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Patriots must manage the economy

Our correspondent talks with the chairman of the Russian Economic Society. S.F. Sharapova, Doctor of Economics, Professor Valentin KATASONOV.

“Despite the talk of modernization, there is no industrial boom in the country; moreover, nothing foreshadows it. Apparently, the development of industry officials are not very worried. In addition, the government of the Russian Federation “pleased” with the fact that budget expenditures are being reduced and it will not fight for jobs “at any cost”. What awaits us as a result of this policy?

- In your question there are words “modernization” and “industrial boom”. In addition to them, in the 20 years of reform, we have heard many beautiful terms many times - “innovations”, “investments”, etc. There were slogans calling for "double the GDP", "turn the ruble into an international reserve currency", "create an international financial center in Moscow." If you wish, you can collect a large collection of such words and slogans. The trouble is that our slogans quickly appear and quickly die. In fact, such words and slogans are merely verbal interventions. Translated into Russian: our brains are powdered.

- But ministers and officials of the ministries of the economic bloc use only such terminology. It is difficult for an ordinary person to understand them.

- Anyone will understand if he is directly told that the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, in fact, does not control anything. Yes, and what it can manage, if 90 percent of assets owned by large and medium-sized enterprises, put into offshore? It is said that monetary authorities control the monetary system. At the same time, they are silent about the fact that the Central Bank of Russia is arranged according to the currency board model.

That is, in fact, our monetary system is managed from Washington, from the Federal Reserve System (FRS). In fact, we have a currency exchanger, not a central bank. The currency exchanger can not conduct its own policy. There is a girl sitting there and clearly following the instructions and at a certain rate changes dollars and euros to Russian banknotes.

- In the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development, except for the "girl", a crowd of people is sitting. What are all these people doing?

- Simulate activity. They do not control anything, but they carry out verbal interventions, conduct psychotherapy sessions, calling on the people: “Guys, be patient, tomorrow will be better!” And people associated with production see that the destruction of the real sector is taking place. He's falling apart.

- If we talk about the real sector, what are the current trends in capital inflows to this very sector?

- Capital inflows are temporary. We must clearly understand that after the end of the Cold War, the West began to perceive Russia as its colony. The policy of the metropolis, primarily the United States, is colonial. Resources — material, natural, and human — are being pumped out of the colony. This has been happening for over 20 years. Since 1992, the restructuring of our economic model has begun.

Today, it is ideally built under the system of relations "metropolis - colony". When we are told that mistakes were made, they did not take into account something, “they wanted the best, but it turned out as always,” this is deceit. The policy of issuing resources from our country all these years is carried out consistently and firmly. The economy of Russia is striving to finally turn into a "pipe economy". And for such an economy, Russia has an excess population. It consumes the resources that the West plans to use for its own purposes.

It is no coincidence that under the pressure of the West, the entire system of our education is being restructured, including economic education. Sometimes I ask students a comic question: “What is the most valuable resource of a market economy?” In response, they say: “Earth! Gold! "Black Gold"! Money! ”And I say:“ Fool. ” But since fools are born a little, a conveyor for their production was created under the name "Education System". This conveyor begins to work from kindergarten. And what is happening in schools today is just a nightmare.

Young people fill their heads with unnecessary information, and she ceases to understand simple and necessary things. For example, he does not understand that a market economy is an area in which the law of conservation operates. If someone has a benefit, then another has gone.

3-1-47.jpg- What is the deep essence of the problems of our economy? Please explain it in such a way that any housewife could understand.

- I would tell the housewife that there is no economy in Russia. Although what a housewife does is just economics. And on a national scale it is not. Translated from the Greek economy - is homebuilding. More Aristotle divided the economy and chrematistics - activities aimed at enrichment. Today in Russia we have chrematistics. But since the working people in Russia do not understand the tricky Greek words, I will say frankly: “We have anti-economics - house destruction”.

“Why don't you call it capitalism the old-fashioned way?”

- Our man at the genetic level understands that capitalism is something bad. Therefore, we are told that in Russia it is not capitalism, but a market system created. But the market economy does not produce anything, it only redistributes. The law of conservation. If someone has benefits, then someone has departed. To make people ready to give, tools are used to restructure their consciousness and behavior.

