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The integration of the Storm Shadow cruise missile onboard the Typhoon fighter began

The integration of the Storm Shadow cruise missile onboard the Typhoon fighter began

The company "Alenia Aermakki" announced the launch of a series of flight tests in order to integrate the Storm Shadow cruise missile made by MBDA aboard the Typhoon EF-2000 multi-role fighter.

Equipping the Storm Shadow fighter of the Kyrgyz Republic will significantly increase its combat capabilities.

The first flight took place on November 27 at the Alenia Aermakki flight test center at the Decimomannu airbase (Sardinia, Italy) with the support of the Eurofighter, BAe Systems (BAE Systems) and Cassidian.

The implementation of the flight test program began with a flutter test and the mutual influence of the on-board systems on the IPA2 pre-production sample equipped with measuring equipment, modified to the standard “1 phase of improvement” (Phase 1 Enhancement).

According to the Eurofighter representatives, the initial flight tests were successful. According to experts, the main problem with the integration of a cruise missile aboard the Typhoon is that a 1300 kg missile can be placed only on two middle underwing nodes of the suspension. This does not allow the installation of outboard fuel tanks and, accordingly, autonomously perform combat missions at long range. Earlier, representatives of Eurofighter stated that the optimal solution for performing long-range flights is to equip the aircraft, along with the KR Storm Shadow, with new conformal fuel tanks. All EF-2000 fighters of the 2 Tranche version, if necessary, can be equipped with them.

KR "Storm Shadow" is a subtle aviation long-range ammunition, allowing at any time of day and difficult weather conditions to hit important targets in the depths of the enemy’s territory, including port facilities, command posts, missile launch sites, airfields and bridges.

Equipped with a turbojet engine, the CG "Storm Shadow" allows you to hit targets at ranges over 250 km. The length of the ammunition - 5,1 m, width - 0,63 m, height - 0,48 m, weight - about 1300 kg, weight of the warhead BROACH - 450 kg. It is assumed that Typhoon will be able to use ammunition from 2015 after completing the “2 phase of improvement” (P2 - Phase 2 Enhancement).

The missile has already been adopted by the Tornado aircraft of the Italian Air Force (Tornado IDS) and Great Britain (Tornado GR4). In addition, in March this year it was announced that Storm Shadow cruise missiles were delivered to the Saudi Air Force to equip the modernized Tornado aircraft.

The Saudi Air Force Command also conducted negotiations with Evofighter, BAe Systems and MBDA to speed up work on equipping the Typhoon with the EF-2000 Aircraft of the Kingdom.
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  1. lucidlook
    lucidlook 2 December 2013 19: 36 New
    Operational radius - 500km
    Flight height - 30-50 meters
    Speed ​​- 1000 km / h (0.8 M)

    Tornado takes them on board 2 pieces.
    1. Vash xoziain
      Vash xoziain 2 December 2013 20: 08 New
      too slow missile for modern air defense systems
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 2 December 2013 20: 12 New
        Why does she need supersonic at an altitude of 30-50 meters?
    2. pawel1961
      pawel1961 2 December 2013 22: 40 New
      maybe it's time to remember the forgotten old
  2. sergey261180
    sergey261180 2 December 2013 20: 12 New
    KR "Storm Shadow" allows you to hit targets at ranges of more than 250 km. Ammunition length - 5,1 m, width - 0,63 m, height - 0,48 m, weight - about 1300 kg, warhead mass of BROACH - 450 kg
    Even to Tomahawk 30 years ago, it falls short. The new American hits 1000 km in general.
  3. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 2 December 2013 20: 39 New
    Enough for the Europeans and 500km. Terrible stuccion.
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 2 December 2013 22: 10 New
      Quote: chunga-changa
      Enough for the Europeans and 500km.

