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Hostages in Kenya died for American interests

Hostages in Kenya died for American interests

The terrible slaughter of the seizure of a shopping center in Nairobi, the victims of which were 67 people from a dozen countries in the world, once again sparked conversations about world terrorism. The Islamists from neighboring Somalia assumed responsibility for the terrorist attack, and therefore journalists immediately assigned to this tragedy the roles - who are the victims and who is the absolute evil ...

However, after volunteers from the Stringer Bureau of International Investigations interviewed direct witnesses and participants in the events, much deeper roots were discovered in the Kenyan terrorist attack. Over the ocean.

Pain point

“The seizure of the shopping center is a message to the West who supported Kenya’s invasion of Somalia,” a statement allegedly made by the leader of the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization Ahmed Abdi Godan was replicated by the media around the world. It also became the starting point of our investigation. But only after a letter came to the bureau that smashed a slender picture of what was happening to smithereens.

“People in the United States or England will easily believe in this, but we understand that this is complete nonsense,” a representative of a European humanitarian mission living and working in the Kenyan capital is outraged. Let's call her Greta. - For Somalis, Nairobi is the nearest safe place where you can settle down after retirement and quietly spend money from looted humanitarian aid and piracy. They are buying real estate here. Why would they shoot hostages here? ”

We are sitting in a hotel bar two blocks from the one captured by terrorists and in order destroyed by the Nakumatt Westgate shopping center. In addition to the damaged building surrounded by an iron fence, nothing in the Kenyan capital reminds of the tragic events a month ago. “It seems so to you,” Greta objects. - I have been living in Nairobi for ten years now, and you can believe me: what is happening now is absolutely abnormal. In mid-October, all hotels should be packed to capacity, but look around - almost no one. The time to take hostages was surprisingly well chosen - at the very beginning of the tourist season. And from the three-day television broadcast of blood-spattered walls and the insides of hostages spread over the floor, a wonderful anti-advertising campaign was launched. For everything to be completely clear, all that was missing was a ticker at the bottom of the screen: Don't go to Kenya! ”

Conclusions Greta confirmed in the Ministry of Tourism. “At the end of September, a tourist boom traditionally begins in Kenya. People from all over the world come to see with their own eyes such a miracle of nature as the great migration of animals, says spokesman Sam Mwale. “But now foreigners are scared, the tourism sector is suffering losses, the country's economy has suffered serious damage.”

Translated from the official language of the official, this means one thing - an economic disaster. Travel business is 60% Kenyan GDP! And now, thanks to one well-committed terrorist act (of which there are more than a dozen in Africa every year), the whole country is on the verge of an economic collapse.

Blood of the earth

“They won't tell you openly, but almost no one in Kenya doubts that this is the work of the Americans. Too often, they have recently been trying to push their own interests here, but they are failing, Greta is sure. - Someone should be particularly offended. Do not forget, because Barack Obama has Kenyan roots. ”

The United States still regards East Africa as an unconditional zone of influence, but at the beginning of this year, truly revolutionary changes took place in Kenya’s political life. Despite active lobbying from overseas (officially called “financial support by non-governmental organizations”), a US appointee lost the election, and Uhuru Kenyatt, the son of Kenya's “father of the nation” Jomo Kenyatt, became president. Even during the election campaign, the new president repeatedly stated that Kenya would pursue an independent policy, without regard to external pressure. And after the election began to implement this promise in life.

First of all, the “bezglichnost” of Kenyat’s policy concerns the recently discovered oil reserves in the country and the construction of Africa’s largest infrastructure project, including the port complex, oil pipeline, railways and highways. Implementation of the project will give access to the sea of ​​Ethiopia, oil-rich South Sudan and Uganda, and Kenya will turn into the largest regional exporter of hydrocarbons.

Investment in the project is estimated at 23,5 billion US dollars, but the participation of the Americans themselves, while maintaining the current vector of Kenyan policy, is questionable. Moreover, the newly elected president has already managed to make official visits to China and Russia, where he signed agreements on 5 and 3 billion dollars. Moreover, the Kenyans agreed with China on direct settlements in yuan, which would deal a serious blow to the reputation of the dollar as the main international currency. China in recent years has been making a lot of effort to bring the yuan to the world market, and in relations with poor African countries there will be enough minimal concessions to throw the dollar out of the whole region.

Divide and Conquer

Naturally, such a development is unacceptable for the United States, which has made squeezing China out of Africa as the main goal of its policy on the black continent. But since it is not in a position to act with economic methods under the current situation in the USA’s own economy, it remains to use only force methods. Or, in other words, destabilize the situation.

“Under the guise of peacekeeping, the United States pursues exclusively economic interests related to control over the region’s richest natural resources, which include reserves of iron ore, uranium, copper, natural gas and oil,” says Lindsey Herman, an expert of the Postglobalization initiative.

