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Aerospace Defense Development Meeting

Aerospace Defense Development MeetingDuring the meeting, the issues of equipping the Aerospace Defense Forces with modern weapons were discussed.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, dear colleagues!

Today we have already begun a conversation with equipping new types of Russian Air Force equipment, and now let's talk more about the aerospace defense system. We are well with you it is clear that strategic parity, the balance of forces largely depends on her condition. In general, this is one of the most important components of the country's defense.

We have movement in this direction, it is positive. As an example, let me highlight the radar station of high factory readiness "Voronezh". She is already working with us in Armavir, in Kaliningrad, in Lekhtusi, and I must say that in September of this year, practically, so to say, in conditions close to the fighting, recorded launches from the Mediterranean region, in fact - proved its effectiveness and reliability .

In accordance with the plans, in the next five years 7 more stations will have to be commissioned.

I will also note that the process of re-equipment of anti-aircraft missile formations and military units to modern C-400 systems is proceeding smoothly. This year, two regimental sets of this system were transferred to the troops, three more must go to the troops in 2014 year. And this is a good indicator, a good pace, I hope that it will be maintained.

Of course, we must speak not only about modern technologies, but also about leading ones. By the way, we talked about this at a meeting at the Obukhov plant this summer. And in this regard, let me remind you that it was then a question of the Vityaz-PVO medium-range anti-aircraft missile system, as well as the development of the new C-500 anti-aircraft missile system, which will be able to perform not only the tasks within the air defense, but in fact, it will be an element of missile defense.

Let's talk about all this in more detail.

I ask you to.

A.GOLOVKO: Comrade Supreme Commander!

First of all, the development of aerospace defense was aimed at preparing to implement and repel not only modern, but also promising means of aerospace attack. To realize this, as you have already noted, this year state tests took place and the Voronezh-M station was put into service in Armavir. We began preparations for the launch of two more stations on combat duty, which in 2014, in the second quarter, would take up combat duty, and began construction of four more stations. Works are carried out according to the schedule, there are no failures.

In addition, newer weapons systems are being developed in conjunction with industry, which will soon be adopted by the Aerospace Defense Forces. Also within the defense order in accordance with the plans and schedules for service arrive complexes "C-400», «Pantsir-C".

Thus, the tasks assigned to 2013 by the Aerospace Defense Forces will be completed.

Report completed.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Sergey Fedorovich, please.

S.BOEV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would first like to say that, as we promised, we are now are conducting preliminary tests in the Irkutsk and Kaliningrad. We are absolutely convinced that in 2014, these stations will switch from pilot combat duty to combat duty.

In addition, we have now launched at a faster pace the production of radio equipment to subsequent stations. And what the commander said: today we have almost no doubt that all four newly commissioned facilities, that is, four more stations, will be provided with the bulk of radio equipment in 2014. And this means that we will proceed to the preliminary, and then to the state tests without delay. This is what concerns the stations.

As for the overall continuous radar field of the Russian Federation, as I promised, by the 2018 this year we will complete this work, and by the year 2018 we will have a continuous radar field of the Russian Federation within the established boundaries.

V.PUTIN: Pavel Alekseevich.

P. SOZINOV: Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

In accordance with your instructions, a complex of works on the aerospace defense system as a whole has been deployed to date. This primarily concerns solving the tasks of building a new combat control system, which is fundamentally different from what exists today. Because combat control cycles are required that are commensurate with real time, when solving problems primarily for missile defense and for other massive strikes of promising and modern means of aerospace attack.

The system is built virtually as interspecific, ie regardless of the generic and species, all the forces and means of the reflection of the massive strikes should be involved in a single-loop command and control. This is a principled position, and it is technically supported.

Second moment. In accordance with state contracts and plans of the Ministry of Defense completed a complex of works on the fifth-generation system, which is mentioned - for "C-500». We are entering the home stretch. 2014-2015 years will be devoted to virtually all types of tests of the system, followed by its adoption on arms and deployment of mass production. But in a proactive way, together with the Ministry of Industry, preparatory work is already being carried out to ensure mass production, since the equipment is very complex and even at the stage of prototypes it requires completely new technologies for the production of electronic equipment, individual elements of rockets and so on.

According to the “Vityaz” system, according to the medium-range system, it is the most massive system, which today has been prepared in terms of preliminary state tests. We hope to carry out this complex of work throughout 2014. At the same time, serial production of this system is being prepared so that starting from 2015 – 2016, the serial kits will go to the troops in accordance with the volumes that have been set out in the State Armaments Program until 2020. System, I just remember, it goes to replace the Type series "C-300PT" system "SS" that most mass today in the armed forces.

And in two more aspects. The complex of works is also deployed to provide all types of tests, both field and ground, including the group of enterprises. This is a very large amount of work related to the creation of new target complexes, adequate means of aerospace attack, new measuring complexes, and so on.

And the last group of questions in providing aerospace defense system as a whole and its individual components, of course, is related to the further development of the network service, maintenance, repair and maintenance of army combat training of combat troops calculations. This is a very important aspect, because to date invested serious enough funds to ensure that military training to ensure timely, so that people have been trained, came to the troops.

