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Terminator on the way: in the United States began to test the humanoid robot "Atlas"

A new humanoid robot "Atlas", which is considered a promising development, arrived for testing at the DARPA laboratory. The “Atlas” robot is a completely new generation of robotic technology, with capabilities that are very close to human, and even surpass them in some parameters. At the same time, the humanoid robot “Atlas” is not afraid of falls from a height - due to the presence of a durable “skeleton”. Protection of the robot can be enhanced through the use of special clothing and overhead panels.

Structurally, the robot "Atlas" repeats the person. He has two legs, two arms, a torso and a head. The robot turned out to be quite high, its height is 188 cm, its weight is about 150 kg, and the width of its shoulders is 0,76 m. For ensuring that this whole machine was put into action, 28 is responsible for fairly powerful hydraulic drives. For comparison: the Japanese humanoid robot HRP-4, which is designed to work next to a person, has much more modest dimensions, its height is about 150 cm, and its weight is just 39 kg. Power to the Atlas robot is still supplied via cable, since the mechanical part of the robot consumes a lot of electricity, not allowing the use of ordinary batteries.

The Atlas robot was created by the specialists of Boston Dynamics, who have extensive experience in creating modern samples of robotics. This is the same company whose specialists created a whole family of various four-legged robots: BigDog, Cheetah and LS3. The new humanoid robot company Boston Dynamics is equipped with an onboard computer, which is used to monitor the operation of the drives in real time. Inside his head is a very complex sensor system, which includes various cameras and a laser range finder. They provide the robot with a circular view.

Terminator on the way: in the United States began to test the humanoid robot "Atlas"

The main purpose of this robot should be work on the site of man-made and natural disasters. In such work, acting in the rubble or ruins, and it’s not easy for a person to move around, the robot has to go even harder. Naturally, when working in such conditions, the foot is much more convenient than a wheel drive, but even here there are some “pitfalls”. That is why American engineers installed quite complex systems at Atlas to maintain balance. When conducting preliminary tests, the robot was forced to move around difficult terrain, scattering small debris, various boards, and also coils of rope in its path. Also, untested stone fragments scattered on the ground were used during the tests.

During the tests, the robot was forced to stand on one leg and, working on its balancing system, they specifically pushed the 20-kilogram weight. In this case, the robot managed to maintain balance. In solving the problem of balancing the robot, engineers at Boston Dynamics have made good progress, but the main problem that must be solved is the lack of a power source. Engineers have yet to come up with such a portable and roomy source of energy that would satisfy the needs of the Atlas robot. Without such a source, it is tied to special power cables.

Already, "Atlas" is able to move well on 2's legs, climb and descend the stairs, jump off the ledges and bypass visible obstacles. The electronic “vestibular apparatus” of the robot helps it to maintain a good balance, even when hitting the body, and mechanical arms help the robot to balance. He can also lift them up in order to move in narrow, heavily littered aisles. Especially for the Atlas robot, the 2 type of arm manipulators was created, the use of which provides various functionalities depending on the type of work performed by the robot.

20 December 2013, the defense science agency DARPA, expects to conduct a review of all the latest models of robotics, which are designed to replace a person when working in deadly conditions. Testing will be held at the Robotics Challenge competition, within which it is planned to design and launch a robot that will be able to work independently in areas of natural and man-made disasters, for example, in forest fires, oil spills and accidents at nuclear power plants. According to the objectives of the competition, the robot must be able to move over rough terrain, including stairs, debris, as well as respond flexibly to changes in the environment. At the same time, although this is not explicitly mentioned, military funding for this program implies the use of a robot for military purposes. Initially, apparently, in logistics and as part of rescue emergency teams.

The robot company Boston Dynamics at the moment better than others meets the requirements of the agency DARPA. Previously, the robot has already demonstrated its ability to move along stairs, as well as other difficult obstacles, but in December the most difficult and interesting challenges await it. The test will be subjected to his advanced AI, which should ensure the maximum possible autonomy of his work.

Although Atlas is already one of the most advanced humanoid robots of those that were created, its creators plan in the near future to engage in the improvement of its hardware and software. One of the stages of these works was sending the robot to the IHMC institute, where he was “taught” to walk along the garbage scattered across the floor, complicating the task of disabling complex sensors. The published video from these tests shows that the robot sometimes stumbles. But in fairness it should be noted that not all people could ideally walk along the ropes, stones and bars of the tree blindfolded. Also, work is underway to improve the manipulators used by the robot. Thanks to them, the robot will be able not only to move better in space, but also to pick up various objects, to hold them in their hands.

