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Do the Chinese want children?

From 9 to 12 in November 2013, the third plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party was held in China. The plenary session made one of the key decisions, which will undoubtedly affect Chinese demography. The party decided to change the birth control policy in the country: from now on, couples can have not one, but two children, - provided that at least one of the spouses was the only child of their parents.

Do the Chinese want children?
Military summer camp, opened in the suburbs of Beijing in 2008 year. The average child in the camp is a “little emperor”: a boy with parental over-care, without brothers and sisters because of the policy “one family - one child” who most likely does not know how to make the bed. Many parents hope that the taste of military life and strict discipline will strengthen the character of their child.

The Plenum meeting is quoted by Xinhua: “China will pursue a new policy, adhering to the general principles of state family planning policy. The birth control policy will be refined and improved step by step with a view to the long-term balanced development of China’s population. ”

Words about long-term balanced development, about refinement and improvement are not empty statements and they appeared not from scratch. The base for them already exists. A few years ago, the Chinese authorities allowed citizens to have a second child, but only for families in which both parents are the only children. Permission for two children was given to families living in rural areas, provided that their first child is a girl. The last is easy to understand: in China, girls do not like to give birth to girls, the main breadwinner of the family is a man. Therefore, many Chinese women prefer abortions until they become pregnant as a boy. The result of these abortions gave rise to an unnatural imbalance: the Chinese 2011 census of the year showed that there are about 20% more boys born than girls.

In 2008, parents of children who died or were injured in the Sichuan earthquake were allowed by the authorities to have another child.

China's state birth-rate reduction policy begins in 1956. The first birth planning campaign in the country lasted about two years and had almost no effect.

In 1962, the second birth planning campaign was launched, which lasted until 1966. Its components: late marriages, lengthening the intervals between births and reducing family size. Due to the short duration, the effect was more than modest.

The true fact of the birth control policy in the People's Republic of China started talking to 1971, when Comrade Mao Zedong delivered a report on the development of work on the so-called “planned childbirth”.

Thus, in 2011, exactly forty years ago, the emergence of a state family planning policy emerged.

According to the census, without restrictive government measures, the population of China in 2011 would be not 1340 million people, but 1740 million. An artificial population decline was 400 million people.

Today, politics is changing for an understandable reason: due to the aging of the inhabitants. Economically active population is rapidly decreasing. In the recent past, the Celestial Empire relied on its relatively young workers: the number of able-bodied Chinese people under the age of 65 grew from 1980 to 1990. by two percent. At the same time, a country that has become a global market for production rose economically.

However, in the second decade of the 21st century, the growth of these “young” workers turned out to be zero and now threatens to go into a short and then a long minus. Along with the rise in the cost of labor in the Middle Kingdom, this break in demographics can be fatal for Beijing. In addition, as the number of old people grows, the pension system can stagger: analysts doubt that it will withstand the load.

Open data published in the media is formed into simple arithmetic: the population of China today is 1,34 billion people, and the number of old people (starting from 60 years) is 194 million people. According to forecasts, by 2020, the number of older people will be 243 to millions, and by 2050, it will exceed 280, or even 300 millions.

Mao Qun'an, a representative of the State Committee on Health and Planned Childbirth of China, said over the past four decades that the policy of planned childbearing in China has reduced China’s population by about 400 million. According to him, who were quoted by the Xinhua agency, the birth rate in the PRC declined from 33,4 ppm in 1970 to 12,1 ppm in 2012, and natural population growth went from 25,8 ppm in 1970 to 4,95 ppm in 2012.

The slowdown in population growth has weakened human influence on the environment and somewhat solved the problem of lack of resources, which contributed to economic development, comrade Mao Qunan said.

He also stressed that the policy of planned childbirth for five years delayed the day when an 7 billionth resident would be born on the planet. Comrade Mao Qunan pointed out Chinese birth control policies as a role model for developing countries.

Sample? .. These victorious reports are hardly appreciated by the Chinese. With the reform of regulatory policy, the government remembered too late. The Chinese no longer want to have two children. At least those of them who were lucky enough to enter the middle class.

“We have one child, the second will not be. Two children, of course, well, but this requires conditions, and we are not so rich. There would be one to provide all the necessary "- declares young chinese woman

And here are the statistics of the dating service. According to the weekly Nanfang Zhoumo, only about a quarter of those who want to find a husband or wife expect to meet a partner who would not have brothers and sisters, that is, a person with whom you can now have two children.

