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China goes on the offensive in East Asia


US Vice President Joe Biden, who is touring Asia, visited Japan and arrived in China. The recent introduction of the People’s Republic of China unilaterally to the air defense identification zone in the East China Sea has led to a storm of protests from the United States, Japan and South Korea. Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul unanimously declared that they did not recognize the Chinese decision, moreover, the Japanese and Korean authorities forbade their airlines to transfer the relevant information to Beijing. In addition, all participants in the conflict conducted raids of their air forces over the disputed territories. In the conditions of a sharp aggravation of the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, Washington confirmed its determination not to retreat from its allied commitments to Tokyo and extend them to the Senkaku Islands. However, this did not bother Beijing, which is not going to retreat. The Chinese authorities have expressed their readiness to create new air defense zones. In particular, such a zone can be created in the South China Sea region.

This situation makes other countries recall their claims and ambitions, as well as pay more attention to strengthening the armed forces. China is gradually moving to a new foreign policy strategy. First, Beijing feels its strength: only new warships in recent years have been launched in dozens. Secondly, this is forced by the weakening of the United States. The American superpower is in crisis, which leads to the activation of players claiming a global or regional role. Third, in China itself, negative trends associated with systemic defects of its economy are ripening. The party nomenclature is reborn into the bourgeoisie. The national bourgeoisie, the middle class are switching to the ideology of nationalism. In addition, an aggressive foreign policy can relieve internal social tension. Apparently, East Asia will be the first serious test of Beijing’s strategy. China will try to break through the "first line of defense" of the United States, which Washington is building from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. In principle, it is beneficial to Russia. The expansion of China is directed to the east and south-east.

What is all the fuss about?

The dispute broke out around the statement of the PRC from 23 in November 2013, when Beijing informed everyone that in the East China Sea it was unilaterally creating an air defense recognition zone (Casus belli. China shows who is the boss in the East China Sea). The air defense zone is adjacent to the airspace of China and is designed to more effectively cover the air borders of the People's Republic of China. The Chinese authorities demanded that all states' planes notify them before entering the air defense zone. Otherwise, the Chinese military promised to take tough measures against violators.

In principle, the practice of introducing similar zones is quite common. They exist in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. However, the problem is that the recognition zone of the PRC air defense has affected the disputed territories - Senkaku Islands (Dayayuyao) and the Iodo rock. It should be noted that all parties believe that there are no disputed territories: the Japanese consider their islands theirs, like the Chinese. To a certain extent, the Chinese zone is an attempt to stake out the disputed territories. The fury of the Japanese is understandable. They are the actual owners of Senkaku. The reaction of Moscow would be similar if the Japanese dared to establish their air defense zone over the Kuriles.

China goes on the offensive in East Asia

Stakeholder Reaction

Therefore, the unilateral actions of China caused a great sensation. Among the main discontented were the United States, Japan and South Korea. Other interested parties, Taiwan and the DPRK, expressed their position. Tokyo and Washington immediately declared their non-recognition of the Chinese zone. The head of the Japanese government, Shinzo Abe, declared Japan’s intention “to defend its territorial waters and airspace with all determination”, and China’s actions were called “totally unacceptable”. However, Washington surprised its Japanese ally with inconsistency, recommending airlines to follow Beijing’s requirements.

The White House, the Pentagon spoke in a rather harsh tone about the Chinese air defense zone. US bombers B-52 without warning entered the Chinese air defense identification zone. Then began the demonstration of air and sea power. Ignored the new zone of air defense of China, the Air Force of Japan and South Korea. Their planes flew over the territory of the Chinese air defense zone without warning and without meeting resistance. China responded by sending fighters to patrol a new air defense identification zone over the disputed Senkaku Islands. At this time, several Japanese and American aircraft were in the air in the same area. Then the Japanese and US Navy conducted exercises in the East China Sea, more than 7 thousand people participated in them. The maneuvers were held close to the air defense zone declared by the PRC. Another region where the great powers decided to beat one another's nerves was the South China Sea. The 4 aircraft carrier with escort ships was sent immediately to the exercises. In the South China Sea are the disputed Spratly Islands, claimed by several countries. In the region there were two US carrier-strike groups with the aircraft carriers Nimitz and George Washington. Japan sent its newest helicopter carrier (in fact, a light aircraft carrier) Ise to the South China Sea. China sent its only aircraft carrier Liaoning to the South China Sea. December 2 The United States transferred two coastal patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon to Japan. They must search for submarines and conduct reconnaissance near the Chinese territorial waters, including ZI air defense.

