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Lies kidnappers

Lies kidnappersSyrians and all honest people in the world continue to worry about the fate of the abbess of the monastery of St. Thecla in the city of Maalyula and 12 servants of the monastery, kidnapped by terrorists during the attack on this ancient city, which is a shrine to Christians.

On Al-Jazeera, 6 December video was shown. Women sit next to each other, and some of them say that the militants did not kidnap them, but “took them out of the shelling.” They are allegedly well treated and released in two days. (These two days have already passed, but no one has released them).

There is one detail that makes one strongly doubt the sincerity of the words spoken in captivity, under pressure and threats. I had to go to Maaloule, as well as to Sendnaya and other Christian holy places in Syria. So, over the clothes of the nuns are always wearing big crosses. If you search the Internet for photographs of the Mother Superior of the monastery of St. Thecla before the abduction, this cross is clearly visible. In the video provided by the militants, the nuns are sitting without crosses!

It is impossible not to recall other cases in which people who are in captivity of bandits are forced to speak under their dictation. So, in the summer of 2012, in the village of At-Tel near Damascus, journalists of the Syrian television channel Al-Ihbariya were abducted. One of the staff of the film crew was immediately killed by thugs. The rest were forced to say in front of the camera that the Syrian army had allegedly killed him. Fortunately, soon the servicemen managed to free the journalists during a special operation. And then they told about the brutal murder of their colleague by gangsters - 60 bullets were fired at him ...

I also remember the case of the well-known journalist Ankhar Kochneva who was kidnapped by militants, who, under threats of murder and torture, were forced to "confess" that she was allegedly a "Russian spy." And two girls - nightclub dancers in Lebanon, one of them from Belarus, the other from Moldova - the militants who kidnapped them and transported to Syria, were forced to make a "confession" that they allegedly were Hezbollah agents. This is without knowledge of the Arabic language and without a Syrian visa!

So one can only guess how, under what threats, the nuns were forced to say what the insurgents wanted, who wanted to justify themselves. And what kind of pressure must be applied in order to force sincerely believing women to remove the crosses!

If the gangsters trying to call the kidnapping almost a “rescue operation” really would like to save the nuns - they would not be kept in a city where battles are constantly going on. As is known from the previous cases, the hostages are used by the “oppositionists” as human shields.

In addition, in complete contradiction with the statement of the sisters on video, a group called the Free Kalamuna Brigades made demands that the Syrian authorities and the Vatican announced: the nuns would be released only if the Syrian authorities released 1,000 prisoners from prison.

It is not easy for terrorists now - the army is crowding them. Released Deir-Atya, X-NUMX / 2 of the city of En-Nebec are under the control of military personnel. Next in line is the springboard of militants in the city of Yabrud (where they are supposedly being held hostage). Of course, 3 "bayonets" wouldn't hurt them. On each of those who are demanded to free the kidnappers - the killing of soldiers and civilians, complicity in terrorist acts, rape, smuggling weapons and other heinous crimes.

The militants' despair is also evidenced by the fact that they tried to make another information provocation: to accuse the Syrian authorities of the next use of chemical weapons. This time, allegedly, in the town of An-Nebec, nine members of the gangs were found dead with signs of chemical poisoning.

As stated by the command of the Army and the Armed Forces of the SAR, these statements of the "opposition" are absolute fiction. And Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar Al-Jafari, said that in this way Saudi Arabia’s supportive terrorists and other forces are trying to thwart the upcoming Geneva-2 conference.

This time the “information bomb” did not work. And how can we talk about the use of chemical weapons by the authorities after it is under the control of the inspectors of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons!

Meanwhile, Syria continues to be a fortress of resistance and a model for other countries. A delegation consisting of representatives of the Trade Unions of Teachers of Mauritania, Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon arrived in the country. They were received, inter alia, by the UAR Prime Minister Vail Al Khalki and the High Mufti Badr-ed-Din Hassoun. The delegates expressed full support for Syria and said that its struggle was an example for the entire Arab nation.

With great sorrow in Syria, the death of a prominent political figure, a fighter against colonialism and imperialism Nelson Mandela, was embraced. President Bashar al-Assad said that with his death, the world suffered an irreparable loss. “The world-famous freedom fighter, who has always been faithful to humanistic ideals, high spiritual values, principles of democracy and justice, died. He will forever remain in the consciousness and memory of mankind,” the head of state stressed, adding: “He was an example of integrity and firmness of mind, inspiring all oppressed peoples and instilling in them faith in the inevitability of the victory of the liberation forces over the aggressors and tyrants. "

Now Syria itself has to contend with aggressors and tyrants, but despite all the pain, all wounds and all losses, it wins!
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  1. makarov
    makarov 10 December 2013 08: 33
    History repeats itself. Not so long ago I saw a report about this monastery, and the abbess told how she had already been kidnapped earlier, and forced to tell what good and fair people the militants were. And again, all the same, with the same provocative "revolutionary" pathos, they say "we are not bandits" ... ugh ...
    1. A.YARY
      A.YARY 10 December 2013 11: 46
      Lena could tell how the officer's father was forced to "sing" on camera and the "camera" held a knife at the throat of his son. And when all they needed was ……!

      There are demons-jackals and there is no one on that side! Only demons!
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 December 2013 09: 43
    So one can only guess how, under what threats, the nuns were forced to say what the insurgents wanted, who wanted to justify themselves. And what kind of pressure must be applied in order to force sincerely believing women to remove the crosses!

    It can be seen even by a blind man that this is an ordinary video-joke, juggling. And airing such a video, the militants hope that this record is true. Who is the calculation?
    1. Sterlya
      Sterlya 10 December 2013 10: 02
      these are not Muslims. shout to Allahu akbar after every shot? and consider yourself a Muslim? my slippers are laughing
  3. Sergg
    Sergg 10 December 2013 10: 05
    We all know that Syrian militants are degenerates and degenerates who have nothing to do with the concept of Man, their attempt to whitewash themselves in such a criminal way will not succeed: what captive weak women can say is, of course, only what the captors will demand. The dirty war initiated by the West continues, it is their associates who are conducting a criminal war against the people of Syria and kidnap women.
  4. alone
    alone 10 December 2013 19: 39
    kidnapping and keeping peaceful people is a serious crime and there is no excuse for criminals. But speaking in front of the camera is a rather old trick, and this method has been used for a long time.
    According to my data, the demand of the militants has been put forward that they are ready to release them in exchange for mastering 1000 of their comrades-in-arms from Syrian prisons.
    A month ago, there was information that the militants invading this city were driven out by Assad. A month passes and they take hostages there. request If the city was taken by the government, how did the jihadists end up there? If the jihadists took the city back into their own hands, then the phrase "Now Syria itself has to fight the aggressors and tyrants, but despite all the pain, all the wounds and all the losses are still winning!" premature hi
  5. kelevra
    kelevra 17 December 2013 22: 13
    Fortunately, the world community realized that there are no "good oppositionists" in Syria, there is no one to support there! And there is no government dictatorship. Now the militants began to look for ways to escape, where to dump them. After all, America stopped sponsoring them, the Saudis also hesitated to give money, Therefore, it is clear that they will be crushed! If Russia did not intervene with the proposal to destroy chemical weapons, the Americans would have been stomping around in Syria for a long time and would have looked towards Iran!