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The Monroe Doctrine is archived, but the US is attacking everywhere.

The Monroe Doctrine is archived, but the US is attacking everywhere.US Secretary of State John Kerry announced the end of the "era of the Monroe Doctrine." On November 18, he delivered a keynote speech about partnership with Latin America at the OAS headquarters in Washington. For almost 200 years, the US foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere was based on the doctrine, which owes its name to the fifth in a row, to US President James Monroe and proclaiming that Latin American countries should not be viewed by European powers as objects of colonization ...

“America for Americans” —this slogan the United States covered the imperial essence of the doctrine that was used during the Cold War years to combat the “expansion of the Soviets”. The Monroe Doctrine covered up the suppression of revolutions in Guatemala and Chile, justified the physical liquidation of popular leaders, military actions against partisans in Cuba, Nicaragua and other countries ...

The key thesis of Kerry's speech is the statement that in the new historical conditions, the United States views the states south of the Rio Grande as "equal partners" who are obliged to "promote and defend democracy", "share responsibility, cooperate on security issues." It is difficult to interpret these formulations clearly. On the one hand, Washington seems to be making it clear that it will not resort to armed intervention to protect its "vital interests." On the other hand, the provisions on “shared responsibility” and “security cooperation” sound vague and ambiguous.

However, against whom these provisions are directed, it follows from the speech itself. Kerry lashed out at Venezuela and Cuba. In Venezuela, he said, "democratic institutions are weakened." In Washington, they are annoyed that the National Assembly voted to give President Nicolas Maduro special powers that he uses to stop the economic war against the country (speculation, hiding consumer goods and food, undermining the purchasing power of the bolivar, the national currency). Venezuelans approve of the measures taken by President Maduro, his authority is growing noticeably. In Cuba, the head of the State Department is not satisfied with the pace of democratic change. The United States would like these transformations to accelerate, and hope that "the Cuban government will adopt a broad program of political reforms that will allow the people to freely determine their own future." In the United States, it is hoped that the democratization process in Cuba will take a landslide character just as it did with the destruction of the USSR.

The United States archived the Monroe Doctrine, but did not relinquish the pressure on Latin American countries to destabilize them. Targeted propaganda attacks are being conducted against unwanted leaders. Slander flows are pounding on Bolivian President Evo Morales, primarily for the “insufficient efforts” of his government in the fight against illicit coca plantations and drug trafficking. And this is when the Bolivian special services are engaged in fierce clashes with drug cartels, which, as a rule, are financed through banks controlled by businessmen from the United States and the Anti-Drug Administration (DEA). In response, Morales attacks. He has repeatedly advocated the tradition of Barack Obama to "judge peoples for crimes against humanity." The loudest of all his accusations were made in a speech at the 68-th UN General Assembly. The president of Bolivia claims that the United States uses the most criminal methods to preserve its dominant position in the world, widely organizing conspiracies and assassinations. Morales has reduced contacts with representatives of the United States to a minimum, preferring to conduct trade and economic affairs with China, Western European countries, Russia and Belarus. "If necessary, we generally close the US Embassy," - threatened the president of Bolivia.

Washington has never stopped hostile activity against Ecuador. After the failure of the CIA to crack down on President Rafael Correa with the help of agents in the Ecuadorian police, the US Embassy spared no effort to “re-educate” Correa. Adam Namm, the American ambassador to Quito, criticized the Ecuadorian president for rapprochement with Iran and Belarus. The answer was heard immediately: “I am not surprised by his [Namma] statements, because the diplomat is new to these issues. Ecuador will not ask permission from anyone to maintain sovereign relations with those countries with which it wants. It is worth looking at how many countries where absolutely no elections are held have privileged relations with the United States. Absolutist monarchies! So stop it! We are not a colony. As long as I am the president of this country, there will be no neo-colonialism! ”Correa’s sharp comments on Obama’s statement about the“ exclusivity of the American nation ”, allegedly preoccupied with protecting the interests of“ all of humanity ”, draw attention to themselves. The Ecuadorian president compared these claims with the Nazi policies of the Third Reich.

