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"Black cats" between Kabul and Washington. CSTO ready

The closer 2014 is to the year, the fatter the black cats running between Kabul and Washington. If some time ago, Obama almost swore that the US budget and after the withdrawal of the combined ISAF contingent will share funds to maintain security in Afghanistan, but today the situation is different. If yesterday, Karzai literally poked Obama in his mouth, swallowing each of his words as the first and only indication to action (inaction), then here too now all is not well.

In the week between Afghanistan and the United States and in general there was a real skirmish. And skirmish at the highest level. Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced in a rather harsh manner that the American side was moving away from fulfilling its obligations. According to him, the Americans stopped supplying fuel to several units of the Afghan police and army. This led to the fact that non-fuel units were unable to take part in several counter-terrorism operations, and this in turn provoked the promotion of representatives of the Taliban in one of the country's provinces. This information was received by the President of Afghanistan from the Minister of Defense and the head of the Interior Ministry of the country, who also announced to the representatives of the United States that their actions were not in line with the previously signed agreements.

Karzai and his ministers were answered by representatives of the US State Department and NATO officials. According to them, all the obligations of the United States separately, and NATO as a whole, are fulfilled in full, and that all the necessary fuel supplies were made on time. At the same time, Karzai was advised to "delve deeper" into the situation in order to clarify where the fuel allocated for the needs of Afghanistan had gone ... In general, Karzai was unequivocally hinted that he was sitting in his residence and did not catch mice at all, but it was necessary to catch something ...

Naturally, without a full-fledged investigation, it is impossible to establish whether the Americans were not supplying fuel to Afghanistan, or whether their Afghan comrades simply “didn’t get there”. However, this is not so important. It is important that Afghanistan and the United States begin to talk to each other in a raised voice. What is the reason for such shouting?

The reason is Karzai’s refusal to sign a bilateral security agreement. Karzai requires the United States to fulfill several important points of agreement: in the first place, Karzai says it is necessary to provide the Afghan judicial system to decide the fate of foreign (American, for example) criminals (military, including) if they committed their crimes on the territory of Afghanistan, and secondly, Karzai against the large-scale withdrawal of American troops scheduled for next year.

The fact that the president of Afghanistan wants to add political weight to the possibility of judging American war criminals, on the one hand, and the possibility of these criminals actually covering their uh ... rear, on the other, is obvious.

Speech about the American war criminals went even after a few days ago after a blow struck from the board of an American drone, a baby died and two women were injured. UAV hit the residential building. Karzai then demanded an apology personally from President Obama. Instead of Obama, the American general apologized, and in a recognizable style: excuse me, but it happens ... After the Pentagon’s representative, Susan Rice delivered her speech about Karzai’s requests for an apology from Obama (national security adviser). Rice unexpectedly stated that the United States shouldn’t apologize to Afghanistan at all, as they themselves are suffering in an attempt to help Afghanistan achieve democratic progress in the fight against extremists from Al-Qaeda ... But for some reason, Mrs. Counselor doesn’t talk about in general, the United States asked for help in Afghanistan ... Did they ask? ..

Here's a conversation ...

To be honest, even if the impossible is allowed, the fact that Karzai will be given the opportunity to judge the US military who committed crimes in Afghanistan - who in this case (the case of an attack on a residential building) would be put on the dock? UAV operator from the US? Ought to be! But, as they say, who will give them ...

It should be noted that Karzai accuses the United States of pressure on Kabul. This pressure, in his opinion, is due to the fact that the Afghan side does not want to sign the above-mentioned agreement in the “American form”.

One thing is clear: the less time there will be before the large-scale withdrawal of “allied” troops from the territory of Afghanistan, the more the situation will get hot (and, perhaps, not only here). And heat up both militarily and politically.

Experts in Russia also speak about the complicated situation in Afghanistan. One of them is the special envoy of the Russian president for Afghanistan (former Russian ambassador to that country), director of the 2 Department of Asia in the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov. According to his analysis, in the northern and northeastern parts of the Islamic Republic, centers of obvious extremist activity were formed. One of the foci is located in the province (wilayate) of Badghis - in close proximity to the border with Turkmenistan. The other - covers at once two provinces - Kunduz and Badakhsh, it is on the border with Tajikistan.

Kabulov notes that the militants turn the territorial sites in the mentioned provinces into real bridgeheads for - quote: "work in Central Asia". What kind of "work" are we talking about? - obviously - about “gifts” by the same to Tajikistan or Turkmenistan in the form of export of “democracy”. In which direction the “democratic” traffic can go further is also quite understandable.

That is why today, at the CSTO level, active work continues on the implementation of assistance to border detachments, for example, Tajikistan. Will the Tajik border guards themselves be able to hold out for a long time in the event of a clear provocation from Afghanistan? - that is unlikely. Especially if you consider that in the territory of the same Tajikistan there are people interested in destabilizing the situation in the republic.

CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha (for "Voice of Russia"):

I do not think that a catastrophe will happen in 2014, that the level of security will change a lot, however, we understand that there will be more stability than it is now and will not. And in this regard, of course, the situation in Afghanistan will affect the CSTO member states. On this basis, many preventive decisions at the level of heads of state have already been taken, and one of them is to assist Tajikistan in strengthening the protection of the state border with Afghanistan. This is one of those measures that are already developed and implemented in accordance with the instructions of the heads of state.

