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How in Russia electricity was cheaper, or a thousand and one reforms by Anatoly Chubais

One of the large-scale reforms of Russia of the so-called “zero” model is the reform of RAO “UES of Russia” - a real energy giant on the country's market. Since 1992, when this state-owned company was formed, it included production facilities, systems for the transportation and transformation of electrical energy. RAO UES was the main energy monopolist, leading all leading companies in the world in terms of the level of electric power serviced.

It is noteworthy that one of the initiators of the ambitious reform of the energy holding was its then leader, Anatoly Chubais. The main message of the reform, which, as they say, was launched into the people, is that supposedly after the separation of the state supermonopolist, the price of electricity for end users-consumers (including directly Russian citizens (well, let's call us "consumers" for simplicity)) necessarily decrease. They say there is nothing to think about, because there was one service provider in the market for providing Russians and Russian producers of electric energy, and after the reform there will be a lot of such providers. This multiplicity should have (at least, Anatoly Chubais and a number of members of the then government spoke about this) to ensure healthy competition in the industry with a further reduction in prices. Moreover, it was stated that, in principle, any consumer will be able to choose a particular supplier for himself, and this will also be one of the pushes of everything for the same price reduction.

A large-scale reform work was launched in 2005, as a result of which private companies were able to enter the energy market in order to acquire certain shares of the generating and distribution sector of RAO UES. Anatoliy Borisovich did not need to go for advice on the conduct of huge-scale privatization campaigns for obvious reasons. He did not go anywhere. Privatization has gone so fast that by 2007, 48% of Russian power plants have turned from state-owned to private ones. The 23 sales division of the former monopolist changed their status.

The results of the privatization of the energy holding, as they say, surpassed all expectations ... In 2008, instead of one large company, Russia formed 23 smaller ones, while the total proceeds from the sale of shares amounted to 25 billion dollars with forecasts of $ 15 billion. More than 30% of the assets of the company transferred in the hands of representatives of foreign business.

At first glance, solid budget revenues, the presence of competing private companies should be the main positive of the reform carried out in the country's energy system. However, in fact, it turned out that multiple firms that became “heirs” of RAO “UES of Russia” are not only in no hurry to start competing with each other for a subscriber-consumer, but also raise electricity prices for the final recipient of electricity in a very suspicious way. And who said that all the proceeds from the privatization of RAO went to the budget? ..

This state of affairs is a reason to reflect on how independent the newly-formed energy companies are. Independence eventually took shape only on paper. The buyers of large shares of RAO UES (including such companies as Gazprom, Mechel) did not intend to organize competition within themselves, and therefore the companies that emerged eventually formed a sort of regional groups, each of which resembled a monopoly — a monopoly, say so, local spill. That is, before the reform, there was one monopolist, whose work could at least be controlled (naturally, if desired) centrally, and after the reform, when there were a lot of real local monopolies, there was no talk of centralized control. No state regulatory authority for such multi-vector control has grown ...

During the post-reform stage, more than 3,5 thousands of so-called TCO - territorial grid organizations were singled out from individual private companies. These very TSOs (according to the legend of the reform) had to make their own (of course, substantial) contribution to the final reduction in prices for final consumers, thanks again to competition. But, as might be expected, there was actually no competition (and continues to be absent) as such. Prices differ only regionally. In other words, if you are a resident of the subject of the Federation “A”, but the prices for electricity are absolutely not suitable for you here, then no change in the territorial grid organization will help you. In fact, to achieve a change in the supplier of relevant services within the region is simply unrealistic. Not satisfied with the price - as an option - move in the region "B" - there may be cheaper ... Such is the healthy competition ...

Regularly rising tariffs for electricity made it clear to everyone that the main essence of the reform was not at all to ultimately reduce the price of energy through the crushing of a supermonopolist, but rather that the big players got remarkable profits in the privatization process. The profits of these same players were already at the first stage of a grand sale of energy assets. Thus, the total value of shares of companies that were born on the ruins of RAO UES exceeded the value of RAO UES itself by almost a third. That is, the costs of private owners in the purchase of state property, if I may say so, paid off. Moreover, each private owner was able to "play" with the price of electricity produced.

Although it should be noted that in general there is a strange situation with the prices. Initially, it was about the "vacation" prices, that is, the price of electricity should have been formed exclusively free market way. However, the state retained control over the pricing of electrical energy produced at nuclear power plants (about 18%) and hydroelectric power stations (about 22%). That is, a certain halfway system was formed, which was clearly far from optimal.
After the reform, Anatoly Chubais, in particular, noted that he was satisfied with the reform and did not believe that a return to a large state monopoly in the electricity sector is necessary and possible.

In this regard, it is impossible not to mention the proposal that today comes from the State Duma deputies. The legislators decided to arrange a kind of revision of the results of the separation of RAO UES, but only in a very specific form. Ivan Grachev, the representative of the Fair Russia faction, who is the chairman of the energy committee (co-author of mortgage laws, non-state pension funds and the author of amendments to the law on taxis), said that parliamentarians are working on a document according to which the said territorial network organizations will be abolished, and large companies will appear instead. These companies, in turn, will be controlled by Rosseti (the main shareholder is the state with almost 56% of shares).

According to the deputy, such a move can correct the situation in the Russian electric power industry.

On the one hand, if the reform has frankly failed, then its revision seems to be correct. But where are the guarantees that after the revision there will be no desire for re-privatization so that the next “fat cats” will get their bonuses. After all, in the end, every whim will have to pay an ordinary citizen.

Where are the guarantees that the new reform will not fall on the shoulders of this very citizen in the form of another increase in tariffs. Why not ask in this case from those who started the reform at the time and put it into practice, it turns out that the Russian electric power industry did not win the substantial growth of capitalization of the emerging companies, the infrastructure in most of the regions remained unchanged (non-modernized), but tariffs are “upgraded” upwards regularly. Why officials are willing to undertake the reform, and how to respond, then immediately in the bushes? Question…
Is it time to introduce direct responsibility for the failed reforms? After all, if the reformist fervor continues to be limited to “tales of a wonderful life after reform,” then the number of those who want to privatize first, then cancel the results of privatization, in order to re-privatize again (by their own rules) will only grow.

PS Today, as many readers are well aware, Anatoly Chubais heads the state corporation Rosnano. And if responsibility for the failed reforms will not be introduced in the near future (and, most likely, it will not be), then there is a possibility that Rosnano can follow the path of RAO UES. There is a vast space for maneuver of the main reformer of all Russia ...
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  1. govoruha-otrok
    govoruha-otrok 11 December 2013 07: 50 New
    Sawed, so sawed!
    1. Canep
      Canep 11 December 2013 07: 55 New
      It is necessary to cut Chubais himself into pieces. If you want to overwhelm a business, trust it to Chubais. He will do better than anyone. Not a single successful project in 20 years, RAO EE could become a world-class corporation like Gazprom, and as a result, it collapsed. It was possible to export not only gas to the west, but also electricity in Germany 1 kWh cost 0.537 euros! 22 rubles! Ten times more expensive than our huge export potential, build a transmission line-1500 and pump energy.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 11 December 2013 08: 08 New
        Yes, such a bastard as Chubais is one thousand times more valuable for an adversary country than any Snowden.
        1. ele1285
          ele1285 11 December 2013 16: 09 New
          He is as unsinkable as Tolik Taburetkin. And for some reason, I don’t have a good feeling that this donkey will survive everyone if he is in the anus.
          1. Vasek
            Vasek 11 December 2013 23: 56 New
            Quote: ele1285
            He is as unsinkable as Tolik Taburetkin

