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Liberal Carthage called "EGE"

Liberal Carthage called "EGE"

December 5 in the Experimental Creative Center (ETC) an interesting and important event was held - a conference on the topic "The cancellation of the Unified State Examination is the first step towards the revival of education." The organizers are the Essence of Time public movement (the leader of the movement is Sergey Kurginyan) and the Parental All-Russian Resistance All-Russian public organization (chairperson is Maria Mamikonyan), responding to the great inquiry that exists in society and the predominantly negative assessment of the so-called “uniform exam”, invited to the conference of school teachers, university professors, representatives of the public.

Many of them spoke. And they not only disclosed well-known things in detail — for example, that the Unified State Exam leads to duping children and depriving them of their creative potential, fully following in this “covenant” ex-minister Andrei Fursenko to educate not the “creator man” who was trained by the Soviet school, but “civilized consumer. " But they also brought eloquent, if not terrifying, facts of collapse, in which with its introduction domestic education turned out to be. Moreover, not only secondary, but also higher.

The most important thing: having projected the current stage of this collapse into the near and mid-term future, they convincingly proved with their bright, caring performances that the cancellation of the Unified State Exam is not a choice between the Soviet and "Bologna" educational systems. And between being-development and non-being-underdevelopment of our country, plunged into the abyss of a cruel, barbaric experiment, not just on living people, but on children, who are deprived of their future with this experiment.

Before presenting these facts, we consider it necessary, pushing away from the scandalously “best minister”, from this disgraceful and cynical revelation, to cite a number of general considerations that answer the question who needed this innovation and why. Similar to ordinary managerial idiocy, it actually contains much deeper and socially dangerous thoughts in its background.

So, first of all, adherents of the USE refer to the “world experience” - this argument is of course important to pro-Western idolaters. Only now, it seems that with its help, as well as talks about the “wide range of opportunities” for entering the prestigious universities of children from the field, purely small performers were processed. Or naively believing that the customers of this scenario “want the best” and, so as not to succeed “as always,” you need to put together efforts to direct the process in a “constructive” direction.

Such “idealists”, of course, exist, but “their circle is narrow, and they are terribly far from the people.” In fact, the first goal of the Unified State Exam is to implement a long-known destructive method, which is colloquially called “to reform the board”: to disrupt and then destroy the education system and the pedagogical school, to review programs and textbooks, to quarrel teachers among themselves and with parents - for money and not only. And to increase the turnover of personnel, provoking the inevitable outflow of the best of them and, as a result, a critical decline in the overall level of teaching.

Wasn’t the same thing done in the post-Soviet years with the economy? Army? Secret services (at least, before the arrival of Vladimir Putin)? By science? Health? Pension benefits? And so on.

“To reform the board” is the first, but far from the only task, because it is destructive. There is also a second - conditionally “creative”, if by “creation” we mean the formation of a social order that would meet the interests of the organizers of the collapse. After all, the "man-creator" has a broad outlook, which is based on comprehensive basic training. “To a civilized (as well as to an uncivilized) consumer” all this is unnecessarily necessary; The “architects” of this phenomenon need not an expert with abstract, imaginative thinking, but a robot in human form, thinking and acting mechanically, in accordance with the program algorithm embedded in it.

A simple example: two biologists are sitting in the neighboring rooms. One of them is engaged in butterflies - he is engaged all his life, he knows everything about them; the other - grasshoppers, too, all his life and also knows from and to, and even a little more. Each is valued as an expert in its field, but does not understand adjacent ones: the first has no idea about grasshoppers, the second about butterflies, and both together about other insects, as well as birds, hedgehogs, chanterelles, hares, etc.

The “customer” of the plan of “clearing” the forest and its transformation into a zone for the construction of elite real estate comes. He collects these two and other similar "unfortunate specialists" and asks them to tell and / or write references - about those about whom they know; It does not inform the general task, but promises generous financing. They happily agree to share their knowledge, happily consider the money received, but then very quickly discover that from the forest in which they conducted research, butterflies, grasshoppers, chanterelles, and many others, including foresters, disappear. And finally, the forest itself comes down.

And, having discovered this, they do not even know who to blame for this, but begin to dimly realize that the money received from the “customer” was the last, and no one needs it anymore.

“Insidious differentiation,” in which general, interdisciplinary knowledge and ideas about the surrounding reality, together with the ability to govern, are the lot of the “elect”, “conducting the process” and turning the rest into the object of their own dirigism - the misfortune and fate of all narrow specialists.