A modern person is a consuming person, sharpened for enrichment. But he does not know what role is assigned to him in the global system. And the role is unenviable. The role of the bee, which collects honey. Then the owner comes to her and takes all the honey collected by the "bee". Note all! And the "bee" is dying. The situation is different than in beekeeping, where the beekeeper takes only part of the honey and takes care of his bees. In the global economy, "bees" billions. If half of them die, from the point of view of those who concentrate in their hands the product produced by bees, it is even better. We are driven into a dead end, in the ghetto, in genocide.

- Where does the product produced by the unfortunate "bees" go?

- To the US Federal Reserve. Its owners are engaged in this business, which has the highest profitability. Drug mafia and not lying next. The Fed makes money out of thin air. Share premium is 99,9999999 percent. All costs of the owners of the printing press are reduced to the cost of paper and paint. On the printed "candy wrappers" is buying real assets and resources around the world. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is included in the world hierarchy as one of the tribute collectors for the Fed owners.

- Going to you, I wanted to ask whether, given the problems of the Russian budget, is it right to maintain a flat income tax scale? But in the context of the depressing picture you have drawn, it becomes inappropriate ...

- Yes. If Russia were a sovereign country, it would make sense to discuss these subtleties. But this is not so - we are in the position of sheep, which are sheared. To begin with, we need to understand: who we are, what place we occupy in the world and how we can build a sovereign economy.

Emergency measures are needed. First you need to understand that the fundamental problems of the Russian economy should not be solved by temporary workers. Patriots, national-minded people, should manage the country's economy. Therefore, before solving economic issues, it is necessary to solve political issues.

If we start to solve problems from the economy, then we will be like a bad doctor who treats the external manifestations of the disease without understanding their deep sources. Such a doctor will smear pimples with greens, not suspecting that a person has oncology in the last stage.

Unfortunately, the majority of Russian economists are very reminiscent of such doctors, who in all cases prescribe Zelenka. Economists, like doctors, are divided into several categories. There are diagnostic doctors, attending doctors, anesthesiologists, surgeons, psychotherapists. Almost all economists in Russia are psychotherapists.

- And you?

- I am a diagnostician. I set hard diagnoses. But I am not a doctor.

- What should be the priority steps to save the remnants of the economy reformed by the pseudolibers?

- The first step, the first point of emergency measures does not take time, but requires political will. It is necessary to immediately introduce a ban on the free movement of capital. We are under the sword of Damocles of a new wave of financial crisis. Not today, then tomorrow we will be covered by a new, more powerful wave of financial crisis. When it comes, no one knows. This question is akin to the question of when an avalanche begins in the mountains. It can provoke any pebble dropped.

If in October the American authorities had not raised the ceiling of the US public debt, an avalanche of financial crisis would have collapsed even then. But the Lord gave us another chance. We need to have time to make a decision (decree, law) on the prohibition of cross-border movement of capital - this, figuratively speaking, is the concrete wall that will protect us from an avalanche.

The second step is the immediate denunciation of the agreement on Russia's accession to the WTO. Maybe someone still does not see the negative consequences of Russia's membership in the WTO, but they already exist. They are especially visible in agriculture. Yes, while we have a certain grace period, the process is slow and unnoticeable. But he is coming, and the consequences will be disastrous. Although we are convinced that tomorrow may be better than today.

The third step in saving the domestic economy is associated with a fundamental change in the activities of the Central Bank and its status. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation should be under state control. In the meantime, he holds a line of owners of the Fed. Nationally oriented state is obliged to take control of the Central Bank. Otherwise there will be political economical schizophrenia. Nationally oriented forces will try to save the economy, turning it towards the interests of the people, and the Central Bank will continue to be controlled from Washington. Absurd!

It is also necessary to abandon the existing model of money emission. The central bank operates according to the currency board model, when money is issued for the accumulated currency. Who offers currency in the Russian market? Exporters The oil company receives a certain amount of foreign exchange earnings. Half of it will remain offshore, which are under strict control of the Fed. The other half returns to Russia and goes to pay for electricity, raw materials, equipment purchases, salaries, etc. And since in Russia it is possible to buy only for rubles, exporters buy rubles for their needs. As a result, the Central Bank accumulates an equivalent amount of currency. Thus, we are earning rubles in a very strange way.

- And what model is used in the USA?