            Probably a good trump card against the "leadership" that one and the other Tolik have up their sleeves.
            Gorbachev - and then had to escape, and the two of them feel very safe here!
        2. Heccrbq.3
          Heccrbq.3 11 December 2013 17: 40 New
          Ginger was allowed to do this, guess who from 2 times?
        3. AVV
          AVV 11 December 2013 23: 46 New
          The Redheads, Taburetkins, Khodarkovsky and the list can be continued, that is, the real wreckers of the state, and the state is looking at them all, although the latter is really sitting, and the first two are not in a hurry to admit their sins !!! That's the trick in Everyone knows Russia, who harms the State, and the reaction is zero !!! Paradox !!!
      2. Baron Wrangell
        Baron Wrangell 11 December 2013 08: 28 New
        Quote: Canep


        Today, 07: 55

        ↑ ↓ New

        It is necessary to cut Chubais himself into pieces. If you want to overwhelm a business, trust it to Chubais

        On the photograph above Chubais, the contact of the electric chair! that's where he belongs
        1. Canep
          Canep 11 December 2013 08: 34 New
          There probably 300000 volts! He won’t go, he won’t have time to feel anything either - in prison for life!
          1. unclevad
            unclevad 11 December 2013 10: 55 New
            To London, to London. Let there Berezovsky fool the West, with the appropriate organizational conclusions ...
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. Genur
          Genur 11 December 2013 16: 47 New
          Here are whose eggs to attach to the electric pole!
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. baltika-18
        baltika-18 11 December 2013 09: 06 New
        Quote: Canep
        It is necessary to cut Chubais himself into pieces. If you want to overwhelm a business, trust it to Chubais. He will do better than anyone. Not a single successful project in 20 years

        It depends on what point of view. Yes, from our point of view. And if on the part of foreign capital it worked so very successfully both during privatization and in RAO.
        Everything is relative. We consider him a thief, a Judah, etc., and for the oligarchy he is the best Tolik in the world, and the president has no complaints against him. So, Tolyambus in the near future does not shine in terms of punishment for sins .This is a question for the current government and personally for Mr. Putin.
      5. Vadivak
        Vadivak 11 December 2013 09: 09 New
        Quote: Canep
        If you want to overwhelm a business, trust it to Chubais. He will do the best.

        You are absolutely right. In 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, fourth degree, to Anatoly Chubais, head of the Rusnano state corporation,"for his great contribution to the implementation of state policy in the field of nanotechnology and many years of conscientious work."

        Losses from inefficient investments - 22 billion rubles, and a net loss of the Rusnano Corporation - 2,5 billion rubles,
        Vladimir Putin. - this is not a crime. Do you understand? These are completely different things. Even when in our regions money is invested for other purposes, this does not mean that it has been stolen. In this case, the investment was ineffective. But this is not theft. "

        And also V. Putin:

        "There is a lot of funny things. For example, among Anatoly Borisovich's entourage, as it turned out today, staff members of the US CIA worked as advisers. But the funnier thing is that upon returning to the United States they were brought to court for the fact that they were enriching themselves in violation of the laws of their country. during privatization in the Russian Federation. And they did not have the right to do so as acting intelligence officers. They were prohibited by law from engaging in any kind of commercial activity within the United States, but they could not resist - corruption, you know. "

        Short laugh
        1. user
          user 11 December 2013 11: 43 New
          Well, what do you want, Medvedev and Chubais from the same team.
          1. kotvov
            kotvov 11 December 2013 21: 20 New
            you forgot the chief thing, he’s from there.
        2. Genur
          Genur 11 December 2013 16: 56 New
          I wanted to tell Putin then: "What are you laughing at? At yourself ..."
          Rich was Russian literature.
          How much has been written about this ...
          - And Vaska listens, but eats ...
          - What is pop, such is the coming ...
        3. ele1285
          ele1285 11 December 2013 17: 20 New

          You are absolutely right. In 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, fourth degree, to Anatoly Chubais, head of the state corporation Rusnano

          Orders and medals have lost their value. All shellups are awarded. And I wonder how military officers and scientists feel the same award as Chubais, Kirkorov, etc.?
        4. alone
          alone 11 December 2013 20: 41 New
          Interesting things are happening in Russia. the USSR collapsed - the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called, the economy and the army collapsed - the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the 1st degree, seized all the same order of the 4th degree. The Hero of Russia killed the first Russian in 16 years!

          It's disgusting to read! Do you think you can build a powerful state with such people or create an alliance like the USSR? fool
      6. A.YARY
        A.YARY 11 December 2013 09: 19 New
        am angry
        Why should I drag in the morning ah ?!
        I would have eaten this mug on a piece of maaaalenky, meeedenally, pinching it down, so it’s already baked in the sun, while I eat it. am
        1. kaktus
          kaktus 11 December 2013 14: 20 New
          do not!!! stop can be poisoned !!!
      7. Sirs
        Sirs 11 December 2013 10: 02 New
        It’s like to make a nano chubais from Chubais, and then split it into atoms and show it in the USA at exhibitions, maybe it will remain to raise the economy there.
      8. Pharao7766
        Pharao7766 11 December 2013 10: 59 New
        How is it not one ?!
        And the project on the sale of the country, the impoverishment of the population started by the redhead and co. back in the late 80s.

        There is only one question - why is this still breathing in power?
        1. Yarosvet
          Yarosvet 11 December 2013 13: 12 New
          Quote: Pharao7766
          There is only one question - why is this still breathing in power?
      9. gispanec
        gispanec 11 December 2013 11: 12 New
        Quote: Canep
        in Germany 1 kWh costs 0.537 euros! 22 rubles! Ten times more expensive

        hey ... hey .... more careful with expressions ..... tell me here and alles .... it will be like with gasoline .... they say that it should cost like in europe .... but for now with didn’t equal the amers, it should have cost like in a sachet ... now when it’s close to eurofuel ... we will equal the cost in another galaxy ...
      10. Sirocco
        Sirocco 11 December 2013 11: 38 New
        Here from Energosbyt came the price of electricity. Purchased for kWh --- 0.46. Abon board --- 0.003. NETWORK SERVICES 2.095. Sales margin --- 0.189. No matter what, but network services are very impressive, is it that they carry energy in buckets or pump pump ???
        1. Mature naturalist
          Mature naturalist 12 December 2013 00: 07 New
          Quote: Sirocco