Exactly such, and prepares the system EGE. Its “customers” - external and home-grown - are firmly aware: in order to maintain power over people, they should not only be divided and atomized, but also not allowed the “atoms” to have common ideas about the whole process, a peculiar look at it from above. For in this case they will find ways to reunite, and then the “customers” will be cranked!

How far will you go if one of you has a steering wheel in his hands, the other has a wheel, a third has a gearbox, etc., and the drawing, how to collect it all, is in the locked safe of the newly appeared “demiurge” ?

In order for the “demiurge” to establish and maintain this order, it is necessary to “rub” out loud about globalization and universalism of living standards. About "universal human values", the market and democracy, which in the West itself has long been called "totalitarian". And daily and hourly to divide the "atoms" in narrow areas of their competence. And frankly, one can speak about a common idea only in one’s own narrow circle of “initiates”, welded by common, sometimes criminal interests.

Fantasy authors?

No matter how wrong! Here is a quote from the book “Return to a wonderful new world”, which was published in 1958 year. “... Fully organized society, the abolition of freedom of choice, thanks to the methodical imposition of behavior, established slavery, which is adopted through regular chemical injections of doses of happiness (drugs - Auth.), - wrote its author, a prominent globalist Aldous Huxley. - Democracy will change its essence: the old and strange traditions (elections, parliaments, supreme courts) will remain, but non-violent totalitarianism will be the basis. Democracy and freedom will be constantly talked on television and written in the press. ... At this time, the ruling oligarchy and its well-trained elite units of soldiers, police officers, thought makers and manipulators will rule the world at their own discretion. ”

The Unified State Exam is an integral part of this, frankly fascist, social model, the product of the “creativity” of just the manufacturers of thoughts and manipulators of consciousness. After all, it is impossible to drive a man-creator for such a “Mozha”, and a robot in human form is easy. It is only necessary to explain to him that they are driving in his own interests, promising consumer “paradise”, giving some money and pleasures, because, as taught no longer by a theorist, but by the practice of “non-violent totalitarianism” Herbert Marcuse, “control over man is ensured by the satisfaction of instincts.” “Live on the bright side”, “eat, drink, chew ...”, take sialex with alicaps - and you will be “universal”, that is to say consumer, shch schy!

Not possessing an outlook and having buried in its “trough”, the robot will willingly swallow this bait. And even believe that he is!

This is what they seek.

And now that sounded at the conference.

Alexander Ivanov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of the Department of Petrozavodsk State University, delivered a brilliant report. In the center, he put the exposure of the unified state examination of the myths, the main one being that this exam supposedly combines state certification of graduates and competitive selection of applicants. The speaker convincingly proved that the Unified State Exam does not solve one or the other task and cannot solve it.

From the point of view of certification at the school, the final exams have been canceled: only two are mandatory - the Russian language and mathematics; The graduate chooses the rest himself, based on preferences when choosing a university. And if he doesn’t need physics, chemistry or biology, since he acts, say, on historical faculty, then he will not strive to know them. As a student applicant in a technical university does not become involved in history. After all, the motivation in the form of an exam, which can fail, and therefore you need to prepare, is absent!

We don’t say that both are completely “not needed” foreign languages ​​(that is, they are actually needed, but they will find out about this much later when they try to improve their professional skills, but it will be too late).

As a result, none of them will receive the same comprehensive basic education, which was discussed above, and not received, will be a brick in the manipulative system built by the “customers” of this “unified exam”, which we have already understood with motivation.

Do not save from the degradation of the exam even mandatory discipline. Thus, in preparing for the “unified exam” in mathematics, future graduates apply two “strategies”: those who need this discipline are chasing maximum marks; the rest is enough that there are no twos. And these are just five completed assignments from 20. Moreover, about the same level as the speaker brought: “The train from St. Petersburg went to 22.30, and arrived in Moscow to 6.50. How long was he on the way? Against this background, the pipes “A” and “B”, which are memorable to our generation since childhood, are seen as something of prohibitively high mathematics.

As for the "competitive selection", then the situation is even worse. Tasks are standard and the same solution. Therefore, train on the algorithm and learn how to solve such. A step to the right or left immediately leads the examinees to a state of stupor - they do not know the algorithm, but have not been taught to think. The speaker gave an example, as a result of this, a first-year student at the university's mathematics department who received an 42 score on the EGE could not answer the question of how many 2 + (-1) would be. And when Alexander Ivanov, who became interested in this collision, decided to find out if it was possible, it turned out that you can “start up bubbles” with 56 points in the given question, because the Unified State Exam covers no more than 30% of the school curriculum.

