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Applying the strategy of “organized chaos” to powers and civilizations

Applying the strategy of “organized chaos” to powers and civilizations

As for the strategy of “organized chaos”, it should be noted that the United States, implementing its own geopolitical project under the slogan “American Dream for All,” with the help of political, economic, informational and cultural technologies, is almost close to completing the creation, for this, a single financial, information and power areas.

Now, along with the implementation of the task of suppressing the “last pockets of national resistance, they have initiated and are introducing their main operational means into the world:

  • first, they transform the purchase and sale relationship into an all-inclusive and total system, and the only global basic value;
  • secondly, they distribute local elites from their own people and subordinate them to world financial power;
  • thirdly, they post factum, disavow the rights of peoples, including their right to act as a full-fledged political sovereign and as the sole legitimate source of power.

    The conducted studies allow to conclude that within the framework of this general strategy, the most “successful” and effective technology of war against Russia is the system strategy of “organized chaos 1”.

    It should be noted that chaos, danger and the will of chance are natural states, attributes and features of any war. The strategy of “organized chaos 2” is a systemic strategy of war, leading to the loss of the ability and the will of the nation to resist the aggressor.

    The strategy of “organized chaos” is applicable to “mastered” objects of different levels. It is effective, both in relation to states, and in relation to powers and civilizations. The validity of this conclusion can be confirmed by the following examples.

    Applying the strategy of “organized chaos” to powers and civilizations

    (approximately equal in strength and capabilities to geopolitical players)

    The main content of this strategy in this case may be the introduction of destructive interference in the existence of the object of application as an organized community and a system of historically established relations (into the system of management and power), and its subsequent disintegration. Or the most advanced form of this technology is the rebirth of the elements of the system, and its subsystems, by changing the meaning and sign of their functioning.

    The goal is to deprive the adversary not only of the will to resist, but also mentally regenerate him so that he perceives his new role as “mastered space and resource” with joy and enthusiasm.

    All this is achieved through total destabilization and destructurization of national existence, turning the nation into “primary broth of atomized individuals”, ready “for success” for any actions, that is, into a fully controlled and positively controlled occupation for occupation.

    To implement this, it is planned to solve three main tasks:

  • the first is to make changes in the structure, priorities and scale of basic national values;
  • the second is to ensure the “disintegration of the connection of times”, that is, to make the generation gap evident;
  • the third is to make life in the country unbearable, while at the same time seducing its population with a set of “values ​​of foreign life,” supposedly accessible under a different political regime.

    Regarding technologies for changing systems (subsystems) in metasystems such as “civilization”, “country” and “state”, it should be noted that the solution of such problems as making changes and rebuilding the system of basic national values; the breakdown of the bond of times; removing the nation's motivation for resistance and depriving the nation historical memory, relating primarily to the sphere of culture and the historical national tradition of being - occurs in the paradigm of the degeneration of national culture and a radical change in the lifestyle of the nation. This means that the main target of the attack in this case is the national culture and the national consciousness of the “mastered” people.

    This direction of influence and the methodology of its application are the most savage in the whole spectrum of technologies and the latest operational means of war, since everything that the nation does is subject to erasure and rebirth, and this civilization (this particular the highest form of human community) - civilization.

    The main technology of changing the sign of a national culture is giving everyone the phenomenon of life and culture of a commodity (alienable, exchange) form, which leads to the transformation of all former national shrines and values ​​into a prosaic commodity.

    Alexander Panarin, in this regard, points out: “Until now, cultures have been dualistic: along with what is sold and bought on the market, they contained an inalienable fund of personal and collective values. In any healthy culture, love and inspiration, truth and beauty were considered unsold. Tested collective values ​​also acted as unsaleable: mother tongue and sacred land of ancestors, national territory and national interests, civic and military duty. All this is declared "obsolete trash that impedes the achievement of genuine individual freedom." All historical traditions and the history of the people themselves (the object of development) is subjected to ridicule, stupidity and ironic interpretation. Xnumx

    The nation is persistently suggested that all its former life was a stupid mistake, a succession of absurdities and historical failures, and that it is necessary to learn to live anew and on patterns and patterns “historically proved their high efficiency”, and its thousand-year culture is only a manifestation of these errors, and it , in its national form, is no longer just not needed, but also directly harmful, since it “slows the movement of the nation towards a better life”.

