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Faithful peacemaker


Faithful peacemaker

The chief of staff of the Dudayev formations Aslan Maskhadov, Anatoly Romanov and Vladimir Zorin. June 1995 of the year.

Some time ago, in the Moscow cinema "Victory" the premiere of the documentary film "General Romanov - Devoted Peacemaker" took place. The tape was shot for the 65 anniversary of the Hero of Russia, who "never returned from that war." It includes memories of family, friends and participants of the events of that time.


The film was shot on the initiative and at the expense of the Charity Fund of Social Initiatives "People's Unity" (President - Alexander L. Rapoport) just in time for the anniversary of General Romanov. The veterans of the special forces of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, comrades and colleagues of Anatoly Alexandrovich, officers and soldiers of the Dzerzhinsky division gathered for the premiere.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia Alexander Torshin

Among the guests were First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin, Vice-President of the International Association of Veterans of the Alpha anti-terror unit, Sergey Polyakov, officers of the security forces.

Many people agree: if October 6 1995 had not been blown up in a tunnel under the railway bridge on Minutka Square (in Grozny), the history of the Chechen wars could have been different. However, a radio-controlled landmine of directional action introduced, as was planned, its irreversible adjustments.

It was with General Romanov that the moderate separatists (but, of course, not Arab and other foreign mercenaries) were ready to cooperate in certain positions.

In general, the ability to negotiate is a special art. And it's not about oratorical skill or some special tricks of conducting disputes. It is just that any qualified negotiator must very clearly understand with whom, in fact, he leads a difficult, sometimes exhausting dialogue. That is, it is necessary to find the right key, and General Romanov was able, perhaps, like no other.

“His authority grew literally by day and hour,” said Hero of Russia Vladimir Shamanov, Commander of the Airborne Forces. - And, probably, this didn’t suit the gangsters who received funding from abroad. The reason for the assassination is not Romanov’s personal behavior, but the rejection of the actions that he implemented. We know this today about the behind-the-scenes games of Berezovsky and a number of other people who built their own well-being on the blood of our statehood.

During his tenure as commander, a schedule for the disarmament of some Chechen illegal armed groups was agreed. The reception process has begun weapons among the population and the restoration of local government.

Taking the most direct part in the work of the special observation commission on the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Chechnya, Anatoly Alexandrovich carried out extensive work on the cessation of hostilities and bloodshed.

Head of the National Unity Social Initiatives Fund Alexander Rapoport and Vice-President of the Foundation Vladimir Zorin

“The popularity of Romanov was very high, his influence on the situation was also very large,” recalls Lieutenant General Oleg Dukanov, Hero of Russia. - Of course, it was the main obstacle in order to develop the escalation of war further. And he was very seriously considered as the main carrier of the ideas of the world that he was trying to defend.

At that time, the protection of the defense, defense, and defense of the headquarters of the Grouping was primarily carried out by the regiment of the internal troops and the special-purpose detachment Vityaz. These guys just idolized Romanov. He still has a very rare quality in our time: he loved the people with whom he spoke and respected them. Regardless of rank and age.

... Speaking of General Anatoly Romanov, we also remember another thing - his participation, as deputy commander of internal troops, in the execution of the House of Soviets 4 of October 1993 of the year. When the "Alpha" and "Vympel" refused to storm the White House.

From the song you can not throw out the words ...

However, like the fact that inside the burning parliament building was the speaker Ruslan Imranovich Khasbulatov - a man and a politician who played a truly fatal role in turning Chechnya into rebellious Ichkeria.

And now, at the time of the assassination attempt under Grozny Minutka Square, General Romanov followed precisely to a meeting with Khasbulatov, at his invitation.

Thy ways are inscrutable, Lord!


So far, the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Grozny have not been found. We can only guess about customers. Actually, there are three main versions of what happened. What the participants in the film "Devoted Peacemaker" say.

The first version - General Romanov was blown up by militants who earned good money from the Chechen war, and therefore did not want to lose what they had.

The second version - the order came from somewhere in Moscow (and in this context, for the camarilla that gathered around Berezovsky, Romanov was dangerous).

Finally, the third version - foreign forces were behind the assassination, which categorically did not suit (and does not suit) Russia's presence in the Caucasus.

However, all these versions are not mutually exclusive. Rather - complement, mutually intertwined.

“It was, of course, the purest water set-up,” says the former prime minister and head of FGC in 1994-1995, Sergei Stepashin. - Any other military man would probably spit and say: “I will not go anywhere”. Romanov also sought to find a compromise and used every opportunity.

