Military Review

Enduring and Legendary

Enduring and Legendary

1. How it was

Even before the collapse of the USSR, more precisely, on the eve of this historical disasters, strange words began to sound for us for the first time: “contract army”, sometimes more familiar - “professional army”. Beautiful formulations, vivid examples from the camp of the “probable adversary”, the movement of soldier’s mothers (more precisely, mothers who absolutely do not want to be soldiers), the total denial of any positive examples of the history of their own country, the arguments of experts, and simply a craving for reform of everything and that it is impossible to reform, day after day, year after year, the denial of military draft was driven into public consciousness.

Ever since I have been tormenting myself with the question: where did “experts”, “military history specialists” and similar “chicks of perestroika” come from, so far flashing on the screens and pages of various media? Where are those scientific communities and educational institutions that recognized THEIR such?

Of course, there were real grounds for criticizing the army: a battalion, a cropped division, where the main type of combat work of a conscript soldier was sweeping and dragging, and leisure time was a scuffle, scientifically called “non-statutory relationships,” there was also a battle with the harvest, and construction of someone’s cottages. But the core of the armed forces, the combat component, and this, in addition to the “internationalist warriors” in Afghanistan, the whole of Eastern Europe, the border military districts, was at the peak of its power. And the probable enemy, by the way, had the opinions of his experts, who debated on how much time will pass from the start of hostilities to the appearance of Russians tanks on the English Channel - two or three weeks. Disputes on the topic of whether it will be possible to contain the blow of the Soviet Army by NATO forces without using nuclear weapons, did not have.

Let us return, however, to the picture of the beginning of those troubled times (there was already an April plenum, Gorbachev said something about perestroika and began with an anti-alcohol company). I recall the spring of 1985, the military commissariat and the draft board. What happened to the fate of the boys crowding in those corridors? I remember a strong guy who had memorized a vision test table so that they wouldn’t be rejected in the landing, and his joy when he was assigned to the Airborne Forces. There were volunteer sailors who were not embarrassed by the extra year of service on navy. I remember my answer to the question “Where would you like to serve, comrade draftee”: “Where the homeland will send, comrade Colonel.”

From my 10 "B" class of an ordinary Moscow school from 17, 15 went into the army, two "killed", one mother had a doctor and terrible health problems, the closer to the call, the worse it got, the other somehow left for homeland in Georgia to appeal there, but something did not work out.

My spring call for 1985 of the year was the first when students of day universities began to be called up for service in the Armed Forces. The scheme is simple: I entered the first year, studied for a year, turned 18 years old, apply for academic leave for the duration of the service - and forward, to new impressions. There are a lot of students among conscripts, but no one tore his hair and didn’t beat his head against the wall. If everyone goes to serve, then what to complain about? What was born? They looked for pros, passed exams, prepared as they could for service. The military enlistment office did not rush, giving the opportunity to pass the session, the teachers willingly agreed to early exams.

I remember what magical effect the agenda made on my physics teacher, the gray-haired assistant professor, I don’t know that he was convinced more, the agenda or my answer that “E divergence in the equipotential field is zero,” but satisfactorily he wrote to me in the record book and added aloud what something dreary: "Well, go to your army." “Not in ours, but in ours, the Soviet one,” I joked and caught the obviously cheerful face of the associate professor at the General Physics Department of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Much can be remembered, but I don’t recall any sensations or thoughts about not understanding what is happening, much less about his inner denial. And in conversations with classmates and fellow students we did not have protests, complaints about fate or despondency. And about the positive moments in communication with peers who have become much more responsive in those spring draft days, probably, each of my comrades recalls in a special way. There was a farewell, everything is as it should be, a rank. Then the Dynamo-2 Stadium on Kashirskoye Highway, where all the draftees of the Krasnogvardeisky district of Moscow were gathered there in the morning. I remember a friend, classmate Dimka. His fellow students from the bus were taken out of the bus and solemnly brought into the stadium gates, with a duplicate of priceless cargo, so to speak. Then there was the “Ugreshka”, the Moscow assembly point on Ugreshskaya Street, all the draftees were waiting for their “buyers” officers from military units and formations who had come to take the teams of draftees to their units.

Then there was the service, two years, many new things, the knowledge of oneself and others. I remember that the 6-km march needed in the company of 32 for a minute to run, and you can still run in the OZK in the summer, shoot a gas mask. And I also remember the battalion on the parade ground and the question of the commander of the unit: “Those who are ready to continue service in the DRA, two steps forward,” and everyone stepped, probably not thinking much, simply because it was impossible not to step. They didn’t select everyone, Moscow and Leningrad aren’t suitable, why should the capital be disturbed with “200 cargo”, children from incomplete families, don’t take one child, do not go from small villages - if, God forbid, trouble, then the whole collective farm is not acceptable for public peace, so to speak.

In a word, everything is thought out, maybe that's why the monument to “Afghans” stands on the banks of the Kachi in Krasnoyarsk, the regional Siberian cities of many children were sent to Afghan. Many of our soldiers fought and died on Afghan soil, not knowing that their valor and courage, self-sacrifice and just hard soldier’s work by the people of the country they defended would be recognized as unnecessary in five years.

Eternal memory to the soldiers, the last defenders of the Soviet Union!

Then they didn’t think about it, they served everything, Afgan was far away, and each of his bowls of porridge fell out. In my there were outfits, guards, shooting, checking, reading newspapers, the program "Time", also did not do without a lip, the usual service, like everyone else, put up with a bayonet-knife in the guardhouse "Demobel is inevitable, like the collapse of capitalism" and a poster on the wall in Lenkomnat "Homeland highly appreciates your service, soldier." How many years later to evaluate this "folklore"? One night, chemists-dosimetrists were raised and ordered to carry out radiation reconnaissance, everyone wondered that this was the first time such a garbage, a major-chief, and he was not aware of it. In the morning, a new introductory - radiation reconnaissance to conduct continuously, up to a special order. Three days later, we learned about Chernobyl. Days, weeks, months, and years - there are only two of them, and both are gone, home soon, for a walk, for some reason, and for study. Nothing stuck to the epaulettes, a roundabout sheet and a divorce on the parade ground - and already former colleagues are marching past us under the “Slavyanka”. Here it is, a demob of delight, a brief moment from the gate of the house to the house, May 1987 of the year.

And somehow it immediately caught my eye: the country was becoming different, it smelled of “perestroika” in the air. The queue for vodka in three rounds around the stores, kiosks with juice at every turn, "Luber", articles about AIDS in the newspapers and the daily Gorbachev on TV, radio. They joked that if you listen, the iron plugged in will speak in the voice of the general secretary.

And then the talk about the “professional army”, service under the contract and the most surprising thing about our lag in military construction, the inexpediency of the content and the need for reform, peaceful coexistence and a lot of correct, smart things have moved from the category of chatter to the category of the main theme in all layers already losing its form, idea, meaning of the existence of society. Now it is impossible to figure out whether the authorities decided to please the people, or the people caught the thought of the leader, or the leader threw the idea to the masses. I do not know. But the fact that the idea sown by someone found support also is a fact, and another fact is that this idea turned out to be a catalyst for the collapse of the army and the country as a whole.

In the meantime, the army fought, the one not professional, not contractual, lagging behind in matters of recruitment, badly in need of reform, already betrayed by the political leadership of the country, quite professionally fought with a serious dangerous opponent. And she was preparing to fight, studied and at the same time was in a state of readiness to immediately join the battle.

Let the “specialists” answer me, not the cardboard ones, but the real ones. Has a strategic army group, similar to the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany in the period from the creation to the year 1987-88, ever been comparable in the world readiness, equipment, and training in world history?

And with this force, the most terrible thing that could happen to the army, with its soldiers - the army was betrayed by its own people. “Soldiers' mothers”, human rights activists, the yellow press lined up in the line of accusers and prosecutors and, on behalf of the people, mixed up the soldiers of their own country fighting in Afghanistan. We began to call for the withdrawal from Eastern Europe of our elite compounds, which, by their very presence, cemented the global world order and guaranteed the observance of security and untouchability of our indigenous territory.

The Soviet army was crushed and destroyed by its people, its highest generals, the political leadership of the country, a country that went into oblivion after its army. Of course, now it is easier and clearer to see the truth, foam has settled, the dregs have subsided and it became clear that the betrayal of the army by its people and the government destroys the army that protects the country, and a country without an army is doomed to death. At the very moment when we turned away from our army, we signed the sentence to the country where we were born. In 41, our grandfathers didn’t turn away, didn’t betray and survived and won, but we decided that we need a mercenary army, Afghanistan is a shameful war, and, looking, someone already drunk conducts a German orchestra, and we applaud.

Years passed, many events and many changes, demonstrations gave way to shooting, democracy separatism, the athletes became gangsters, the gangsters became deputies. My comrades in the institute became merchants, comrades in the service went to the "cops" and looked at the merchants. Someone left, someone drinks, someone is gone. Life in an era of change.

But only in May, in every city, from Moscow to the very outskirts, boys and gray-haired uncles get their green hats, in August, troops of all ages across the country wear berets, sailors do not have visors. What nostalgia is about and why, why these already far from boys recall those very years in that very inefficient and outdated army. (I do not advise, by the way, to ask them about it.) Let the psychologists sort out their intoxicating souls, this is not important. It is important, in my opinion, that for a large part of our fellow citizens service to their country in the ranks of the armed forces was and remains, if not the work of a lifetime, then certainly a matter of a lifetime.

2. How did it become

Any inheritance has heirs. There is an heiress to the indestructible and legendary Soviet Army, and the fleet also remained, although the story, like an anecdote, happened to the fleet. In the city of glory of the Russian seamen of Sevastopol, now there are two fleets - the Russian and the Ukrainian. If I had dreamed of this in 1985 on an appeal, I would have fallen into a fool, and not in the army, and I would have given up.

The historical breakdown experienced by the country, in the most disastrous way, changed the attitude of people towards the army towards military service. A persistent denial of the need for such an unshakeable, system-forming concept as a call for military service has been formed. Conscription service is the lot of fools, the army is an obsolete institution of the state, we will not let our children go there, the attitude to military service has changed for the majority, and single sober voices have drowned in a sea of ​​popular discontent with their army. This tendency was strengthened by the fact that difficult battle tests fell on the fragments of the Soviet Army, which had not yet become the Russian Army. Two Chechen campaigns stretched out on the veins and blood of the boys who were called to the service, but could not be trained, and feed and clothe them was not easy, not so long ago mighty military districts barely scraped up the consolidated battalions ... Even the marines had to attack the Grozny fleet redeploy. Militias are just not needed, I do not know, really, good or bad.

It was also hard for our soldiers because they didn’t have the most important thing, the ideas with which the soldiers went into battle, and traded them, then surrendering to captivity, then redeeming them from captivity. But they fought, died for Yeltsin’s second term, and another billion of Berezovsky, and took Grozny, and drove into the mountains a well-motivated, equipped, informed opponent. And they, recruits, went to the fire, and, “mercenaries” -professionals? .. Let the historians get to the bottom of the truth and tell about the contribution of the hired and military units in those battles. It’s not for me to judge who fought and how in Grozny on that very New Year’s night, I wasn’t there.

