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The exercise of motorized rifle units of the Russian military base began in Abkhazia

The exercise of motorized rifle units of the Russian military base began in Abkhazia

According to the press service of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, classes will be held in the mountain-wooded and flat parts of Abkhazia, more than 700 servicemen take part in them, of which about 70% are recruits of the 2013 fall draft of the year, and about 100 weapons are involved and military equipment.

Particular attention during the field training is paid to the development of the latest BTR-82A, which entered service with the motorized rifle subunits at the end of this summer in the framework of the State Defense Order.

The servicemen will acquire skills in equipping field camps in various terrain conditions, masking firing positions, and will conduct tactical, reconnaissance, and firing training with them.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, young drivers will learn the characteristics of driving armored personnel carriers and army trucks on roads with different surfaces, including along mountain river beds, serpentines, and also through areas with viscous soil.

The field exit will last until mid-December and will end with the implementation of exercises for firing from the BTR-82A armament, automatic and hand grenade launchers, mortars and small arms weapons.
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  1. Akhtuba73
    Akhtuba73 6 December 2013 11: 29
    62 days left before the Olympics ... Teaching - as one of the sports of the Olympic Games
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 6 December 2013 11: 54
      Her ... "Georgian aggression" boyatsa ... laughing
      1. Mace
        Mace 6 December 2013 12: 39
        you have to be on the alert .... stop every scum ...
        1. Dmitry 2246
          Dmitry 2246 6 December 2013 15: 48
          And by the end of January, work out interaction with the landing from the sea and air.
    2. Heccrbq.3
      Heccrbq.3 7 December 2013 10: 56
      Change your avatar, do not disgrace. Plus you for koment laughing
      1. Akhtuba73
        Akhtuba73 7 December 2013 15: 16
        Quote: Heccrbq.3
        Change your avatar, do not disgrace.

        On the faceless, how is your "I give birth"? And be proud?
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Very old
    Very old 6 December 2013 11: 54
    Both for the body and for the soul
    Yes, and cover Sochi from the south
  3. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 6 December 2013 13: 36
    Who now will eat neckties in Tbilisi? ... belay
  4. Grandfather Vlasov
    Grandfather Vlasov 6 December 2013 14: 44
    Let the Georgians give Abkhazia and South Ossetia, let them deal with them themselves.
  5. VADEL
    VADEL 6 December 2013 15: 06
    Quote: Serg 122
    Boyatsts' "Georgian aggression" ...

    On the Georgian side, free riders will be caught and sent back. Let it go in Georgia ties and not their current wink
  6. Farik
    Farik 6 December 2013 15: 49
    You should also train the Airborne Forces to deploy quickly in Abkhazia in case of aggravation of the situation.
  7. Leshka
    Leshka 6 December 2013 18: 48
    it is right for Georgians to tickle their nerves laughing
  8. Deniska999
    Deniska999 7 December 2013 08: 06
    There should be as many exercises as possible.
  9. Free Island
    Free Island 7 December 2013 11: 12
    it was necessary before the start of the preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi to raise the issue in the Olympic Committee on the inclusion of "eating ties" in the types of Olympic disciplines. Then Georgia would not be preparing for the next provocations, but would intensively train the Olympic team)))