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The role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade


In 1890, Alfred Marshall formulated the law of supply and demand - the consumer has money and he wants to buy something, the manufacturer has the product and he wants to sell it. The price of goods is formed depending on the ratio of supply and demand. Any drug mafia knows this law, which is the material and ideological basis of its existence. “Well,” the drug dealer says, “I’ll give up doing dirty business, I’ll do wholesale supplies of sunflower oil, so what? Clients will go to my competitor, but in fact nothing will change. ”

In short, the green-faced drug addicts with dull eyes are to blame. They create demand. All others simply meet the needs of consumers. No one forces the latter to use any nastiness, does it?

There is one nuance. Neither ecstasy, nor LSD or the same heroin grows freely in nature and does not act as salt deposits in caves. All of them are developed in a completely legal way, in laboratories set up by the money of pharmacological corporations, and even with state funds. Before their appearance as a cure for bad mood and a runny nose, there was no demand for them. Initially there was an offer. Ecstasy went to the masses through night dance clubs along with raves and other cultural elements for intoxicated free personalities. Remember how marijuana and heroin came into fashion. Here also under a musical sly they also entered.

The scheme for the introduction of ecstasy was as follows (no one found anyone, that’s for sure). At first, Dow Chemical employee, biochemist, pharmacologist and “psychoactive substance tester” Alexander Shulgin experienced the effect of MDMA drug invented by Anton Kelish (Merck employee), found the drug excellent and began to advertise it among friends in the scientific community. Obviously, the latter also periodically experienced the action of psychoactive substances. Practicing psychotherapists, with the filing of the scientific community, began to use the drug in practice. They told the patients something like: "Throw all your fears out of my head, I will prescribe you the newest medicine and all your bad mood will go away in five minutes."

Between the case of MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, in the 1950s, it was tested in the US Army, on animals naturally, or on who the American generals appointed as such. Obviously, the test subjects also recognized the drug as excellent. Extensive clinical trials are, you know, without which no medical drug goes on sale, and serious guys work in the Pentagon. At the beginning of 1980, the free press and ecstasy became one of the best friends of the American youth about the properties of the new wonder drug. In 1985, the US Drug Enforcement Agency banned MDMA. In the end, it had to do it once and it did it. But demand has already been created.

If you claim that neither US government organizations, nor pharmaceutical corporations are not involved in the development and promotion of Ecstasy, then you are not interested in anything, or you have been studying the behavior of penguins for the last twenty years without leaving Antarctica.

With pharmaceutical corporations, in principle, everything is clear. These are capitalist predators, ready to profit from anything, including human health. But how can the state of the United States, the bulwark of freedom, humanism and all democracy, engage in drug trafficking? There is a suspicion that it can, and in very wide volumes, i.e. hundreds of tons and billions of dollars.

We will not delve into those heavenly times when the British Empire traded in opium in China. This trade came to an end with the advent of the CCP and personally Comrade Mao Zedong. Poor, miserable England suffered cruelly, watching the torment of Chinese drug addicts in correctional facilities, but, alas, she could not help. Communists have their own ideas about the needs of the working class and cultural workers. It is possible that this part of the communist worldview was the real reason for the invasion of the US army in Vietnam.

Yes, the United States government does not lie when it claims that it tried to stop the spread of communism in Indochina. Those. Private Jones had to take a rifle, go thousands of miles from New Jersey and kill the Vietnamese just because the commies are bad and read Karl Marx’s books.

The question “for what benefits has the United States reached poor Vietnam?” Is still unsolved in modern political studies. Meanwhile, the answer is simple. Communism is indeed an expansionist ideology, and the Vietnamese have established themselves as brave and skillful fighters. The problem at that moment was as follows.

What do you know about the so-called. Golden Triangle?

After Afghanistan reached its design capacity for the production of raw opium and heroin, the Golden Triangle was forgotten. This region has lost its former importance now, though, why would it all of a sudden? So here. The “Golden Triangle” is a geographical area located in the mountains at the junction of the borders of three states of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Here at one time produced an overwhelming amount of world heroin.

