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Diplomatic preparation for intervention in Libya is well under way (+ survey)


How do you assess the events taking place in Libya

This is a popular revolution - 21 (4.44%)
Revolt of separatists supported by Western special forces - 250 (52.85%)
The falsification of Western media to discredit the power of Gaddafi - 178 (37.63%)
The uprising inspired Al Qaeda - 7 (1.48%)
Gaddafi is crazy - 6 (1.27%)
Other (specify in comments to the article) - 11 (2.33%)
Diplomatic preparation for intervention in Libya is well under way (+ survey)A diplomatic war began against Gaddafi. France and the United Kingdom began to seriously consider the possibility of air strikes on Libya.

France broke off diplomatic relations with Libya. According to Agence France-Presse, French President Nicolas Sarkozy March 10 announced that his country would recognize the National Transitional Council (NPS) formed in Benghazi as the only legitimate authority representing the interests of the Libyan people. Paris became the first European capital, which refused to recognize the legitimacy of the authorities in Tripoli.

In the evening, March 10 already Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron in a joint statement called on the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to step down.

In turn, Washington announced that it would soon send “civilian specialists” (apparently with a “military bone”) to the rebel-controlled east of Libya to assist Gaddafi’s opponents. In this case, the US administration emphasized that this is by no means a military intervention.

Paris and London have named several conditions for their participation in hostilities:

- Application of Gaddafi Chemical weapons against insurgents and air force strikes against civilians.

- Permission of the UN Security Council.

- Resolution of the League of Arab States.

- The request of the Libyan opposition for help.
There is no doubt that the Libyan opposition will call on NATO forces for help, the Air Force’s blows (most of which are a performance) are there, chemical weapons will be found. In Iraq, they even looked for nuclear weapons, although they did not find them, but the main thing was to occupy the country.

A wealth of Arab countries have already joined the Western world: the Gulf Cooperation Council, an influential organization uniting the oil-rich Arab monarchies of the region, has adopted a joint statement on the situation in Libya, Al-Jazeera reports. A document signed in Riyadh on the night of March 11 said that the member countries of the bloc refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. In addition, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia announced their readiness to establish ties with the Libyan National Transitional Council (NPS) operating in Benghazi. In addition, the oil monarchies promised to make every possible effort to end the bloodshed in Libya. In particular, they supported the establishment of a combat prohibition zone over this country. aviation. And for this, a limited military operation is needed to suppress the Libyan Air Force and Air Defense.

The organization condemned the "crimes against the civilian population" committed by the Libyan regime, and called on the League of Arab States (LAS) and the UN Security Council to immediately intervene. The Foreign Ministers of the LAS countries will gather to discuss the situation in Libya in Cairo on Saturday, March 12.

March 11 The leaders of the EU member states 27 demanded that Gaddafi give up power.

In fact, it remains only to “persuade” China and Russia, although it is clear that they can do without their permission.

China expressed its position in an article published by the Deputy Director of the Division for Western Asia and Africa of the Institute of Contemporary International Relations of China Tang Zhichao on Monday in the People's Daily, “Is Libya a Second Iraq? “The Chinese government calls for the use of dialogue and other peaceful means to resolve existing issues, while respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya. The PRC speaks of the need to fully listen and respect the opinions of Arab and African countries. ” As is known, such publications in the main newspaper of the People's Republic of China are an established way of expressing the official position of the Chinese leadership.