- There the government buys banknotes in exchange for its debt obligations. This scheme is better than currency board. Its effectiveness depends on how the government uses the received banknotes. If, as in the United States, a huge part of the funds will be spent on military spending, it is clear that there will not be enough money, and the budget will always be in short supply. But if the money will be directed to the development of the economy, this is another option. Then we need both the Ministry of Economic Development and the development budget. The scheme is not easy, but it has the right to exist.

A third model is possible, according to which national banknotes enter the economy for specific projects of the real sector of the economy. The Central Bank refinances commercial banks, and they give loans to enterprises for specific projects involving the production of goods and services. Such a model does not create inflation.

- Is a crediting model possible for an economy that is not at all connected with the Central Bank?

- Possible. This is treasury money. The government does not bow to the bankers, and the treasury itself issues treasury notes. But then the moneylenders are not needed. The Fed, which this December will celebrate its centenary, is not needed either. During the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln faced major financial problems. For usurers, war is the name of the heart. Warring parties tend to think about winning, not about the economy. In such a situation, you can push loans at any percentage. However, Lincoln refused to take loans for predatory interest, and launched his own machine, issuing treasury notes. But this is an undermining of the moneylenders monopoly! So Lincoln was killed.

Almost a hundred years later, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. There are different versions of the causes of the tragedy. According to one of them, Kennedy paid for the fact that in 1963, they launched the issuance of treasury notes. Unfortunately, the financial illiteracy of the population does not allow to understand this intrigue of both American and global stories.

- That is, different models of crediting and financing the economy ...

- But this is a taboo subject. Roughly speaking, we are invited to wear trousers over the head. Our economists have already learned how to wear pants over your head, and they are not able to do this otherwise. Being in a lunatic asylum, it is very difficult to explain even simple things. Moreover, moneylenders took control of the media, and through journalists they teach people to wear pants over their heads. But the article about the treasury tickets in our media during the day with fire you will not find. If in doubt, type in the search engine "Treasury notes" and be able to make sure that we are kept on a starvation diet.

Another example. You have seen a lot of publications about the convertible ruble, which was used in the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance? But thirty years ago, he served a third of world trade! Euro resting! But our students of economic faculties do not know what a translated ruble is and what CMEA is. They do not know that economy at all. Today, “corridor thinking” is purposefully taking shape. Everything that lies outside the corridor assigned to you, you do not need to know. And the Russian way of perception of the world has always been distinguished by the fact that we perceive the world as a whole.

- In the series of measures necessary to save the country's economy from collapse, in my opinion, there should be a place for the idea of ​​restoring the Unified Electric Power System of the country.

- Of course. If we want to be a whole country, not a fragmented country, then we are doomed to its restoration. Recently, even such a liberal, as Yevgeny Yasin, agreed that in vain we destroyed the Unified Power System of the country. But for many years to discuss with him on this subject was like that with the wall.

- What kind of reaction do your ideas and suggestions meet in the corridors of power?

- Recently I visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Moscow Economic Forum. I sat and listened for a long time. And then he came out and said: “Dear colleagues! You are preparing a draft appeal to the Russian government. I have strong doubts that this document will be reviewed by anyone at all. ” The fact is that we do not have a government, but a colonial administration. What is the point of writing a petition in the colonial administration?

The most interesting thing is that my words were greeted with applause. Many people think the same way. I am not the first and not the last who sends such signals of power. But if the official of the colonial administration perceives him, then what can he really do? At best, slow down the signal that goes along its vertical of power. And the source of these signals - the owners of the Fed. I know this from my own experience, because for ten years I worked at the Central Bank and perfectly felt where the control signals came from. The maximum that a person inside the Central Bank can do is to block some signals.

The transformation of the Central Bank from a branch of the Fed to a truly sovereign institution of national economic development is possible only as a result of strong external pressure from society. The Central Bank of the country in its current form is a “Koscheev needle”, to which we must reach and which we must break. Unfortunately, even very experienced Russian politicians do not understand this.
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  1. karal
    karal 29 November 2013 05: 48
    Patriots must manage the economy