“But try tsiferku put in the wrong cell ...” - shook her head, philosophically, with knowledge, spoke the student who was sitting next to me, the daughter of one of us, two years ago experienced all the “charms” of the “single exam” on her own experience.

“In the Soviet Union, the most important issue was the training and retraining of teachers, which no one is doing today. Schools en masse, by means of their unification, forcing the directors responsible for the edifice located in several buildings and in different districts to engage not so much in the educational process as in administrative management. And this has a detrimental effect on the quality of education, ”Dr. Dmitry Ivinsky, another“ hot spot ”of the“ reformed ”education system, uncovered another“ hot spot ”of the educational system. From his speech, it followed that the statistics of the Unified State Examination for schools was carefully classified, and this was done for social and political reasons, so that the appearance of “failed” cities, districts and even the subjects of the Federation was not revealed. Corruption, he believes, has not disappeared anywhere, but only changed shape. First, instead of several dozens of prestigious universities, where this problem existed before the introduction of the Unified State Examination system, today every school has become a “corruption-intensive” point, where the “single exam” is passed. It will come, the time will surely come when all the opportunities for this part will be recognized, and the "strong business executives" in the field realize that these points are located on their territory and naturally impose a paw on them.

Secondly, the improvement of Internet technologies is becoming a separate problem, already today turning the obtaining of the necessary points on the Unified State Examination into a very profitable and practically “safe” “business”. It's only the beginning!

“There are three types of vandalism in relation to culture,” began his speech the doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of the department of Moscow State University. Mv Lomonosov Alexander Volkov. - You can burn the book, you can distort its interpretation. And still it is possible - and in this, in his opinion, the essence of the USE - to create a system in which it is impossible to master even this very book, not to mention other achievements of material and spiritual culture. ” We did not formalize the exams before - we looked at whether the student is able to think, whether he or she is able to work independently. From this and proceeded. That was the main thing, not formalism and chattering, which, if they are encouraged, the teacher's gratuity, when schoolchildren, who are eager to learn something extra for admission, are completely engaged with tutors. Meanwhile, the teacher is training potential losers so that their number does not exceed the allowable 7% threshold, by which his work is evaluated. And not only his one, but also the school, and the district, city, region, for which the governor asks from his deputy for public education.

No less interesting were the speeches of Mikhail Tishkov, director of the first non-state school of Russia - the Orthodox school "Radonezh", who paid special attention to the threat of commercialization of school education, as well as Galina Zverkina, a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, who showed with specific examples how the USE would cripple future students of technical universities.

What to do in this situation?

All speakers, as well as the leader of the movement “The Essence of Time” Sergey Kurginyan, who summed up the conference with a bright, emotional soskladom, shed light on the order and features of the withdrawal of the struggle with the Unified State Examination to the level of big politics, without which, in his opinion, no progress in this burning issue happen, come together as follows. It is necessary:

- to return the final exams in all major subjects, and oral, on which the graduate, if he wrote off, is able to say something sensible only when he owns the subject (for some reason, the famous aphorism of Peter the Great came to mind, demanding not by writing, so that everyone’s foolishness could be seen, ”- nothing is new under the Moon!);

- if necessary, set up interdepartmental commissions for taking these exams - as it has already been tested with the current USE system;

- to restore the system of entrance exams, and, on the territory of universities, thereby avoiding the transformation of schools into pockets of general corruption, encouraged by the local authorities;

- and before all this - to cancel the rule of two waves when enrolling according to the results of the Unified State Exam, which should be carried out on-line. The fact that all the technical capabilities for this are available - one has only to want, in one voice all the technical conference participants familiar with the Internet technologies have unanimously stated.

It seems that if we want the energetic development of our country - and we certainly do, experiencing and taking close to heart two and a half decades of devastation generated by the collapse of the USSR and the “market reforms”, it is time to act.

And it is not by chance that the liberals who defended the Unified State Exam scattered vigorously: just the other day their “ideological leader” Yaroslav Kuzminov, the rector of the Higher School of Economics, was worried about the allegedly low level of school Olympiad winners. After all, it was they who at the conference were called, in fact, the only legal way of admitting talented and hardworking students to universities bypassing the USE. Knows the liberal "cat" whose meat ate and eats!

The proposed measures need to be enforced, bringing together the general public for this purpose, which the “Parent All-Russian Resistance” is going to do. And then the last doubts will disappear that LIBERAL "CARFAGEN" WILL BE DESTROYED, sooner or later!

Vladimir Pavlenko - Doctor of Political Sciences, full member of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems (AGP).

