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Tomorrow starts today

Tomorrow starts todayThe reaction of the liberal radical circles to the creation of the Russia Today news agency speaks of the timeliness of its emergence.

As expected, numerous "independent experts" very unfriendly perceived the landmark liquidation of RIA "News". And then they met with hostility the equally significant appearance of the media holding “Russia Today International News Agency”. Given that the television journalist Dmitry Kiselyov has already been appointed to manage the structure, the mood of critics of the changes is more than predictable.

In fact, the state stopped the protracted experiment in transforming the still Soviet structure of the Novosti Press Agency (APN) into something useful and relevant at the current stage. From a megamachine that broadcast the image of the USSR to all kinds of corners of the globe, a modern news agency was to be obtained. Did not work out.

Alas, RIA "Novosti", having considerable budget funds and access to news sources, has remained the factory of ever lagging behind, mediocre and most unfriendly "unfriendly" to the Russian state.

Of course, now the former head of RIA Novosti, Svetlana Mironyuk, has the right to evaluate her creation as “the best media in this country, created with state money.” Only, as they say, from the most visible. For example, Konstantin Remchukov, editor-in-chief of Nezavisimaya Gazeta, you can’t suspect him of servile loyalism, said that the agency’s employees “almost, one could say, almost couldn’t cope” with the function of the state media.

Of course, you can write poisonous posts, which the authors of liberal media did. Vying with one another, they praise the "achievements" of RIA Novosti. They come up with colorful epithets of the agency being liquidated: “live, with live content”, “considered the audience in all its complexity as its customer”, “generously, talentedly, inventively invented technologies and distributed them to other people”, etc.

At the same time, everyone understands that behind such dithyrambs there is something more hidden than ordinary shop solidarity and sadness for those leaving (with prestigious work). The resource, which possesses “armaments”, which are infinite by the standards of current information wars, disappears from the forefront. It seems that blogger Dmitry Olshansky in his “Facebook” described the mournful feeling of liberal elitarians best of all: “The day of parting of the uncompromising anti-Putin intelligentsia with a lot of government funding from the bloody Putin regime. And how now? ”.

The reverse side of the collective experience of an unaccustomed situation was the undisguised dislike of Dmitry Kiselev, who was appointed general director of Russia Today.

I would like to get away from the theme of Western influence, but one can not help but feel the general tone set by the publication in the Guardian newspaper. They titled the relevant material as follows: "Putin appointed the leading homophobe head of the state news agency."

DW (“Deutsche Welle”), in turn, spreads the annoyance of a certain Igor Yakovenko, represented by the head of the Public Expertise Foundation. He claims that the Russian leadership needed to “put at the helm of a new media holding a propagandist who will operate this lie-making machine”.

The authors of Ekho Moskvy, based in Russia, are zealous in insulting epithets addressed to the state that made an attempt to influence the information policy of the media, which belongs to him. Without fail, a stale image about the “advance of the dead” was brought to light. Dmitry Kiselyov himself is a representative of a “mediocre, dead, wooden” environment in the eyes of a liberal asset. They call him here a propagandist who "has no equal in the ability to sprinkle saliva, throw poop and spew bile towards foreign countries."

In all likelihood, it is very difficult for too many to come to terms with the idea that one of the leading TV people can adhere to some other, different from pro-Western and ultra-liberal, views. It is even more difficult for this public to survive the shocking fact: the state not only paid attention to the “dissident”, appointed to lead one of the most prestigious, but also difficult and responsible information directions.

However, Kiselev exactly on the international broadcasting his career and began. Perhaps now the world, and at the same time with it many Russians, will learn more about Russia. The one that does not fit into the framework of depressive negative, inferiority, cheap “fun-zakazuhi”, which have become the usual content of liberal-oriented media.
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  1. zasxdcfvv
    zasxdcfvv 11 December 2013 07: 22
    rightly so. it’s not good for the sovereign to rinse his money.
    1. Canep
      Canep 11 December 2013 07: 33
      In the West, they still think that a person who has a point of view different from theirs is a liar and a corrupt scum.
      DW (“Deutsche Welle”), in turn, spreads the annoyance of a certain Igor Yakovenko, represented by the head of the Public Expertise Foundation. He claims that the Russian leadership needed to “put at the helm of a new media holding a propagandist who will operate this lie-making machine”.