          We also forgot the active power fee.
          This is "nothing" for you, but in the Kurgan region, for example, 1 kWh at an average voltage II (10.5 kV) will cost the enterprise 6 rubles. VAT included.
          With such a price for electricity, all the profits from their own business, for example, from the production of the Kurganets BMP, will go to power engineers.
          There is only one way out: own power plant with a prime cost of less than 1 rub.
          (To whom the topic is interesting, write in a personal, so as not to breed commerce here)
        2. The comment was deleted.
      11. Civil
        Civil 11 December 2013 13: 30 New
        Rosseti, MRSK, inter rao, all these generating companies, all to get the loot uploaded :-)
        1. carver
          carver 11 December 2013 22: 06 New
          The Russian grids now include FGC (Federal Grid Company - Power transmission lines and substations 220kV and Higher) and IDGC (Interregional Distribution Grid Company - Power transmission lines and substations 110kV and lower. This is not a generating company (not generating electricity), but transmitting and distributing it from generating stations (TPP, hydroelectric power station, thermal power plant, nuclear power plant) to consumers.
          Generating stations are various RusHydro and others. But the sale of electricity to consumers involved in a variety of energy supply and so on.
          So the tidbit that redhead and tore it is of course Energosnab. What is this who is it? All just buy it, sell it. And without any liability and virtually zero risks. They actually sit on the last bolt securing the wire to the meter. For the fact that electricity has reached this point, they respond with the head one way or another Rosseti. And these are only responsible for collecting the dough (which, in principle, is also problematic in principle, but the market they have specifically divided and they all included their risks for non-payments in the tariff for a long time and are now calmly raising them to the amount they allow).
          Generating companies also pulled out of the state and private owners and schemers began to suck money from there, hammering on equipment (it needs to be repaired), but Sayano-Shushenskaya allowed everyone to crap and until this year it seemed like there was an infusion of dough to replace equipment. The same is true in FSK and IDGCs which this year have merged in Rosseti. But the tariffs were announced to be frozen and the loot was cut for the next years ... notice the tariffs were frozen, and the repair budgets were cut and the staff began to be reduced (or rather forced to leave as agreed by the parties). Hope, of course, dies last, maybe at least renovation and modernization programs will not be cut much by reducing the repair budget .... but most likely they will not refuse to sponsor CSKA, our football is all ...
      12. igor.borov775
        igor.borov775 11 December 2013 15: 32 New
        Well, they don’t understand at all, they foreigners get their share perfectly, Export why we all calmly pay them for it This is the salvation of privatizers, In every large company there is a foreigner, even if he is honest by his standards, but what a scope for the movement of financial flows that no one can ever track, you can never create your company at the speed with which all sorts of small companies are created around these monsters. For some reason, they always receive prizes in the form of winning tenders for some work or rates, In the West, with bated breath they look how beautifully and elegantly the finances in these companies disappear, There in Europe it doesn’t get stuck there, state supervisory structures and I don’t envy those who stole the capital, And we have a paradise, It seems like the thought has been trying all these years not in vain, This is when everything is done, the scouts find dozens of all kinds of registration documents and as many seals, And simple employees who do not have and do not own a trade secret suffer, You can treat Chubais as you like but now his followers Bova power itself, has long faded pink mist in respect of those great things which trumpeted the powers that be, they are mostly followers of the glorious victories over us
      13. Pilat2009
        Pilat2009 11 December 2013 16: 24 New
        Quote: Canep
        but also electricity in Germany 1 kWh costs 0.537 euros! 22 rubles!

        Chubais really did not like nuclear power plants because their energy was cheaper
        1. atalef
          atalef 11 December 2013 18: 54 New
          Quote: Pilat2009
          Quote: Canep
          but also electricity in Germany 1 kWh costs 0.537 euros! 22 rubles!
          Chubais really did not like nuclear power plants because their energy was cheaper

          In Germany, such a price is not everywhere. in areas where there is a hydroelectric power station - it is lower
          But at a nuclear power plant, a kilowatt is not the cheapest, the cheapest at a hydroelectric power station.
          1. carver
            carver 11 December 2013 22: 28 New
            Cheap dear you can't say that. In Germany there is no energy system as such. In Russia, all stations operate in a unified system. It is impossible to quickly disperse and deliver the required power from TPPs and NPPs, therefore they work in principle according to a certain loading schedule, they know exactly when which unit to start or stop. At the hydroelectric power station, in addition to the turbines operating in the schedule, there are those that are currently in reserve for delivering power to the system in the shortest time, they actually create a reserve of power in the system and, without generating energy, still require regulated repairs and maintenance.
            1. atalef
              atalef 11 December 2013 23: 13 New
              This was a response to the previous comment, RAO EU and Germany can not be compared, there are other principles of selling electric energy
      14. 225chay
        225chay 12 December 2013 05: 40 New
        Quote: Canep
        if you want to overwhelm a business, trust it to Chubais. He will do better than anyone. Not a single successful project in 20 years, RAO EE could become a world-class corporation like Gazprom, and as a result, it collapsed.

        Another Chubais scam.
        All that touched the hand of this ghoul turned against the people!
        Definitely an agent of the West imprisoned for the collapse and destruction of Russia
      15. I am
        I am 13 December 2013 00: 33 New
        no. it is necessary within the country to return the price of 4 kopecks per 1 kW of electric energy. After all, all the generating capacities were built by our grandfathers. But what remains to be exported. And not otherwise.
      16. Troitsky
        Troitsky 13 December 2013 22: 13 New
        It seems to me that Chubais projects can be called successful, since their failures and drank funds and were his goal, as I understand it. So he fulfilled the order by 5.
    2. Sgt.
      Sgt. 11 December 2013 08: 09 New
      To the count of a thief!
      and all servants and his puppies to Siberia forever!
    3. Krasnoarmeec
      Krasnoarmeec 11 December 2013 09: 30 New
      Noticed in the photo of Chubais as if a halo ... laughing
      1. lexat7
        lexat7 11 December 2013 11: 14 New
        So apply 500 kV to this halo, let it fly angry
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. pawel1961
      pawel1961 12 December 2013 18: 08 New
      Chubais is Chubais. and the fact that he did it all is thought out. but we need to rake it.
  2. Neighbor
    Neighbor 11 December 2013 07: 52 New
    The Russians, for some reason, are forced to save electricity in order to be several times cheaper to sell over the hill. This is also an occasion for reflection.
  3. Igor39
    Igor39 11 December 2013 08: 01 New
    When will Chubais be judged?
    1. avant-garde
      avant-garde 11 December 2013 08: 26 New
      Quote: Igor39
      When will Chubais be judged?

      dreams, dreams where your sweetness is. Well, if only to arrange a lynching court, and since it’s not regrettable when.
      1. novobranets
        novobranets 11 December 2013 15: 25 New
        - Vladimir Vladimirovich, An attempt was made on Chubais. The unknown shot him, but Chubais miraculously survived. Unknown disappeared.
        - So, dismiss the unknown, repeat the operation.
    2. Bongo
      Bongo 11 December 2013 09: 06 New
      While the power in the country will not change, this will not happen.
    3. Fin
      Fin 11 December 2013 09: 56 New
      Quote: Igor39
      When will Chubais be judged?

      For him there is still a lot of work to spin the state. property in favor of their boys
      Among other companies whose shares the Ministry of Economic Development is going to get rid of are one of the largest diamond miners ALROSA, JSC RusHydro, Inter RAO UES and Rosneft.

      These are only the most "golden" pieces, and the list is long there. First, the budget loot will be invested in them, and then as ineffective at a bargain price.
    4. Lapotnik
      Lapotnik 11 December 2013 10: 09 New
      Dreaming. Taburetkin will not be imprisoned, but he is a figure ten times less approximate, and this ...

      In such cases, the law should be one - as already suggested, per count.
    5. Lapotnik
      Lapotnik 11 December 2013 10: 09 New
      Dreaming. Taburetkin will not be imprisoned, but he is a figure ten times less approximate, and this ...