Vladimir Shtol - Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, full member of AGP, Head of the Department of State-confessional relations of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.
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  1. Shurale
    Shurale 12 December 2013 14: 16 New
    Somehow I saw that in my son’s class all the grades are the same, and I think you guess what, decided on this occasion to talk with the teacher, expressed your opinion on her manner of training, etc. A day later, my son came running screaming that I’m a scoundrel, what the hell, they put me a troika at your request, unlike everyone else. Well, how can you talk about something with such teachers?

    An old school needs to be urgently restored, while there are still people who remember how it was ...
    1. seller trucks
      seller trucks 12 December 2013 14: 46 New
      Quote: Shurale
      Somehow I saw that in my son’s class all the grades are the same, and I think you guess what, decided on this occasion to talk with the teacher, expressed your opinion on her manner of training, etc. A day later, my son came running screaming that I’m a scoundrel, what the hell, they put me a troika at your request, unlike everyone else. Well, how can you talk about something with such teachers?

      uh, my dear man, everything is just starting with you .... my daughter entered medical / college, it turned out that she was "0" in the basic (chemistry, biology), and in mathematics, at school she barely pulled whether not in excellent pupils. Such crap, so I recommend that if you have decided on your future specialty, hire a tutor for the main subjects.
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 12 December 2013 16: 52 New
        Look at the results of studying on the exam system already graduates.
        1. Bombowoz
          Bombowoz 12 December 2013 21: 17 New
          I'm shocked! Especially about Marx and gold and foreign exchange reserves.
        2. Andrey78
          Andrey78 27 December 2013 17: 51 New
          If it’s the best, then what’s the worst?negative ?
      2. avdkrd
        avdkrd 12 December 2013 19: 29 New
        Quote: seller trucks
        if you have decided on your future specialty, hire a tutor in basic subjects.

        Tutor must be hired in all subjects. I have a daughter in the 3rd grade and when I pick up any of her textbooks, the same emotion prevails - who needs our children to become? As a way out (except for tutors) I see the purchase of sample textbooks until 1990. and individual lessons. A mathematics textbook simply drives you into a stupor — you can call it anything you like, but not a textbook, because it is impossible to learn from it.
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 13 December 2013 04: 28 New
          everything is so obvious and purposeful, even scary ...
    2. yurii p
      yurii p 12 December 2013 15: 08 New
      I can say one thing, that not only in school, but also in upbringing at home, judging by the fact that your son shouted, you are not happy with his upbringing, start at least with him, because then these same sons and daughters will work in those same schools, and school can say one degradation, everything is subject to making money, in any way, and the exam is a reorientation of illegal financial flows, everyone knows how much graduation students cost and how much the exam costs, requisitions increased dozens of times, and everyone knows where these go money.
      1. Shurale
        Shurale 12 December 2013 15: 14 New
        I did not mean literally, I was just trying to convey the full extent of his indignation. wink
        And at home we are constantly engaged in it so that his knowledge is not only in assessments but also in real life ...
      2. ele1285
        ele1285 12 December 2013 17: 00 New
        I’m the fifth dozen, before working I had to deal with young people a lot after school, college and less often after college. This is a disaster!
        A person does not know basic things (Archimedes' law, Newton’s 1 law, I’m silent about history, they DO NOT KNOW when the world’s 2 began and when I don’t remember literature, I want to cry)
        And it is not entirely correct to blame parents for raising children, they earn money, this is our time and there is nothing to be done about it.
        I’m more afraid of the other, we have a district police officer from the Caucasus, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate from the Caucasus, prosecutors at 90% from the Caucasus and the most terrible doctors began to work with us from the Caucasus and cf. Asia. Are they all right with the Unified State Exam? a deck. Which of you will go to such a local therapist or God forbid a specialist to be treated?
        Soon, Uzbeks will teach Russian in schools. The plate is without a b mark, and the wasp with a b.
        Yes, it failed such a state-in state and its domestic policy.
    3. A.YARY
      A.YARY 12 December 2013 15: 09 New
      An old school needs to be urgently restored, while there are still people who remember how it was ...


      It is necessary to "stupidly" copy all the textbooks of the 80s and return to the program !!!
      But at the expense of "people who remember" - alas, there are no such people in the education system! NO! Died out! Thanks to those who were considered to be underperforming in the USSR Secondary School. But in our government, Vesma succeeded!

      Do not find it landmark?
      1. Shurale
        Shurale 12 December 2013 15: 19 New
        It is necessary to "stupidly" copy all the textbooks of the 80s and return to the program !!!

        this is the simplest and fastest method in our case ...

