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On the way to the cyberworld. Cyber ​​weapons as a chance for Russia

On the way to the cyberworld. Cyber ​​weapons as a chance for RussiaDespite the unfolding cyber war and the beginning of the passive phase of the cyber war, in the long run, a new digital war is not in the interests of any country in the world and may have difficult economic, political, and possibly military consequences for all. Therefore, large-scale cyberwar must be avoided.

A cyber world, based on digital equality and equal access, rights and responsibilities of all sovereign states in relation to the World Wide Web, is needed. It is these principles that are laid down in the “Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of International Information Security for the Period to 2020”. Other participants in such organizations as BRICS, SCO, EurAsEC adhere to similar positions.

Only the concerted efforts of the world community can prevent the transition from the passive to the active phase of cyberwar, and first of all close cooperation and interaction of the leading countries in the field of information technology in general and information security in particular.

The first necessary step on this road, stipulated by the “Fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of international information security for the period up to 2020”, is the internationalization of Internet governance under the auspices of the UN, ensuring digital equality and sovereignty of all countries.

The transition from today's de facto and de jure internationally unregulated Internet to a clear and understandable unified Internet scheme consisting of information spaces of sovereign countries will clearly define not only the rights, but also the responsibility of each country to respect the security of the Internet as a whole and individual its segments. In practice, this means that a country must be held responsible for acts of cyber-aggression that are carried out from or using the information space of the country. Naturally, the measure of responsibility should depend on the degree of the country's involvement in provoking or participating in cyber war. At the same time, in the relevant international agreements, according to experts, possible sanctions and the conditions for their application to the violating country should be clearly stated. In conditions when the aggressor can be not only state or private structures, but also non-formalized network formations, recognition of digital sovereignty means state responsibility for suppressing the activities of such organizations and entities, first of all, by the power structures of the country itself, and if necessary with the consent of the country with the inclusion of international assistance.

Changing the structure of Internet governance and the development of relevant international agreements will naturally take some time, but all potential participants in this process should understand that the proliferation of cyber weapons does not occur in years, but literally in months. Accordingly, the risks of cyberwar and cyber terrorism increase. Therefore, in this case, a quick and coordinated work of all interested states is necessary.

Another obvious and possibly unpopular measure to curb the uncontrolled spread of cyber weapons and their private development is to tighten control over not only the Internet, but also other alternative Internet networks, including so-called mesh and peer-to-peer networks. Moreover, we are talking not only about deanonymization of the Internet and electronic communications users in the broad sense of the word, but also about expanding the possibilities of state control over the activities of companies and individuals involved in developments in information security, as well as developing penetration testing methods provided for by national laws. . Many believe that at the same time, national laws should be tightened in terms of hacking activities, mercenaries in the field of information technology, etc.

In the modern world, the choice between unrestricted personal freedom and responsible behavior that fits into a socially safe framework ceases to be a topic for discussion and a subject for speculation. If the international community wants to prevent cyber warfare, then it is necessary to publicly and openly introduce relevant norms into national and international legislation. These standards should allow for the strengthening of sovereign technical control over behavior, private and commercial activities on the Internet in order to ensure national and international security in cyberspace.

It may also be worth discussing the issue of creating, based on the potential of leading countries in the field of information technologies, first of all, the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, Japan and other international forces for the early detection and suppression of cyberwar threats. The creation of such international forces would, on the one hand, rapidly mobilize the mutually complementary potential of various countries to curb cyberwar, and on the other hand, willy-nilly, would make their development more open and therefore less threatening to other pool members who voluntarily took assume increased responsibility for adhering to cyberworld.

Fighting for cyberworld, get ready for new cyber war

With all the desire for peace, as shown by the Russian история, the security of the country can be ensured only in the presence of powerful defensive and offensive cyber weapons.

As is known, in July 2013, the RIA "News"Referring to a source in the military department reported that a separate branch of the military, which will be engaged in the fight against cyber threats, should appear in the Russian army before the end of 2013 of the year.