      In such cases, the law should be one - as already suggested, per count.
  4. askort154
    askort154 11 December 2013 08: 02 New
    To become a reformer-destroyer, a big mind is not necessary. Gorbachev-Yeltsin, Gaidar-Chubais-Nemtsov, Medvedev-Serdyukov convincingly showed this.
    1. kaktus
      kaktus 11 December 2013 08: 14 New
      to break - not to build! angry
  5. makarov
    makarov 11 December 2013 08: 14 New
    SW Author.
    Please answer preferably with calculations, to a simple question: Why is this red-haired beast still at large and does not sit to atone for all the evil that he did to Russia ?????
    1. Vitlek
      Vitlek 11 December 2013 08: 38 New
      But VV did not know anything, but if he knew ... he would immediately put things in order. Too bad he never knows anything
      1. Dimy4
        Dimy4 11 December 2013 09: 59 New
        And he will never know, because there is no one to report, because it is not 37 years with us.
        Py.Sy. But on _ I go to this redhead there is nothing other than swear words. am
      2. Liss.
        Liss. 11 December 2013 10: 07 New
        Quote: Vitlek
        But VV did not know anything, but if he would have known ...

        Inspired by ...
        Dear compatriots!
        We remind you that the collection of complaints about bureaucratic lawlessness,
        embezzlement, bribery, nepotism in government,
        social stratification of society, caste untouchability -
        ENDS 08.01.2014
        The transfer of the petition will take place on January 09, 2014.
        Everyone is invited to attend the ceremony.

        Public coordinator "Let's open our eyes to the Guarantor"
        Pop Gapon.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. user
      user 11 December 2013 11: 51 New
      And you noticed who went to a meeting of the Bilderberg Club?

      Here is the answer.

      Although we can say that there is no club, so the guys are going to drink vodka.
    3. Volodin
      11 December 2013 12: 33 New
      Dear Paul! It seems to me that you made a mistake with the addressee of your very good question ...
  6. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 11 December 2013 08: 14 New
    On Chubais’s conscience, the privatization, sawing of RAO UES, now RUSNANO, how much can you endure its purposeful wrecking?
    "I would put him and the dead in a noose" ...
    1. bairat
      bairat 11 December 2013 08: 43 New
      The collapse of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station is also on his conscience. And what angers the most: the station owners who saved on repairs remained with their own, the station was restored at the expense of the budget (for our money) and returned to them, they say earn more.
      1. user
        user 13 December 2013 12: 09 New
        And interestingly, the statute of limitations for this crime is appropriate. So probably no one will answer for the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station.
        They don’t give their own.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. soldier's grandson
      soldier's grandson 11 December 2013 09: 27 New
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      On Chubais’s conscience, the privatization, sawing of RAO UES, now RUSNANO, how much can you endure its purposeful wrecking?
      "I would put him and the dead in a noose" ...

      yes even 10 times an encore laughing
  7. vyd1956
    vyd1956 11 December 2013 08: 15 New
    Why shouldn't prices go up? After all, there were a LOT of sales and in each of them there was a general, a deputy, and a staff, and all for a VERY "decent" salary ... pay. Management offices of ALL energy companies in Moscow. The trouble is that the profit from the energy sector does not go towards renewing fixed assets or goes insignificantly. Everyone hopes for the notorious foreign investment ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. bairat
      bairat 11 December 2013 08: 46 New
      They are not denying anything to themselves, some strange management of electric networks is growing like mushrooms in the city. A friend works there as an accountant; last year he received a bonus of 300 thousand for the new year. And why should they save, consumers will pay for everything.
      1. carver
        carver 11 December 2013 22: 34 New
        I think your friend is more likely to work in some sort of energy sale. Network companies do not actually change how a particular RES or PES serviced your TPU.
  8. kaktus
    kaktus 11 December 2013 08: 16 New
    Collect the EEC - and no. *. *. no longer need to suffer good
  9. major071
    major071 11 December 2013 08: 17 New
    Photo class! Almost a holy halo over the head of a redhead. It remains to add wings and rid the earth of this fucking reformer.
  10. Alex66
    Alex66 11 December 2013 08: 34 New
    Kvachkova and Khabarov for daring to say a word against Chubsy, were sent to 8-13 years. so many militants in the Caucasus do not give us. The red enemy of Russia, but he is unlikely to answer for his affairs when. It is necessary to legislatively introduce liability for harm to the state officials, if without intent to remove from the leadership forever, because , and if with intent to plant because enemy.
  11. svskor80
    svskor80 11 December 2013 08: 35 New
    Apparently, a red-haired untouchable for the current government, it means that the country was torn to pieces together. Now the "great reformer" will ruin RUSNANO, receive a "golden parachute" and go to London to throw mud at Russia.
    1. vlad52-t
      vlad52-t 11 December 2013 16: 54 New
      Rusnano will not ruin, this company was created to cut billions. Sawing efficiently.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. os9165
    os9165 11 December 2013 08: 37 New
    Only when the Redhead is hung by the balls can it be said that Russia will begin to rise from its knees.
    1. nsws3
      nsws3 11 December 2013 10: 18 New
      Yes, Witte was the same Chubais for Russia. Thanks to him, at that time the economy was generally squeezed into a corner. They have one thing in common with Chubaisenko: both walk under the Rothschilds and do everything according to their instructions. For reference, read V.Yu. Katasonov on the Russian line, it tells in detail what "miracles" Witte did with gold.
    2. kaktus
      kaktus 11 December 2013 14: 24 New
      and these figures finally from the mud tongue
  14. lazy
    lazy 11 December 2013 08: 48 New
    I wonder why he is "unsinkable", what versions? well, apart from the fact that "it doesn’t sink," the Arctic fox is completely privatized, the energy sector is the same, it’s once and for all, in fact it immediately became clear that nothing good would be there either.
    1. sawmill
      sawmill 11 December 2013 09: 13 New
      After moving to Putin V.V. Moscow, where he was dragged by his friends and workmates in Peter Kudrin and Chubais, until he acquired his own housing for six months, Putin lived in their apartments alternately.
      He worked under the leadership of Kudrin, and Chubais, according to his position, stood at the Kremlin cool, and moved both of his friends.
      Then Putin went uphill, but did not abandon his own.
      That's the whole story about the unsinkable Chubais. And Kudrin himself left the government, sent live to Dima on x .., and left.
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 11 December 2013 11: 38 New
        Quote: lazy
        I wonder why he is "unsinkable", what versions?