    Moreover, the internal self-determination of a person regarding his past, the history of his people and morality is replaced by the imposed alternative to the mass stereotype of individual and social consciousness, and lifestyle stereotype as “success in the name of owning the benefits of consumption”, which is declared the sole and universal goal of existence, and which gives only the “great and mighty Market”.

    It is the Market that is declared new and universal value, which automatically “removes” all past and no longer obligatory universals of previous human experience.

    The lack of commitment and unreliability of common universals and truths developed by the experience of thousands of years of human society, will inevitably lead to the depreciation of universal morality and mark the loss of moral legitimacy of law and power.

    The disappearance of these universals will inevitably lead to the fact that, among others, the “moral duty” disappears and is not claimed (since only that which is profitable is moral), which only constitutes universal egocentrism. The main values ​​of life are derived values ​​of individual survival. All this inevitably distorts the historical perspective of both ethnic groups and civilizations, including Humanity, because it simply “removes” the question of their necessity.

    The main technologies for disavowing the rights of peoples within their own country, including their right to act as a full-fledged political sovereign and as the sole legitimate source of power, are:

  • forced (forced) lumpenization of the population;
  • “Planning” the political life of the country;
  • the omnipotence of the “administrative resource of power”, in which the will of the people is simply uninteresting to it, since it can produce the result it needs.

    Regarding the methodology of the degeneration of civilization, the country and the state as the actual metasystems, studies show that it is here that the tasks of changing the essence and transformation of the systems themselves are solved, thus achieving the effect of splitting society, criminalizing the state and statehood itself.

    In every metasystem there are several subsystems, the most important of which are the control, provision, execution and correction systems (although the latter two can be considered as subsystems of the control system).

    The management system, which refers to the highest level of government, is the President of the country, his administration and the presidential vertical of the federal government. This system should form goals, define guidelines, priorities, criteria and development strategies, develop the foundations of the state ideology and basic algorithms for its functioning. In practice, this is the headquarters of the state and its brain.

    The security system is all that is called the national economy, as well as its subsystems (contours) associated with the social sphere of the state (culture, education, health, social security, public policy, and so on).

    The execution system is the vertical and executive structures from the Government to the municipality. All operational work on planning (design) and the implementation of specific tasks and stages of development

    The system of adjustment is the power structures of the state, ensuring its security, and, above all, the Army.

    Applied technologies provide for their imbalance or rebirth. The most important method of introducing the technology of “organized chaos” and the forerunner of its effectiveness is to remove from the nation, and its elites, the knowledge and feelings of the war being waged against the country.

    It is envisaged to carry out the randomization of the top management system: by changing the priorities of state goal setting; deprofessionalization and the incapacity of its apparatus; creating an atmosphere of complete lack of control and personal irresponsibility of its members, as well as the possibility of any, on their part, arbitrariness regarding any citizens and structures of the state. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the obvious temporality of today's imperious “permissiveness” makes its participants insatiable criminals.

    It is intended to achieve the randomization of the execution system by the same methods at all levels, but apart from them, methods of substituting the fulfillment of national goals and objectives, discussion and implementation of functional tasks of all branches of government can also be applied. The engagement of all structures (through the media at hand and “lured specialists”) into the infinite discussion of the problems of the government itself, the entire population of the country, complete confusion is reached in the heads of the population and their misunderstanding of what the government should do and what the public can and must demand. It should be noted that in this way an atmosphere of complete alienation of the population from the government is created in the state, since “truth and justice cannot be found anywhere else”.

    The technology of randomization of the security system involves:

  • in the economy, the expulsion from its main branches of an obligatory social component, as well as the creation of an environment in which national development is unprofitable, and honest productive work is impossible and not prestigious;
  • in the social sphere, the inaccessibility of the main constitutionally guaranteed rights for the absolute majority of the population of the state;
  • in the sphere of culture, violent “Westernization” and change (breaking) of national shrines, values ​​and historical roots, the destruction of identity and the violent introduction (in forms of psychological warfare) of individual survival values ​​and cultivating their primacy over the values ​​of collective existence;
  • in the field of public policy - the total erosion of the entire political spectrum, the impossibility of the emergence of new bright political leaders, the obvious (literally) corruption and dependence on the authority of all officially existing political forces in the country, the impossibility of organizing a normal political process, and so on.

