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Defense Ministry decided to open its own news agency

Defense Ministry decided to open its own news agency

The leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry decided to create an information agency in 2014, a source in the ministry said on Thursday.
“The leadership of the Ministry of Defense has set the task of creating its own information agency, and this task will be implemented at the beginning of 2014 of the year. According to preliminary plans, it will be focused primarily on the Internet audience, "told RIA"News»Informed source.

He added that military activity will be the basis of the activity of the new structure, but "social and political themes as well as high-profile events in Russia and in the world will not be left aside."

The source recalled that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also commissioned to work out the issue of creating a film company under the jurisdiction of the end of this year.

“This part of the work has already been completed,” said the agency’s source and explained that both the film studio and the new news agency will work in the structure of the Red Star Creative Association, which was recently headed by Aleksey Pimanov.

Recall Pimanov became known as the author and presenter of the First Channel programs, primarily the program "Man and the Law." Also, until recently, he was a senator and represented the Tyva Republic in the Federation Council, but in October he decided to leave the senatorial office ahead of schedule.
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  1. 10kAzAk01
    10kAzAk01 6 December 2013 06: 23
    Well, now at least from the "first" person we will recognize! and not "one grandmother said"
    1. paninartem
      paninartem 6 December 2013 10: 04
      And you saw that the Putin government posted on the network a database of all citizens of the CIS and the Russian Federation: phones, addresses, photo and video recordings,
      personal correspondence and much more. By the way, all the data is publicly available, but you can hide your profile if you do not want others to see it.
      Here is a link to that site
  2. avant-garde
    avant-garde 6 December 2013 06: 24
    The military will become the basis of the new structure’s activities, but “socio-political issues, as well as resonant events in Russia and in the world, will not stand aside.”
    Who knows Shoigu mail, throw him a link to VO, let him not be tormented, everything is ready.
  3. kmike
    kmike 6 December 2013 07: 07
    Very good news.
  4. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 6 December 2013 07: 22
    I advise everyone to read the article "PR and Shoigu", I do not agree with everything, but leads to certain reflections.
    Quote from there:
    However, the practice of "aggressive emergency PR" was not slow to bear fruit. The constant and persistent mention of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in daily news reports has led many Russians to believe that the ministry is working stably and very efficiently, significantly ahead of other federal agencies in all respects. Further, it was concluded that effective work was the result of competent and even talented leadership on the part of Minister Sergei Shoigu. This opinion was convincingly supported by numerous picturesque portraits of the minister himself at the sites of crashes, landslides, and fires, which were helpfully shown to us every evening by state television.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 6 December 2013 09: 08
      This only confirms the correctness of Shoigu's decision - propaganda must be dealt with seriously.
      1. Anatole Klim
        Anatole Klim 6 December 2013 09: 32
        Quote: Boris55
        one must seriously engage in propaganda.

        I agree, but the main thing is that the military news agency does not turn into a PR agency of the best minister.
      2. Asgard
        Asgard 6 December 2013 09: 37
        Boris You confuse propaganda and PR show window dress ....
        propaganda -this is the dissemination of political, philosophical, scientific, artistic and other views and ideas with the aim of introducing them into the public consciousness and activating mass practical activity. The main elements of the propaganda process: its subject (social group whose interests the propaganda expresses), content, forms and methods, means or channels of propaganda (radio, television, print, lecture propaganda system, etc.), object (audience or social communities to which propaganda is addressed). Decisive for understanding the process of propaganda are the social interests of its subject, their relationship with the interests of society as a whole and of individual groups to which propaganda is addressed .....

        How does this compare with what Shoigu does, there is pure Masonic PR))))
        Shoigu on Everything you need to weigh the vulture - "A MILITARY SECRET"....
        And the Western Mass Media should deal with the PRAR of the RF Armed Forces,
        * then the SSBN surfaced there, then rockets start from under the ice,
        * That "White Swans" fly around Easter Island,
        * And on the Norwegian border should be seen Tanks that wash the tracks at the junction of the Norwegian and Barents seas))))
        ** If you built the Aircraft and Tanks Plant, do not write where the equipment goes ...
        *** It is necessary to play the ALARM OF EMERGENCY EMERGENCY in a millionaire, with stopping enterprises and mass evacuation of the population and PAY THIS TO PEOPLE, and not throw out 600 million for the Information Support of the Ministry of Defense ....

