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Technical firing from the Centurion launcher

Technical firing from the Centurion launcher

Chemring Countermeasures has completed the third stage of developing its new Centurion rotary launcher with a series of experienced firing in southern England.

The Centurion launcher was originally conceived as a system for the accurate delivery of advanced means of functional destruction (jamming) for the missile defense of ships.

This is stated in the article publication Jane's. July 2013. 9, translated by Vyacheslav Merzlyakov.

Currently, Centurion is also offered as a multi-tasking system capable of deploying a wide range of additional actuators.

This includes acoustic traps, and the cooperation agreement with Raytheon Missile Systems also includes short-range surface-to-surface missiles.

In September 2009, on its own, Chemring began developing the prototype Centurion prototype under the designation “Alpha”, which was successfully tested in November 2010 at the Krenfield artillery range.

The company subsequently allocated funds for the third stage of the creation, integration and testing of the Bravo prototype. This prototype included several design improvements (based on the experience gained from testing the Alpha prototype) plus the development of Roke Manor Research, a subsidiary research company, in the field of systems integration and signature management.

Centurion Prototype

In the third stage, a significant optimization of the system was performed. The mechanical part was upgraded in order to increase the vertical angle, a launcher drive, operational software, hardware and software fire control were developed, and a method for reducing the equivalent reflective surface was developed and evaluated.

Technical shooting was conducted on May 8 at the Salisbury training ground in England. During the tests, the Centurion launcher successfully shot 12 130-mm containers of various false targets: Mk 36 dipole reflectors, CCM216 dipole reflectors and TALOS infrared shells. The tests also demonstrated the functionality of the local control panel.

Centurion Prototype, an artistic representation of this system

According to Chemring, the fourth stage will focus on further refinement of the software and work on the optimization and hardening of the structure in order to carry out environmental testing.

The following tests were planned and passed in July 2013; during these tests, the Javelin rocket from Raytheon was shot from the Centurion prototype.
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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 13 December 2013 07: 00
    An interesting system.
  2. mirag2
    mirag2 13 December 2013 07: 01
    It is possible to imagine that this installation is capable of launching interfering elements from a vessel in different directions, i.e. essentially wrap the protected vessel with a ball of interference.
    I did not know that this scheme was not used before.
  3. makarov
    makarov 13 December 2013 07: 17
    The proposed location of the installation is curious. What is shown in the last image significantly reduces its "viewing angle" functionality.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 13 December 2013 07: 33
      Complete mess! Even the Snicker ad is much more interesting. In the video, when the ship moves, a rather thin bundle of curtain instantly demolishes. In general, I do not see anything new.
      PC-2, PC-10, etc. for setting radar and optical distracting and misinforming false targets to counter guided weapons with radar and optoelectronic guidance systems (homing).

    2. Papakiko
      Papakiko 13 December 2013 09: 51
      Quote: makarov
      trims its "viewing angle" functionality

      Normally inspired by the views from the CT-308.
      The main thing is to save space on the ship, mobile and compact.
      At the same PC-2, the cellar with the charging automatics takes up a lot of space.
      On the face of a set of measures for the survivability and security of the ship.
      Arsenal for both "bunches" is the same, have time to bring charges.
      Please, a cartoon to this "system".
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 13 December 2013 12: 47
        Quote: Papakiko
        keep up the charges

        In the sense? From the cellar to the upper deck on your gobo five? What, even the elevator will not be allowed to reach? I feel sorry for the neighbors of the Morimans, they are being dragged into dragging something, but at least they will hide their steamer from sin and even that.
  4. umah
    umah 13 December 2013 08: 47
    New Wunderwaffle from British scientists! In my opinion, the cannons charged through the mouth moved back in the century before last. Well, at least the wick does not need to be set on fire.
  5. Wedmak
    Wedmak 13 December 2013 09: 01
    Some strange arrangement of PU. Turn around, bend over ... um ... hee hee. wink Isn’t it easier to install a drum with 4-6 rockets already with an inclination? and twirl it as you want. Anyway, as I think, this installation will not have time to interfere simultaneously from more than three directions. A manual recharge chtol? Geniuses ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 13 December 2013 12: 58
      Quote: Wedmak
      bend over ... um .. hee hee. It is not easier to install a drum with 4-6 rockets already with a slope ... And what about manual reloading? Geniuses ...

      PK-10, doesn’t it resemble anything?

      PK-120 10 mm shipboard system of fired jamming

      Samum is equipped with two 82-mm shipborne complexes of fired jamming PK-16.

      So it’s all ancient products.
    APASUS 13 December 2013 22: 46
    Invincible british hat!
    Then another 10 slaves charge her manually !?