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Squadron for export

Russian warships exported over the past 20 years.

Perhaps, having read this article, you will think: “Eh, sorry ... Such a number of warships and boats could increase the power of the Russian Navy, and they were sold ...”

On the one hand, this is true, could be strengthened. On the other hand, one often encounters the assertion that Russia can only sell raw materials for export. Export of military equipment in general, and equipment for the naval fleet in particular, a good example of the export of high-tech products of domestic industry.

And most importantly, the successful fulfillment of export contracts demonstrates the preservation of competence by the domestic shipbuilding industry and gives confidence that it will cope with the task of building ships, boats and auxiliary vessels for various purposes and for the Russian Navy.

1. The aircraft carrier project 11430 "Vikramaditya" for the Indian Navy.

Head №104 - laid 26.12.78 - lowered 01.04.82 - transferred to the USSR Navy 11.12.87.

Upgraded to “PO“ Sevmash ”under the 11430 project, transferred to the Indian Navy 16.11.13.


Displacement: 45400 t. (Full)

The main dimensions: length - 284.7 m, width - 59.8 m, draft - 9.6 m.

Power vocational school 4x50000 hp

Maximum travel speed: 29 knots

Navigation range: 6750 miles

Crew: 1924 person

The composition of the air group: MiG-29K / KUB - 24, Ka-31РЛД - 4, Chetak - 2

Squadron for export

2. Destroyers of the 956E and 956EM projects for the Chinese Navy.
Built at Shipyard "Severnaya Verf".

Project 956E:

Head №878 - laid 04.11.88 - lowered 27.05.94 - transferred to 25.12.99 136 "Hangzhou"

Head №879 - laid 22.04.89 - lowered 16.04.99 - transferred to 25.11.00 137 "Fuzhou"

Project 956EM:

Head №891 - Laid 03.07.02 - Lowered 27.04.04 - Transmitted 28.12.05 138 "Taizhou"

Head #892 - Laid 15.11.02 - Lowered 23.07.04 - Transmitted to 28.09.06 139 "Ningbo"


Displacement: 8440 t. (Full)

The main dimensions: length - 156.5 m, width - 17.2 m, draft - 8.25 m.

Power vocational school 2x50000 hp

Maximum travel speed: 32.7 knots

Cruising range: 4900 miles

Autonomy: 30 days

Crew: 343 person

3. Frigates project 11356 for the Indian Navy.

Built at JSC Baltiysky Zavod:

Head №01301 - laid 10.03.99 - lowered 12.05.00 - transferred to 18.06.03 F40 "Talwar"

Head №01302 - laid 24.09.99 - lowered 24.11.00 - transferred to 25.06.03 F43 "Trishul"

Head №01303 - Laid 26.05.00 - Lowered 25.05.01 - Transmitted 19.04.04 F44 "Tabar"

Built at JSC “Baltic Shipyard“ Yantar ”:

Head №01354 - Laid 28.07.07 - Lowered 27.11.09 - Transmitted 27.04.12 F45 "Teg"

Head №01355 - laid 27.11.07 - lowered 23.06.10 - transferred to 09.11.12 F50 "Tarkash"

Head №01356 - Laid 11.06.08 - Lowered 25.05.11 - Transmitted to 29.06.13 F51 "Trikand"


Displacement: standard 3620 t, full 4035 t.

The main dimensions: length - 124.8 m, width - 15.2 m, draft - 4.2 m.

Power GTU 2x30450 HP

Maximum travel speed: 30 knots

Cruising range: 4850 miles

Autonomy: 30 days

Crew: 180 people


1х8 PU RK “Club-N” (1-th three) or SCRK “BrahMos” (2-th three)

1х24 PU ZRK "Calm-1" (24 Zur 9М317)

one 100-mm gun mount A190E “Universal” with Puma “

2 module Zashk Chestnut (1-th three) or 2х6 30-mm АУ АК-630М (2-th three)

2x2 533 mm DTA-53-956

1х12 PU RBU-6000

1 Ka-28 Helicopter

4. Frigates project 11661E "Cheetah" for the Navy of Vietnam.

Built (or under construction) at JSC Zelenodolsk plant them. AM Gorky.