    Chaotization of public life can be used as an internal and external vent or a steam valve of a system with its, say, “passionate overheating”.

    So, for example, the USA “releases” the general dissatisfaction with its claims to absolute power over the world through the “organized chaos” of anti-globalists and “greens”, and the states of Europe release their inner “pairs” - through football fans, “skinheads”, nationalists, and so on, organizing and financing their activities.

    Studies show that in addition to the tasks of "letting off steam", these technologies solve another, inhuman in their design, task - they make the population and, especially the youth, initially incapable of any forms of social mobilization, from honest work in the enterprise to conscientious service in the army.

    Chaotic adjustment system can be achieved by direct coalescence of law enforcement agencies with organized crime, criminal state personnel policy (nomination of loyal mediocrities), complete ideological debauchery of the security and law enforcement agencies themselves, as well as unwillingness of the authorities to reform the state power structures and establish capable civil control.

    In general, the analysis of the current state of Russia, where today there are “neither new words, nor ideas, nor people”, and everything that exists is estimated by the population as a bad performance - is the result on the one hand - the application of modern technologies of “war in peace” to us and, on the other hand, it is almost complete inactivity of our state, social and other civilizational structures.

    The main means of achieving the success of the “war in peace” technology that is being waged in modern conditions against Russia is our national leadership elites, and the method is their rebirth.

    The rebirth of national elites begins with the rebirth of national leaders.

    This rebirth is always carried out by the same methods: official honors and international recognition; guaranteeing personal (and family) security and security of deposits and property abroad; the introduction of the “tempted” into the super-elite “clubs of the elect”; a constant reminder of the "incorruption of his personal contribution to history"; convincing him that at this level, the national interests of the powers are no longer the main thing, since his mission is to “participate in the command of the world” and so on.

    In turn, the reborn national leaders bring to power people personally devoted to them and capable for the sake of proximity “to the body”, their career and personal wealth for any crime against the state and society. It is this that ensures the continuity of the reborn power, complete security and comfortable being of its “veterans”.

    Moreover, the country is training young people, that is, future managers, who already at school think the idea of ​​“harmfulness of the human (any social) factor for organizing efficient production and profitability of highly organized productions” than deliberately distorting the main goal of the economy as a subsystem to ensure people's lives.

    Since this policy is carried out simultaneously in all major systems of the state (including in the security structures, law and order and the Army), negative personnel selection soon begins to work (that is, when the worst are selected and put forward by the worst), the situation becomes so irreversible that morality becomes a sign of inferiority, and a completely criminal statehood is being formed in the country.

    The modern Russian philosopher Alexander Panarin summarizes the results of such a “recruitment and placement”: “The more rejected and hated for his own people this elite is, the stronger its dependence on external patrons and the more concessions to them it is ready for. The law of global “detachment” from local interests fundamentally changes the usual horizons of domestic politics. The classic picture draws to us the actions of the elites, one way or another connected with their people, who depend on them and take into account their needs. From this point of view, the social policy of the current elite seems to be the theater of the absurd 4. ”

    The conducted studies clearly show that it is from here, that is, from the degeneration of national elites, and from the degeneration of the genetics of the state-forming and governing systems, and everything that we have today in the country is.

    The basic one weapons the war being waged against Russia in modern conditions is information, and the vehicle for its delivery is reborn national media.

    Practically every day we see, hear and read about examples confirming the correctness of this thesis, because what has been said and said today about the media has already become a truism, that is, an obsessive and obvious commonplace - our national media are their weapon against us and it suits our power.

    The further algorithm of organized chaos technology is as follows: the alienation of the population from power is growing, and, over time, it itself already craves for change, “strong hand”, and so on; and then people are told - “who is to blame”, and “what and how to do it”, and also help to do exactly what our “civilizational opponents” need.

    An example of applying the strategy of “organized chaos” at the state level

    A detailed analysis of the development of the situation on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, from the initial attempts to “pacify” it, to the direct NATO aggression, “surrender” of Milosevic, and his trial, makes it possible to sufficiently fully reveal in these events the methodology for implementing the “organized chaos” technology "), Used by the West (USA) to solve its strategic tasks in the region.

