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For one shot

“During sniper courses, the trainer (or let's call him a sniper instructor) pays great attention not only to technical, physical, but also to PSYCHOLOGICAL training. The sniper lives with his cargo (dead people, God forbid, of course) all his life. He remembers everyone who has worked. And not everyone can live in peace with this “photo album”. Our shooting coach told a lot of stories how people broke after their first and asked wherever they went, just not with a paddle in the mountains. Psychologically, a person suitable for this military profession is very different from ordinary people. ”

On the pages of our magazine, a special forces officer shares his opinion on the modern use of snipers in the Armed Forces. Perhaps some of his conclusions may seem overly harsh, but they are made on the basis of a rich combat experience. The issues raised in the material seemed to us very relevant, so I would like their discussion not to be limited to this edition number only. We invite everyone who is really interested in this topic to talk, especially the opinion of those who have real sniper shooting experience. The author's style is saved.

For one shot

Well said. But this is only one forum for a young man who has decided to become a sniper, they say that not everything is so simple. In other forums, I have met a lot more. Some young inadequate recruits immature minds in a super-duper secret office. And these “immature minds”, having spit, ask: “Are there sniper vacancies?”. I think these minds will never get stronger.

The inquisitive young man must have such a picture before his eyes. Here he is alone with the right sniper rifle sneaks through the territory controlled by members of illegal armed groups (fascists, zombies, orcs). He has a razor-cheeked pimple of the “goblin” type, and his physiognomy is in divorce of camouflage makeup. And here he alone "performs" the person involved, finally seeing his face, distorted in anticipation of the imminent death. Nothing like? Yeah, the movie "Sniper" starring Tom Berenger.

Another romantic "sniping", who played on the computer in "Doom", and in "Contra", who ran with a paintball "bolt" and "executed" more than a dozen of the defendants, decides: here it is, mine! All the more spring - time to call. Where am i going To the army, to snipers! Yeah, right now. Well, let's start to be disappointed slowly?

Remove pink glasses

Sniper courses? Did anyone see the named courses? For example, in the civilian world? Naturally not. There are bullet shooting sections and the like. But there will not prepare a sniper. The coach in the section may be a real master of sports or even a champion and a good teacher. If you have the makings and abilities, then an athlete will train you, not a sniper. Skills, of course, it gives, appear experience handling weapons, determine the distance to the objectives, the calculation of amendments and so on. But experience, you see, specific.

You will shoot a sports rifle, this time. You will perform sports exercises, not on a live target, these are two. Your target will be either static or mobile according to the conditions of the exercise and will be at the established distances. You will be wearing a comfortable sports uniform, you will be well fed and well rested. Well, and perhaps you, as a well-trained athlete, will become a bit “melancholic”, and nothing will irritate you and distract from the conditions of the exercise. But the sport and the performance of the combat mission differ dramatically (about this below).

If you, who have experience in bullet shooting, were called up for military service and sent to specialized training (we have a couple of pieces left), no sniper instructor will train you PSYCHOLOGICAL! Does he need it? Where is the "Manual on the psychological preparation of the sniper?" There's no such thing. And all the trouble that wanders through the Internet as a teaching material is no good.

About heavy photo album

Again, back to the preface: "The sniper lives with his cargo ...". Here is a poor fellow! His photo album, you see, stands in front of his eyes, interferes with life. Is such a “photo album” possible in principle?

From the SVD, for example, the optimal range when lying down to hit the enemy's head is 400 meters. And who, even with a PSO-1 gun, can see a face at such a distance? What is the "photo album"? If someone has to shoot at a real goal, then he will most likely see a dark, collapsed figure - and nothing more. In order to shoot at the "subject-person", seeing his face, there are other snipers. And believe me, they serve in other structures, and not in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and even not in the MVD of the Interior Ministry. But we are still talking about the Armed Forces, so we continue to parse the preface.

Someone there coach said that after the "first" sniper broke and did not ask for a "paddle in the mountains." And why then did they even take him?

Imagine that the group commander broke after the first battle, the reconnaissance sapper after the first “uplift” got drunk with real results, the artilleryman went to the monastery after the first successful cover, etc. In my opinion, this is nonsense.

About Tom, our, Berenger

Okay, let's leave the preface. We will deal with Tom our Berenger. Cinema - it is cinema. Here is the hero of Tom received the task to remove the head of the drug cartel. Our hero is going to complete the task. Let's calculate what he carries with him.

Well, the first, of course, rifle. In my opinion, М24, if not, correct it. Its weight in curb 7 kilograms and about two hundred and sixty grams, it is with belts for transportation and with optics. Next, the ammunition for the task - at least a hundred rounds. NATO patron weight 7,62 Х51 – 15,7 gram. Total together with pouches for carrying another 3 kilogram. With Tom’s second weapon, we saw the good old M1911 A Colt. Weight 1 kilogram 120 grams. 100 cartridges for the 45 caliber pistol - another 1,5 kilogram. Signal and smoke rockets - 1 kilogram. Grenades, 4 pieces, - another 3 kilogram. Technical intelligence tools, say, binoculars with a built-in rangefinder - 1 kilogram. Means of communication. Since Tom is alone, he has a means of communication with the Center for Combat Operational Control. The terrain is mountainous and wooded, and AN / PRC radio stations operating in the VHF band will not work, which means you need something stronger. Take a satellite station with a previously selected channel. So, this will be AN / PSC-5, which is powered by two batteries, the weight of each kilogram is 2,04, and the station itself weighs about 2,8 kilogram. Do not forget about the spare batteries, which means plus kilogram 4. Well, the device accumulation, I / O, headset - another 1 kilogram.