Let scientists calculate with arithmetic accuracy how many contract soldiers there were in the company of the Pskov paratroopers who died all but did not retreat. And without cold calculations, it is clear that the mountaineers were basically a conscript army who had gone too far before the loss of humanity, simply because we had no other, and could not and could not have.

Later, in 2008, trained by American instructors, dressed and fattened at overseas handouts, Saakashvili’s “contract servicemen” with the support of mercenary heirs, Benders ran ahead of their own screeching from recruits, 18-20 boys, who at that time were Russian soldiers - defenders of their country .

Now, basically, our army remains a draft, the percentage of mercenaries is small, their contribution to the defense of the country, in my opinion, is rather negative.

I will explain. Imagine an army with a mixed recruitment principle.

On the one hand - a boy, a romantic, dreaming of landing, of victories and deed, of service to the country. He did not "stumble", he was not "otmazali", he is ready to serve. On the other hand, it is a fully formed, but not found itself in a civilian, who came for the "loot" is far from an ideal contract.

And now the question: what military specialty will the army offer to one and the other? Who will do the dirty work, and whose will be the cream?

And for what we cut the wings of our sons, why can not we appreciate the good, which led them to the service? Why do we want our army to rely on recruited contract soldiers than they are more useful? Why instead of maintaining a patriotic impulse, we want to eradicate it, to exchange it for money?

Because it is easier? Yes. Do you have to mess with draftees? Teach? Work with their parents? Yes. But the army is not only an instrument of foreign policy, defense and deterrence. The army is also a huge mechanism of education, the formation of a worldview. The army is another scale of values. The army is courage, patience, the will to win, honor and justice. By investing money in “messing around” with draftees for 12-24 months, we are forming a whole generation of young, capable people. And these people, returning to their cities, villages, houses change the life of the whole country. The draft army is a unique mechanism of domestic policy, education, and the creation of a favorable economic environment.

Only this mechanism should be used with skill and care.

I repeat, I think that the Armed Forces of the USSR were defeated because they were betrayed, and the country that lost the army disappeared.

I am sure that it will not be possible to defeat the Russian army to an external enemy, but you can destroy it by making it mercenary. And if Russia loses its army, we will lose Russia.

3. Is there an alternative to mercenaries?

There is. I am sure that there is. It can not be! Just because all the victories for the Russian mined the army is not hired. What kind of army do we need then? I will put aside the technical component of the Armed Forces. This is the most important topic for another article. Let's talk about people in uniform.

I will try to begin to draw a portrait of such armed forces (the ideal military machine). Army, which will be part of the country, its support, its pride and glory.

Imagine that, the highest political leadership, realizing all the destructiveness and danger of the destruction of the army, suddenly decides to radically change the situation. For this (besides, naturally, real re-equipment) it will take a number of organizational measures, namely:

1. Transition to recruitment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with conscripts.

2. A call for military service on the principle of VOLUNTARY, that is, a citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached 18 years of age, passes a medical commission and other standard procedures that exist now, but the draft board gives a written answer to the question: "Does he want and is ready to join the ranks The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or refuse such a right.

3. The term of service on conscription - 24 month.

4. The first six months - general military training, aimed at leveling the physical, moral, adaptive capabilities of young soldiers. Such training is conducted on the basis of district training centers under the guidance of the best commanders. Daily medical control, psychological support for EVERY soldier. The fighter of the Russian army is a “piece product”, and it should be protected, but not spoiled, tempered, but not broken, taught, but not trained. Personal responsibility of the commander - for each fighter, for his physical, moral condition.

The tasks of the stage are the preparation of each soldier for further in-depth training of the military specialty. Full adaptation of the fighter to military service, its hardship and hardship. Vocational orientation by type of service, specialties, identification of candidates for junior commanders schools. Each soldier must be sifted, studied, examined in a magnifying glass in order to maximize the use of natural inclinations and eliminate personal shortcomings.

The second six months - getting a military specialty. Tankmen, gunners, paratroopers, border guards, and motorized infantry, who were previously selected and distributed during the first stage of the service, begin to study their specialties. This stage of training passes on the basis of training centers of the armed forces. The goal of the stage is complete mastery of the military specialty, in-depth combat training, taking into account the specifics of the kind of military. Complete training of the soldier to solve the tasks of military service in the army. Distribution to a specific warhead for continued service.

The third half of the year - serving in the combat unit as a full-fledged member of the military team, improving skills, mastering related specialties. The study of specific local conditions of combat work.

The fourth half of the year - change of the warhead, west to Siberia, north to south (to gain additional skills of service in different climatic zones and to relieve psychological fatigue from monotony).

5. To encourage young people of the citizens of the Russian Federation to make a decision to voluntarily join the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to amend federal laws. Namely:

1) State medical insurance for military personnel, lump sum payments for injuries. Benefits (not handouts) in case of injury or death. Lifelong social providing with disability, quality medical care for life.

2) The right to receive higher education at the expense of the state.

3) Tax breaks. Citizens of the Russian Federation who have served voluntary military service in the ranks of the Armed Forces are exempt from paying income tax, property, land and other types of tax on physical. individuals.

4) Legislative consolidation of the norm on the fact that male citizens of the Russian Federation who have necessarily completed voluntary conscription service can enter the civil service. Exceptions - for those deemed unfit for service in the Armed Forces.

5) At the end of the urgent voluntary service - state interest-free loan for the purchase (construction) of housing in the place from which it was called.

6) Admission to military schools and higher military educational institutions, awarding officer ranks - only after volunteer military service.

I hear a chorus of skeptics! Their arguments are easy to foresee. Do not waste time, offer an alternative, if any. Of course, it's easier to pay: 500-600 thousands of mercenaries, there is a contract, that's all. To pay off military service all over the country. They recruited mercenaries, and the head doesn’t hurt our children, and the army is now professional, trained, it must smash any enemy. Should, but can it? The simplicity of the mercenary army - it is seeming, dipping. There is no rear behind the mercenary army, there is money behind them, but there is no people, there is no country behind them. We have already lost one country, is there a desire to walk around the rake?

Personally, I think that than throwing money on contract soldiers, it is better to prepare recruits. The money spent on such an army will return to the economy when these guys return home. And how many we tear away from drunkenness and drugs, how much we will teach to be people, warriors, defenders. How many will we save from prisons, how many will open our eyes to the world and give way to another life. We will teach you to set a goal for yourself, to find solutions to problems, to temper their will to move along this path. How to climb in this world a boy from a Siberian village on 100 yards, where men at thirty have finished drinking to “squirrel”, and he wants and can live. So this guy, instead of disappearing, will serve the Homeland in the army, return home and, having already looked at his village with different eyes, will begin to change it with his already strong soldiery character and having become much stronger hands, thereby serving the Homeland once again.

And most importantly, if we do this, if we can still give these guys modern technology, then, if not immediately, but we will create such a force, trying to a tooth that no one, not even a suicide, comes to mind.

And this army cannot be torn off from the people, and it will not be possible to betray it. Because there is no border between the country's army and its people.

And the old forgotten slogans “The people and the army are one” and “Army is the school of life” oh, how important it will sound again.

PS After I wrote this article, the media passed information about the proposals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to change the principles of recruitment of the Armed Forces. The initiative seems to come from Minister Shoigu, and it seems that in these sentences one can see the elements written above in the “magnifying glass”.

Wait and see.
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  1. ReifA
    ReifA 10 December 2013 08: 43 New
    Improvisation in the morning.

    The people have a people's army. The merchant has a detachment of mercenaries.
    And Russia is a huge country. I’m glad of the People’s Army.
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 10 December 2013 09: 53 New
      -15 qualifying.
      Quote: ReifA
      Improvisation in the morning.

      Yes, the author is selling "heat".
      Not everyone was selected, Moscow and Leningrad are no good, why should the capitals be disturbed with a “load of 200”.
      Two Chechen campaigns, stretched out on the veins and blood of the boys who were called up for service, could not be trained, and it was not easy to feed and dress them, in not so long ago the mighty military districts barely scraped the combined battalions ...
      In a word, everything is thought out, maybe that's why the monument to the “Afghans” stands on the banks of the Kacha River in Krasnoyarsk, the regional Siberian cities sent many children to Afghanistan. Monument "Black Tulip" in Yekaterinburg on the square of ODO (Regional House of Officers). The whole country took part and the capital spat in them "federals" from NTV, etc.
      4) Legislative consolidation of the norm that male citizens of the Russian Federation who have necessarily completed voluntary conscription service can enter the civil service. Exceptions - for those deemed unfit for service in the armed forces.

      Everyone, I think, remembers the anecdote about Vasily Ivanovich, who sat down to play poker in an English club and unexpectedly found out that "gentlemen take each other's word." As we remember, it was at this moment, according to the anecdote, that the legendary divisional commander "flooded the map"
      the “contract soldiers” Saakashvili dressed and fattened on overseas handouts with the support of the hired heirs of Bender ran ahead of their screech from the conscripts, boys of 18-20 years old, who at that time were Russian soldiers - defenders of their country.
      The reinforcing grouping of the Russian military contingent included: the exhaust gas control of the North Caucasus Military District, VPU 58 A, the exhaust gas 19 msd 58 A, 9 msr 693 msp; BTGr 693 MSP; pdp 239 orb; 135 MSP with tr, 141 ref; BTGr 429 MSP; 1090 ozrdn 19 ffd; oo SPN 10 arr SPN, 239 orb 19 msd, oo SpN 22 arr SPN; 665 hordes 114 rbr, 1 read 943 reap, 4 reap 292 sap 58 A; MG 1077 about electronic warfare 19 msd; 136 omsbr; 1439 UISB 19 Msd, 93 UISB 205 Omsbr 58 A. Parts of the 76th Airborne Division were also redeployed to the zone of armed conflict.
      Google about the personnel of these units, how many conscripts were in them.
      The conscription service is the lot of fools
      We got these records with cries of a recruiting army.

      Only under contract is the service at least 5 years old with a decent level of payment and this is after 5-6 months of KMB.
      But KMB) Fees) is mandatory for everyone and should be held in summer camps from April to October and will be repeated for 7-10 years. I think there are enough examples of Switzerland.
      1. hommer
        hommer 10 December 2013 11: 31 New
        Quote: Papakiko
        only contracted service, at least 5 years with a decent level of payment, and this is after 5-6 months of KMB.

        And if you add to the law that people who have not served in the army are not accepted for public service?
        Maybe such a change will raise the prestige of military service. And the quality of the bureaucracy must improve.
        1. Hon
          Hon 10 December 2013 11: 44 New
          By no means all positions in the civil service are "sweet". in most cases this service is of no use to anyone.
          1. hommer
            hommer 10 December 2013 14: 20 New
            Then let's go even further - those who did not serve cannot be elected to elected positions at all levels.
            Or, just according to Heinlein - those who did not serve cannot be voters?
            1. Papakiko
              Papakiko 10 December 2013 17: 57 New
              Quote: hommer
              non-serving cannot be voters

              But what about the women and children of the aligarchs and sovereign people?
              1. does it
                does it 11 December 2013 19: 40 New
                Quote: Papakiko
                But what about the women and children of the aligarchs and sovereign people?