And imagine that in close proximity to this pirate box full of hundreds of billions of dollars, there is a harsh communist regime, hostile not only to the bourgeoisie, but also to the drug trade. What a collision!

The population of the “Golden Triangle” lived as a colony of ciliates in a nutrient solution jar. The collection of opium and the production of heroin were in the hands of local generals, but it was not clear who was behind all this and controlled it. Those. there was a pure free democratic market, until finally, in the immediate vicinity of the plantations, the specter of communism loomed. First, the South Vietnamese government tried on its own, with US technical support, to bury this sign. However, the latter was terribly tenacious. And then the real owner of the flower garden appeared on the scene - the United States. 2 August 1964, the first armed incident between the ships of the American and North Vietnamese Navy took place in the Gulf of Tonkin. The war has begun.

Orders to the US military are given by the president of this country. The presidents of the United States are extremely respectable people, they know nothing about drugs and have never even tried marijuana. They are holy. These are their generals bad and prone to corruption.

How was heroin delivered to the United States from the Golden Triangle? ” You won’t believe it, but everyone who wants to know about it knows about it - military transport aircraft aviation US Air Force. In 2007, Ridley Scott's American Gangster movie was released to the world, detailing the organization of large-scale bulk heroin shipments from American air bases to small-scale dealers and small retailers. The film was shot based on real events.

In Russia, it is customary to quote special studies, and in the US - Hollywood film masterpieces. We will enter as the free American press. According to the film, bales of heroin were transported from Vietnam to the USA by transport aircraft, small wholesale traders from the mafia came for them directly to the territory of the military base, then packed up the goods in small containers in underground enterprises and distributed heroin to those who were thirsty through a retail network.

The film American Gangster received two Oscars, and Ridley Scott was not brought to justice for defamation of the army and the US state.

If the “Golden Triangle” turned out to be the only territory in the whole world suitable for growing opium poppy, the war in Vietnam might have taken a completely different turn. However, the world once again did without a small nuclear bombardment. To the delight of all involved in the sharing of profits from the drug trade, opium poppy grows in many remote parts of the world. These corners are inhabited by the impoverished and therefore not too discriminating population. In addition, opiates are not the only means for drug addicts to escape from the vile reality.

The United States withdrew its troops from Vietnam in the 1973 year, until 1975, the northern communists finished off the Saigon puppet regime, but what could this change in principle? Accidentally or not, it was precisely in the 70-90-s of the last century that the expansion of the activities of the South American cocaine cartels fell. This expansion went under inspirational electric guitar chords (who doesn’t remember Cocaine and Nazareth?) And the loud promises of the United States administration to put an end to all such ugliness. Hollywood, meanwhile, raised the stakes and covered the class struggle of the brutal Muchachos against some incorruptible American policemen in detail. Figures of pop culture began to admit each other to cocaine addiction, and the death of some from an overdose became even a legend of rock music.

Well known epic история birth, struggle and death of the Medellinsky Cartel. In 70-90-ies, he practically monopolized the production of cocaine in Colombia. And here is what is important. Every monopoly brings super profits, which is ensured by high prices, and the latter are growing due to the lack of competition.

Once, the leadership of the drug cartel decided to make a claim for something more than technical control over the collection and packaging of coca raw materials. It began to actively buy statesmen and politicians. The customs of the latter in Latin America, as is known, are simple and unpretentious. If they are given money, they take it, and then they promise to shoot all corrupt officials in the elections. It is clear that Escobar associates, in a certain sense, defended their investments.

The administration of the White House, which in 1984 decided to declare a “crusade” against the evil cocaine empire, did not like this much. The challenge has been thrown.

The ferocious dogs of the Medellín Cartel did not tail their tail in response to strategic initiatives by the US administration and the so-called. The Andean Triangle turned into hell for several years, where human life did not cost anything at all. By the beginning of the 1990's. The “cocaine war” as a whole ended in an unconditional victory for democracy. All the leaders of the Medellín Cartel were either killed or arrested. And what? Should it be understood that the American intelligence services have set a reliable barrier to the cocaine stream, which pours into the United States? Not at all.