In short everything.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: How is our production new?

P. SOZINOV: In the new serial assembly plants, construction is proceeding normally. Technological equipment purchased ...

VLADIMIR PUTIN: When did you start it?

P. Sozinov: Physically began construction two years ago.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: When will we finish?

P. SOZINOV: 2015 - the first phase is commissioned in Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov. The North-West center where you were at the Obukhov plant, in fact, according to the main types of production - 2014. And since 2016, in all areas that concern not only the aerospace defense system, because there is a multifaceted system, including for the Naval Fleet, the basic mass production will be deployed already at one hundred percent load.

In parallel with this, still new electronic technologies, which I have mentioned, are being deployed at these enterprises, not only within the concern, but also at Ruselectronics, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and several other enterprises.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: When will they issue products?

P.SOZINOV: In mass production, we expect, starting from the end of 2015, we will be able to receive the domestic element base, primarily on the microwave, electronic component base, directly in proper volumes. Today, preparatory work on technology is underway ...

VLADIMIR PUTIN: But will these new plants start selling products?

P.Sozinov: With 2016 year.


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  1. mirag2
    mirag2 29 November 2013 08: 36 New
    Well, besides good words, nothing can be said.
    Of course there are always doubts (by the way, according to philosophical canons, doubt is what slows down progress), but I want to sweep them away and believe in the best, and that the S-500 is ready to beat ANY hypersonic means of a preventive strike, and that our heavy drone will be a real front-line robot -fighter.
    1. Civil
      Civil 29 November 2013 09: 25 New
      If a probable friend has powerful aviation, the rate on air defense is quite justified, if we could find out the prices, is it comparable in air defense content
  2. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 29 November 2013 08: 39 New
    It looks like the spring began to straighten.
    US Campaign will not like it. They did not know that they squeezed this spring with their own hands.))
    1. AVV
      AVV 29 November 2013 16: 14 New
      Some tracking stations need to be installed in Cuba and Venezuela, only a mobile option, so that there would be the possibility of maneuver, transfer from one place to another, if necessary, not all of us surround us from all sides, let the states feel in their own skin !!!
  3. patriot2
    patriot2 29 November 2013 08: 58 New
    Here is finally a positive!
    There is a development mat. East Kazakhstan base, military training of troops is and will be ongoing. smile
  4. I do not care
    I do not care 29 November 2013 09: 17 New
    He spent the senior on conscription today. Nizhny Tagil, Willow, Strategic Rocket Forces.
    Does anyone know how it is served there? Thank you in advance.
  5. major071
    major071 29 November 2013 09: 25 New
    Good news, especially in the construction of new radars. We are starting the construction of one of the stations near the city, the military was driven up, I probably saw so many last time when I served.
  6. MolGro
    MolGro 29 November 2013 10: 15 New

    We always have some quiet people silently keep funderwafles in the garage.
  7. Archikah
    Archikah 29 November 2013 11: 09 New
    This is all very pleasing - only for a long time. A very long time in the factories. On missiles and technology, you can’t say a word. everything is very complicated and difficult. But in factories. here are the Americans - they built their plant for the production of rockets for the AID in 2 years and two months. All. Moreover, the entire plant - 80% to be precise robotic. Almost deserted production.
    Here Stalin, during his leadership of the country, gave the command and then did not listen to any explanations. And everything was done. And the Germans were overwhelmed with mass. They simply did not cope with our industry.
    And what does this P. Sozinov babble today. Purchased equipment. Two years have passed, and he plans two more. from this is NOT GOOD. negative
    1. alone
      alone 29 November 2013 19: 32 New
      What do you want? during the war, the military industrial complex was led by the late Ustinov. and now, who is in charge? Politician Rogozin. Did you feel the difference?
  8. stayer
    stayer 29 November 2013 11: 09 New
    Actually, at the end of the year there are a lot of positive news. In all areas of armaments. Keep it up!
  9. mark1
    mark1 29 November 2013 16: 59 New
    Tell me, who knows how the theme "Morpheus" is promoted and 9M100, really, gave birth or is it all in the future?
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 29 November 2013 19: 21 New
    The most important task of aerospace defense is the creation of a continuous radar field throughout the country. Even in the days of the Soviet Union, this difficult task was not fully resolved. Radar complexes of high factory readiness "Voronezh" will solve this global problem for the country.
  12. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 29 November 2013 21: 37 New
    With mass production, we expect that starting from the end of 2015 we will be able to domestic element base, primarily in the microwave,

    Is this the factory connecting the serial production of a radar for the T-50?
  13. scientist
    scientist 29 November 2013 23: 00 New
    Pleasant news, the performance of Sozinov was especially pleased. He feels an integrated approach to solving the global problem. Although creating a continuous radar at high altitudes is not a problem. The problem with low altitudes. I hope this will also be given due attention, at least a couple of echelons along the perimeter of the borders and the barrier type in front of the objects.