Isn't it hard for you, Tom? But there is still a cape, a camouflage suit - this is 1,5 kilogram without branches and leaves. An individual first aid kit weighs a kilogram 0,5. Water, dry rations, replaceable socks, a knife with a survival kit, a rug, a poncho, etc., give another seven kilograms. And now we will count. I got under 40 kilograms. Considering the requirements of stealth, a valiant sniper is planted kilometers beyond 15 from the area where the task is performed. At the same time, he must be warmed with his feet, penetrate as close as possible to the object and destroy the subject. But in the cinema, we see a vigorous bison sniper who is absolutely not tired when moving in the humid atmosphere of a mountain-wooded area. In the frame only flirty divorces masking makeup.

How did the exploration of the object alone spend? How to penetrate? Oh, how the movie is beautiful, that's all!

But in fact? Have you tried to crawl on a hill with a load of at least 20 kilograms when the temperature is under thirty-forty degrees or even more? One man, of course, is less noticeable in the selva than the group, but also alone, if you are half Tom Berenger, and half by John Rambo, not much good will come of it. Too great fatigue, both moral and physical. Transition under favorable conditions on an unfamiliar route will last a day or more. It means that it is necessary to precisely coordinate and verify the subgroup of the withdrawal by the time, to verify the information from the informers and intelligence to the slightest nuances. Take into account a bunch of factors, including force majeure. The sniper, if he gets to the object in time and penetrates beyond the perimeter, then most likely he will not be able to shoot. For more or less successful elimination of the subject, based on the practice of various departments, at least a couple, and best of all, a group of four people is required. Then something will already look more or less plausible.

As a matter of fact

Well, now a little bit of realism. When did we still use snipers, exactly as it is drawn on some Internet forums - as a free lone hunter?

In the North Caucasus region? I remember the first Chechen campaign. I had a sniper in my group. Do you think I let him go somewhere for a few kilometers away on a "free hunt"? In fact, a scout with a banal SVD from the group departed a maximum of 100 meters and was always in sight or hearing. He worked on my target indications or on the one who noticed. Often to my cry, when I did not see the result: “Well, did you get it?”, Followed by a straightforward answer: “Yes, x .. he knows, he seems to have fallen.”

When conducting reconnaissance-fighting in urban conditions, I used a sniper in my whim, as it turned out later, correctly. When traveling in urban areas, he was always close to me in battle formation. Together with him was necessarily a scout. During the reconnaissance of any house, this couple did not go inside, it was used as a group of observations. The second reconnaissance left the station and binoculars, several jet grenades or RPGs. The couple watched the windows, insured exits. Sniper with SVD in the house is nothing to do. When conducting reconnaissance and search operations in a mountainous and wooded area, the sniper was at his regular place in the battle formation of the group. In other special units, as far as I know, snipers acted in the same way. Exhibited "on the chip" in the area of ​​zazing or LDP of the detachment, but no one went anywhere alone. True, there were exceptions, this was the case for officers, but even those farther from the squadron did not leave. The second campaign was exactly the same. I am sure there will be a lot of people willing to challenge my opinion. For God's sake! Only I operate with facts.

Pro conditional sniper in a real combat situation

So, you are the commander of the group. You have a number of snipers. Will you send your scout, recruit or contract soldier, alone or together, to "execute" someone? The question is - who? Does the group commander really have information about some persons involved (leaders of illegal armed formations) in the zone of responsibility of the detachment? Hardly, or rather, it does not. It is good if the commander of the detachment and the head of the operational intelligence division have contact with the operative-agent groups operating in the area, with the “operas” from other agencies and departments that have their own agents. Then the information will be, but the unit commander is unlikely to be able to implement it, and the group commander or company commander even more so. In order to launch the Task Force for the fulfillment of a task, the combat command of a higher headquarters is necessary. And the order is signed by the head of the intelligence group and the chief of staff. It makes an order, of course, directed to the detachment, checks the head of the department. The order is not done from scratch. Study of the situation in the detachment's area of ​​responsibility, collection of information from all sources, coordination in all structures, verification of information on several types of reconnaissance (radio, intelligence, aerial thermal imaging), information from local, information from other interacting structures, and so on. - this is what precedes the adoption of a specific decision. So, I have never made a single order to send a sniper (three times experienced). Yes, and other destinations too. I'm talking about my combat experience with 2000 until last, 2012 year. And if he had, he would have turned the head of the department at the temple and would have sent me ...

Well, if not sent? Imagine: for the sake of one person (even if the very-very trained sniper) you need to start an operational matter, coordinate covering the artillery lights, keep the group on evacuation in readiness. And the connection? He's a sniper, not a radio operator. And without it in any way, we do not have satellite small-sized stations, like Tom’s, which means we have to carry the ARC station. But no, you're going far away, but she is expensive, you still lose. Therefore, you are familiar with the P-159 with the T-240 classifying equipment and a set of spare batteries for it. And so on ... Considering the realities, our sniper, unlike the movie hero, will carry a kilo load of cargo under 60. But it is also necessary to plan helicopter departures. But, as usual, there is no weather, and the board was sent under the commander, because the sniper will go on foot. Do you think he will go? Not. After all, he, among other things, knows well stories about scouts murderers. About those who exterminate the locals, and those who like to gather ramson far from home and with a gun in their hands. He remembers that after a couple of clashes, the entire squad was overwhelmed by prosecutors and demanded to confess to criminal acts. The scout is now savvy, he is well aware that he has no legal basis for rushing through the forests and eliminating the defendants.

Therefore, our experienced sniper will peacefully marry the paravestics, equip one-hundred meters from one hundred meters from the camp, and will sit there for the entire time the group performs its combat mission, waiting for target designation from the commander.

About weapon

What else? Why all the time I write about the SVD, because we still have samples that are in service. For example, VSS. Range - 400 meters. The weapon is specialized and not bad itself, but in the context in question the material probably does not fit much. There have been cases when, in the presence of several WSS and AU, in the RGSpN, very successful silent ambushes were carried out, but you must agree that for the “execution” the person involved must have a certain reserve both in range and in application possibilities.