Suddenly, a sharp conflict broke out over the air defense zone between China and South Korea. The south did not like the fact that the Chinese included in their zone a part of the similar South Korean air defense recognition zone and the space above the Iodo submarine rock. This rock is the subject of a territorial dispute between Seoul and Beijing. Opposed the PRC and Taiwan. Taipei has its own views of the archipelago belonging to Japan, they also consider it Chinese. But, although relations between mainland and island China have recently become somewhat better, the air defense identification zone declared by the PRC has put an end to this trend. In Taipei, they declared “Beijing’s irrepressible appetites” and that the communist regime cannot be trusted. Taiwan urged to reverse this decision. Other countries in the region, fearing the growth of Chinese influence, also criticized Beijing’s decision. Only North Korea reported that it "supports the position of China." Russia did not respond to all this. This is understandable, the East China Sea is quite far from our borders. We have no reason to support either Japan or China.

It should be noted a very indicative reaction of Chinese public opinion. The Chinese, through social networks and forums, welcomed the establishment of a ZI air defense system and offered to shoot down violators. Like, Americans would do the same. This is an obvious fact of the growth of nationalist sentiments in the PRC.

Korean Tiger Reaction

South Korea was in a rather difficult position. It is actually sandwiched between two powerful opponents: the American-Japanese alliance, on the one hand, and huge China, on the other. The United States is an official ally, American troops are in South Korea, being a deterrent (and at the same time provocative) factor for the DPRK. The United States is the main supplier of the latest weapons and military technology. However, China is the main trading partner and immediate neighbor. Seoul also takes into account the influence of Beijing on Pyongyang, which is extremely important for the future unification of the Korean Peninsula. As a result, Seoul is not so easy to decide who is more important.

At first, Seoul wanted to resolve the issue with the Chinese air defense zone amicably. China and South Korea have no irreconcilable contradictions, as the Chinese have with the Japanese. Beijing also showed a softer approach. Earlier, China did not aggravate the conflict over the Iodo rock, amid a sharp exacerbation with Japan. Beijing expressed the hope that the problem will be resolved through negotiations and "based on the principles of mutual respect." In Seoul, supported this idea. Consultations began on the section where the Chinese and South Korean air defense zones overlap each other on the problem of Iodo underwater rock. However, the negotiations failed miserably. At the level of representatives of the military departments, the Celestial Empire said a clear “no” to all the proposals of the South. The Chinese refused to change the boundaries of their zone in both cases.

It was a cold shower for Seoul. Beijing began to "show teeth", showing who the future owner in the region is. Seoul responded by instructing its civilian airlines not to inform the Chinese authorities in the event of a flight over the zone. Korean aircraft are very active in the area - up to 310 flights per day. Appeared newsthat South Korea is ready to respond by expanding its air defense identification zone, with the inclusion of the Iodo area and other remote areas in the south. As a result, the air defense zones of South Korea, Japan and China will cross. Over Iodo may encounter the Air Force of all three powers.