Head number 954 laid 10.07.07 - lowered 12.12.09 - transferred 05.03.11 HQ-011 "Dinh Tien Hoang"

Head number 955 laid 27.11.07 - lowered 16.03.10 - transferred to 22.08.11 HQ-012 "Lee Thay To"

Head number 956 laid 24.09.13

Head number 957 laid 24.09.13


Displacement: 2200 t.

The main dimensions: length - 102.4 m, width - 14.4 m, draft - 5.6 m.

Maximum travel speed: 28 knots

Navigation range: 4000 miles

Autonomy: 20 days

Crew: 84 person

5. Rocket boats of projects 1241РЭ "Lightning" for the Vietnamese Navy.

Built at JSC "Shipyard" Vympel ".

Head №01730 - transmitted in 1993 year HQ-377

Head №01731 - transmitted in 1999 year HQ-378


Displacement: 455 t. (Full)

The main dimensions: length - 56.1 m, width - 10.2 m, draft - 2.2 m.

Power GTU 2x17000 HP

Maximum travel speed: 43 knot

Navigation range: 2200 miles

Autonomy: 10 days

Crew: 37 people

6. 12418 "Lightning" missile boats for the Vietnamese and Turkmen Navy.

Built at Shipbuilding Plant Vympel:

Head №01303 - transmitted in 2007 year HQ-375

Head №01304 - transmitted in 2007 year HQ-376

6 boats of the 12418 project are built in Vietnam under a license from Russian components, in accordance with the signed contract, it is possible to build 4 boats.

Built on JSC "Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant":

Head №217 - laid 26.03.09 - lowered 04.08.10 - transferred to 2011 year “Edermen”

Head №218 - laid 30.07.09 - lowered 04.05.11 - transferred to 2011 year "Gayratly"

They are:


Displacement: 500 t. (Full)

The main dimensions: length - 56.1 m, width - 10.2 m, draft - 2.2 m.

Power GTU 2x17000 HP

Maximum travel speed: 40 knots

Navigation range: 1650 miles

Autonomy: 10 days

Crew: 41 people

7. Patrol boats project 10412 "Firefly" for the Navy of Vietnam and Slovenia.

Built on JSC Shipyard "Almaz":

Head №040 - transmitted in 2002 year HQ-261

Head №041 - transmitted in 2002 year HQ-263

Head №043 - transmitted in 2010 year "Triglav"

Head №044 - transmitted in 2011 year HQ-264

Head №045 - transmitted in 2011 year HQ-265

Built on JSC "East shipyard":

Head №420 - transmitted in 2012 year HQ-266

Head №421 - transmitted in 2012 year HQ-267

8. Patrol boats project 12200 "Sobol" for the Turkmen Navy.

Built at JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz ".

Head №202 - transmitted in 2009 year

Head №203 - transmitted in 2009 year


Displacement: 57,5 t.

The main dimensions: length - 30 m, width - 5.8 m, draft - 1.3 m.

Maximum travel speed: 48 knot

Navigation range: 500 miles

Autonomy: 3 days

Crew: 6 people

9. Multipurpose submarine project 971I "Chakra" for the Indian Navy.

Built at Amur Shipbuilding Plant OJSC.

Head №518 - laid 1993 - lowered 30.06.06 - leased to 23.01.12 "Chakra"


Displacement above the water: 8167 t.

Underwater displacement: 10500 t.

The main dimensions: length - 110.3 m, width - 13.78 m, draft - 9.9 m.

Maximum travel speed (surface): 11.2 knots

Maximum travel speed (underwater): 33.3 knots

Immersion depth (working): 480 m.

Immersion depth (limit): 600 m.

Swim range (underwater): unlimited

Autonomy: 100 days

Crew: 73 people

10. Diesel-electric submarines of projects 877EKM, 636 and 636М for China.

Project 877EKM (built at OJSC "Plant" Red Sormovo ")

Head №413 - laid 23.03.89 - lowered 31.05.94 - transferred to 15.11.94 364

Head №414 - laid 18.11.90 - lowered 31.03.95 - transferred to 15.08.95 365


Displacement above the water: 2325 t.

Underwater displacement: 3075 t.

The main dimensions: length - 72.6 m, width - 9.9 m, draft - 6.6 m.