Well, for the rest of the rifles. The B-94 weighs a kilogram 11,7, the sighting range is almost two kilometers with a 13 multiple-sight. And tell me, does this “fool” need to be carried in a group? It used to be dragged a couple of times, but they quickly refused. In the forest, a distance of two kilometers is useless. Yes, and a large-caliber rifle and specific. To work with her, a sniper must be taught. Long and hard. In the winter of 2000, the guys from the adjacent department went with us, namely the sniper pair. We reached the forest and stopped, they themselves understood that there was no point in going any further. This rifle is good for conducting combat operations in urban conditions, and as an anti-sniper weapon. She has good penetration, but our sniper, who currently serves only a year, doesn’t need anything at all.

CB-98 7,62 XXXUM caliber, made on the basis of the sports "Record", sighting shoots at 54 meters. The rifle is expensive, snipers need to be taught, and they serve only a year. What is the point? Still break or lose, and the result?

About foreign samples such as AV or HK, I generally keep quiet. Is there an alternative to inexpensive and simple, like five kopecks, SVD? Maybe there is. For example, the same Mosin rifle CBM. Cheap and angry. Overhang optics and designators, shoot and go ahead. Our cartridge 7,62 X54, sighting range 2000 meters, slaughter 3000 meters. I tried. Normally, for us go. If you can shoot.

During the Great Patriotic War

So, the North Caucasian period was dismantled. What's next - Afghanistan? I haven’t been there and I can’t judge about the work of snipers of special forces units. Although, I think, it was not much different from the actions in the North Caucasus region.

So where did the snipers work like the ones written in the literature and the films made? Of course, in the Great Patriotic War. Why? Yes, because the war was positional, there was a front line, a contact line of troops. Wherever she went - across the field, through the forest, around the block, around the house, she was. It was precisely clear: here our positions, here enemy.

And the snipers, both ours and the Germans, from where did you work? Right, or from their positions, or from the neutral zone. And this is incredibly profitable. For life support, communications, fire cover and the withdrawal of a separate sniper special costs are not necessary. The main thing - to get out secretly and disguise. If the front is frozen in positional battles, not moving in one direction or the other, then the work of snipers will be activated accordingly. I will not describe the features of camouflage, covert movement, measures to deceive and unseal the enemy, this is full of literature and the Internet. And in this situation, our fighters really had to lie for days in the cold, and in hunger, and in dampness, calculating their helper. It was much easier for them at war. An experienced sniper with a nastrelo for hundreds of "Fritz" could safely choose his goal, cutting off unnecessary in the form of small bipods - privates, columnists, etc., so as not to unmask himself before time. Our fighter knew that by killing an enemy officer, he had already fulfilled his duty, and no one would drag him to court and under investigation. There will not be an experienced fascist "peaceful peasant", from the need to get straightened shoulder straps and just wandering around the positions in search of a cow. War is war, where it’s clear where the others are, and where the enemies are. In the offensive, snipers usually did not go on the attack. No matter how long I shoveled the archives, I did not find any mention of sniper work in the development of success. I know for sure that they worked from their positions and elevations through the back of the advancing infantry. Thus, the Great Patriotic War is the only example of "lying for many hours in cold and hunger for the sake of a single shot."

About a platoon of snipers

What are the current realities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which have received the so-called “new look” in recent years? It turns out that in the states of motorized rifle and airborne brigades platoons of snipers appeared!

My question is: why? How do we now see the fighting in the event of a real big war or a simple local conflict? We are moving away from old dogmas. At numerous training camps, we, officers at the level not lower than the brigade commander, were shown “new methods” of warfare. For example, an airborne assault brigade is attacking by forces of several separate battalions in its front line, bypassing fortified sections and areas and breaking into operational space with the support of the assault aviation, helicopters and artillery. Hotbeds of resistance bypass the flanks and are left to be torn to pieces by high-precision weapons - artillery and bomber aircraft. Why then, with deep raid actions by battalions, snipers? How will this platoon be used?

In the conduct of defense turns out even more interesting. The line of contact between troops will now occupy a width not of several hundred meters, but of several kilometers, which is made up of artillery range of all links: from brigade to operational command, range of target destruction by rocket forces, mining lines, barriers, range of reconnaissance equipment and much more. Major exercises with a defensive theme just showed it. That is, the range of targets for snipers will already be outside 1000 meters. Based on the performance characteristics of the SVD, what follows? That's right, we need another rifle, the same B-94. Our defense industry will be able to provide all sniper platoons of brigades with long-range rifles? Unlikely. They still need sights, both night and day. Accordingly, we need our own training program for sniper platoons, surveillance and target designation devices, communications equipment, and much more. How will the separate platoon snipers be used? If you think logically - will be given to the company. Do they need a company commander, a platoon in their defense sector? They have their own problems full, and then there is still a sniper or a sniper pair, who pursue their specific goal - to destroy officers of any level, calculations of guns, snipers, signalers and all the rest. How, with the current uniform of the field uniform, to distinguish from a distance of more than a kilometer of the same officer? So you need to know him in person. It is much simpler here - with our commander, the signalman is constantly running. In adversary harder - because a portable antenna is mounted in the helmet. It is unlikely that the commander of a company standing on the defensive will know who is against him. Although if the brigade’s chief of intelligence and all the brigade’s intelligence agencies are really working, it’s not so difficult to get this information. But in person to identify the one who needs to be destroyed is already much more difficult.

So our sniper will be blaming everything he sees. That's just, I think, not for long. Taking into account the saturation of the leading edge with technical reconnaissance equipment, UAV observations, the sniper will most likely be found after the first shot, and either an unguided rocket from the drone, or a mortar gun, or even an artillery salvo will fly in on its position. Will the commander of the company rejoice at such "greetings" from the enemy?

