what they say, but against the unarmed one it will run already. In general, I am convinced that the knife, as a personal weapon, appeared in a person first and last to disappear (with him).
    1. Kir
      Kir 15 December 2013 01: 29
      Although I do not like the Yankees, consider the scorpion from the MOD (Master of Defense) as a "friend", by the way, they have interesting models as one of the supplying services for them, and if you normally look towards the folding workers from ExtremRatio with money, I saw a fairly compact a no-frills model with a backing thickness of something about 5mm.
  18. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 15 December 2013 03: 10
    [quote = zvereok] Well, on an infantry shoulder you can fry eggs. laughingfor sure! and then the eggs in dry pouches are always raw! wassat
  19. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 15 December 2013 14: 12
    The real MASTER does not sweat and spoon pokotsat anyone. It's not a knife. For me it's so simple finca for all occasions.
  20. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 December 2013 16: 11
    People. Well, this is an article for those interested. and not for practitioners.)) For me it’s better not to bring things to the knife. And if you already brought it, then leave the yards. If we use household things, then for me the very drill for the punch. Any length, any diameter, under any arm. And you understand that in our country they are judged not by justice, but by their social status and material capabilities. So again, if you kicked, just run.
  21. Shur
    Shur 15 December 2013 23: 47
    Then it’s immediately
  22. Hort
    Hort 16 December 2013 09: 21
    for me it’s so absolutely dysfunctional fucking karambit this ...

    And on the topic of self-defense: even if several robbers attack you - use a knife, you will immediately fall into the category of accused. Although karambit at least a mushroom picker
  23. Forest
    Forest 16 December 2013 10: 23
    Karambit is good in that you can inflict not fatal (unless you cut the carotid artery), but severe wounds to the enemy.
    1. Kir
      Kir 16 December 2013 17: 56
      So buy yourself a BOKER storage box with a wave-like blade, Effect Wo !!!
      1. Forest
        Forest 19 December 2013 15: 15
        Why so expensive? "Ponty" is for children. Damage can be done with a screwdriver).
        I like karambit because it can "break up" a hand in one movement and thanks to the ring that is put on the finger it is very reliable in the grip and at the same time very mobile.
        1. Kir
          Kir 19 December 2013 17: 46
          Forgive me, but the karambit from the MOD is not worth five cents, but the quality of 154-cm, let's say it's not so hot, otherwise they would not have switched to D2 for a number of models, I mean that you need to compare something comparable, by the way I saw a wave and in "butterflies", but with regards to the effect of using a wave-shaped blade, I think you can easily find it.
          1. Forest
            Forest 20 December 2013 08: 10
            Honestly, I am not a great connoisseur of knives. And I didn’t have to apply often - 2 pins from my father and 2 from my mother-in-law a year and then with a knife like a stylet.
            But the karambit bribed me with functionality)))
            1. Kir
              Kir 20 December 2013 10: 03
              By the way, it’s not worth it so karambit, what is it ......., delve into the history of the blade, and you will see that what is shown in the bottom picture is more of a modernized scimitar, and given that he is not the first-born with such sharpening, the question generally becomes that all this boiling is custom-made.
              1. Forest
                Forest 20 December 2013 14: 01
                I agree similar to a scimitar -mini-scimitar with a ring)
  24. SAFON 1
    SAFON 1 17 March 2014 09: 14
    Any knife is suitable precisely in the area where it was invented. Thick clothes nullify all its "advantages", and the inability to poke accurately, generally lowers below the bottom. All his "coolness" in an unusual form and advertising for the fools. Even the HP-43 is much more practical for the middle climatic zone, it is more convenient to sharpen, has a wider and more varied application.