    At the same time, the technology of “organized chaos” at the regional level, as well as the level of intra-state (ethnic and religious) conflicts, includes: unification of disparate political forces opposing the existing legitimate government; the creation of a joint leadership of the opposition and the search (appointment) of a loyal national leader (their group); development of a system of corporate views on the future of the country that is beneficial for the subject of management (the aggressor); the formation of the strategic, operational and tactical goals of the opposition; the development of a program that justifies the activities of the opposition and promises to the population of a “mastered” country the improvement of living conditions after the overthrow of the existing government; development of organizational and operational methods of the opposition; translation of the “opposition” into active “resistance” and direct leadership of this process; undermining the confidence of state leaders in their abilities and loyalty (loyalty) of the security forces to the state leadership; winning the support of leading and referent (influential and popular among the people) groups ”; expanding international support for the opposition, while simultaneously isolating the existing legitimate government from diplomatic, economic, and especially from the military assistance of other states; intimidating or “buying out” the leading elites of possible foreign allies; open preparation for military aggression; open destabilization of the situation in the country, encouraging looting, terrorism, killing popular people, provoking bloody interethnic clashes, organizing hunger, stopping transport and banks, and so on, in order to sow panic among the country's population and increase its distrust of the existing state power; organizing a change of power by military rebellion, “democratic elections” or by other means; maintaining contradictions in the state in order to prevent stabilization of the situation and loss of control over the actions of the puppet leadership; if necessary - conducting direct military intervention and the transition to the occupation of the state.

    Thus, the technology of “organized chaos” worked out in Yugoslavia has proved its effectiveness and can now be successfully applied to practically any state in the world whose activities for one reason or another do not suit Western “political technologists”.
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    1. Xroft
      Xroft 12 December 2013 14: 17
      We look at the article below about the attempted march of migrants and representatives of the Caucasus in Moscow. Doesn’t resemble anything? crush such things .....
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 12 December 2013 14: 46
        Quote: Xroft
        Sound familiar?

        Everything goes according to plan. The article is super, the author is a huge plus. good
      2. Xroft
        Xroft 12 December 2013 14: 58
        About Ukraine and the Maidan. Photo coincidence yes?
        Ps tell me how to make the picture clickable? something better to consider what they write.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 12 December 2013 15: 08
          Quote: Xroft
          Ps tell me how to make the picture clickable?

          Yarosvet special for them, but generally something like this
          1. Upload a picture on the Internet to any hosting service (for example, here).
          2. Click on the picture with the right mouse button and select “Properties”.
          3. There, copy the line to the right of the inscription: "Address: (URL)"
          4. Then in the English layout, type the following text:
          5. Copy it and paste wherever you want.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. ImPerts
            ImPerts 12 December 2013 18: 38
            Clickability directly depends on the size of the image. wassat
        2. A.YARY
          A.YARY 12 December 2013 15: 14
          “American dream to everyone”

          "... Guys, I brought you glue." laughing am
        3. Yarosvet
          Yarosvet 12 December 2013 16: 16
          Quote: Xroft
          1. Sandov
            Sandov 12 December 2013 20: 15
            Yarosvet, gringos continue to actively destroy all countries, including Russia. To the author of the article +.
            1. Yarosvet
              Yarosvet 12 December 2013 21: 04
              Quote: Sandov
              Yarosvet, gringos continue to actively destroy all countries, including Russia.

              And the poor leadership, including Russia, loudly exposing the Western villains, at the same time zealously creating social and economic conditions conducive to destruction ...

              What is it for?
              1. Anubis Gorynych
                Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 17
                There are always statesmen and assistants of the Gauleiter in the occupied territory, who are now called managers (because the occupier has changed). With the naked eye, the difference is visible. Visible to someone who wants to figure it out. But I still didn’t understand: you, Yarosvet, are the enemy and do not want to understand?
                1. Yarosvet
                  Yarosvet 13 December 2013 11: 59
                  Quote: Anubis Gorynych
                  There are always statesmen and assistants of the Gauleiter in the occupied territory, who are now called managers (because the occupier has changed)
                  1 Ask about the meaning of the word "occupation".
                  2 Ask about the meaning of the word "statesman".
                  3 Ask about the meaning of the word "Gauleiter".

