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The Ministry of Defense summed up the year: what depresses, what inspires?

The week at the Academy of the General Staff held a final meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense in the outgoing 2013 year. The final meeting is usually more like a formal event, but in this case there was something to discuss at the board, and what specific results of the “defense” year to bring. It is noteworthy that in the course of this meeting even the figures that were initially given the status of secret information were discussed - data not intended for public discussion (especially in front of the television cameras).

This time the speech of the Supreme Commander was thorough enough. If in previous years the emphasis was on a phrase like “reform is underway”, “we hope”, the situation should change for the better in the near future, now the specifics in Vladimir Putin’s speech were, let's say, several orders of magnitude more. At the same time, the specifics extended far not only to the glorification of the achievements of the authorities when reforming the military system and improving the level and quality of defense capability, but also to what could be called systemic errors and shortcomings.

In particular, Vladimir Putin declared the deplorable state of military equipment samples, which are sometimes used in military units for a third of a century or more. If we consider only such a segment of the country's defense as an air force, then around 35% of the total, let's say, the park is in a state of disrepair or “semi-defective”. That is, in fact, every third unit of combat and service equipment either needs high-quality and costly repairs, or should be completely utilized, of course, with replacement by new samples.

Another sad moment can be considered the fact that with the longest border in the world, our country is not able to fully and effectively protect all parts of this border without exception. The main reasons are a serious shortage of technical means (these are border monitoring tools (tracking), and special vehicles, and perhaps the main thing is an acute shortage of professional staff), often showing a lack of quality interaction between the Ministry of Defense and the relevant FSB directorates.

The problem of the lack of the necessary number of professionally trained military extends far beyond the need to ensure the security of the Russian borders. “Contract” gaps (that is, the lack of a sufficient number of military personnel serving under the contract) manifest themselves in all types and types of troops. Although advances in this direction are available. And they were mentioned at a meeting of the Defense Ministry board. Information on contract recruitment in the army was announced, and, according to this information, the recruitment plan for 2013 was even exceeded (by 20%). If you believe the published data, then today in the Russian Armed Forces 220 thousands of contract servicemen in the positions of soldiers and sergeants. Recall that in the final version, this number should reach a value of about 475 thousand people by 2020 year.

As positive developments in the Russian army were noted and multiple exercises that have passed in the 2013 year. The scale of some of them was more than impressive. For example, it is worth noting the exercises held in the BBO (Eastern Military District). A total of 160 thousands of military personnel, 13 thousands of ground combat vehicles, 70 naval military vessels, 130 military aircraft and helicopters took part in these maneuvers.

The exercises of the Strategic Nuclear Forces were also noted at an impressive scale. In their course, an automated communication system was tested, working out solutions to problems related to the interaction of various segments of the nuclear deterrence system. Missile launches (including missiles launched from underwater position) that hit targets at special ranges, sorties aviation, checking the coordination of the implementation of tasks by individual units.

During the exercises, the Russian army initially initially vigorously discussed the term “sudden check” and everything that could be connected with true suddenness, but after conducting a number of such checks, it became clear that this was not a momentary whim, but a system that should really work. The inspections themselves revealed multiple problems: from unintelligible communication between individual units to the inability to establish clear joint actions to achieve the goals set. However, with each new test, the situation was somewhat straightened, with errors clearly not neglected, which is encouraging.

The Ministry of Defense notes the importance of international maneuvers held in 2013.

In the second decade of May, joint anti-terrorism exercises "Pomor" were conducted with the participation of warships of Russia and Norway.

Already in June, the next Norwegian-Russian exercises Barents-2013 took place. The purpose of the exercises: working out the interaction of Russian and Norwegian soldiers and rescuers in the search and rescue of sailors in distress in the northern latitudes.

"Peace mission 2013" - Russian-Chinese doctrine, held in the summer of this year in the Chelyabinsk region. The total number of military personnel involved is about 1400 people.

The end of August 2013 - tripartite teachings of Russia, the United States and Canada "Watchful Eagle". The exercises involved military aircraft and air defense systems. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was selected as the Russian maneuver control center. The purpose of the exercise: the detection and interception of aircraft conditionally captured by terrorists, with the transfer of escort in the air.