      If the Echo of Moscow screamed, then everything was done correctly. And we saw a lie-producing machine on 08.08.08 during spring and summer coverage of events in Syria, in the fall the political bureau of Barak Huseynovich lost interest in Syria and Western media found out with surprise that their governments in Syria were helping terrorists from al-Qaeda
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 11 December 2013 07: 37
      That's it!
      In addition, I am amazed, already said, RT programs in any quality work without archive loss and archive and live broadcasts, and VGTRK-horror, constantly hangs.
      To blame the state for its money is the technology of the fifth column and dissidents, roughly speaking.
      I would actually treat the media, as in Israel, there was a channel "nine" - immediately the public began to dig and dig: - who owns, whose interests it serves, etc. etc. - no one is ashamed to say that the media serves someone's interests. And they protect themselves from outside influences, understanding how important it is to ensure their safety in the media.
      "Nine", by the way, the most "orthodox bloggers" were accused of "pro-Kremlin line", and they considered it their civic duty.
      I also consider it my civic duty, for example, to say that the "echo" should be closed, and Venediktov should be put in a "black dolphin" - for a negative impact on the population of Russia, equating this influence with the propaganda of drugs and antisocial behavior.
      1. afire
        afire 11 December 2013 07: 51
        Brothers, I am sincerely proud that "Russia today" tore out a piece of its living space in a foreign environment, began to work professionally. It is pleasant to watch and is what is most important. I wish Dmitry with "Russia Today" to adhere to the same course in the vastness of Native Russia and bring the truth, her mother, to those who do not want to hear it and to those who lacked it. Applause to the President. That is exactly how, on the sly, he goes forward, taking into account all the moods of society and without causing much anger. awesome!
        Russia steers)
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 11 December 2013 10: 31
          Quote: afire
          Russia steers)

          The only information agency that taxis and tells the truth isAbout ANNA, News.

          The rest is a shout from Tel Aviv.
    3. AVV
      AVV 11 December 2013 10: 34
      Around the world, who pays money, he orders music !!! And in the West they wanted the Russian state to pour money on state taxpayers !!! They say that it’s cheap and cheerful !!! In America and Europe, this they will not allow it, so why should we allow such a thing !!!
      1. INTER
        INTER 11 December 2013 15: 08
        Dmitry Kisilev, unlike many patriotic people and his benefits will be many times higher than the rest!
  2. Flinky
    Flinky 11 December 2013 07: 30
    Liberastov - in the gazenvagen.
  3. rpek32
    rpek32 11 December 2013 07: 36
    But what were the RIA bad like that? News is like news, and they talked about good and bad. Y them was a cool feature - infographic.

    By the way, here is some very positive news:
    Uruguayan Senate approves marijuana legalization law
    16 senators voted in favor, against - 13. Debate lasted more than 11 hours. The Chamber of Deputies - the lower house of parliament - approved the law in mid-summer.

    BUENOS AIRES, Dec 11 - RIA Novosti, Oleg Vyazmitinov. The Uruguayan Senate has approved a law on the legalization of marijuana, which will enter into force immediately after its publication by the country's president, Uruguayan media report.

    President of Uruguay Jose Mujica. Archive photo
    © RIA Novosti. Aleksadr Solovsky
    Uruguayan authorities may cancel legalization of marijuana
    16 senators voted in favor, against - 13. Debate lasted more than 11 hours. The Chamber of Deputies - the lower house of parliament - approved the law in mid-summer.
    After the law is published, Uruguay will be the first country in the world to legalize the production and sale of marijuana. Earlier, the country's president said that the authorities would be ready to repeal the law if the marijuana turnover went out of control.

    The bill provides that residents of Uruguay will be able to grow marijuana in limited quantities on their own or in clubs of cannabis lovers, as well as buy it at pharmacies upon presentation of a special card (up to 40 grams per month). The price of one gram is expected to be one dollar. Legal sale will begin in mid-2014.