Despite the secrecy of the routes of Romanov, those who were behind the organization of the explosion, well knew how, at what time he would go to the meeting that day.

Assistant Commander - Colonel Alexander Zaslavsky, Private Vitaly Matviychenko were killed in the tunnel. The guard, a fighter of the detachment "Rus" Denis Yabrikov, soon died. Fifteen servicemen of internal troops who escorted the convoy — the armored personnel carrier, two “UAZ” and two more armored personnel carriers — were wounded and contused.

Together with the Romanov could die, and Vladimir Shamanov. However, the commander at the last moment sent him to Vedeno, where we suffered heavy losses that day during the battles:

- I personally told Anatoly Alexandrovich twice that the time had not yet come when one could drive a “UAZ” around Grozny. And being the deputy for combat operations in the grouping of the Ministry of Defense, I expressed my concerns and recommended strengthening security and means of transportation.

When, after the strongest explosion, Romanov was removed from the crumpled, crumpled "UAZ", few people believed that the commander could be saved. The body of the general was literally packed with fragments. “In principle, he was killed,” the head of the hospital to them will say later about Romanov. Burdenko, Major General of Medical Service Vyacheslav Klyuzhev.

The head of the organization “Officers of Russia”, Anton Tsvetkov, hands over the Order “For Officer Honor” to Anatoly Alexandrovich’s wife of General Larisa Vasilyevna

Doctors did what they could! But fate decreed that the combat general is still alive, but he, as they say about the soldiers, "is still not back from the battle ..."

... During the presentation of the film, the First Vice-President of the Foundation, the former Minister for Nationalities Affairs, Vladimir Zorin, presented Anatoly Romanov’s wife with the prize “For Citizenship and Patriotism”. Larisa Vasilyevna became the first owner of this general civil award recently approved by the National Unity Foundation.

After the premiere, the guests did not disperse for a long time, sharing with each other memories of that troubled and ambiguous time. And everyone wanted only one thing: health to General Anatoly Romanov, his return from the War.
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  1. alone
    alone 7 December 2013 15: 46
    The story of the assassination attempt against General Romanov has some mystery. Both the militants and those who made money on it could be interested in his death. Only a miracle left the general alive. And about the betrayal, this fact is not even subject to discussion. The commander's route could only know their own "Theirs" blew it up.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. 7 December 2013 19: 51
        Comrade JV Stalin once said: "Cadres decide everything." It means that Anatoly Alexandrovich Romanov was very valuable for the Russian Federation, if he was blown up!
        Quote: EdwardTich68
        the country was almost prosral at that wild time

        Plagiarism at J.V. Stalin! "Fucked up" means.
        Quote: EdwardTich68
        and Generaloff still give birth to such

        Women just give birth to babies for your information. What exactly the child will become is determined by God (for believers) or Lucifer (for Satanists).
    2. timurpl
      timurpl 7 December 2013 23: 29
      Quote: lonely
      the commander’s route could only be known

      I saw with my own eyes a story in 90 ty in which Basayev (if I’m not mistaken) says that it was not they who blew him up ... They say why he should lie or be afraid after Budenovsk — YOURS blew him up!
      -I am afraid that he was right -that it’s not quite OUR, these were gentlemen recently soaked in their English toilet!
  2. Orik
    Orik 7 December 2013 15: 51
    Everything in this life is connected with the shooting of the White House in 1993 and the explosion at the Minute.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 7 December 2013 20: 17
      Quote: Orik
      Everything in this life is connected with the shooting of the White House in 1993 and the explosion at the Minute.

      The Angels there had a strong hand in the creature. By all means the West puts us sticks in the wheels.
  3. Christian
    Christian 7 December 2013 15: 58
    Under Yeltsin-Romanov, under Putin-Budanov ... Continuity of power in the Russian Federation ... Nothing changes, just words ...
  4. major071
    major071 7 December 2013 16: 16
    I will not comment on anything, I just wish health and strength to the combat general.
    1. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 7 December 2013 17: 08
      He will still come out of a coma because there is a god, and Romanov is a MAN !!!
  5. Committee
    Committee 7 December 2013 16: 21
    Let us recall the unarmed people shot in 1993, our compatriots, who may be mistaken in some ways, but ours. Eternal memory to them!
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 7 December 2013 16: 24
      Undefeated General. soldier
  6. Ihrek
    Ihrek 7 December 2013 16: 33
    There was a lot of injustice in that war, a lot of traitors, some politicians and military leaders earned a lot of money. But someone should pay anyway. Ordinary soldiers paid with their lives and health, and some generals devoted to the charter and homeland such as Romanov.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 7 December 2013 20: 19
      Quote: Jamal
      There was a lot of injustice in that war, a lot of traitors, some politicians and military leaders earned a lot of money. But someone should pay anyway. Ordinary soldiers paid with their lives and health, and some generals devoted to the charter and homeland such as Romanov.