September 2013 of the Year - "Combat Commonwealth 2013". This is a test of the combat readiness of the air defense systems of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. In addition to Russia, military personnel from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan participated in the exercises.

The strategic exercise “West 2013”, which made a lot of noise in a number of Western countries, was attended by military units of Russia and Belarus.

The October teachings "The indestructible brotherhood of 2013" took place at the Chebarkul training ground (Chelyabinsk region). The CSTO formations took part in the exercises. The total number of troops - 2,5 thousands of people. More 500 units of military equipment.

The end of October - Russian-Indian military maneuvers "Chandra 2013".

November 2013 of the year - Russian-Italian teachings "Ionieks 2013".

Of course, all Russian-Norwegian or Russian-Canadian teachings are important, but for Russia today is more a tribute to international fashion or even such performances with scenarios about “international friendship and cooperation.” Well, the performances are also needed, without them nowhere. But much more important are the internal exercises with the rise of the alarm, the need to leave (fly) hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. Such maneuvers make it possible to monitor the status of both individual units and entire segments of the Armed Forces, on the basis of which relevant conclusions can be drawn. Here you need to pay special attention to foreign reaction. When large-scale checks of the combat readiness of the Russian troops had just begun, a loud, sorry, yelping in the style of “Guard! Russian bear wakes up! ". During the year, thanks to the frequency and intensity of military checks in Russia, western yelp was replaced by scratching the “democratic” nape, saying that if Russian Bear is really waking up. Immediately need to do something! ..

Apparently, they did not have time to orient themselves quickly - as a result of the adoption of the Russian initiative on Syria. Here, by the way, Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea and rumors about deliveries to Damascus C-300 obviously played a significant role. The information component of the modernization of the Russian army is not the last thing ...

If we go back to the closed numbers mentioned at the beginning of the material, which we decided to share, we are talking about the percentage of modern equipment in the troops, and plans to recruit cadets to military universities, as well as the number of officers that are required for the army today. So, the actual numbers: the Ministry of Defense states that before 2020, the need for officers will be about 280 thousand people. The annual graduation in military schools will be about 20 thousands of young professionals per year. The percentage of new equipment was voiced by the following: in the Air Force - 42%, Navy - 52%, SNF - 45%. The minimum is in the Ground Forces (21%). Maximum - at CTP (62%). Some figures, frankly, are shocking, but I want to believe that the work is being done in the right direction, and therefore the situation will change for the better.

It is important to note that, despite the presence of numerous problems in the army, these problems are voiced, and the Ministry of Defense is trying to find ways to solve them. As they say, it is gratifying that from a discussion of how much the main military department was stolen from the treasury, in just a year or two, we were able to move on to an objective discussion of the real needs of the Ministry of Defense, the course of modernizing the army and fleet, methods of this modernization. Of course, the question “how much was stolen and who will answer for it” did not stop us worrying, but now there is reason to discuss more positive things ...

This suggests a fairly large public openness of the defense department, which in itself is a significant precedent. It's hard to ignore. And openness at the stage of substantial renewal of the army is one of the important points of transparency of the entire reform. Of course, you need to do much more than what has been done at the moment, but the main thing here is not to lose pace and not to slip into new reflections: can the army financing be somewhat cuts or transferred to the future in order to save money in the budget? .. It’s much better to save others in ways. You can not only save, but even acquire: as an option, the confiscation of the property of those who, on army reform, managed to perfectly modernize their family housing stock and fleet ...
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  1. Hitrovan07
    Hitrovan07 12 December 2013 08: 10
    But the control over the "modernization of family funds" is not so easy - the "Oboronservis" case clearly shows who and how is in charge of our country. Alas.
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 12 December 2013 12: 52
      It must be stricter or something, otherwise they steal shamelessly!
      1. mihai_md2003
        mihai_md2003 12 December 2013 18: 04
        Does someone understand what is happening with Vasilyeva and Serdyukov? Are they so close to Vladimir Vladimirovich that they are untouchable? If so, then why was there so much noise? They would shoot for quiet due to health reasons! And now this puts a big stain on the chief commander and certainly does not add to his popularity. It turns out in all areas that defense services just surfaced? Share your thoughts about where the dog is buried? PS I generally consider myself to be supporters of GDP, but these things are suggestive.
        1. konvalval
          konvalval 12 December 2013 21: 11
          Serdyukov is the best manager in the concept of M ... D ... And ... and even "rumors are circulating in the minds" that he is a relative.
          1. mihai_md2003
            mihai_md2003 13 December 2013 00: 45
            In such an important case, one can not give a damn not only to the relatives of M.D.A. But also on himself. We do not want such events as on the Maidan! Judging by the comments, there many came out precisely because they had strongly gotten their President. They are better off in Europe with enslaving agreements than being free but with such a president. DO NOT step on the same rake. A thief should be in prison! The guy for the rowdy on the plane was given 8 years. This one optimized the floor of the army for billions of damage- negligence ????
            1. carbofo
              carbofo 13 December 2013 10: 23
              Quote: mihai_md2003
              The guy for the rowdy on the plane was given 8 years.