At the same time, news of a serious increase in the South Korean air force and navy came down. Due to financial problems, South Korea has recently somewhat reduced the pace of modernization of the armed forces, but the worsening situation in the East China Sea has forced Seoul to implement rearmament programs in full. So, even before the dispute over the air defense zone began, Seoul decided to buy 40 X-NUMX generation F-5A fighter-bombers from the US. The South Korean tender has already been going on for quite a long time, Seoul still doubted which planes to buy. Now the choice is made. Almost simultaneously, it was announced about the resuscitation of the project to create their own Korean invisible fighter. The program starts at the beginning of 35. On November 2014, there was news that the South Korean Defense Ministry had ordered the development of a modernization of the KF-27 fighter jets. Aircraft should receive a Raytheon RACR active phased-array radar, an AN / ALR-16A self-defense system and new weapon systems. It is also possible to extend the life of gliders and engines of South Korean fighters. The start of the upgrade is scheduled for 69 year. South is planning to upgrade the 2014 aircraft. 134 November, there was news about the purchase of 28 tanker aircraft in 2014 year. "Flying tankers" should significantly increase the range of the South Korean air force fighters. According to the military, the acquisition of four tanker aircraft will allow the Air Force to increase the time that fighters may be in the air for about an hour. This will enhance the defense capabilities of remote areas - Tokdo (Takeshima) in the east and the space above the Iodo submarine rock in the southwest. In addition, the United States offered Korea 4 used CH-14D Chinook helicopters, which are based on the territory of this East Asian state.

1 December, there was news that a decision was made about three more new destroyers with the combat information control system (BIUS) "Aegis". Thus, in the South Korean Navy there will already be 6 destroyers of the KDX-3 project. Earlier, construction of new destroyers was planned to be postponed, but now they have changed their mind - due to the growing threat at sea. Earlier, in October, there was news that Seoul is considering a project to create two carrier groups in the Navy, their basis will be two light aircraft carriers. Thus, it is obvious that Seoul sees in perspective the threat of a serious conflict in the APR and is seriously preparing for it.

China is not going to concede

Beijing has a dual policy. On the one hand, the Chinese emphasize that they are not going to fight. They say that everyone is so alarmed, similar powers have all the powers that criticize China. Scream and calm down. You can always agree. Therefore, Beijing did not make sudden movements when American and Japanese military aircraft flew through its air defense zone. However, China marked the hardness of its position the next day, sending its fighters to fly around the disputed area. Beijing showed the firmness of its position in negotiations with Seoul. He showed that there is no reverse.

The Celestial Empire is not going to right now arrange a slaughter in the “never a step back” style for a piece of land in the ocean. But China does not win back. Now China can not particularly zealous in terms of the implementation of formidable statements. But with the accumulation of forces and changes in the geopolitical situation (who knows what will happen to the United States in two or three years), the Celestial Empire will surely remind its neighbors that it “warned everyone”. Beijing announced that it would establish similar air defense zones in other regions - over the Yellow and South China Seas. The interests of South Korea and the United States will be affected in the Yellow Sea, where the Americans and South Koreans are conducting their own maneuvers. In the South China Sea, the situation is even more complicated - this is a territorial dispute over the Spratly Islands, in which China, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines and other countries are involved.

The dispute over the air defense zone is China’s second serious step in changing the overall military-political strategy. The first step was the aggravation of the territorial dispute with Japan over the Senkaku Islands. Now China is not afraid to show its strength, actively project and defend its national interests, not paying attention to irritating its neighbors. The air defense zone is a test strike on the "first line of defense" of the United States. The PRC plans to loosen and break through the American line of defense, breaking free into the World Ocean. The period of "quiet accumulation of power" (Deng Xiaoping's strategy) is over, now Beijing will be more assertive and more active. As the global crisis and crisis tendencies inside the PRC intensify, this foreign policy activity will increase.

"Yellow Menace" and the visit of Joe Biden

A certain part of the American elite considers China the main threat to the United States. Thus, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, speaking at a meeting of the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats of the International Committee of the US House of Representatives, said: “We are in a state of cold war with China!” The meeting was devoted to the topic “Marine and other geographical threats of China” . In fact, the entire meeting of the subcommittee came down to “exposing the cunning Beijing.” Rohrabacher attributed China to the global threat due to his desire to dominate the APR. He estimated the territorial claims of Beijing in the East China and South China Seas as “unfounded”, “doubtful” and “expansive”. Committee member Alain Lowenthal, summing up the meeting, made another loud statement: “We need to be more concerned about China, otherwise ... the new Pearl Harbor could take the United States by surprise.”