                They otmazhutsya, they are no stranger, and to defend their "peace" with their blood will be recruits from the bottom of the social ladder. recourse
            2. Good fellow
              Good fellow 10 December 2013 18: 32 New
              ..and those who violate the criminal code are also deprived of the right to be a voter.
      2. воронов
        воронов 10 December 2013 18: 33 New
        Quote: Papakiko
        I think there are enough examples of Switzerland

        And why should Russia take Switzerland as an example, better from Luxembourg laughing
      3. Alekseev
        Alekseev 10 December 2013 18: 41 New
        Quote: Papakiko
        Only under contract is the service at least 5 years old with a decent level of payment and this is after 5-6 months of KMB.

        The author of the article presents military service in a somewhat idealistic way. He should not forget that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And "what is" a conscript for the most part now, what is his level of elementary literacy today, not to mention his moral level.
        Not a disaster, but to put it mildly, not perfect. yes
        Yes, and "everything was stolen before us" yes - even in antiquity, the "eternal" dispute about a professional warrior (knight, vigilante) and a militia was resolved: in peacetime - a squad, in in the event of a serious military conflict, a militia cannot be dispensed with. In this regard, nothing under the moon has changed since those glorious times. yes
        The question is more about establishing a fair order in the organization of the conscription service than, apparently, no one is seriously engaged.
        I agree that the call should only be the training of reserve personnel and candidates for contract soldiers, with the exception, perhaps, of some non-combat VUS, where it is possible to call on already "ready" or almost ready specialists (cooks, drivers in the support unit, etc.)
        But the service of the conscript is not only the KMB. Here you also need to get solid skills in VUS. And then the service in the reserve of various categories. From almost combat-ready "National Guard" to "Volkssturm"
        This path has already been traveled in history by many states.
        And only he allows the people to create an army capable of defending him (and even in such a huge country like Russia). Rather, it allows him to protect himself. For officers and soldiers are the sons of the same people, and not in / serving in the Foreign Legion.
        By the way, some are eagerly calling for the recruitment of such an army from migrant workers.
        Well, to serve urgent, i.e. to prepare yourself for the defense of your homeland should all worthy. Urkaganov, candidates for terrorists, etc. must be asked not to disturb the ranks of the sun.
        And deviators are not full citizens, with all that it implies.
    2. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 10 December 2013 15: 41 New
      The author mixes everything together in a bunch. Let's go in order.

      Everyone served in the USSR ON CALL, but wasn't it with such an army that he broke up? where are the guarantees that the state will be protected by the draft army?

      and why is the contractor worse? Does Russian cease to be Russian if he is simply paid more? I understand the French foreign legion where they take everyone for the ball, for that they shed blood for the life of the French, but after all, RUSSIANS will serve Russia.

      and let’s not confuse it, in the USSR, when all the republics fed the country together, there were no problems supplying troops. And what does the author propose to the Russian Federation alone? Isn’t it true that after the collapse of the Union after 1991, everyone went hungry in the army, selling ammunition, ammunition, even to enemies (the Chechen campaign) ?! there, Ukraine in general sold all the weapons of the USSR, and in Russia now they are just starting to supply troops with new equipment thanks to Putin, although this supply is lagging behind the Chinese and especially the times of the Union.

      Another argument, when he is an experienced contractor, they take (so far) retired conscripts into the contract, they know how to control the equipment, where and how to shoot, and what will the rookie offer him besides naked bravery? a saber to the tank? recklessly dying is not a feat, and mother is not ashamed to look if she dies, they say he chose and went and didn’t force him, I am sure there will always be voluntary fighters to defend their homeland.

      Besides, if a big war begins, who will stand aside? you’ll go to love, because by logic you understand them (conscripts) will be killed then they will reach you, only together you can win.

      The contract is needed so that the soldier or officer no longer thinks about family life problems, but thinks about his profession, war is coming and personnel are needed.

      I agree with the author with only one point, an officer can only become a soldier after serving, that is, in his own skin he will see everything, in the spirit of Napoleon, from corporal to marshal.
      And then they got used to command from the school immediately. smacks of royal aristocracy, when the nobility decided whether you were worthy to command or not, and not the real experience of battles and the recognition of soldiers subordinates.
      1. воронов
        воронов 10 December 2013 18: 41 New
        Quote: Max_Bauder
        Everyone served in the USSR ON CALL, but wasn't it with such an army that he broke up?

        It’s you who piled everything together. What does the army and the collapse of the USSR have to do with it? The Soviet Union collapsed due to the betrayal of the elite, primarily the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and later to the President of the USSR, Gorbachev. Just as the Russian Empire collapsed in 1917, it was not the Bolsheviks that destroyed it, nor the army, but the betrayal of the close associates of Emperor Nicholas II and his lack of will.
        1. Max_Bauder
          Max_Bauder 11 December 2013 10: 56 New
          Wrong Dear! =)

          who else but the army defends the state? her regalia flag, anthem, political system? unarmed people?

          and if the intervention? as for example Ukraine asks Russia to send troops, does this mean its army is unable to cope?

          in 1991, the army turned its back on the government (GKChP), the FSB did not arrest Yeltsin, who, if they had not betrayed the USSR, probably did the right thing for everyone who contributed to the collapse of the Union, but they should be called by their proper names, they betrayed the country of the army to which they belonged.

          that before the revolution of 1917, there were defenders, Kolchak, Denikin and other devotees of the Empire, but the Reds honestly defeated them, that’s all.

          You are either for the system or against it, when against the existing system, then you are a traitor in its face.
          1. воронов
            воронов 12 December 2013 17: 57 New
            Quote: Max_Bauder
            in 1991, the army turned its back on the government (GKChP), the FSB did not arrest Yeltsin, who, if not they betrayed the USSR

            Now everyone is clever in hindsight. In 1991 I was a company commander in Mongolia, at the time of the collapse of the USSR, the vast majority of military personnel, including and I, and indeed the whole nation didn’t understand anything at all, think you changed the name of the USSR to the CIS, but all the same a union, you thought so. If you thought differently, then why didn’t you take up arms and defend the USSR? were you at all and where were you at that time?
      2. воронов
        воронов 10 December 2013 19: 05 New
        Quote: Max_Bauder
        And then they got used to command from the school right away

        Dear, it’s interesting you studied in what VU where they gave you command? laughing Neither me nor my classmates during the 4 years of study at the Higher Education Institution were given much command, there were enough school commanders without us, but we were drunk, from high to low, and often we grabbed weekends and holidays. After 4 years they entrusted training and graduation to the platoon, and no more, after 4 of the year it became a company. Yes and then, at the academy I didn’t have to give a special order. soldier
        1. Max_Bauder
          Max_Bauder 11 December 2013 11: 02 New
          I’m talking about My dear, that after graduating from college you get the rank of lieutenant, when in the army after the term you will become no more than a foreman, isn’t it? smile

          You can get a job as an ensign, but it’s not considered an officer, is it? smile

          but he spoke about the command only to emphasize that priority in command and control of troops during the war should not be given by rank but by experience, no matter what division, platoon, company, battalion, regiment or division it is.
          1. not good
            not good 11 December 2013 21: 32 New
            Regarding serve, then go to VU, I’ll tell from my experience. I served then I went to VU and studied for 5 years next to those who did not serve and went to VU, it was easier for me and those who came from the Armed Forces to do military service, but when I studied more difficult, but at the exit after 5 years, the qualifications of the officers were not determined or not before entering the higher educational institution, but how did you study conscientiously, plus what you absorbed as an officer during your years of study. From the experience of many years of service, I declare that if a person is not given to become an officer, he will never be an officer. Among my classmates, there are those who did not serve before entering the VU, but who reached admiral positions with their labor and then, and those who served before entering but did not go further than the lieutenant. In the USSR, in the 70s there was experience when civilians who arrived at the military college went to serve for a year in a specialized branch of the army, but they refused this experience a few years later, apparently they did not achieve the expected effect. Moreover, at the military college (during my studies) in the first year it was really more difficult than a first-year soldier , and expelled for any reason, for 2 courses out of 104 people from the company expelled 30 (the first course in the system was called: guilty without guilt). Yes, and in practice they fought harder than conscripts and correctly fought. After the third year it became easier. there is no point in demanding then serve in the VU. And with regard to the draft army, we must take an example from Israel, I did not serve, not a full-fledged citizen, because if you consider yourself a citizen of a country, you must be able to defend it, and the people's militia is an extreme option of conscription. A person who does not have the minimum military service skills in the event of going to war may simply not have time to learn.
            1. воронов
              воронов 12 December 2013 18: 30 New
              I completely agree that several people flew to VU from the first year who entered the VU from the army, from the 2 course they expelled a similar pair, they said that in the army, by urgency, they were much easier. Literally, the units that arrived in VU from the army or after it. So it is not a fact that the cadets who served in the army, or who entered the VU from it are more qualified and more prepared than the cadets who entered the VU from the school bench. I don’t say about the Suvorov students, they were really better prepared, but rather just psychologically.
          2. воронов
            воронов 12 December 2013 18: 20 New
            Quote: Max_Bauder
            I’m talking about My dear, that after graduating from college you get the rank of lieutenant, when in the army after the term you will become no more than a foreman, isn’t it?

            But what about the fact that 4 years in combined arms schools and 5 years in engineering and navy are equated to years of active military service and the cadet in military schools for command schools is the same soldier as for army command. Are you after 4-x-5 years of training and services in higher educational institutions to assign graduates to senior officers or warrant officers? You see, they are very far from the army in general and from military schools in the above privacy, but then you undertake to discuss these topics.
      3. klim44
        klim44 10 December 2013 22: 32 New
        I understand the French foreign legion where everyone is taken for the ball, for which they shed blood for the life of the French. Unsuccessful example. The Legion has participated in all the wars of France since its inception and is the most militant and respected unit. They do not run from the enemy.
        1. Max_Bauder
          Max_Bauder 11 December 2013 11: 03 New
          In this case, criticism of the mercenary army has no basis at all.
      4. zeleznijdorojnik
        zeleznijdorojnik 28 February 2014 19: 10 New
        I do not agree - as far as I remember the school - the first years of 3 of us were dr-whether worse than conscripts, if not tougher. Dear author, apparently forgot that the lieutenant epaulettes not in the military registration and enlistment office give out beautiful eyes, but they plow for 5 years.
  2. os9165
    os9165 10 December 2013 08: 50 New
    Everything is fine in the article, except for Russia there’s no motivation for the soldier’s service right now. I need a national idea. As we see, make loot - the idea doesn’t work. But we need to increase combat efficiency and look for ways. I need an idea, inspired by which, the people voluntarily supported the ruling the elite. The slogans “The people and the army are one” and “The army is the school of life” will sound again. The authorities must prove their effectiveness and legitimacy. To stay in power and not be overthrown by another clan, you need to have the support of the people. As Napoleon said: on bayonets you can come to power, but it is impossible to sit.
  3. maratenok
    maratenok 10 December 2013 09: 02 New
    Good article. I absolutely agree with the authors. Mercenaries are everywhere mercenaries who pay the most)))
    1. Hon
      Hon 10 December 2013 12: 07 New
      that is, our officers are mercenaries? they also get paid.
      1. mark021105
        mark021105 10 December 2013 12: 42 New
        In our time, we clearly understood that having chosen the profession of an officer for yourself, you should last 25 years. And this choice was made consciously. Of course, there were exceptions, but quitting before the term of service was problematic. And the motivation was not loot, but the honor of protecting the homeland.
      2. воронов
        воронов 10 December 2013 18: 50 New
        Quote: Hon
        that is, our officers are mercenaries? they also get paid.