According to a study conducted by Yuri Latov (Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation), the dynamics of retail prices for cocaine showed the dubious effectiveness of the cartel war: for 1984-1988. a kilogram of cocaine fell in the United States five times - from 300 thousand dollars per kilogram to 60 thousand. This drug in the United States has become during this time much more affordable than before. How could this happen? Did the disruption in supply and shortages of goods ever led to lower prices? It can not be.

In the expert literature on this issue there is usually one explanation - Washington wanted the best, but it turned out as always, i.e. somewhere they missed out, somewhere else they didn’t get shot or didn’t shoot the one they needed, “but we fought, right?”

Yes, the CIA fought, that's for sure.

As noted above, the monopoly of the Medellinsky cartel in 70-s - the beginning of 80-s of the last century turned to high prices for consumers in the USA, which circumstance held back the spread of the drug and reduced the client base. What did the cartel riot lead to?

Yuri Latov notes that by the end of 1990's. In the Andean triangle, a paradoxical situation developed: almost all of the more or less large drug traffickers were imprisoned or killed, while the cocaine export flow did not decrease, and the crops of this drug culture also did not decrease. Meanwhile, there is nothing paradoxical here. This is how market pricing is introduced in societies prone to junta and monopolies. Bearded bandits replaced clerks with laptops and white shirts. It is a civilization, and by this it differs from criminal lawlessness.

Can someone say that the CIA was ineffective? Not in the least. Obviously, it was precisely this result that was achieved. Quality goods at an affordable price - this is the ideal work of a market economy. If Pablo Escobar practiced shooting less and studied the principles of a market economy, he would radically change his company's strategy and have lived incomparably longer.

The story of the Colombian cartel is just one of the episodes of the great work being done by US government agencies in Latin America.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the CIA employees in Latin American governments are hardly less than in Langley itself. For example, what happened to General Noriega? He was an agent of the CIA, received money from him. France awarded the general the Order of the Legion of Honor, he bought real estate here. Harvey Sickerman, director of the Philadelphia Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, states: “The CIA refused its services, and Noriega began to oppress American citizens in Panama. At the same time, he continued to smuggle drugs and weapons. And President Bush has removed him from power by military force. ”

Like this. Just think about it. The CIA refused the services of a general, and he, a tomboy of a sort, continued to engage in arms and drug trafficking, i.e. what he used to do in the service of Washington. But you can understand it. Bush Sr. not only unfairly dismissed a loyal CIA officer, but also obviously did not pay his severance pay. I had to keep the general earning his usual work.

And how does a retired CIA agent live in prison?

Harvey Sickerman claims that General Noriege was created especially favorable conditions in prison so that he wouldn’t talk too much, because this man really knew a lot. What is interesting? About the activities of Chinese intelligence or what?

That's it.

15 November 1996, the Los Angeles Drug Enforcement Officer (he worked here for 20 years) Michael Ruppert made a public statement before the CIA director John Deutch and accused the organization led by the latter of delivering drugs to the United States. A month later, John Deutsch left his post. No, the CIA director did not treat his friends to cocaine at working meetings in Washington. Some secret access problems were found on his computers.

Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat, a professor at the University of California, writes at La Tribune that CIA involvement and responsibility for global drug traffic is a taboo subject in political circles, election campaigns and the media. Those who tried to break this ban, like journalist Gary Webb, paid for it with a career. A definite move on this issue was a large article by Alfred McCoy, which appeared on TomDispatch 30 March 2010.

The problem is completely clear. Multibillion-dollar drug operations in which the CIA is implicated are becoming increasingly large, and the arrogance of officials of the world's only superpower is increasingly blatant. An example of this is the situation in Afghanistan.

The role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade

Service in the CIA is difficult and dangerous. One of the tasks of the paladins of the Empire of Good is to systematically search, catch, shoot and hang their former colleagues who have embarked on the path of treason. So do all the special services with their renegades. Meanwhile, the United States foreign policy has one curious feature. For example, as soon as Washington needed to plant “democracy” in Afghanistan, CIA agent Osama bin Laden immediately discovered himself, declaring the fight against the Good Empire as the goal of his life. Mr. Osama was caught, killed, and the US Army Expeditionary Corps, both standing in Afghanistan and standing.

