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Igor Altushkin at the exhibition


Igor AltushkinINNOPROM is a Russian industrial exhibition. Since 2010, it is organized every year in the city of Yekaterinburg. At the same time with 2011 held at the exhibition complex called "Ekaterinburg-Expo". The Russian government last year gave this exhibition a federal status.

Among the participants of INNOPROM are foreign and domestic organizations that demonstrate their own innovative projects and developments. The forum is held in the form of plenary sessions, master classes, presentation sessions, discussions, negotiations and business meetings, in which politicians, scientists, experts and businessmen participate not only from Russia, but also from other countries. INNOPROM is a key event in Russia that sanctifies new developments and technologies in the industrial field. This year, the Russian Copper Company, whose founder is Igor Altushkin, took part in the exhibition for the first time. Entrepreneur Altushkin considers participation in such an event not only a large-scale advertising campaign of the company, but also a significant event for the exhibition itself, since there is no more convenient and affordable way to get acquainted with the project of the year from RCC.

Government of Sverdlovsk region - organizer INNOPROM. The Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation actively supports this event. This year the exhibition was held at the Yekaterinburg-EXPO 11-14.07 with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation. The key topic this year is “Global Industry: Risks and Strategies”. Audience experts of the exhibition announced the key trends in the development of industry in the world, there were speeches related to its possible development strategies in relation to the existing risks and numerous factors.

During the exhibition, a second forecast session was held entitled “Technological breakthroughs”: when and where. ” Among the guest speakers: Professor of Theoretical Physics, Michio Kaku, the most famous propagandist of science achievements on the planet, the author of “Physics of the Future: Developments that Change Our Lives”; Professor of Innovation and Forecasting James Woodhousen, writer, journalist; Professor, Department of Technology and Business. R. Berger of Inside Business School, Director and Founder of Inside eLab, a research complex of innovations and technologies in the digital economy. Entrepreneur Altushkin considers the holding’s participation in an event of this scale to be a serious step forward in order to expand the sphere of influence of the Russian Copper Company, both within the country and outside it.

The main plenary meeting of the exhibition was devoted to the current year INNOPROM-2013 - “Risks and strategies of global industry”. The purpose of the event was to introduce to the audience the forum of the concept of domestic leadership on the organization of business-related attempts to prevent the slowdown of industrial global growth, as well as the views of the heads of large organizations regarding the importance of domestic industry in labor division, prospects and experience of effective implementation of joint works. Among the participants of the speech: the heads of the largest foreign and domestic companies, the chairman of the pr-va of Russia Medvedev D.A. As part of the exhibition business program, similar events were held - round tables, seminars, conferences - which were organized jointly with industry associations, trade and industry associations and unions, which were devoted to issues of industrial safety, localization of production, transport, logistics, and EU technical standards and the Russian Federation, global productions, as you can read more about Online about Igor Altushkin Igor Altushkin personally attended the exhibition, actively participated in negotiations between partner companies, concluded new deals, resolved business issues of the holding.

Here, at INNOPROM, foreign delegations were present (more than from 30 countries of the world), for example: representatives of Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belarus, Poland, Iran, Canada, China, Germany and the USA. Negotiations are underway with other countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Igor Altushkin initially insisted on the participation of the RMK in the exhibition precisely because of the wide possibilities of the start of international cooperation. In the program of the exhibition a special place is given to special projects. The specialized exhibition entitled “Urban and Industrial Infrastructure” consecrated the development of the infrastructure of regions, large cities and industrial productions. At the special exhibition will demonstrate the latest developments and technologies, new opportunities that can bring to the new level of quality infrastructure areas. Altushkin, known for his desire to innovate, paid particular attention to this part of the exhibition.

Igor Altushkin at the exhibitionAnother specialized project is the Third International Industrial Design Forum. His goal is to draw the attention of the global industry to the importance of design in the future and the modern world, as well as to demonstrate the latest developments in this field. The first such forum was held at INNOPROM in 2012 in Yekaterinburg. Leading European and Russian design schools took part in the 2 Forum, among them: Russia - Urals State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial Art Academy, Italy - IED Torino, DomusAcademyMilano, France - Strate College.

Such well-known designers of world renown, such as Vladimir Pirozhkov, Chris Bangle and Karim Rashid, participated in GID, for example. The best of the best industrial design became the participants of the 3 International Industrial Design Forum at INNOPROM; leading domestic designers, carrying out their activities, both in Russia and abroad; Leading international and Russian organizations that pay special attention to the design of their goods. The Forum participants will also be students of Russian universities, who are just starting their own way in industrial design: an all-Russian industrial design competition will be held specifically for them at the forum site. Student work will be evaluated by a competent jury - world and domestic designers, teachers of design academies and representatives of the CRA (Union of Designers of the Russian Federation). 3-th special project of the exhibition INNOPROM INDUSTRY4U. It is an educational project, its goal is to create a platform for establishing relations between the largest Russian industrial enterprises, the educational system and young people. This project interested everyone who came, it is also important that Igor Altushkin, a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist, paid attention to him. Industrial companies within the project will show the attractiveness of professions for students and schoolchildren, enterprises, career opportunities for young people, and experts in the field of education. Despite the fact that the Russian Copper Company has a completely different line of business, the founder Altushkin visited all possible expositions with great interest and appreciated the achievements of other companies and enterprises.