        And he has two "roofs". Bildelbergs over the hill and Putin in Russia. But maybe Putin just has this nut to crack, or maybe out of gratitude that in 1996 he dragged an unemployed St. Petersburg retiree into power.
  15. Lk17619
    Lk17619 11 December 2013 08: 51 New
    There are generally no words from the normal vocabulary to say. But the mat ... When does this whole bastard take a rest ????
    1. Mhpv
      Mhpv 11 December 2013 09: 21 New
      Let them soon catch up with their guru privatizer Gaidar.
  16. goody
    goody 11 December 2013 08: 55 New
    Alas! Breaking, selling and sharing is all that they have learned. But to create, create and give to people is now not held in high esteem in certain circles (those who can).
  17. someone
    someone 11 December 2013 08: 57 New
    It’s very sad that these tv ... ri do not die in any way !!! What a hunchback, what a red bastard !!! They stole money, and are now being treated, life is being prolonged.
    One fight only and died .... waited for these ghouls there probably .....
  18. darksoul
    darksoul 11 December 2013 08: 58 New
    I am amazed at Chubais, tenacious like a cockroach ...... the same must be brought by the RAO UES and went on to reform in nano ..... he knows so much about nanotechnology? although what I ask, there is no logic here, people earn money, they have been stealing for more than 10 years ..... probably tired
  19. Grbear
    Grbear 11 December 2013 09: 08 New
    The fact that the people went around with privatization is not discussed. There will also be no deprivatization, in the form of expropriation to state administration. Isn’t it easier to quietly revive the State Planning Commission (for a start in the sphere of natural monopolies) and establish price caps, standards for deductions for technical re-equipment and rates of profit. And let them try not to fulfill. Then, a simple exemption for squandering state property, which in essence are the resources under their control.
  20. Tanysh
    Tanysh 11 December 2013 09: 10 New
    Chubais is an agent of influence, who will touch him, his friends and partners will be offended, they will say ata. All the sold corporations have long been bringing profit to the uncle to the West, and they keep repeating to us "We are Russian ,,,,,"
  21. Bongo
    Bongo 11 December 2013 09: 12 New
    When Chubais was the management of RAO EU, when asked why such high prices for el. energy for the Far East, he replied that they need funds to complete the construction of a hydroelectric power station in the Far East. As soon as the construction is completed, the price will immediately fall. When the hydroelectric power station was completed and the price did not fall, the question: "Why is it not getting cheaper?" The cynical answer was given: "It was not built for you."
  22. ser86
    ser86 11 December 2013 09: 14 New
    We do not yet have a capacity market for prices to float
    Now the operational regulation of the country's energy system is carried out by the System Operator "UES", in fact, the same is RAO UES
  23. olviko
    olviko 11 December 2013 09: 16 New

    Here he is the whole Chubais, everything that he did not create, everything fits into this formula. While reforming the energy sector, he thought not at all about how to make it more efficient, but about how to make it more efficient, but about how to make it more efficient, but about how to make it more efficient, but about how to make it more efficient, but about how to make electricity cheaper. While destroying the most reliable Unified Energy System in the world, Chubais was not thinking about the country, but about how clever it is to plunder what does not belong to him, was not built by them. And naturally, at the heart of all his actions is hatred of everything Soviet. "Privatization in Russia before 1997 was not an economic process at all. It was solving the main task - to stop communism. We have solved this task." Chubais.
    Of course, this is a criminal, moreover, burdened with Zionist Russophobia: "You know, I re-read Dostoevsky in the last three months. And I feel an almost physical hatred for this man. He is certainly a genius, but his idea of ​​the Russians as the chosen one, holy people, his cult of suffering and the false choices he offers make me want to tear them apart. " Chubais.
  24. lapo32
    lapo32 11 December 2013 09: 19 New
    Raising energy prices, to the level of energy-deficient countries, the main requirement of the WTO, do not hang all the dogs on Anatoly Borisovich
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 11 December 2013 10: 54 New
      Quote: lapo32
      do not hang all dogs on Anatoly Borisovich

      I agree, half of the dogs should be hung on the one who protects him and calls him "effective"
    2. atalef
      atalef 11 December 2013 18: 59 New
      Quote: lapo32
      Raising energy prices, to the level of energy-deficient countries, the main requirement of the WTO, do not hang all the dogs on Anatoly Borisovich

      Nothing of the kind, the situation in which the RAO EU and the energy market in general are located is exclusively Chubais’s fault. in the current state of both power plants and networks - competition is not real. Yes, frankly, in such a form as an electrical economy, competition is generally not very real. Still, how is the generating capacity (in the presence of reserves of 30% and above) and the network? Here the competition is simply not real. Therefore, it was clear in advance that privatization is gifts to farmers.
    3. kotvov
      kotvov 11 December 2013 21: 33 New
      hear, but you wouldn’t go, along with Chubais, to ... you can hang this noodles anywhere, and not here in Russia.
  25. Archikah
    Archikah 11 December 2013 09: 25 New
    Dear fellow citizens. There are a lot of d / fs about Mr. Chubais on the net. (The abbreviation can be deciphered in different ways) I recommend watching the lectures of General K.P. Petrova. Quite sensibly and without excessive academism explains that V.V. one of the many who runs Russia, but not the most important. And behind the "red-haired" are oligarchs in weight not inferior to V.V. Maxim Kalashnikov and General Ivashov will also make excellent comments (and correctly and without emotion) on the activities of the "red beast". I see one way out. Refuse from state electricity. Windmills, solar energy, etc. Then such villains as Chubais will have no leverage over us.
    By the way, now - "chubik", with their spine Potanin created the Optogan company. She is in St. Petersburg. Produce LED lighting fixtures. On nanotechnology, respectively. For the state. account of course. A standard office block - an analogue of about 4 fluorescent bulbs, costs 5 thousand rubles. These crazy products were shoved into Sochi with a surcharge. All objects there are equipped with similar lighting equipment. This is how we live. So Chubais is not under Putin's control. negative
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 11 December 2013 13: 23 New
      Quote: Archikah
      So Chubais is not controlled by Putin.
      If this paradigm is judged by the surrounding reality, then it turns out that no one is under Putin’s control at all, and as a result the question arises - why the hell is such underreporting necessary? laughing
  26. soldier's grandson
    soldier's grandson 11 December 2013 09: 33 New
    and who remembers the scandal when the missile part of the air defense controlling the sky of the Far East was de-energized for debts only thanks to the intervention of the commander of the unit who "illegally" with the help of his special forces reconnected the part
    1. ser86
      ser86 11 December 2013 10: 03 New
      was the case
      in the Urals, the UFSIN employees also captured the station when their colony was disconnected from the heat supply
  27. ser86
    ser86 11 December 2013 09: 40 New
    Nekom.Partn. MARKET COUNCIL on the organization of an effective system of wholesale and retail trade in electric energy and capacity
    Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on the procedure for establishing and applying the social norm of electricity (power) consumption
    Moscow. July 29, 2013. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 22.07.2013, 614 No. XNUMX “On the procedure for establishing and applying the social norm of electric energy (power) consumption and on amending certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation on the establishment and application of the social norm of electric energy (power) consumption” was published.
    It is assumed that the introduction of a social norm will create conditions for stimulating energy-efficient electricity consumption by the population, reducing the burden on industrial consumers, and also stimulating consumers to install metering devices.

    The NP “Market Council” expects that the introduction of a social norm will contribute to the gradual reduction of cross-subsidization in the electric power industry.

    in detail

    The energy center of the SKOLKOVO business school has prepared a new industry study, which analyzes the mechanisms of cross-subsidization in the electric power industry.