              Well, in this case, they just found a vivid example and punished him on a large scale, he will not sit for 8 years, they will be released according to parole, although an indicative example should be tough, it's not a stool.
    2. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 13 December 2013 08: 55
      You are wrong Mr. Medvedev, as president and lawyer, fostered the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and all the laws that are related to the Criminal Code, he presented himself everywhere as the main champion of the fight against corruption, He successfully advertised and promoted a new improved and more humane code, But such laws checked by time, it always turns out, Time passed and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation earned at full strength, And it’s not Putin who’s guilty, he always said everything according to the law and among other things constantly, Now our whole country sees that it has been molested by the main fighter with unearned income, I’m surprised by the other horizontal ties are not vertical, Here’s the trick in this whole investigation, that’s just the point, Experts in many specialties shouldn’t be able to flicker there, because any movement of finance is provided by a whole crowd of all kinds of lawyers, appraisers and the sea of ​​others, and here silence, What just infuriates so loud Mr. Medvedev’s statement that our laws are like in Europe, you believe them I don’t, Mr. Putin also expressed your negative attitude to these articles is what the lawyer strove with such zeal, About 10 years ago it was the norm, but the world is changing and many are beginning to see how our laws affect us. If we have laws like in Europe, why is it a little big company to strive for jurisdiction Europe, why anyone has a fortune seeks to take out there while repeating - this is insurance,
  2. Volkhov
    Volkhov 12 December 2013 08: 11
    Depressing mainly brain leadership ...
    1. Nick
      Nick 12 December 2013 10: 01
      Quote: Volkhov
      Depressing mainly brain leadership ...

      We have a lot of leadership, specifically whose brain is depressing, and in this connection?
    2. AVV
      AVV 12 December 2013 12: 58
      Actually, you need to reduce the manual, otherwise there is no one to work !!!
      1. Nick
        Nick 12 December 2013 16: 41
        Quote: AVV
        Actually, you need to reduce the manual, otherwise there is no one to work !!!