Igor Altushkin did not forget to mark a professional holiday. Before the Metallurgist's Day on Innoprom's 2 Day, the shareholder of the organization convened all the managers of the companies that are part of the Russian Copper Company community for a specially organized meeting in a kind of “no-tie” format. Igor Altushkin considered the atmosphere of the exhibition most suitable for summing up some results, building plans for the future, and a friendly conversation with partners in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. Almost all those present came in ties and strict suits - this was a requirement for numerous official meetings that were organized at the RMK booth. However, this did not prevent the creation of a friendly and warm atmosphere and informal communication. Igor Altushkin whose profile can be viewed in contact with More than once he showed himself as a successful and visionary leader, and this time. The meeting organized by him brought a lot of interesting results.

Igor Altushkin began with summarizing the small results of the company since its inception. For nine years from the unipolar metallurgical business, the company has become a vertically integrated industrial holding company, which combined a dozen of effectively operating metallurgical and mining enterprises. Today, RMK is the third largest producer of cathode copper directly in Russia and second place to copper rod, producing 1 / 5 of all copper in the territory of the Russian Federation. Altushkin believes that this result should not stop and there is more than enough room for expansion.

The company operates in Russia (Novgorod, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk regions) and in Kazakhstan (Aktobe region), the total number of its headquarters is more than seven thousand people. Altushkin initially planned expansion of the enterprise in different regions. The rebranding, which was recently carried out, is aimed at enhancing the synergy effect of teamwork of the Group's enterprises in one structure: only the combination of professional staff, raw materials and advanced technologies guarantees the sustainable development of the corporation. Igor Altushkin expressed his gratitude to the assembled managers for their productive activities, focusing particularly on the fact that the achievements and successes of the RCC are the work of its entire headquarters. So they announced the plans of the organization and the role of top management in their implementation. According to the results of the meeting, all managers received valuable gifts - the most unique copper books.

Altushkin himselfThe Vice President for Investment and Production Management of the RCC participated in a round table entitled “Innovative Developments in the Russian Industry”. Igor Altushkin considers the holding of meetings, consultations and other round-table meetings extremely useful and valuable. As part of the business programs of the Fourth Industrial International Exhibition 12, a round table “Innovative Developments in the Russian Industry” was organized in July. The event was supported by the Ministry of Science and Industry of the Sverdlovsk Region, the discussion was opened by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation. Entrepreneur Altushkin has repeatedly stated his desire to cooperate not only with private companies, but also with government organizations. At this meeting, issues of state policy in the field of innovation development, the importance of science in the development of innovations, practical knowledge in relation to the issues of industrial technologies and projects were discussed. The problems of energy efficiency, the introduction of the practice of innovation and systematization at industrial enterprises, as well as the information accessibility of innovations and developments were touched upon.

Altushkin considers it necessary to always be in the know of the company, so even the exhibition has not interrupted his work. The Vice President for Investment and Production Control of the RMK, voiced his report titled “The introduction of innovative developments provides an opportunity to compete effectively with domestic companies in the international and domestic markets.” The purpose of the report is the experience of innovative developments in the field of production, examples of the introduction of industrial inventions into use, a concise review of the company's growth indicators: “For nine years, the RMK multiplied its own production by several times, we could not have achieved such results without introducing new technologies, having an innovative component. " So he spoke about how innovative components are introduced in the RMK Group using the example of some enterprises of the RMK: for example, at the Uralgidromed plant, which is a unique production complex combining safe and efficient copper production and mining technologies, or in a major investment project companies - Mikheevsky GOK, - where they use modern high-performance equipment in such a way that the entire complex of the plant will provide the opportunity temporarily increase and decrease production costs. Altushkin considers this project to be the most revealing at the moment. In addition, the speaker emphasized one of the important points that contributes to an increase in the general state of the industry: “There is no need to exacerbate the situation, there are many companies, the exception is not ours, which is stable and successfully operating. Our goal is to share positive experiences with each other, and the media to disseminate it, since focusing directly on issues of successful work in the R & D industry, modern technologies and development will enable us to overcome negative prerequisites, resulting in increased efficiency of the industry as a whole.