      Leo Rokhlin is one of these heroes. Who killed him?
  7. AK-47
    AK-47 7 December 2013 16: 47
    In 1995, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Commander of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Lieutenant General Anatoly Alexandrovich Romanov was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation. In the same year he was awarded the next military rank "Colonel General".
    The award took place only six years later, on July 30, 2002, in the ward of the hospital. Burdenko, Commander-in-Chief of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Colonel General Vyacheslav Tikhomirov attached the highest award of the Motherland to the cloth of an officer’s shirt, which Colonel General Romanov was wearing on the occasion of the celebration.
  8. Maksmith
    Maksmith 7 December 2013 17: 37
    Betrayal of his people, the most heinous and most terrible crime. You have to pay for everything in life. And someday these scum, somewhere in a foreign land, will choke on their "bloody piece of meat". Dogs die of a dog.
    Betrayal, over time, will be forgotten, a traitor is NEVER.
    1. vasiliysxx
      vasiliysxx 7 December 2013 20: 11
      but it is necessary, following the example of the mossad, to find and take out their traitors home wherever they are, and slowly bury it.
  9. sashka
    sashka 7 December 2013 18: 12
    three days will be carried along the streets of Pretoria
    Is it worth living for this? It’s like a torch that no one needs to fuck ..
    1. EdwardTich68
      EdwardTich68 7 December 2013 19: 42
      Now a man with white skin and not a man at all there. Would you know how the worldview has changed, the Middle Ages have come.
  10. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 7 December 2013 18: 33
    To all who fought and are fighting for Russia, low bow, respect of the people and glory!
  11. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 7 December 2013 18: 58
    Kill death, Anatoly Alexandrovich, and ... COME BACK.
    YOU - it can.


    I have the honor.
  12. individual
    individual 7 December 2013 19: 01
    In Russia, as always, heroism and meanness are intertwined.
    With one hand, the power awarded the heroes with the other allowed Berezovsky and Co. villains to create their own politics. Another policy is against the interests of Russia.
    Still alive are those who do not allow to discover the whole truth about December 11, 1994, when the first Chechen war began.
  13. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 7 December 2013 19: 14
    Rather, the doctors would have invented some kind of magic pill and returned General Romanov!

    After all, medicine works wonders!
    1. rereture
      rereture 7 December 2013 19: 19
      Just not medicine in the Russian Federation.
  14. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 7 December 2013 20: 17
    It makes no sense to wait for something, such is the fate of a soldier, is it really bad to die for your people?
    1. vasiliysxx
      vasiliysxx 7 December 2013 21: 37
      for his people to die a soldier, honor and glory, and if he dies because some kind of TV .. sold it?
  15. ded10041948
    ded10041948 7 December 2013 20: 51
    Where politicians apply their dirty paws, honor and decency are absent. Officers throughout the country's history stand (with their own concept of decency) across the throat of politicians and businessmen from politics.
    Surely betrayed and betrayed by those whom he considered his own.
  16. user
    user 8 December 2013 10: 31
    Most likely, we will never know who did it. And rumors are just rumors and nothing more.
  17. ed65b
    ed65b 8 December 2013 12: 56
    And who didn’t think that he was blown up without even knowing what it was he? just laid a landmine and sat waiting for bigger game, and then the motorcade and security. Ordinary mine warfare. And then they inflated with us, as always. But how Lev Yakovlevich Rolikhna was killed so far is not clear. Is the wife to blame? And they didn’t make a film about him and didn’t show it with fanfare. But they simply forgot quickly, it never happened. Rave.
  18. Neighbor
    Neighbor 8 December 2013 14: 54
    According to the Constitution in force at the time of the shooting of the "White House", the president (Yeltsin) was subordinate to the parliament (the Supreme Soviet), but gave the order to shoot not just citizens of the Russian Federation, although he deserves to be hanged for this.