      That's for sure. This is America with Russia being measured by strategic peeps, but it has not given up to Europeans. They basically still used aviation to bring all sorts of Arabs and African non-Americans to order, and for these purposes these missiles were abundant.
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 2 December 2013 22: 13 New
      2. pawel1961
        pawel1961 2 December 2013 22: 51 New
        Yes, you are a strategist ser, 500 km, pipiski, tries, the American flag to face.
  4. 2 December 2013 20: 59 New
    A guided bomb, in my opinion, is better than Storm Shadow. And Eurofighter just sucks.
    1. pawel1961
      pawel1961 2 December 2013 22: 54 New
      Eurofighter just sucks. thought need to finish?
  5. mvg
    mvg 2 December 2013 21: 04 New
    there are axes and for 2500 km, only this is a different class of missiles. has anyone seen an ax under the wing of an f-16 or f-15? only b-52 and b-1b .. but to stick 450 kg of explosives into 1300 kg "gross" they are great! true Swedish-German missile, it seems to win over the Shadow, at least thailand chose it
    1. Saburo
      Saburo 2 December 2013 23: 34 New
      The Swedish-German missile is TAURUS, probably? So the Thais probably chose her because she can be caught under their Gripeny. Taurus is also cheaper, and it’s just logical to buy a Swedish rocket for the Swedish fighter for which it was developed.
  6. The comment was deleted.
    1. alexng
      alexng 3 December 2013 06: 31 New

      What, and now this brainchild of a duckling will be headed by the newly-minted "effective ME angry nager", which will also "effectively" spread rot on promising projects to please its protégés, and its feeder ???

      Zadornov had better invented a drive for them - KOEKAKER.
    2. just exp
      just exp 3 December 2013 09: 08 New
      Don’t touch Poghosyan, with him they remained dry afloat, and at the same time did not leave further developments, in fact this is now the only fully operational KBB in Russia. and it’s a merit, including Poghosyan, otherwise they could have been like Migi, who also received money from the Indians, but successfully pumped them.
  7. voliador
    voliador 2 December 2013 22: 54 New
    Sorry if I hit anyone with my comment, but it's just P ............ C. HOW MUCH MYSTERY ABOUT THE COUNTRY! They have already created the UAC, and the mess has perverted both the Tupolev and Ilyushen projects! Superjet is a super hole in the budget. With this money, Ilyushin’s projects could be certified, and the Tupolevites would not have to live in poverty! But the bogeyman is unsinkable! Or maybe it’s just a feeder for the especially benevolent?
    1. just exp
      just exp 3 December 2013 09: 10 New
      or maybe you’ll recall what these design bureaus were like before?
      and what can they even now? yes in general, now they can at least something? from the time of the USSR, the Tupolevs were generally pushing their products, the Ilyushentsy were great for transport workers only, but in fact after the 90s they were all dead offices, the only ones who retained their potential.
      1. voliador
        voliador 3 December 2013 22: 04 New
        Actually, sir, if you have a bad memory, I remind you that about the aircraft IL-62, IL-86 - This time. Sukhoi's firm NEVER dealt with civilian passenger ships - these are two. Sukhoi retained its potential because the competition in the military aircraft market is not as strong as in the civilian sector, and the government has lobbied for military exports. What it did not do for civil courts. Until recently, until the bailout knocked out money for his super-zilch - these are three hi .
  8. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 3 December 2013 00: 19 New
    A serious threat, first of all for the NK of our fleet. France "Scalpel" made on its basis. Now we need to be wary of their ships, carriers of the CD. But the worst thing: over-the-horizon start, flight altitude 30-50m, low radar signature, 3 guidance channels, at the final stage, IR guidance. Guys, whatever you want, but it's dangerous! There is only one way out: to sink the carriers until they leave the line of the missile launch. Otherwise, like flies ... they will sit us to death. I am not an alarmist, I just saw that one RCC can do something wrong. IMHO.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Chemicalin23
    Chemicalin23 3 December 2013 06: 45 New
    But our children are beautiful ...
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 3 December 2013 09: 25 New
      citation-Alenia Aermacchi Company announced the launch of a series of flight tests to integrate the MBDA Storm Shadow cruise missile aboard the EF-2000 Typhoon multirole fighter.