On 3, the day of work of Innoprom-2013, during an informal tour of the exposition, Evgeny Kuyvashev (he is the governor of the Sverdlovsk region) visited the RMK stand. Altushkin considers the visit to the stand by the authorities as a very good indicator, which is also reflected in Altushkin site. Innovative developments that are actively used by the organization in their own large-scale projects - Tominsky and Mikheevsky GOKs - and found a reflection on the stand: the company used modern exhibition solutions - augmented reality in particular. Altushkin insisted on the maximum detailing of the stand, which contributed to the high level of interest of visitors. The unique technologies were demonstrated to the governor, augmented reality was shown, and told about social projects that RCC embodies where it is present. Altushkin always honestly and openly talks about all the projects conducted by the holding.

Igor Altushkin is known for his educational activities, the achievements of the last project were shared with the Governor - they presented the shirt "DOCECHUGOLETTO", and on it are depicted in the modern interpretation of the classics of Russian literature. Altushkin insisted on the coverage of this project at the exhibition. The social project of the RMK "Dochepugolletto", which was launched in 2013, is aimed at popularizing classical Russian literature among young people and children in the regions where the company has branches. The name of the national project "Dochugugolletto" is an abbreviation of the names of literary classics of Russia. Over a cup of coffee, in a relaxed atmosphere, the Director of Social Policy and Public Relations told the Governor about plans for large-scale projects of the RCC.

The last day of the exhibition was no less intense than the previous one. The stand of the RMK, which was unofficially recognized by the shortest exhibition exposition, was visited by A. Karpov - the world champion in chess. Over a cup of coffee, in an informal setting, together with the Director of Social Policy and Public Relations E. Chaplygina and N. Selivanova (Director of Personnel), topical issues were discussed regarding the education of young people and children, especially in small towns that were removed from Russian educational and cultural centers. As you know, Altushkin tries to carry out as large social projects as possible about children.

A well-known grandmaster told about his project - the “Karpov School of Authors”, in which the educational classes were already open and work effectively in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. The governor expressed confidence in the need to train the younger generation of chess, announcing the start of the construction of the Ural Chess Academy in Yekaterinburg. A. Karpov confirmed the indisputable importance of this project for children and fully supports it. Anatoly Karpov was invited by E. Chaplygina to conduct a virtual lesson with children from Ural towns in the form of webinars: the remote education school called Karabash-Ka, which is a project of the RMK, which Igor Altushkin is especially proud of, has been functioning for several years.

patron AltushkinIgor Altushkin, as a representative of the Russian Copper Company, and the Russian Sberbank signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement is aimed at organizing long-term cooperation between the RCC Group and the bank. Sberbank, in particular, will consider an application for financing the construction project of a mining and processing plant and the development of the Tominsky deposit. The cost of the project is forty-four billion rubles. It is planned to finance thirty billion at the expense of bank funds. Altushkin intends to implement the project in stages. The construction will presumably be carried out in the 2 queue. One of them, which will be launched in 2015, implies the processing of seventeen million tons of porphyry copper ore per year. The 2 queue will be launched two years later and will provide an opportunity to multiply productivity per year to 28mln. tons. In addition, it is planned to build hydrometallurgical production.

Altushkin has repeatedly talked about the importance of expanding business. The agreement also proposes to expand cooperation in the following areas: implementation of precious metals, provision of bank guarantees, placement and issuance of securities, organization of salary projects, project financing, medium and short-term loans. “We have been working with RCC since 2004. The key areas of cooperation are payroll projects, the implementation of precious metals, participation in the placement of bond loans, financing of the largest investment projects, and present activities in Kazakhstan and Russia. ” Igor Altushkin is a reliable partner, and RMK is a stable enterprise. In the loan portfolio of RMK, Sberbank's share is 18 percent. RCC is one of the leaders in the production of copper products in Russia, and we have an interest in expanding the partnership, ”says Vladimir Cherkashin as a result of the signing of the agreement. “Our plans are rather ambitious. Carrying out the launch of the Mikheevsky GOK in September, we begin immediately a no less project — the Taminsky GOK. We are confident in our capabilities, and Sberbank’s support is an additional guarantee for the effective implementation of our long-term development program: we assume in 2015-2015. reach a copper production ratio of approximately 350 thousand tons per year, ”commented Igor Altushkin Chairman of the Board of Directors. For the guests of Innoprom there was a lecture entitled “7 words from the Nazide dictionary”

The guests of the educational day INDUSTRY4YOU were presented the literary national project of the RKM DOSCHEPUGOLETTO. The 13.07 Innoprom is an educational day. The project “Industry Formula” - one of the investors of which was the RCC, gathered university professors, students, pupils and representatives of the manufacturing industry at open lessons, conferences and round tables. A special guest came specially from Moscow: the teacher of the GITIS, philologist Elizaveta Azarova, she organized an open meeting with students and high school students, gave a lecture. The words about patriotism, family, love and motherland sounded with meaning, but not pathetically, the guys participated in the discussion, expressing their own thoughts about what the Russian national idea ultimately should become.