Maximum travel speed (surface): 10.7 knot

Maximum travel speed (underwater): 18 knots

Immersion depth (working): 240 m.

Immersion depth (limit): 300 m.

Sailing Range (underwater): 400 miles

Autonomy: 45 days

Crew: 60 people

Project 636 (built at JSC "Admiralty Shipyards")

Head №01616 - laid 16.06.96 - lowered 26.04.97 - transferred to 26.08.97 366

Head №01327 - laid 28.08.97 - lowered 18.06.98 - transferred to 25.10.98 367

636M project

Built at JSC "Admiralty Shipyards":

Head №01329 - laid 18.10.02 - lowered 27.05.04 - transferred to 10.2004 368

Head №01330 - laid 18.10.02 - lowered 19.08.04 - transferred to 04.2005 369

Head №01331 - laid down?.? .2004 - lowered 04.2005 - transferred?.? .2005 370

Head №01332 - laid down?.? .2004 - lowered 05.2005 - transferred?.? .2005 371

Head №01333 - laid down?.? .2004 - lowered 08.2005 - transferred?.? .2006 372

Built at OJSC "Plant Krasnoye Sormovo":

Head №611 - laid 07.1992 - lowered 08.05.04 - transferred to 08.08.05 373

Built at OAO Production Association Sevmash:

Head №701 - laid 29.05.03 - lowered 04.06.05 - transferred to 17.11.05 374

Head №702 - laid 29.05.03 - lowered 17.07.05 - transferred to 24.11.05 375

11. Diesel-electric submarines of the 06361 project for the Algerian Navy.

Built at JSC "Admiralty Shipyards".

Head №01336 - laid down?.?. 2006 - lowered 20.11.08 - transferred to 28.08.09

Head №01337 - laid down?.?. 2007 - lowered 09.04.09 - transferred to 29.10.09

Specifications are similar to the diesel submarines project 636M.

12. Diesel-electric submarines of the 06361 project for the Vietnamese Navy.

Constructed (or under construction) at JSC “Admiralty Shipyards”.

Head №01339 - laid 24.08.10 - lowered 28.08.12 - transferred to 07.11.13 - HQ-182 "Hanoi"

Head №01340 - Laid 28.09.11 - Lowered 28.12.12 - HQ-183 "Ho Chi Minh"

Head №01341 - Laid 28.03.12 - Lowered 28.08.13 - HQ-184 Haiphong

Head №01342 - Laid 23.10.12 - HQ-185 "Da Nang"

Head №01343 - laid 01.07.13 - HQ-186 "Khanh Hoa"

Head №01344 - planned for the tab - HQ-187 "Vung Tau"

Specifications are similar to the diesel submarines project 636M.

13. Small amphibious assault ships on the 12322 Bison project for the Greek Navy.

Built at JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz ".

Head №104 - transmitted in 2000 year L180

Head №107 - transmitted in 2001 year L183

Head №108 - transmitted in 2004 year L182


Displacement: 550 t. (Full)

The main dimensions: length - 57.3 m, width - 25.6 m, draft - 1.6 m.

Power GTU 3x10000 HP

Maximum travel speed: 63 knots

Navigation range: 300 miles

Autonomy: 5 days

Crew: 27 people

Landing capacity: 3 tank or 8 infantry fighting vehicles or 500 people

14. Landing craft on the VP of the project 12061E "Moray" for the South Korean Navy.

Built at JSC "Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Plant".

Head №330 - Laid 24.04.04 - Lowered 19.08.05 - Transmitted 29.09.05 LSF621

Head №331 - Laid 27.11.04 - Lowered 22.09.06 - Transmitted 15.10.06 LSF622

Head №332 - Laid 23.04.05 - Lowered 15.10.06 - Transmitted 30.12.06 LSF623


Displacement: 148.6 t. (Full)

The main dimensions: length - 31.3 m, width - 12.9 m, draft - 1 m.

Power GTU 2x10000 HP

Maximum travel speed: 55 knots

Navigation range: 200 miles

Autonomy: 1 day

Crew: 12 people

Airborne capability: 1 tank or 2 armored vehicles or 130 people

15. Tanker project 15966M for the Indian Navy.

Built at JSC "Admiralty Shipyards".