The conflict situation became the main topic during the Asia tour of US Vice President Joe Biden. At the American embassy in Tokyo, where the leaders of the ruling coalition and the Japanese opposition arrived at the meeting with the American envoy, Biden tried to reassure the allies. He said that the US does not recognize an attempt to change the status quo in the region, and Washington will act in concert with Tokyo on this issue. He also promised the Japanese to convey the common position of Washington and Tokyo to the highest leadership of the Middle Kingdom. From Tokyo on Wednesday, an American politician went to Beijing. Then the American politician plans to visit Seoul.

In Beijing, Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and held a meeting at the American Embassy with young Chinese who are awaiting American student visas. Biden, as expected, did not say anything new, stating the need to expand cooperation between the two states. No one expects a special breakthrough from the trip of the American Vice President to Beijing. The Americans are being asked to stop turning a blind eye to the dangerous confrontational policies pursued by Japan. The US should stop encouraging Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s aggressive behavior, “crossing all the limits of provocations and unjustified claims,” the Chinese daily warns China Daily. In general, this visit can be regarded as "intelligence", probing the position of the opponent.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Onotollah
    Onotollah 5 December 2013 08: 03 New
    If at this pace the events will develop further, then in 10-20 years the Chinese comrades will declare the territories of the Far East and Siberia theirs.
    To transfer them new weapons technology (including the Su-35) to put it mildly, is not very reasonable.
    1. Vovka levka
      Vovka levka 5 December 2013 10: 51 New
      Quote: Onotolle
      If at this pace the events will develop further, then in 10-20 years the Chinese comrades will declare the territories of the Far East and Siberia theirs.
      To transfer them new weapons technology (including the Su-35) to put it mildly, is not very reasonable.

      Your words and to someone in the ears. And then it feels like loot is the main thing, and everything else is sideways.
    2. KoRSaR1
      KoRSaR1 5 December 2013 10: 53 New
      It wasn’t raging 23 years ago, the power to break up! And now we have already given them the Far East and Siberia, in fact, we are simply listed there.
      1. 31231
        31231 5 December 2013 13: 54 New
        Have you been to the Far East or Eastern Siberia ?! Or chatting about something, don’t you know?
        Maybe ask Romanov, how is it now ?! Personally, I worked 2006-07 in the Irkutsk region, in 2009-10 in Amurka, in 2010-11 in Primorye, and I have never seen the nonsense that you wrote.
        1. alexdol
          alexdol 5 December 2013 21: 01 New
          31231 VN "Have you been to the Far East or Eastern Siberia ?!"
          Hello Sergey! You did not address this question to me, but I will answer for myself. No, unfortunately I haven’t been there anywhere and apparently I will never have to go to those parts! Although I have relatives on my father's side in Siberia, and in the Far East too. It so happened that my whole life passed / I am already 61 years old / in Ukraine, my father was a military man and served here. But despite the fact that this does not concern me, I still care about everything that happens in Russia and the Far East. I would very much like to believe what you are saying, but here we are rumored that more than ten million Chinese are already living in the Urals! It seems to me that if this is true, then this is not good! Could you tell a little about this problem? Sincerely, Alexander
          1. 31231
            31231 6 December 2013 07: 03 New
            The Chinese have only seen in the markets. And even that, Romanov says that some of them are Vietnamese.
            They worked for one company in the Irkutsk region, so they have 15-20 Chinese people building hangars for a timber processing plant.
            Was also in Frontier China. To the question "Why don't you come to us to work?" the owner of the cafe replied "You have to pay a lot of taxes and bribes."
            So do not believe the cliches of people on the Internet, many write it without thinking.
  3. j iz sibiri
    j iz sibiri 5 December 2013 08: 22 New
    well done Chinese at least someone
    1. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 5 December 2013 09: 41 New
      It would be nice if they really grappled with the United States and its allies, we would have such a batch at hand in any outcome of events.
      1. 31231
        31231 5 December 2013 13: 57 New
        Most likely they will not cling. The Chinese seem to be trolling the USA and allies. China then incurs a minimum of expenses, but the United States and its allies burn their financial calories with muscle.
        1. seller trucks
          seller trucks 5 December 2013 14: 07 New
          Quote: 31231
          China then incurs a minimum of expenses, but the United States and its allies burn their financial calories with muscle.