        it means optimizing the structure ...
  3. treskoed
    treskoed 12 December 2013 08: 13
    The fact that the problems are openly voiced gives us hope that they will not be forgotten until the next change of leadership!
  4. kris
    kris 12 December 2013 08: 15
    The percentage of new equipment is announced as follows: in the Air Force - 42%, Navy - 52%, SNF - 45%.
    when will they stop lying? where did the navy figure come from?
    or for beautiful reporting all new cutters counted?
    1. ZU-23
      ZU-23 12 December 2013 08: 29
      Actually, by and large, the plan for rearmament and equipping the army by 80% is planned until 2020. So it is unnecessary to baselessly blame everything that is being done.
      1. 0251
        0251 12 December 2013 09: 50
        I completely agree with you. Now much is being done for the Army. The wish is not to slow down, keep it up.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. mihai_md2003
        mihai_md2003 12 December 2013 18: 10
        That is the point, if now in 2013 the postscripts are visible, then on paper it is possible to bring up to 80 percent by 2017. Now the international situation is as in the year 39. I would very harshly punish for disruption of modernization, and would not start cases of negligence as with Serdyukov. To achieve the goal you need to know the road exactly and adjust yourself along the way. This is a call not to put sticks in the wheels, but to collect the will into a fist and plow it all until it is too late.
        1. igor.borov775
          igor.borov775 13 December 2013 09: 44
          You are wrong for the first time in the entire modern history of Russia, most of what was planned was accomplished, and most importantly, the defense complex finally took place, And with each next year the release will increase, What makes me very happy is that even in the government they were sure that all this would sink as always in paperwork and the money will flow that it will be difficult to understand, Yes, there are still bottlenecks but they have taken up their decision, I carefully listened to our deputies who are involved in these issues, they even recognized a big shift, I was interested to know earlier that the percentage of the defense order was treading very low level, For them the deputies this year turned out to be a surprise it says something, Says since our friends were very excited, But they know very well what happened before and what today, And do not ironize everything will settle down, And they took up the space industry they are trying to get rid of any surprises or have forgotten the whole complex, they are creating both a spaceport and a new system purely Russian Angara and its continuation of the whole line, In one thing the Yankees are right, the Union’s limit has been exhausted and truly Russian products enter the world arena, the grandchildren of what our predecessors created, And most importantly, according to the calculations of the Yankees, everything should appear after 20g that's why there is a negative attitude towards us Yes and China greatly puzzled the main humanists in the world
          1. mihai_md2003
            mihai_md2003 14 December 2013 07: 29
            Yes, I certainly rejoice for our armed forces, definitely getting better, BUT !!! and this is very large, but how much can you trust the percentages and numbers in general? I give an example of their life from the words of a relative familiar with the case. There was a show in Kamchatka, or I don’t know what the military calls it, Shoigu came in short to inspect the small missile boats. So you think there were 10 of them, 7 of which were towed, they couldn’t reach under their own power and only 3 were operational. Shoigu looked and left ((((. And maybe the same successes in the other branches of the army? That's dangerous. And who will be responsible for such cases? Have you heard about one trial brought to the end in such cases? Or at least for one burned warehouse ammunition someone answered? It's not my thirst to plant as many people as possible! This suggests that the system is not working efficiently there is no mechanism to fix problems. This simple injection of money can not be cured unfortunately.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. yurii p
      yurii p 12 December 2013 12: 16
      and at the same time counted all the lifeboats and rafts.
    4. VAF
      VAF 12 December 2013 13: 27
      Quote: kris
      when will they stop lying? where did the navy figure come from?

      And in another they can’t wassat Air Force figure seen belay The same .. "not weak" riding on the ears.
      At first, everything was fucking "reformed" and out of 50 they made 10, then they put new 5 ... that's 50% wassat
      But only complaints about .. "the great length of borders, holes in the airspace, etc." ... but where did you look at and what did you think ?????
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 12 December 2013 22: 03
        Quote: vaf
        of 50 they made 10, then they put new 5, then .. and 50%

        And even more interesting, when they wrote off the MiG-31, and put the Yak-130. And they reported - the equipment was replaced with a new and modern wassat . To the lungs, their mother, bomber attack aircraft fellow .
    5. fumanchu
      fumanchu 12 December 2013 22: 09
      This is already really impudent. If you look at the submarine fleet separately, then there really are a lot of new things. But even he does not pull 52%.
      And the Air Force is clearly overpriced. If, of course, we consider a new painted helicopter or destroyer to be a new one, then of course such numbers will appear.

      But overall, the situation is encouraging. No comparison with the situation 5 years ago. That would introduce the death penalty for kickbacks as in Singapore. Then after a couple of years, the United States will not dare to blather.
    6. alone
      alone 12 December 2013 23: 23
      Quote: kris
      The percentage of new technology is voiced as follows: in the Air Force - 42%, Navy - 52%, Strategic Nuclear Forces - 45%.
      when will they stop lying? where did the navy figure come from?
      or for beautiful reporting all new cutters counted?

      What do you think? Think boats. Tugs, rescue boats will not count? Need a percentage for the report.
    7. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 13 December 2013 02: 50
      Quote: kris
      The percentage of new equipment is announced as follows: ... Navy - 52%, ...
      when will they stop lying? where did the navy figure come from?