        But at the expense of "people who remember" - alas, there are no such people in the education system! NO! Died out! Thanks to those who were notoriously unsuccessful in the USSR, but in our government he succeeded!

        Alas, there was a calculation for this, so you shouldn't restore "these", you need to entrust the restoration to completely different people, those who remember ...
    4. APES
      APES 12 December 2013 16: 00 New
      Quote: Shurale
      urgent need to be restored while there are still people

      Your words can be attributed to the whole country, to all spheres of activity .........
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. knn54
      knn54 12 December 2013 18: 20 New
      -Shurale: the old school needs to be urgently restored ...
      Carthago delenda est, Carthaginem delendam esse!
      1. hommer
        hommer 12 December 2013 22: 47 New
        Quote: knn54
        -Shurale: the old school needs to be urgently restored ...

        Especially regarding the oral exam, I agree with the author of the article - Sermo animi est imago: qualis vir, talis et oratio est!
  2. Lapotnik
    Lapotnik 12 December 2013 14: 18 New
    And then the last doubts will disappear that the LIBERAL "CARTHAGEN" early or later WILL BE DESTROYED!

    But the last (or later) can not be allowed under any circumstances. As they say - it’s too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys have refused.
  3. pensioner
    pensioner 12 December 2013 14: 33 New
    "Parental All-Russian Resistance"

    good hi
  4. major071
    major071 12 December 2013 14: 37 New
    I read the article. It's all true. Now my son is in the 11th grade and they are being prepared for the Unified State Exam. They stupidly memorize examples of tasks that will be on the tickets. Everything else is on the side. I talked with the teachers, and so they unanimously say that the most important thing for them is not to allow a deuce in the exam, the rest does not bother. What knowledge the child will receive in this case is already interested in school. In the Soviet education system (I consider it the best in the world!), There was a completely different approach to students. You could talk to the teacher. Now only soulless papers and ticks opposite the correct answer. The people are turned into a stupid mass that is not interested in anything. It will take some time and graduates of that "Soviet" education system will leave, and the country will be "ruled" by such USE students. It is getting scary, very scary for the future of our Motherland.
  5. Kushadasov
    Kushadasov 12 December 2013 14: 40 New
    It seems to me that the State Department is rubbing their hands, eating popcorn, shouting "Wow", watching how successfully the experiment they have begun in the Russian Federation on the collapse of education is going on. One thing pleases: common sense will prevail sooner or later. It cannot be otherwise.
  6. kaktus
    kaktus 12 December 2013 14: 41 New
    The Soviet education system was considered one of the best in the world. good Therefore, they destroyed it. angry
  7. Waroc
    Waroc 12 December 2013 14: 41 New
    Unified State Exam - Galilean guessing game)))
  8. predator.3
    predator.3 12 December 2013 14: 50 New
    Quote: Waroc
    Unified State Exam - Galilean guessing game)))

    That's it ! In our village, as a joke is told, about one chronic loser, how he managed to correctly check the boxes at random, as a result, the Excellent students failed, and he is in chicolad! lol
  9. pensioner
    pensioner 12 December 2013 14: 51 New
    Quote: Shurale
    Well, how can you talk about something with such teachers?

    I remembered. My son was still in school. He limped badly in math. I prepared him for the final 3 weeks. Day and night (the starting level was close to zero, thanks to my wife ...). I see that I should write normally, calmed down ... Brings a couple. I'm shocked. I ask: "Why?", Answers: "I did not make my own version by mistake." I ask: "Did you do it yourself?", He: "I will be a reptile and give a grudge!" I went to figure it out. The teacher refused to use the mat-ke: "Not that option! And indeed he copied, because by definition he could not write it himself!" Still, I persuaded her to check the work. He began to check and in front of my eyes began to find and scribble with red paste mistakes, which she immediately invented from my head !! Delivered a verdict - 2! I listened to everything attentively and so intelligently pointed out to her outrageous facts of falsification ... She turned white, blushed, crumpled up the work and shouted "Three !!" swept away to the teacher's room. These are the kind ... The son categorically refused to go to the 10th grade at this school. With great adventures, I was able to arrange him in another-№208. Very far from home, but it was worth it !!! There - yes! Low bows to all teachers and the director! hi Until now, the son communicates with the classroom!
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 12 December 2013 15: 04 New
      Quote: retired
      Low bow to all teachers and the director!

      At school, almost everything depends on the director’s charisma. Daughters go to school, where the director forbade coming in jeans, and everyone, even accountants and cleaners. And everyone obeys. And in the next director mumble, with all that it implies.hi
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 12 December 2013 15: 45 New
        Good evening! hi
        Quote: Ingvar 72
        At school, almost everything depends on the director’s charisma.