Alexey Martynov, director of the International Institute of the Newest States, agrees with her: “The United States, as the heirs of the British colonialists in Africa, is actively using numerous intra-African conflicts for their own selfish interests. Following the wave of the Arab spring in northern Africa, American technologists are trying to extrapolate revolutionary sentiments deep into a continent that is exceptionally rich in natural resources. ” And since, among other things, Uhuru Kenyat was able to form a government of national unity and reconcile the traditionally hostile political and tribal groups, there was no serious opposition to loosen the situation in the country. That's the course and went more dirty methods.

Moreover, Lindsay Herman is confident that the United States will try to repeat the Syrian scenario in this region. “21 September 2013, the world did not just learn about the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab, it literally made it the same day to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Nigerian Boko-Haram. And the most frightening in the reaction to what happened in Nairobi is the hasty demand “to do something about it,” similar to what we recently saw in Syria. The growing terrorist threat is perceived as a horror film: the evil in the face of bin Laden has been destroyed in Pakistan, but is returning elsewhere - in Somalia. This entails the intensification of attacks with the use of UAVs, an increase in the contingent of special forces and waging mediated wars by the US allies in Africa. And as soon as they destroy the new bin Laden, the next one will be found right away - in Yemen, Mali or Syria, ”concluded the expert.

Moreover, in Kenya they are sure that the Washington hawks have already identified the rebel Uhuru Kenyatu as the next incarnation of the face of the world’s evil. Thus, in the International Criminal Court in The Hague against him, the case of crimes against humanity, which was rained three years ago, was unexpectedly resumed. The event is so blatant that the Summit of the African Union called the judges "puppets in the hands of the American government" and called on African countries to unite to counteract the overseas policy of "divide and rule." But as long as the Africans have limited everything to words, the United States has already taken up the usual thing - destabilizing the situation and discrediting the existing government by proxy.

Terror Special Forces

“Now nobody is allowed to enter the shopping center,” says Harish, a municipal police officer. - A couple of times the TV people wanted to do an interview with me against the background of “Westgate”, but everyone there is in charge of the military and special services. It's impossible to get there. ”

After the terrorist attack, Harish became almost a national hero of Kenya - he and his team-mates first arrived at the mega-mall after the seizure. “One of the visitors called us and said that armed bandits are smashing shops. When we arrived at the place, the first thing we started was to take people out. Several times had to engage in a shootout. Then I realized that this was not some spontaneous group of robbers, but well-trained professionals. ”

In total, Harish and his colleagues were able to withdraw about 200 people from Nakumatt Westgate. “It was immediately apparent that the terrorists had a clear plan. They were confident in their actions and did not particularly cling to each hostage. It seemed strange to me then, because the more hostages there are, the greater the ransom. ”

The version that the shopping center was captured by not ordinary terrorists appeared immediately after the operation was completed, when passports of citizens of the United States, Great Britain, Sweden were found among the militants' things ... I agree with her that the fighter of the Recian special forces Recce, who took part in the storming of the shopping center, guarding the president. “I participated in the battles on the territory of Somalia, and it’s hard for me to believe that local Islamists can do this on their own,” the commando said on condition of anonymity. - The attackers apparently had detailed building plans, including a diagram of all communications. And the way they competently occupied strategically important points on the floors, speaks of a perfectly prepared capture, planned and carried out by professionals. Just think: a half dozen people held the defense for almost four days! ”

Moreover, according to my interlocutor, the terrorists could be disarmed within a few hours after the capture. But, by a strange coincidence, during the first assault on the building, Recce fighters clashed with an army battle group. “We simply did not know that the two operations began in parallel. And at some point they exchanged fire with each other. Because of this, we had to retreat, while the terrorists managed to regroup and organize the defense, ”the special operations officer concludes.

Of course, such a discrepancy can be attributed to the negligence of the Kenyan command. However, it is worth making an important remark here: Recce is an elite special unit, the only one of its kind in Kenya. Imagine that his fighters were not warned about a parallel assault simply because of someone's oversight, it is possible only with a very big stretch. And in combination with the amazing professionalism of terrorists, the plausibility of such a scenario generally tends to zero.

But there is no doubt about the ability of the US special services to organize a terrorist attack in Nairobi. Overseas instructors work in almost all countries of East Africa, and information about the connection of Somali terrorists from Al-Shabaab with the CIA comes up with enviable periodicity from various sources. And to arrange a show with broadcasting to the whole world from the taking of hostages is for the USA with its huge information resource a matter of technology in general. And the result is appropriate - all the leaders of the black continent received a clear and unambiguous message: something like this could happen in your capital.

Black Gold

The results of exploration in recent years promise to turn Kenya into one of the leading hydrocarbon players not only in the region, but in the whole world. According to the US Geological Survey, the volume of a shelf field stretching along the coasts of Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique exceeds 7 trillion cubic meters of gas. In March, 2012 for the first time in the northeast of the country were discovered for the first time large reserves of oil, which by the year 2016 will begin to be supplied to the international market. Moreover, the potential of the field is such that Kenya has every chance of becoming the largest exporter of oil south of the Sahara.

