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Samsung Techwin Battle Module boosts AAV7A1 firepower

Samsung Techwin Battle Module boosts AAV7A1 firepower

South Korean company Samsung Techwin completed the development and fire tests of a new generation of remote-controlled weaponry (RWS) for the AAV7A1 naval assault vehicle (LVTP7A1) developed by BAE Systems and used by the Korean Marine Corps (RoKMC).

RWS was demonstrated installed at the AAV7A1 during the Seoul Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX 2013), which took place in late October. A spokesman for Samsung Techwin told 6 in November that the system was not yet adopted by RoKMC, and he was unable to confirm when it could be accepted.

AAV7A1 is manufactured in South Korea with 1997, under a co-production contract signed by BAE Systems and Samsung Techwin. About 160 machines in different versions, it is believed, is in service with RoKMC.

The standard AAV7A1 has a manned turret armed with a K6 machine gun of 0.50 caliber (12,7 mm) made by Daewoo Precision Industries and 40 mm with a K4 automatic grenade launcher from the same manufacturer. They are not stabilized and are aimed at the target with the help of a day-night sight with an electron-optical converter (EOC).

According to data provided by Samsung Techwin, the new combat module is equipped with the same weaponry: the 0.50 machine gun K6 and the 40-mm K4 grenade launcher, in addition to which has two sets of four electrically controlled smoke grenades.

The combat module has an electric drive horizontally 360 degrees, as well as an electric drive armament in the range from -20 to + 60 degrees. Weapon stabilized in two planes with offset and directed at the target with the help of a modern aiming system, which includes a daytime CCD camera, a night vision thermal imaging camera and an integrated laser range finder with a maximum range of 5,5 km.

A target tracking automat is standard and allows you to direct and hit stationary and moving targets while the AAV7A1 is standing or moving. This would be especially helpful in providing overwhelming fire while landing on the beach.

The weapon is aimed at the target by the shooter, which is located in the vehicle body. In doing so, he uses a flat panel 12,1-inch display. In addition to providing more accurate fire, especially against moving objects, the new combat module also saves weight and frees up some space inside the AAV7A1.
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  1. DEfindER
    DEfindER 28 November 2013 13: 00
    Yes, Samsung does not cease to amaze, in my opinion there is no longer any technology in which it would not light up, does everything .. only here the weapons have slightly different standards, unlike electronics, here you need survivability, maintainability, work in the most critical modes. Let's look at the results of the tests what they did :)
    1. Manager
      Manager 28 November 2013 13: 03
      You shouldn’t be so. Samsung does all the electronics very high quality. Even the one that goes to the masses. And for the defense there an even more powerful potential is involved.
      1. rrrd
        rrrd 28 November 2013 13: 25
        TVs yes! but not cell phones!
        1. ICT
          ICT 28 November 2013 13: 42
          Quote: rrrd
          TVs yes! but not cell phones!

          Samsung concern is very versatile and does not end with Samsung-electronics, as if the structure there is quite wide from consumer electronics to heavy and chemical

      2. Papakiko
        Papakiko 28 November 2013 18: 25
        Quote: Manager
        Samsung does all the electronics very high quality.

        Our institutes do and do a lot of scientific work for Korean companies.
        I hope in this form this B / M is delivered to the troops. good
        Fun vulnerable.
        With one shot, you can create one with a tractor. soldier
  2. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 28 November 2013 13: 20
    Against our BMP-3 or BMP-4, he has no chance
  3. 9k72
    9k72 28 November 2013 13: 30
    And nothing sticks into such a beautiful combat station, I wonder?
  4. Bradley
    Bradley 28 November 2013 14: 20
    Now it all comes as a bonus to the Galaxy S IV. Recently I recently bought a Galaxy for myself, and so Techwin came with it. I think to put on the balcony ...
  5. Double major
    Double major 28 November 2013 14: 31
    I always liked Samsung as a manufacturer. Well done.
  6. negeroi
    negeroi 28 November 2013 15: 27
    South Korea, in general, and in particular, shows very good results. In general, in the production of anything and in the production of new weapons in the above privacy. Despite the high cost, the Black Panther can enter the top ten tanks in the world. And this is not an application, and an indicator. An indicator that there is more than one competitor on the planet. Not Asian macaques, but the Pacific tiger. There are China and Japan, and Taiwan and Northerners, and certainly the United States. All are armed not childishly.
  7. sedoii
    sedoii 28 November 2013 15: 29
    Something seems to me: three shots with OSV-96 (two in optics and one in the supply of cartridges) and the BMP turns into a tractor.
  8. alone
    alone 28 November 2013 21: 51
    SK has a very solid defense industry. The most interesting thing is that almost all corporations are involved in this. And this is competition. There are plenty to choose from.
  9. pawel57
    pawel57 28 November 2013 23: 15
    Not under armor is the machine gun and grenade launcher. With a tight firefight, the likelihood of ammunition damage and weapon failure increases. I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know.