        You can say so. Now the officer’s contract period is from 3's to 5 years, and then he can leave, he can unilaterally violate the terms of the contract and nothing will happen to him for it, well, unless he will be deducted from him for dismissal etc .. It is necessary to conclude an agreement with the officers upon entering the service, or at the end of the VU, let it be called a contract, it does not matter, at least for 10 years, and then you can extend the contract or release the officer in civilian life, if he will wish.
  4. Prometey
    Prometey 10 December 2013 09: 05 New
    I also remember the battalion on the parade ground and the question of the unit commander: “Who is ready to continue the service in the DRA, two steps forward,” and everyone took a step, probably not thinking much, simply because it was impossible not to step. Not all were selected .. children from single-parent families, one child not to take
    If so, then the approach was right. The state, if there is no threat to it, should not deprive the parents of an only child. Soldiers were sent to Chechnya, no matter what. Maybe I'm wrong, of course, but it was a crime.
  5. Rus86
    Rus86 10 December 2013 09: 09 New
    as far as I remember History, conscription armies always won in the Great Wars. from the wars of Carthage and Rome to the Second World War. (if you take in general)
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 10 December 2013 09: 44 New
      Quote: Rus86
      as far as I remember History, conscription armies always won in the Great Wars. from the wars of Carthage and Rome to the Second World War. (if you take in general)

      And during World War II, did someone have a hired army?
      1. Rus86
        Rus86 10 December 2013 09: 48 New
        Benelux countries? although here I’m not very sure
    2. Andrew 447
      Andrew 447 10 December 2013 22: 36 New
      Yes, that's right. This is because by the time the draft army is deployed, 30% of the contracted will remain at best.
    3. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 11 December 2013 11: 10 New
      And you did not argue why?

      in a big war you can’t hire so many fighters to withstand the enemy, love after exhaustion, but it will be because the war is big and lasts a lot of time, like the same Carthage or the Second World War, after the strength of the mercenaries runs out, you will be forced to send your people to the war ON CALL .

      where in the second world will you find 10 million hired soldiers? do u borrow china?
      send yours with love, so it turns out that the draft is REQUIRED but not BETTER than the Hired.
    4. uwzek
      uwzek 11 December 2013 17: 32 New
      You do not remember the story well (although I do not argue with the author of the article and with you I agree more closely) ... The Roman legions that defeated Carthage were mercenary, as was the army of Hannibal. The armies of Suvorov and Kutuzov can hardly be called draft (for a quarter of a century, then very few were called up). The armies that won the world wars, during their time became professional, regardless of the form of conscription (it is clear that general mobilization).
      I’m all about the fact that it’s very problematic to appeal to history in this matter, it remains not history, but naked emotions.
      The author of the article proposes to exempt from taxes for military service to the motherland. This is clearly in vain - taxes must be paid to everyone, and Tolik Chubais will buy a certificate of service for himself and will not give anything to his homeland legally. That is the right to elect and be elected and to serve in the civil service for those who have not completed military service in the troops (regardless of gender and state of health) should not really be. Apparently, Heinlein's ideas of the sixties of the last century will sooner or later have to listen. And in certain military specialties (even soldiers) sometimes ten years of service is not enough. So that without mercenaries in the army can not do ...
      1. ilya_oz
        ilya_oz 12 December 2013 00: 30 New
        The Roman legion of the time of the Punic Wars was conscripted, if not mistaken. Service in the Roman army was the duty of a citizen in exchange for rights. But after the reforms, Maria’s army became hired. (Caesar already had hired legionnaires)
      2. Rus86
        Rus86 12 December 2013 05: 40 New
        is there just anyone to consider mercenaries? contracted officers? or soldiers and sergeants? need professionals. trained, prepared as needed and provided with everything necessary. (when I served, my overcoat was the same age as mine, 23 years old at that time. But it was quite warm (well, to a certain temperature) it was full and shod. Here, the current of military practice was eeeh. held at 06-07 after graduation)
  6. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 10 December 2013 09: 10 New
    A boy who has passed through the army becomes a man, and with modern mowing, the percentage of fagots has grown significantly!
  7. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 10 December 2013 09: 15 New
    Has there ever been a strategic army grouping comparable in the level of combat readiness, equipment, and training, similar to the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany from the creation to the year 1987-88?

    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 10 December 2013 09: 36 New
      Zapad-81 is the code name for the operational and strategic exercises of the USSR army and navy and the Warsaw Pact countries, which took place from September 4 to 12, 1981 in the territory of the Belarusian, Kiev and Baltic military districts, as well as in the Baltic Sea. In addition to the Soviet Union, exercises were also held in several friendly states.
      They are one of the largest operational and strategic exercises in the history of the Soviet Armed Forces. In its scale, they are comparable only to large operations of the Great Patriotic War. During the West-81 exercises, an automated control system and some types of precision weapons were first tested
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 10 December 2013 09: 49 New
        Quote: Alex 241

        Sanya, thanks for the video.
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 10 December 2013 09: 58 New
          In the winter of 86, a 2nd year cadet took part in similar exercises (though instead of winter vacation, but this is all the lyrics) I watched all this power with my own eyes!
      2. erix-xnumx
        erix-xnumx 10 December 2013 09: 52 New
        A bewitching video. In those days, even for a millisecond it was impossible to imagine that only one person would destroy such power.
        1. Papakiko
          Papakiko 10 December 2013 10: 19 New
          Quote: erix-06
          that such power will destroy only one person.

          Where did you get that one person?
          In the USSR, the elders from the Central Committee steered.
          In the United States and England, the presidents, the prime minister and the queen solely in the form of a beautiful curtain, behind which there are more than one hundred interested millionaire millionaires. The latter are decision makers and consensus decision makers.
          The party decided to merge the USSR and merged.
          And the people are pawns on the chessboard of geopolitical games.
          1. predator.3
            predator.3 10 December 2013 16: 54 New
            Fathers and grandfathers left us the USSR. Apartments are free, benefits, high pensions. The war for us was won by the Nazis. And we? all urya, urya shouted in each of the 15 republics of the USSR. Would you like freedom? from whom is freedom? GOT B ... Th ...! Wanted sovereignty? disconnected from Russia? Now where do everyone go to work? and who spit on Russia? A.
            1. ImPerts
              ImPerts 10 December 2013 17: 34 New
              There is such a problem. Recently came across. Tough, but true.
          2. erix-xnumx
            erix-xnumx 11 December 2013 09: 08 New
            I agree with you about the existence of a whole web of ghouls who were interested in the collapse of the USSR, but the most prominent embodiment of these plans is Humpbacked. In the days of Stalin, most likely, there were also enough people who wanted to destroy our country, but he could resist them, and Humpbacked could not and did not want to ...
          3. The comment was deleted.
          4. Max_Bauder
            Max_Bauder 11 December 2013 11: 14 New
            Quote: Papakiko
            And the people are pawns on the chessboard of geopolitical games.

            you are just like Napoleon about the soldiers that they are cannon fodder.

            If there were leaders in the 1991s like Kolchak, Denikin and Yudenich, then Yeltsin would not have come to power. And rightly say when Gorbachev himself refuses power as the king of the crown, who will keep it, this power? It was also when Nicholas II denied.
      3. erix-xnumx
        erix-xnumx 10 December 2013 09: 52 New
        A bewitching video. In those days, even for a millisecond it was impossible to imagine that only one person would destroy such power.
      4. воронов
        воронов 10 December 2013 19: 14 New
        Thank you for the video!!!good soldier drinks
      5. Andrew 447
        Andrew 447 10 December 2013 22: 58 New
        Interestingly, in these exercises, there was a place for everyone from T-55 to T-72. In 1983 I had a chance to participate in "West 83", it is grandiose and unforgettable. Although, the ensign s.ts.u.k.o. with PCBs for 2 days, somewhere lost, well in the ZIP box there was a sack of potatoes, the whole battalion was fed wassat and then the canned meat and vegetable products developed a gag reflex and 1 tank GSPshniki drowned in Elba, and we tore them 1 GSP to foam.
        1. Aleks tv
          Aleks tv 10 December 2013 23: 47 New
          Quote: Andrey 447
          prapor s.ts.u.k.o. from PCB to 2 of the day, somewhere lost,

          Adventures often occur on PCBs, so what to take from it, it's the same:
          Пgrowth Х... th Дhey ...
          Quote: Andrey 447
          The 1 tank was drowned by the GSPshniki in Elba, and we tore the 1 GSP to foam polystyrene.

          Andrey, how did this happen?
          The articulated SHG is almost unsinkable in water, both of its cars (right and left) are full of foam plastic to the belly, it will be afloat even if the pumping fails on both SHGs ...
          What happened to the school?
      6. uwzek
        uwzek 11 December 2013 18: 11 New
        You, Alexander, are reporting a little. Especially about the elements of ACS in the army (to this day, after twenty two-odd years in the army is missing). Comparison of ostentatious teachings of the times of Brezhnev, who fell into insanity, with operations of the Second World War is generally incorrect. Apparently, you have laid out some kind of synopsis of the river of that period, not even really thinking.
        In addition, eight out of ten generals and fat colonels in command of the exercises six years later miraculously sold the PGW (Gorbachev and others sold it politically, and the aforementioned are very material).
        The fears of the probable enemy of the SA are also very exaggerated (they are, in many respects, determined by the natural desire of the local military to get their ration of vodka with lard, and not by the true state of affairs - the army is the eternal parasite of citizens).
        To exclude stupid comments. He served, both of my sons, too ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. erix-xnumx
          erix-xnumx 12 December 2013 05: 14 New
          Who and where did you serve? Probably you planned and conducted many exercises at the highest methodological level? And your idea that the "army is the eternal freeloader of citizens" did not prevent you and your sons from receiving money from citizens? Or did you then not feel like freeloaders around the neck of the working people with your entire dynasty? Or felt, but continued to receive an undeserved pretty penny?
    2. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 10 December 2013 14: 02 New
      Winter-spring 1945
      When the Wislo-Oder and Berlin offensive operations were carried out, then our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were.
      Here is the real power was.
      And so it was until the 60s, then degrade the entire beginning until it fell into decay altogether.
    3. coserg 2012
      coserg 2012 10 December 2013 15: 52 New
      I don’t know for 1987-88, but for 1976-79 we were told that the Northern Fleet + Kola Peninsula can fight with the whole world for 2 hours.
  8. Criowoolf
    Criowoolf 10 December 2013 09: 19 New
    I think it’s not necessary to be so categorical about changes in the army. Perhaps this is not an ideal attempt to rectify the situation by means that are relevant in our time and the situation of most ordinary citizens.
  9. Jack7691
    Jack7691 10 December 2013 09: 19 New
    Thanks to the author - he was called up after the first course of MADI, at 85m. And even there was no question - to serve or not. Of course to serve - preferably in marines or airborne forces. A dream came true - he served in the Airborne Forces, Lithuania - and I feel great. And they met after the demobilization the whole yard - barbecue, mashlyk, to drink ... Beauty !!!
  10. maniac
    maniac 10 December 2013 09: 27 New
    Cool article. I absolutely agree that the collapse of the Union began with the collapse of the army. He himself was called up in the 84th from the first year of the Aviation University. The military enlistment office immediately asked if you want to serve in aviation or where else. He nodded - in aviation somewhere else. I got into aviation. Air defense. Until now, I have never regretted that I served from bell to bell, interrupting my studies. We are still in touch with army friends.
  11. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 10 December 2013 09: 29 New
    I agree with the author.
    According to the proposals on volunteers, on the organization of the service.
    I want to add that those who received a military specialty in the DOSAAF organization should be sent to the duty station in this very specialty, and not according to the principle "where are you to plug a hole in your sonny?"
    I argue that those who are going to study at DOSAAF have already taken an independent, voluntary step towards the service. And we must reckon with such people, and not scatter them randomly.
    I also want to say that with a good social security from the state and a proposal made recently not so long ago about choosing to serve an emergency or go on a contract right away, I personally do not see much difference.
  12. aleks2007
    aleks2007 10 December 2013 09: 29 New
    A very good article. I agree 100%. He himself served in ZakVo in the years 90-92 and before my eyes there was a collapse of the country and the army. It is terrible that many friends are categorically against the service of their children in the army. There is no army without draftees !!!
    1. velikoros-xnumx
      velikoros-xnumx 10 December 2013 15: 50 New
      Quote: aleks2007
      There is no army without draftees !!!