Head №2711 - laid 09.1993 - lowered 08.12.95 - transferred to 20.07.96 А58 "Jyoti"


Displacement: 35900 t. (Full)

Load capacity: 28000 t.

The main dimensions: length - 178 m, width - 25.3 m, draft - 11.4 m.

Power? hp

Maximum travel speed: 15 knots

Navigation range: 12000 miles

Autonomy:? day

Crew: 92 people

[/ Center]

To summarize, taking into account 2-x diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy (which will be discussed later) since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has exported 52 warships and boats, including:

1 aircraft carrier

4 destroyer

8 frigates

6 missile boats

9 patrol boats



This number of ships and boats allows you to form a fleet, surpassing the power of most fleets in the world.
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  1. Tatarus
    Tatarus 14 December 2013 08: 14
    What kind of return to the world ocean can we talk about if the finished ocean fleet is sold out.

    "To summarize, taking into account 2-x diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy (which will be discussed later) since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has exported 52 warships and boats, including:

    1 aircraft carrier

    4 destroyer

    8 frigates

    6 missile boats

    9 patrol boats

    1 NPS

    17 DEPL

    This number of ships and boats makes it possible to form a whole fleet surpassing the majority of the world's fleets in power. "It is interesting for comparison to see the number of those supplied to their fleet and the number of those written off.
    1. Ihrek
      Ihrek 14 December 2013 08: 32
      Well at least they built it. And then people were sitting without paycheck. Specialists would completely run away. Thanks to these orders, production capacities were preserved, experience gained, which is very useful for the restoration of its fleet.
      1. Tatarus
        Tatarus 14 December 2013 08: 36
        This is clear. There are no questions for the workers. I have to the Supreme. And do not immediately about EBN. With GDP, more weapons were sent over the hill, I mean new, than done for myself. And the experience is good. Only an experienced tanker without a tank is not a tanker.
        1. Gamdlislyam
          Gamdlislyam 14 December 2013 10: 02
          Dear colleague Jamal is right, thanks to foreign orders, shipyards and related industries survived, personnel were saved, and new ones were prepared somewhere. As a result, when it came to building ships for our fleet, there is someone to build these ships, after two decades of lack of orders and uncertainty about the defense policy of the Russian Government.
          But, building ships is still half the battle. They need coastal infrastructure, otherwise the ships will turn into rust troughs in a few years. Thank God, in parallel with the construction of ships, we also took up infrastructure (somewhere new to be built, somewhere old to be put in order).
        2. AVV
          AVV 14 December 2013 15: 06
          At that time, the state had no money !!! MO bought two tanks a year !!! And these orders helped the enterprises to survive !!!
      2. ssss157
        ssss157 14 December 2013 13: 57
        I totally agree.

        Having sold these ships, the factories earned money for which they managed to maintain production capacities and highly qualified specialists. Only because of this we still have shipyards.

        And if we didn’t sell them, we would now have no factories or ships, since in those days the army and navy did not have enough money even for fuel and lubricants and the ships would simply rot at the berths.
        1. Alexey K.
          Alexey K. 15 December 2013 00: 16
          In the future, these sold ships can be modernized, repaired - also a penny in our budget.
      3. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 15 December 2013 13: 40
        Quote: Jamal
        Well at least they built it. And then people were sitting without paycheck. Specialists would completely run away. Thanks to these orders, production capacities were preserved, experience gained, which is very useful for the restoration of its fleet.

        I suspect that this sold-out squadron fed the whole country a couple of years, if not more. We were lucky that the Americans were blunt. If only at the peak of perestroika they realized that the country could be taken almost without a fight, we would be learning the Albanian language right now, and not chatting about the sold fleet in the forum ...
      4. sub307
        sub307 16 December 2013 01: 11
        Everything is correct. And yet there is a "sediment", if we recall the state of the naval personnel of the Russian Navy.
      5. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Chuykov
      Chuykov 14 December 2013 12: 01
      This is in addition to the fact that it is being built for the Russian fleet, and this is already, excuse me, not a little, taking into account our recent "shitty perestroika" past, and if you look at the dates of some products, when they were laid down, the question naturally arises, were these orders kept? our production..
    4. Alexander Petrovich
      Alexander Petrovich 14 December 2013 12: 45
      And you imagine that they were not there at all, it will be easier on the soul)
    5. Bronis
      Bronis 14 December 2013 14: 41
      Quote: Tatarus
      "It is interesting for comparison to see the number of ships delivered to their fleet and the number of decommissioned ones.