Russia should support the position of the PRC on non-interference in the internal affairs of Libya. Gaddafi has every right to suppress the separatists and restore order in the country.
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  1. 1@1.COM
    [email protected] 12 March 2011 10: 07
    Interestnoe who the author of THIS Laje: BLOODY ERRORS NATO NOTICES A bombers KATDAFI NO THREAT TO FRIENDS RUSSIA SEES if in CIA WORK, SPIRITUALITY AND SLAVERY FOR HIM same executioner-builder with clean hands and a warm heart FOR HIM brothers in mind, workable AS RUSSIAN DEFENSE NO ONE CAN STOP SHORT YEARS TO HIM AND ITS OWNERS OF LIFE.
    APASUS 12 March 2011 12: 55
    Fantastic plot-war for resources! Yes, everyone just does not give a damn about laws, the law, the UN. THERE IS OIL, what questions can there be! This once again confirms that the world is ruled by the "RIGHT OF THE STRONG." Sarkozy interests and Europe is not very interesting Somali sky! The world is waiting for an era of changes and in this era it is necessary to have a nuclear bomb, then even the United States will treat you with respect when you appear in bast shoes and a torn shirt !!!!!
  3. turnip
    turnip 12 March 2011 14: 23
    Initially, this is a riot of unemployed, restless youth that has managed to be born in the wrong tribe (i.e., not Gaddafi’s relatives) But who, how and for what purpose will use a completely different issue.
  4. dixi
    dixi 12 March 2011 17: 25
    It is clear why Biden flew to Moscow. Questions on Libya to solve. I think we agreed, once again, before our donkeys they hung a carrot in the form of canceling the Jackson-Venik amendment and joining the WTO.
  5. Michael
    Michael 12 March 2011 19: 03
    Catch and bury in sand all the so-called neck. opposition (liberal-Pindos-Ueropei) and drive a tank about to show on TV as a warning to all the heroes there in the fight against gypsies like SerKazi and the company.
    An interest-free Muslim bank was "killed" in Tunisia - that's all - the flourishing of crap, then oil will be grabbed (like in Iraq) - and ...
  6. Skills
    12 March 2011 19: 58
    The League of Arab States called on the UN Security Council to impose a ban on flights over Libya. This was reported on March 12 by Al-Arabiya.

    Now there is only the decision of the UN Security Council and you can bomb.
  7. Satric
    Satric 12 March 2011 20: 36
    Sorry for Libya ... sad She will not see more of her oil.
  8. Eric
    Eric 12 March 2011 22: 01
    Oops! :) We are waiting for the first reports in the spirit of Yugoslavia on the 99th! :)
  9. PSih2097
    PSih2097 13 March 2011 01: 26
    Another state was discovered under American oil ... It is time for the Comintern to object ...
  10. Peter
    Peter 13 March 2011 05: 49
    and our puppet power is in the wake of the Masonic West !!!
  11. pinkhasik
    pinkhasik 13 March 2011 09: 25
    Largest US Political Scam Against Many Countries
    The USA stubbornly does not reduce oil purchases. The price of oil is rising. Events in Egypt and Libya, and in other countries, disrupt the production and volumes of oil supplies. Political scientists shout about the imminent demise of the United States and the dollar, the bad example of Egypt.
    What a strange situation? Everyone is silent about rising prices in the United States. There are no signs of inflation within the country. And oil is getting more expensive! And in Egypt and Libya, unrest began from scratch - there was no dangerous situation there. Someone expertly organized these riots. There is an opinion - USA.
    Yes, the US is hard. Yes, the US economy has not quite recovered from another crisis. So where is the dog buried?
    The purpose of this re-enactment is to expand the flow of dollars to less developed countries. To carry out this was not easy and not cheap. Consequently, the United States has included a printing press for other countries. Conceived brilliantly!
    No matter how difficult it is for all countries, the demand for the dollar does not fall, especially in those countries where its free circulation. Dollars from the population of the Government of these countries can only be bought up, and this requires money that is not there.
    The foreign currency of more developed countries in countries less developed among the population is the guarantee of the eternal bondage of these countries.
    Such a complex political multi-pass combination is higher mathematics, obviously inaccessible to either our social scientists, the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, the FSB, or the leaders. The United States is increasing oil reserves. They can stop buying it at any time.
    There are NO obvious countermeasures. Russia cannot stop exporting - a fall in living standards will immediately follow, which will lead to the collapse of the country.
    There is a solution, but it is not obvious, therefore, difficult for understanding short-sighted leaders. This scam is among political sabotage long and successfully conducted by developed countries against less developed ones that have already enslaved these countries.

    At the level of the Government of the Russian Federation alone, debt for 2011 is 100 billion green. And there are still debts of banks, foundations, industry and individuals. In addition, there is a constant export of capital. The country was brought to its knees a long time ago. The country has long lost all forms of independence. Now the danger can not resist in this position.
  12. Michael
    Michael 14 March 2011 22: 12
    So candy wrappers print with signs - separately for Africa, Asia, etc. - when they are imported into the United States, they will be credited and immediately back to the IMF and various funds, therefore, low inflation and resources are bought for candy wrappers in the United States (as much as you need - we will print so much and you will forever owe us mat. values ​​and not paper).
  13. pinkhasik
    pinkhasik 15 March 2011 10: 40
    MichaelThey still do not really sell new technology, equipment, do not allow repaying debts on loans ahead of schedule. And these sanctions can tighten. I don’t know how planes were sold to China, probably in RMB.
  14. Che
    Che 5 September 2011 08: 05
    There was no rebellion. There was a special services operation of the gringos and NATO.