Well, about the role of a sniper in the offensive and nothing to think about, given the above. After all, he will not even have time to choose a position, since his battalion will go forward to the flank, covering the fortified section, and will jerk further.

Control of areas of special attention in the zone of local conflict

I'll try to think it out myself, since the higher specialists do not explain anything to me about this. But I will still think about the units and units of the Special Forces with which I am best known.

So, in the special forces unit, we have a number of snipers or even a separate unit. We take the unit in addition to full-time reconnaissance snipers in groups. A special-purpose detachment in the area of ​​settling a conflict, according to the decision of the group commander, is being cut into its area of ​​responsibility. It is divided into areas of special attention, well, and those, respectively, are distributed among companies and groups. Accordingly, in the area there are settlements that are used by "partisans" of various stripes. It is necessary to eat, it is necessary to keep the connection, relatives, ideologists, liaisons will not live for months in dens in the forest. Yes, and the "partisans" themselves come to work for a short period, so to speak, "at the call of the pipe."

What i suggest Let's start in order

The area of ​​special attention is the most ordinary: several settlements, mountainous woodland, full of trails, sources of water and everything else for the comfortable existence of "partisan formations." It is possible to make transitions, it is possible to build base areas, to equip places for making caches. He fought - and to the house, to relatives and his everyday affairs. Conveniently. Look at any map; you can select as many as you want. To prizhuchit movement of any illegal people in these places, you just need to block all entrances and exits, paths, paths and bridges leading from settlements. But it is not necessary to block as usual - a roadblock or a checkpoint, which in a month will lose its relevance, since there will be a lot of loosening: contracts, money, other ways, etc. As a result, the mode of operation and duty will soon be known to everyone.

Therefore, the outputs need to overlap covertly. I propose such a mikrovoinsky organism, as sniper group (SG). On the diagram SG are indicated by red circles. Typical composition of such SG:

- sniper, the main performer, he is a tool. It is possible to arm several types of sniper rifles from the SVD and VSS to B-94. His task is to destroy the identified defendants;

- The commander of the group, he is the main observer.

What is armed with small arms does not matter. His main weapon is surveillance devices. In the intelligence units of the United States Marine Corps, there is such a device as an optical reconnaissance station. This is roughly necessary for us. The opto-electronic device must have good resolution and be able to measure the distance to the target. But its main task is to fix a picture (take a picture in digital mode), automatically reconcile the “person involved” with the database available in the PDA (laptop) of the group commander, to issue the primary result of the reconciliation. If necessary, transfer the resulting picture in real time with minimal delays and high speed at the TLU squadron. For processing by an operational officer. To transmit via a repeater or, if there is a stable connection with the possibility of transmitting graphic data, to higher levels of government for a subsequent decision;

- signalman having a radio station with batteries, antennas. It organizes all types of communication, including the channel of transfer of graphic data;

- scout. His task - fire support, security, defense and so on.

Total four people with the necessary equipment and weapons. SG can work autonomously from five days to a week. Although it is better that the duty in its position area lasted no more than three days. The sniper and the commander will thus be replaced by the rest of the group for rest. And there are nine such sniper groups. Nine times three, twenty-seven days. It turns out almost a month, we add three days for unforeseen delays, weather conditions and difficulties of transitions of alternating groups. In total, there will be thirty-six fighters in 9 sniper groups composed of four people. All of them are reduced to one intelligence unit squadron. If the terrain and distances allow, you can not withdraw this detachment, but keep it at the very point of temporary deployment.

The rest of the combat formation of the detachment:

- fire support group. By the decision of the detachment commander, mortar calculations and calculations of large-caliber machine guns, including aircraft gunners and artillery spotters, can be included in it;

- communication group for data transmission, based on the terrain conditions and the presence of radio-visibility profiles of terrain and other;

- support team. In its composition should be a paramedic and, by decision of the detachment commander, any other specialist;

- WG SPF staff. She is engaged in reconnaissance "on herself", works with reconnaissance equipment, puts up mine-explosive barriers, organizes security and defense, meets the SG, if necessary provides fire support and return in case of unforeseen situations;

- The commander of the detachment and the operational officer, who are entrusted with the general leadership of the detachment, decision-making, communication with the higher management bodies.

If necessary, such reconnaissance detachments can be distinguished by calculations of small-sized radio intelligence or UAVs for better control of the situation in the area. Total somewhere turns out about sixty people.

The reconnaissance detachment is displayed by any means: air, ground or sea. Measures are being taken to conceal intentions, organizing consignments, establishing contact with the command and control center, with supporting units, after which the RO begins to fulfill the tasks of covertly blocking settlements.

Such covert blocking of areas in conjunction with the conduct of previously planned targeted activities by other departments can give a good result. "Guerrillas" will be forced to look for other areas and places of transition, their plans will be violated. Well, someone from the leaders can in fact be destroyed. But this is my personal opinion, with which you can not agree.

Summing up

In conclusion, I note that snipers, in my opinion, are better to use, as always, as part of a unit, and only by target designation of the group commander (platoon), while not letting them go far from myself.

So the stories "about long hours of mud-laying for a single shot and the melancholic nature of the sniper, his particular psychological readiness to kill" are from the field of fiction, they have no relation to reality. Or does someone have a different opinion?
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 28 November 2013 08: 09 New
    Ryan Farukshin is right in many respects. However, he did not answer what to do with the arrivals of the prosecutor’s office.