However, having your own minerals is only half the battle. To consolidate its status as an economic center for the resource-rich eastern Africa, Kenya is going through the implementation of an unprecedented project for the region - the construction of a huge port complex and a refinery in Lamu, which will be connected by an oil pipeline, highway and railway to the oil-bearing regions of neighboring South Sudan and Uganda. means of delivery of hydrocarbons to consumers.

At the moment, the main investor of the project is China, which has pushed even the Qatari emir out of the tempting region, who was going to invest his gas billions in the African pipeline. The composition of the participants of the Oil & Gas exhibition, which will be held in Nairobi in April 2014, quite adequately reflects the situation - there are 1 Chinese per 14 American oil company.

Another major result of exploration was the discovery in September of this year of huge reserves of fresh water on the border with Uganda and South Sudan. An underground tank with 250 trillion liters of groundwater can turn the surrounding arid provinces into a flourishing agricultural region. As a result, the need for the activities of numerous humanitarian organizations will disappear and Kenya will no longer depend on assistance from the United States and Europe.
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  1. Stiletto
    Stiletto 28 November 2013 15: 52
    Blood and oil are synonyms. Eh, the Yankees will drink another's blood and another's oil. They will burst once, of course, but I would like to quickly ...
    1. il grand casino
      il grand casino 28 November 2013 15: 57
      If you use metaphors, it is better that they do not burst but resolve ... otherwise, when something bursts, it can splatter others.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 28 November 2013 17: 07
        Quote: .....
        Washington hawks have already identified the rebel Uhuru Kenyatu.

        Still - On the same day, when Ukhur won, in a local election in one of the districts he suffered a crushing defeat Barack Obama's half-brother Malik

        1. AVV
          AVV 29 November 2013 14: 31
          And here the struggle for power is closely tied to the country's resources, and America is numb, watch and do nothing !!! Therefore, the brother needs to be helped, and the interests of America should not be forgotten !!!
    2. APES
      APES 28 November 2013 16: 12
      over the past 60-70 years - most innocent people
      died for American interests
    3. mirag2
      mirag2 28 November 2013 16: 17
      Alexander Eterman, an independent political scientist, believes that the Israeli secret services have a special reason for participating in the operation.

      Eterman: This institution is captured, it is very Israeli, very Jewish, there are all kinds of Israelis there, there are Israeli tenants and there are certainly Israeli co-owners. As far as I know, there are no killed Israelis, there are no seriously wounded Israelis, there are slightly injured Israelis. A man named Iram Hayon, he posed as a Muslim, wrote some kind of Muslim slogan in his hand and ran out of there. There are Israeli soldiers there. They do not participate in active actions.
      Based on materials from "Rain".
    4. Civil
      Civil 28 November 2013 17: 03
      Somalia should be divided into parts, into small ones, to prohibit movement, to transfer ownership of the property, and to us a piece of the coast. And let us all be happy and order, it turns out completely unowned territory with degrading barbarians ...
    5. Siberian German
      Siberian German 28 November 2013 19: 46
      and how would you like them not to eat — the nation of fat asses is a glutton — their stomach is used to eating and it doesn’t matter to them what to eat - they don’t care about blood oil
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    As they say in Rome for several thousand years: "Look who benefits from it."
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    il grand casino (
    If you use metaphors, it is better that they do not burst but resolve ...

    Resolve - it's you in what sense, and that word is ambiguous ...
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    People were killed by Muslims just for the reason that Muslims like to kill defenseless people.
    "the joy of free murder" among the Germans and everything will immediately fall into place.
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    If not for the numerous examples of cynicism of the Jankers, then it would be difficult to believe.
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    These animals call themselves "an exceptional nation", in Kenya they have confirmed their fascist nature, which extends throughout the world, since the interests of the United States are above all, a country of "freedom and democracy."
  7. The comment was deleted.
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    Star stripe EVIL marked by the next act of his bloody harvest !!!
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    they are not the first nor are they the last
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    The whole criminal coven behind ALWAYS ALWAYS the United States and Israel. Not surprised once ..
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    Committee 28 November 2013 17: 46
    If we manage to transfer the economy to industrial rails from hydrocarbon, we will be in a favorable position, because such powerful competitors as Kenya with their huge oil and gas reserves are a dangerous player for lowering prices, and now it is extremely unprofitable for us!
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    Sneaky little article.
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    Somalia is one of the real regions where tomahawks can use. So the attack in Kenya is still a rehearsal!
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    Quickly, everyone would switch to alternative energy sources ..
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    BBM 29 November 2013 01: 03
    In general it’s bad with analytics. When it was all, and when it came to the local analytics what it smells like ... Although, on the whole, everything is true. But everything was clear just a week later when the identity of the main organizer, a British citizen, came up. Although the West, as always, is guilty of Islamists and enemies of democracy (it would be necessary to enlighten them about the existence of Saudi Arabia)