It would seem that the task is completed, the villains are defeated, American warriors can pack personal belongings and say goodbye to Afghan friends. And no. Nothing like this. Yes, the number of the expedition contingent is decreasing, its maintenance costs are decreasing, and these are perfectly reasonable measures, taking into account the unstable financial situation of the USA. However, all this does not mean that the Americans are going to leave Afghanistan. Someday, perhaps, this will happen, but not in the near future.

Why is Washington not eager to remove its troops from Afghanistan? To answer this question, another question should be asked - what is the real reason for the US invasion of this country?

Let's look at some numbers. According to a former employee of the Tajik Drug Control Agency, Aidar Makhmadiyev, 1999 tons of raw opium were produced in 4565 in Afghanistan, in 2000 (the Taliban banned poppy cultivation in July of this year) - 3276 tons were produced; in the 2001 year (the year of the ban) - 185 tons, in 2002 (after the US attack on Afghanistan and the collapse of the Taliban regime) - 2700 tons. In 2003 - 3400 tons, 2004 - 4200 tons, 2005 - 4100 tons, 2007 - 8200 etc.

The most notable date in this series is 2001, the year in which opium production in Afghanistan was virtually curtailed by decision of the Taliban leadership. What happened next?

You all know this story with two skyscrapers blown up on 11 of September of the year, and got acquainted with different versions of who was behind the attack. George Bush Jr. stated that Mr. Osama and Al Qaeda (who is now fighting for democracy in Syria) did this, demanded that they be extradited from the Taliban, but either the Taliban really refused Bush the younger, or simply did not know where All these people, in short, October 2001 7, cruise missiles, strategic bombers and Daisy Cutter super heavy bombs went into action. All this equipment exploded, rumbled, roared, whistled and made other amazing sounds. The Afghan peasants were shocked by the greatness of America.

Naturally, the Taliban cavalry was unable to withstand the shock mega-power of the US Army. They say that the Taliban still had aviation, air defense and Tankson which they liked to be photographed. One way or another, one of the largest operations in the history of the United States to decommission obsolete and test the latest weapons was successful.

The Taliban regime was crushed, then the Campbells came, hooray, hurray! Inspired by democracy, Afghan workers dramatically increased the rate of production of raw opium. The consumption of heroin in Afghanistan itself has naturally increased as well. Today, according to Russia Today’s correspondent Gayane Chichyakyan, 300 thousands of children in Afghanistan take drugs.

The main part of Afghan heroin (over 70%) goes to Europe through Kosovo, more precisely, through the mafia groups of Kosovo Albanians. According to the director of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, Viktor Ivanov, about 15 large drug cartels are operating in Kosovo. They provide transit to Europe of both Afghan heroin and Latin American cocaine. Of particular importance in the supply of drugs to Europe is the Balkan route from Afghanistan, for which Kosovo is a key transit hub. Here is the pre-sale preparation and packaging of heroin for subsequent delivery to European countries. In Kosovo, a kilogram of heroin in 2011 was worth about 10 thousand euros, in Western Europe its price reached already 150 thousand euros ($ 1-2 thousand on the Tajik-Afghan border). Kosovo mafiosi have a lot of money on drug trafficking (relatively, of course), their income is estimated at $ 3 billion annually, and in order to save their income, they need to zealously serve their masters and not repeat the mistakes of the Medellin cartel. But who is the real owner of the Albanian “Pistoleros”?

Now let's look at some facts.

In 2008, the Kosovo Albanians unilaterally (naturally, with the support of the US and the EU), declared Kosovo's independence from Serbia. Thus, the Serbian police services were denied admission to conduct operations in the region. But that's not the point. The newly formed drug addict has no military power and no political influence. His so-called "Sovereignty" rests on the direct military support of the United States.

Perhaps this is the style of Washington humor, but Afghanistan was the first state to recognize Kosovo’s independence earlier than Costa Rica, given the difference in time zones. Obviously, the donkeys with bales of heroin were stagnant, it was urgent to unload the poor animals.