After the December tests, it will be clear if human-like robots are ready for service in emergency teams or not. At the same time, it is already clear that the Atlas robot has a high potential. It is much better man protected from various negative influences, and for some of them and completely invulnerable. For example, for poisonous substances and infections. Such robots could work for a long time in the most extreme conditions, and in the long run we can expect them to appear on the battlefield.

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  1. smart ass
    smart ass 4 December 2013 09: 19
    Everything is cool of course, but what about autonomy? Carry a diesel generator on the battlefield ??? Until the issue is resolved with food, this contraption is useless
    1. Metlik
      Metlik 4 December 2013 10: 14
      Fastening lithium batteries is the easiest task.
      1. Setrac
        Setrac 4 December 2013 14: 07
        Quote: Metlik
        Fastening lithium batteries is the easiest task.

        Generator and engine.
      2. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 4 December 2013 15: 17
        And for three whole minutes it will be possible to work autonomously! How to equip the robot with a sufficiently capacious battery so that it can work for 6 hours - they will call us. In the sense, this will be the date of the Third World War. That is, the necessary energy density of the source will already be sufficient to create a clean bomb - hellishly destructive, completely without harmful emissions and not requiring special technologies for equipment - I’ve charged it from the wall outlet and you can destroy neighbors.
    2. T-100
      T-100 4 December 2013 10: 23
      Everything is cool of course, but what about autonomy? Carry a diesel generator on the battlefield ??? Until the issue is resolved with food, this contraption is useless

      That you are all fixated with food, you look at him, he is "naked", in the sense of armor protection at least what is not at all. You can hammer it with a crowbar)))
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 4 December 2013 10: 26
        Why does he need armor protection - PLACE IT IN TANK ABRAMS connect to local food (drink, eat, don’t ask, enter the program and work to protect DEMOCRACY around the world 24 hours a day — a cool thing)
        1. abrakadabre
          abrakadabre 4 December 2013 14: 29
          Why put him in a tank? He does not have artificial intelligence equal to human. It is easier to make a tank self-propelled without such a robot.
          1. cth; fyn
            cth; fyn 6 December 2013 05: 34
            Why put him in a tank? He does not have artificial intelligence equal to human. It is easier to make a tank self-propelled without such a robot.

            Well this tank will have to do.
    3. Letterksi
      Letterksi 4 December 2013 10: 41
      Not a diesel, but an exchange membrane. An alcohol tank on the back and an exchange unit the size of a radiator of a passenger car in which there are no moving parts. A fuel oxidation reaction occurs on the exchange membrane, and potential difference appears at its edges. Here is the food

      Solve this issue quickly
      1. Gato
        Gato 4 December 2013 11: 07
        Quote: LetterKsi
        Alcohol tank on the back

        It is better for him not to meddle with a tank of alcohol behind his back.
        1. Same lech
          Same lech 4 December 2013 11: 08
          Take it alive and take it to alcohol smile
          1. Gato
            Gato 4 December 2013 11: 46
            Quote: The same LYOKHA
            and analyze

            What for? Maybe in the garden come in handy:
        2. abrakadabre
          abrakadabre 4 December 2013 14: 33
          The most realistic option for mobile power today (this is like the first stage engine for PAK FA) is a small-sized diesel generator. Yes - noisy, yes - exhaust, yes - increases the size. But mobility and recharging speed are high. As well as the ability to quickly deliver peak power without sacrificing installation.
    4. Lesnik
      Lesnik 5 December 2013 02: 06
      And what is actually the average duration of the clash? he does not need a nuclear reactor laughing
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 4 December 2013 09: 37
    They will finalize this thing undoubtedly, there remains only a multi-barrel machine gun to pick it up and there will be a ready-made terminator-schwarzenegger.
  3. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 4 December 2013 10: 23
    Interestingly, IMHO promising ... but not in the near future. While there are no compact power sources, all this is science fiction. Although a portable generator ... well, FIG knows.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 4 December 2013 10: 48
      Video footage in the subject
  4. Syrdon
    Syrdon 4 December 2013 10: 50
    skynet - soon ... oh, how soon)))
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. PiP
    PiP 4 December 2013 11: 34
    Here is the real ATLAS wassat
  8. Snoop
    Snoop 4 December 2013 11: 45
    And the robot is naked))) So what? Sheathe the skeleton of the robot with bulletproof materials and all business something. And the article says that there will be removable panels depending on the task, from a lifeguard to a killer on an industrial scale. The main problem is the creation of a portable power source, so that it is less capacious and at the same time small in size and weight.
    Once they create such a power source that is less expensive to manufacture, they will immediately begin mass production, by then the robot will be brought to mind.
  9. vlad_m
    vlad_m 4 December 2013 12: 19
    "May the savior come" ...