In order to successfully accomplish the task of creating a forced cyber war, Russia has all the necessary prerequisites. It should be remembered that, unlike many other industries, Russian companies involved in information security and vulnerability testing are among the world leaders and sell their products on all continents. Russian hackers have become a world famous brand. The overwhelming part of the software that serves high-frequency trading and the most complex financial transactions on all major stock exchanges in the world have been created by Russian programmers and developers. Such examples can be multiplied and multiplied. And they relate, above all, to the creation of software that requires the highest level of mathematical training and knowledge of the most complex programming languages.

Unlike many other areas of science and technology in Russia, scientific schools in mathematics, computer science and programming over the past 20 years not only did not suffer damage, but also developed significantly, taking the leading world positions. Such Russian universities, such as MIPT (GU), Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, NRNU MEPI, St. Petersburg State University, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Kazan State University, etc. are recognized centers for the training of algorithms, developers and world-class programmers. From year to year, Russian programming teams win world programming championships among universities. The works of national algorithms are constantly cited in the world's leading journals. Russian mathematicians are constantly among the applicants for the Fields Prize.

By the way, it is interesting that in the midst of the Snowden scandal, one of the leading American public opinion research organizations, the Pew Internet & American Life Project, conducted a survey who most threatens the confidentiality of personal and corporate information. The results were as follows. 4% are law enforcement agencies, 5% are governments, 11% are other businesses, 28% are advertisers and internet giants, and 33% are hackers. At the same time, according to Wired magazine, perhaps the most popular publication about Internet technologies in America, Russian hackers hold the undoubted palm among hackers.

In other words, the necessary scientific, technological, software and personnel reserve for the accelerated formation of formidable cyber war in Russia is available. The question is how to attract to the cyber war, as well as companies that will be included in the national cyber security program, the most qualified, talented developers, programmers, testers of information security systems, etc. Here it is important not to repeat the situation that exists today in the branches of the military-industrial complex, where, due to low wages, high-quality personnel do not linger and go to various kinds of commercial developments, often with foreign investors.

The world has developed three main areas for recruiting the best programmers into government programs related to cyber warfare. Best known is the experience of the United States. It is based on a sort of three pillars. First, DARPA annually holds a lot of contests, events, round tables for the programming community, where the most talented young people are suitable for the Pentagon and intelligence tasks. Secondly, almost all of the leading IT companies in the United States are associated with the military intelligence community and programmers from the relevant departments of private companies, many of which are not even Pentagon contractors in their daily activities are engaged in developing programs in the field of cyber weapons. Thirdly, the NSA interacts directly with leading American universities, as well as without fail is present at all national hacker conferences and draws footage from there.

The Chinese approach is based on strict state discipline and the leadership role of the CPC in addressing key personnel issues of the Chinese armed forces. In fact, for a Chinese programmer or developer, work on cyber weapons is a manifestation of duty, a key characteristic of the behavioral patterns of the Chinese civilization tradition.

As for Europe, there is an emphasis on support in the majority of EU countries of the movement of so-called “ethical hackers”, i.e. developers and programmers who are not engaged in illegal actions, but specialize in cooperation with the commercial sector in terms of detecting information vulnerabilities and security forces, in creating cyber weapons.

It seems that in Russia it is possible in one way or another to use elements of the American, European, and Chinese experience. At the same time, it is quite obvious that the main thing should be the understanding on the part of the state that in the field of digital wars, it is the human factor that is decisive in the development and use of defensive and offensive cyber weapons.

In this regard, the initiative to create scientific companies, direct state support of start-ups related to the development of programs in the field of information security, penetration testing, etc. should be developed in every way. It is necessary, of course, to conduct a thorough inventory of the developments already existing in Russia today, which with a certain upgrade could become powerful cyber weapons. Such an inventory is necessary because, due to serious flaws and corruption in conducting public tenders, the overwhelming majority of small companies and talented programmers are, in fact, cut off from this task and are not claimed by security forces.