The United States maintains two military bases in Kosovo. The first is Camp Bondsteel, one of the largest in Europe, located near the town of Urosevac. It began to build in 1999 year. Camp Bondsteel is the headquarters of the Multinational Operational Group "East" under the command of the United States. The second base is Camp Monteith.

In an interview with 2008, Dmitry Rogozin, who was confirmed at the time as Russia's ambassador to NATO, was asked by the Russian newspaper “why Kosovo turned out to be the most important region for Americans”, answered sincerely and emotionally: “I myself cannot understand. Why not Basques, not Corsica, not Kurds, not Caucasian republics, not Northern Ireland, not Tibet ... why are the Kosovo Albanians ?! ”.

It's very simple, my friends. Whatever the conversation, he is always talking about money.

Think, does the White House have plans or does it operate within the framework of a single-cell being? So, the “Kosovo project” is a project of construction and organization of the drug dispenser, the largest in Europe (not a dispensary!). Kosovo is hundreds of billions of dollars from drug trafficking, and without filling out a tax return. What is difficult here?

Albanians are a poor nation, they do not shun dirty work. Their criminal clans owe Washington everything - power, money, prestige among the scum of Europe and fear among its inhabitants. And most importantly, horror over retribution holds them in obedience. If the White House deprives Kosovo Albanians of military and political support, how will the Serbs react?

Let's summarize some results. According to Professor Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat, the CIA’s efforts to move Afghanistan to lead the world in heroin traffic were a repetition of what happened earlier in Burma, Laos and Thailand from the late 1940 to 1970. These countries also became the largest participants in drug trafficking thanks to support from the CIA.

“The main source of world drug problems is not in Kabul, but in Washington,” says Peter Dale Scott.

So let's ask ourselves again: What is the role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade?
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  1. avant-garde
    avant-garde 10 December 2013 08: 11
    The role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade great and undeniable, it is with them the record poppy crops in augna became
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 10 December 2013 08: 18
      Quote: avant-garde
      The role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade

      Money money money! The United States does not matter what to sell the main thing to make profit from it!
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 10 December 2013 08: 23
        Not money — it’s easy to track them from drugs, but the influence that can be directed in one direction or another.
        Remember how the US was tormented with drugs in its day? Accused Castro that they (brothers) undermined their economy with drugs?
        That's what the United States is doing.
        1. mirag2
          mirag2 10 December 2013 08: 41
          Only in relation to countries that need to be pressed, which need to be economically weakened, let the people die out and limitless there, but they giggle, rubbing their dirty, blood elbowed hands.
      2. knn54
        knn54 10 December 2013 15: 43
        -The role of the United States in organizing the global drug trade.
        100 %. The drug business is one of the oldest and traditional occupations, starting with the English royal family (The Opium Wars in China). Nothing personal just business.
        PS "As long as China remains a nation of drug addicts, we should not be afraid that this country will turn into a serious military power, since this habit sucks the vitality of the Chinese" ... 1895, British Consul in China Jeff Hurst. TODAY these words and actions apply to US ...
      3. Grenader
        Grenader 10 December 2013 16: 30
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        Money money money! The United States does not matter what to sell the main thing is to profit from this

        There is no place here for dreams and chimeras,
        Noisy those years time.
        All couriers, couriers, couriers,
        Broker, broker, broker.
        From a Jew to a Chinese
        Rogue and gentleman
        All in a single column are considered
        Equally - a businessman.
        On tops, caps and caps
        A rain of stocks whistles and pours.
        That's where the world chains are to you,
        This is where the world swindler is.
        If you want to burst out your soul here,
        That will be considered: either stupid, or drunk.
        Here it is - the world exchange,
        Here they are - scoundrels of all countries.

        Sergey Yesenin.
      4. Alex toll
        Alex toll 11 December 2013 12: 44
        This is not even a nation - they do not have a nationality - just rubbish from the bath of evolution - you have to be so good .....

        Everywhere they managed to slander and fight, genocide - like cereal for breakfast (Native American tribes in cm.) - Che does not live peacefully ??? ..........