      "There is a lie, there is a big lie, and there are statistics!" (C)
      The trick is that formally these figures and claims cannot be presented: that the SSBN, that the RFT - the mine seeker - both are listed as a "combat unit" - "pennant" at the fleet's central command center. That is why the naval commanders constantly rescued themselves, because the PG forces are counted from the total number of "pennants", the number of ships contained in the BG. But when you start asking about ships of rank 1 and 2, then the commanders of the formations drop in mood: and it turns out (except for submarine forces) ships of rank 1 and 2 are new - 0,0%. But even here you can wriggle out: count the ships that have been upgraded as "new" (well, or like new!). But, as brothers alcoholics say, vodka cannot be replaced with beer! Here is such a tricky game of numbers! No wonder the military P.S. Nakhimov once said: the fleet will be defeated by paper, for the paper wave is much higher than the sea wave.
      1. igor.borov775
        igor.borov775 13 December 2013 10: 18
        One news was missed after the Indian project (aircraft carrier), finally they began to carefully look at the Orlan, the Zvezdochka promised that the modernization would be much easier, the experience of which had never been a big deal for designers and developers, and for the first time the president outlined one topic that everyone was interested in the development of the ocean fleet, U twice voiced in Sochi and in the Moscow Region, I thought that he made a reservation, it turns out there is no notice. You notice how everyone was inspired. Already the Orlans came into view earlier, except for the bunt, there was a chance to revive them and judging by factory workers have a very high chance
  5. Grbear
    Grbear 12 December 2013 08: 22
    It is depressing that a commercial spirit has penetrated into the army structure, that the commercial spirit lives and flourishes, in the most dangerous form - a deliberate deterioration in quality for the sake of profit. The army should improve the science of winning, and not seek "reserves".
  6. ZU-23
    ZU-23 12 December 2013 08: 23
    I am personally more encouraged, because when it is depressing, then not a damn thing is done, and it’s so stupid to shout that everything is sad, too, in fact it’s not appropriate.
    1. Nick
      Nick 12 December 2013 10: 05
      Quote: ZU-23
      because when it is depressing, then not a damn thing is done at all, and it’s so stupid to shout that everything is sad, too, in fact, is not appropriate.

      Definitely right ... It’s difficult, with a creak, but the Army regains its combat effectiveness, is gaining momentum, so to speak ...
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 12 December 2013 11: 05
        So you know, before when the army was practically gone, there was much less negative laughing
        1. Russ69
          Russ69 12 December 2013 12: 05
          Quote: ZU-23
          So you know, before when the army was practically gone, there was much less negative

          Well, yes .... It was ...
          But now, all is not enough ... smile
          1. ZU-23
            ZU-23 12 December 2013 12: 40
            Quote: Russ69
            Well, yes .... It was ... But now, everything is not enough ...

            Even this military review site would not make sense to exist.
          2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  7. shurup
    shurup 12 December 2013 08: 53
    And what did the head of the transport department say?
    Who is talking about, and I'm all about logistics.
  8. Tatarus
    Tatarus 12 December 2013 08: 57
    We will all have X _____. The remaining letters will be signed by time itself. It will show in short the word will be or decent. All the same, it’s good that the cheers are not heard as in Sev. Korea.
    1. Corporal
      Corporal 12 December 2013 09: 37
      As in that joke about sms: -How are you? -Khorovo.

      We are moving and moving in the right direction. What else to wish for ?, does not happen all at once.
  9. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 12 December 2013 09: 03
    Although rearmament is moving slowly, it cannot but rejoice. But the pace ...
  10. just exp
    just exp 12 December 2013 09: 28
    Yes, it was as if they had long written that the pace until 2015 will be low, because the industry was almost completely collapsed, now enterprises are modernizing and the plan for major products in large volumes has been laid down for 2015 and beyond.
    but trouble with the fleet, slowly everything. and no special plans are foreseen.
  11. Mikado
    Mikado 12 December 2013 09: 48
    "Information was announced about the recruitment of contract soldiers in the army, and, according to this information, the recruitment plan for 2013 was even exceeded (by 20%)."