                  With the naked eye, the difference is visible. Visible to someone who wants to figure it out. But I still didn’t understand: you, Yarosvet, are the enemy and do not want to understand?
                  You are repeating almost word for word the idle talk of Zhenya Fedorov, who said that Putin had abolished the law "on production sharing agreements" (thereby allegedly returning money from oil revenues) and tried to "nationalize" the Central Bank of the Russian Federation: just in case, look in the dictionary for the meaning of the words "cancellation" and "nationalization", and try to confirm Fedorov's words by indicating the number of the law canceled by Putin in the part of the PSA and the number of amendments made by Putin in the part of the Central Bank.
                  When you find out that you are trying to describe the existing situation in terms that are never suitable for this situation and you cannot name the numbers of the aforementioned laws and amendments, but you still have a desire to continue this conversation, we will continue it.
            2. alone
              alone 12 December 2013 22: 12
              Quote: Sandov
              gringos continue to actively destroy all countries, including Russia

              And the most interesting thing is that gringos do it with the hands of citizens of the same countries.
              1. alexng
                alexng 13 December 2013 06: 19
                Hybrid shark with a goldfish: fulfills the last three wishes of any country.
              2. The comment was deleted.
              3. Anubis Gorynych
                Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 18
                So about that and the article !!!
          2. KOMA
            KOMA 12 December 2013 23: 17
            With clothes, they just miscalculated, in Ukraine it is winter!
        4. 222222
          222222 12 December 2013 23: 41
          right mouse over the picture and then left "open the image"
        5. Anubis Gorynych
          Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 10
          Amazing! There have been many such coincidences lately. It remains to find a printing house and "force it to the world", let "Murzilka" print!
      3. Siberian
        Siberian 12 December 2013 15: 01
        Quote: Xroft
        We look at the article below about the attempted march of migrants and representatives of the Caucasus in Moscow

        Quote: Xroft
        in the field of public policy - the total erosion of the entire political spectrum, the impossibility of the emergence of new bright political leaders, the obvious (literally) corruption and dependence on the authority of all officially existing political forces in the country, the impossibility of organizing a normal political process, and so on.

        not everything is so simple, this provocation, the people are excited, although everyone knows that nothing will happen ...
        1. Xroft
          Xroft 12 December 2013 15: 14
          This is what makes people not calm. The links of the same chain, see what is already happening in small towns? Pugachev, Arzamas .... specifically work starting from the small ... and imagine this on the scale of Krasnodar? Novosibirsk?
          Particularly remoteness from Moscow makes the situation even more dangerous. There have already been attempts by Islamists to rally in Surgut and Omsk.
          It was not for nothing that the GDP said that "the resources of both the state and private business should go towards development, towards achieving strategic goals. For example, such as the rise of Siberia and the Far East. This is our national priority for the entire 21st century" (c) Specific implementation is needed and the help of the people (yes, the citizens of our country) to develop these regions.
          1. Yarosvet
            Yarosvet 12 December 2013 16: 30
            Quote: Xroft
            This is done so that people would not be calm.
            Particularly remoteness from Moscow makes the situation even more dangerous.
            Where are the appropriate actions of the authorities?

            It is not in vain that the GDP said that "the resources of both the state and private business should be used for development, for achieving strategic goals.
            Not in vain? laughing
            And what has changed from the fact that he simply said it?
            Anyway, to think and say that the resources of private traders should go towards the development and achievement of strategic goals (goals of the state), this is the same as declaring that a thief in a house should fulfill the duties of a precinct, without any payment.