        Director of the school = chief director of the Academic Theater. He and only he determines the level of teaching subjects in this school. I say how a person who worked for 5 years at school. Night watchman true repeat At first I earned money, and then I got involved ... In principle, the night watchman is also the principal of the school ... From 20-00 to 6-00 ...
  10. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 12 December 2013 15: 15 New
    Oh Soviet education, where are you Native ... recourse Here truly: what is good for the Russian (Soviet education), then the West is dead! yes
  11. Stiletto
    Stiletto 12 December 2013 15: 36 New
    I read somewhere that the lads did not give a damn about the rest of the education in the classical sense of it, they were simply stupidly preparing for possible test tasks. And scored 99-100 points. Unified State Examination passed? - Was passed. And the fact that at any time we studied at school is sideways.
    Eh, this modern education comes back to us. Time bomb, however ... sad
  12. Ser
    Ser 12 December 2013 15: 47 New
    My son is in the 10th grade. I'm glad I transferred to another school. In the old school there is a complete degradation of the child. In addition to the studies I follow, the textbooks (humanities) are compiled in this way, there is a complete distortion of the facts. In the new, good, the teaching staff adheres to the old system, although it is very difficult (training programs descend from above). Everywhere at the top they say that the Russian army needs competent, educated, physically developed soldiers. And who are these soldiers? The same graduates of modern schools. Physical education is hilarious. Take an oral exam in physical education !!!? In the Soviet school they passed the standards of the TRP and for this they prepared.
  13. Goodmen
    Goodmen 12 December 2013 15: 52 New
    We hope that the exam will be canceled and education will take the Soviet form ...
    ... Dreaming means ... An All-Russian conference was held at which the real problems in education, medicine, light and heavy industry, agriculture, the social sphere, domestic and foreign policy ... were revealed on the podium were patriotic representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the FSB, Ministry of Internal Affairs and representatives of the active part of the population, including bureaucratic apparatus ... live broadcasts were conducted on central television and radio broadcasting channels ... following the results of a three-week conference, the following traitors were executed: (a surname list of hundreds of twenty names), were imprisoned for up to 30 years: (a surname list of thousands of twenty). ..
    in order to prevent the consequences of further degradation in these areas, the following steps were taken: (on points of responsibility and in detail with a predicted positive result)
    ... it seems he didn’t use anything that pushed me so ... probably from hopelessness for the foreseeable future ...
  14. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 12 December 2013 15: 53 New
    Those who hold power do not need a thinking, reasoning young generation. It is better to manage a zombie, regulated society. EGE creates such a pale mind. You don't need to know much. Memorize the correct answers to the questions, pass the five exam and the new zombie is ready. Western programs of fooling, with the help of our Ministry of Education, destroy the educational, moral and spiritual foundation of the future of our country.
  15. calocha
    calocha 12 December 2013 16: 39 New
    It was necessary to introduce for the sake of an experiment in one separate city and carefully look and analyze and not introduce this nonsense throughout the country under the name -EGE. Anyone who shoved this nonsense is obliged to answer according to the law !!!
  16. Ross
    Ross 12 December 2013 17: 08 New
    Quote: vladimirZ
    Look at the results of studying on the exam system already graduates.

    Rivet biomass of consumers.
  17. 12 December 2013 18: 08 New
    Gentlemen, comrade commentators, what are you talking about your children - "how their teachers mutilate." And in our Soviet school it happened ... My personal school: Physics Grade 6 (beginning of the course) CONCEPT of force; force is a vector quantity ... This is a 12-year-old boy !!! The whole class is deuces. The eighth grade (the same physics) is an excellent textbook, but the problem with the movement of the steamer downstream and upstream was solved only with the help of a quadratic equation, which they began to study in mathematics in the next quarter. The topic of force work was explained graphically. They began to study graphs in mathematics only in the third quarter. There were a lot of bloopers! Thank you for teaching geometry according to Nikitin! Classic! What was inherent in children's brains when studying ARITHMETICS helped out. Ability to comprehend the problem and correctly formulate its solution. The Soviet school put brains in place for those who wanted to learn.
    Conclusion: do you want your child to study at school? Work with him! At the same time, you will earn parental authority without a belt. PS Both of my sons graduated from college, where I entered after 8 classes of the secondary school and technical school.
  18. homosum20
    homosum20 12 December 2013 18: 39 New
    But what about those who, with the help of the ege, have already been let down, their life broken? Does anyone have to answer?
    1. mak210
      mak210 12 December 2013 18: 55 New
      What's the problem? Just pass the exams next year. Starting this year, items that are not on the mandatory list can be returned, you can re-submit by paying very little money. With the bloody Gabne, this was not possible - they recorded in the certificate, go with him until retirement. So what is bad?
      1. officer29
        officer29 12 December 2013 21: 37 New
        With the bloody Gabne, this was not possible - they recorded in the certificate, go with him until retirement.
        It was possible! My classmate, having a conflict with the teachers (well, his brains were turned differently!), Graduated with a certificate of a completed high school course. After serving in the ranks of the SA, Art. sergeant, enrolled in evening school, successfully passed final exams, entered the institute. Now the chief engineer at one large enterprise in Ukraine! good hi
    2. A.YARY
      A.YARY 12 December 2013 20: 43 New
      School of Working Youth!