    Cross-subsidization in the electric power industry is a way of redistributing the load on payment of electricity between different groups of consumers, in which some of them (mainly industrial consumers) actually pay part of the cost of electricity consumed by others (people and some other groups of consumers).

    those. large enterprises buy electricity for the population (buy power from a specific substation) receiving compensation from the state for this

    Cross-subsidization, included in the tariffs for electricity transmission services through distribution networks, consists of several elements. This is a “last mile” lease, which provides additional revenue for distribution grid companies in the context of tariff containment for subsidized consumer groups (58,6 billion rubles); redistribution of NVV (required gross revenue) in the rate for the maintenance of networks (172,2 billion rubles); redistribution of expenses for compensation for losses in the rate for payment of electricity losses (31,2 billion rubles); overstatement of the two-part tariff at high voltage relative to the one-part tariff (1,9 billion rubles).

    “As a result of distortions in network tariffs, fees for electricity transmission services and average electricity prices for industrial consumers in Russia are now higher than, for example, in the USA. The largest consumers of electricity - those that are connected to the "last mile" facilities in Russia - pay on average almost 3 times, and compared with individual countries - up to 7 times more for electricity transmission services than similar enterprises in Europe, connected to the backbone networks, ”emphasizes Igor Ryapin.

    Overpriced electricity costs incurred by industrial consumers affect macroeconomic indicators. According to the study, Losses in the growth of industrial production in Russia due to cross-subsidization are 3,6%, which is comparable to the annual increase in industrial production in the country. The loss of Russia's GDP, respectively, can be estimated at 0,8% or 451,5 billion rubles.

    therefore, the social norm of electricity consumption will be introduced, and the prices for electricity in any case will increase since gas prices are rising and money is needed to replace the equipment of power plants
  28. generalissimo
    generalissimo 11 December 2013 09: 41 New
    Correct proverb: “The family is not without“ UFO! ”Only how did we Slavs admit that all the Russian lands were concentrated in the government! Do we all really care what they do to our country?
    1. olviko
      olviko 11 December 2013 13: 11 New
      "Only how we Slavs admitted that all the Russian lands were concentrated in the government! Do we all really care what they are doing to our country?"

      That's the whole point in this matter! Since 1917, the country has been ruled by people who do not care about the interests of Russia. Only Stalin managed to squeeze them out of power for 20 years, after his death all this unfinished shushera began to increase efforts to seize power. As a result of the anti-Russian state The Judeo-Masons came to power in August – December 1991 in Russia. The whole course of perestroika and subsequent years showed that the Russians practically did not control their country and their destiny.
  29. morpogr
    morpogr 11 December 2013 09: 44 New
    This impudent lying red muzzle should be executed on a frontal place for a long time. am
    1. avant-garde
      avant-garde 11 December 2013 09: 58 New
      Quote: morpogr
      on the frontal place

      offer it to house-2? Well, this is very cruel, it’s better to immediately shoot
    2. lotar
      lotar 11 December 2013 10: 39 New
      Why rassstrela. What work is something like construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway for ordinary workers is better than rassstrela. There are many types of work that are worse than rassstrela. Let it at least serve the good of our Motherland, like him and many other "friends" of Russia.
  30. Bongo
    Bongo 11 December 2013 09: 45 New
    It is interesting to know the level of cost and profitability in the energy sector.
    1. ser86
      ser86 11 December 2013 10: 18 New
      Well, let's take the Surgut state district power station-1, it’s the 4th station in Russia in power, turbines and boiler equipment manufactured in the 70s of the last century - 16 units of 200 MW each

      according to the norms of technical operation, the unit must be stopped 1 time in half a year for the current repair, the efficiency of the units is low, the quality of the repairs of the units has fallen since after the reform of electric power, all repair personnel were separated from the station, the established repair companies two years later went bankrupt, the staff ran away
      hence the constant shutdowns of power units and the fine of Gazprom for gas shortages ....

      such stations in Germany are stopped as unprofitable, there is no money for equipment modernization since the government does not allow to raise tariffs for electric energy

      the salary has not been indexed for 4 years already, at the moment the station saves even on transporting personnel to the place of work ...
      but there was a corporate ethics department in Moscow

      another thing is those who sell electricity they do their own wrapping up, also in FSK there are almost no working personnel, with the exception of electricians

      profitability is good in FSK-MRSK
      1. atalef
        atalef 11 December 2013 19: 01 New
        Quote: ser86
        16 blocks of 200 MW each

        Yes, 200MW blocks are technologies of the late 40s, all over the world they have long been closed. Efficiency is low. profitability is zero.
        1. ser86
          ser86 11 December 2013 22: 43 New
          yes, I agree, and this station is still considered good and more or less new

          The fourth-largest thermal power plant in Russia - Surgut State District Power Station-1, a division of OGK-2 - will celebrate its anniversary next year - 40 years of operation. By the anniversary of the station, which provides a third of the power supply in the Tyumen "nesting doll" and, including the largest city of Ugra, Surgut, is pretty shabby. According to the deputy chief engineer for repair, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the station Gennady Grib, for 9 months of 2011, 68 violations in the operation of the main equipment occurred at the station. Over the same period last year, there were 60 such cases. Economic damage due to an unexpected shutdown of equipment this year amounted to 174,2 million rubles, compared to 119,3 million rubles last year. “The main problem affecting the reliability of the equipment is the service life outside the park’s resource,” Grib explained.

          According to him, for turbine equipment, the standard park resource is 220 thousand hours of work. This is about 30 years. At the same time, the first power unit has an operating time exceeding 300 thousand hours. “It turns out that the resource we exceed one and a half times. And there is a need to reconstruct not individual equipment units, but the entire station, ”the engineer emphasizes.

          other power plants in Russia have a more deplorable state
        2. Mature naturalist
          Mature naturalist 12 December 2013 00: 18 New
          Quote: atalef
          200 MW blocks are technologies of the end of the 40s

          But how do you like the 9th block of the Kostroma TPP with a capacity of 1200 MW? and a pipe height of 320 m?
        3. The comment was deleted.
    2. lotar
      lotar 11 December 2013 14: 49 New
      According to my information, the cost of electricity production in Chelyabinsk at a CHPP during gas combustion is about 2 kopecks. for 1 kW / h, at tariffs for individuals 1 rub 69 cop
      1. Mature naturalist
        Mature naturalist 12 December 2013 00: 23 New
        Quote: lotar
        According to my information, the cost of electricity production in Chelyabinsk at a CHPP during gas combustion is about 2 kopecks. for 1 kV / h