    The economy should be managed first of all by professionals with a normal healthy head!
    1. Orel
      Orel 29 November 2013 06: 09
      I agree. Among the patriots and "narrow-minded" are found. I propose a compromise - patriot-economist ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 29 November 2013 12: 01
        Patriots must manage the economy yes but patriots should rule the country doubly. hi
    2. builder74
      builder74 29 November 2013 06: 15
      Professional patriots! Otherwise, it is not clear for the good, or to the detriment of their professionalism.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 29 November 2013 07: 34
        That's it!
        You can’t imagine what kind of comments I saw on yesterday (there is Novodvorskaya — I thought she was dead) —there they write that Putin created a punitive body for the fight against corruption — which will arrange for a worse cleaning than Beria, such as and all honest people will be robbed.
        And in general, incredible things, such as that "at one time they did not want Yavlinsky, now you will get a Gaidar who stole everything, and Putin, who protects his legacy" - you have to think of such quirks?
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 29 November 2013 12: 03
          and what, is the organ worth it? smile if not, then why is it needed ... wassat
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 29 November 2013 06: 22
      Quote: karal
      Patriots must manage the economy

      The economy should be managed first of all by professionals with a normal healthy head!
      I will add: but it’s impossible to let corrupt officials close.
    4. Civil
      Civil 29 November 2013 06: 23
      The biggest failure, this is probably the reform of RAO UES
      1. krasin
        krasin 29 November 2013 06: 48
        Translated into Russian: we are powdered brains

        The ruble is the international currency, doubts prevail.
        Yuan, most likely! Yuan is confirmed by gold, they have industry. They feed and dress half the world, arm, the Chinese capture the arms market.
        Patriots AU .... AU. Where are they?? Do not see or hear.
        I see Putin, Shoigu, Ivanov -near one near. Like three poplars on Plyushchikha.
        "They will bring us in such a company to a zugunder"
        Innovators need to be removed from the liberals.
      2. creak
        creak 29 November 2013 10: 25

        Are reforms in the army and education a success?
      3. Fin
        Fin 29 November 2013 10: 43
        Quote: Civil
        The biggest failure, this is probably the reform of RAO UES

        This is not a failure, but a well-planned and implemented voluntary squeezing of property from the state, but essentially from the people.
    5. Andrey57
      Andrey57 29 November 2013 08: 51
      An unhealthy professional is just a patient of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist fellow
      1. Kolya
        Kolya 29 November 2013 10: 14
        And if a professional is at hand, then we have what we now have in the state. Just listen to the advice of Katasonov, a person says business, do not be ignorant and do not engage in demagogy.
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 29 November 2013 10: 50
          Yes, the fact of the matter is that it says. And Starikov and Fursov, too, are all rightly speaking, and Delyagin is also not. All of them pay attention to the fact that you need to raise your industry, and not just deal with assembly from foreign components. And agriculture from the ruins to raise. But our government has a very strange form of deafness.
          I am a diagnostician. I make hard diagnoses. But I'm not a doctor.
          When the doctor arrives, the patients are already waiting. am
          1. hommer
            hommer 29 November 2013 11: 33
            Guys, sorry for the offtopic - A criminal case was opened on Serdyukov !!!

            Details -
            1. Ingvar 72
              Ingvar 72 29 November 2013 12: 06
              Quote: hommer
              Guys, I'm sorry for the offtopic - They opened a criminal case on Serdyukov !!!

              Man, criminal cases start in the hundreds, and only a few reach the court. Early to dance a jig. hi
              1. alone
                alone 29 November 2013 17: 34
                The economy must be run by professional economists!
                1. Ingvar 72
                  Ingvar 72 29 November 2013 20: 35
                  Quote: lonely
                  The economy must be run by professional economists!

                  Patriotic professional economists. hi
  2. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 November 2013 06: 10
    Quote: karal
    The economy should be managed first of all by professionals with a normal healthy head!

    Exactly! Makhno, Petliura, Savinkov, and others, also considered themselves patriots, but it is absurd to assume that they could best manage the economy.
  3. Alez
    Alez 29 November 2013 06: 12
    Everyone says, they say that the Central Bank is the Federal Reserve Shop, and things are there.
  4. makarov
    makarov 29 November 2013 06: 24
    ".. The Central Bank of the country in its current form is a" Koscheev's needle ", to which we need to get and which we must break. Unfortunately, even very experienced Russian politicians do not understand this yet ..."