It is clear that the state, paradoxically, it is necessary to turn to face hackers.

Along with the possible tightening of criminal penalties for computer crimes, the state should provide an opportunity for hackers to use their abilities and skills in public benefit activities and, above all, in the development of cyber-defensive and cyber-offensive weapons, testing networks for malicious infiltration. It may be worth discussing the idea of ​​creating a kind of “hacker penalties” where developers, programmers and testers who had certain offenses in Russia or abroad could atone for their guilt by deed.

And, of course, it should be remembered that perhaps the most popular professions in the world today are developers, programmers, specialists in Big Data, etc. Their wages are growing rapidly in our country and abroad. According to independent estimates by American and Russian experts, up to 20, thousands of Russian programmers are currently working in the United States. Therefore, bearing in mind that in cyber warriors the key link is a developer, a programmer, a patriotic hacker, you don’t need to spare money to pay for them and the social package, just as you didn’t save money on salaries and living conditions of scientists and engineers when developing a Soviet atomic project .

Defensive and offensive cyber weapons are one of the few areas where Russia is highly competitive in the world arena and can quickly create software tools that can not only significantly increase the level of security of their own critical networks and facilities, but also at the expense of offensive capabilities restrain any potential cyber aggressive.

For Russia, cyber weapons is a real and serious chance of an asymmetric response to the high-precision arms race unleashed in the world and one of the key elements of sufficient national security.
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  1. shurup
    shurup 30 November 2013 08: 48 New
    And you also don’t have to spare money on developing hardware. Our valiant cyber troops will not fight much on other people's tanks.
  2. makarov
    makarov 30 November 2013 09: 13 New
    The problems described by the author are not just serious, but arch-serious, and require a systematic approach at all levels, both domestic and international. The topic is urgent and requires immediate resolution, so that it is not too late.
    1. SerAll
      SerAll 30 November 2013 23: 46 New
      I'm sorry, good evening ... but we have all the topics! and all the old ones must be decided immediately ... No need to rush from one extreme to another! everything must be done fruitfully and evenly ... everything must be developed, since everything is interconnected! and you need to start with education and a national idea! but we’ll fill the cones anyway, well, no matter how without them ...
  3. makarov
    makarov 30 November 2013 09: 13 New
    The problems described by the author are not just serious, but arch-serious, and require a systematic approach at all levels, both domestic and international. The topic is urgent and requires immediate resolution, so that it is not too late.
    1. Sergey_K
      Sergey_K 1 December 2013 16: 27 New
      You have your own arch-serious problems in Ukraine. Solve them first ...
  4. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 30 November 2013 09: 23 New
    If the authors say that For Russia, cyber weapons is a real and serious chance of an asymmetric response to the high-precision arms race unleashed in the world and one of the key elements of sufficient national is not clear why the "union of five" is needed: United States, Russia, China, UK, Japan , three of which are (to put it mildly) foes of Russia, and China is only a partner at present. hi
    1. gladysheff2010
      gladysheff2010 1 December 2013 17: 20 New
      Read more carefully: about 20 thousand Russian programmers work in the USA, you don’t think that in the case of various kinds of aggression, these people should be excluded from the ranks of possible defenders of the Fatherland, regardless of their momentary location ?!
  5. Stasi
    Stasi 30 November 2013 14: 30 New
    In fact, Russia needs to create its own National Security Agency, an analogue of the American NSA. This special service is engaged in electronic intelligence and cyber operations. Honestly, it will be difficult to create such a special service in Russia: each power structure has electronic intelligence and cyber espionage units and it will not be easy to combine all of them into one special service. Once after the collapse of the KGB, the FAPSI, the former 13th KGB Electronic Intelligence Directorate, solved this problem. Then FAPSI collapsed.