      By the end of the 80s, the Soviet Navy had about 80 boats with ballistic missiles. About 200 multi-purpose boats (nuclear submarines, diesel-electric submarines), including those with cruise missiles. 4 aircraft-carrying cruisers, about a hundred ships in the ocean zone, deep beyond 100 patrol boats. So the absolute majority was written off. The reasons are different: both economic and political. We couldn't pull such a fleet. First, they began to write off old ships (many of the 60s). But then it went more interesting. All the aircraft-carrying cruisers were sold or put on pins and needles, and the simple "Pike" and "Granites" were disposed of (this is naiad with really outdated boats). All "Eagles" - in reserve.
      At the beginning of the 90s, the submarine fleet was replenished, but only at the expense of the backlog of the 80s (the terms of construction and adoption are extended). Most of the Schuk-Bs were commissioned in the early 90s, like the 949A. By a willful decision, they completed the construction of "Peter the Great" and "Chabanenko". Then a natural lapse in time ...
      The absolute numbers do not reflect much, but the payroll has decreased by about 70-75% if not more
    6. Per se.
      Per se. 14 December 2013 14: 44
      Quote: Tatarus
      It is interesting to compare to see the number delivered to your fleet and the number written off.
      According to decommissioned.
      "Here is a list of the loyal, sold, surrendered to the enemies of the combat, competent, powerful Russian fleet.

      According to experts who made this list public through the newspaper Versiya (No. 3, 2004), "many of these ships did not serve even half the deadline and left for ridiculous money."

      Prices are in thousands of US dollars.

      The names of some ships are abbreviated.
      Be patient, and without glancing over at each line, read this memorial list of our fleet, our power, our strength, our pride, our national respect, our strength, money, sweat, mind.

      Guard ships
      The patrol ship Valiant - 69,54 thousand
      Guard ship "Vigilant" - 227,5
      Sentry Sentry Ship - 316,5
      Sentinel Sentry Ship - 314,16
      Sentinel Patrol Ship - 292,56
      Ferocious Guard Ship - 97,79

      Torpedo destroyer - 173,9
      Attentive destroyer - 117,99
      Destroyer destroyer Squad - 225
      Destroyer Destroyer - 216
      The Angry destroyer destroyer - 363

      Large anti-submarine ships
      Large anti-submarine ship "Khabarovsk" - 579,6
      Large anti-submarine ship "Yumashev" - 468
      Large anti-submarine ship "Makarov" - 516
      Large anti-submarine ship "Isachenkov" - 514,25
      Large anti-submarine ship "Isakov" - 496,1
      Large anti-submarine ship "Smyshlenny" - 189,57
      Large anti-submarine ship "Chapaev" - 744
      Large anti-submarine ship "October" - 724,8
      Large anti-submarine ship "Vladivostok" - 1083,77

      RKR "Zozulya" - 756
      RKR "Fokin" - 543,4
      KR "Murmansk" - 1718,87
      Heavy aircraft cruiser Minsk - 4236,7
      Heavy aircraft cruiser Novorossiysk - 3832,34
      Heavy aircraft carrier “Kiev” - about 1800 (sold in the 2000 year)

      Landing and reconnaissance ships
      LDK “Muromets” - 97,28
      BDK "Illichiv" - 242,5
      BDK-47 - 248,9
      BZRK "Transcarpathia" - 192,24
      MRZK Ilmen - 3180,39
      CER “Sarychev” - 113,24
      CER "Primorye" - 150,48
      CER Chelyuskin - 114,59
      WWS "Transbaikalia" - 207,99

      Floating shops, floating workshops and measuring ships
      PB-27 - 252,52
      PM-147 - 161,7
      PM-150 - 181,22
      KIK "Spassk" - 868,5
      CFC "Chumikan" - 1544
      KIK-357 - 205