      Without a draft army there is no Russia! Article plus, author credit. I myself think about the same with the author's calculations, I agree to 95% percent with some additions.
  13. ebrd
    ebrd 10 December 2013 09: 32 New
    Previously, after all, as it was - ,, yes, they didn’t take him into the army !!! ,, - it means that some inferior, unfinished ..., didn’t serve in the army, - this is like a shameful stigma - they say what to talk with him. And now - ,, slanted ,, - cool, smart! The call should be mandatory !!!
    1. Orik
      Orik 10 December 2013 12: 31 New
      So the author gave the outline of incentive to serve in the army, only got excited with taxes, it is not worth zeroing 13%, but to introduce an increased tax for example at 30% is correct, prohibit not only holding government posts, but also taking part in elections, block access to any social measures protection. The issue of soldiers' mothers is also important here, firstly, the restrictions are only for men, but for women ?! A woman in Orthodoxy is saved by childbearing, it is not only to give birth, but also to raise a child pleasing to God (according to the worldly, man). Similar measures are needed here. A soldier fulfills his duty from the age of 18, and so the woman who did not give birth to a first-born child until the age of 21-22 did not fulfill her duty with all the ensuing consequences on taxes, civil service, suffrage and others. In general, you begin to write and understand, WE NEED ANOTHER SOCIETY!
    2. uwzek
      uwzek 11 December 2013 18: 35 New
      Before - when? In the early Romanovs, they took from the village a certain number of unmarried, not older sons in the family, healthy recruits (in the first place, they looked at the teeth - they had to bite cartridges). In the late Romanovs - the same thing, but without teeth (cartridges became unitary). Under the early Red Army, proletarian descent was taken into account (perhaps because of the inferiority of those who did not serve).
      It is necessary to serve, but the need to devote time to the state should be (on the part of the state) justified by the only significant privilege - the right to elect and be elected, and not stupid proof that you may not be inferior.
  14. vlad0
    vlad0 10 December 2013 09: 49 New
    Not in everything, but in many ways the author is right. And most importantly, those attempts to create a contract army today resemble attempts to minimize conscription, and nothing more. Already a priori, such a policy is oriented towards a contractor without education from a small town, for which a salary of 30 tr. - This is the ultimate dream. And in parallel, everyone is repeating in high technology in modern weapons of warfare, where specialists are needed.
    Until the top management clearly answers such questions and contradictions, does not move away from the position of servility to the "liberal" society, all our transformations in the Armed Forces will be nothing more than an imitation and semblance of stormy activity.
    1. Hon
      Hon 10 December 2013 12: 50 New
      communicated with those who serve, not everyone has 30. Many factors affect salaries, many receive over 60. and why are contract soldiers poorly educated? there is every opportunity to get an education, it is also possible to purchase housing through a military epic, a good incentive to attract healthy, motivated, educated guys to the troops.
  15. ImPerts
    ImPerts 10 December 2013 09: 50 New
    I am in favor of a mixed picking principle. With one "but". If you want to advance in the civil service or in the "municipal" - be kind, serve.
    A contractor for complex equipment.
    For a year, you can teach conscripts to iron, wash, clean shoes, and most importantly, learn how to care for weapons and shoot small arms. Take a drill and young fighter course.
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 11: 47 New
      Mixed principle, is that how to mix?
      You can now:
      Patriots mops and brooms instead of military science
      Mercenaries modern equipment and coupons for enhanced nutrition.

      And you can attract the best conscripts to train new recruits in the positions of junior sergeant commanders.
      The contractor, if without it the army should be really needed, must prove its indispensability.
  16. AK-47
    AK-47 10 December 2013 09: 57 New
    In those years, a young man who did not serve in the army for health reasons was called a white-ticketer, it was a shameful stigma for life.
    1. uwzek
      uwzek 11 December 2013 19: 00 New
      More than thirty years have passed, but I still remember. I want to sleep, my head aches a little, my mother shakes my shoulder: "Son, it's time to go to the army!" And I just want to sleep more ... And no thoughts that someone will consider me flawed ...
  17. lukke
    lukke 10 December 2013 10: 11 New
    4) Legislative consolidation of the norm on the fact that male citizens of the Russian Federation who have necessarily completed voluntary conscription service can enter the civil service. Exceptions - for those deemed unfit for service in the Armed Forces.
    And I wouldn’t even make exceptions. 1. An extra loophole appears and 2. Let everything be in place in the civil servant)
    1. uhjpysq1
      uhjpysq1 10 December 2013 10: 30 New
      Let everything be in place in the civil servant.) Otherwise they will pick up all kinds of pedrils.
      1. Orik
        Orik 10 December 2013 12: 34 New
        Already scored, life is gone.
  18. yan
    yan 10 December 2013 10: 34 New
    Russia now has no motivation for serving a soldier. A national idea is needed
    absolutely right. There will be a "national idea", "general course", "value system", call it whatever you like, the meaning does not change, and talk about the need to fulfill the constitutional duty will disappear. In the 80s, remember, they went to the army, even there were no thoughts about whether or not they should, they only thought where we would get. The CWP course at school made it possible for those trained in the basics of military service to come to the service. In any case, the submachine gun was not twisted in their hands, and everyone knew the drill techniques. They were sorry for the commissioned ones. And now the confusion in the brains due to liberal screams has made the boys effeminate attachments to their pants.
  19. creak
    creak 10 December 2013 10: 51 New
    It seems to me that the author goes too far in polemical enthusiasm. For a long time, in view of the complexity of the equipment being operated, objectively, many positions, for example, in the Navy (NPS) and in the Air Force, have been replaced by contract servicemen - it is simply dangerous to admit a conscript there. Now we are talking about the Airborne Forces and the Marine Corps, the contractor is not a foreigner, this is our citizen who serves in our army and putting him on a par with a mercenary is simply ridiculous ... Does the author know the difference between these concepts? And the soldiers remaining in long service in the Soviet Army - were they also mercenaries? According to international standards, mercenarism is recognized as a criminal activity, so the author should be careful with the terms, since he undertook to write on the topic of military construction ....
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 11: 14 New
      For some reason, in Soviet times, conscripts coped with equipment on nuclear submarines, but now they urgently need to be replaced by contractors.
      And in the landing we replace, and in the infantry.
      And what do the conscripts guys leave the dirt behind the contract elite to clean up?
      Or in general we will not take them into the army, what to mess with them.

      For the year with the right training system, you can train and landing and infantry and tank.
      As for the over-conscripts, those who served remember these warriors of the food warehouse and laundry. They got very difficult tasks.

      There are no soldier duties in the armed forces that a conscript could not have performed. With the set training system, the soldier will receive all the necessary skills during the year.
      To solve the control problem in the army there are officers. In the infantry, the platoon is already an officer.

      And about the difference between a contractor and a mercenary, but is she?
      If there is something in what?
      1. creak
        creak 10 December 2013 12: 01 New
        Don’t you know? At one time, our air defense units covered objects in Egypt, Syria and Vietnam and fought, but they were military personnel of the Soviet Army and Navy and were sent abroad by their state. I also happened to take part in these events at one time and no one felt like a mercenary ... But mercenaries, for example, have now flown from all over the world to Syria and are fighting on the side of the Islamists, and they are fighting on the side of the one who pays the most and goes from one owner to another, as was also the case in Africa ... And you really don’t catch the difference or pretend to be?
        PSA before conscripts cope with the maintenance of equipment because the equipment was different (with computers and thermal imagers it was not very) and the service life too (Navy 3 years if you forgot) - it was possible to prepare specialists properly (ShMAS), but many technical specialties in the Navy, air defense, communications centers, in particular, already then an over-conscript were being replaced ... And if you saw the ensigns only in the laundry room and in the warehouse, then this part was ...
        1. sawmill
          10 December 2013 14: 07 New
          I am sure that you were not a mercenary. Neither you yourself, nor I especially consider you as such. I considered and still consider the Officers and Soldiers of our army, on the orders of the Motherland, who defended the sky of Vietnam and other countries, as true patriots of their homeland.

          But I will argue with you. About mercenaries in our army:
          I live in a small Siberian village, full of posts on posts for employment under the contract. And you would have seen what rabble is upholstering the thresholds of the military registration and enlistment office and they are being taken. People without a future, already formed moral, who yesterday bought vodka on the retirement of their mothers, become contract soldiers. What should I call them? And who are they?

          Regarding supercomputing computer technology, are you not kicking it? In my time, for six months, a gunner or a mechanical driver was made from a conscript on the T-72. What has changed now?
          For 6 months, from a modern conscript, you can make a soldier owning a military specialty at a very acceptable level. And such specialties in the troops are now 90%. It all depends on the desire and ability to teach (this is the main thing in my opinion).
          Of course, it is difficult every two years to change all specialists from a grenade launcher to a chemist or a signalman, to train new ones, going through everything from start to finish. But this is very necessary for the army and for society as a whole. A soldier in our country now needs to be trained before he can degrade after school to material for a contractor.