  6. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 30 November 2013 15: 39 New
    Let me remind you. (Something I often began to write these words. Sorry, it does not work otherwise) The Internet is more than 90% ... pornography. Anyone who enthusiastically broadcasts about "cyberworld and cyberwar" should tirelessly remind themselves of this. A terrifying cyber war will have the main consequence that pictures of multicolored whores and foreign goods on whores will become inaccessible. This is awful, just awful! But this does not threaten us with the fall of the country, believe me. Of course, if your world is mostly Facebook, it's bad. But we can do without these people, and even with pleasure.
    So what are the truly serious consequences of cyber warfare? This is the penetration of viruses into payment systems. Poorly. How bad is it? Who will suffer? Those who make hundreds of thousands of payment transactions per minute. That is, a crash awaits ... stock speculators, especially those that use gigantic funds and specialized programs. Where it leads? Toward an explosive recovery in the global economy. Give us a cyber war! Rather !!
    Banks will have problems. Worse, much worse. But you know what? And now it’s very difficult to hit a regular fax machine with cyber weapons. It is possible, but problematic and ineffective. We will equip faxes with some protection and cyber warfare will cease to touch them at all. So banks in general have little to do except situational losses if they have a certain minimum of intelligence in order to get to this simple thought and have stand-by lines ready. As well as any adequate bank, all operations are also carried out in paper copies. Calculators instead of computers and isolated PCs without a network will slow things down. So what? We’ll hire a little more operators, reorganize something ... In general, about nothing.
    The real sector. This is precisely the main thing, and not the virtual loot! What about him? Banks will hold on - payments in the real sector will not suffer. Has real work, even by the hair, improved from the fact that the accountant no longer goes to the bank with paper payments? Yes, not at all. We’ll ride again, because an increase in the payment time by one day, for example, is nothing for real.
    Process management? People obsessed with loom control from the neighboring hemisphere are at least inadequate. This has no production value other than relentless staff reductions. Yes, we will try to further drive more people out of the factories, and we will sell rags to the Martians ... Programs introduced into production facilities on the spot are invulnerable if they have no connection to the networks. But they do not need networks! Maximum communication with neighboring machines. Without the Internet, and therefore without viruses, it is quite possible to do this, and that's what serious engineers really do. You just need to clear the control algorithms of factories, aircraft, ships from unnecessary add-ons.
    The reason for introducing these add-ons is first control. Paranoid control. Well, you need to work with people, think how to make sure that people do not need complete control, they worked well themselves! Secondly, a reduction in the number of computer scientists, so that one can steer half the world. The problem is again in control, one mouth is easier. And so on...
    Absolutely all the measures proposed in the article are not needed by anyone, since they have not the slightest relation either to real dangers or to ways to protect against them.
    1. makarov
      makarov 30 November 2013 17: 02 New
      ".. The Internet is more than 90% ... pornography ..."
      Pornography is an image of a copulating couple. And if one t.s. unit, then it will be a monograph.
      1. Corsair
        Corsair 30 November 2013 22: 22 New
        Quote: makarov
        ".. The Internet is more than 90% ... pornography ..."
        Pornography is an image of a copulating couple. And if one t.s. unit, then it will be a monograph.

        Vasily Ivanovich, what is eroticism and pornography?
        - and EROTICS, Petka, if YOU WHO ...

