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By the rules of war

By the rules of warThey say that the paratroopers - the most uncompromising warriors. Maybe so. But the rules that they introduced in the mountains of Chechnya during the complete absence of hostilities are clearly worthy to tell about it separately. A unit of paratroopers in which a group of scouts commanded by Captain Zvantsev was located on a large glade in the mountains, one kilometer from the Chechen village of Alchi-Aul, Vedensky district.

These were the months of rotten negotiations with the “Czechs”. Moscow did not understand very well that negotiations could not be conducted with gangsters. It simply will not work, because each party must fulfill its obligations, and the Chechens did not bother themselves with such nonsense. They needed to stop the war in order to catch their breath, pull up ammunition, recruit replenishment, etc.

One way or another, a clear revelry of “peacemaking” of certain high-profile personalities began, who, without hesitating, took money from the Chechen field commanders for their work. As a result, the army team was forbidden not only to open fire first, but even to respond to fire with fire. Banned from entering mountain villages to “not provoke the local population”. Then the militants began to openly lodge with their relatives, and the "federals" were told in their faces that they would soon leave Chechnya.

Division Zvantseva just threw "turntable" in the mountains. The camp, which had been destroyed by paratroopers of Colonel Ivanov before them, was made hastily, the positions were not strengthened, there were many places inside the fortress where it was undesirable to move openly - they were well swept. Here it was necessary to dig up the 400 meters of good trenches and put the parapets.

The first "two hundred" appeared a week later. And, almost as always, it was sniper shots from the forest. Two soldiers were killed in the head and neck, returning to the tents from the dining room. In broad daylight.

Raid into the forest and a raid of results did not yield. The paratroopers reached the village, but did not enter it. This was contrary to orders from Moscow. Returned.

Then Colonel Ivanov invited the elder of the village to "tea". They drank tea for a long time in the staff tent.

- So you say, father, do you have no militants in your village?

- No, it was not.

- How is it, father, from your village come two assistants to Basayev. Yes, and he himself was a frequent visitor. They say, woke to your girlfriend ...

- The people say lies ... - The 90-year-old old man in an astrakhan cap was unfazed. Not a single muscle on his face faltered.

“Give me more tea, son,” he said to the orderly. Black as coals, eyes dug into a map on the table, prudently turned over by the secretary.

“We have no militants in the village,” the old man said again. - Come to visit us, Colonel. - The old man smiled a little. Unnoticed so.

The colonel understood the mockery. One will not go to visit, cut off the head and thrown on the road. And with the soldiers "on the armor" is impossible, contrary to the instructions.

“Here, they have besieged from all sides. They beat us, and we cannot even conduct a raid in the village, eh?” - thought the colonel bitterly. In short, the spring of the year 96.

- We will come, surely, the respectable Aslanbek ...

Immediately after leaving the Chechen, Zvantsev went to the colonel.

- Comrade Colonel, let me educate the "Czechs" in the airborne?

- And this is how, Zvantsev?

- See, everything is within the law. We have a very convincing upbringing. None of the peacemaker will not stick.

- Well, come on, just so that then my head does not fly off at the headquarters of the army.

Eight people from the Zvantsev unit quietly left at night in the direction of the village. Not a single shot was fired until the very morning, when the dusty and tired guys returned to the tent. Tankers even surprised. Scouts walk around the camp with cheerful eyes and mysteriously grin in their beards.

Already in the middle of the next day, the elder came to the gate of the camp of the Russian military. The sentries made him wait about an hour - for upbringing - and then they took him to the colonel's head tent.

Colonel Mikhail Ivanov offered the old man some tea. He refused.

“Your people are to blame,” the elder began, forgetting Russian for excitement. - They mined the roads from the village. Three innocent people were blown up this morning ... I will complain ... to Moscow ...

The colonel summoned the chief of intelligence.

“Here the elder claims that it was we who put the stretch marks around the village ...” and stretched the wire from the stretch to Zvantsev.

Zvantsev was surprised to twist the wire in his hands.

- Comrade Colonel, not our wire. We give steel, and this is a simple copper wire. Militants set, not otherwise ...

- What action movies! Do they need it, - the old man shouted loudly in indignation, and immediately stopped himself, realizing that he had blundered stupidity.

- No, dear elder, we do not put streamers against the civilian population. We came to free you from the militants. This is all the work of bandits.

Colonel Ivanov spoke with a slight smile and participation on his face. He offered the services of military medics.

- What are you bringing me under the article? - The colonel made an indignant face.

- No, comrade colonel. This system is already debugged, has not yet failed. The wire is really Chechen.

In any case, an encryption was sent to Khankala: the gangsters were so brutalized in the mountains that, descending to Alchi-aul and allegedly having been denied provisions there, instructed stretch marks against civilians.