    They said how many people typed (they even overfulfilled the plan for recruitment), and how many contract workers quit during the same time, why did they not quit? I don’t know how things are in general with this, but in our HE almost as many have quit as they got.
  12. os9165
    os9165 12 December 2013 10: 30
    The Ministry of Defense summed up the year: what depresses, what inspires?
    The text of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020 - says that its compilers are "effective" managers - incorrect definitions, incorrect goals, inaccurate definitions. If the goals are incorrect or poorly defined, this can lead to very serious negative consequences for national security. So far, under the Pankova’s authorities, which have destroyed and destroyed the Moscow Region, and now they are also famously helping to take steps to restore her “darling” ??? He recalled the words of Stalin: “Chatterboxes have no place in operational work.” The Ministry of Defense does not need to try to find ways, but to go already. There is no time. Only the deaf does not hear the drums of war.
  13. samoletil18
    samoletil18 12 December 2013 11: 05
    about 35% of the total, let’s say, of the fleet is in a faulty or “semi-faulty” state.

    There is no doubt about the reliability.
    The percentage of new technology is voiced as follows: in the Air Force - 42%, Navy - 52%, Strategic Nuclear Forces - 45%. The minimum is for the Ground Forces (21%). East Kazakhstan region has a maximum (62%)

    And what did you think? By piece or by spending? I do not joke, I do not understand. For example: Peter the Great + Rook, i.e. 50% new + 50% old.
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 12 December 2013 22: 05
      Quote: samoletil18
      Peter the Great + Rook, i.e. 50% new + 50% old.

      And don't forget about the raid tugs! Have they been handed over to the Navy? Submitted! So count 6 new warships in the fleet fellow
  14. MVV
    MVV 12 December 2013 11: 21
    I serve in the Airborne Forces. 95% of BMD-2 not older than 5 years after overhaul in normal condition, the presence (rather absence) of spare parts is only depressing. And the contractors again scatter in the warm places of warehouses and canteens.
    1. wot
      wot 12 December 2013 13: 16
      Hello, the situation with the provision of equipment and spare parts is everywhere different but the bmd is not older than 5 years and after overhaul, yes, they did the same with it and now civil outsourcing in canteens and warehouses
  15. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 12 December 2013 11: 27
    Quote: "The Ministry of Defense says that by 2020 the need for officers will be about 280 thousand people. The annual graduation in military universities will be about 20 thousand young specialists a year."

    Simple calculations show that nthe staff of officers in the Russian army by 2020 year will be 160 thousand people (while maintaining the pace of release). Such personnel "hunger" could only be during the war. А citizen Serdyukov, in peace days, declared war on officers of his own army. Comments are said to be superfluous.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 12 December 2013 12: 03
      Quote: Ivanovich47
      Simple calculations show that the shortage of officers in the Russian army by 2020 will amount to 160 thousand people (while maintaining the pace of release).

      280 thousand, the entire officers, and not the training of new ones, most likely.
  16. runway
    runway 12 December 2013 12: 54
    Speaking about the shortcomings and miscalculations in the construction of our armed forces, the speaker does not name the main culprit of these troubles from year to year. And then how to deal with these shortcomings and miscalculations? So from year to year and we will step on the same rake ....
    We must give him his due - when he promises, he also does not give his name. It seems like someone should and must .... In the army (and in civilian life) they don’t pose such tasks! When setting the task, it is necessary to indicate the executor, the strength and means for the solution, as well as the timing. Otherwise, it is impossible to control the execution of the task.
    For example: Obeschalkin again promised housing to the military. It seems that the executor has already been appointed - the Department of Housing for Servicemen, and the forces with the means are available, but the queue of servicemen does not decrease, and the terms of promises Obeschalkin are forced to postpone from year to year to later dates .... The reason is there is no control. There is no public control over the electronic queue of military personnel. Hence the illegal distribution of finished housing between "their" employees of the Department, who did not serve even a day in the army ... And so on all points of the report ... Peacocks, speak?
  17. Walker1975
    Walker1975 12 December 2013 15: 10
    Standard type article:
    - a third of the aircraft does not fly, personnel are not enough, new equipment is not enough, funds for protecting the land border are not enough
    - but the West is definitely afraid of us ...
    It is difficult to understand how the second follows from the first. And what does Syria have to do with it? Yes, Russian diplomacy won this round, but was this gain a result of a major reform of the armed forces? Or does the author seriously think that the Russian diplomatic victory did not happen because the West did not want to get into costly Syrian issues with an incomprehensible outcome, but because everyone was frightened of the Russian fleet, which Russia scraped from all fleets?