        - and PORNOGRAPHY is when SOMEONE YOU.
    2. Sergey_K
      Sergey_K 1 December 2013 16: 30 New
      Understood nothing. Faxes, pornography, banks - all in one bucket and heavily seasoned with "we can do it anyway" ...
  7. sla7a
    sla7a 30 November 2013 17: 00 New
    Misha, what about superviruses? Iran ate Not pornography
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 1 December 2013 10: 32 New
      "Supervirus" - a virus that got into the internal network of their nuclear power plants? Well yes. As I wrote, an access to the network is not needed to control a nuclear power plant, it is superfluous. But he is! There are computers at the management, which on the one hand have the highest access to the internal network of the NPP - such as a brood of directors of varying degrees of generality should be able to steer the units. On the other hand, playing solitaire for them all day long is boring (yeah, that's how they began to steer the station straight away ... this is the same activity for business managers and sons) and I want to stare at colorful asses. This is how the "supervirus" got to the NPP. You just need to remove absolutely unnecessary access, and the NPP will become invulnerable.
      1. knn54
        knn54 1 December 2013 12: 46 New
        -mikhail3: "supervirus" - a virus that got into the internal network of their nuclear power plants?
        The Stuxnet supervirus, ("the first cyber weapon"), has infected not only Iran’s nuclear facilities, but also in Russia. The object’s local network is physically isolated from the Internet and infection was carried out using a USB drive.
        In 2009, US authorities discovered a virus that could shut off the country's energy facilities, in January 2013, hackers managed to gain access to the National Dam Register - a closed database maintained by the US Army Engineering Corps. The database covers data on all 79 thousand dams in America, including 8,1 thousand of the largest dams that regulate water flows and water supply of major cities, national security facilities ...
        Without “hardware” (missiles and aircraft), computer attacks can cause serious damage to the infrastructure (at least) of any metropolis. Yes, and World War 3 can be provoked ...
        This weapon is quickly reprogrammed. It knows no boundaries and is VERY destructive.
        CYBERTERRORISM is a 21st century threat and cannot be defeated alone. Even the Yankees will not have a budget.
        PS I am sure that the actions of the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) made the West think.
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 1 December 2013 14: 47 New
          Okay. Believe it - with a flash drive. Let's not jump to the "register of dams" - an idiotic toy for fans of 3D presentations. Why did the angel give centralized control of the dam system? I will tell you. It is not required for water management. It's stupid, inconvenient and totally overkill. But it's beautiful! It successfully sells a stupid donkey - the head of the department of water resources! He only knows how to steal and share. And in order to justify his being in a high post - he "keeps pace with the times"! A powerful lobby of computer geeks, extremely interested in stupid races "in step with the times" on his side. Collect information about water resources - yes! To give the base control of at least one valve is a crime! You should be shot for this, but geeks want money! The head of the department wants to blunt and steal further! Eh ...
          Let's return to our nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plant control algorithms are actually ... easier than ever. Even at the first NPP, Kurchatov gave a data packet to the graduate student, without hesitation, without telling him what kind of system it would be, and ordered to calculate these very algorithms. The diploma student received a stunted "oud" for his work, because everything turned out to be easier than a poker. They didn't believe him. Having assembled the station, Kurchatov was forced to apologize to the guy whom he had hired by that time, because everything turned out to be ... even simpler, the young physicist even complicated the matter a little.
          That is, the control system itself is about fifteen hundred lines under DOS. All the rest is a beautiful interface and various decorative frills. And further. A lot of resources are eaten by stupidity. In the sense that it was possible to hire more people. Easier. Cheaper ... The production process control system itself is indestructible. "Superviruses" find their place higher - in the crumbs, in standard libraries, that is.
          It is not difficult to protect the control program itself. It is just as simple, if they have managed to damage it, re-fill it over again. The question is this - you shouldn't let an enemy with a flash drive near the computer system! And what does "cyberwar" have to do with it? What's the difference - flash drive or tol? Instructions on anti-sabotage measures - that's what needs to be done! As well as training and hiring people "more expensive". That is, those who are able to intercept inappropriate behavior of an unjustifiably, overly cyberized system, and hold it with their hands until the program is re-uploaded.
          It is necessary to bet on people, and fans of robots dust, dust! laughing And then the "cyber weapon" in Russia will cause legitimate, healthy laughter ...
          1. Sergey_K
            Sergey_K 1 December 2013 16: 36 New
            "That is, the control system itself is about fifteen hundred lines under DOS. Everything else is a beautiful interface and various decorative crumbs."
            - I am wildly sorry, do you understand what you are treating? What other DOS ???? Damn it, in every message Michael3 is just a set of stamps from films and other hell. What are you people?
            1. Mikhail3
              Mikhail3 2 December 2013 13: 06 New
              Yes, no. He brought it just for orientation, so that you could imagine the volume of operations, no more. Or do you need Unix specifications? So it’s not like a special site?
        2. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 1 December 2013 15: 06 New
          Yes, another note. Of course, did you ever see the cockpit of American shuttles on the screen? The complete triumph of computer technology! Orgasm! And then I, mossy retrograde, shame, sadness, tears flow, snot too ... But. In addition to feature films, there are also scientifically popular ones. There, the camera drives off a little further, and you can immediately begin to laugh. Because there ... analog cabinets! Relays with a fist, toggle switches, circuit breakers ... NASA is the elite of American engineers. America began to apply massively computer technology before anyone else. NASA engineers know best the price of computers, cyber weapons and, most importantly, a master who knows how to work with his hands and head.
  8. DimychDV
    DimychDV 30 November 2013 19: 55 New
    You just don’t understand. These systems entail highly effective electronic warfare systems not only with communications, but also with weapons, including expensive, high-speed and high-precision. And they will help to respond to automatic and unmanned devices of both reconnaissance and homing. Not to mention communications, discovery, and tactical and strategic planning systems. Interfering in the work of the field commander’s console, we will force guests to play according to our rules.