Literary project DOCECHUGUHTOTO organized RCC together with GITIS and has been gathering students and schoolchildren for over a year, holding conferences and meetings in the cities of the Urals Federal District. The key goal of this social project is to popularize among adolescents and children of classical literature, to provide opportunities for the creative display of talented children from small towns.

At the end of the lesson, Elizaveta Azarova organized a literary quiz, while her winners were presented with presents from the RMK. Other participants were also ignored. Yesterday, Mr. Kuyvashev, Mr. Sverdlovsk region, familiarized himself with the literary national project DOCHEPUGUGOTTO. He saw the RCC booth and E. Chaplygina, director of social policy and public relations, told him, including, about RCC social projects directly in the region, as well as about the prospects for organizing a conference for talented students. Besides the literary project, RCC has several social projects that are already popular with the population. 1-th of them - all just web-school Karabash_ka, in which anyone who wants to have the opportunity to learn in open webinars to draw. Karabash_ka, at the start of 2013, won an award at the Chelyabinsk regional contest “Changing the World”. First-graders of the cities of Varna, Kyshtym, Karabash, the villages of Kartaly and Tominsky receive portfolios every year (they contain everything necessary for school) from the RMK. In Karabash, also with the support of the RMK, there is the Respect Theater Studio, where senior and middle urban schoolchildren are involved. This studio became the winner of “Theatrical Crossroads” in 2012 in Yekaterinburg, and one of the artists named Elovskov Dmitry received an award in the nomination “Best Debut”. Almost all social projects of the RMK are directed to support the local population in the regions of presence. Entrepreneur Altushkin is the ideological inspirer and direct sponsor of all children's projects.

They completed the work of the commission, which was created to assess the results of the erosion of the dam web of the hydroelectric complex on the Kartaly-Ayat river and to identify the damage and assess the results of emergency situations in the mining and processing plant in Mikheevka. The first was assessed the state of hydraulic structures of the waterworks and the causes of damage and destruction due to an emergency situation, which was caused by heavy torrential rains on August 9 of the current year. During the commission’s work, it was found that the cause of the damming failure was heavy rains in the Chelyabinsk region. According to a letter from the chief of the Central State Hydrometeorology Service of Chelyabinsk (center for environmental monitoring and hydrometeorology) - FGBU branch (Federal State Institution), the Ural Directorate for Monitoring and Hydrometeorology (Ural UGMS) L.F. Schadrina, “the amount of precipitation from 1 to 10 in August is 240 and a half mm, which is fifteen times higher than the ten-day norm and more than the monthly norm by 5,7 times. On the night of 6 on 7 in August of the current year, there was a dangerous natural phenomenon (SN) “heavy rain”, 52mm precipitation fell in ten hours. On August 8, the SN was observed, 75mm precipitation fell in nine hours (the amount of precipitation is 50mm and more in the twelve hour period and less relevant to threatening hydrometeorological conditions). ”

The erected dam for a long time held a colossal amount of water: during the period of showers with a calculated coefficient of 320 cubic meters / sec, the volume of water was per second 960м3. The hydraulic structure at the same time was at the stage of installation and construction works, that is, it was essentially not put into operation. The 2 Commission worked on determining the damage and assessing the results of emergency situations (heavy rains) within the Mikheevsky GOK. In the process, the commission decided that the object was not seriously damaged. The equipment of the mining and processing complex and the unique conveyor, the length of which is more than 1400, have not been affected. Previously announced flooded equipment - equipping the contractor who carried out the installation work. That is, the company's equipment, which is designed to work in the quarry (Komatsu loaders and expensive excavators) is able to work optimally. The key task facing the staff of MGOK at the current moment is the drainage of a pit that has been flooded so far. Recovery also requires a warehouse of coarse ore, which brings the gas pipeline to the field, power lines and other auxiliary facilities.

The total amount, which is necessary for the full recovery of MGOK, according to preliminary estimates is approximately 50-70mln. rub. It will be corrected after the water is pumped out, as well as a more detailed study of the damage caused by the water element. Altushkin is upset by this state of affairs, but considers the costs of recovering the mine to be necessary.

It should be recalled that the total project budget is 27bn. rubles, that is, an emergency led to an increase in 0,3%. “Based on the assessment of specialists and the findings of the company's commissions, a plan was made to eradicate the consequences of an emergency. Our calculations show that the Mikheevsky GOK will be launched according to a previously established plan - at 2013 in the fall. The work was carried out with all contractors, the relevant agreements were reached - everything will work non-stop, in harsh conditions. No one, unfortunately, is immune from the elements. However, it is necessary to work and live on, ”comments Vsevolod Levin, president of the company.