            We need concrete implementation and help from people (yes, citizens of our country) to develop these regions.
            Execution of what and help in what?
            1. Anubis Gorynych
              Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 20
              I repeat the question: is there an enemy and is there no desire to understand?
      4. AVV
        AVV 12 December 2013 15: 47
        If the State Department didn’t succeed in Russia, then he switched to Ukraine !!! And he will spread rot last until he turns blue, until he surrenders to the joy of the winner !!! And then everything goes according to plan, ruin, destroy, impose !!! then divide the autonomous, like Yugoslavia in due time !!!
        1. Yarosvet
          Yarosvet 12 December 2013 16: 31
          Quote: AVV
          If it did not work out at the State Department
          1. Xroft
            Xroft 12 December 2013 16: 58
            Who sent the leaflets to the fraternal people of Ukraine? State Department you have white and fluffy, we understood Yarosvet laughing
            To help this means to go to the Far East, and not to Moscow. The implementation is to start business projects in the Far East (citizens also do business with us, not just oligarchs)
            Citizens are used to pumping their rights and demanding something (yes, Yarosvet?) But in addition to rights, citizens have RESPONSIBILITIES about which everyone forgets ....
            1. Yarosvet
              Yarosvet 12 December 2013 17: 46
              Quote: Xroft
              Who sent leaflets to the fraternal people of Ukraine?
              And who knows, the inscriptions are illegible, where it is printed and for what purpose it is unknown. But the State Department’s accusations of all problems have definitely fallen in love - the guest service generally has counterintelligence and other relevant state services, and if they click it, then this is a question for the state and its personification, not for the state department.

              State Department you have white and fluffy, we understood Yarosvet
              The complaisant divorced ...

              To help is to go to the Far East and not to Moscow
              They’re not going to Moscow from a good life (and they are going at the risk of losing everything).
              What conditions are created for moving to the Far East? Infrastructure, housing, enterprises - what? Why should people go there?

              The execution is to start business projects in the Far East (citizens also do business here, not just oligarchs)
              Here it is - neoliberalism under the guise of "patriotism":
              1 What business projects can be in the Far East, an acre of resource development, which not every transnational will pull alone? What chiches can an ordinary citizen start his own business? What level?
              2 the goal of any business is maximum earnings, and the state gets less from this earnings than if it earns itself - what a crazy idea to make of all businessmen, why?

              Citizens are used to pumping their rights and demanding something (yes, Yarosvet?) But in addition to rights, citizens have RESPONSIBILITIES about which everyone forgets ....
              For the time being, the state safely laid down the rights of citizens, demanding only the performance of duties.
              1. Anubis Gorynych
                Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 26
                here, after all, everything is upside down on you ... The wind is blowing because the trees are swinging?
            2. Anubis Gorynych
              Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 24
              Somehow, at a picket in support of Putin, businessmen from Kemerovo told me that when their fellow countrymen asked: what did Putin do for us ?, they answer: AND YOU FOR YOURSELF WHAT YOU DID? and for brewers this is the option: the beer houses for you, the WEAKNESS opened!
      5. Anubis Gorynych
        Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 08
        Only pressure is necessary through mandatory interaction with the leaders of Muslim communities, national diasporas. Many imams and muftis (at least Russian Tatars) themselves talk about this. And it is important for them to know that the suppression of such anti-state attempts is carried out taking into account the interests and capabilities of Muslims, because they are responsible for their flock.
    2. S-200
      S-200 12 December 2013 14: 18
      It is already good that our leadership is aware of this, speaks about it and opposes it with a certain effectiveness of this technology ...
      For all the planetary power of the aggregate factors that this technology possesses, you need to jointly look for methods to counteract it not post factum, but ahead of schedule! Thus, minimizing the costs of the fight ...
      Each cyclops has a single eye!
      1. Sterlya
        Sterlya 12 December 2013 14: 35
        "organized chaos" by amers is a step after the failure in Afghanistan and Iraq. after our "partners" realized the failure. found benefit for themselves in organizing chaos. Tunisia. Libya. Egypt. in what it works. at least in the initial period.
        But it can also hit the head with the amers themselves. as they say the stick is about two ends
    3. 222222
      222222 12 December 2013 14: 28
      From Sharpe to the All-Eating Shark ..
      In recent years, according to the Sharp methodology, the Orange Revolutions "evolved" to a new form of capture (bringing the necessary rulers to power) in states of interest to the "security of the United States and the West" - to more violent forms of protest actions (Ukraine 2013) and up to armed intervention of mercenaries from all hotbeds of conflict .. (for example, Syria ...) ...
      "the democratic West and no less democratic America" ​​are no longer shy about cooperating and directing the actions of terrorist organizations and clearly nationalist organizations in achieving their geopolitical goals ...
    4. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 12 December 2013 14: 32
      In Ukraine, this house is being worked out now .. Soon it's our turn angry No compromises of flirting or bidding must be put to death; otherwise the end of Russia! The fifth column is waiting in the wings (I think many people feel this at the genetic level)
    5. saag
      saag 12 December 2013 15: 09
      "... Moreover, the country is training young people, that is, future leadership cadres, who, already from school, are taught the idea of" the harmfulness of the human (any social) factor for the organization of efficient production and the profitability of highly organized industries ", which deliberately distorts the main goal economics as a subsystem for ensuring people's lives. "
      Well, right about Russia, Fursenko, the former Minister of Education argued that we need a civilized consumer