    In the conclusion of the author, like many other authors, there is one essential so-called. "shadowman", and this is the word US
    From the very beginning, and until the end of his article, the author never gives an explanation of this word. And I’m curious who he calls with this magic word.
    1. calocha
      calocha 29 November 2013 09: 20
      Clearly some Antarctic penguins.))) You have an eclipse of the mind. (See from an overdose of fat) It's about the People. A simple man about a simple People.
  5. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 29 November 2013 07: 03
    CHRISTMAS. Beautiful word))))
    It’s immediately clear what our Government is doing.
  6. sergerz
    sergerz 29 November 2013 07: 08
    Katasonov is smart! I especially liked about the corridor thinking! But the rest - economists need to look for a way out of this impasse. We were led into an economic jungle, into a financial jungle, now we need to look for a way back. The minimum option is to return to the Soviet system, the maximum is to make a new one. The sooner we taxi out, the sooner we begin to live a normal life.
  7. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 29 November 2013 07: 30
    As the saying goes, "his words, yes to God in the ears." Where can we get them, patriots? This concept was defamed in the former USSR ... Liberators with compradors, for some reason, settled down everywhere ...
  8. Gardamir
    Gardamir 29 November 2013 08: 18
    Well, they scared me early in the morning. What to do? Now I’ll go out to Red Square, climb onto my suitcase and scream: “Come on, patriots, restore order.” There is not a single person at the top who would be worried about the good of the Motherland. The very same Putin was moving at least a millimeter towards the revival of the country. While you can see a step forward, two back.
  9. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 29 November 2013 08: 20
    The Russian political elite is completely under the strict influence of the United States. She is alien to the interests of the domestic economy, and the standard of living of ordinary people. Having decent deposits abroad, ensuring a well-fed life for ourselves and our descendants, our home-grown elite pumps out the latest resources, stagnates industrial production, and then dumps them for a cordon.
  10. calocha
    calocha 29 November 2013 08: 53
    Independent (from the Fed) - means free! (In terms of economic development) Long live the Patriotic Economy !!! Down with the Colonialism of the Fed !!! Give industrialization of the whole country !!! Vovka! Wake up - we are bent !!!
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 29 November 2013 09: 05
    Katasonov ++++! He wrote everything correctly. I hope that even BEFORE the Olympiad there will be movement in this direction. But the GDP must be taken care of! If he takes decisive steps in this direction, they may try to remove "their own"!
    Shl. By the way, yesterday an article appeared on the Eye of the Planet - "Putin is reviving Stalin's counterintelligence" - I read another article, noted this out of the corner of my eye. I just wanted to read it - but there is no it! Removed. Maybe someone saw (read)? share a link, or at least your opinion on this matter! hi
  12. calocha
    calocha 29 November 2013 09: 12
    It is with such people that you need to create a team to restore the country !!! BRAVO!
  13. Stiletto
    Stiletto 29 November 2013 09: 14
    ... And everyone should have two meters. Only now, for some reason, no ... sad
  14. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 29 November 2013 09: 37
    Something I do not believe in a quick release from the yoke put on our economy by the US Federal Reserve, while the country's economy is run by HSE graduates, while monuments to the country's destroyers (Yeltsin, Gaidar ...) are being erected, there is no good waiting! decisiveness equal to A. Makedonsky) and will not cut this "Gordian knot", cunningly woven by the enemies of Russia, everything will remain the same or will worsen!
  15. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 29 November 2013 09: 43
    And TV says that we have everything tip-top ... So believe after that the liberal media fellow
  16. DimychDV
    DimychDV 29 November 2013 10: 14
    It seems that Putin is rearming the army, for this he is praised. And the fact that the camp feeds America - how does he characterize our President and Commander-in-Chief? My fellow countryman says: A Chinese man comes to us - and without any problems for 49 years, he can purchase a land plot and build his own house on it. My nephew is a fifth-generation primorese. For him, this issue is being solved with almost insurmountable difficulties. Although even under the king, his ancestors gave this land in almost unmeasured quantities and for eternal use. During collectivization, the land was generalized - and where its inherited land is now, go find it.
    The conclusion my fellow countryman makes is this: So Putin and his government are placed above us so that we - here - are gone. I suspect that Primorye will simply be given to its neighbors. Whether for debts there, or in order to restore historical justice ...