          I can't say who is burning what, but I can say for sure, China is economically firmly holding the United States for the striped Faberge, being the largest holder of the national debt, so if the United States needs to collapse, then the PRC does not need to flex its muscles, there are other levers of pressure, on the other hand the Chinese will also suffer, but that's another story. Without BB support, Asian dwarf states will dream of a "big star", China will not choke
          1. 31231
            31231 5 December 2013 18: 11 New
            He holds. But with his statement, he made the AUGs ride, and this is money. Which in America every day less.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. carbofo
        carbofo 5 December 2013 14: 29 New
        Do you want to participate in the 100 year war around the world? , I’m somehow not really, unless I have to.
  4. makarov
    makarov 5 December 2013 08: 29 New
    First, they beat themselves "in the chest" for "friends", and then, for inexplicable reasons, they beat themselves "in the mud." This is where the whole politics ends sometimes.
  5. Known who
    Known who 5 December 2013 08: 33 New
    China's real territorial claims are nothing more than a rehearsal for a territorial dispute with Russia "for the primordially Chinese lands along the Urals and Oral, inclusive."
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 December 2013 09: 03 New
    Among the main dissatisfied were the United States, Japan and South Korea. Other interested parties - Taiwan and the DPRK, also expressed their position.

    The mattresses are like jackals, it just smelled, they are right there. They will not miss their own! Truly scavengers!
  7. Stiletto
    Stiletto 5 December 2013 09: 14 New
    "The fury of the Japanese is understandable. They are the actual masters of Senkaku. Moscow would react similarly if the Japanese dared to establish their own air defense zone over the Kuriles."

    - If the Japanese dared to establish their air defense zone over the Kuril Islands, Japan would suddenly drown.
  8. ZU-23
    ZU-23 5 December 2013 09: 56 New
    Come on, China, press these devils. Again, the Americans are so eager to look at this background, they go everywhere and they don’t even listen to them, especially if their strong army didn’t listen to them at all)))
    1. Mairos
      Mairos 5 December 2013 10: 45 New
      Man, as if China didn’t disperse too much and began to establish an air defense zone over Lake Baikal
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 5 December 2013 11: 11 New
        My friend, honestly, I often think about this all, but by and large it’s necessary to be afraid of everyone, the brotherly people can really put the Euro on their own eyes, and I think that China and I will go in this life in parallel and for a very long time, it’s beneficial for them To be friends with us, it’s realistic to say that they were on our rise and spread their wings themselves, so don’t think that they are as strong as the Americans in the military sense without our help.
        1. Saburo
          Saburo 5 December 2013 12: 21 New
          Yeah ... What a naive person you are. But it seems to me that if we go along with China in parallel, at some point we will find that we are walking behind chained chains. So no thanks. With China, everything must be done keeping a distance.
          1. 31231
            31231 5 December 2013 14: 01 New
            Well, you are not naive. Who do you think is best to be friends with? With a strong neighbor on the site or with a competitor in the economy in another city?
            In general, to say that someone who is naive in geopolitics must at least work in positions in the Russian Foreign Ministry.
            1. ZU-23
              ZU-23 5 December 2013 15: 02 New
              It’s for sure, it’s like everyday life, you kind of trust your wife but you check and all the children put it on her and the children are together, but there is no guarantee that she won’t work out anything, and here we have a lot to do with China. By the way, they respect our culture and our heroes, it was very nice to listen to Chinese reviews after watching the movie Stalingrad. And indeed, they can thank us for a lot of things, there was much less damage from them than from our fascist Baltic peoples, not to mention only western Ukraine laughing
            2. The comment was deleted.
  9. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 5 December 2013 10: 19 New
    Quote: Stiletto
    If the Japanese dared to establish their air defense zone over the Kuril Islands, Japan would suddenly drown.