    And then ... we will seat all the blue to watch porn, and we will cover them ourselves from our grandfather’s howitzer. Yes, the adversary will not affect the howitzer with his laptop. But some drone will direct the spyon from orbit onto the Howitzer. And - ours do not dance. So our means of attack and counteraction should be made as accessible as possible to the adversary spies, but at the same time effectively getting to the right place with high accuracy and efficiency. In order not to correct.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 1 December 2013 10: 45 New
      Quote: DimychDV
      Interfering in the work of the field commander’s console, we will force guests to play according to our rules.

      Right. It is because of this need that we must create the next bureaucratic superstructures! Generally, "regulatory committees" are created when the passion is how you want to cut the budget and rip money off some employees. For example, there is the computer industry, and it makes money. Everything is clear - it urgently needs regulation! To take more money from these despicable workers. A real successful uncle does not work, he "regulates and directs."
      And to solve the problems of electronic warfare, no bureaucracy is needed. It is necessary to allocate funds from the budget, select specialists (not sawmakers! Engineers and not officials!) And give them the money. Whole. Unbearable! Set deadlines for them and outline the overall task. So as not to take them to the jungle of pure science - to indicate responsibility. Best of all - right up to the accident.
      I assure you, in a year, our supervisor will be sitting in every super-trained NATO computer. But for this it is necessary that the person who will not saw is supervised by the project. And so that he was strong enough not to admit other saw cutters. And yet - so that he understands computer scientists and can work with them on equal terms. Who could it be? Question....
      1. DimychDV
        DimychDV 1 December 2013 12: 36 New
        Well, from this angle, this is, of course, a question of questions. No wonder alternative science fiction writers are looking for such solutions. Look at Zvyagintsev: a special indicator of patriotism and loyalty. and with such a machine - no need even parties! just a veteran club. And his people are in all the indigenous power structures. The dream of all intelligence and police presidents in the world. But without it - how? How, if the right of a villain dominates an honest man everywhere? .. How to overturn him, if the constitutional ideology of our country is prohibited? And United Russia is already about to delete this item. But where is the guarantee that this principle - the superiority of a villain over an honest one - will not be officially put over us?
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 1 December 2013 15: 27 New
          If it dominates, we are finished. You need to get drunk properly and crawl into the cemetery. Our only chance is people. It is ours, Russian people with Russian identity. In the coordinate system you have proposed, we have not the slightest chance. And in that system in which conscience is above everything - is. Therefore, I, for example, am a staunch supporter of autocracy - a system of laws with an extra-legal superstructure, which can be addressed on critical occasions. And this superstructure judges not by law, but by conscience, being its personification in the Stainless.
          In this case, any person has the main thing - a firm hope that having acted in good faith and not according to written or unwritten laws and circumstances, he will find firm protection at the very top. That was always the Sovereign in Russia, by no means bound by law. Not having any selfish interests and preoccupied only with the fact that people in the state were better and better acted. Because it’s so - it’s more useful and more correct for the state. We will be able to arrange it again like this - we will defeat anyone, crush any enemies, nothing and nobody will be able to resist us (and many will not. We will go with us. They will die for our cause next to us)
          And the point of view of cybernetists is that people are waste. But we will create computer prostheses that will do everything right! No, they won't. This is impossible. It's just that these computerized props will be against us, that's all. Loyalty detector, yeah. And inside he, as usual, has a neon ...