      Do you know how much was received for the "sale" of this gigantic armada, most of which did not serve half the term?
      Less than 30 million dollars.
      Building one destroyer costs exactly 10 times more expensive.
      And how in a hurry to sell! Even the secret equipment was not dismantled from the aircraft carriers of the Pacific Fleet "Minsk" and "Novorossiysk".
      Data from the article "How the Russian Fleet is Destroyed" on DAL.BY from 18.01.2012. It must be admitted that this is not a complete list, but only a part.
      1. Per se.
        Per se. 14 December 2013 15: 13
        If you remember other ships that went for recycling "free" or are waiting for it, it will be completely gloomy. The photo shows the cutting of a nuclear submarine of the "Akula" class (2008).
      2. Civil
        Civil 15 December 2013 15: 42
        Probably it was the glaring fact of the sale of the USSR fleet that became the reason for my interest in Russian defense. Late, probably, they had to ring bells before, but honestly did not know.
  2. andru_007
    andru_007 14 December 2013 08: 38
    Of course, it’s a pity, but on the other hand, we have kept the capacities, which means we’ll rebuild !!!
    1. mehan71
      mehan71 14 December 2013 18: 50
      Where did you see it? What power? Machine tools and equipment of the sample of 70-80s. completely lost (proy): training system for workers, mentoring of the engineering corps We have a desire, but we no longer have the opportunity.
  3. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 14 December 2013 08: 45
    It would be more pleasant to read the type "The production capacities of the shipbuilding plants allowed us to additionally fulfill orders for the construction of ships for export." They would look good in the base of any of the Russian fleets. Directly ready strike aircraft carrier group with a support tanker and a submarine flotilla.
    "Successful execution of export orders shows." I would have shown no less for myself during construction.
    Good luck to the shipbuilders. The architecture of our ships has always pleased the eye. About the filling, the experts will share.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 14 December 2013 10: 19
      This is partly true - Rogozin somehow let slip that "we have Vikramaditya", at first glance, a usual chatter, but oddly enough confirmed by facts:
      - there is no Indian crew, which, judging by this article, 1924 people, only a small unit, according to one of the old articles 347 people, but at the same time, the transfer team of Sevmash goes to the transition and there is a Russian military crew
      - India sent 1 frigate of the same type (Trikand) mentioned in the article for the escort of its flagship, and he threw it in the Barents Sea (although this is an area with very muddy water, where Kursk drowned and wild torpedoes live /6-trevoga-podo-ldom.html), despite the fact that Vikramaditya is defenseless in a storm - airplanes do not fly, but there is no own artillery and missiles.
      Americans are guarding combat-ready aircraft carriers in peacetime with a whole group of ships, and the Indians do not care about the flagship?
      - the order of sailing to India is amazing - the whole collection of dates is called either solo sailing, then with Kuznetsov together, but instead of guarding the aircraft carrier, Indian sailors visit the cemetery ...
      So India is a wonderland, and Russia is a fairy tale ... and Rogozin first told the truth - then he was an aircraft carrier.
  4. 10kAzAk01
    10kAzAk01 14 December 2013 08: 46
    it's more than aug!
  5. kosmos84
    kosmos84 14 December 2013 09: 27
    a guy-father is working in a neighboring brigade on his Sevmash and says that the construction is being frozen, maybe there is no money
  6. clidon
    clidon 14 December 2013 11: 04
    The submarine should still return to us. It is good that Russia maintains its export position in the global arms market.
    1. Bronis
      Bronis 14 December 2013 15: 05