    Yes, there were exercises, including the "West", but NATO held its own exercises in response to it, and already in Russia they began to shout: Help! NATO is coming! Where are our nuclear submarines versus their aircraft carriers?
  18. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 12 December 2013 15: 39
    "Only three things are needed for a war: - money, money and more money"
  19. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 12 December 2013 16: 44
    "Another sad moment can be considered the fact that with the longest border in the world, our country has no opportunity."

    Based on the numbers, the police would run to guard the border.

    But they will sell it at the root, and they are busy hunting corruption for demonstrators.
    1. Walker1975
      Walker1975 13 December 2013 15: 26
      In Ukraine, the same thing - all kinds of cops are twice as many as the army. It can be seen that the bandits in power of the people are more afraid than external enemies
  20. moremansf
    moremansf 12 December 2013 17: 22
    Most importantly, there is a forward movement and finally turned to face the Armed forces ..
  21. Evkur
    Evkur 12 December 2013 20: 29
    While the prestige of the army is not returned and it was unfortunately lost in the crazy 90s, update 200% of the new technology everywhere and everywhere, parents will do everything so that their only son will avoid this fate! Such is the reality ((
  22. Stinger
    Stinger 12 December 2013 20: 39
    Sometime in 2005 or 2006, when Y.D. Maslyukov was informed about the catastrophic situation of the Armed Forces, he said: with these figures, the army can only be saved by a small victorious war, preferably on foreign territory. The meaning of these words reached only after August 2008. Indeed, the insignificant conflict exposed all the sores with weapons, and with their use, and with control. It was already impossible to hush up the problems. The main thing now is to prevent the liberals from disrupting the planned rearmament plans. And attempts to reshape the budget in favor of "helping small businesses" at the expense of military spending have not stopped.
  23. Svyatoslavovich
    Svyatoslavovich 13 December 2013 00: 08
    I would like to bring the committees of soldiers' mothers under the zugunder as foreign agents, and if you completely dream and send Serdyukov and his coder to the logging site, then I will definitely believe that the holiday has arrived on our street too. Although from this news some pleasantness is formed in the body.
  24. jjj
    jjj 13 December 2013 05: 15
    Serdyukov had the task of "breaking" the old army
    Kuzhugedovich was given the task of building a new
  25. tank64rus
    tank64rus 13 December 2013 17: 49
    The comrade correctly said that only the deaf did not hear the drums of war. But not only deaf, but those for whom the West is a native home, and Russia is the place of money. Not without reason, starting with Gaidar, they call her this country. It is necessary to plant. After all, no one really answered for the collapsed military units, military universities, science, education, etc. And without this, the Army will not have confidence in the Government. Stalin knew how to admit his mistakes, and strictly asked the guilty.
  26. Ilja 22
    Ilja 22 16 December 2013 12: 29
    Stalin was able to do a lot of things! They began to pay due attention to our Armed Forces, the "revival" began! But we will probably never get rid of corruption, so the process of revival will stretch for a long period of time
    1. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 16 December 2013 17: 49
      Just like some in the 41st: "We cannot get rid of the German, so forever."
      No, really.
      The Reichstag of corruption will fall, the godfather of corruption fakes suicide and flees to London.
  27. mihai_md2003
    mihai_md2003 30 January 2014 04: 07
    Quote: igor.borov775
    It can’t be like that. Experts from many specialties should flicker there. After all, any movement of finances is ensured by a whole crowd of all kinds of lawyers, appraisers and a sea of ​​others, but here silence,

    I’m afraid that there are vertical links and they lead to the very commander in chief from here and the silence is strange. But the question remains, why didn’t they take it quietly?