        1 m3 of gas contains ~ 9 kW of energy, its price is about 4.5 rubles. VAT included
        Divide the rubles by kilowatts get = ~ 50 kopecks. is the fuel component in the prime cost of 1 kWh of energy generated by the CHP
        1. Cpa
          Cpa 12 December 2013 03: 04 New
          Correction, 9 kWh - unit of work, energy in joules.
        2. lotar
          lotar 14 December 2013 11: 19 New
          Bullshit, yes, yes, yes. Considering that my friends work in this area and know what they’re saying, moreover you don’t take much into account, for example, the charging system for individual structures, namely, companies that produce electricity.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Cpa
        Cpa 12 December 2013 01: 59 New
        In the Rostov region there is 1 nuclear power plant, 1 hydroelectric power plant, 1 Gres and a bunch of all sorts of thermal power plants. The price for the consumer is 3 rubles.80k. They are going to launch another unit at the nuclear power plant, when the first one was launched, they promised a price two times lower than the current one. Ha, this has never happened. Now introduced a "ration" for a person of 98 kW, for a family of 4 people, about 300 kW.
        It recalls the situation with bread after the civil, and this is a worrying symptom in the economy.
  31. complete zero
    complete zero 11 December 2013 09: 47 New
    There is no ice ax on him ... unsinkable aki Enterprise
  32. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 11 December 2013 09: 47 New
    Even if they themselves are frank idiots, their professional advisers could not be such laymen, so these are not planning errors, but intentional diversion. Since their deliberate actions inflicted colossal damage to the economy and the country's defense, I think this can be qualified as treason. Or maybe then they started to bring the country to the WTO.
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 11 December 2013 13: 28 New
      Quote: Фкенщь13
      Or maybe then they started to bring the country to the WTO.
  33. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 11 December 2013 09: 57 New
    Why didn't Kvachkov soak him? How many problems would have been solved, especially since the "client" himself has long deserved the guillotine, and more than once. Now I understand the delight of the masses in France, during the Great French Revolution, when on the square named after this very Revolution separated from the body of the head of these Chubais nabobs. I think the revolution we do not need enough punishment for at least Gorbachev, Serdyukov and Chubais, five minutes of work, and how much positive for the future. Well, nanotechnology, I’m more likely in my country house, than Rusnano with Chubais at the head.
    1. Cpa
      Cpa 12 December 2013 02: 07 New
      They probably have backups, put forward for such a case. Here the principles need to be changed, with the "conservatory" to start. Any manufacturer is interested in having the entire business chain under him from production to retail, it is possible to deprive him of this only by an administrative resource, which was done to the delight of the traders.
  34. Mhpv
    Mhpv 11 December 2013 10: 03 New
    I fought with Mosenergo for two months to check the illegal connection.
    At the entrance of the Internet company, they connected their closet by throwing a terminal on the wire in the shield. I am calling the local Mosenergo, please check the connection "we do not check, please contact the ZhEK. I wrote a letter to the ZhEK and there was silence. I called Mosenergo again to Moscow, the application was accepted three times. , what and how, they asked if I would sign an act if found, in the end they sent the application back to the local branch, and they call and again "We do not check illegal connection." This is how a small bribe solves all business problems, and we, ordinary citizens pay and with the introduction of the consumption rate, we will continue to pay for losses and theft of electricity, although they are trying to prove to us that companies pay partly for low-voltage consumers.
    The divorce in Chubaysky continues.
    1. Cpa
      Cpa 12 December 2013 02: 17 New
      When I found out that our common meter for an apartment building was not in the house, but in the substation and attempts to change its position failed, I became confused. When I began to pay for common houses more than the meter, I tensed up when two receipts from different HOAs at the same time - just sold the apartment. Thank you, I didn’t like the area. But there are people moving into new buildings .. what
  35. Dimy4
    Dimy4 11 December 2013 10: 05 New
    A bastard will live for a long time, the whole country hates him, such a bastard does not throw skates for a long time.
  36. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 11 December 2013 10: 16 New
    Quote: olviko
    " OUR TASK IS TO REDISTRIBUTE OWNERSHIP. AND WE WILL DO IT, EVEN IF HALF A POPULATION DIES IN POVERTY, but the other half will tell us then thanks. "Chubais.

    It’s not bad at red-haired beast ... am (sorry Kvachkov could not finish the job .. Russia would have erected a monument to him during his lifetime)
  37. calocha
    calocha 11 December 2013 10: 20 New
    When Gorbachev, Chubais, Kudrin and others sit down and for a long time only then my heart will start beating 120 \ 80.))
    1. gispanec
      gispanec 11 December 2013 11: 14 New
      Quote: calocha
      When Gorbachev, Chubais, Kudrin and others sit down

      they will sit down when they put the puttiishna in jail ..... and he is known to be a "monument" who will put him in jail ?? ..... so just tryndet not to roll bags
  38. af16132
    af16132 11 December 2013 10: 28 New
    Chubais, Kiriyenko, Serdyukov, etc. are the people of V.V. PUTIN. He is pleased with their work. Therefore, whatever you wish them, wish the main character. Fish ...
  39. Mviktor
    Mviktor 11 December 2013 10: 29 New
    Today, as many readers are well aware, Anatoly Chubais heads the state corporation Rusnano. And if responsibility for the failed reforms is not introduced in the near future (and, most likely, will not be), then there is a chance that Rusnano might go along the path of RAO UES.

    Chubais himself said that he hates Russia because he took such an active part in its collapse. The conquerors always plundered the conquered territories, for merits in the collapse of Russia he and the Order of Dima gave him and were given to plunder both companies. He has nothing to fear, because he was appointed the world oligarchy watching Putin in Russia in his sixes. Because the Serdyukovs are not afraid of anything, they know who Putin is and who is the boss in Russia. If in short, until all this liberal liberalism is counted, we’ll not put everything in this way and will continue
  40. rennim
    rennim 11 December 2013 10: 32 New
    The collapse of the EU RAO took place before my eyes. I worked for a territorial energy company which was part of RAO. After the reforms in Chubais, all units were sold from CHPs and energy repair companies to car depots. I'm not talking about motels and camps for children. They are thrown and ruined.
    After the sale of the assets, the entire top management of RAO received no less than $ 1 million "for successful privatization." The results are simple workers for us. And I worked in the repair department "ENERGOREMONT". After the reform there were layoffs in jobs. We were bought by the American Bank. Then salaries fell. Nowadays there is no repair enterprise. Bankrupt. I think that the Americans bought us to bankrupt us. According to the workers at the station, repairs have become very rare, and even then in the case of very severe wear. They are doing repairs in TAJIKI. Repair of the station and equipment is associated with complex technological equipment. Turbines, generators, transformers, boilers, pumps, etc. How can such equipment be repaired? low-skilled workers. Sayano-Shushenskaya example. Many high-class specialists were left without work or re-profiled ... In general, the country received from the reforms hundreds of thousands of unemployed and smoking stations and substations ... How long they will last is unknown. I think not for long. Well, at least the atomic ones haven't sold out yet.
    1. Kolovrat77
      Kolovrat77 12 December 2013 03: 04 New
      Quote: rennim

      Are they only fitters and technicians, or in engineering jobs too? Although knowing which contingent comes under hack-work (without doubting anything about the real Tajik power engineers), I would not give them 2g on EB.
  41. yurii p
    yurii p 11 December 2013 10: 48 New
    this de ... emo so dirty Russia that I don’t want to hear about this "great manager" only if in connection with a criminal case, on charges of high treason, and that the process would take place in an open form to the anthem of Russia, then this process you can listen as a hit, day and night.
  42. Normman
    Normman 11 December 2013 10: 50 New
    The issue with the Chubas can be solved only this way:

    Patriotic Act (draft)
    "On the right of the indigenous peoples of Russia to self-government"
    Amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

    In order to protect the right of indigenous peoples of Russia to self-government, as well as to avoid conflicts of interest in the performance of duties in the public service.
    Persons who are not representatives of the indigenous peoples of Russia, namely, representatives of nationalities having their own state entities outside the Russian Federation, as well as their direct relatives, parents, children and spouses, are not entitled to occupy any positions (including elected) in government bodies of the Russian Federation at any level, in governing bodies of state enterprises, services and departments, at enterprises with state participation, enterprises registered as mass media howl of information and in the structures of exercising control over such entities. The above persons are not entitled, directly or indirectly by proxy of any type or through proxies, to permanently or temporarily fulfill any duties related to the management and / or disposal of state property.
    The indicated category of persons does not have the right to hold managerial positions in any enterprises where there is access to state secrets, as well as in structures of the Bank of Russia.