For a whole week, Chechen snipers did not shoot at the camp. But on the eighth day a fighter of a kitchen outfit was killed in the head.

That night, the people of Zvantsev again left the camp at night. As expected, the elder came to the authorities.

- Well, why stretching against peace put? You should understand that our teip is one of the smallest, there is no one to help us. In the morning, two more people with disabilities became, two men had their feet on your grenades. They are now fully on securing the village. If this continues, there will be no one to work ...

The old man tried to find understanding in the eyes of the colonel. Zvantsev sat with a stone face, stirring sugar in a glass of tea.

- We will proceed as follows. In connection with such actions of the bandits, the unit of Captain Zvantsev will go to the village. We will clear you. And to help him I give ten armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. Just in case. So, father, you will go home on armor, and you will not go on foot. We will give you a lift!

Zvantsev entered the village, his people quickly cleared the remaining "failed" stretch marks. True, they did it only after intelligence work in the village. It became clear that from above, from the mountains, a path leads to the village. Cattle residents kept clearly more than they needed themselves. Found and the barn, where dried beef for future use.

A week later, an ambush left on the trail in a short battle immediately destroyed seventeen thugs. They descended into the village, not even letting forward reconnaissance. A short fight and a bunch of corpses. Five of them were buried by the villagers in their teip cemetery.

A week later, another fighter in the camp was killed by a sniper bullet. The colonel, having called Zvantsev, said to him shortly: go!

And again the old man came to the colonel.

- We still have a man killed, stretching.

- Dear friend, we, too, a man died. Your sniper took off.

- Why ours. Where our from, - the old man has become agitated.

- Your, your, we know. There are no sources around for twenty kilometers. So do your doing. Only, old man, you understand that I cannot demolish your village to the ground by artillery, although I know that you are my enemy and that you are all Wahhabis there. Well, I can not! I can not! Well, idiocy is, to fight according to the laws of the peaceful constitution! Your snipers kill my people, and when mine surround them, the militants throw rifles and take out Russian passports. From this point on, they cannot be killed. But the soldier is not a fool! Oh, not a fool, Dad! Here is how, after each killed or wounded of my people, there will be one killed or wounded of yours. Got it? Do you understand everything, old man? And you will be the last one to be blown up, and I will gladly bury you myself ... because there will be no one to bury you ...

The colonel spoke calmly and gently. From this word, said by him, were terrible. The old man did not look into the eyes of the colonel, he lowered his head and squeezed his hat in his hands.

- Your truth, Colonel, the militants will leave the village today. Left alone alien. We are tired of feeding them ...

- Leave so leave. There will be no stretch, old Aslanbek. And come back, so appear, - said Zvantsev. - I put them, Dad. And tell the militants one saying: “How many Chechen wolves do not feed, but the Russian bear is still thicker ...” Understood?

The old man silently got up, nodded to the colonel, and left the tent. The colonel and the captain sat down to drink tea.

- It turns out that it is possible in this situation, seemingly hopeless, to do something. I can not, "two hundredth" for "two hundredth" send. "Zelenka" Chechen, Wed ... n.

August 2000 years
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    BARKAS 9 December 2013 07: 31
    The command of the Airborne Forces did not surrender, this is one of their distinguishing features, which often did not reach other units.
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 9 December 2013 13: 14
      Do not be silly, if not in the subject. Remind the 6th PDR of the 76th Pskov. Or will you also talk to me about "weather conditions"? Now you can read the truth on the site - and the survivors have started talking. And there are not a few such terrible examples ...
  2. Canep
    Canep 9 December 2013 07: 38
    The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention is directed against the Russian army. The paratroopers very competently applied the cost center, not a word about the slaughtered cattle.
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 9 December 2013 07: 51
    And now all Chechens have Russian passports + money for recovery. Stretch marks can not be set. 200 but do not appear. Maybe in the short term it’s better. The ancient Romans were also ready with the Germans on the edge of the empire settled, they paid a salary.
    1. Aristocrat
      Aristocrat 9 December 2013 08: 03
      Quote: FC Skiff
      And now all Chechens have Russian passports + money for recovery. Stretch marks can not be set. 200 but do not appear. Maybe in the short term it’s better. The ancient Romans were also ready with the Germans on the edge of the empire settled, they paid a salary.

      In the Senate of Rome there was not a single German ... They were fed like dogs and kept on a chain .... Far from us to Rome ...
      1. FC SKIF
        FC SKIF 9 December 2013 22: 27
        And how it all ended ... I’m about this
    2. BOB48
      BOB48 9 December 2013 20: 31
      The 200s is now nationwide!
  4. makarov
    makarov 9 December 2013 08: 07
    But there were no trials of military and political criminals who universally betrayed the interests of Russia ... Will it be, and when will it take place - is that the question ???
  5. sashka
    sashka 9 December 2013 08: 19
    They say that paratroopers are the most uncompromising warriors.
    What do warriors mean.? WARS. This is an insult from a student who has not served.
    1. morpex
      9 December 2013 12: 04
      Quote: Sasha
      This is an insult from a student who has not served.