    ЧIn order to slow down the movement of any illegal people in these places, you just need to block all the entrances and exits, paths, paths and bridges leading from settlements. But the need to block is not as usual - a roadblock or checkpoint.
    He tamed for example a lover of wild garlic - and then the prosecutor’s office will block the hero’s oxygen, what should I do?
    1. edge
      edge 28 November 2013 17: 35 New
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      To tame the movement of any illegal people in these places, you just need to block all the entrances and exits, paths, paths and bridges leading from settlements. But the need to block is not as usual - a roadblock or checkpoint

      to close the settlement, depending on the size and location, it may be necessary from a reinforced company to a battalion — and this is unrealistic; there is intelligence.
    2. MAG
      MAG 28 November 2013 22: 34 New
      A HUGE MINUS TO THE AUTHOR PLAGIATOR and the real author ZAGORTSEV ANDREY VLADIMIROVICH if it is not given to write yourself honestly tell me who the author of the article is
  2. makarov
    makarov 28 November 2013 08: 10 New
    When the author of the material states: - "Our shooting coach told a lot of stories about how people broke down after their first", he was deeply mistaken. The coach didn't tell stories, he TEACHED. And if the author did not understand this, then his other conclusions are worthless.
    1. RussianRu
      RussianRu 28 November 2013 09: 40 New
      The point of this article is that there is no romance in sniper life. And black and not grateful work.
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 28 November 2013 11: 01 New
        Ryan most likely took an article by Zagortsev, and so on the art he also has, and it is written on behalf of the special forces. Someone stupidly popped Zagortsev’s article.
        1. edge
          edge 28 November 2013 17: 09 New
          the GRU lieutenant colonel should have known that in Vietnam the Americans used the m-21, but not the m-24, which were adopted by 1984, and the modification of the m-21 is a hunting model of the Remington-70, + hunting models of winchesters. -the output is taken 3 b / c-it is 120 rounds for SVD, 48 to pm, 12 grenades .... in addition a few monoky, 1-2 packs of rounds, communication-weight of the calculation is about 15 kg.
      2. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka 28 November 2013 15: 37 New
        Quote: Russian
        The point of this article is that there is no romance in sniper life. And black and not grateful work.

        What else is .opu romance?
  3. Hort
    Hort 28 November 2013 08: 40 New
    in the units of the US Army there is a position marksman - an infantryman, armed with a semi-automatic rifle with optics. Here is what the author describes, just very suitable for his duties.
    Actually snipers in the western armed forces are used precisely for specific operations.
    If you take Tom, ours, Barranger, then you should not be too critical of artistic movie. I think that if he had reproduced all the moments of a sniper couple’s rest (he was with his partner in the film), then the film would have lasted 4-5 hours :)
    Regarding free hunting, the question arose: there is a story about the Yakut (quite widespread on the Internet), which fought in the First Chechen War, "in a free search." Is it a bike? Or were there cases when the sniper acted alone?
  4. Letnab
    Letnab 28 November 2013 10: 04 New
    author Ryan Farukshin? And what did Andrei Zagortsev write? article on the website
    So who is the author then?
    1. Petrov K.
      Petrov K. 28 November 2013 12: 44 New
      yes - plagiarism of pure water
      1. zub46
        zub46 28 November 2013 14: 54 New
        Let's not be too strict. Related article. Not just informative, but educational. We read it with pleasure, made conclusions, something settled in our heads. What else does? God forbid, come in handy.
  5. Anper
    Anper 28 November 2013 10: 34 New
    I want to note the peculiar literary talent of the author. I don’t understand weapons, an article accidentally fell into hand, and was read better than any bestseller.
    1. Petrov K.
      Petrov K. 28 November 2013 12: 42 New

      read the original. There are very good texts
  6. lotar
    lotar 28 November 2013 10: 51 New
    In the world there are a huge number of special forces that are sharpened to solve their problems, including in our country. I agree that the sniper in the historical realities given by the author acted in this way. But the author, in my opinion, forgot that not all snipers are preparing for the solution just such tasks. There are specialists who are prepared to work under certain conditions to solve specific problems alone.
    1. Irtysh
      Irtysh 28 November 2013 12: 45 New
      Alone, in general, a sniper is not able to act, even to solve specific problems. They will provide him with documents, they will prepare a position and approaches to it, evacuation routes and prepare a cover.

      Although, purely theoretically, it is possible to swat someone alone ... But, unfortunately, such stories are not known to me.
      1. alex-cn
        alex-cn 28 November 2013 15: 03 New
        Support and security group - everything is needed, but there can be one sniper in the position.
      2. edge
        edge 28 November 2013 16: 52 New
        Quote: Irtysh
        Alone, in general, a sniper is not able to act, even to solve specific problems. They will provide him with documents, they will prepare him a position and approaches to it, evacuation routes and prepare a cover

        nonsense .... all documents are left to the commander, the sniper selects and prepares the position, going to the point and safely leaving is his concern. Using a loner, couple or group depends on the tasks assigned. If they work further, an evacuation point is assigned where the group can wait support
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. mitrofan
        mitrofan 19 March 2014 15: 14 New
        I would like such a regiment in Afghanistan in a coma did not have to hide in the gorges
  7. Black
    Black 28 November 2013 11: 25 New
    I agree with the author that there is no cinematic flavor in a real war and cannot be. Moreover, to mix real work with some kind of films about "war" is somehow quite childish.
    The need for a good sniper in any military unit was inscribed with blood and the Second World War, and Afghanistan, and Chechnya.
  8. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 28 November 2013 11: 34 New
    In general, everything is correct, but about the fact that we only have enough svd, the author needs to pull an eye on the ass.
    1. Lestat
      Lestat 30 November 2013 02: 39 New
      Considering the fact that the author is Lt. Col. of the GRU Zagortsev A.V.- "to pull an eye on the ass" Are you personally going? The heroes have not been translated yet))))
  9. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 28 November 2013 12: 50 New
    // In conclusion, I note that, in my opinion, snipers are best used as part of a unit and only at the target designation of the group (platoon) commander, while not letting them go far away. So the stories "about hours of lying in the mud for the sake of a single shot and the melancholy stock of the character of a sniper, his special psychological readiness for murder" are from the field of fiction, they have nothing to do with reality. Or does anyone have a different opinion? //

    I absolutely disagree with the author.

