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World of Tanks debuts as official World Cyber ​​Games 2013 discipline

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16 best will compete at the Superfinal of the tournament tank squads from all over the world

27 November 2013 - Wargaming Company, one of the leading developers and publishers of online games, is pleased to announce that its tank MMO-action World of Tanks will participate in the World Cyber ​​Games 2013 Super Final as an official discipline. The final battles of the tournament will take place from November 28 to December 1 in Kunshan, China.

"The status of the official disciplines WCG 2013 - is clear proof of how the project is interesting and the audience kibesportsmenam, - said John Hyuk Park, the head of the eSports-direction Wargaming. “The super final will allow us to assess how the professionalism of the teams has grown compared to last year, and outline plans for the further development of the tournament component of the game.

International Championship will gather 16 best eSports teams from Russia, Europe, America and Asia, which will compete for the title of the best tank of the planet and the total prize pool of $ 63 000. The winner will get $ 35 000, and the team that took second and third place, will take away home $ 21 000 and $ 7 000, respectively.

Fans of tank battles will be able to follow the confrontation of their favorite teams via online streaming:

Main channel
Additional channel

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About the game World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game completely dedicated to armored vehicles of the mid-20th century, in which fans of steel giants from all over the world fight shoulder to shoulder, defending their claims to world tank domination.

An advanced pumping and development system will allow you to experience any of the cars represented in the game. Do you like to harass the enemy on nimble light tanks, make violent breakthroughs on universal mediums, incinerate enemies with gigantic tyazhi, or do you want to become a first-class sniper, controlling long-range artillery - a machine of any class can become a truly deadly weapon in the hands of a real pro.

But even the strongest players will not be able to succeed alone. In World of Tanks, the team decides everything, and the victory is achieved through the coordinated work of the team, where each player is assigned a role.

Join the multimillion army of tankers:

About Wargaming

Wargaming is one of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO market. The company was founded in 1998, and during that time managed to turn from a group of enthusiasts into an international corporation with 2200 employees worldwide and has released more 15 games.

Wargaming is currently working on a military series of MMO games dedicated to tank, air and sea battles of the mid-20th century. The company's flagship project, tank action World of Tanks, managed to win many awards from leading gaming publications and become one of the most successful MMO projects. Air Force World of Warplanes overcame the mark of four and a half million registrations before the release, started successfully and is rapidly gaining popularity. The release of the third in a series of World of Warships project dedicated to warships is scheduled for 2014 year.

In June, 2012, Wargaming announced service, which will become the center of a new gaming universe, uniting all MMO-projects of the company on

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  1. avant-garde
    avant-garde 28 November 2013 06: 46
    victory will be ours drinks
  2. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 28 November 2013 06: 54
    The game is cool, but due to the forum, communication with users has long been lost. The forum is built on the principle only for their own. But even this is not the main thing, for example, for a long time I have not visited the forum. The most offensive is that with all the advantages in this game there is one big minus, and this is random. How many proposals were there to divide the participants of the random house according to their skill, almost every second battle in a team of allies or opponents is necessarily a large number of zero players. Very often, the score began to appear within 5:15 or worse. The main thing is that the skill of the players is already determined in the game, it remains only to select about one level to select a team. Personally, I’m even more likely to meet the same players in a battle more often than get angry at the moron who merges the battle. For example, I’m not at all interested in a fight, even in case of a win, but with a team of slop noob. I still believe that developers will still hear and solve this problem.
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 28 November 2013 10: 45
      Vladimir, can you find out your statue, number of fights and rating?
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 28 November 2013 11: 56
        the number of battles on one account was 25 thousand on another 10 thousand. Now a personal rating of 5364, all tanks in the hangar have a class of Master. But why such a question. I'm certainly not ass, but not nubass
        1. DAGESTAN333
          DAGESTAN333 28 November 2013 12: 19
          You know, I, with my 6 thousand. with extra fights, 49% of victories, and 3 thousand with extra ratings, began to feel uncomfortable, against your background ...
    2. Midshipman
      Midshipman 28 November 2013 12: 07
      The same approach is needed when forming a company, otherwise it turns out that now you can get into a company only with a stat 50+ + +, but simply to amateurs (my son basically drives me) and it's impossible to play.
    3. APES
      APES 28 November 2013 15: 28
      Quote: vladsolo56
      one big minus and it's random

      but I, on the contrary - only like randomness - only there is a place for "creativity and improvisation" wink everything else - companies and civilian companies - there is little creativity, it bothers
      Quote: vladsolo56
      necessarily a large number of zero players

      Quote: vladsolo56
      more often meet the same players in battle more often
      just solved - platoon
      "skillful" platoon in the random house - 70% of victories is a normal result