    In the 4th part of the "Terminator" T-600 was also naked. But this did not stop him from killing people, pouring machine-gun fire on them.

    Hang armor on the whole frame? What for ? This will overwhelm the entire structure. Yes, and it will not work to hang so much to protect it from damage from the DShK. Not to mention KPVT.
    Cheaper to book individual critical sites.

    Set the robot in Abrams? What for? It is cheaper to install separate actuators in the tank. and supply it with AI. Work on this is in full swing on both sides of the ocean. Soon there will be crawling drones on the battlefield.

    Use it as an ammunition carrier? "Bring it, give it, go to the figs, don't bother"? Isn't it expensive? And it’s not practical on two legs ... A four-legged mul-drone will handle this better.

    Hang an alcohol tank on this drone? A very coveted trophy on the battlefield for soldiers of many armies.

    I do not see any other task for this drone, except for cleaning up city blocks. But even there, its use is possible only under the guise of infantry - otherwise its fighters with anti-tank rifles or large-caliber sniper rifles will instantly disassemble them for parts.
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 4 December 2013 14: 41
      As a joke:
      If it is powered by alcohol, then it will be an alcoholic robot. Such robots are especially effective when cleaning wine shops, trading bases and distilleries.
      And when they develop AI, they will be able to talk heart-to-heart with you over a glass of ... fuel
    2. tchoni
      tchoni 6 December 2013 09: 45
      And why for this a large caliber? - 7.62 per eye. Another thing is that a circular review. Try to shoot him ....
  10. Normman
    Normman 4 December 2013 12: 31
    Only the beginning, although not the first steps. It looks funny now. Technologies and potential are being developed. His "descendants" will be many times faster, smarter and stronger. We need our own laboratories to test such technologies. Otherwise they will doubt it, as Iosif Vissarionovich said.
  11. Isk1984
    Isk1984 4 December 2013 12: 42
    The main thing is that progress cannot be stopped, a year ago they laughed at 3D printers and their products in the form of plastic pistols, but now? Here we think the same thing, but a bucket of alcohol walking, and in 10 years that it will be an autonomous killer to defend "democracy" .. . today is fantastic, tomorrow is reality ... while the printing press is plowing, they are able to create more and more new opportunities to control the world ...
  12. Altona
    Altona 4 December 2013 13: 14
    The "Rise of the Machines" is not far off ... They have been arguing for a long time about the use of this robotic humanoid, I think that this device will also work for the "Husband for an Hour" service - hammer a nail there, vacuum it, walk the dog ...)))
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 4 December 2013 17: 50
      I would take this to my country house, dig beds. Nice job. Does not get tired and do not need to feed.
  13. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 4 December 2013 14: 07
    From childhood, I did not like the idea of ​​creating humanoid robots in principle.
    This is an absolutely stupid undertaking in practical terms that yields nothing but a self-satisfied grin on the face of the engineer who created it.
    Tell me in which industries this miracle of technology may be needed?
    If you think well, then in no way.
    There are too many problems associated with the operation of such objects, it is easier for people to do everything themselves than to use such robots.
    And this despite the fact that cyber technology on Earth for more than a dozen years.
    During this time, not a single product of this type was created, which would be brought to mass production.
    This has always been due to reasons of low resource (uninterrupted operation), low technical reliability (failures), incredibly high laboriousness during repair and subsequent adjustment, as well as a wildly expensive manufacturing price.
    Therefore, the efficiency of such an aggregate is close to 0.
    And in the end, we get a lot of crap and 0 result.
  14. report4
    report4 4 December 2013 14: 21
    Again, the same thing as with "power armor" - they start building a house from the roof. Until the issue with a light and portable power source is resolved, it is possible to produce "walking mechanics" only from an excess of funds.
    Various means of propulsion are already on the market in great numbers - robotic manipulators produce various equipment with great speed and accuracy, in the absence of a shortage of energy for the engines, even yesterday's graduate can assemble a "terminator" from ready-made parts.
  15. spirit
    spirit 4 December 2013 14: 38
    Boston Dynamics good .5+. Today there is no power source, tomorrow there is! The main progress on the face!
    And do not be maliciously jealous. With RUSNANO's money, yes, with our designers, he would already be swimming)) so no. And here it is of course
    Therefore, the efficiency of such an aggregate is close to 0.
    And in the end, we get a lot of crap and 0 result.