        They dov .... they will be slaughtered like cattle at the earliest opportunity - the first conflict on their territory and that’s all - everything in this life returns with a boomerang Universe doesn’t forget anything - harmony will be restored. It’s not without reason that it shakes them with hurricanes and other disasters - there’s a reason for that, and Russia is the only way that the frost-free eyelashes are silver

        As far as I am humanist, but to this country I have only one negative - Stalin is not on them. They would have long been recognized as the second Hitler stronghold, and the entire government at the white house hung on ropes with the Masons and similar sorts of .. uni-gods who are trying to make world rule in such ways.
    2. Grandson of Veteran
      Grandson of Veteran 10 December 2013 08: 51
      "What is the role of the United States in organizing the world drug trade?"
      I would describe it as simply fundamental! hi
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 10 December 2013 08: 55
      In the first photo, two Taliban, as two gay girlfriends go laughing What does Sharia say about this?
      1. avant-garde
        avant-garde 10 December 2013 09: 05
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        In the first photo, two Taliban, as two gay girlfriends go laughing What does Sharia say about this?

        someone from this couple abandoned the one that was on the pebble, he really looked sad. Western values ​​what can you do about Sharia are powerless here.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 10 December 2013 10: 50
          Quote: avant-garde
          . Western values ​​what can you do about Sharia are powerless here.

          Quran will begin to rewrite soon laughing
      2. Brother77
        Brother77 10 December 2013 14: 43
        Krasava Sanya to the point! It's all from fag! Glory to the Slavic closet and Grigory Klimov!
    4. Nikitin
      Nikitin 10 December 2013 10: 36
      I read somewhere that up to 30% of the cash dollar mass printed by the US Federal Reserve is circulating in the drug trade. If you eliminate the drug trade, then this money will simply have nowhere to go and the American financial system will simply collapse. Therefore, supporting the drug business is the most important task of star-striped government agencies and guaranteeing the stability of the world's major currency. Such a squiggle!
    5. AVV
      AVV 10 December 2013 13: 04
      Now it’s clear what kind of crap the states are fighting for !!! All their filthy snout is in cocaine and heroin, as well as stuck dollars !!! And no matter which president is in power, politics will not change, it is influenced by the military lobby, and drug services. states !!! Therefore, they are like a fire afraid of exposing Snowden! And he has a lot of documents exposing the secret services !!!
    6. GDP
      GDP 10 December 2013 15: 47
      I recall the opium wars that the British started, outraged by the fact that the Chinese government began to burn opium, which they received from the enlightened Western states. This action of China on the fight against drugs has ended - its destruction as a state and the death of millions of people ... Drug trafficking from England has resumed even more.
      The Chinese were able to raise the country from ruins, rebuild the state and start officially fighting the drugs only in the middle of the twentieth century, after the collapse of the British Empire and then with the help of the USSR.
      Not surprisingly, there is one punishment for the distribution of drugs - the death penalty.
  2. makarov
    makarov 10 December 2013 08: 16
    The Americans have long understood the most important principle: - To defeat the drug trade, you need to lead and control it
    1. Canep
      Canep 10 December 2013 08: 24
      Quote: makarov
      To defeat the drug trade
      Only now, Amers do not really want to defeat the drug trade. It’s better to allow marijuana so that there are more addicts. Hmm ... I wonder why the West is not fighting for the rights of drug addicts in Russia, or is this the next stage of insanity.
      1. Humpty
        Humpty 10 December 2013 08: 36
        Quote: Canep
        addicts became more. Hmm ... I wonder why the West is not fighting for the rights of drug addicts in Russia, or is this the next stage of insanity.