      Quote: vladsolo56
      I believe that developers will still hear and solve this problem

      already - team fights, or a company
  3. Xmypp
    Xmypp 28 November 2013 07: 22
    If it was a real simulator, then it’s interesting, and so stupid arcade.
    1. ZU-23
      ZU-23 28 November 2013 07: 57
      I agree that it would be like a nitforspeed shift race, I remember all sorts of miraculous players coming in, so they really couldn’t even start moving on my settings laughing
    2. Lyapis
      Lyapis 28 November 2013 08: 00
      If it were a "real simulator", then it would be interesting to three and a half connoisseurs around the world, and not 60 million people ...
  4. Reindeer herder
    Reindeer herder 28 November 2013 07: 28
    I haven't played for a long time. And I sent their letters to spam. And all because of the fact that they called me a Russian pig, and punished me for being responsible. Here's a "patriotic" game. By the way, the body that offended me was from the development team.
    1. Lyapis
      Lyapis 28 November 2013 07: 36
      Usually punished for complaints of other players. And if you were offended, you had to do the same (in the sense of complaining). And if this body was from developers it was necessary to make a screen and post it on the forum. This could not be ignored by WG.
      In general, I am also enraged by the abundance of inadequacies in the random house, which destroy a fair amount of the pleasure of the game. sad
  5. Hort
    Hort 28 November 2013 07: 49
    and they hacked my account (before hacking my mailbox) and WG tech support refused to help me with the recovery issue, motivating me that the account was being restored ONLY from the registration address.
    Because probably already since September I’m not playing and it’s not pulling bully
  6. Xmypp
    Xmypp 28 November 2013 08: 36
    Quote: Lyapis
    If it were a "real simulator", then it would be interesting to three and a half connoisseurs around the world, and not 60 million people ...

    This is not an indicator of quality so then. Such kindness is not having a real physical model (at least elementary) in the game market as homna. This game is an ordinary shooter, crowd on crowd. Not about any tactics there is no question. Game mechanics comes down to shooting in a straight line basically. Trying to prove that gamma is gold, only by the number of fans of the homna? Not ATP.
  7. 10kAzAk01
    10kAzAk01 28 November 2013 08: 44
    ...... mdya, everyone’s style is different, some for a decent tank chopper, others for the master hi
  8. bairat
    bairat 28 November 2013 09: 12
    Great game, who do not like to pass by and play something of their own. The fact that your team will turn out to be not very experienced and not always adequate players - well, why be surprised at this, one to one as in life.
  9. Hort
    Hort 28 November 2013 09: 46
    By the way, there was a relatively normal tank simulator - this is "T-72. Balkans on fire." There, even the functions of the crew can be distributed on a grid. True game with a bunch of bugs was
  10. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 28 November 2013 10: 04
    judging by the number and quality of comments, one can assume interest in the issue.
    1. 10kAzAk01
      10kAzAk01 28 November 2013 12: 05
      Well yes!!!! create a clan "Military Review"! laughing
  11. gameover_65
    gameover_65 28 November 2013 10: 15
    what championship in the game, where nothing depends on the skill of the player?
    championship in the game, where, after hitting a light tank with a high-explosive 122mm projectile, you can hear "did not pierce", but an armor-piercing "ricochet"? belay
    where randomly decides who should lose and who should win.
    1. Mhpv
      Mhpv 28 November 2013 12: 34
      drinks +++++!
      The game was normal two years ago when there were four nations, normal random and more or less equal technique.
      And now some unrealistic fast-firing drums with instantaneous mixing even on the go, you don’t play at all, but you charge or reduce more than half of the battle if during the shot the target disappears, the projectile does not fly to the aiming zone, but to any other side, etc.
      The game went on a commercial footing and the opinions of the players there are of no interest to anyone
      1. rrrd
        rrrd 28 November 2013 13: 00
        yes that's for sure! I remember object 704, fedya, is7, slippers before. there were just a lot! if they were with the enemy then write lost!
        1. ramzes1776
          ramzes1776 29 November 2013 04: 54
          I agree that the game has switched to commercial rails! Now AMX, Leopards, T-62A and "Americans" of the 60s are racing against World War II tanks. Many Frenchmen generally have "drums" negative .If you don’t invest real money, then you will "rise" for a long time and persistently, if not in a minus you will leave. And without a premium, the result is practically zero, and in case of defeat, it goes into a minus.
    2. demonuga
      demonuga 29 November 2013 10: 27
      I agree. And the damage depends on the prior art. Example: (KV-2 152mm landmine average damage 910nr armor penetration 86mm) when firing at level 7-8 equipment that does not have armor more than 86mm damage, when penetrated, it is 300-400nr. Is it normal?