    ... What else would you order a simple hard-working and intelligent man to think? He sees what he sees. I looked hopefully at Bolotnaya Square - then I spat: these also have the slogan "Where is MY right - let's say, to sell the stolen shares?" And a person draws conclusions only from what he sees.
  17. Grbear
    Grbear 29 November 2013 10: 15
    The CATASONOV diagnostician is of course right. But besides the diagnosis (WHAT), you need to know HOW to treat. And here there is silence. Changing the constitutional status of the Central Bank is not a problem. The problem is which model will be chosen. The choice will mean the goals of the State, and if they do not coincide with the goals of the "elites", then bigger problems will arise: from "physics" to "orange" ones. Moreover, everyone will "help".
    IMHO, but it looks like P (and
    "three poplars" krasin
    ) is gaining "critical mass", but "the people are silent", tk. there are more and more victims of "corridor training", and, judging by some signs, it will not decrease (on the basis of the initiative of the Ministry of Education about poor students).

    Maybe, at the very least, to break the backbone of officials from education, regional development, energy, agriculture and Rospotrebnadzor, and then break the Central Bank? hi
    1. teleset
      teleset 29 November 2013 10: 59
      The CATASONOV diagnostician is of course right. But besides the diagnosis (WHAT), you need to know HOW to treat. And here there is silence. Changing the constitutional status of the Central Bank is not a problem. The problem is which model will be chosen. The choice will mean the goals of the State, and if they do not coincide with the goals of the "elites", then bigger problems will arise: from "physics" to "orange" ones. Moreover, everyone will "help".
      IMHO, but it looks like P (and

      Either we continue the capitalist form, but it will take us 100-200 years to catch up with America for development, or the Soviet planned economy we will catch up with America for 30 years. For this, a strong leader should come to power that neither the orange nor the elite will interfere. To achieve your goals.
    2. alone
      alone 29 November 2013 17: 39
      Quote: GrBear
      The CATASON diagnosis is certainly right. But in addition to the diagnosis (WHAT), you need to know HOW to treat. And here is silence.

      in order to answer the question of how to treat, a logical answer arises: -and here is how to treat is in this thick bundle of papers (the program is called) and as soon as we come to power, we will begin to implement this program!
      In principle, all critics and politicians respond approximately like this. And if it so happens that these critics come to power, on the same day this bundle of papers is burned on the fireplace and the country is plundered with a vengeance. hi
  18. mak210
    mak210 29 November 2013 10: 24
    Quote: calocha
    It is with such people that you need to create a team to restore the country !!! BRAVO!

    Lenin also wrote: “God forbid to allow professors to power. We need advice on a special issue - invite and consult, but in no case to the authorities! ” The country should be run by techies, not special practitioners or lawyers who, apart from empty words, can do nothing, and they simply don’t understand the meaning of many. They are proud of the work as a janitor, because in their life they did not do anything material and did not intend to. Let's reform Aeroflot. Come on! Result: hundreds of microscopic companies that do not know how to care for equipment, are not able to pay for the training of pilots and the maintenance of airfields. Result: the most expensive air travel in the world, 1st place in the world in the number of air crashes and their severity (13 times higher than the world average). And according to their science, everything is correct: disaggregation of the monopoly, competition, cost optimization, blah, blah, blah.