          At our communications center there were a lot of CA employees, warrant officers, and so on, more than half of them were officer wives. They didn’t understand anything in satellite or long-distance tropospheric communication, for that they understood sex.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. ImPerts
        ImPerts 10 December 2013 12: 11 New
        The whole problem is the service life. It takes at least 2 years for sophisticated technology. No way for a year. As before, 2 in the Navy and Air Force and 3 in the Navy. And then, in the Air Force, contract soldiers flew and serviced the equipment (over-conscripts, ensigns and warrant officers, officers).
  20. Starshina wmf
    Starshina wmf 10 December 2013 11: 08 New
    In our republic now everyone is trying to go to serve. Because without service in the army, some organizations are not allowed to work. Of course there is someone who does not want to serve, but there are very few of them. It is also necessary to make sure that the soldiers in the army are trained in military affairs, rather than sweeping the parade ground and cleaning up the barracks. Conduct shooting, exercises, exercises. I remember how it was in one part in the Stavropol Territory, in the morning a divorce on cleaning the territory, after lunch cleaning the surrounding territory, So every day.
  21. Basileus
    Basileus 10 December 2013 11: 41 New
    Great offer! Invite people to go voluntarily and for food to where they are now calling for money. I am sure there will be no end to those who wish))

    The contract army should form the basis of the Armed Forces, and the urgent army should carry out mobilization training. If such a separation is established, then we will have professionals who are ready to carry out any task, and call upon people to be found if necessary. Only now in some places the conscript is a warrior of brooms and shovels. This precisely cannot be allowed.
    1. Liss.
      Liss. 10 December 2013 16: 54 New
      Quote: Basileus
      The contract army should form the basis of the Armed Forces, and the urgent army should carry out mobilization training.

      The picking method does not determine the degree of combat readiness.
      There are military specialties that are difficult to master - nuclear submarines, air defense, strategic missile forces, etc. They were equipped with combat "double basses" in Soviet times.
      Warrant officers and warrant officers, who, by the way, were not recruited at a beer stall, but after a "deadline", on the recommendation of commanders who underwent additional training in the corresponding future specialty "warrant officer schools".
      And the service was carried out according to the principle of "combat duty", and not as now, being on the chain of barracks and in the position of senior shooter. Is it really so bad with us that the notorious, senior gunner, machine gunner, grenade launcher, armored personnel carrier driver, and even the squad leader cannot be professionally trained? It is possible, but this is the primary tactical unit, the basis of motorized rifle units.
      Mechanics, gunners? With FULL ATTENTION to their preparation, the "conscripts" are quite competitive. (For example, look who played in "Tank Biathlon"? I understand that this is PR, but still).
      A combat-ready army is needed not for X-day, but for this minute.
      It can be provided only by the mixed principle of manning.

      And the "mobilization training of conscripts" is a "pioneer lightning game".
      Means of attack developed a little after the 40s, and the methods of warfare have changed.
      How much time do you need (so that he does not attack) from the enemy to mobilize the mobile reserves?
      For some reason, it seems to me that he will not provide time.
      The first blow may be such that the mobilized will conduct partisan actions on the ruins of cities.
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 10 December 2013 17: 19 New
        Quote: Liss.
        In Soviet times they were equipped with combat "double basses".

        Earring, with your permission I will correct a little - in Soviet times there were respectable "Crickets" with quite a serious selection.

        "Contrabass" is already a Russian invention ... the eye still twitches at this word.
        1. Apollo
          Apollo 10 December 2013 17: 23 New
          Quote: Aleks tv
          "Contrabass" is already a Russian invention ... the eye still twitches at this word.
        2. Liss.
          Liss. 10 December 2013 22: 40 New
          To clarify, by "combat" double basses, I meant the institute of ensigns, before them super-conscripts.
      2. Basileus
        Basileus 11 December 2013 10: 38 New
        It is clear that mobilization training is more a myth than a reality. But I see no other reason to contain an urgent army in modern conditions (when local problems should be solved by professionals, and global ones by WMD).
    2. The comment was deleted.
  22. Svyatoslavovich
    Svyatoslavovich 10 December 2013 11: 53 New
    The army’s only and main goal is to create a mobilization reserve from among the entire male population. Thus, in the event of a global military conflict, the existing armed forces will be replenished with people who have military training, which should reduce the time for their training, increase efficiency and avoid unnecessary losses.
    Many people find different justifications for evading conscription, but in reality the reason in most cases is one - cowardice, such an elementary, miserable cowardice. Of course, there are guys with poor health, a difficult family situation, scientists and geniuses, but most of the rest are just scared.
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 12: 39 New
      I do not argue with you about the motives of the refuseniks.
      But about the assertion that the sole purpose of the draft army is mob. Reserve. I bet.
      I consider it much more important that the boys go to the army for conscription, who often do not know how to stand up for themselves but also simply follow themselves. With the heads of these guys, the same is far from all right. And the soldier's labor, physical and spiritual maturation in a military collective is of no small importance for many of them. And in general for society, of great importance is the fact that the most capable part of the male population has the concept of soldier labor, honor, dignity.
      And do not forget about most of the recruits from the real Russa wilderness, for them, in general, the army is a social lift, a chance to get out of the vicious circle of the "drink-stole-sat-drank-sat down" type.
      Of course, all this works only if the conscript is not needed in the army to clean up the shit for the valiant contract soldiers. If the army is really busy training, improving each of its soldiers.
      1. Svyatoslavovich
        Svyatoslavovich 10 December 2013 21: 45 New
        Dear sawmill, it seems to me that you are somewhat inaccurate in tracking the cause-effect relationship of such a phenomenon as the formation of the armed forces by the state. There is a state and it has its own interests, both territorial and economic, and political. To confirm the right to realize these interests, many tools are needed, one of which is the army. The characteristics of the army, its size, equipment, and its appearance directly depend on the strategic aspirations of the state (as an administrative apparatus). But the educational function or the function of the social structure is completely not characteristic of the army, since the moral and ethical standards in the armed forces are only a reflection of the moral and ethical relations in society, moreover, it has no such purpose. Despite the fact that many observe the so-called growing up of boys for the period of service, this is still connected with age-related changes, the period of transformation of a young man into a man is 18-20 years old, and not with a wonderful educational moment.
        Moreover, from my own experience I can see that people usually come to the army with well-formed characters and fairly clear life guidelines, and it very rarely happened when the service radically changed a person.
        1. sawmill
          10 December 2013 22: 36 New
          What you wrote is absolute truth, but for a contract army. She, as an instrument, does not form a fighter, but only uses it.
          Against this, I spoke in my article.
          Any person is formed in the process of his development, reveals his facets, both good and bad. Any team, from kindergarten to barracks inevitably affects a person.
          From here in the army and deputy commander for EDUCATIONAL WORK WITH drugs, which would direct the formation of man in the right direction.
          The educational value of the military collective is enormous, in front of my eyes, the sons of the mother straightened their shoulders and learned to be men, wars, defenders. They just became decision makers. A man with whom you can go in intelligence. In your opinion, this is only an age factor, but in my opinion this is a consequence of the influence of the external environment.
          Actually, I am calling for the return of the army, including the function of educating a young man and citizen.
          And if thousands of young people pass through this educational component of the army, their number will inevitably give a new quality to society. Nobody has canceled the dialectic yet.
          1. Svyatoslavovich
            Svyatoslavovich 11 December 2013 00: 11 New
            Well, you are making a fairly sound proposal, but it seems to me that it is necessary to consider the problem somewhat more broadly. It is necessary to change the system of values ​​in society, to find or create an idea that prevails over consumer society, to create moral and social support and then the army will become an element of the system (family, school, army) of the formation of a citizen as an individual. A system in which the general dominates the particular. A system that some time ago unfortunately was destroyed (USSR).
            The problem with such a system is that it cannot be in a passive state, it needs development. As soon as development, the realization of socially recognized goals, stops, regression begins. Rolling down is always easier.
            Unfortunately, outside such a system, the army as an independent element of personality education cannot exist, since dissonance will form, a contradiction of experience already gained over 18 years of life with experience gained in the army, which in turn will lead to the rejection of imposed values ​​and behaviors.
  23. Teacher
    Teacher 10 December 2013 12: 15 New
    I completely agree with the author. Sam was called up in 1987 after 2 courses of physics and mathematics. "In the army, they grow dull," say those who, even before it, were not particularly bright with their wit. And the strength of the Soviet Army was in ideology and reliance on age-old military traditions. We certainly believed that we would defeat any enemy, no matter what it cost the country and the army. This is how we were brought up not only at the state level, but also in the family. Everyone listened to the stories of a grandfather or another veteran about how they stood to death somewhere near Smolensk, and the thought that if "suddenly again that" you MUST also stand in your head at the subconscious level. But how in a modern family they are preparing to stand up for the homeland of a future contract soldier - honestly, I don't know.
  24. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 10 December 2013 12: 18 New
    Dear Konstantin! I served in the GSVG from 82 to 87. Here is one episode - the relocation of the 3rd Panzer Army (Magdeburg) to another area on alarm. 30% of the equipment remained on German roads due to unavailability and malfunction - you can analyze. For a week, we collected the abandoned equipment along the routes using helicopters. I had to participate. But I really liked how the headquarters moved at night without light and deployed "butterflies" - although the security company found us only on the second day, and then because we threw raw firewood into the fire.
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 13: 35 New
      The last thing I would like to idealize is CA, there is always something to improve. In my service, I recall a bunch of idiots and lack of clowning. But I am sure that we would complete the tasks.
      As you had in the GSVG you know better.
      Therefore, the question for you is - was the GSVG combat ready?
      Did she complete her tasks?
  25. needle6000
    needle6000 10 December 2013 12: 27 New
    and now our army in how many weeks will reach the English Channel?
    1. Basileus
      Basileus 10 December 2013 12: 30 New
      The Soviet had a head start - they started from the GDR and Czechoslovakia)
    2. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 10 December 2013 14: 17 New
      Now the task of our time is to keep it and not let strangers host it.
      It would be better to guard the borders as expected and think how many attacks we can repel on our territory.
      And you "to the English Channel" gathered. The times are not those dear.
  26. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 December 2013 12: 38 New
    Who regrets, who regrets, who whines - but they served and nothing. No parent committees, etc., are in the 70's. Honorary. And there were no people who left the service. Training on about. Russian, nicknamed Buchenwald of the Pacific Fleet. Then to the fleet. And what a demobilization!
  27. Engineer
    Engineer 10 December 2013 12: 56 New
    ummm, can you ask what is the difference between a contract army and what happened before? Weren't there earlier privates and sergeants who remained in the Armed Forces after conscript service? And I dare to suggest that they were also paid money, no matter how you feed a family with an idea. If the idea of ​​a contract army is to make the entire army a contract army, then I agree that the idea is stupid, you always need a reserve and not a small one, you need to do everything so that, as in V. keep both women and children.
  28. LSV
    LSV 10 December 2013 13: 02 New
    From the taiga to the British seas, the Red Army is all the strongest (s)
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. bairat
    bairat 10 December 2013 13: 14 New
  31. mark021105
    mark021105 10 December 2013 13: 32 New
    I agree with the author 100%. As for the complexity of technology, etc., under the USSR, the level of education of the population was much higher than it is now. we are reaping the fruits of all the "reforms" and collapse, I went to serve in 1985, after 1 year of college and there were many of them. So now conscripts will cope normally, in the military registration and enlistment offices, too, are not fools sitting and sorting. At the very least, they should think over where and to whom to serve, taking into account certain qualities of the conscript.
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 10 December 2013 14: 42 New
      In our military commissariats madhouse, dear.
      These people absolutely do not care about conscripts, contract soldiers, and generally everything.
      It is "thanks" to them that more than half of the chaos is going on in our Armed Forces.
      It is "thanks" to them that many people ended up where they should not have been (I mean the specialty (profession), skills, health) and other factors for which they receive their salaries by sending or recommending people to representatives of the units.
      This is the bulk (with rare exceptions) of the layer of the most stupid and indifferent animals which I have seen in my life, albeit a small one.
      It is because of them that corruption in the army has achieved what it has achieved.
      Do you think whether your further destiny is interested in some thick-assed chicken, which is warmed up here, or a stubborn warrior (with a mug like a hamster) who, as a rule, is only interested in how much dough he cuts down and when the working day ends.
      Have you heard them talking to the parents of the dead soldiers?
      From my personal communication with them, I can’t remember anything good.
      1. mark021105
        mark021105 10 December 2013 15: 05 New
        Of course, I judge by my times and feelings ... If the situation is now the way you say, well, sadly ...
  32. Algor73
    Algor73 10 December 2013 13: 59 New
    "... The conscription for military service on the basis of the VOLUNTARY principle, that is, a citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 18, undergoes a medical commission and other standard procedures that exist now, but at the draft board gives a written answer to the question:" Is he willing and ready he enters the ranks of the RF Armed Forces or renounces such a right. "
    It’s not clear how voluntary it is? 500 thousand volunteers in one year, and 100 thousand in another. How can I fill vacancies? No. Only by mixed type are contractors for complex equipment, conscripts for everything else. Everyone should serve. This is a duty to the homeland.
  33. Avenich
    Avenich 10 December 2013 14: 06 New
    Let the “specialists” answer me, not the cardboard ones, but the real ones. Has a strategic army group, similar to the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany in the period from the creation to the year 1987-88, ever been comparable in the world readiness, equipment, and training in world history?