    What good is it that the sniper is assigned to the unit and acts on the orders of the commander? to be recognized by the enemy when his name is open on the list? to be thrown by the leadership for the killed "peaceful peasant" to the enemies? to be hunted? to fail a mission because of a stupid order from the commander? But there is no guarantee that the commander is smart and knows all the intricacies of a sniper. And imagine such a sniper, only one master of his craft, what were the aces of the Second World War.

    To me, all snipers should be "free to sail" and should be assigned to the KGB or any other body responsible for state security that is superior to the military. It is better to select snipers from among civilians, to hire them so that their names are not published in official documents. When they are caught, there is no evidence that they are included in the army.

    It is clear that now a large figure is being removed with a rocket, you yourself know how anyone. But it sometimes happens that you need to prepare a spy who is a sniper, single-handedly sneaking into the enemy’s camp and firing a bullet at close range when he comes close to the target. It’s not necessary to be a martyr, in Iraq, American snipers acted in pairs at a distance of 2000 meters, and weapons of the corresponding type.

    If the sniper is alone, for example, in Afghan clothes, no one would think that he is a sniper in the desert with a donkey near Kabul, than if he and his platoon make their way to the enemy, if they cover a platoon, it’s also easier to find a large group. Lonely escape is also easier.

    Why should a sniper constantly keep in touch with the "head"? to receive the order how much to fart? and when? and where? every time he makes contact, he unmasks himself, suddenly he is among the enemies at that moment. There is a task to remove - but as a matter of snayer, where to lie down, where to sniff. And if, to obtain information where the object is, the sniper himself must solve the scout's tasks. Why does a crowd go so that one finds out where the enemy is (the scout), the other reported that they have found (the radio operator), the third escapes (the sniper himself).

    A sniper for that and a sniper that he does everything himself. Therefore, training is needed. The military does not have such an experience as a civilian hunter could give in courses.
    1. vietnam7
      vietnam7 28 November 2013 13: 52 New
      the text was written by Colonel Gro, who has been at war since Transnistria to this day. I think he’s good at someone and with whom to keep in touch. to all your questions in the article just the answers are given. And what exactly can a civilian hunter teach a military man?
      1. Max_Bauder
        Max_Bauder 28 November 2013 15: 44 New
        Ask the Americans, or rather the Marines, whose delta force is taught by civilians, former military men or just hunters, how to survive in an unfamiliar environment, how to find prey, a trace, how to wage a fight with a knife, in order to kill a person by cutting his internal organs with one blow, how as close as possible to the enemy so that you are not noticed, and so on. There is no such thing in the charter and you don’t recognize it in the army.
        1. Mairos
          Mairos 28 November 2013 16: 56 New
          And why is it for a sniper to sneak up, stab someone? He is a sniper, not a diver.
          But it’s not snipers who are trained to survive, but a whole special vehicle, deep raid intelligence.
          Let’s also the turntable crews that carry the special vehicle, we will also begin to study the melee in depth. )) Cinema .. what does it do with people.
        2. Mairos
          Mairos 28 November 2013 17: 01 New
          ".. with one blow to kill a person by cutting his internal organs" - just a pearl !! If you want to once, then even in the eye is not worth it - it will yell. Only in the carotid artery. ))
          1. papik09
            papik09 29 November 2013 06: 47 New
            And you, I see, are a specialist in murder with a knife? Duc, you gave a "pearl" about the carotid artery no worse. If you don't know, there is no need to write heresy. negative They would ask better than those who received appropriate training. But! They just will not tell you anything. So here, somewhere. I have the honor hi
        3. Lestat
          Lestat 30 November 2013 02: 56 New
          For this, there are instructors in the army who are not civilians and hunters, but seasoned fighters with invaluable experience and knowledge, who are taught how to survive in the forest, to kill as efficiently as possible, and everything else. And you will be surprised, but in addition to the charter, there is a lot of special literature, according to which scouts, saboteurs and others are taught in the army without the help of civil trackers, hunters and other shamans.
    2. Irtysh
      Irtysh 28 November 2013 14: 13 New
      Sorry, but expressed nonsense. Do not confuse the work of a sniper and a terrorist saboteur. To bring a sniper to an object is a whole complex of measures that requires the participation of a whole crowd of specialists.

      And alone, you can only shoot peasants or employees in Ohvis. The same Breivik, ali Vinogradov in Moscow.
      1. Max_Bauder
        Max_Bauder 28 November 2013 15: 41 New
        and in the film Tom Berenger, which the author criticizes, was just a saboteur and acted as a killer. If only they wanted the troops to launch just a missile after the discovery of an UAV. Well then, the United States would have betrayed itself as interfering in the affairs of a foreign country.

        Remember why Yuri Kovtun hunted stingers? to get evidence that the Afghans are using it from the United States, it would have proven the involvement of the CIA, and the USSR could have appealed to the UN, but later, as we know, this did not bring any benefit, but people died trying to take the unfortunate rocket launcher "alive".

        Why did I say that? because in local conflicts you can’t compromise yourself, and I would suggest using snipers as saboteurs, in an ordinary meat grinder with infantry this is just a shooter and not a sniper. In your opinion, should a sniper shoot ordinary soldiers? why is the motorized rifle worse than him?