    However, last week the government launched the "Any Drug is a Risk" campaign to reduce marijuana use in the country.

    Great idea: deport all nariks from Russia to yugguay, naturally at their expense laughing
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 11 December 2013 08: 12
      Quote: rpek32
      By the way, here, very positive news

      Quote: rpek32
      Uruguayan Senate approves marijuana legalization law

      Ohhh, yes I see you are a fan of herbs, mow and score wink
  4. makarov
    makarov 11 December 2013 07: 39
    "Putin has appointed a leading homophobe as head of a state-run news agency."

    Strange messing, it turns out that if people are against pederasty and zhopushnikov, then he immediately transferred to the category of enemies of democracy ??? Such pearls can be issued by Zhopushniks like Limonov and K * ....
  5. Grbear
    Grbear 11 December 2013 07: 46
    For the sake of interest "sniffed" the weather in the internet. EVERYONE who "lives" on Bolotnaya and feeds on NGOs is experiencing. One of the comments from
    If a fighter is shot, then he has taken the right position. If there is so much hatred towards Kiselyov, then he is telling the truth. Someone is very pricked.

    Process started hi
  6. shinobi
    shinobi 11 December 2013 07: 51
    Naturally and expectedly. It was high time. Not a single strong owner can take out home swarms. Our internal affairs are only ours. Now the matter has become for an ideology that is clear and understandable to everyone, and the liberals are bent even lower.
  7. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 11 December 2013 07: 59
    Indeed, it’s time to fraternize and for the struggle on the information front, snowden will help us.
  8. alexng
    alexng 11 December 2013 08: 01
    For example, the chief editor

    Cool phrase "chief editor". What is the main harm in the country? request
  9. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 11 December 2013 08: 14
    one cannot help but feel the general tone set by the publication in the Guardian newspaper. There they titled relevant material as follows: "Putin has appointed a leading homophobic leader of the state news agency."

    Did Putin need an LGBT activist Alekseev or Boris Moiseyev appointed?
  10. demotivator
    demotivator 11 December 2013 08: 15
    On the good, it is time to create a propaganda ministry in the country. The reason for creating a super-informational state holding instead of RIA Novosti, of course, is not that angry, insolent journalists began to openly joke and troll D. Medved, the reason is that, as Comrade Stalin would say, "the class struggle" is escalating and Russia - to the imperialist encirclement.
    As her guest, Grigory Trofimchuk (director of the center for strategic development moderation), said on the Vittel program yesterday, "the West through Ukraine prepared for a real war against Russia - the games for the annexation of Ukraine are over - then there is a war." And I completely agree with this opinion! And in war, propaganda is also a type of weapon, only a specific one. And in war we need our own announcer Levitan, we need the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper and we need our own Konstantin Simonov.
  11. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 11 December 2013 08: 56
    Propaganda is the strongest weapon in experienced hands. I once had a friend in Moscow feeling that sheer nihilism with respect to power was flourishing thanks to collaborators on the air. You must not allow the enemy to lure a naive listener into your networks. Whether you like it or not, there is censorship in all developed countries of the world, so it should be in Russia, it does not mean singing of the Hozannah to the country's leaders. This means that one who sows evil must be punished.
  12. Hort
    Hort 11 December 2013 08: 57
    well, since the boiling ..ovn started, then they’re doing it right.
    As for the criticism of any liberal-krivozdetnikov, "the dog barks - the wind carries."
    ps I apologize to all dogs for comparing with these ghouls laughing
  13. major071
    major071 11 December 2013 09: 06
    Once such a booze has gone - cut the last cucumber. We also need to cover up Echo of Moscow and Dozhd for this case. Here liberals immediately stink with their crappy pro-Western "values", otherwise it’s enough to watch and listen that everything in Russia is bad, and in the West, paradise life is smeared with oil.
  14. Ivan Pomidorov
    Ivan Pomidorov 11 December 2013 10: 00
    It is very pleasing that, finally, the country's leadership realized that the information counteraction a hundredfold is stronger and more effective than any weapon.
    And I was especially pleased that, realizing this, I instantly began to develop success and multiply my information and propaganda resources.
    Beat the enemy with his own weapons in his own territory!
    For there is nothing stronger than Truth! good
  15. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 11 December 2013 10: 04
    Quote: major071
    We also need to cover up Echo of Moscow and Dozhd for this case.