    I am not a "specialist" in the military sense, as an infantry captain of the reserve (they will soon be taken out), but I can only answer in the negative "NO". In the regiment where I served, yes, there was no dedavshchina, there was simply no time, continuous exercises, exercises, exercises, ranging from live firing of platoons to exercises of the Group, together with the People's Army of the GDR. I tried all types of small arms, saw enough how almost all military equipment works, perhaps except for strategic missiles. I can say: it was a huge force.
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 10 December 2013 15: 17 New
      The Germans had better equipment and better prepared them, which did not save them.
      And our ancestors had only stamina and endurance.
      And the technology that we have now was also not there.
      And why do you ask, they won?
      And because they had a will, natural ingenuity and skill which they achieved at a very high price, but they were no longer equal to them as then at 45m.
  34. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 10 December 2013 15: 00 New
    Quote: "Afghanistan is a shameful war ..."

    Young soldiers of the Soviet Army did not give their lives in a "shameful war". Soldiers died in a war unnecessary for our people, on the orders of the CPSU. As for the idea of ​​"enrolling" conscripts as contract soldiers, this is yet another nonsense of the General Staff, which crawls out of its skin to "fulfill the plan" for contract soldiers. As a result, it will be a headache for the commanders of the tactical echelon. Try to organize (not on paper) the real combat training of a regiment with such a contingent. So think about it.
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 15: 52 New
      And how to implement the mixed principle in practice. Two soldiers are sitting in one trench, one romantic for the money, another, or in the company two platoons of draftees, one contract. In the division, different regiments and different tasks must be given.
  35. 345 guards
    345 guards 10 December 2013 15: 42 New
    But the author’s inconsistency happened, and even in places sugary !!!

    1. The first call for the "diaries" was in the summer of 1983! And it was then, for the first and last time, that the military commissars gave the students the opportunity to pass their examinations on time.
    And in the autumn of 1983 they took away in the middle of the semester (right after the potatoes), and, by the way, the commanders were not eager to let go of the demobilization students on time.
    I left to serve on 22.10.1983/24.12.1985/2, and demobilized on 2/2/XNUMX, that is, I trampled the adjacent territory for XNUMX years, XNUMX months and XNUMX days !!! :-) Moreover, he flew to the Union as the "first party" from the regiment, as a guards sergeant, an excellent student of the BIPP, an order bearer and a medalist!

    2. On the morning of December 25.12.1985, XNUMX, I was already at the military registration and enlistment office, a little later at the passport office, and during the day at the dean’s office ... where they told me that today is the first day of the semester test session, in which I hardly studied, and it’s better to rest until next fall . Because, if I do not pass the exams for the first semester before the start of the spring test week, I, the internationalist warrior, will be expelled without regard to merit. :-R

    3. Yes, I graduated from an institute with a "red diploma" and more than one institute, but how many students could not stay in the academic regime after such a restoration ?!
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 16: 10 New
      Regarding the time of the beginning of the call of the diaries, indeed I did not correctly indicate the start date. I apologize for the inaccuracy.
      But with regard to the postponement of the exam period and the date of the draft, with me in the spring of 1985, everything was exactly like that in MISiS.
      Restored the same without problems. Of course, not all continued their studies.
      As I wrote, everyone had their own pot of porridge.
      And you, too, despite the additional difficulties, continued your studies and received a red diploma.
      I certainly didn’t want to sweeten, but I won’t bite too much.
      1. 345 guards
        345 guards 10 December 2013 18: 53 New
        Apologies not accepted, countryman!
        We lived at different times. The difference in the date of the call is only two years, but so many things were collected in them that it is possible to fuck.

        I mean that:
        - Sorry, but do not be mistaken with the dates (this is the life time of specific boys - their first credit in the engineering schedule and their first kiss not with a classmate ... and, their first and last feat, but honestly);
        - I'm sorry, but not everyone had their own pot of porridge, not always, excuse me (let the shuravi from combat units comment on me - they will understand me);

        Yes, I went to my goal from birth, ... yes I ALL-TAKES graduated with honors from the same university in which my great-grandfather taught, graduated from my grandfather, my FATHER, I graduated, ... and in which NOW study TWO MY SONS. ;-)
        THAT'S WHAT A SPEECH IS, fellow countryman !!!

        Now "effective lawyers and managers" tell us that there is no one to work at the factories.
        And our country, which we swore to you, is OUR COUNTRY, and it’s very sad for us to look at the fact that he left it ... only 20 years have passed after all, and ??? !!!
        1. sawmill
          10 December 2013 20: 43 New
          I want to ask you, but how did it happen that in twenty years we came to such a life?
          I wrote an article by the fact that I really do not want that in another twenty and this did not remain.

          And about the pot with porridge, you didn’t get it.
          Each one had his own bowler, in the sense that my bowler was like I wrote. Your Afghan bowler hat will be harder than mine. But neither you nor I did not choose the pots, and everything was slurped from it. I'm angry at my bowler, only God will be angry. You deal with your own.
          But what fate will the children get? What kind of pots will life give them, and what will be more bitter or sweet in them?
          I do not want the new Gorbachevs, Yeltsins, and Putin all full of holes.
          I do not want all these 90s again. Do you remember the grandmothers at the metro? To feed as it all went to trade. I don’t want to see Yeltsin’s drunken face with a conductor’s stick, Medvedev with a candle in the temple, Putin at the Edrosov congress who are ready to fight for the right to lick him first. And I don’t recognize my native city of Moscow, Asians already occupied it along the way.
          So I am writing about how you can save the army. And the boys need to equip the service and not the zone, but how to do it?
      2. 345 guards
        345 guards 10 December 2013 19: 47 New
        :-))) c'mon, sir!
        The main thing is that they are alive and have not given their honor to anyone! ;-)
        We will continue to be men, and we will never forget about the oath!
  36. brn521
    brn521 10 December 2013 15: 52 New
    Good article. One problem, the author is somewhere in the clouds. Therefore, his conclusions are beautiful, but unrealistic.
    Quote: Igara 6000
    and now our army in how many weeks will reach the English Channel?

    It is better to put the question in a different way and take a different strategic direction. Suppose we suddenly evaporated all of our nuclear weapons. And the Chinese learned about it. How many minutes can we keep the border with them in the event of an imminent military conflict?
    Quote: Engineer
    can the question be what is the difference between a contract army and what happened before?

    The contract army will cost more for the money. But some people who do not see any sensible prospects for themselves in civilian affairs will be employed and perform at least some useful functions. The economy is firmly aimed down the drain. It's a pity to see all these healthy men who sweep the streets for pennies. Or delve into garbage cans and collect glass containers. And this is not about homeless people and not about drunkards.
    1. sawmill
      10 December 2013 16: 19 New
      But let me ask you, what am I doing beautiful conclusions?
      I did not draw conclusions in principle.
      Offer made:
      The Russian army should, in my opinion, be manned this way and not otherwise.,
      You can stimulate the call so
      Having done as proposed, we solve the problems of the army, society in general and youth in particular.

      Who has another plan
      I ask on stage so to speak.
      1. SIT
        SIT 10 December 2013 19: 31 New
        Quote: sawmill
        The Russian army should, in my opinion, be manned this way and not otherwise.,

