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American submarines class "Tambor"

Submarines "Tambor" were the next logical step in the development of American submarines. 12 boats of this type had a larger impact force, although it retained some of the design features of its predecessors - submarines «Salmon». Submarines had a fairly large range, which allowed them to reach the shores of Japan, and their weapons were strong enough to inflict significant damage on the enemy at such a distance. TDC-equipped submarines of the Tambor type successfully interacted with surface forces.

Tambor-type submarines were developed on the basis of the Salmon / Sargo submarines. The rest of the design of the new submarines were close to the prototype, but had a more durable hull and increased armament - 10 torpedo tubes instead of eight submarines "Salmon" and "Sargo". The new two-hull boat could sink to a depth of 90 meters (the design depth of the destruction of the hull was 150 meters). Diesel engines with direct transmission to propeller shafts served as a power plant.

Submarines of the “Tambor” type were built under the 1939 of the fiscal year (SS-198-203) and 1940 of the fiscal year (SS-206-211) programs. Submarines entered into 1939-1941's.

During the war in 1942-1943, submarines of this type underwent modernization - the cabin was replaced with a lower one, which had sponsors to accommodate 40-millimeter bofors and 20-millimeter ров airlikons.

However, there was one "but" ... Adopting the submarines "Tambor", the leadership of the submarine forces was forced to agree to the production of two clearly unsuccessful and do not fit into the strategic concept of using small submarines M. On this concession in December 1941 much regretted as a submarine with a large radius of action was not enough.

Submarines "Tambor" - the last American submarines, adopted by the United States before the entry into the war. With the outbreak of hostilities, these submarines were the main striking force, until they were replaced at the end of 1942 by Gato submarines. Despite this, the Tambor boats remained in the first line until the end of 1944, only after that they were transferred to secondary destinations and training centers. Of the 12 built Tambor boats, the 7 died. Boat SS-199 "Toutog" became the leader in the number of sunk ships and ships of the enemy.

History Tambor class submarine services

USS Tambor (SS-198). Laid 20.12.1939 of the year. Scrapped in 1959 year.

USS Toutog (SS-199). Laid 27.1.1940 of the year. Scrapped in 1959 year.

USS Thresher (SS-200). Laid 27.3.1940 of the year. Scrapped in 1948 year.

USS Triton (SS-201). Laid 25.03.1940 of the year. Killed 15.03.1943 year - sunk by Japanese ships north of the islands of the Admiralty.

USS Trout (SS-202). Laid 21.05.1940 of the year. Died 29.02.1944 of the year - sunk southeast of Okinawa.

USS Tuna (SS-203). Laid 02.10.1940 of the year. 25.09.1944 year sunk.

USS Gar (SS-206). Laid 07.11.1940 of the year. Scrapped in 1959 year.

USS Grampus (SS-207). Laid 23.12.1940 of the year. Before the US entered the World War II, the boat was based on New London. During 1942 — 1943, the submarine USS Grampus carried out five combat campaigns, of which the first, fourth, and fifth were considered successful. This submarine sank six Japanese ships with a total tonnage of 45,4 thousand tons. Awarded three battle stars. SS-207 in February 1943 of the year went to the Solomon Islands on the sixth expedition and went missing.

USS Grayback (SS-208). Laid 31.01.1941 of the year. Died in February-March 1944, in the East China Sea.

USS Grayling (SS-209). Laid 04.09.1940 of the year. Missing in August-September 1943 of the year - most likely sunk off the island of Luzon.

USS Grenadier (SS-210). Laid on 29.11.1940. 21.04.1943/XNUMX/XNUMX was seriously damaged by the Japanese aviation in the Strait of Malacca. Died April 22.04.1943, XNUMX - flooded by the crew at Penang.

USS Gudgeon (SS-211). Laid 21.04.1941 of the year. Died in April - May 1944 of the year in the area of ​​the Mariana Islands.

Surface displacement - 1475 tons.
Underwater displacement - 2370 tons.
Length - 93,6 m.
Width - 8,3 m.
The power plant - 2 diesel engine power 5400 hp / 2 electric motor power 2740 hp
20 / 8,8 speed knots
Diving range - 60 miles at speed 5 miles / hour.
Surface Navigation Range - 10000 miles at 10 speed miles / hour.
The duration of autonomous navigation is 75 days.
Crew - 60 man.
Torpedo tubes - 10 (6 bow, 4 feed) caliber 533 mm.
Ammunition - 24 torpedoes.
76,2 caliber gun mm.

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