        This is the next stage of tolerance, in the Netherlands, for example, already passed.
        1. Sunjar
          Sunjar 10 December 2013 09: 49
          In fact, the global drug trade is overseen by the British royal family. The United States also has its own dividends, but they are not the ones who run the show. Indeed, in Afghanistan, not only the US army settled, but Britain is also present there.
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 10 December 2013 21: 24
      Quote: makarov
      The Americans have long understood the most important principle: - To defeat the drug trade, you need to lead and control it

      The main principle is that you can make good money on all kinds of lousy business on the drug trade. Remember the Iran-Contras scandal.
      And if they wanted to end the drug trade, it’s enough to shut off the delivery system of chemicals that use thousands of tons.
  3. Sterlya
    Sterlya 10 December 2013 08: 29
    the word america. American worse than swearing
  4. Christian
    Christian 10 December 2013 08: 31
    Zionists, masses, and other actors of world government who completely control the United States set the goal of world domination, not only in the visible world, but also in the spiritual realm. And here their enemy is Orthodox Christianity. Destruction and degradation of the peoples, the historical bearers of the FAITH ( by any means, including drugs) Their MAIN GOAL!
    1. Heccrbq.3
      Heccrbq.3 10 December 2013 10: 45
      Historical bearers of the faith of Christ ---- digging shallow dear, watch the series "Games of the Gods" for example.
  5. taseka
    taseka 10 December 2013 08: 34
    "Service in the CIA is difficult and dangerous. One of the tasks of the paladins of the Empire of Good is to systematically search, catch, shoot and hang their former colleagues who have embarked on the path of treason. This is what all intelligence services do with their renegades."- Something is not like all services, judging by Rezun, Kulagin, Bakatin.
  6. Kolovrat77
    Kolovrat77 10 December 2013 08: 34
    The P. Indos didn’t come up with a thread. By the way, the dry law in the United States is very well built into this version. And our dry law was introduced by Mr. Gorbachev very on time. Let's make a demand and he will give birth to offers.
  7. svskor80
    svskor80 10 December 2013 08: 36
    In 2008, Kosovo Albanians unilaterally (of course, with the support of the US and the EU), proclaimed Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.

    It seems that the United States wanted to do something similar with Russia, creating an uncontrolled Chechen enclave. But when it did not grow together, they began to look for new places for the "national liberation struggle" in Eastern Europe. The Serbs were not lucky.
  8. taseka
    taseka 10 December 2013 08: 38
    Drugs are a lot of money, and there are a lot of corrupt creatures in any state - like the words of that killer - "It's nothing personal, it's just business!" For the sale of drugs - a bullet in the forehead !!! For the involvement of children - for a count !!!!
  9. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 10 December 2013 08: 40
    The article is interesting, but for some reason the information did not surprise. They dig a hole for themselves. The bottomless ...
  10. Stiletto
    Stiletto 10 December 2013 09: 10
    An article for those who, having seen enough of the behavior and initiatives of Americans, ask in surprise: "Why do they smoke?" So - they do not smoke, but are on hard drugs. bully
  11. calocha
    calocha 10 December 2013 09: 24
    If the United States is not destroyed, the world will be partly destroyed, and partly enslaved. Total surveillance, baiting everyone at all, controlled chaos, wars on different continents under different pretexts and for various reasons, are all the machinations of the CIA.
  12. Ahmed Osmanov
    Ahmed Osmanov 10 December 2013 10: 21
    "The role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade" is simply invaluable laughing
  13. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 10 December 2013 10: 29
    Informative article and written with humor.
    Personally, I liked 1 and 3 photos.
    They show how amerovskie soldiers patrol the opium fields (you must admit that they are somewhat similar to our guards with "Berdanks" who guarded collective farm gardens from thieves of various kinds in the old days).
    Looking at the third photo, you might think that they force the local dekhan to turn his pockets out, otherwise they might have stolen something from the planator during the working day. laughing
  14. washi
    washi 10 December 2013 12: 04
    The Taliban banned drugs. We had agreements with the Taliban, including economic ones.
    the Americans brought in troops. Arrangements were cheated.
    About the United States, as an active participant in the drug trade, was spoken of in the Soviet film "TASS is authorized to declare", according to the book by Yu. Semenov.
    There were also films in the mid-80s about the participation of amers: "Pirates of the 20th century", "Solo voyage".
    As soon as our agitprom began to shake, a labeled one came to power, and instead of patriotic films, low-standard films were shown: "Intergirl", "Face", etc.
  15. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 10 December 2013 12: 06
    Article +
    the truth is straight here "America was not discovered", but the article is very competent and written very well) Especially it is worth noting the author's sarcasm and comparisons) To the author +
  16. Avenich
    Avenich 10 December 2013 13: 47
    To the author plus. Good article.
  17. yan
    yan 10 December 2013 14: 30
    global drug trade roof
  18. rudolff
    rudolff 10 December 2013 17: 15
    Americans should especially thank the Russian authorities. If they had suddenly started worrying about the problems of their own country, arranged a full-fledged border with Asian neighbors, and introduced a strict visa regime with at least Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, what kind of market for the world drug community would have been lost, what would have lost a great, comfortable and safe drug trafficking!
  19. Ivan Pomidorov
    Ivan Pomidorov 10 December 2013 18: 07
    The role of the United States in the organization of the world drug trade