        Agree in urban battles, even an ordinary ordinary infantry platoon shooter and a mosin rifle will remove an action movie if he has an eagle eye, just have optics as the author himself admits. In addition, as we know, fighters use bumblebee and RPG more than SVD sniper. So it turns out snipers are not needed at all by Russian troops, it is unfortunate that there are no people who can skillfully use the labor of a sniper in a modern war.
        1. Hort
          Hort 29 November 2013 08: 32 New
          if a person is given a rifle with optics, it’s not yet a fact that he will fall into someone’s hands with it. It’s harder to shoot with an optical sight than with an open
      2. edge
        edge 28 November 2013 16: 58 New
        Quote: Irtysh
        Sorry, but expressed nonsense. Do not confuse the work of a sniper and a terrorist saboteur. To bring a sniper to an object is a whole complex of measures that requires the participation of a whole crowd of specialists.

        before something blurt out think, we are discussing army sniping .....
        1. Mairos
          Mairos 28 November 2013 17: 13 New
          Army sniping is the work of the Kosandir target designation unit, not free hunting.
        2. Irtysh
          Irtysh 28 November 2013 18: 02 New
          Well, firstly, I indicated above that you should not confuse the work of an army sniper with a saboteur. The tasks are VERY different.

          Moreover, the tasks of a sniper from the division of motorized rifles and Special Forces are also not very close ...

          Above, I expressed my opinion on the statement of the respected MaxBrowder. Not quite according to the article.
  10. alex-cn
    alex-cn 28 November 2013 15: 16 New
    The author, in my opinion, is right about the "Marxmanns", but otherwise ...
    When hostages were taken at the Munich Olympics, then, according to the official recognition of the Germans, their perfectly trained snipers could not shoot at people ... here you have the psychology.
    It was also said on the website more than once by people who fought that VSK sniper rifles and the like are very good for blocking gorges, and saboteurs would shoot three times from VSK on the helipad and disappear right after ... also not bad.
    Each weapon has its own tasks, and looking at this, we need to select it.
    1. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 28 November 2013 15: 50 New
      Quote: alex-cn
      Each weapon has its own tasks, and looking at this, we need to select it.

      Correctly! therefore, there isn’t such a weapon in the Motorized Rifle Forces of the Russian Federation to shoot people at a distance of 2 km, since there is no such task, and the SVD is therefore in service. Also, therefore, the author is a colonel of the GRU and does not understand why a sniper is needed, since the last time snipers were used in battles were massively only in the Second World War. Read the information, in the West and we have the concept of a sniper in terminology, there are completely different things, and they also solve different problems and are assigned to different military units, and the weapons are also different.
      1. edge
        edge 28 November 2013 17: 02 New
        billiard ...... about sniping is trying to argue stupidity without even trying to read the shooting course or instruction on SVD
  11. Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 28 November 2013 15: 29 New
    I wanted to write a lot of bukaf, according to the article, but changed my mind and decided to write simply and briefly, nonsense!

    And now a little justification.

    What's the part of the article titled "Here's What I Propose"?

    Rave! Everything has been invented before you !!! The schemes work for years and are adjusted by military operations, if you want with the lives of those same snipers.

    Then a logical question is brewing. You actually who in rank, in what military operations, namely a sniper, took part ??? to make such suggestions. Judging by what was written at the end of the article about fiction, you shot at most with a sniper rifle in a computer game.

    Which confirms what was written in the part about "Conditional sniper in combat conditions".

    In a word, nonsense.
    1. Field
      Field 28 November 2013 17: 09 New
      Why is this nonsense right away, just the concept of "Marksman" is close to the author. marksman in the group, branch.

      It all depends on the tasks for which the sniper unit is "sharpened", and what kind of unit it is.
      For example, there was a unit of snipers from UFSIN.

      If this is a CT operation (active phase, when out of the queue from a window or doors) for example, then this is observation and cover of the main group (slap the bearded if it pops out). although it also happens in different ways: in a dense building of a private trader there is nowhere else to lie besides on the roof of the Bester or the Urals.

      Quote: Desert Fox
      Everything has been invented before you !!! The schemes work for years and are adjusted by military operations, if you want with the lives of those same snipers.

      One cannot disagree with this. Success depends on competent use.
    2. Lestat
      Lestat 30 November 2013 03: 35 New
      The beauty of the Internet lies in the fact that the forum participants, mostly civilians, and partly not the fact that they have grown to adulthood, are desperately criticized and exposed in the unprofessionalism of the author, who has more than 10 years of military experience as a GRU special forces lieutenant colonel .. it’s so .. so touching or something)) Many komenty like this really smiled.
  12. buzer
    buzer 28 November 2013 15: 41 New
    He knew only one sniper who fought ... He was a sniper when he went through an emergency at the first Chechen one. Three years after the demobilization, he jumped out of the window, before that he said several times that he should see in a dream the dead guys who served with him and they call him ... Outwardly the most ordinary person, though silent and somehow shy, didn’t brutal Tom Burringer no x ... not like.
    1. Field
      Field 28 November 2013 16: 42 New
      not only snipers were "blown away", ordinary fighters and officers.
      It was not for nothing that everything was poured with alcohol, someone came to "condition", someone did not.
      1. Irtysh
        Irtysh 28 November 2013 18: 12 New
        From my personal observations, as a rule, the roof is blown away by those who have not been close to participating :-) Well, you have to show how cool you are :-) Theater, nothing more.

        In the circle of specialists most of all they discuss how someone messed up, and then with heroism floated out of the resulting shit. It is somehow not accepted to dramatize :-)
        1. Field
          Field 28 November 2013 18: 38 New
          I won’t argue, but they drank to shreds after the database and after hospitals, many who hid from the shelling (upon the arrival of a furry animal), someone threw in one helmet and cried. Everything was.
          But not quite sure.