In October, Correa visited Russia, discussing, among other issues, MTC issues, deliveries of Russian weapons to Ecuador, in particular air defense systems, as well as an additional batch of Mi-171E transport helicopters. Russia is interested in the implementation of several large oil and gas projects in Ecuador. The issues of cooperation intensification are discussed by Ecuadorians and with China; Chinese specialists are expected to be involved in the construction of an oil refining complex (Refineria del Pacifico), which is scheduled for completion at 2017. 60 is already operating in Ecuador for Chinese companies in the mining industry and in the construction of road and transport infrastructure. All this causes considerable concern to Washington, hence the strengthening of the intelligence work of the American intelligence services in Ecuador. According to the site, in 2012-2013. CIA personnel in Ecuadorian residency has been doubled. Employees with experience in subversive work in Latin America were sent to Ecuador: W. Mozdierz, M. Häger (Haeger), D. Robb, H.Bronke Fulton, D. Hernandez (H. Hernandez), H Weber, A. Saunders (Saunders), D. Sims (Sims), K. Buzzard (C. Buzzard), M. Kendrick and others.

The problems that Washington has with Brazil and Argentina because of the scandalous revelations with listening to the presidents of these countries, Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, have not received a satisfactory resolution. Americans, in fact, did not apologize for total espionage in these countries. Spying is not only not reduced, but has become more sophisticated, forcing national intelligence agencies to develop joint measures to curb the operations of the CIA, NSA, US military intelligence. At the same time, steps are being taken to organize a system of countering electronic espionage within the framework of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). In Mexico, the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, American intelligence manages almost without hindrance, except for Cuba and Nicaragua, whose counterintelligence from time to time deliver sensitive blows to the CIA agent network.

At the moment, the most important task for the US security forces is to maintain control over Honduras, which is called the "unsinkable US aircraft carrier" in Central America. US military bases are already located on the territory of Honduras, but the Pentagon plans to build new ones - aviation and marine. Washington's cynical interference in the recently concluded election campaign in Honduras is another signal of the White House to Latin America: we will ensure our interests at any cost, otherwise we are not happy.

United States man in elections in Honduras - Juan Orlando Hernandez, the candidate of the conservative National Party. For more than three years, he headed the National Congress, largely contributed to the consolidation of political forces hostile to former President Manuel Zelaya and his wife Siomare Castro. It was she who was his main rival in the elections, being a candidate of the center-left party Freedom and Revival (Libre). Hernandez supported a military coup in 2009 that led to the overthrow of Zelaya, maintains close ties with the security forces, and contributed to the expansion of the protective functions of the military.

For the US embassy, ​​the exclusion of Siomara Castro is a matter of principle. How it will be resolved is unclear. In a radio interview for Radio Globo, Manuel Zelaya said: “Siomara won the fight for the presidency of the republic. They [Honduras High Electoral Court] are stealing the victory from Siomara Castro. Court estimates do not stand up for any statistical analysis. And we do not recognize this result, we reject it. ”

Lisa Kubiske, the US ambassador to Honduras, actively intervened in the electoral process to ensure the victory of Hernandez. In fact, she is Siomara Castro's main rival. Whether the US embassy is able to secure the coming of Hernandez to power will be shown in the near future. The media has already launched information that in the process of counting votes, he leads by a wide margin.
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  1. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 28 November 2013 07: 31
    Equal Partnership and USA belay , but these are incompatible concepts!, this is the same as letting a ferret enter the chicken coop and hoping that all the hens will be intact.
  2. AVV
    AVV 28 November 2013 13: 40
    The US’s methods of action are the same as in America, in Africa, in Europe, nothing new, but the task of ending this chaos is a priority for Latin America, it is necessary to put mattress mattresses in their stall or to ruin them completely !!!
    1. goldfinger
      goldfinger 28 November 2013 17: 33
      Quote: AVV
      it is necessary to put into the stall of the mattresses or ruin them completely !!!

      Neighbor Belarus.
      Question - "Who will put it?" The answer is ???
      I was always "killed" by shapkozakidatelskie comments on "VO", but after thinking them over, there was nothing but a smile.
      Like, dislike, like me, but the USA is No. 1 in the world. Axiom.
      A little analysis.