    AHA)) Go tell this to the widows of the Japanese guys who climbed the reactor to jam on Fokushima
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 4 December 2013 15: 11
      First of all, the Japanese guys had to move their brains about the fact that there was no need to build a nuclear power plant in a seismically dangerous and hydro-hazardous area.
      Then there would be no widows.
    2. Kir
      Kir 4 December 2013 17: 33
      These are all fairy tales; look how the technology refused that when liquidating the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Fokushima, do you think that the Japanese sent their from just like that?
      But I agree with stranger_032, and it turns out that the dam was 10 meters long, and the one that came in blocked it by more than 2 meters is one and the other, there are suspicions that the Japanese NPP project has Amer’s roots, and the station is the same they probably sucked in the Japanese, but in essence we need to figure out who was the main consumer of the energy it produces, and in what places in Japan they are located.
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 4 December 2013 17: 53
        Quote: Kir
        look how the technique refused
        Well, she didn’t refuse from radiation, right? Correctly.
        Quote: Kir
        There are suspicions that the Japanese nuclear power plant project has Amer’s roots
        No suspicion. The project of the station is American, and the Americans built, and the campaign without taking into account the topography, climate and seismic features of the soil.
        1. Kir
          Kir 4 December 2013 18: 06
          It is from radiation, I don’t remember which spectrum, but probably somewhere there are video materials on this. The truth, although not a completely correct example, but still, it was like this after the collapse of the USSR when some Mosquito boats got to the amers, so here’s the conclusion that they had computer technology on similar boats, and our calculators were like arithmometers, and so, in the case of the use of nuclear weapons, their boat became dead with a live carriage, ours performed the task with a dead carriage, and after these tests they began to add similar calculators as an addition.
          And thanks for the clarification on the Japanese nuclear power plant, and at the same time the question, but what did the fighters for the general well-being of their own, instead of the Japanese, haven’t thrown over the radioactive "crap"? sort of like jambs, then their conscience, although what I mean, and correct!
  16. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 4 December 2013 14: 59
    I want to add a little.
    About the military use of such gizmos.
    This idea is even more absurd than applying them to a civilian.
    In modern combat, such a robot does not last long, a couple of minutes no more, even though I can’t book it at all (any reservation has weight and only reduces its maneuverability and mobility), and therefore will turn this device into an excellent target.
    In addition, modern small arms with conventional ammunition can do the trick, and even with an armor-piercing cartridge (and this is not counting the grenade launchers, mines, RPGs, IEDs, as well as other things that are used in abundance in modern wars).
    And if, God forbid, he has a glitch in the program what will happen and he will open fire on his own (which the Amer soldiers have already experienced on himself), this is generally a complete zizdets.
    The enemy from the opposite side mentally applauds to the one who sent this miracle to the war.
    In the event of atomic disruption due to the influence of electromagnetic radiation, all the electronics of such devices will fail and they will become a pile of useless rubbish. In case of radioactive contamination, they are also useless because the radiation of nefig radioisotopes does not have a beneficial effect on the operation of electronics. Remember the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.
    So 2-0 in favor of people with special equipment.
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 4 December 2013 18: 05
      Quote: wanderer_032
      In modern combat, such a robot does not last long, a couple of minutes no more, even though I can’t book it at all (any reservation has weight and only reduces its maneuverability and mobility), and therefore will turn this device into an excellent target.