    No, let balabolit to the joy of a liberal punks. No one really takes their nonsense seriously. So, laugh at the next perls Latynina. Moreover, she often issues numbers, at least stand, even fall.
  16. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 11 December 2013 10: 45
    Quote: “As one would expect, numerous 'independent experts' took the symbolic liquidation of RIA Novosti very unfriendly.”

    It is understandable when the "independent" Russian media throw mud at Russia, working off Western grants and handouts. But when the state information campaign, financed with the money of the Russian taxpayer, also pours a tub of slops on the domestic man in the street, under the sauce of "objective" information, this is already chaos. Our liberal media love to see only bad things in their own country. And from such comments the image of the country in the world is formed. Objectivity, timeliness, balance and truth, these are the main criteria for the work of our news agencies.
  17. Bigriver
    Bigriver 11 December 2013 11: 49
    It seems to me that the main thing in the material is missing.
    Putin did not just slam one structure and create another with a new boss.
    There is a process of consolidating media resources under a single management with a single information policy.
    There is talk of uniting under one roof not only the new news agency Voice of Russia (reformatted by RIA Novosti) and the radio broadcasting company Voice of Russia, but also the respected Russia Today TV channel.
    Which, in general, is VERY correct.
    Regarding Kiselev ... I like him. He is a professional with a very varied journalistic experience and is definitely a statesman. I watch his "News of the week". Angry, sarcastic, smart, bright ... dangerous for LGBT people and other mucus.
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 11 December 2013 13: 14
      Quote: BigRiver
      I watch his "News of the week". Angry, sarcastic, smart, bright ... dangerous for LGBT people and other mucus.

      And how he slammed Zionizu in the program "Historical Process".
      And the other "slime" got plenty.
      cess & sm = 3
  18. Russ69
    Russ69 11 December 2013 12: 18
    Liberals, in a trance. So everything is done correctly ...
  19. Ptah
    Ptah 11 December 2013 13: 10
    The programs with the participation of Dmitry Kiselyov are always of interest to me.
    Very competent reasoning, not without humor, but without too much prankishness.
    Anyone who has appointed this journalist to lead such a necessary business has not MISSED!
    1. Galich Kos
      Galich Kos 12 December 2013 08: 50
      Yes, Kiselyov is a standing shot. I try not to miss his News of the Week on Sundays. On TVC there is a very good Saturday program "Postscript" with Pushkov.
  20. srha
    srha 11 December 2013 13: 55
    The reform of state media has certainly matured. Even overripe. But it seems that again the approach is on the wrong side.

    Firstly, the media are strangled commercially. The extremely high cost of entry and running a business, and there are no good media, i.e. no arrival of good specialists - only specialists in advertising - commercial and ideological - survive.

    Secondly, there is no media foundation of its own - a news-creating structure! Therefore, the Russian media feed on what Western news agencies give out. Those. West sets the news topic and picture of the world!
  21. rpek32
    rpek32 11 December 2013 14: 22
    Quote: Alexander Romanov

    Ohhh, yes I see you are a fan of herbs, mow and score wink

    You see poorly. I dreamed that in adolescence I tried it once - it was interesting. But in the end I realized: this is superfluous.
  22. Stinger
    Stinger 11 December 2013 14: 53
    The snakebark begins to hiss when boiling water splashes there. It has long been necessary to eliminate this fact-finder. In my opinion, right after they could not reflect the floods of lies about Georgian aggression.
  23. alone
    alone 11 December 2013 19: 19
    The decision about RIA NEWS is an internal affair of Russia. I would like to hope that the changes will not concern the broadcasting of true information. Propaganda is of course a very useful type of struggle. But there is one exception. Everything needs to be done within the framework of permissible and decency. An excessive initiative sometimes leads to undesirable consequences.