      AAAA I'm sorry there is no School, let alone Working Youth, graduated from it 93 to this day
  19. mak210
    mak210 12 December 2013 18: 51 New
    I didn’t understand something. Are you all theorists here? I myself took my exams 35 years ago, the last year we didn’t study, but I studied the answers to the final exam tickets (the exception is essay and math problems, they just trained there). You just had to have a good memory. Of my children (I have 4 boys), only the youngest found the exam, the last year they were trained for answers. There are differences: the questions were unknown! But admission to the university was not so crippling mental and physical health of the child, like mine or the first three.

    Programs? Do not pay attention to students? And when? I don’t know how in high school, but in higher education there is a continuous restructuring. Standards of the 1st generation, 2nd, 3rd, forth coming. We are constantly writing manuals, a lot of schizophrenic programs, to understand which you need to be a doctor of pedagogical sciences, but they did not teach me to do this, I'm just a technologist.

    Of course, it is necessary to seriously reduce the number of items, returning to the times of Brezhnev. But this is not the main thing: there is an official, a deputy, a ministerial chief - you need to show your importance by riveting signs. A typical example, on the topic of housing and communal services there are 28 federal laws and 3500 (think about the number) by-laws. Who is able to this colossus is not something to learn, but just to read. Here it is the root of evil. In Soviet times, we had 3 vice-rectors, now 19 and about 20 department heads.

    It is necessary to do business, and not throw empty slogans at the people, as today the Guarantor. Someone did bad, so punish specifically. Or create another bureaucratic structure, as the completely empty and verbose authors of the article suggest:
    "Parental All-Russian Resistance"

    Yes, all these structures are already sick of it.
    1. vasiliysxx
      vasiliysxx 12 December 2013 19: 37 New
      And my son is in his last year (Lobachevsky University) almost does not appear there, sessions at 4-5, I ask how is this possible not studying? He normally says that they teach us all that way. I don’t understand what these nits do with our education. belay
  20. Garrin
    Garrin 12 December 2013 19: 40 New
    Quote: vasiliysxx
    I don’t understand what these nits do with our education