    Quite controversial statement. The Japanese will be supported by the United States and others from the gop company. I doubt that China will render us a friendly service. And if it does, it will require an unacceptable reward (here you can’t get off with Su-35 alone). To close the access of Japanese goods to our market is the risk of a revolution in the Far East. So we will most likely confine ourselves to the proud non-recognition of this air defense zone, we will fly there accompanied by the Japanese, who will simply accompany (no one wants to start a war when the risk is great and the possible gain is not so significant).

    Now let's look at this idea from the Japanese side. There are enough problems with China. focus efforts should be against this particular enemy. And here they still offer problems with Russia - islands that can still wait. So the Japanese will not make such a mistake.

    Conclusion: while Japan has problems with China in the Cold War phase and the demonstration of force, we have time to build up forces and resources. First of all, the Air Force.
  10. 222222
    222222 5 December 2013 10: 22 New
    US Vice President Joseph Biden Starts Visit to China
    ..and this after the flight of two B-52s over the zone newly entered by China ...
    1. The decision at the expense of Chinese youth demographic problems of the United States.
    “He began his visit by visiting the US Embassy and meeting with young Chinese awaiting US student visas there. Biden also reminded them that the United States is "constantly looking for young, talented and innovative young people who can come to America and stay in America."
    !!!! Actually for all countries, the United States will continue to rob, taking out their minds .. without bothering to solve their internal problems at the expense of the whole world ..
    2. Promotion of the American "Freedom" will continue, including in China
    Biden began his visit to China with a call to the country's young citizens to "abandon the old and break its framework" - and warn that "innovation can only take place in freedom."
    "Innovation can only take place in conditions of freedom," said the US vice president, addressing them. "In America, children are encouraged, not punished, if they challenge the status quo ... The only way to create something new is to renounce it. from the old and destroy its framework. "
    For some reason, does Sami America not abandon its old one, and does not surrender the aircraft carrier for second raw materials?
    3. " The parties agreed that relations between the USA and China will become a key factor in the new world order. “This is the relationship that will determine the entire course of the XNUMXst century,” assured Joe Biden, calling the interaction between the United States and China “the central organizing principle of international relations for years to come.”
    Conclusion: ““ During the visit of Joe Biden to Beijing, we witnessed the implementation of the idea of ​​global governance carried out by the two largest powers in the world - the United States and China ”
    .and the most noteworthy State Department very sparingly comments on Biden’s trip to China ..
  11. rolik
    rolik 5 December 2013 10: 42 New
    Americans are offered to stop turning a blind eye to the dangerous confrontation policy pursued by Japan.
    The Americans closed the gas ...... opened, but Japan is no longer there))))
  12. major071
    major071 5 December 2013 11: 08 New
    Recently, China has been reminiscent of a sort of spider that sticks its paws everywhere and looks at what comes of it. He put one in the direction of the disputed island, it seems he didn’t get a paw, he secured himself - he weaves a web. Now it will begin to pull the second towards the Spratly Islands and look at the reaction of other states. So it is possible that it will braid everything with its web. It is necessary to carefully treat such a neighbor, to feed a little with one hand (trade, supply of resources, etc.), and in the other, just in case, keep a big slipper. IMHO.
  13. major071
    major071 5 December 2013 11: 26 New
    - If America ever starts a war with China, then the Chinese will not resist.
    - They will begin to surrender a million people every day. . . After three or four months of such a war, America will surrender!
  14. svskor80
    svskor80 5 December 2013 11: 28 New
    Thus, it is obvious that Seoul sees in the future the threat of a serious conflict in the Asia-Pacific region and is seriously preparing for it.