    May 23 2013 year.

    Decree of the President of the Russian Federation (draft)

    The Government of Russia, the State Duma and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation shall, within one year, ensure that the personnel of all state enterprises and organizations are brought into conformity with this Patriotic Act. Within the specified time period, bring the legislative and regulatory framework in line, in particular, provide for criminal liability for persons evading the Patriotic Act, as well as for persons denying the right of indigenous peoples of Russia to self-government.

    Moscow. Kremlin.
  43. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 11 December 2013 10: 51 New
    Popular omen: Whatever Chubais takes with his "dexterous" hands, it will still turn out ... a voucher.
  44. My address
    My address 11 December 2013 11: 05 New
    Dear Alexey Volodin!

    You said "A" but don't say "B" Chubais has been selling the country since the 90s, and for the last thirteen years with Putin's connivance.

    You hi and Oleg Chuvakin hi very good articles. In every way. But only the negative approaches the president, immediately stop. And this is everywhere, except for a handful of liberals. So they got what they got. Putin was left without criticism. But he does not have self-criticism. And surrounded by sneakers and singers. According to control theory, a complex system without negative feedback (in our case, criticism and self-criticism) is inhibited or spaced apart. Of course, it’s unpleasant to find out about yourself flaws, but what to do ...

    For Putin’s apologists:
    I wrote a critical letter to his address, received a polite "thank you" from the administration and that's it.
    Of course, it’s not serious to compare it with traitors and nonsense from 85 to 99 and from 08 to 12.

    Yes, I want a new Stalin! Due to age and education, I know a lot about the cult of personality and the formation of the country at that time. But still I want to be proud of the country and the state!
    1. Volodin
      11 December 2013 12: 53 New
      Alexander, thanks for your assessment - this is the first!

      Secondly, if at the end of this article, as well as articles about Serdyukov, Vasilyeva, housing and communal services, etc. to make a final postscript in the form "And Putin is to blame for all this" (something like this is done on "Echo", "Rain" or in "Novaya Gazeta"), then it will look both funny and stupid.

      If the reader, as they say, is sober-minded, he understands perfectly well what the article is about and to whom the criticism ultimately applies (if there is one in the article). You are a sober reader, and therefore, I think, you understood everything perfectly.

      If the leader of the state is sober-minded (and I and many others hope so), then he also perfectly understands all the successes and failures of his work.

      Well, if you think that criticism is only when with a fist on the table and with blood-red eyes, then we still have different views on this "subject". Although sometimes you want to and with a fist too ...

      1. My address
        My address 11 December 2013 14: 05 New
        Thank you for the complete answer.

        You know, Alexey, when I had a good result in my workplace and thought that people noted it without embellishment, I received great pleasure both from the work done and from the assessment. This applies to your articles and Oleg. Great to write. I speak sincerely and fairly objectively. For information, I was brought up on good classical literature (Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Dickens, London) and technical, where the basis is in brevity and completeness.

        All of you all the best.
        Regards, Al-dr.
    2. shpuntik
      shpuntik 11 December 2013 13: 58 New
      My address is (1) SU Today, 11:05 AM
      You have hi and Oleg Chuvakin hi has very good articles. In every way. But only the negative approaches the president, immediately stop.

      The site will be covered, and that’s all.
      The FSB of Russia will take control of the Internet


      From July 1, 2014, the Federal Security Service will have access to the Internet traffic of all users, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Monday.

      Snowden has arrived!
  45. Astartes
    Astartes 11 December 2013 11: 18 New
    On a thick stake of Chubais, put in a shade and feed with a porridge so that he dies longer.
  46. Mviktor
    Mviktor 11 December 2013 11: 32 New
    people can use the ancient Russian way
    Chubais, for merits to the fatherland, we all wish good health together ....... a candle in the church
    maybe after that he will gobble up himself and get rid of Judas
    suddenly help
  47. Mhpv
    Mhpv 11 December 2013 11: 35 New
    In 1990, deputy, then first deputy chairman of the executive committee of the Leningrad City Council, chief economic adviser to the mayor of Leningrad Anatoly Sobchak.

    What offspring, what followers have Sobchak ....
    In March of 1990, Chubais and a group of supporters proposed a project for market reforms to Mikhail Gorbachev, which provided for the option of forcibly restricting political and civil liberties (freedom of speech, right to strike, etc.

    Democrat dick.
    After the coup in August 1991, Chubais resigned from the Communist Party

    Here they are red, traitorous faces, for them there is no concept of Homeland, money is the head of everything.
  48. TROG
    TROG 11 December 2013 11: 48 New
    And then, the same thing happened with the telephone network.
    And already under Putin they began to change tariffs, where we paid something unlimited something 170 re, and we were told by televisions that who
    says less will pay less, and who more respectively more.
    As a result, in the first month of the introduction of this garbage, everyone began to pay more, and 170 pe was worth the maintenance just a telephone point.
  49. 787nkx
    787nkx 11 December 2013 11: 52 New
    It has already been written earlier about this. No competitive system is visible.
    Domestic pricing has a rather complicated mechanism, and both federal and regional authorities have leverage over it. Another thing is that power engineers, united in large holdings, can push their interest at all levels. Sales companies of production capacities earn the most, you don’t need to maintain anything, no costs, I bought it for cheaper, I sold it for more. The second most profitable network companies for the transmission of high-voltage electric energy. The third generation. In last place are network companies for the transmission of an average low voltage level of 6-10kV and 0,4kV, they have the highest costs for maintaining networks, for organizing connections, metering and control.
    The reform conceived by Anatoly Borisovich was to create competition.
    Generation companies were created, or rather torn out of the common system, which theoretically should have competed and offered the marketing companies to buy their energy at a cheaper price.
    Energy sales companies were created that, having bought at a competitive price from generation, should theoretically fight for a client between many others and offer him a competitive, current price. Moreover, two network companies standing between the power plant and the consumer, one transmitting high voltage, the other medium and low , remained the same as always, no competition between the wires is present. The lion's share of the costs falls on them, or rather, on the second. The three main components of the tariff, generation, networks, sales of them, t only the first and the last can be adjusted by competition. The reform theory was as follows. What we have in reality, the regional division of grid generation and distribution remains the same as before the reform, as a result, the local thermal power station, hydroelectric station, nuclear power plant very toughly competes with itself and sells for clear to her prices, the energy of a sales company in her region, which at the highest possible prices sold through regional and federal regulators, sells electricity to consumers. Network companies get a share, but for solid tanovlenii regions of the federal center tarifam.Dazhe failing to reduce energy procurement costs in generation, giving a fixed part of the network, the marketing company as a monopolist in the region will not fall in price below it convenient slozhivsheysya.S gasoline at gas stations the situation is similar.
  50. spirit
    spirit 11 December 2013 12: 33 New
    People like Chub and Abramovich at one time made a smart move with the horse and supported the GDP at the right time for him. The Guarantor does not forget such things and can no longer forget (not according to concepts). Therefore, you do not need to smear one white paint with another black. Chub bad GDP good. Do you like GDP? So love the FEA as it loves its GDP)))))) there is no black and white. here is now a solid gray slurry.