      If you are talking about "Chakra" for India, then navryatli. There seems to be leasing. They will probably buy it back. In the meantime, they will use them to develop their own experience in operating nuclear submarines (by the way, they have already done this).
      1. clidon
        clidon 14 December 2013 17: 03
        There is rent. The Indians did not buy the previous "Chakra".
        1. skiff-xnumx
          skiff-xnumx 15 December 2013 00: 16
          Will not redeem when. Under international treaties, the distribution and sale of such weapons is prohibited. But it’s easy to extend.
          1. clidon
            clidon 15 December 2013 09: 52
            This is under what agreements if not secret?
  7. mountain
    mountain 14 December 2013 11: 48
    How many do not say halva, halva in the wort will not be sweeter. There are shipyards, there are specialists, which means there will be a new fleet.
  8. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 14 December 2013 11: 53
    Who knows why "Cheetah" is not being built for themselves?
    1. bddrus
      bddrus 14 December 2013 12: 03
      3 pieces are enough in the Caspian, but larger fleets need to be larger - they go to the oceans
      1. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 14 December 2013 12: 39
        The war will begin, everyone will go to the ocean, who will stay at home?
      2. Bronis
        Bronis 14 December 2013 15: 13
        Quote: bddrus
        3 pieces are enough in the Caspian, but larger fleets need to be larger - they go to the oceans
        After the collapse of the USSR "Cheetahs" for themselves the Indians undertook to finance, but refused at the last moment. "Tatarstan" was supposed for them.
        And in the Caspian - 2 "Cheetah", not 3. And both - completion of the Soviet backlog.
        1. bddrus
          bddrus 14 December 2013 18: 31
          Exactly 2, I confused it with Buyans - there are 3 of them.
  9. vmf971
    vmf971 14 December 2013 12: 51
    yeah, at least the personnel were preserved, although submarines could build more
    1. mehan71
      mehan71 14 December 2013 19: 10
      Do you think you saved the frames?
  10. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 14 December 2013 12: 55
    As you can see from the table, most of the orders were carried out at that time. when nothing happened for myself. And if it was built, it took a very long time. The laws of the market, according to which Russia is trying to live today, has not yet been canceled. Consequently, in the years of shuffling from side to side under Ivanov and the total squandering and "moronism" of Serdyukovshchina, orders carried out for LIVE money allow you to save STAFF. People want to eat, and for g .... I doubt that anyone would stay at the factories. But now, when the Russian Federation seems to be rising from its knees and is trying to build something, the presence of retained experienced personnel will play an important role.
    The ability to draw pluses from minuses makes a person wise and smart. If they would build for themselves in conditions of lack of money and refuse foreign contracts, then those who remained would also scatter, but now they would sit at a broken trough and ask the eternal question: "What to do?" Or they would learn to build anew (!). Otherwise, we were smart enough not to completely destroy what our fathers and grandfathers created during the Soviet Union. And what they built for others is unlikely to turn against us. And there is no need to grieve over this, but hatya would be glad that thanks to these orders they themselves remained on their feet.
    This is just my opinion.
    1. ssss157
      ssss157 14 December 2013 14: 06
      totally agree with you
  11. vkrav
    vkrav 14 December 2013 14: 45
    Yes, it’s better to have a squadron for export than scrap factories, and people to ...
    1. alone
      alone 14 December 2013 16: 11
      and even better to plant thieves and crooks, embezzlers, build ships for their own fleet.