      as well as much of the rest in the article about the rebirth of elites and the alienation of power
    6. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 12 December 2013 15: 13
      The article has a lot of buccaff. What's the point? The meaning is always the same - the stick has two ends. This is an axiom. The history of civilization has proved more than once. The world is equilibrium, and always striving for this equilibrium. There is no balance, there will be chaos. And who needs chaos? So you need to think. Recall, perhaps, Brownian motion - particles are worn like crazy with increasing temperature exposure. And if, omit everything to absolute zero (temperature), here is kirdyk. Movement is necessary, but not chaotic, meaningless. Buddhist postulates are very faithful - the golden mean. Without movement there is no life, and chaos is crazy.
    7. Ivanovich47
      Ivanovich47 12 December 2013 15: 20
      The so-called NPOs, non-profit organizations of Western countries on the territory of Russia, have a great influence on the creation of controlled chaos. Hiding behind demagoguery about supposedly "humanitarian" activities, uhThese Western envoys unceremoniously interfere in the internal affairs of the country, recruit crooks for everyday subversive activities. Recently, legal control bodies have been taking measures to streamline the work of these organizations. Time shows that this work needs to be deepened.
    8. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 12 December 2013 15: 29
      The most important thing is that the majority in Russia understand this all .. (the dashing 90s were remembered for a long time.) But they won’t be able to stay in the trenches. The country needs (dramatic changes) a lot of fat cats divorced in power structures ... The country is marking time and time is ticking ..
    9. major071
      major071 12 December 2013 15: 49
      The USA creates controlled chaos for the collapse of our country. It seems that the country's leadership should make every effort to prevent this. But in reality, government liberals and oligarchic families, on the contrary, add more effort to the collapse of the country. With such a recharge from within, the Amers will soon have to do nothing. Western jos (p) olises will be handed over to Russia. Now trying to tear Ukraine into small pieces, the next we are. Everything goes to this, but at the top we are still doing well, and there are no problems. It's time to take off the pink glasses and look at the world with a sober look, otherwise it will come to the point that the people themselves will remove these glasses from them, and by force. IMHO. hi
    10. Sergey Medvedev
      Sergey Medvedev 12 December 2013 15: 50
      Everything about our country is written, only they have not yet reached Maidan.
    11. Christian
      Christian 12 December 2013 16: 01
      Putin’s plan is one !!!
    12. mountain
      mountain 12 December 2013 16: 05
      As if America had not defended its country, they were so carried away by propaganda that they themselves believed in it. Take a look at GAY Europe.
    13. vlad.1924
      vlad.1924 12 December 2013 16: 38
      Ukraine, according to the theory of controlled chaos, is being led to the western slaughterhouse like a lamb! Russia must disrupt this "process" initiated by puppeteers from the USA! In Russia, too, there are mutant reincarnations fostered by the West to destroy the last stronghold of the Slavs - Russia! And yet, most of the peoples of Russia believe in the power of human truth and no perverse theories aimed at the destruction of Russia will pass it is in Russia. Once Russia has recognized a "psychological virus" it means that there is already an antibiotic! One thing pleases, the strategists from the United States, after the aggression organized by them by Georgia in Ossetia, realized that if they start a war even against a weakened Russia and by someone else's hands, it could end in the United States.
    14. Ivan Pomidorov
      Ivan Pomidorov 12 December 2013 18: 57
      Article +.
      Forewarned is forearmed!
      Knowledge of the methods of sabotage of the enemy increases the resistance of society.
      Such articles are an effective weapon against the enemy.
      Each person who is not indifferent to the fate of the country should be able to reasonably and clearly explain the essence of the events and occurrences to colleagues, acquaintances, or just an occasional interlocutor.
      Knowledge is STRENGTH helping to resist the enemy. soldier
    15. vasiliysxx
      vasiliysxx 12 December 2013 19: 10
      "Thus, the technology of" organized chaos "worked out in Yugoslavia has proven its effectiveness"