          Quote: Irtysh
          Well, you have to show kaaaaakoy you cool :-)
          it is more likely to refer to the 2nd August, when the "pride" of the Airborne Forces in clothed vests walks around and sings the blue over the shalmans. And when you congratulate a DB participant, you hear a sober voice from work.
          1. Hort
            Hort 29 November 2013 08: 42 New
            grandfather always spat and cursed when someone in conversation (or on TV) talked about the "Afghan / Chechen syndrome", and asked what kind of syndrome is this?
            He himself went through the front, hand-to-hand, fines and other "delights" of the Great Patriotic War. The only thing I heard from him was that he could not eat for two or three days after the bombing of Povorino, because the ground was almost covered with human spare parts.
  13. gecko
    gecko 28 November 2013 15: 42 New
    the author would you at least see how elite sniper groups really prepare. There are excellent documentaries. In particular, on the training of US snipers at Fort Bening Topsnipers 2007. There you will see everything about the real training of army snipers
  14. Savva30
    Savva30 28 November 2013 17: 01 New
    People were taken from my reconnaissance company, into a company of snipers. From their words they were simply thrown from unit to unit, no one worked alone. The mass was used only in preparation for large-scale special operations, mixing with field intelligence.
    To go for the sake of one shot is probably possible somewhere in Colombia ...
    I do not exclude the possibility that our guys from special structures wander somewhere with optics, and probably for the sake of one shot.
    1. Mairos
      Mairos 28 November 2013 17: 18 New
      Well, +100500 - you can’t say better. Lone hunters are not army snipers. I don’t know such people, but it would be foolish to refuse such a right to exist.
  15. vietnam7
    vietnam7 28 November 2013 17: 33 New
    Quote: Max_Bauder
    Ask the Americans, or rather the Marines, whose delta force is taught by civilians, former military men or just hunters, how to survive in an unfamiliar environment, how to find prey, a trace, how to wage a fight with a knife, in order to kill a person by cutting his internal organs with one blow, how as close as possible to the enemy so that you are not noticed, and so on. There is no such thing in the charter and you don’t recognize it in the army.
    In 99m, serving a conscript just found out about all this in the army, there is special literature, where, by the way, they largely refer to the experience of the partisans of the Second World War, there are taciturn instructors, he will not think that he is a sniper than if he and a platoon would make his way to the enemy, if they cover the platoon, then he too, a large group is easier to find. It is also easier for a lone sniper to escape. " he is not a camel. just vzod provides him with additional reconnaissance of the terrain, cover and retreat, watch less American films, better talk to veterans as it really happens.
    1. Irtysh
      Irtysh 28 November 2013 18: 23 New
      In addition to the foregoing, I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the work of 612 PrgSPn in the Lashkargakh region. It can be found on the Internet. Illustrates a few. I don’t think that I enjoyed the advice of civilian hunters and Counterstrike lovers.

      As I imagine a lone farmer with an oar in the middle of the desert ... :-) brrrrr.
  16. pogis
    pogis 28 November 2013 17: 34 New
    Article plagiarism! Http: //
  17. top gun
    top gun 28 November 2013 19: 24 New
    A very interesting book about snipers Stephen Hunter advise interesting
  18. Sergey_K
    Sergey_K 28 November 2013 21: 33 New
    Instead of discussing the fate of snipers, it would be better to think about where to take good sights. And then I recently read about our optics and was just in shock. Plant and shoot scammers !!!
  19. list
    list 28 November 2013 22: 10 New
  20. Saiga
    Saiga 29 November 2013 03: 23 New
    Respected source from the same site as the author of the article. I think it’s not plagiarism, but just Comrade Colonel, by virtue of personal employment, he asked a colleague to post this material.
  21. papik09
    papik09 29 November 2013 06: 35 New
    "Author Ryan Farukshin" - PLAGIATOR RYAN FARUKSHIN. am Or, do you think, "cut" the article and became the author? RAM! Oh! Wrong - not a ram, but a NERUSSKY CHURKA! wassat
    1. Lestat
      Lestat 30 November 2013 03: 24 New
      Why so many people read the article, but so little noticed that Ryan Farukshin at the very beginning of the article mentioned that he represents material written by a special forces officer (it’s logical that we are talking about Zagortsev) and then the author’s style is preserved ... this does not suggest that Ryan is not appropriates authorship ?!

      Out of curiosity, I looked at the ArtOfWar website with the author -http: // - you can also read if you are too lazy to google instead of being rude to strangers, papik09.
  22. Saiga
    Saiga 30 November 2013 04: 45 New
    And yet Zagortsev has a lot to read "between the lines" and a kind of humor. "Melancholic" sniper ...
  23. Rex
    Rex 3 December 2013 10: 55 New
    In general, I liked it.
    And about the hardships of dragging everything-everything (often not used)
    And about the actual use of all sorts of eminent and cool trunks
    And about the defeat at decent ranges - "From the SVD, for example, the optimal range when shooting while prone to hit the enemy's head is 400 meters." - here from the AK they are already taught to shoot like that, 2-3 meek and you hit :-)
  24. I think so
    I think so 3 December 2013 22: 20 New
    The author of the article seems to be a professional ... but a professional in the war against partisans ... This is a somewhat one-sided use of the army, and maybe even an exceptional one. In a real war, the use of the army to fight the partisans will be an episodic, and maybe even an extremely rare event ... Therefore, the described methods of using snipers will most likely never be useful to anyone, unless Russia decides to occupy foreign territories (without really mastering its existing ). But here the experience of the Second World War will really be useful. The author's skepticism that a war like the Second World War will never be unfounded. For the simple reason that "modern war" is just a forgotten old one ... Before the Second World War, too, many "strategists" said that there would be no trench warfare under "modern" conditions ... and now the "strategists" are saying the same thing .. . well, how will God forbid to know ... One thing is for sure, what will not be as everyone imagined ...
  25. Gorelnik
    Gorelnik 3 May 2014 18: 14 New
    every tactic for every mission!