        The training system for the draft contingent is described quite logically in you. The only question is - who will fight here and now? Well, let's say those guys who, according to your graduation in the 4th half of the year, will be thrown into battle. They will retake their own and civilian. What is Vietnamese, Afghan, and now you know the Chechen syndrome? Who will be involved in their rehabilitation in civilian life? Even if they will be engaged, all the same, during the rehabilitation period these guys will fall out of life, but you have to study and work. Commanders how to be? For six months, I finally got a well-coordinated unit, where everyone understands each other perfectly, and now they leave and everything from the beginning, and the enemy is aware of this. I mean, parts of quick deployment should be staffed by pros who have gone through this urgent. Fighting in local conflicts should not be boys, but those for whom it is a job that they know how to do, and not just what they have learned. This is especially true of special units. Captured and interrogated in intelligence is no longer needed. It must be killed quietly and preferably without blood, so that there are fewer traces, and the corpse should be well hidden. If a group is found, then this is a failure, but if the task has not yet been completed, then you need to gain time, which means those who discovered the group must be destroyed again quietly and preferably without blood. In this case, it does not matter who those who discovered. Let's just say it might not be men with machine guns. So after such work, you want to throw a 20 year old kid into a peaceful life? Those skills and especially reflexes will remain with him for a very long time. It will really be dangerous to others. So it should be pros and the state should then ensure their rehabilitation and have information about each such until the end of his days.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  37. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 10 December 2013 15: 55 New
    So what about the article? About the glorious Armed Forces of the USSR? or about the place of a contract soldier in the modern Armed Forces of the Russian Federation? Unclear. It may be worth starting from today's realities, given of course both the positive and negative experiences of past years. After all, not everything was so smooth in the Soviet Army, not everything was perfect. Maybe all the same, well-trained specialists of the Russian Army are needed, taking into account the fact that the equipment becomes more complicated and more advanced when two years are simply not enough for their preparation under any circumstances? And what will be bad in that the contractor will also pay well for this? He needs to support his family, because after several years of training, he will devote another ten years from his life to his military profession, at least. Otherwise, common sense will end here for the state that spent enormous amounts of money on training a specialist and for the person who spent several years of his life developing a military profession for two years of service. And life goes on as it should, and after demobilization he will still have to master the civilian specialty in order to feed himself and his family.
  38. coserg 2012
    coserg 2012 10 December 2013 16: 45 New
    Basically I liked the article, put it on. + The only thing I can’t agree with is that the people betrayed the army! The people always constantly monitor the army, there was not and will not be such complete information in one special service. When the officers begin to degrade then the people begin to look for loopholes for of their children. And the chain of officers begins with the military registration and enlistment office, then the training, and only then the combat units. And until the elite of the army-officers are raised (in every sense) to the proper height, everything will be as it is. I believe that with the current term of service, conscripts in general not needed, you can hire Uzbeks.
  39. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 10 December 2013 16: 58 New
    "The historical breakdown experienced by the country has most disastrously changed the attitude of people to the army towards military service. A firm denial of the need for such an unshakable, system-forming concept as conscription for military service has been let our children go there, the attitude to military service has changed among the majority, and a few sober voices drowned in the sea of ​​popular discontent with their army. campaigns drawn from the veins and blood of the boys who were drafted into the service, but they could not train, and it was not easy to feed and dress them, in the not so long ago powerful military districts they barely scraped together combined battalions ... Even the marines had to be transferred from the fleet to storm Grozny The militias weren’t needed, I don’t know if this is good or bad. "
    And what was the reason for all of the above? Ordinary people? Or snickering Kremlin elders ruined a great country (and then their fosterlings to top it all, and plundered, but under other flags!)?
    Mention of Soldiers' Mothers, however, should remain on the conscience of the author.
    I myself believe that responsibility should not be shifted from officials and the state as a whole for the sometimes dismissive, soulless attitude towards military personnel in peacetime and special wartime, sometimes turning into simply treason and the facts are known to everyone. This is where you need to start, with Liability- the state in front of the military, officers for the soldiers. Then prestige will be and honor. And of course, an integrated approach to solving problems in the army.
  40. klim44
    klim44 10 December 2013 17: 26 New
    Alas, there is no alternative to a contract army. The mass army on conscription is ineffective. The level of modern weapons requires highly educated, trained professional soldiers. Yes, and special forces of the GRU, etc. only benefit from contracting. Moreover, in the current demographic situation, the State cannot recruit an army of draftees.
  41. tank64rus
    tank64rus 10 December 2013 17: 33 New
    To the author plus. He served in the GSVG 1977-82, but there was really indestructible and legendary. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail starting from combat training and combat readiness to monetary allowance for officers. GSVG was NATO's worst nightmare. I can say one thing at the end of the service, the Soviet soldier was not inferior to the American by conscription, but superior in unpretentiousness, natural ingenuity and initiative. Because everything was done there as it should be in the army. Classes replace teachings, then classes again. Troops do not climb out of the ranges. Soldiers and officers are engaged in combat training. That's all. A contract army is good in peacetime, but not for a big war.
  42. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 10 December 2013 18: 26 New
    I beg your pardon for the old age grumbling. But no matter what the principle of manning we choose, the system of training SOLDIERS must be changed. And what happens is that a young man who has served in the Airborne Forces, that is, almost a "terminator", is calmly cuts to death with a scalpel by some mountain boy. Who teaches knife fighting? But there is also protection from a knife. It turns out that the Airborne Forces are show-off in tolnyashki.
  43. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 10 December 2013 18: 45 New
    Personally, after passing my diploma a week later, I went to the military registration and enlistment office. When, after waiting for my turn, I told the military commissar that I was going to the army consciously, I saw a list of all appeals with my jaw falling on the table. “You are the first in 4 days like this, choose wherever you want. "After that we had another heart-to-heart talk, but I still didn't get where I wanted to. True, not through your own fault. And after serving the allotted 1,5 years, I still consciously stayed on the contract. As a result, I compared the charms of both conscription service and contract service. And I don’t regret a bit! The army makes men out of courtyard jerks, and only tearing from mother’s skirt can transform a person, make him open up, start thinking, grow up. And when, a few years later, I met the son of one of the bureaucrats on the streets of Minsk, who said that only d ... ly were going to serve, and he would smear his folder, I felt disgusted. And it's disgusting that there are more and more such “people”! In contrast, I will say. that when my acquaintance was repeatedly rejected for health reasons and he could not go to the Armed Forces, he still managed to get him sent to serve! These are the people who keep the army and honor and praise them. And personally I am for the conscript army. So that if something happens, EVERYONE could stand up to defend the Motherland. After all, it is hypothetically possible to kill contract soldiers and who will then take the weapon? And you can't kill everyone who once served, and another will come to replace the deceased ... Although contract service is also needed. After all, sometimes you cannot master today's technique in a year or two. And everywhere there are pluses and minuses. That is why a differentiated approach is needed even by type of troops, because you can hardly learn how to fly a modern fighter in two years, but you don't need a higher education to fly an automatic machine. Only the presence of brains and faith in his work of the Defender of the Motherland is welcome
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 10 December 2013 19: 11 New
      Quote: Rurikovich
      told the military commissar that I’m going to the army knowingly,

      Andrey, keep the "crab".
    2. klim44
      klim44 10 December 2013 19: 30 New
      A draftee, in principle, will not be able to master modern weapons; his service life will not allow. And the mass conscript army is the army of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a T-72 tank. Remember how the war ended for Iraq, the defeat of the mass conscript army, which defended its land. And another point, modern threats to the Russian Federation are possible separatism, militants in the North Caucasus, in a word, not NATO. And having nuclear weapons in Russia is unlikely anyone will encroach. Therefore, our country needs a compact mobile well-armed contract army, capable of repelling possible real rather than mythical threats to the country. By the way, the VV MVD seems to have completely switched to a contract.
      1. sawmill
        10 December 2013 21: 18 New
        As with China, too, mobile and compact, God forbid, we will fight?
        Why can a conscript not master modern weapons, and a contract officer can?
        For half a year, a high school graduate with a normal training system will master the military specialty to the required extent.
        There is no problem here. In the near future, the Garin’s engineer will not be equipped with the combat units of the RF Armed Forces,
        But shooters, paratroopers, mechanic-drivers, artillerymen can be prepared and recruited from recruits.
        Not the effectiveness or effectiveness of the army depends on its training, so let’s prepare young men who voluntarily come to the service of their homeland. And the more they pass through army hardening, the stronger our Army and the safer the rear.
        1. klim44
          klim44 10 December 2013 22: 17 New
          It will not be possible to fight on equal terms with China without nuclear weapons, after all, the population is 1,5 billion. people and the economy are not like ours (I read somewhere that a country can put up a maximum of 25% of the population for war _ the Chinese army of 100 myo people will probably not stop anything). The conscript will master, the fact is that he has just mastered the demobilization and it is necessary to prepare a new one, and this is time, money, etc., and the contractor has mastered and improves his fighting skills. Well, I agree about the hyperboloid, under the current regime, God forbid, Kalashnikov’s assault rifles didn’t ....
          "so let's prepare young men who voluntarily come to the service of the Motherland. And the more they pass through the army hardening, the stronger our Army and the more reliable the rear." So they themselves said that they needed a voluntary, contract army, not a compulsory conscript army. Well, the rear needs to be strengthened economically, and not by a mass of demobels.
          1. sawmill
            10 December 2013 23: 09 New
            Here in this, in the fact that the young people who have received military training are returning to civilian life, and there is the main thing.
            Have you thought about the reasons for the degradation of our society as a whole and its male half especially?
            To save the draft army but to increase the quality of training of a soldier, not only his narrow military knowledge but also all the components of a real man, is the task.
            The contractor will not give anything to society other than shutting up a defense hole. The conscript also solves defense tasks and forms a new face of society.
            The conscripts will not read the magazine "Ptyuch", they have other values ​​in their lives now. Simplifying for clarity.
            I understand that it is difficult to change personnel every two years, but it will pay off many times over.
          2. schta
            schta 11 December 2013 12: 54 New
            At this stage in the development of our and the Chinese army, China has no chance against us. 100 million people, you say? Will they fight with hoes? The army is not only "people", but also "technology" and "mind".
            In addition, the political situation is such that no one but the United States needs a war between Russia and China.
  44. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 10 December 2013 19: 56 New
  45. kair_kz
    kair_kz 10 December 2013 21: 10 New
    Heinlein, I liked it))
  46. kair_kz
    kair_kz 10 December 2013 21: 13 New
    You know, there are different examples, I think we need both contractors and conscripts
  47. AlexA
    AlexA 10 December 2013 21: 26 New
    Details should, of course, be clarified. There are many sensible suggestions the men made. But in the main - everything is the case. Respect.
  48. rudolff
    rudolff 10 December 2013 21: 52 New
    The article is good and kind in spirit and in general that’s all right, Konstantin says, but only the conclusions are slightly idealized. In fact, it is not a draft that is proposed, but a voluntary principle of manning the army, but how many are there who are willing to serve not from under the stick and not for money, but purely for the idea? Even if with mixed recruitment by conscription and under contract, we are not yet able to provide the declared strength of the armed forces. How many such volunteers will be recruited throughout Russia, one or two brigades? And in terms of service life of two years, this is too optimistic to master and serve a military specialty. Previously, they called for the fleet for three years, but the technology just didn’t become easier. Yes, and current recruits do not shine with health, they just need to be fed for six months. But the article is a big plus. It can be seen that a person has a sore soul for a country and for guys.
  49. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 10 December 2013 22: 14 New
    In my humble opinion, the question of which army is better hired or drafted was decided during the Punic Wars. Yes, at first dad Hanibal beat the Romans hard (Cannes from where? From there! wink ) But in the end, who won? wink
  50. Stinger
    Stinger 10 December 2013 22: 26 New
    What should be the army becomes clear only after the war. And that is not for everyone, but only for the loser. Professionalism does not depend on the method of recruitment, but on the quality of the officer corps, and its ability to teach the theory and practice of conducting combat operations of its subordinates. "The army of rams led by a lion will always triumph over the army of lions led by a ram." So said Napoleon. If it can be supplemented, then only with words: The army of lions, led by a lion, will always triumph. The question is the ability to cook lions at all levels of the military hierarchy.
    And how did we cook? In the Russian army, the elite of society has always been the basis of the officer corps, recruitment was conscription, but few doubted the professionalism of the troops, and who doubted, he was convinced in practice. In Soviet times, the children and grandchildren of the new elite, especially the military, joined the army. The sons of Stalin, the same Khrushchev and others gave their lives on the fronts of World War II. And after the war, such military leaders as V.F. Margelov sent their sons to the most dangerous trials (landing within the BMP), and did not hide them in warm places. This did not need hymns about patriotism, but was taken for granted. Now you can practice as much as you like in experiments, but until the people see that the modern elite is the first patriots, there will be no sense. When the oligarch’s son sits in a helicopter, and, like Prince Harry, takes part in hostilities, then the experiments with the draft will stop. The fish rots from the head.