      It would not have worked out if the YBN took the same position as Putin in Syria. And as for Ukraine, it would be time to snarl Russia, otherwise our partners are already distributing bagels.
    16. EdwardTich68
      EdwardTich68 12 December 2013 21: 13
      Similar scenarios are possible in countries with a low level of education; Yugoslavia is not an example of organized chaos; it is an example of the collapse of a multi-religious state.
    17. Indifferent
      Indifferent 12 December 2013 21: 37
      By the way, foreign strategists have never promised Putin, Rogozin, Shoigu the warm places of bonuses and bonuses! So I don’t think that Russia caved in under the weight of shit because of the Bugr. Although in key positions there are enough traitors working for devastation. I don’t understand yet why Putin is looking at it calmly. The leaders of culture, education, and the central bank have long been poisoned in Tselina, together with the strange Chairman of the government.
      But in Ukraine there is no power and everything is according to the article, like a textbook! In fact, Ukraine has already left! I don’t think for a long time, but for five years for sure.
      1. Yarosvet
        Yarosvet 12 December 2013 21: 48
        Quote: indifferent
        I don’t understand yet. Why Putin looks at it calmly

        Try using an Occam razor.
      2. Anper
        Anper 13 December 2013 01: 25
        Question, in principle, to all.
        And why did not work with Navalny? There, too, I remember. there were some white ribbons, the Kasyanovs with the Novodvorsky, Limonovs and other mold. And then, in Ukraine, we were served as a monster, a marauder, and riot policemen from the same angle as ours.
        More smart? Power on time and adequately responded? I don’t remember something in the TV pictures of such organisms as exist on our Maidan now. Or is there no such reserve as Galicia? So, like, there are others.
        1. Yarosvet
          Yarosvet 13 December 2013 11: 42
          Quote: Anper
          And why did not work with Navalny?

          Because Navalny behaved contrary to all sanity, standing next to the guys hated by 90% of the population and using contradictory rhetoric.
          That is, he did everything to create the appearance of his opposition and political struggle, while doing everything to ensure that victory in this struggle does not happen.
    18. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 13 December 2013 07: 19
      I read the article. And immediately remembered the protocols of the Sions of Zion. If you remove from them some naivety of the beginning of the last century, then everything goes as if written.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Anubis Gorynych
        Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 50
        And are they trying to impose on us the opinion that everything works out for them? We live in a world of illusions, a "matrix", we just have to find the illusionists in time.
        1. Yuri Y.
          Yuri Y. 13 December 2013 09: 40
          Close your eyes is also not worth it. As for illusions, such is the nature of man as an information system. In reality, I, at the moment, am writing you the answer (I knock on the keys). The rest of the world is in my head, in me, i.e. is virtual. But I am also present in this virtual world, with my consciousness. The desire of many to change this world so that in reality my behavior matches their desires.
    19. The comment was deleted.
    20. The comment was deleted.
    21. Anubis Gorynych
      Anubis Gorynych 13 December 2013 08: 49
      Every question has a beginning of an answer. Dialectically approaching the problem of military operations against our Motherland, it is logical to follow the principle of counteraction: do they want to distort culture and history? Remember and teach them again! Become the bearers of knowledge, traditions, and the memory of your people. Become a state-forming nation regardless of your nationality! Use what the Concept of Public Safety, Fursov, Old Men, Hnatyuks (translators of the Veles Book) and other sources of knowledge about methods of counteraction in modern wars offer. As Global Hollywood teaches us in the movie "The Matrix": fall to the source until it, thank God, is dry. The source of our civilization core is strong and contains the experience of victorious wars and successful peaceful construction of civilization. If something is missing there, work hard and add! Threatening to beat us? When did you do physical education the last time? Success in your studies, combat and work!