    All interested countries see and are preparing for a possible redistribution of spheres of influence in the APR. And we have not noticeable active strengthening of the Pacific Fleet, the Army in the Far East direction. Perhaps, to strengthen your position, it will be enough to simply "jiggle" your weapon, but this weapon must be made first.
    1. Saburo
      Saburo 5 December 2013 12: 32 New
      Do you think that preparation for a conflict should always be expressed in the accumulation of weapons? Well, this is certainly not superfluous either ... But look, Putin's visit to Korea, Shoigu and Lavrov's visit to Japan, negotiations with Vietnam. All this is for a reason. Of course, Russia is far from the leader in the Pacific Ocean, but our positions are still quite strong. And a lot depends on whether Russia will simply stand aside. And of course this is just us being told by all sorts of platitudes, in the spirit: "The visit was just wonderful." There is that part of foreign policy about which we should not know, treaties and agreements about which no one knows.
      1. smprofi
        smprofi 5 December 2013 13: 04 New
        Quote: Saburo
        but our positions are still pretty strong.

        so much so that the Hunhuz won a tender for the supply of air defense systems to Turkey. and will deliver their HQ-9 (export designation - FD-2000), honestly stolen from the Soviet S-300, instead of the others offered. and Russian S-300 including.
        Well, the Hunhuz communized the Su-33 (deck version of the Su-27), stuck their Shenyang J-15 label and started mass production

        "smaller brothers", as many believe, have grown and got stronger for a LONG time
        1. ZU-23
          ZU-23 5 December 2013 15: 05 New
          Well, as many will now lick from China, Turkey is no exception.
          1. smprofi
            smprofi 5 December 2013 15: 12 New
            Quote: ZU-23
            lick from china

            Quote: ZU-23
            Turkey is no exception.

            very interesting idea.
            and it would be very interesting to see the reaction of the Turks to such a formulation
        2. The comment was deleted.
  15. smprofi
    smprofi 5 December 2013 12: 55 New
    air defense zone - this is all wonderful, but this is not the main thing. zones of economic interests intersect in the East China Sea.

    and in the article the South China Sea is mentioned quite casually. there are enough similar problems with overlapping zones of interest.

    and the other day the hunghuzes announced their ownership of all "sea treasures" (ie the remains of shipwrecks) in the South China Sea and, in particular, a ban on any archaeological research throughout this sea.

    appetites are growing.
  16. vinni
    vinni 5 December 2013 13: 36 New
    "Korean tiger ..." - cool ... Compared to China - rather, a microbe on the body of a dragon ... All reliance only on the Yankees ...
  17. not good
    not good 5 December 2013 14: 55 New
    Having strengthened its armed forces, China begins to slowly probe its neighbors. If it does not continue to receive active resistance, it will become more greyhound. Appetite comes with eating, Hitler also started small.
  18. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 5 December 2013 15: 14 New
    The USA is going to perestroika, the regional leader will be determined by some sort of conflict. The decision will be the one on which side Russia will lean, in the end, China will not go against Russia, hopes for a soft introduction into it.
  19. smprofi
    smprofi 5 December 2013 16: 10 New
    No one expects a special breakthrough from the trip of the American vice president to Beijing.

    Well, why is it so pessimistic?
    the latest news:
    Top Obama administration and Pentagon officials signaled a willingness to temporarily accept China's new, controversial air defense identification zone on Wednesday. Those officials expressed disapproval for the way in which the Asian power has flexed its muscles, and cautioned China not to implement the zone. But they also carved out wiggle room in which the United States and China ultimately could find common ground on the issue, indicating that they may be willing to live with the zone for now - as long as China backs off its demand that all aircraft traveling through it check in first.

    which in a free translation means that the Obama administration is ready temporarily recognize the air defense zone of the Hunghuz.

    there is a saying:
    There is nothing more permanent than temporary

    wait and see
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 5 December 2013 20: 01 New
      And what is Yanukovych doing there?
  20. voliador
    voliador 5 December 2013 21: 52 New
    It is necessary to strengthen the army, otherwise the Chinese will soon open their mittens to everything that catches their eye. But Koreans and Japanese without pindocs seriously opposed to anything they can not.
  21. alone
    alone 5 December 2013 22: 15 New
    China is dangerous! and you have to be careful with him! preferably keep it at a distance. hi
  22. phantom359
    phantom359 5 December 2013 23: 08 New
    Quote: lonely
    China is dangerous! and you have to be careful with him! preferably keep it at a distance. hi

    Americans are much more dangerous. and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    1. The comment was deleted.