      The United States is still the world leader and is likely to remain for more than a decade. They far surpass the rest of the world in soft power. Every year, more immigrants (1 million) arrive in America than in any other country in the world. The United States leads the world in high technology (Silicon Valley), finance and business (Wall Street), film production (Hollywood) and higher education (17 of the 20 leading world universities rated by Shanghai Jiaotong University). In terms of trade profile, the United States is a typical “first world” country (active export of consumer and technological goods and import of natural resources). Compare with Russia.
      America continues to lead the world in foreign direct investment, almost doubling its closest competitor. The United States has the most powerful army in the world, on which they spend $ 560 billion a year. Their GDP ($ 16 trillion) more than doubles that of China. Their stock market is at a historically record level, reflecting US leadership in the global economy.
      Further, who, besides the United States, can lay claim to world leadership? Europeans? Japanese? Russians? In Europe, unemployment is now at 12% (in Greece and Spain - at 26%) and almost zero economic growth, in addition, the population in many of the countries of the European Union is declining. The population of Japan is also declining and rapidly aging, few immigrants arrive in the country, and the Japanese public debt is 240% of GDP. In addition, in the past two decades, Japan's economy has grown extremely slowly. Although Russia has recently been frequently mentioned in the press as a country hosting the Olympics and rampant corruption, this still does not make it a superpower. She has a third-world trade profile, GDP like Canada (which is less than 15% of the United States GDP), and she has neither soft power, nor Silicon Valley, nor Hollywood, nor Wall Street, nor universities with high ratings.
      1. goldfinger
        goldfinger 28 November 2013 17: 35
        Neighbor Belarus. Let's continue a little analysis.
        What about China and India? Although both countries have made significant progress in recent decades, they still have serious problems. In China, 650 million people live in poor rural areas, and in terms of GDP per capita ($ 6, 100% of US GDP per capita), it occupies only 12th place in the world. As Chinese leaders themselves often admit, China is likely to become a fully modern country no earlier than 87.

        As for India, there are 830 million people (almost 70% of the population) living in poor rural areas. More than 160 million Indians do not have access to water, electricity and sanitation. India leads the world in the number of illiterates — 35% of Indian women cannot read and write. No less than 25% of the population has no electricity. GDP per capita is $ 1 (only 500% of the US), which provides it with 3th place in the world in this parameter.

        As the old political proverb says, it is impossible to lose unless you have an opponent. And at the moment, there is no one on the horizon who would be able - at least in the next couple of decades - to overtake the United States or seriously challenge them.
        I repeat, like many, I do not like the hegemony of one country in world politics. It's time for Russia to think seriously about its place in the world.! It's high time, after all, two decades of trampling in one place (not surpassed by the GDP of 1990.sic!) - this can lead you to the "third world". And the states don't even need to fight with anyone!
        And they will print so much money that everything will be brought to them on a "silver platter". It seems to me that Russia is fixated on its resources, as opposed to the real economy. It is not good.
  3. AlexTarov
    AlexTarov 28 November 2013 15: 31
    Kerry is similar to George Millar in the image of Kashchei.
    1. alone
      alone 28 November 2013 22: 16
      You insulted George Millar and especially Kashchei! Kashchei would sue you for insulting your dignity laughing
  4. Stiletto
    Stiletto 28 November 2013 15: 31
    The deceitful and hypocritical policy of the States became evident even when the notorious Jackson Venik amendment to Russia was "generously" replaced by these scoundrels with the Magnitsky Act. In general, they do not really bother with paper, in extreme cases - only if it is beneficial to them. Therefore, I see no reason to demand from them "legally binding guarantees" regarding the non-directionality of the European missile defense system against Russia. The best security guarantee is the one we create for ourselves. Ships, aircraft, tanks, yadrenbatons.
  5. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 28 November 2013 15: 54
    No offense will be said, but it becomes funny when some banana republic like Honduras or Colombia squeaks about an "equal" partnership with a giant like the United States, what kind of "equal partnership" is there? How can they balance the United States? A more or less equal partner for The United States can only speak out for China and, with some reservations, Russia, all other countries, from Old Europe to Ukraine and Honduras, will assume the position in which the Americans most like it, perhaps they will shy away for show until they are shouted from Washington and as a result they will still do as they are told, as an example the situation with Snowden, he has a choice: Russia, China or his relatives in the United States, outside the borders of Russia and China, they will quickly grab him for one place and after 24 he will appear in front of indignant "colleagues", here is such a "equal "partnership and" respect for rights and sovereignty. "
  6. Stiletto
    Stiletto 28 November 2013 15: 55
    Quote: AlexTarov
    Kerry is similar to George Millar in the image of Kashchei.

    Millar is a worthy person and actor. And this mu.ak is similar to m. Duck.
  7. andrei332809
    andrei332809 28 November 2013 16: 44
    as “equal partners,” who are obligated to “promote and defend democracy,”

    yeah, you are equal partners, but you have to ... wassat the Yankees are already completely degrading, even as they shouldn't camouflage their desires.
    Py.Sy.Keep on, democracy is coming to you, which, it turns out, everyone should do something belay
  8. Migari
    Migari 28 November 2013 17: 51
    Truly a real empire of evil, with a mask of freedom and good on his face.
  9. voliador
    voliador 28 November 2013 20: 39
    They did not refuse anything. It's all a bluff, idle chatter.
  10. alone
    alone 28 November 2013 22: 16
    what is the president, such is the secretary of state !! and Kerry is generally known in the USA as a pathological liar!