      justified by export orders is not worth it. More than 1 trillion dollars have been withdrawn from Russia. This is just the tip of the iceberg. With that kind of money, you can not only save the production, but also seriously equip the fleet with the necessary ships and boats.
    2. 505506
      505506 17 December 2013 06: 39
      Not everything was saved. Amur shipbuilding, despite the assurances of the GDP that we would save, died. Apparently it's hard to get to orders from the hinterland. And market regulation does not work in the Russian Federation without an "administrative resource".
      As a vivid example, the manufacture of SU aircraft at KnAAZ, for China. Fewer orders reach Komsomolsk, and more to the center.
  12. fumanchu
    fumanchu 14 December 2013 16: 35
    Thanks to these exports, Russia can still build both the agricultural sector and any surface ships. Without them, they would now sit and suck their paw, but they would buy old stuff from the same French and Italians.

    Now it is important that they put shipyards and design bureaus on a solid financial foundation and allow them to develop independently. And then everything is still being done with a creak and not always the wishes of the customer can be fulfilled.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. mehan71
    mehan71 14 December 2013 19: 07
    Quote: Captain Vrungel
    The architecture of our ships has always pleased the eye.

    I fully subscribe to the opinion of a respected colleague. The most beautiful ships in the ocean - Soviet (Russian) production. True, very beautiful.
  15. Leshka
    Leshka 14 December 2013 19: 41
    such beauties went over the hill crying
  16. generalissimo
    generalissimo 14 December 2013 20: 36
    For another five years, General Serdyukov-Taburetkin would have directed the defense of the country and the last soldier’s underpants would have left the auction, what can we say about ships! We sell our own, we buy Mistral
    Damn oriental bazaar, and not the Ministry of Defense! Buy sell in one word! Well, really, the ass of the enth merchant and the ass of his harem will not wait for the sweet moment, when they are put on a stake? This is a purely Slavic award for such faithful service to the fatherland, a tradition can be said! There is a forest in Russia so there is no need to regret it, Russian soul Wide soul!
  17. Silent
    Silent 14 December 2013 22: 23
    Really very beautiful ships. And on the topic - well, Russia cannot, with a population 2 times smaller than the USSR and at much lower military costs, contain as strong a fleet as the Soviet Union. And the fact that products are bought speaks of its competitiveness.
  18. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 December 2013 09: 56
    Well done and sold. We worked on ships technology, skills. Well done. Now we are building for ourselves, forgetting about the service infrastructure. It would be more interesting to look at our achievements in terms of construction and repair of moorings and other things. And then without ships our ships will live a little.
  19. xomaNN
    xomaNN 15 December 2013 15: 04
    Here to the Indians, without any antics - THANKS! Several shipyards in Russia survived with their orders, otherwise it would have turned out - and money for the fleet appeared in the Russian Federation, and no specialists, no equipment, no shipyards ... And now the hope for the revival of the fleet is growing. "Tsushima of Yeltsin times" has already been overcome winked
  20. bobba94
    bobba94 15 December 2013 16: 35
    Basically, the comments correctly reflect the current moment. The sale helped the shipbuilders survive. But we must not forget that every ship sold to another state is like a deposit in a bank. Operation, training of foreign crews, maintenance, modernization - everything costs money, the owner pays the money, the same India, China, Vietnam. The political aspect is very important. The countries in which the armies of the Russian aircraft, tanks, and ships are potential allies.
  21. unsermann
    unsermann 15 December 2013 18: 26
    Yes, gloomy somehow ...
    But there is a very interesting site - You read - ЕПРСТ, but we are just developing by leaps and bounds. Especially touched by enthusiasm and glee about the replenishment of the fleet with this:

    The auxiliary vessels, of course, are necessary, but this is far from the rise of our fleet, as they say. Put pluses there imbitsilam or what?
  22. Petr1
    Petr1 15 December 2013 19: 13
    there would be money drinks
  23. Snoop
    Snoop 15 December 2013 20: 37
    And ekranoplanes? So we closed an interesting topic. In my opinion, there is only one "Eaglet" left, and then it is in the joke. Lun also did not survive. But we buy mistrals.
    Here is Lun, what a power :)
    As far as I remember, Orlenka’s speed was up to 400 km / h, is another military transport ship capable of this? With a company of marines on board or with 2 BPM.
    1. clidon
      clidon 15 December 2013 21: 38
      All "Eagles" were written off. In general, the devices were so exotic that their sunset does not cause much surprise to me.
  24. little man
    little man 16 December 2013 10: 37
    And for pr.956 reliably? Have doubts
    Project 956EM:
    Head №891 - Laid 03.07.02 - Lowered 27.04.04 - Transmitted 28.12.05 138 "Taizhou"
    Head #892 - Laid 15.11.02 - Lowered 23.07.04 - Transmitted to 28.09.06 139 "Ningbo"

    If so, then pretty quickly 2 destroyers were built in 2 years!
    And it’s not clear what the devil our remaining 9 pcs. waiting for modernization by 2020!
  25. Semenov
    Semenov 16 December 2013 13: 13
    We survived dashing years, somewhere it was - nine Tsushims a year were received by the USSR fleet during the years of “perestroika.” In dollars, counting across the entire national economy is tens of trillions. In theory, America and the West are still alive on the plundering of the USSR. In China, in 5 years, from a village with wooden toilets, from which flowed and smelled all over the street (two!), A modern city with multi-storey shopping centers and houses grew on the banks of the Amur -towers. We have climbed, they are disposable sneakers for us, and we are strategic raw materials for them. Nothing, and we will probably rise, there are prospects!
    1. wk-083
      wk-083 16 December 2013 19: 51
      Of course we will rise! To evil to enemies! angry
  26. kelevra
    kelevra 26 December 2013 19: 20
    Handsome ships! Whatever is written, it’s a pity anyway. That we don’t have enough of them.
  27. coserg 2012
    coserg 2012 3 February 2014 21: 43
    I do not think that this handsome man will only be on the table in the foreground for a long time.