    I hope it will be taken into account when passing a fair sentence.
  20. rexby63
    rexby63 10 December 2013 18: 59
    Konstantin Aleksandrovich didn’t write anything fundamentally new, but such articles should be regularly published so that fans of pindo.tan know what meat hamburgers in there fast food
  21. alone
    alone 10 December 2013 19: 20
    It’s easiest to manipulate intoxicated people. Yes, and the Afghan drug mafia, from the CIA’s supply, does not transfer its goods to America, but through Central Asia to Russia. This is one of the methods to destroy the enemy’s potential.
  22. andr327
    andr327 10 December 2013 20: 42
    Drugs are the most inhumane weapons of mass destruction, sorry, decomposition.
  23. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 10 December 2013 21: 28
    So it’s clear to the fool that almost ALL the troubles on the planet are connected with the United States. Wherever you spit, you will always end up, if not a CIA officer, then some "African American" with an M-16, completely voluntarily "baptizing" the next "wrong" peoples in the most faithful faith - democracy! And after all, parasites do not disdain to achieve their goals with the help of lies and the destruction of their own people! Paradox ... But nothing, He sees everything from above ... what
  24. Caucasian
    Caucasian 10 December 2013 23: 24
    Plus, the British Royal House.
  25. shvindin2012
    shvindin2012 11 December 2013 01: 08
    Zionists, masses, and other actors of world government who completely control the United States set the goal of world domination, not only in the visible world, but also in the spiritual realm. And here their enemy is Orthodox Christianity. Destruction and degradation of the peoples, the historical bearers of the FAITH ( by any means, including drugs) Their MAIN GOAL!

    During the Civil War, V.I. Lenin had ideas about proclaiming the entire world revolution with the main strength of the proletariat. At the same time, methods for inflating workers' strikes were as secretive as the methods of the United States for influencing world sentiment by politicians, civilians, and religious leaders. Everything was done secretly, under a veil of secrecy. However, despite all the attempts of Vladimir Ilyich, the proletarians of the capitalist countries soon subsided in their enthusiasm for communist utopianism and returned to the old order. Although the United States tries by all diplomatic and economic methods to maintain its superiority in all endeavors, not disdaining up to the collapse of developed states (a hint of the USSR), nevertheless, to a greater extent ignoring and rejecting its political and financial intrigues, depends on the state’s ability to protect to block and avoid them, from history we know how shamefully our superpower collapsed, simply not having coped with the internal disagreements of the population due to successful diplomatic steps already ahead of us in the development of the state !!
  26. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 11 December 2013 07: 21
    What else can the poor USA do? They drove them out of the car industry, where German concerns run the show. Production of consumer goods - China. Even the raw materials appendage of the West is now Russia, and of the same German-Austrian Empire. It’s deeply that what will happen to the USA is already a Japanese colony.

    They pulled Russia, got under the tail. And the United States, as it were, between two fires, but ... these guys know how to fight, and most importantly are not afraid to sacrifice strangers, but to protect their own. So interesting events will already be in 2013.

    We in Australia feel good, as in the Rakviye Postcrypt Predator, whoever wins, we will set bets, we will arrange a casino!

    So either Heno or "traitors" (kisson disease), the main thing for us is that our banks are PRO-blooming.