All this is not surprising. With increasing wealth, fertility is steadily declining. This is the case in the USA, the countries of Western Europe and in the post-reform years in Russia, which in the boom of unrestrained consumption imitates the same West. On the "Military Review" has already been reported that the Europeans consider the "investment" in children unprofitable business. Therefore, many couples either have an only child, or do not have children at all. The reason for the decline in fertility is not at all in the economic crisis, but in the growth of egoism and extreme individualism. A person prefers to spend money on himself, on his pleasures, and not on children.

Exactly the same trends are observed in modern China. In addition, putting on their feet and forming an only child in Beijing will cost parents more than two million yuan. To accumulate so much money, the Chinese family with an average income will not have to eat or drink for twenty-three years, says Vesti correspondent Dmitry Sobiev.

As for the "extra" children, then for them today in the PRC ruthlessly fined. For huge amounts. Here is the newest example.

Famous director Jan Umou told the press that he has "extra" children. The director publicly announced that he was ready to pay a fine to the state for his daughter and two sons. The media writes that Jan Umou will have to part with several million dollars. The “yellowing” editions convince their readers that this is almost thirty million and that the Chinese director has not three, but seven offspring.

In conclusion, it should be noted that changes in the fertility planning policy are related to the mood of the Chinese authorities on the growth of domestic consumption - this was also noted at the plenum of the CPC Central Committee. With the huge population of the country and the global financial crisis, when demand for Chinese goods is falling, this is a very topical issue.

“The actual legitimization of the second child in young urban families can lead to the emergence of another 15 million children in China only in the year 2014. In addition to the positive long-term effect, it will be another incentive for the growth of domestic consumption ", - says Stanley Chang, a professor at the University of Hong Kong.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 5 December 2013 07: 59
    Judging by their number, even as they want
    As for the "extra" children, then for them today in the PRC ruthlessly fined
    Many simply do not register, especially in rural areas
    changes in fertility planning policy are related to the mood of the PRC authorities
    It can be seen not only that we can spit on the stupid slogans and calls of the authorities
    Call for unnatural
    1. Airman
      Airman 5 December 2013 11: 26
      They don’t forbid the Chinese, they even encourage $ 5000, provided that children (at least ten) are born abroad and never return to China.
  2. Pit
    Pit 5 December 2013 08: 03
    that changes in the birth planning policy are related to the attitude of the PRC authorities to the growth of domestic consumption

    And let's teach them to eat with spoons. Then their domestic consumption is generally off scale
  3. makarov
    makarov 5 December 2013 08: 12
    Do the Chinese want children? = / = Do the Russians want war?
    1. makarov
      makarov 5 December 2013 14: 40
      P.S. Is there life on Mars???
    2. dark_65
      dark_65 6 December 2013 23: 58
      I’m sitting and thinking, my enemies are growing .. and the children
  4. Vadim-Skeptic
    Vadim-Skeptic 5 December 2013 08: 16
    All this is nonsense. If you believe the media reports, then every fifth Chinese on Earth, even in the Amazon selva, is also among the aborigines. Imagine that the number of Chinese grew at such a rate, it is necessary that every male Chinese of reproductive age would “work tirelessly” every year and not work in other industries. I admit that the number of Chinese is large - about 300-400 million people, but not 1.34 billion. Just think about this figure ... Who needs to raise a panic - a question ...
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 December 2013 08: 21
      Quote: Vadim the Skeptic
      I admit that the number of Chinese is large - about 300-400 million people, but not 1.34 billion.

      That's when you kill a billion, then then they will remain 300-400 million.
      1. Vadim-Skeptic
        Vadim-Skeptic 5 December 2013 08: 31
        Your statement stinks of fascism. And if you are intimidated by the number of Chinese, then if you please "pull yourself together" and start working on the population explosion in Russia.
        1. Uhe
          Uhe 6 December 2013 00: 14
          And how will this demographic explosion end in a single family? The arrival of a "social" worker, drawing up an act on poor living conditions for a child - and the conditions by law should be almost royal, so you can even find fault with wealthy people with large living space - and the subsequent removal of children from the family to an orphanage. And what will happen to the child later, one can only guess. But nothing good, for sure.