        1. Boris55
          Boris55 6 December 2013 10: 12
          When Shoigu promoted the Emergencies Ministry, everyone considered his ministry the best.
          What's wrong with the same "PR" if MO becomes the best. What will be bad if the prestige of the army will rise in the eyes of our fellow citizens even before the Soviet period of our history?

          The demonstration of power is good when there is something to demonstrate.

          First a thought (throwing out 600 million for information support of the Ministry of Defense), then action.
          It is necessary to promote our ideology, otherwise our enemies will do it for us.
          1. Asgard
            Asgard 6 December 2013 11: 24
            Quote: Boris55
            our enemies will do it for us.

            This is what I propose))))
            The highest art, to make the enemy "work" for you ...
            Shoigu has personal PR, not the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the Ministry of Defense, hence the African motives in the clothes of this "general" who does not serve in the Army for a single day (wait, he WORKS there)))
            A cohort of "Galernykh", no-o-o-o-oo will not make sense with this "minister" for the country.
            Maybe they will give the Maltese cross again (there will be two, for the collapse of the USSR and the Russian Army))))
            1. Boris55
              Boris55 6 December 2013 12: 06
              At the expense of Shoigu, I am not flattering myself. He is from the "family" clan.
              The Putin-Shoigu alliance is beneficial for the "liquidation" of Western liberals led by Medvedev. And then we'll see ...
              1. Boris55
                Boris55 6 December 2013 12: 33
                Just a good song. maybe someone will remember how it all began ...
          2. alone
            alone 6 December 2013 18: 43
            Quote: Boris55
            What's wrong with the same "PR" if MO becomes the best. What will be bad if the prestige of the army will rise in the eyes of our fellow citizens even before the Soviet period of our history?

            It is necessary to raise the prestige of the army in front of citizens with real deeds, and not gorlopanism. The army is a part of society. When society feels the strength and power of its armed forces, then citizens will have peace of mind for themselves and for the state.
            1. Boris55
              Boris55 6 December 2013 19: 05
              Quote: lonely
              Raise the prestige of the army in the eyes of the citizens must be real deeds ...

              Do you propose to organize a small victorious war? Have an offer with anyone? laughing
      3. aleksandr62
        aleksandr62 17 March 2014 00: 04
  5. makarov
    makarov 6 December 2013 07: 29
    The measure is timely, although very late. Is it possible that no one thought about such a question earlier ???
  6. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 6 December 2013 08: 20
    Yes, for a long time it would be time to attract youth to military service! Create effective advertising services for the contract, make children's toys with samples of military equipment of the Russian Federation, revive military training at school!
  7. Stinger
    Stinger 6 December 2013 08: 52
    Shoigu is a master of PR. The decision is long overdue. Channel "Zvezda" is there and covers the history of military equipment, the life and work of outstanding Russian designers and commanders very well. There are also many interesting sites on the Internet. Why not unite media resources and, instead of rumors and conjectures of well-wishers, bring to the public both historical materials and the current state and prospects of the development of the Armed Forces? The main thing is that it does not turn into self-promotion.
  8. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 6 December 2013 10: 11
    Correctly doing Shoigu, well done. Information is an ideological weapon, and mines should be used. defense to the fullest. In the age of information technology, they are neglected only by complete nerds, to whom the Minister of Defense is clearly not related.
  9. asadov
    asadov 6 December 2013 16: 49
    I agree completely. Success Shoigu.
  10. Good
    Good 6 December 2013 17: 34
    Quote: makarov
    The measure is timely, although very late. Is it possible that no one thought about such a question earlier ???

    This function is performed by the websites of the press services of the Moscow Region and districts.
  11. terp 50
    terp 50 7 December 2013 21: 23
    ... nuuuu, finally ...
  12. kelevra
    kelevra 12 December 2013 17: 29
    Alleluia !!!