          Read "From America with Love", there will be more benefits.
  9. pensioner
    pensioner 30 November 2013 20: 35 New
    Well, I believe in our programmers! And I have examples! We have competitors in Germany who are now climbing into our market. So I managed to look at their inspection processing program and even sit behind it a little. Such a hat compared to ours! And ours is already 15 years old ... They (according to rumors) asked to sell ours to them. They say 1,5 lyamy Eureka gave. Our management thanked them and ... sent them to a known address.
    1. mountain
      mountain 1 December 2013 11: 31 New
      And, I will say more, space control of satellites is written in the programming language "DISPUT", it is a Russified program. And if it were not for our developments in electronics, then we could hardly compete in space, aviation, missile and other ... ... areas. And those who are engaged in the development of the most complex El. equipment, highly qualified specialists and no need to look for them somewhere.
  10. crambol
    crambol 30 November 2013 21: 09 New
    / / / developer, programmer, patriotic hacker, you don’t have to spare money to pay them and the social package

    After that, the Moscow Region will give them two of their salaries together!
    1. AVV
      AVV 1 December 2013 12: 22 New
      And they will shower with stars !!! And it is necessary to solve housing issues, because 95% of job seekers are young people under 30 !!!
  11. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 30 November 2013 21: 47 New
    Along with the possible tightening of criminal penalties for computer crimes, the state should provide an opportunity for hackers to use their abilities and skills in public benefit activities and, above all, in the development of cyber-defensive and cyber-offensive weapons, testing networks for malicious infiltration. It may be worth discussing the idea of ​​creating a kind of “hacker penalties” where developers, programmers and testers who had certain offenses in Russia or abroad could atone for their guilt by deed.

    Not penal battalions, but just scientific companies! And not to punish in the usual sense, but let them test all purchased digital equipment for hacking: modems, gateways, routers, etc. And even more so, domestic equipment, since it is half of imported "hardware".
    The antivirus review cited the story of a man who had studied a supposedly "Russian" but in fact a custom imported laptop for the army, supposedly protected and tested and did not contain malicious bugs.
    But in fact, it turned out that there was a program bookmark, but in BIOS, which is not tested, but is only with careful study!
    It is necessary that such and similar work be carried out by young, uncomplicated brains and, accordingly, be paid and supported!
    Knowing the hardware thoroughly, it will be possible to prevent a lot of things, supporting your talented programmers as well!
  12. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 2 December 2013 10: 04 New
    Cheered up the topic. Thank. Recently there was news that some-I don’t remember the RF authority purchased typewriters. And then the KGB stated that they never switched to computers. Also commanded, such as a sheet with chipboard information can not be removed to the mobile. bully
    This is, elementary, Watson, do not mix local networks with porn networks. Flash drives and disks, yes, they can be lost (which is constantly happening), they can be infected (which is constantly happening). In addition to flash drives, there are traitors that you can buy, besides traitors, there is "hardware" that you can "charge", and much more.
    You can’t infect with viruses, for example, AK-47 drinks