In other words, the head of the CSTO sees, as a development of the situation, at best, immutability (in terms of stability), at worst - its deterioration. And so that the deterioration does not happen, they are preparing for the announced withdrawal of the ISAF contingent from the territory of Afghanistan. We will hope that such training will be effective.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 9 December 2013 08: 39
    Really again they want the whole severity of the problem to be erected in the future in the Russian Federation?
    1. albai
      albai 9 December 2013 09: 05
      Most likely not to hoist, but to help! The war in Afghanistan is our common headache! And most likely, without the help of Russia, our Asian "bai" will not keep all the demo from the territory of Afgan, at the borders. And according to the domino effect, one after another, the whole Central Asia flares up, and everything can spill over to Russia. And today it is better to pump up weapons, albeit stale Central Asia and its own fighters, to close the border than to run over the coals themselves, then. Only this can explain the very same 1.5 lard for armament and equipment. There is an experience of closure, in the 90s, the joint protection of the Afghan-Tajik borders by Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and the Tajiks themselves. Then we have defended and now. In Russia, few people know about these events. But the Batken events showed that for mobile and trained militants, in groups of 40-60 people in Tajikistan, it is not a problem to get through. Mountains, sir!
  2. Guun
    Guun 9 December 2013 08: 54
    It would be better to agree with the Taliban on the transfer of their groups to the states - that they would avenge their wives and children in full, showing the amers what a loss in the war is - these are not corpses - these are body parts and stuffing. Who do I hate the most? amers and their sixes. When we have their grace and Jehovah driven away to hell, but they tried it, the United States is indignant, and ours are slowing down again.
  3. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 9 December 2013 10: 13
    The stavlenik began to drill the brain to his master and benefactor? I felt like a real president ... Or playing for the local audience. Like, look - I'm mine, I'm not them, that's how I can ...
    The Taliban will demolish it unequivocally. But if Hamidushka will continue to act like that, then he may be bored with the Americans ...

    A yapping at Washington is yapping, but asks not to leave ... It is understandable, the end of Najibula does not smile at all ...
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 9 December 2013 11: 02
      Merikatos is not yet profitable to remove from the stage of Karzai.
  4. Yeraz
    Yeraz 9 December 2013 11: 10
    Yeah, the CSTO will decide, can it just honestly and bluntly say that Russia will decide? Looking at the CSTO, only the Kazakhs provide themselves there and are not a burden, but all the rest are on the content of Russia.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 9 December 2013 19: 50
      Quote: Yeraz
      can just honestly and bluntly say that Russia will decide?

      Yes, you say it right. But sometimes it’s useful to let the kids play as adults, and then at a crucial moment say quietly, without rushing: “Come on son, let the uncle talk now (slowly jerking the bolt, in this situation, slowly raising the 9M723 rocket).”

      For some fun, I think that's enough.
      1. alone
        alone 9 December 2013 20: 29
        Quote: Sergh
        Yes, you say it right. But sometimes it’s useful to let the kids play as adults, and then at a crucial moment say quietly, without rushing: “Come on son, let the uncle talk now (slowly jerking the bolt, in this situation, slowly raising the 9M723 rocket).”

        The approach is completely wrong. The other day, the Taliban took control of several regions in the province of Badashkhan, which borders on Tajikistan. Knowing the attitude of the population of the Gorno-Badashkhan Autonomous Okrug to the Tajik authorities, we can confidently say that Tajikistan will face difficult times. The Taliban themselves are unlikely to go to Tajikistan, but their allies from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan they will be happy to try to capture vast areas of Central Asia. And just for this, Tajikistan has a very convenient bridgehead (mountainous border areas where it is possible to seep in, strengthen and engage in small forces against large formations). And there are many like-minded people in the region who can hit from the rear.
        If you can’t give kids a chance to play adult games it’s impossible.
  5. bazilio
    bazilio 9 December 2013 11: 30
    The further the more fun. Perhaps the best option for the Russian Federation would be to assist Tajikistan in keeping the borders with Afghanistan. And Turumenia would also help. Kazakhstan is also "not interested" in the penetration of guests from Afghanistan, so I think Nazarbayev will also be ready to provide assistance to Tajikistan. Uzbekistan will be able to maintain its border on its own (fortunately, the border is only 137 km), the so-called Afghan-Uzbek barrier, then a quote from Wikipedia "The Afghan-Uzbek barrier is a separation barrier, built by Uzbekistan along its 137-kilometer border with Afghanistan. This is the most closely guarded border. in the world, second only to the barrier between North and South Korea.Consists of a barbed wire fence and a second, higher, 380-volt barbed wire fence, minefields and patrolled by well-armed Uzbek military. [1] [2] It stretches along the entire Uzbek-Afghan border from Turkmenistan to Tajikistan. "
  6. propolsky
    propolsky 9 December 2013 16: 23
    Let America slurp, no one drove to build another stronghold of democracy with a terrorist face.
  7. Stinger
    Stinger 9 December 2013 17: 05
    Karzai's nerves are surrendering. After the departure of the states, he will not last there a year. The opium proletariat has long soaped the rope.
  8. homosum20
    homosum20 9 December 2013 17: 36
    The Americans did their job - hemp remained the main agricultural product in Afghanistan. Karzai is an empty place. The Americans will leave and all drug trafficking will move north. With or without Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, we still have to stop him. Better, of course, with them.
    1. Siberian
      Siberian 9 December 2013 18: 41
      the Americans, most likely, were pretending to be fighting drugs. There they have enough of their own military "drug lords". So, with them, that without them WORK IS ENOUGH. Without amers, it may even become more transparent. Although time will tell.