          Is this also happening in China? No, China has its own laws, laws for and for the people, and not imposed by the occupation administration in the interests of the mother country.
    2. zart_arn
      zart_arn 5 December 2013 08: 48
      Yes, with geography you don’t matter. Even the number of 1,34 billion is not accurate. There are 2 China in the world. One that we know is industrial, in which about 300 million people actually live, the other is rural, whose civilization has little to do with. Talk to those who have been to the Chinese outback - I think their story will impress you.
      1. Petergut
        Petergut 5 December 2013 12: 23
        Quote: zart_arn
        Even the number of 1,34 billion is not accurate. There are 2 China in the world. One that we know is industrial, in which about 300 million people actually live, the other is rural, whose civilization has little to do with.

        There is also a third China - ethnic Chinese living outside the PRC and not being its citizens. And there are at least hundreds of millions of such huatsao.
    3. alone
      alone 5 December 2013 22: 18
      what a panic)) the figure is 400 million. This is the number of those who live outside of China)) Kiaits are already everywhere. even in Antarctica laughing
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 December 2013 08: 31
    He spoke many times with the Chinese of different classes and affluence. The first and main question is the money to support a child. And children want, however, like all normal people.
  6. Nayhas
    Nayhas 5 December 2013 08: 51
    On demography, you can learn from Nigeria, in which the population over some thirty years has more than doubled, from 73 million. in 1980 up to 173 million now. China is resting.
    1. Sirius-2
      Sirius-2 5 December 2013 18: 46
      I think that for the Nigerians this will end very, very sadly.
  7. Kazakh
    Kazakh 5 December 2013 09: 22
    CHUBAIS them and GAIDAR they would cut the number of Chinese in five and under the slogan we will increase the population of China in two laughing
    1. alone
      alone 5 December 2013 22: 20
      they crushed their Chubais and Gaidars 24-25 years ago in the square with tanks.
      and became strong. 50-60 years ago, they chased sparrows with sticks.
  8. Lapotnik
    Lapotnik 5 December 2013 10: 15
    In conclusion, it should be noted that changes in the fertility planning policy are related to the mood of the Chinese authorities on the growth of domestic consumption - this was also noted at the plenum of the CPC Central Committee. With the huge population of the country and the global financial crisis, when demand for Chinese goods is falling, this is a very topical issue.

    Key phrase. If earlier they gave birth to at least someone supporting in old age, and the mortality rate was high, now they are simply creating biomass of consumption.

    I have always been interested in the issue of economic growth in determining GDP growth - if you minimize all pseudo-economic husk, it turns out that in order for the economy to grow, you need to produce more toilet paper, for example, and to produce more diverged, you need more biomass, forgive people ... Something closed a circle. After such thoughts, the thought completely fits into my head personally - it is not a matter of fertility at any cost, but as people to get away from chasing their own tail, wiping more and more asses with super soft toilet paper to please capitalists who receive profits from this.

    To whom it is unpleasant or incomprehensible - replace toilet paper with an iPhone.
  9. air wolf
    air wolf 5 December 2013 11: 54
    Let's talk about Chinese cannibalism. They really eat children, because according to their customs, up to 3 months this is not a person. And they don’t do ultrasound in the outback, girls just eat like piglets, and the boy is an assistant and an employee in the family. Inart on this topic go ahead, everything is there.
    1. Coward
      Coward 5 December 2013 17: 17
      What kind of grass?
  10. Yankuz
    Yankuz 5 December 2013 18: 39
    Somewhere recently a video came across on an Internet - there a car in China hit a child-girl, then moved back a couple of times, and then a woman walked by and dragged her body to the side of the road and went on. Personally, this does not fit in my head! And in China, this is in the order of things ... So draw conclusions - if they do not care for their children, then what can we say about their attitude towards foreigners.
  11. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 5 December 2013 20: 06
    Quote: Coward
    What kind of grass?

    This is not grass. This is a coconut.

    Although, if you develop the topic, I would have to Ms. Novodvorskaya and send someone else to a dinner party in Papua New Guinea ...
    1. Uhe
      Uhe 6 December 2013 00: 17
      I think there she would become the first beauty of the Papuan tribe and would go not to the table to the local leader, but to the table in the form of the main and beloved wife :)))
  12. datur
    datur 5 December 2013 20: 20
    Hmm, but it would not be bad to stop this copy machine !! laughing otherwise they will copy everyone !! wassat
    1. Uhe
      Uhe 6 December 2013 00: 19
      The recipe has long been invented: the rubber bomb :)))
  13. mirag2
    mirag2 6 December 2013 05: 22
    The Chinese have no lave to bring up and raise children.
    Now they have, although domestic consumption has increased, but prices have also risen there.
    Moreover, the Chinese want not only to give birth and bring up, but to learn him (the child) at the institute.