    What is there to understand? The debilitation of the whole country is our EVERYTHING.
  21. Stinger
    Stinger 12 December 2013 20: 09 New
    I am afraid that Carthage will be destroyed, and the exam will remain. Moreover, it will cause destruction. Looking at our reformers, the thought involuntarily comes to mind: When the Lord looks at a person, he breathes into him at least something. And then he exhaled.
    Well, who would have the idea for the sake of crazy ideas to destroy the Russian education system created over the centuries, for what? Just do not tell tales that in order to ensure equal access to the offspring of oligarchs and poor peasants to higher education. To do this, it is enough to ensure equal access to the oil gas pipe, and not to destroy what you did not create. Talents must be sought locally, as in Soviet times, and help them. And mediocrity will break through themselves, which is observed in the highest echelons of power.
  22. typhoon7
    typhoon7 12 December 2013 20: 20 New
    Somehow, during the next conversation between the GDP and the population, they asked him about the Unified State, about its need. One phrase from his answer was startling: ,, EG was also introduced so that our children can study abroad,. In the head immediately shied whose children? It turns out that the children of the rich could learn over the hill, should the categorical majority children turn into?
  23. Garrin
    Garrin 12 December 2013 20: 20 New
    Bravo, Stinger! good
  24. nerovnayadoroga
    nerovnayadoroga 12 December 2013 21: 51 New
    The thought about the return of the slave system was long ago paid, but the working people don’t have money, so they will be forced not to educate their children at universities, etc., etc. We have our money and teach our students abroad, and as a result, now they don’t pay us real wages they do not allow us or our children to get an education and rule us then their educated children come to power and continue the same policy towards our children. The circle is closed. We got simple slavery with this liberalism.
  25. alone
    alone 12 December 2013 22: 09 New
    here is a living example for you. We reformed, there is nowhere worse.
  26. officer29
    officer29 12 December 2013 22: 11 New
    I completely agree with Stinger! good But who will allow us to these pipes? request The system of public education in the USSR was indeed the best in the world! In the 70s, it began to degrade quietly. In 79, after leaving school and receiving a certificate, parents showed their own. And what was my surprise that the average score of their certificates was four, even three were! And I did not have a few tenths to excellent. But the level of their knowledge, after 20 years, was not lower than my freshly baked high school graduate! good hi They rebuked the school that the level of teaching had declined! And when my children went to school, it seemed to me that the school does not teach anything at all! Periodic testing of the knowledge of my offspring drove me deeply discouraged ... I attended classes at school and didn’t understand anything at these classes and my brain refused to accept the information I received, it’s hard to name those lessons. And in the Soviet education system, education in Ukraine was considered the most the best, it was close to the gymnasium system of even tsarist Russia: total control of acquired knowledge, annual translation exams from class to class, in high school there was practically an institute teaching methodology, that is, a lecture and seminar followed by essays and tests and exams at the end school year. At least that was the case at our school. In the city from our school, there was the highest percentage of admission to universities and technical schools in the year of graduation, up to 40%! To return such a system! crying
  27. kreid2
    kreid2 13 December 2013 01: 05 New
    In defense of the exam.
    Do not lie to yourself, they also dragged us to pass exams. As far as I remember in physics and mathematics, there were 20 tickets. Most of them bet 4, but in reality they knew 3 or even 2 stupidly taught the last quarter of the tickets.
    So blaming the exam is stupid. The system of formal questions checked by the machine is objectivity. D
    Another thing is how to put these questions ....
    Yes, and if you demand that the options were not 100, but 1000000, the question of cheating will go away.

    And the exams knew floated. Under capitalism, this is simply a way of earning money from those who enter. Here comes the active lobbying of the old exam system ..
    When I acted. Guests from the south came with me. And they talked with the commission separately :) and for an additional fee it’s easy ...
    And they could not connect two words. And the USE is worse in this. so that the bribe is now going to school, and not to the university ???
  28. evgenm55
    evgenm55 13 December 2013 06: 00 New
    I still remember all my school teachers. I remember their attitude towards students and teaching duty. After work, they stayed and left us, in order to convey to us, unreasonable once or twice, what they did not understand, did not assimilate. , constantly. But they also have families and children. I compare with those who taught my daughter until this year. Especially teachers in mathematics and chemistry / biology. The children did not learn anything at all. They called these "teachers" to the parent meeting - they do not hesitate, brazenly: what the program is supposed to, we read. If your children do not understand anything, pay money, we will additionally read or hire tutors, but it will be more expensive. What is it? Where do these comers come from from education? I was at a loss if not horrified.
  29. duchy
    duchy 13 December 2013 07: 03 New
    USE-- Unified state entropy in minus. Previously, we were taught to think and seek solutions, now our children and grandchildren can guess the answer. SHARE EGE !!! negative WHO AGREES?
  30. xorgi
    xorgi 13 December 2013 07: 14 New
    It's just awful! Again they are trying to impose on us a school reform, another one. Of the speakers, there is NOT a SINGLE professional teacher with "school experience". What can any of them know about working in a regular school? On our indignation, they are trying to carry out another "sawing the dough". As for the lack of knowledge among children, as some have so colorfully described here, the parents are to blame. It seems that your children were taken away for 11 years, and then returned in poor quality condition. Excuse me, but what have you been doing all these years? Did you teach mathematics (biology, physics, etc.) with your child? How did you raise your child? At home complained about the regular extortion at school at the parent meeting? Or did they beat their child on the lips because he dared to argue with the teacher, regardless of his innocence?
    The exam is just a tool aimed at reducing the number of bribes when entering a university. No more, no less.
    The offer with oral exams with live broadcast is interesting, but how much will it cost for the country?
    The most important thing: in modern pedagogy, and therefore in the education system, there is no penitentiary section, no section on punishing children for their misconduct. In Soviet times, such a system existed semi-legally: parents could complain about work from school, there they conduct a conversation with their parents through party bodies, and at home the child receives for his right to be free.
  31. Polina2341
    Polina2341 13 December 2019 10: 09 New
    The exam is a bottomless pit of Russian education. Yes, even studying at a university is not the same as before, now it's just a crust for a tick. Anyway, then half of the graduates will undergo retraining, I was here at