    Remember Abalkin, Aganbegyan, Shatalin, Bunich, etc., while Yeltsin’s state council was almost entirely composed of academics. So what? Nafigachili pretty.
  19. washi
    washi 29 November 2013 10: 57
    Stalin was not a professional in any field (except religion, maybe, he studied at the seminary), but he was a patriot and a good organizer. I could find the necessary people and put them in the right place (of course there were errors, and the environment affected)
    1. mak210
      mak210 29 November 2013 11: 53
      With Stalin, an unsuccessful example. He was not really a professional, but he was a trainee, with a phenomenal memory and some kind of transcendent working capacity. (Let's not touch on the issue of repression, this is a completely different song). And, most importantly, he had a desire to learn, read about his huge library, where there are a lot of books on technology from metallurgy to aerodynamics, with bookmarks and pencil marks in almost all books. He was a colleague with aircraft builders, a tanker with tankers, etc. They write about this in all memoirs of engineers.
  20. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 29 November 2013 11: 22
    That's right, until there is a strong national economy, we will not be able to do anything, and the question is who controls us, TWO LAWYERS, and their close ones are mostly lawyers, but they don't care what we think. They are already so drunk with green, and behave like that cat from the cartoon "Tahiti, Tahiti and we are good here." We need professionals, patriots are not allowed into power.
  21. Begemot
    Begemot 29 November 2013 11: 28
    In modern Russian conditions, it is impossible to manage the economy! One 94-FZ is enough for her to die. This morning, on TV, the story went that the developed valve for oil pumps has served for more than 2 years without wear, instead of several months for existing ones, but 94-FZ impedes the introduction of this new product, as it instructs to buy cheaper components at the auction. And so everything is everywhere! This is enough to slowly bend the economy. I can talk about this tip for a long time, I don’t want to spoil my mood on Friday, he didn’t solve a single problem (it was planned to reduce corruption in public procurement), but he created an infinite number of real problems and at the same time laid a time bomb under our economy, health (using cheap drugs ), generally for everything !.
    PS. find a video on YouTube "how the deputies vote" so that it is clear how these "strangers" decide how to live with you.
    1. Goodmen
      Goodmen 29 November 2013 15: 50
      I applaud while standing !!! about the 94th Federal Law to the point !!! only commercial enterprises have adopted fashion and buy the cheapest ... techies understand that they don’t need this, but they can’t do anything. Comrades rule - they save money to oligarchs ... only then they push this money offshore ...
      And on one side, the acquisition policy of the one with the lowest price helps to circumvent the corruption components ... It only turns out from the series that we treat one, cripple the other.
  22. not good
    not good 29 November 2013 11: 37
    The diagnosis was made right, but even if it is conveyed to the Medvedev government, no one will even listen there, they need it. And the government is not in a hurry to change the GDP, so it suits him. So who do we offer to the doctor?
  23. Vadim-ragalevich
    Vadim-ragalevich 29 November 2013 12: 59
    I hope that after the Olympic Games, the Government led by Medvedev will be dismissed! If this happens, then there will be big changes in the country.
  24. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 29 November 2013 13: 00
    Well, what can I say, a clever man, clever speeches, but as he himself put it - "... well, what's the point ... we have a colonial administration ..." That says absolutely everything. But the "hamsters" do not understand this, the main thing for them is to clap in their palms and listen to a caressing fable about "Russia rising from its knees," , boat, let down ... a holiday, what a holiday, Lord !! Ugh.
  25. Goodmen
    Goodmen 29 November 2013 15: 03
    I wonder how long these "pubic animals" will mock the country?
    Some bunch of cancer freaks set the whole country ... miracles ...
    I understand that Putin again does not blame anything. There are a lot of enemies around, but he can’t do anything right away))))
    System-system ... I think there will be enough shots of 50-100 sounded simultaneously! Without trial. The remaining aggressively bog-Chubais-Gelman excrements should be cleaned at 24 o'clock using the same methods. And that's all ... build your system what you want ... rule the country as you want, and not how they impose ... The sane people will understand and forgive))))) otherwise, you look, it will also help))))))
    Or maybe he doesn’t want ... who will dissemble them, sun-like, before opening? )))))
  26. Ross
    Ross 29 November 2013 17: 26
    Quote: Civil
    The biggest failure, this is probably the reform of RAO UES

    Everywhere where the redhead put his hand.
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. corn
    corn 30 November 2013 01: 16
    ... "I am a diagnostician. I make tough diagnoses. But I am not an attending physician.
    Question - What should be the priority steps to save the remnants of the economy reformed by the pseudo-liberals? "
    And there are three tips for how to treat.
    A person is not friends with logic if he claims to be not a doctor and immediately gives advice on treatment.
    Being an economist and not owning logic is absurd.
    I specially spent time and looked for a biography.
    Between 1950 and 1991 no information where, who, what.
    I did not find information about the dissertations, candidate and doctoral.
    The first monograph of 1991
    My conclusion: Not everything is in order in the Danish kingdom - I know without Katasonov, but he has little idea of ​​what to do.
  29. PValery53
    PValery53 30 November 2013 21: 51
    Why not? - Mr. Katasonov clearly understands and explains to us transparently how resource and financial flows ("charitable") flow in favor of the US FRS. So what's the problem ? - It is not clear how to block them?!. - Or is it scary for our rulers? Or do They play the same tune with the amerikosy "partners"?! .. (unprintable "terms") ..!