      In general, you must not only know the Russian language, but also understand. When a mother says to her son "you are my warrior .." - is this an insult to you? Here and in the article also. Said with respect and love .. Got it? Both the student and the minister answer this ...
  6. sashka
    sashka 9 December 2013 08: 29
    -10 qualifying.
    One of the most stupid articles. When the author does not know and does not understand what he writes.
    1. morpex
      9 December 2013 12: 07
      Quote: Sasha
      d. When the author does not know and does not understand what he is writing about.

      Everyone has their own perception of the world. And the situations are different in the war too ... The author writes by recalling the person who was there ... No need to be so categorical ..
  7. Horn
    Horn 9 December 2013 09: 10
    I wonder who set the minus for what?
    1. sashka
      sashka 9 December 2013 12: 07
      Quote: Horn
      I wonder who set the minus for what

      What is the difference? Be yourself ..
    2. velikoros-xnumx
      velikoros-xnumx 9 January 2014 20: 28
      Quote: Horn
      I wonder who set the minus for what?

      The same question in my head - what kind of a guy is minuscule, with a big beard?
  8. individual
    individual 9 December 2013 12: 05
    The Caucasus understands only power.
    Diplomacy and negotiations are a sign of weakness, and the weak is always wrong.
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 9 December 2013 13: 18
      And not only the Caucasus - Turkestan is exactly the same as, indeed, the whole East.
  9. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 9 December 2013 12: 55
    Yes, they presented an invoice. Not always, but somehow we agreed with the locals.
    Without stiffness (not cruelty) there is no way.

    By article:
    The time is too stretched: from the moment the first 200th (with subsequent ones) appeared in the unit, to the announcement to the Czech about the "conditions" of coexistence.
    Too much...
    The author directly plays the lives of guys ...

    In reality, an ultimatum was set in advance initially, or after immediately after the first case.
    And the invoice was far from 1: 1 ...

    And I wonder where they stood in 1996?
    1. morpex
      9 December 2013 19: 28
      Quote: Aleks tv
      The author directly plays the lives of guys ...

      You are wrong. In your opinion it was necessary to retouch the source?
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 9 December 2013 19: 54
        Quote: morpex
        Do you think it was necessary to retouch the source?

        On the contrary, Valery.
        It seemed that what was written was already retouched.

        The commander was very correct, he still did not speak about "mutual account".
        As quickly as possible, this was done in practice and ... cruder than written.

        But I wrote comments without raids and sarcasm.
        Everyone has different experience.

        Thank you very much for the published story.
  10. Sasha Major
    Sasha Major 9 December 2013 12: 59
    height 37 80 I don’t remember what the village was called, but the story is true, more than three hundred Czechs were mowed down by civilians in the village. In the afternoon everything was calm in the evening, a full ##### sniper started working on three sides and 200 was bigger than in the story.
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 9 December 2013 13: 29
      Quote: Sasha Major
      height 37 80

      Got it, Alexander, thanks.

      If I am not mistaken, this is almost the border.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Selynin
    Selynin 27 December 2013 07: 50
    The article is interesting, thanks to the author.
  13. I'm Russian
    I'm Russian 4 January 2014 00: 13
    the German army worked well as a hostage system, also as an option for peaceful highlanders. I insert a quote about Ermolov: The government, not waiting for parcels with cut off ears and fingers, preferred to redeem. When General Ermolov was appointed governor of the Caucasus, a case occurred that shook the Chechens' confidence in the benefits of hostage trade. On the way from Khaziyurt to Kizlyar, Major Shvetsov was kidnapped. The Chechens, not understanding the officer distinctions, mistook the major for a person of special national importance. And to celebrate, they demanded a ransom from his family - ten arbs of silver coin.

    The Russian government simply did not know how to respond to such exorbitant prices! And there was no place to take this amount from. Then Shvetsov’s colleagues announced a collection of donations throughout the country to redeem him from captivity.

    While the Russians were raising money, Yermolov appeared in the North Caucasus. And the first thing he did was forbidden to pay the ransom for Shvetsov. Instead of paying, he ordered that all Kumyk princes and owners, through whose lands the Russian officer was transported, be placed in the fortress and announced that if they could not find a way to free him, he would hang everyone. The arrested princes immediately agreed to reduce the ransom to 10 thousand rubles. But Yermolov again refused to pay. Then, very opportunely, the Avar Khan arose (at the secret request of the general) and bought the captive
  14. Duke
    Duke 12 February 2014 16: 47
    Respect the author!