      Is a simple person a bad target? I think it’s easier to disable a person than a car.
      Quote: wanderer_032
      And if, God forbid, he has a glitch in the program what will happen and he will open fire on his own (which the Amer soldiers have already experienced on himself), this is generally a complete zizdets.

      A simple soldier may also have a brain failure and he can also open fire on his own, in addition there is such a thing as friendly fire.
      1. wanderer_032
        wanderer_032 4 December 2013 21: 42
        The soldier who opened fire on his own is also quick to shoot, and the one who has a grudge against a comrade is not joking with this matter in battle.
        All relations are clarified after the battle with friendly scuffle.
        And as for the target, I’ll say this when a person is in an extreme situation, he begins to work on the subconscious, and in addition, the human body is much more flexible than the piece of iron and any little soldier suitable in a shelter will always crawl into your own home and you’ll pick it from there, who In a battle under fire, I’ve been lying and will not let me lie.
        1. Kir
          Kir 4 December 2013 22: 06
          By the way, there is such a term as optimal, and so this combat unit is outwardly an ordinary person, but with an increase in many psychophysical indicators, this is the future for such an elite, and iron is correctly noted only for loading and unloading operations, or as an "outer shell" of the operator.
  17. fzr1000
    fzr1000 4 December 2013 17: 49
    I believe that the future lies in the cloning of people and the subordination of their consciousness to external control (biorobots). Only now I would not really like to live to see this.
  18. Bezarius
    Bezarius 4 December 2013 22: 57
    Until the autonomous or super energy-intensive miniature power source is lit up, the script from the terminator does not threaten.
    1. Kir
      Kir 4 December 2013 23: 04
      and with the advent of this source, it seems that they will abandon walking, climbing and other machines, as depending on the surface, and if they still have nails, then only as an element of attachment and support and no more.
  19. Anton2013
    Anton2013 5 December 2013 00: 40
    There will be a source, and even if this thing (or rather its descendants) costs $ 100000 and will be dumb like a cork (even like robots from Star Wars), then instead of one F-22 you can stamp a regiment of such thingies that you can lose at least everything, the losses will be 0 people, for America, which is already trying to use mercenaries from PMCs, this is important. As for material losses, the main thing is to push through the order and to some people the golden rain will open no worse than with fighters of the 5th generation ...
  20. Evkur
    Evkur 5 December 2013 01: 13
    You talk with parents, not to mention our grandfathers and grandmothers for them a cell phone is fantastic and skype is generally a miracle of technology !!! Everything will be both robots and cyborgs - such a person’s nature simplifies everything and everywhere, you just sit and press buttons, drink beer, and things are done! =)
  21. awg75
    awg75 5 December 2013 12: 33
    ah bi back ... in a hundred years these iron lads will vulft each other with great pleasure - but how many people will remain after that?
  22. alex-kon
    alex-kon 5 December 2013 14: 44
    Yes well done Americans. We would have their development budgets, we would have already rode like a gymnast. That's just the first thought in his artificial mind will be where to find the outlet. wassat
  23. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 6 December 2013 05: 38
    robots, shmobots, and the first exoskeleton is mass-produced in St. Petersburg.
    1. Kir
      Kir 6 December 2013 12: 16
      On the one hand, there seems to be reason to be proud, but if you remember when we thought about it and even carried out laboratory tests, then it’s a long time! Simply put, in Russia and the republics of the former USSR they should have been like regular staff for a certain type of work if I don’t confuse then they were originally conceived for Cosmos (work on planets with a greater gravitational force than on Earth) and in diving business.
  24. tchoni
    tchoni 6 December 2013 10: 01
    Good fish. On the battlefield, you need not a hamanoid, but a mini tank. so that .....
    And the main problem of such a robot is the combat program, which makes it possible to distinguish between civilian and military, one's own from another's, dangerous from harmless, etc. And also a problem with orientation in an unfamiliar environment. so that humanity is a show off complicating the already not trivial tasks. But show-offs are not entirely useless. Proceeds can be used for peaceful purposes, such as a robot - a housewife, a nurse-robot, etc. In these cases, the effects of EM waves and penetrating radiation are minimal, and there is no need to hang up armor, and there are no problems with the outlet (you can also use a cable inside the house), and, most importantly, the potential multifunctionality of humanoid architecture is easily realized. And if he is also sheathed with leather - so he and what other services will be able to provide! -) In general, an ideal husband (wife) for an hour.